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Gypsy in a Pod

006 Payment

[2/23/2012 11:50:30 PM] Ferro: The morning found Ferro in high spirits. He awoke after a few more hours of sleep, cheerful and hungry. He was not exactly comfortable in a kitchen, but he knew how to make breakfast at least. Eggs and sausage, not bacon he always burned it, with some toast would be good enough. He made enough for two people even, just in case.
[2/23/2012 11:59:18 PM] Joka: Joka didn’t wake up where she expected to. …No, no she knew she’d end up waking up in Ferro’s bed at one point or another, but she usually -remembered- how she ended up there in the first place. As she ran her fingers through her hair, she huffed. …It didn’t look like she had any real fun either. That was too bad. There was a vague memory of a very nice ass. So up Joka got, not bothered to get dressed as she weary stalked off to find herself some caffiene. “Something smells too good in here..”
[2/24/2012 12:02:03 AM] Ferro: “Good morning Joka,” Ferro said with a smile. “Breakfast is almost ready,” he then handed her a cup of coffee. The man was positively jolly. Sure she’d seen a smile from him from time to time, but he’d never been quite this happy before. “Did you sleep good?”
[2/24/2012 12:05:20 AM] Joka: “I have a vague headache, but I’ll survive…” HE was pleasant this morning. Didn’t she spend part of her evening screaming at him? Joka recalled being annoyed… Leaning against a counter, she sipped from the mug. Narrowing her eyes as she watched him move about the kitchenette. “You seem to have slept well..”
[2/24/2012 12:09:39 AM] Ferro: “I did. I really, well, I appreat what you did for me,” he only looked slightly uncertain when he said that, as though h wasn’t sure how to say it, not if he should. “hopefully some food and maybe some water will help with your headache. It wasn’t a masterpiece of a display, but he dished up two plates of food. “I hope you enjoy.”
[2/24/2012 12:12:13 AM] Joka: Joka was pretty damn sure she didn’t have sex. So the things she was imagining she could do for him in the middle of the night when drunk, and probably throwing herself at him like a free whore… they weren’t pretty! Joka took the plate, looking a bite coy as she silently had a few bites. “It was a… pleasure! I guess. I mean. Obviously it was for you…!” Well. If anything, at least she knew she did it well.
[2/24/2012 12:17:17 AM] Ferro: Ferro chuckled as he sat himself down, “Don’t make it sound like it was a duty or something Joka, I might start having doubts.” He was kidding of course, after all it wasn’t like a stranger would have done what she had. “I, well we still don’t know each other well, but after last night, I don’t want that to be the case!”
[2/24/2012 12:20:55 AM] Joka: Now Joka was really -trying- to remember. It must have been pretty damn amazing to have such an impact. If anything, it’d be easier to be impressed with herself if she had an idea. She ate again, keeping a nice comfortably safe distance. Clearly she couldn’t drink and have crew on board, this happened way too often. “Don’t get any ideas about us gettin’ married or anything like that, anyway.” …unless they -were- married now. Did it happen that easy?
[2/24/2012 12:28:09 AM] Ferro: Ferro down right laughed at that. “Is that how it works in your culture? I could have expected that from my dear cousin Olivia!” Ferro smirked as he looked at her, she was teasing him, that had to be it. He still hadn’t figured out her personality yet, but it was really the only thing that made sense.
[2/24/2012 12:31:49 AM] Joka: At that, Joka cast a wide foxy grin. She didn’t have a damn clue what he was talking about, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t play it up until she figured it out. “Oh yeah. Had I any family, they’d have a gun to your back and demanding a wedding the minute we walked off this ship.”
[2/24/2012 12:35:07 AM] Ferro: “Overly prudish! It’s a wonder you all haven’t just killed each other in emotional unstable frustration.” Ferro took a few bites of food, then looked back at Joka. She was a good woman! He counted himself lucky that it was her that opened his status pod. Se might hide all that kindness under a gruff exterior, but now at least he knew he could rely on her.
[2/24/2012 12:44:47 AM] Joka: A grim, but unoffended look acrossed her face. “Weeell, they kinda did. But not so much related to nights of perceived hot sexin’…” Hmm. Joka was sure she mentioned something along the lines of family last night. In fact she remembered calling him an unobservant asshole, or something along those lines. Everything past that was still incredibly fuzzy. …Man, that ass…!
[2/24/2012 12:47:03 AM] Ferro: Ferro paused in mid bite and looked at her in complete bafflement. He had been so sure she had been joking, but until now. He put his fork down slowly, having forgotten to take the morsel into his mouth and stared at her for a long moment. “Pardon?”
[2/24/2012 12:51:49 AM] Joka: “Hmm?” He looked confused. She DID tell all the details about her family, right? Or did she get last night all wrong! Crap. If he hadn’t looked so pleased, and her not wanting to ruin that mood, she would have just -asked- what happened. …Sorry! Guess I got lost in serious face for a second there. Don’t mind me. Tell me more about how amazing I am!”
[2/24/2012 1:09:27 AM] Ferro: Ferro leaned back in his chair, still puzzled. Joka wasn’t making any sense at all now. “Are you feeling alright?” he asked a bit concerned. He knew there some exotic diseases out there that could rot a man’s brain, but usually they had other, more extreme symptoms.
[2/24/2012 1:13:16 AM] Joka: God damnit, she was totally blowing her subtle play-off. Turning away, she made busy with cleaning up dishes and drinking the rest of her coffee. “I -did- mentioned a sliiight headache, right? I’m beduddled this morn’. Nothing to get upset abou- AH HA!” Upset…! He was upset last night! Something about being alone and.. something something… She -almost- had it! Joka coughed. “I better put on some clothes.”
[2/24/2012 1:21:07 AM] Ferro: “Right,” he nodded, seeming much more detached from the conversation now. He then stood. “I’m going to start working on the redundancy circuits. I’m sorry you didn’t sleep well.” He started digging through his pockets as he walked out of the kitchen.
[2/24/2012 1:27:42 AM] Joka: “Uuugh… stupid, joka, stupid..!” She went and curbed the man’s peppy mood. And he was so damn foxy when he was all smilie and cheerful. Hrmph. Well, she’d figure out what great thing she did later, and do it again. …Maybe. Joka let him escape so she could run off and throw some clothes on. Muttering all the way about laying off the strong booze!
[2/24/2012 1:28:43 AM] Ferro: (time for party poopers?)
[2/24/2012 1:28:53 AM] Joka: (Yes’m!)
[2/24/2012 1:32:00 AM] Ferro: “this is the Delintra, prepared to be boarded.” A day later Ferro was still showing a lack of emotion and Joka had yet to trick him into reveling just what she’d done to put him in a good mood before, though she really needed to do whatever it was again because he was all but brooding! Unfortunately someone was riding her ships tail and damn if she didn’t recognize that voice too!
[2/24/2012 1:36:27 AM] Joka: “Daaamnit. Just what I need.” Joka muttered, sitting in her chair with her legs hanging off the side. With Ferro being so broody, it was making -her- broody. She was about three scowls away from giving him a hug just to wipe that look off his face. Before she could even give that sudden thought some extra consideration, she could already hear the crunch of metal as the ships linked up. Of all the unwanted guests, it had to be THIS one! She almost wanted pirates! “Ferro…! Got a houseguest!”
[2/24/2012 1:40:34 AM] Ferro: Ferro heard the scraping metal just before he heard Joka’s voice. If they made it through this encounter, whatever it was he was going to find out if she had a small firearm he could have. If it was to use it others, her, or himself would depend!

In his shiny long red coat Alexander Damin strolled aboard the ship with a grin, and a pistol, just in case Joka was less then happy to see him. “Ahoy Captain!”
[2/24/2012 1:43:04 AM] Joka: Joka was definitely less than happy, but she wasn’t pulling a gun on him. It’s not like she HATED him, she just… didn’t -like- him. She looked pretty unimpressed as she stopped in the hall with her arms crossed and leaned against the wall. “Look what the rats spit out. Did you -want- something Damin, cause I’m on a job here…”
[2/24/2012 1:46:05 AM] Ferro: “I hadn’t seen you since Calis Orbit!” He grinned and put his pistol away. “I thought we’d drink, bullshit each other and….” he paused when he noticed someone else come into the hall behind Joka. Someone broad shouldered and frowning. “Aaaaaah, your new first mates? Not your usual style is he?”
[2/24/2012 1:48:55 AM] Joka: “You mean blond and stupid?” she asked, still not so amused. This was exactly why she wasn’t supposed to sleep with crew mates. They always got so damned cocky and thought they could show up whenever they pleased. She was not some flyby booty call. …Usually. “Ferro, meet Alexander Damin. He worked for me once. I can’t remember why, though… He was pretty useless.”
[2/24/2012 1:56:06 AM] Ferro: “Pleased to meet you,” Alexander smiled, but it was like a snake doing so, even as he offered his hand.

Ferro did not give his hand in return, instead crossing his arms over his bare chest. He’d seemed to taken his shirt off at some point while working, but he had his vest on not surprisingly. “I’m sure.” He then looked at Joka with some mild annoyance. “How long is this delay going to be?”
[2/24/2012 2:01:30 AM] Joka: “I dunno Ferro. How about we ask the delay?” she responded. She didn’t want to out right throw Alexander off… after all, good networking meant better sales. But boy… she didn’t exactly want to spend a lot of time with him either. And Ferro standing behind her felt like she had some sort of tense bear looming around. Was he still that broody? “For serious, Damin. You’re kinda… all in my groove here. Down the hall, we’ll have -a- drink!”
[2/24/2012 2:06:10 AM] Ferro: “A drink, that’s what I’m talking about!” Alexander grinned. “Will your boy sing for us? I hear they all like to sing while drinking.”

Ferro HAD intended to go back to work while Joka played with this peacock of a man, but he just had to try to be belittling, or something, in Ferro’s regard. He ignored the cultural comment. “Funny, except for my Grammy, no one has called me boy in ten years?”
[2/24/2012 2:19:10 AM] Joka: Wow… there was one of those reasons she fired the guy. He really had no idea how to talk to people without pissing them off! “ANYway…” Joka grabbed Alexander by his stupidly shiny jacket and spun him around to start shoving him down the hall. “Ferro can join us if he wants. He can keep the liquor away from me!”
[2/24/2012 2:24:18 AM] Ferro: “There wasn’t a bottle that you didn’t like Joka. Don’t pretend otherwise,” Alexander allowed Joka to push him down the hall. If she was really good he’d let her do other things to him later.

Ferro indeed came along, silently, and he would keep Joka sober. Only so that he knew there wouldn’t be any midnight repair sessions again. Fervor felt just a touch sad as he thought about that, but then the obnoxious jerks laughter at one of his own jokes brought him back to reality.
[2/24/2012 2:29:53 AM] Joka: Joka plopped in to a chair, after dropping a bottle in front of Alexander and a couple of classes. One for Ferro too. She was rather glad he did decide to lurk there in the kitchen, even if he -was- looking a bit miserable about it. She ended up watching him a lot more than paying attention to watch Alexander was doing. “As you can see I’m good and busy. The ship is coming along well enough. Should have her sold by the end of the month. …. I can see your shitty taste hasn’t changed any..” she swatted a hand at his stupid jacket.
[2/24/2012 2:33:18 AM] Ferro: “That’s how she always is, trying to get her shipmates taking off their cloths. Be carful, or she’ll have you half naked in no time. Granted you are! Do the women walk around like that too?” Alexander poured himself a drink, all smiles.

“I don’t know, why don’t you tell me what women you’re referring to,” Ferro made a decision he simply did not like this man. Joka had horrible taste in people she associated with!
[2/24/2012 2:37:34 AM] Joka: That’s all she needed, her sex life tramatizing Ferro before she even had a chance to hit on him while sober, yet. Yep, she was definitely going to stick to her new rule of not sleeping with crewbies. Joka just poured a couple of shots. “Aside from being a total douchebag to my new mechanic, anything -interesting- you’re up to, Damin? Cause unless you wanna fight me for Ferro, I’m not puttin’ out.” Wait, did she phrase that right? Probably not.
[2/24/2012 2:42:48 AM] Ferro: “Business before pleasure for a change Joka? Okay so I’m having a sliiiiiight problem getting in on Old Elmor’s good gracious. He always gave you goo deals, and hints on how to score good customers in the past….” Alexander blinked, he was trying to our Joka another drink but the bottle was lifted right out of his hand.

Ferro figured Joka just downed her quota quite quickly, and he didn’t feel like this guy deserved any of Joka’s booze so he took the bottle and took a swig, then put it between his folded arm and his chest. He’d like to try to see this guy pass one over on Joka while she was sober.
[2/24/2012 2:47:48 AM] Joka: Ferro was making her smirk. So much so that she was still smirking while dealing with Alexander. She leaned back in her chair, sipping on her drink since it was clear she wasn’t getting any more. It figured that Alexander wanted a favor… but the shit sure didn’t deserve one! “Uh huh… And what makes you think I am going to give you -any- sort of good reccomendation after you screwed me over last time? Ran off with my entire box of capacitors and leaving me stranded with a hotel bill?”
[2/24/2012 2:53:19 AM] Ferro: “It was just a lark Joka! I figured you’d be laughing about the whole thing by now!” Alexander looked a bit nervous now. He looked at her, then at Ferro, eeeeeh on second thought he wasn’t going to look at Ferro any more! It wasn’t that he looked like a jealous lover, but Alexander wasn’t sure what else to call it. He wasn’t too aware of friendship, loyalty, honor and respect…. Jealouse lover! “Look I’ll mAke it up to you. Why don’t we have your scarf loving mechanic get back to what he’d rather be doing, and we’ll…..”

The loud thud was the sound of Ferro’s boots hitting the table as he proped them there, looking like he was getting very comfortable in his chair with his bottle.
[2/24/2012 2:57:38 AM] Joka: “We’ll…? Have a threesome? Y’know… I’ve always kinda liked the idea of a threesome…” Joka really didn’t. But seeing Alexander so uncomfortable was hilarious. She never seemed to envoke that sort of emotion from him even when she got pissed off enough to shoot at him. Everything SHE said was a joke. …Ohoho, she was sure having a lark now! “Y’know what I like about Ferro? He doesn’t bullshit. That gets me all warm and fuzzy. You should try it! Tell Ferro about what you need, and maybe the three of us will have a real nice time here…”
[2/24/2012 3:10:32 AM] Ferro: Alexander frowned, he thought getting what he wanted out of Joka was going to be easy, even kinda fun! But instead she had this…. Mechanic! “You know it’s no wonder the army wants all of you!” Alexander stood up with a frown. “Joka, when you’re serious about doing business again, look me up.” He glanced at Ferro, but the gypsy’s expression hadn’t changed. It was unnerving! “I’ve got another meeting to attend to. I just wanted to catch up.”
[2/24/2012 3:15:55 AM] Joka: Joka gave him a salute. “Don’t let the hatch hit ya on the way out, Damin. Maybe next time!” She waited until he stomped is way out. She could hear his foot steps going down the hall. Talk about a serious cockblock. Joka rest her elbow on the table, leaning towards Ferro with a wide grin. “That was interesting. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy so scared his balls shrivled up, before.”
[2/24/2012 3:18:29 AM] Ferro: “You have very strange friends,” Ferro told her taking a swig from the bottle then putting his feet down so he could reach over for the cap. “I don’t think I want to meet any more of them.” It was hard to tell what Ferro was thinking since he was still in stoic mode.
[2/24/2012 3:25:24 AM] Joka: Joka pushed her chair away from the table, stood and stole his bottle. She stole a swing before she set it back down. Then plopped on his lap. “I’m thinkin’ I like having you around!” Here she was amused as hell, and he still looked as sour as ever. That dick really must have hit Ferro’s buttons. Sighing out loud with exasperation, she leaned forward to swing her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. “Jeezus, Ferro! The guy is an asshole. You don’t have to be upset. You’re on my crew now and I’m not gonna do anything that’s gonna fuck it all up, okay?”
[2/24/2012 3:31:51 AM] Ferro: Ferro smiled and the muscles that had been tensed up relaxed. It was amazing what a bit of physical contact could do, had done. “Thanks, I guess I needed that again.” He hugged her back. She was a very contrary woman, but adorable, and he really rather get more hugs from her anyways. “Still, maybe it’s something that is common knowledge to all you outsiders. I never considered that before….”
[2/24/2012 3:36:59 AM] Joka: Again? Again… Aaaah! She -hugged- him! …How the hell would that make a guy so happy? If that was all he needed, she could dish those out like candy! She could pay him in hugs! Hrmph. Having his arms around her wasn’t so bad either. Pretty comfortable. She’d just take advantage of his mood and stay there a moment. “I dunno if and/or what is common knowledge or not… But my crew is serious business. No take backs. Er… I might not exactly have the best track record for people… but I’mma trust you, and you are gonna have to trust me.”
[2/24/2012 3:43:11 AM] Ferro: Ferro did not seem interested in dislodging her from his lap but he did losen his own hug so that he could actually look at her. He had a serious expression, but it wasn’t that mask he seemed to like to wear. This instead was concern and worry and all sorts of unpleasantness for him. “What do you know about your government, their armies interest in my my people? What is their fascination with who you’d call gypsies?” Ferro wasn’t sure he’d ever used the word before. It was doubtful since that’s not how he identified himself, but others did, and maybe he had presumed that Joka had known more then she did, or known less, he wasn’t sure, but it was time to ask.
[2/24/2012 3:49:02 AM] Joka: “Gypsies? Like the Roma?” Not the sort of questions she expected, not that she was unaware he was gypsy. Anybody with common sense could figure it out just by watching him a few minutes. “Eh… I might be the wrong person to ask about that kind of stuff. I’m usually busy trying to cover my own ass. Don’t exactly have a lot of time for galactic events.” She vaguely recalled a lot of protests on the inner planets, but that coulda been about anything from human rights to taxes.
[2/24/2012 3:52:49 AM] Ferro: Ferro shrugged, “It was worth asking since your ex-peacock felt the need to bring it up.” He closed his eyes for a moment, the constant mental questioning and uncertainty was exhausting. He wasn’t any closer to figuring out the why of the events in his life, let alone the chronological issues nor just how to get back to his people. He opened his eyes and gave her a weak grin. “Anyways…”
[2/24/2012 4:00:34 AM] Joka: Joka moved her arms so she could pinch his cheeks. “Don’t you worry about that half-cocked dickbrain! Most of the stuff he spews is total shit.” She pulled his cheeks up in to that smile again. Better! Foxy, foxy. Joka had that sly grin again. “Now that you aren’t stalking around here being broody, you can get back to work and I can finish up the flight deck. We hit planetside tonight.”
[2/24/2012 4:06:45 AM] Ferro: “Alright, alright,” he said in mock annoyance as he moved her hands away from his face. They were much smaller then his he noted to himself, not for the first time. “Maybe we can get a better meal on this one.”

Gypsy in a Pod

005 Space Thugs and Booze Jugs

(12:31:30 AM) Diana: With her ship airborn and back in space, Joka was in the control room making a note of which lights and wiring she needed to have replaced to get everything lit up and working the way it was supposed to. Half of the switches didn’t even -do- anything and the rest sure didn’t do what they were expected. At least she had the next three days of travel time to work out some sort of system plan before they hit the next planet. Her new crewmate was interesting company… he seemed to dive head first in to work, which was leaving her with painfully little to do herself. At first she was grateful, but now she was getting a bit antsy.
(12:35:07 AM) Ocha: Ferro, fed and as relaxed as he could be in such a strange situation went head first into his work. He wasn’t even aware that Joka might have been interested in doing some of the work herself. Instead he pretty much gathered up all the useful tools and dragged them to the most vital spot. Oh he was going to fix things and then when that was done he was going to improve them. All while singing to himself.
(12:42:29 AM) Diana: Joka had herself a good list going when the engines light suddenly started blipping. It was odd, considering the engine was still running and they weren’t dead in space. She pressed a dozen buttons trying to get the damn thing to go off until she finally realized that it was some sort of “nearby object” sensor. By the time she had those wires switched out so it connected to the appropriate screen, Joka found herself staring at the big open mouth of a much larger ship swallowing them up out of space. Several moments too late, the alarms in her ship went off. “…Uh, Ferro…! We have a problem!”
(12:46:12 AM) Ocha: “What? It’s not the oxygen relay is it?” He was going to replace some of the coils, but was sure that they would last for months yet. It was the only thing he could think of that was a true problem, everything else was easily workable. Well unless the was a cascade collapse of the engines. That would be a big problem. Which got him to realize the engines didn’t sound correct now!
(12:51:39 AM) Diana: Before she could respond, Joka was quickly trying to shut down the ship and land it. There was no way she could turn them around and fly them out before the larger ships’ hatch closed. They were just going to have to hope they weren’t being picked up by the worst in space. The ship landed rough, enough to jostle the entire frame. Joka went running out of the control room to retrieve her gun belt. “We’ve been swallowed up by a larger vessel! They didn’t hail first, so I’m figuring this isn’t going to be a polite visit!”
(12:57:18 AM) Ocha: Ferro cursed under his breath and grabbed his vest and the largest, heaviest hand tool near him. “Any ideas on what to do?” He pulled his vest on as he followed her.
(1:02:42 AM) Diana: “Hope they don’t shoot us first?” Joka knew all about ‘swallowing’, but it was the first time she ever had the first hand experience. Most of the time people didn’t have the best of endings to their stories. Someone usually ended up spaced, and it was too late for them to hop in a lifepod! They didn’t have long to wait and find out. The main door to their ship was forced open and the two were met with pretty large guns to the face by some grusome looking aliens. They had no language translation, so all that came out was their garbled speech and their motioning for the two to drop their weapons. The consequences were pretty obvious.
(1:05:34 AM) Ocha: Ferro dropped the tool, frowning ferociously. Didn’t he just escape something like this just the other day, well day for him, why did the universe keep trying to tie him down! They needed to escape, but with those nasty weapons pointed right at them he wasn’t sure how at the moment.
(1:17:22 AM) Diana: Joka wasn’t so quick to drop her weapon. She almost looked ready to go ahead and fight it out right there. Do or die. In fact, the only reason she didn’t was because he was standing right next to her. Joka was careless with her own life, but not someone elses’. She dropped her gun, which was the cue for those aliens to seize them up quick. They found themselves escort out of their ship and in to the large vessel. It was big enough to swallow -many- ships. In fact, there was a couple derelict ones already scavaneged, lying in scraps in the main bay. Soon they turned down a hall and was shoved in to a small holding room. There was nothing in it, not even a chair to sit in or chains on the walls. It didn’t smell or look used, so it must have been a temporary holding room.
(1:18:25 AM) Ocha: (resend)
(1:18:35 AM) Diana: Joka wasn’t so quick to drop her weapon. She almost looked ready to go ahead and fight it out right there. Do or die. In fact, the only reason she didn’t was because he was standing right next to her. Joka was careless with her own life, but not someone elses’. She dropped her gun, which was the cue for those aliens to seize them up quick. They found themselves escort out of their ship and in to the large vessel. It was big enough to swallow -many- ships. In fact, there was a couple derelict ones already scavaneged, lying in scraps in the main bay. Soon they turned down a hall and was shoved in to a small holding room. There was nothing in it, not even a chair to sit in or chains on the walls. It didn’t smell or look used, so it must have been a temporary holding room.
(1:19:26 AM) Ocha: (rage!)
(1:20:46 AM) Diana: Joka wasn’t so quick to drop her weapon. She almost looked ready to go ahead and fight it out right there. Do or die. In fact, the only reason she didn’t was because he was standing right next to her. Joka was careless with her own life, but not someone elses’. She dropped her gun, which was the cue for those aliens to seize them up quick. They found themselves escort out of their ship and in to the large vessel.
(1:20:48 AM) Diana: It was big enough to swallow -many- ships. In fact, there was a couple derelict ones already scavaneged, lying in scraps in the main bay. Soon they turned down a hall and was shoved in to a small holding room. There was nothing in it, not even a chair to sit in or chains on the walls. It didn’t smell or look used, so it must have been a temporary holding room.
(1:23:11 AM) Ocha: “Wow did you see those ships!” Ferro had been momentarily distracted but one look at Joka brought him back to reality. “Um, so step one escape. Right?”
(1:26:52 AM) Diana: Joka had her hands on her head, having glanced around the small room with no immediately escape present. She’d never admit it, but small inescapable places like that really freaked her out. In fact, had she not needed to keep up appearances she would have been screaming her head off. “They’re gonna have to open that door again soon. Maybe we can rush them.”
(1:29:28 AM) Ocha: “Why don’t we just open the door ourselves?” Ferro put a hand into one of his inner pockets of his vest and pulled out a small tool. “Listen at the door in case someone is walking by.” He walked to a small monitor by the door and yanked it out and looked at the wiring behind it.
(1:37:23 AM) Diana: “Seriously?” Joka watched him in curiosity. Instead of grabbing a decent weapon, he had his vest… which apparently had his tools hidden away in it. Now that she considered it, what better weapon for when shit got really bad, than a tool kit to help you get out of tiny little spaces? Joka moved to the door, laying her ear against it to listen. So far, no footsteps or sounds outside the natural echoes of the ship.
(1:41:14 AM) Ocha: “There,” and a moment later the door slid quietly open. “We need to get to a control panel or something to get a delayed opening of that huge hatch. Unless you want to attempt to remotely hack their system?” Ferro was already looking around and sneaking out. He really wined they had something invade they encountered more gun toting aliens.
(1:51:17 AM) Diana: “Hacking a live system isn’t on my skill list.” The hall was empty so far, but Joka knew it was only a matter of time before they came across someone. She pointed down the corridor towards the way they came in at and started walking. She really wished she had a gun on her…!
(1:55:10 AM) Ocha: “Alright then back to my first suggestion, we’re going to have to have a timed opening. I just wish I knew a way to keep them from fo-” Ferro wish he could say he was super observent, but he’d just lucked out looking to his left when the door started to open. He hit the panel to the door they were walking by and pretty much tackle rolled Joka into the room before whoever it we came into the hall, and hit the closing panel while the door was still half opened.
(2:08:52 AM) Ocha: (did I lose you?)
(2:10:09 AM) Diana: That was the moment Joka would have loved to crack a joke about his arms being around her. They were actually quite nice and she could feel that muscle definition few men seemed to have. Instead she had to keep her mouth shut, waiting for those footsteps to pass them down the hall and hoping they hadn’t been spotted. …he smelled a little bit like spice and grease. That was a nice mix.
(2:10:15 AM) Diana: (just a lil tired and slow!)
(2:16:33 AM) Ocha: After several long moments he whispered in her ear. “I think they’re gone.” Wether it was a protective act or he was really that absent minded, Ferro had one of his hands slightly on Joka’s waist as he peered out. They’re were safe for a bit longer. “I really need to hurry off this ship before we’re caught.”
(2:21:07 AM) Diana: Joka was grinning like a fool, then. The wisecracks she could make were numerous, and it quickly erased any unease she had been feeling about the situation. It was high time they got out of that business so she could give him a hard time. With no one in the hallway, Joka took the lead with gusto. “There’s usually a hatch panel somewhere in the back of the bay, I didn’t have a chance to see if it was on the floor or up higher.” She paused when they reached the bay doors. Unfortunetely the place wasn’t empty. There were a couple of the aliens out there getting ready to scrap their ship apart. “…gotta do something about them to.” she whispered to Ferro.
(2:25:19 AM) Ocha: Ferro looked out and frowned. They needed to take out the two mechanics, now, without any weapons. Fortunately the dismantling of the other ships left plenty of tools at their disposable. “Think you can get over there without being scene?” He only had half a plan, but it was something at least.
(2:29:18 AM) Diana: “Try not to die.” she replied. Joka waited until the aliens out there weren’t looking in their direction. Then she took off running for the back of the bay. It was lucky that there were so many scrap piles and crates laying around. It gave her plenty of cover to hide behind. Once she was near enough to the back she could see the hatch’s controls. It was in another room, shielding by a big glass wall with a single door. Taking a glance to see how Ferror was doing, she finally darted off for the door.
(2:34:47 AM) Ocha: This was perhaps the stupidest thing he had ever done. On the other hand he didn’t see many options. The flame retardant canister didn’t have a long range, and it was heavy, but the resulting foam was going to make walking, talking or anything else impossible. It would have been nice if he could have approached them without being scene, but instead he had to draw them to him. “You guys work too slow!” He called out. They surprise wasn’t easy to read on the alien faces, but their pause and chasing after him at least proved they were only half competent to dealing with ingenuity, so he knew they were really surprised when he pointed the hose at them. “Thanks!” and he shot the foam at the both of them.
(2:40:52 AM) Diana: Joka slid in to the glassed room and near ran in to the hatch panel. She laughed out loud, almost too loud when seeing Ferro’s plan across the bay. The aliens getting so covered in hardening foam that they could only tumble over stuck by their own weight. She focused on her own task, though. The alien panel was in a language she couldn’t understand, but luckily most technology tended to work in similar ways. She keyed in a decent delay. Something to give them enough enough to get her ship started and moving and ready to go the moment there was enough space. Then she was dashing out to meet Ferror with only a lingering glance at the fallen aliens. “They aren’t ever going to live that down!”
(2:41:56 AM) Ocha: (oh come on you piece of crap! *sigh* resend)
(2:42:57 AM) Diana: Joka slid in to the glassed room and near ran in to the hatch panel. She laughed out loud, almost too loud when seeing Ferro’s plan across the bay. The aliens getting so covered in hardening foam that they could only tumble over stuck by their own weight. She focused on her own task, though. The alien panel was in a language she couldn’t understand, but luckily most technology tended to work in similar ways. She keyed in a decent delay. Something to give them enough enough to get her ship started and moving and ready to go the moment there was enough space. Then she was dashing out to meet Ferror with only a lingering glance at the fallen aliens. “They aren’t ever going to live that down!”
(2:46:06 AM) Ocha: “I highly doubt it,” Ferro agreed with a grin as they ran up to the ship and got in. “I’ll secure the entrance and make sure it’s pressurized.” The last thing they needed was to get out into space with a leak. He would think about how lucky they were later.
(2:47:51 AM) Diana: Luck, they definitely had luck on their side today! But Joka wasn’t going to count their blessings until they were good and gone. She just prayed the ship had enough oomph in it to blast away from the Swallower before they realized their latest catch was gone and tried to give chase. She dropped in to the captain’s chair and fired up her engines. The hatch was going to open in less than a minute!
(2:50:46 AM) Ocha: Door was closed and secured. Ferro wanted to actually see themselves back in open space and made his way up front in time to see the hatch start to open from the view screen. He was surprised to find himself holding his breath.
(3:02:16 AM) Diana: Joka, waited, waited… then had the ship moving so fast, so instantly that it nearly sent Ferror stumbling backwards and Joka slamming against her own seat. She also jumped the gun a bit and scraped the hull of the ship as they squeezed their way out. “MY BAD!” She exclaimed, twisting the ship to make a sharp turn around the Swallower. Then she was punching the hyper drive!
(3:05:05 AM) Ocha: And there were stars and they were beautiful. Ferro allowed himself to stay against the wall that was holding him up until the hyperdrive was activated, then with a sigh of relief he stood upon his own two feet once more. “Let’s not have that happen again, shall we?”
(3:13:23 AM) Diana: “Agreed.” she chimed in. Man, that was too close. There was no way they could repeat that and only escape with scratches on the hull. Joka reset the coordinates real quick. Then she slid out of her chair with her hands on her head again. “…so I’m going to drink and pretend like all that shit didn’t just happen! I like gambling, but not like that…”
(3:15:25 AM) Ocha: Ferro had been ready to head back to his repair tasks, anything to keep himself busy and not thinking. However, “You wouldn’t want some company would you?”

(11:47:37 PM) Diana: There was a very large bottle of booze sitting on the table before her and a couple of shot glasses. She had six red dice that she scooped in to a little cup and shook up. Then it was slamming it down on the table. But she hadn’t taken a peek yet. “Alright then! Taking bets. Gimmie your bet and your numbers! I’ll take cash only, valuable items and clothes.”
(11:50:35 PM) Ocha: Ferro really hadn’t been ready for her wanting to start off with gambling. “I feel I’m at a slight disadvantage. This IS a friendly game, right?” It wasn’t like he had a lot on him worth a lot.
(11:54:29 PM) Diana: “I am not going to take everything you own and leave you walking around naked on my ship. …Though the idea IS pretty appealing.” Joka cast him a wicked grin. Allowing him to decide how he was going to bet, if anything, she pulled the cork on her bottle and pour the contents in to the two shit glasses. “Drink up, get your courage. No game was ever won by being chicken.”
(11:56:46 PM) Ocha: Taking one of the shot glasses Ferro gave her a small salute with the same hand before downing the shot. “Not bad, fine, let’s see what I’ve got.” Ferro dug around in his pockets for a bit, then pulled out a small spindle of metal wires.
(11:58:09 PM) Diana: Joka down her own shot. Pausing to fill the glasses up a second time. She raised an eyebrow at the spindle of metal wires. Tapping her fingers on the table. “..Okay, I’ll bite. What’s that stuff and why is it going to be valuable to me when I win it?”
(12:00:36 AM) Ocha: “Ah, it’s a bit dusty isn’t it.” Instead of just telling her he pulled out a thumbs length and polished it of. It caught the light and it glittered gold. “I sorta like it myself.” His eyes were slightly crinkled in a hidden smile.
(12:13:09 AM) Diana: “Shiny, then!” So, Joka was still not one hundred percent about the whole gold metal thread thing. But she was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. His eyes looked mighty fine with that expression of his. Joka leaned forward on the table. “Okay then, place your bet. I’m betting there’s at least three 4s and wagering whatever change I can dig out of my pocket.”
(12:28:52 AM) Ocha: Ferro leaned back thoughtfully. “I’ll say, hmmm two pair. Duces and,” he strummed his fingers on the table for a moment. “And fives.”
(12:29:09 AM) Ocha: (shit forgot to press send!)
(12:29:17 AM) Diana: (That explains it!)
(12:30:43 AM) Diana: “All bets in! Shot for for luck.” Joka drank her second shot and slammed the glass down. She finally pulled the cup off the dice and took a look. Hers sure wasn’t right but his… “Huh. Lucky, lucky…”
(12:34:03 AM) Ocha: Ferro looked over at his shot. There were indeed two pairs, and one of them were twos, and there was even a five. The other pair was sixes though. “I get to keep my gold wiring, good. How much change did I pick up?” Figuring he might as well relax, Ferro put his vest on the back of his chair.
(12:40:19 AM) Diana: “Right, right.” Joka stood, digging in to her pockets. The things she pulled out were quite random. Screws, coins, paper, a crayon, what looked like a dead toy mouse, and some various other adds and ends. She had quite a few pockets. “Looks like you get…hmm… 65 orens!”
(12:43:36 AM) Ocha: “If I remember the conversation right… You’re putting down your bet first next time.” Ferro left the toy mouse but took the change. “Nother shot if you please?” He grabbed the dice and put them in the cup and started to rattle.
(12:53:50 AM) Diana: Joka poured a couple more shots and set the bottle aside. She dropped back in to her seat, resting her elbows on the table as she grinned wide at him. “Yeeeep. Three sixes, two fours, and one one.”
(12:55:31 AM) Ocha: He slammed the cup down hiding the dice. “Sound pretty confident about that. What are you willing to bet?” He took ahold of his shot but waited for her answer.
(1:14:44 AM) Diana: “uum, hmm.” Joka had to think about it. She sifted around in the contents of her now empty pockets lying on the table. Nothing of worth was standing out. “How about I just give you the shirt off my back”
(1:19:01 AM) Ocha: Ferro smirked. “Fine, I’ll match you mine. And I’ll say no matches.” There were worse things then losing his shirt, and if he won, well there were worse things. “Salute!” He took his shot and pulled the cup off the dice.
(1:30:43 AM) Diana: Down the shot went, and Joka was leaning forward expecting something a lot better than… well… losing her shirt! And she was -really- hoping to get her hand on him. …his. His shirt. “Bah! I’m starting to wonder if you’re cheating…”
(1:33:37 AM) Ocha: “It’s two roles and you did the first one,” he reminded her as he held out his hand. “Or would you like to go double or nothing?”
(1:53:06 AM) Ocha: (I kill you?)
(1:53:28 AM) Diana: (almost dead!)
(2:04:21 AM) Diana: Joka pulled off her shirt, tossing it at his head instead of dropping it in to his hand. This was where her addiction to risks must have really been kicking in, because she rubbed her hands together as she gathered the dice and pushed them in to the cup. “You’ve got it! Double or nothing. And it’s your call, mister stranger.”
(2:13:42 AM) Ocha: Ferro poured a shot for both of them. “Stranger? I’m hurt Joka.” He then held up his shot glass. “I do hope you at least have a spare set of cloths. After all, we want to keep this friendly.” Ferro was really enjoying the view however. “Triple threes, and a pair of sixes.” he grinned at her, the type of grin that said he already won, not in arrogance, but because he was enjoying himself.


Elswen: Timeline

(Not exactly in order, just important events)

Birth of all the girls (or whole cast for that matter)
Blair leaves/gets married
Aidan arrives in Elswen
Kendal gets married
Sasha opens Page Turner
Niece born
Sam and Blair deaths
Halloween & Zombies


– Blair is Born
– Kendal is Born
– Sasha is Born
– Kendal meets Sam in Highschool.
– Blair runs away from home.
– A note from Blair saying she got married.
– Kendal Marries Sam in College.
– Sam Graduates and works for the Police. His partner is Dane.
– Kendal gets a job at the Chronicle.
– Sasha opens The Page Turner.
– Blair has a Daughter, but no one knows.
– Aidan moves in to town and joins the Morning Crew with Natalia.
– Sam Dies.
– Kendal tries to raise Sam from the death and summons a cemetery of zombies.
– Dane’s new partner is Lucas Davenport (Tali’s Brother)
– Girls receive news that Blair has died. Husband will not give Blair’s body or state where she’s buried.
– Kendal is promoted to Chronicle Editor.



1844 – [color=HOTPINK][b]REBECCA[/b][/color]
1920s – Shadow Laila & Sebastian
??? – Parents
??? – Blair, Kendal, Sasha
??? – Blair’s Daughter
??? – Apocalypse Gen: Sasha’s Son + Cassie’s Daughter, Kendal’s 3 Daughters
??? – Post Apoc SciFi


Destiny: Random Tidbits

The Dragon on the Island Nic saves is actually a direct descendant of the original Artol family member that started the curse.

Nic and Serenity understand more about each other than they do themselves!

Nic and Alen’s best buds relationship has some interesting quirks after Nic realizes Alen’s loooooove for Serenity!

Faith thinks Drake is a lil crazy at first cause he’s always talking to “himself”.

Diocha Misc Bunnies

The Universes of Diocha

– The Ivalec Family Story.
– The Story of the Mors couple.

– Koori and Toshi’s Adventure

– The Novellino Sisters

[b]CHOCOLATE UNIVERSE[/b] (may be it’s own universe, but possibly in Destiny!)
– Saving the dying Prince
– The Wizard’s story.


(7:44:04 PM) Diana: plotholes are very ew… especially in a longass saga like Destiny. x__x we’ll have to write up the culture of the known countries in Destiny, their royal lines, and lots of nitpicky details…
(7:45:56 PM) ochahime: Yup like the country Sekai’s from, how many countries are between that and Artolia… is Iroka across the sea completely or is there a land route? How close is the island kingdom and do they speak the Artolia language, and if so is this because sailors crashed into a reef a hundred years ago and intermarried with the local population…
(7:50:24 PM) Diana: I’m thinking there’s a land route to Iroka, but you’d have to cross over a huge river far to the “direction”, and possibly in another kingdom’s territory. Kinda like how the Mediterranean separates Europe countries from Africa! Sekai’s kingdom is probably a good distance away… but she may or may not be faking her accent!
(7:54:58 PM) ochahime: Which we will not actually type out any more, just make refrenses to it as Faith tries to understand her?
(7:57:14 PM) Diana: Dunno, I like showing her accent in in the dialogue.. cause it gives us a chance to hint that she might be faking when in most scenes you’ll see the accent, and then you’ll “hear” her speak clearly during something dramatic and that subtle suspicions from characters!
(7:59:26 PM) ochahime: Hmmm, that’s true…
(8:00:47 PM) Diana: Sekai doesn’t do a lot of talking either, which adds to the whole mystery… I don’t think her plot arc comes in until the Second Saga?
(8:02:59 PM) ochahime: Yeah… when she’s keeping Alen and Serenity from being overly mushy and get them home … then her dream man litterally comes around a corner…
(8:03:09 PM) ochahime: I’m not even sure we see her in the third Saga
(8:04:54 PM) Diana: We have no idea what’s happening in the third saga, and not allowed to think about it yet! At least… not until we do serious work on Destiny! Maybe if we finish mapping out the universe and typing up proper character bios… >>
(8:11:39 PM) ochahime: World mapping.. .or the ‘known’ world…
(8:11:43 PM) ochahime: History too…

Time After Time

Time After Time: Plotting and Notes

Koori and Toshi two perfectly normal girls living a perfectly normal life. One an Uber-Genius, the other a French Tease! But then one day Koori accidentally creates a trans dimensional portal sucking a strange boy from another world by the name of Vanella into their garage! Giving a head to toe make-over so they could stash him, Koori got to work on her machine to send him back home… But due to a fleeting wish, not only Van was sent back.. But Toshi, Koori and even her brother ____ was sent to Van’s world as well!

Now the group must seek out the Mystic of Zenith to help find away to send them back home! Unfortunately getting home isn’t their only worry… a dark overlord has been forming an army of dragons and believes the two girls will be able to help not only conquer this dimension… but many others!


Prince Vanella (time travel prince) – Nickname: Van (teasing Vanilla)
Pale Hair, Blue Eyes, Looks like a total pretty boy until he gets to Earth and the girls get their hands on him. A dutiful and responsible prince who puts the needs of his country over his own wants. (In fact, to the extreme where he has allowed it to take of more of his self than it should.) Overall nice guy. His servants like to dress him up all fancy and such, where he just wants to be dirty rumpled warrior type GUY…

The power over TIME amongst the other magical skill of the royal family may be something very special to the Ruling Line of Zenith? Something that could be taken away if they lost their rule, or if it belongs to an item?

Jake (dragon tamer) –
Tough guy! Likes money and jewels! Incredibly irritated that his Dragon keeps following Toshi.. Likes to mumble “Stupid Dragon… Stupid girl…”

Toshi (flying, dragon taming) –
Adorable and clueless! Toshi is the sweet girl that everyone adores (except maybe Jake!) She has an incredibly talent of staying out of trouble, or just being oblivious to it, and the very respected talent of speaking with dragons!

Toshi’s powers are Mental vs Koori’s powers of Elemental?

Koori (iced-fire, portal) – New name: Corin or Corinthia? to make Cori?
Super genius! Koori keeps having death accidents, as a side effect of either A) messed up dimensional travel or B) bad guy casting some sort of Hex.

Koori’s little brother –

Young Amazon?

Aradox Penigma (evil overlord) – ?

Dragon Killer


(shape shifter)


Must Have:

bloodsucking butterflies
evil unicorn


(6:51:28 PM) ochahime: There we go!
(6:51:44 PM) Diana: Yay!
(6:51:45 PM) ochahime has signed on.
(6:51:52 PM) ochahime: ^.^
(6:52:11 PM) ochahime: So hi!
(6:52:27 PM) Diana: Why hello thar
(6:52:47 PM) ochahime: How’s your day going?
(6:54:38 PM) Diana: Still trying to wake up, mostly! x__x
(6:55:31 PM) ochahime: AH! I can understand that…
(7:06:50 PM) Diana: Now what are we plotting!
(7:07:40 PM) ochahime: TAT or Destiny?
(7:08:19 PM) Diana: Let’s go with TAT just cause it’s on the brain!
(7:09:53 PM) ochahime: Sounds like a good idea… what are we doing with the little brother?
(7:11:19 PM) Diana: Not a clue! I think maybe he’s with the girls and Van when they end up on the other world, but somehow goes missing or gets lost… then we’d have the plotarc of things getting put on hold just to try and find him, and his own mini adventure that ends up related to the main story!
(7:12:21 PM) ochahime: That might be a good idea… I was toying with the idea of him staying behind, but I like your idea better maybe…
(7:15:16 PM) Diana: There’s the potential that TAT could be multiple books small books itself, if we ever figure out what the major plot arc is… Just having Van in the real world could be a full book, and then both girls would have their focus plot arcs too!
(7:18:07 PM) ochahime: Hmmm if we did that, Koori’s would have to be the last book simply because it’s her final realization of her powers that opens the portal again.
(7:20:12 PM) Diana: That’s what I was thinking too! It’d be Modern World, Toshi’s Arc, Brother Arc, and then Koori’s Arc!
(7:22:04 PM) ochahime: Toshi’s arc would concentrate on the dragon riders and the dragon race… brother’s would be the kid adventure…
(7:24:29 PM) Diana: They’d be getting to know the dragons, culture of the world, about Jake’s life and his role in the world… and probably not have a clue Van was a prince until the end of the Arc when the Brother ends up missing!
(7:26:50 PM) ochahime: Oh yes but he’d have to take them to his capital and all the fun party at his return and such…
(7:28:54 PM) Diana: Yep! they’d be stuck at the capital for some time having to deal with royal duties while the brother is off on his adventure!
(7:30:27 PM) ochahime: Yup yup
(7:34:07 PM) Diana: And at the end of THAT book when they find him, there’s the big revelation of the major plotline… Whatever it is that has caused all these issues, with the dragons, brothers adventures, politics, etc… which carries out in the last book!
(7:36:01 PM) ochahime: I like it… it needs a LOT of work, but… well… we should at least get the first Saga of Destiny out before we put out the first TAT book.
(7:37:32 PM) Diana: Yep! Especially considering we don’t even have a defining plot for TAT yet… XD
(7:39:00 PM) ochahime: Exactly! In theory we should do Chocolate first but… eh…
(7:40:59 PM) Diana: Chocolate is good for practice! If anything, just plotting for Chocolate helped us get a good routine for planning out scenes and chapters. >> Having things mapped out chapter by chapter and scene by scenes lets us right things out of order and then put them all together.. and avoid plotholes!
(7:42:11 PM) ochahime: Plotholes… ewwwww


Destiny: Saga II: Book/Chapter Outlines


Faith discovers Valora is actually Valencia, Drake’s sword because she mentioned ___ in innocent passing.

So we have for interpersonal relationships, Serenity and Rivalen who spend all of book two trying to get back home so they can get married after Serenity getting kidnapped and with the help of Sekai he rescuing her but the lot of them ‘lost’ in the far south.

We have our scholar and barbarian who become an official couple sometime between book one and two perhaps?


Destiny: Saga I: Book/Chapter Outlines

Secret Room
Circus, Elephants, rescue
Faith leaving
Dinner remeet R&R, meet ‘cousins’ & High Lord…
Meet in hall on way to S. Room – Conversation
Lady flirts w/”prince” part I
Another conversation Garden
Courtly dealings
Kidnap Trolls
Lady flirts w/”prince” part II
A ride & musing about Nic
Kidnap Fairies
Mildred conversation
Lady flirts w/”Prince” part III
R&R convo
Secret revealed & confrontation
Mildred Dead
Ried w/emotion

Circus, Elephants, Rescue
Talk w/Serenity, Drake
Letter to Rivalen
Argument, Drake stays
Followed again
Argument, Tanin stays
first attempt @ stealing sword
Sir Mors & Wife
Derelic Castle
Stormy night, church
Second Attempt
Town, lots of guards
Rent a boat, fight

Derelic castle
Boat & overboard
Sir Baulder
Princess & Backstory
Rescue Ederyn
Sneak into Castle
Battle Dreogan
Festival, dual, wedding
Faith & Co arrive
Return home
Where’s Serenity?
New Ambassadors, explanations






[b]MAJORSCENE: THE KIDNAPPING[/B] (Expanded version of book 1 prologue.)
Nic gets kidnapped out of his own bed in the middle of the night. A small hint that someone on the inside let the kidnappers in!

Abandoned castle, lacks guards. Saws ropes off his hands with jagged rock, lures one guard in, attacks him, gets weapon, wounds but doesn’t kill other guard, runs for it! Chase scene!

Two events in the forest on the way to coastal town where something almost kills Nic. Falling tree while he’s trying to hunt , flying weapon. In the forest on his way to the Coastal town… Nic could have met and ran in to Mr. and Mrs. Mors at their cabin, right after the first time something tries to kill him! It could be a small scene of them being rather helpful (him not mentioning he happens to be the prince, though they probably know anyway)… and leaving… Thus having a tie-in for them in Faith and Drake’s arc besides randomness.

Baldur a scorned knight shows up at the coastal town and it looks like he is the one trying to kill Nic. Nic blows him off and boards a ship back home. The sailors on the ship were hired to throw him overboard… and Baldur saves him! They wash up on the beach of the island.

deserted town! But there they meet.. Truda Hildagunn the viking warrior woman! She’s there looking through the town by request of the princess! Mountain of a woman that obviously doesn’t belong there. And she doesn’t think they belong their either… so her first instinct is to attack and capture! something is said or noticed that makes someone pause though and realize they’re not enemies.

So Truda takes them to the Rebel camp while explaining, she was looking for.. a book for the princess! It’s an antique tome but the language is so old there’s no way anyone there can read it. So, they have to sneak in to the library which is currently under the overlord’s control… and they meet Ederyn!
Ochahime: Who’s feeling fairly helpless. Even though he gave Truda the information she needed to get Arlea out of the castle, he hasn’t been able to help the king… but he does know what is needed to stop the dragonlord… but it seems impossible.
By now Nic is pretty invested in helping, especially seeing how so many poor helpless people are being displaced. He proposes a great plan of rescue.. And Baldur interjects that there’s no way he’s letting Nic run off and get killed before they can have their rematch, so he’ll be helping as well! Of course, and the Princess thinks it’s very nice of them but the boys better not think that her and Truda arn’t gonna being doing their part.

This is where they start with two or three smaller strikes… Reclaiming some very important parts of the island to be able to give back food and weapons to the people! Which is important, but really doesn’t solve the problem, specially when they find out their ‘victories’ was nothing but a ploy to be able to expose the princess. Not good when the princess is captured… Because then the Overlord plans to destroy her and the entire royal family in one big public display of power! That will crush the rebels for good!

Truda being a barbarian wants to make for a straight attack but wiser minds pervail. This is where Nic shows he is ready to be King, as he displays great skill of planning and determination! It’s going to cut it down to the wire, but they have to mobilize the entire rebellion… even the people so they can stop the royals from being killed just at the nick of time and take the overlord by surprise!

— And the plan at first is going well till, um… something has to go wrong long enough to make it seem like they won’t win and then a twist so that the Dragonlord is unexpectedly killed. Um.. it looks like they were too late to save the princess from a horrible death, and there is much despair and anger-fighting… But it turns out she’s not dead and kills Dragonlord herself! And he dies with a ominous warning that HE was not the greatest evil to face… there’s something more… But All seems fine and happy for now!

— And then the king declares a feastday… and Baldur is all like ‘dual’ and that gives everyone the great idea about a joust and such. And it’s while all this is going on that Faith and company arrive on the island. And Nic is told he’s needed home.. especially for Serenity. And he admits, that yes… he is finally ready to take his parent’s place as ruler… and hopefully with princess Arlea as his bride? Arlea is all for that, but the King has an issue with it. Not with him becoming his daughter’s husband, which everyone is relieved about, but because she’s his only heir, there’s not even any cousins that could rule… lots of people dead after all. DianaNotacat: That proves to be a problem indeed! The next in line heir to Artolia is Serenity, and she’s still too young for rule! But.. he can’t make any choices without discussing it with his sister.. He has to return home!
Ochahime: And Arlea’s going with him, and if Arlea is going with him Truda’s going with her and if Truda’s going, Ederyn is going…

And thus, a whole lot of people show up in Artolia just in time for shit to hit the fan at the castle! Mildred had found out that Rivalen is the real prince… Reynard killed her to keep her quiet, and a few wicked plots are revealed!



nic escapes from dungeons

serenity gets drunk with the faeries

alen meets “grandma alice”

alen and serenity get grabbed by the troll king

nic and baldur make up


Destiny: Enemies, Monsters, Villains

Siren Slugs – Giant maneating slugs that lure their prey to them with a hypnotic song. Enjoys the flesh of many creatures but not trolls.

Bloodsucking Butterflies – These beauties fly in swarms and if someone is not careful could be drained completely by them.

Trolls –


Destiny: Misc Character Profiles & Cast List

[b]BOOK ONE[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Sir Eliot Mors
[b]Age:[/b] 63
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Homeland/town:[/b] Artol, Artolia
[b]Role/Occupation:[/b] Retired Knight living in the
[b]Appearance( height, eye and hair color, style,
build):[/b] Square jawed, steel grey hair, dark brown
eyes, a few inches taller then Drake and thicker then
the knight-errant also.
[b]Personality:[/b] A bit of a rogue in his youth, he
got things done and didn’t worry too much about the
details. He’s got a bit of a shoot first ask
questions later approach to life. Old enough to think
before he acts somewhat but really doesn’t give a
flying leap to what people think.
[b]Weapons training/magic:[/b] As a knight of the
realm has been given excellent weapons training. He’s
more into heavy weapons not having the grace for
lighter ones but is also still sharp eyed and steady
enough to use a long bow well.
[b]Extra info:[/b] Retired 15 years ago to live away
from the city with his wife. Enjoying the simple
life, but is starting to get restless. Wouldn’t mind
having one last great adventure in his life while he’s
still fit and able.

[b]Name:[/b] Julia “Jewel” Mors
[b]Age:[/b] 58
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Homeland/town:[/b] Bright River, Artolia
[b]Role/Occupation:[/b] Retired Lady-in-Waiting and
part time healer.
[b]Appearance( height, eye and hair color, style,
build):[/b] Slightly short woman with rosy cheeks and
light silver hair she has up in a bun constantly.
Hazel eyed and often wears peasant dresses and an
[b]Personality:[/b] Friendly and motherly, with an
iron will.
[b]Weapons training/magic:[/b] She’s a great adapter.
She was actually given a minor bit of self defense
training since she was one of the queens constant
attendants. Couldn’t use a sword if her life depended
on it, but can wield around a nasty stick (or broom).
She doesn’t have any magical inclination but knows
about herbs and how to set bones.
[b]Extra info:[/b] There’s no way in hell she’s
letting her husband go off with a bunch of ‘kids’ and
not a one of them knows how to take care of themselves.

[b]BOOK TWO[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Lady Victoria
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Homeland/town:[/b] Kensington region of Artolia
[b]Role/Occupation:[/b] Lady of Estates
[b]Appearance( height, eye and hair color, style, build):[/b] Busty blonde
[b]Personality:[/b] Vindictive, Spoiled, Greedy and flat out rude.
[b]Weapons training/magic:[/b] None.
[b]Extra info:[/b] Victoria is one of the many of self-proclaimed nobles out for the Artolia crown.

[b]Name:[/b] Marielle
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Homeland/town:[/b] somewhere in Artolia
[b]Role/Occupation:[/b] Lady in Waiting
[b]Appearance( height, eye and hair color, style, build):[/b] mousy brunette
[b]Personality:[/b] the girlygirl worshipping type
[b]Weapons training/magic:[/b] a mage, specializing in electricity
[b]Extra info:[/b] Nobility, but her family is so poor that there are merchants that do better then her. She ‘has’ to kiss Vickies ass just to have any social interaction at all.

[b]Name:[/b] Kadir
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Homeland/town:[/b] Artolia suposedly
[b]Role/Occupation:[/b] Sage/Sharlantan
[b]Appearance( height, eye and hair color, style, build):[/b] slick/greasy black hair
[b]Weapons training/magic:[/b]
[b]Extra info:[/b] He does slight of hand and if he wasn’t working for Vickie as a spy of some sort would be saling snake oil. con artist, wanted in several countries and is curently in disguise

[b]Name:[/b] Minister Atythan
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Homeland/town:[/b] Artolia
[b]Role/Occupation:[/b] Minister of Royal Affairs
[b]Appearance( height, eye and hair color, style, build):[/b]
[b]Personality:[/b] He is cold and condescending, or at least comes as such to everyone that he speaks to. He is all business and usually blunt about his thoughts, especially if he disaproves about someone’s actions.
[b]Weapons training/magic:[/b]
[b]Extra info:[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Reynard
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Homeland/town:[/b] Iroka
[b]Role/Occupation:[/b] Rivalen’s Porter, but posing as the Irokan Prince
[b]Appearance( height, eye and hair color, style, build):[/b]
[b]Personality:[/b] Spending his entire life around royalty, Reynard knows how to act like it. He remains distance from people so they do not get to close and learn his real idenity. He is bitter about past expiriences, but for the most part appears to be a pretty congenial kind of guy. He comes off as shy, inadequate in some social areas (although it might mostly be an act).
[b]Weapons training/magic:[/b]
[b]Extra info:[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Prince Rivalen
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Homeland/town:[/b] Iroka
[b]Role/Occupation:[/b] The Prince of Iroka, posing as a Porter
[b]Appearance( height, eye and hair color, style, build):[/b]
[b]Weapons training/magic:[/b]
[b]Extra info:[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Baron Osref
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Role/Occupation:[/b] Baron that owns/hired the Circus
[b]Appearance( height, eye and hair color, style, build):[/b]
[b]Weapons training/magic:[/b]
[b]Extra info:[/b]


[b]Name:[/b] Prince Nicholai
[b]Age:[/b] 20?
[b]Gender:[/b] male
[b]Homeland/town:[/b] Artolia
[b]Role/Occupation:[/b] Prince and Future King of Artolia
[b]Appearance( height, eye and hair color, style, build):[/b] Tall, lean and slightly muscular, not too buff, 6’1″, light brown hair, blue eyes. He’s not big in to fashion or styles and dresses in what’s comfortable for the days task. While traveling he wears a simple tunic and pants.
[b]Personality:[/b] Nicholai is friendly, easy going, a conversationalist and charismatic with people. He is very responsible though lately having so much pressure thrown on him has mde him doubt his own skills.
[b]Weapons training/magic:[/b] Nicholai has been training in swordplay, hand to hand fighting combat, jousting, and other things that most Knights typically do. He has no magical skills.
[b]Extra info:[/b] Nicolai was kidnapped from his home in Artolia in a plan to hold him for ransom, but managed to escape before the ransom note could be sent. He is trying to make his way back home, but has been side tracked time and time again, until ending up on the island kingdom of Ryseth.

[b]Name:[/b] Princess Arlea
[b]Age:[/b] 18
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Homeland/town:[/b] Ryseth
[b]Role/Occupation:[/b] Princess
[b]Appearance( height, eye and hair color, style, build):[/b] Small, delicate and petite disguising a strong body. Exotic islander look? long kinky dark purple hair and a golden tan.
[b]Personality:[/b] Arlea is sweet and kind and very professional in her princess role. Maybe not so much spoiled as opinionated, possibly the island looks down on women by and large but she’s too intelligent to fit the steriotype of the island. She is not the delicate flower type despite her looks. She is a daredevil and adventurer?
[b]Weapons training/magic:[/b]
[b]Extra info:[/b] know some basic herbal remides and maybe have some archic knowledge thanks to Ederyn, like how to get rid of curses but doesn’t acually ‘do’ magic,

[b]Name:[/b] Ederyn
[b]Age:[/b] 33
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Homeland/town:[/b] Ryseth
[b]Role/Occupation:[/b] Scholar and Teacher
[b]Appearance( height, eye and hair color, style, build):[/b]
[b]Personality:[/b] Quiet, reserved, mousey
[b]Weapons training/magic:[/b] magical training
[b]Extra info:[/b] Ederyn might have a book of spells he’s aquired over his life

[b]Name:[/b] Truda Hildegunn
[b]Age:[/b] 24
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Homeland/town:[/b] Throg
[b]Role/Occupation:[/b] Warrior
[b]Appearance( height, eye and hair color, style, build):[/b]
[b]Weapons training/magic:[/b] Can handle any weapon known to man, and kick just about any man’s ass!
[b]Extra info:[/b] An amazing warrior woman from the viking country of Throg. Truda is an adventurer at heart and has traveled the world since she was first set on her journey from her tribe. (names means strong warrior woman)

[b]Name:[/b] Baldur Einar
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Homeland/town:[/b] Artolia
[b]Role/Occupation:[/b] Knight of Artolia
[b]Appearance( height, eye and hair color, style, build):[/b]
[b]Personality:[/b] vengeance!
[b]Weapons training/magic:[/b] Typical Training of all Knights. No magic.
[b]Extra info:[/b]

[b]Name:[/b] Dreogan
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Homeland/town:[/b] Overlording In Ryseth
[b]Role/Occupation:[/b] Dragonlord/Warlord
[b]Appearance( height, eye and hair color, style, build):[/b]
[b]Weapons training/magic:[/b]
[b]Extra info:[/b]


“Cast List Beta”

Dreogan – Dragonlord currently ruling the island
kingdom of Ryset

Prince Nicholai – Heir of Artolia

Princess Serenity – Second in line for the thrown of

Princess Arlea – Only child of the King of Ryseth

Prince Rivalen – Grandson to the king of Iroka

Lady Faith – Third in line for the thrown of Artolia

Minister Atythan – Minister for the crown of Artolia

Lady Victoria – After the thrown of Artolia

Baldur Einar – Vengeful Knight from Artolia

Drake – Knight Errant of Artolia

Reynard – Porter and best friend of Rivalen

Mildred – Serenity’s nurse maid

Ederyn – Scholar from Ryseth

Truda Hildegunn – Arlea’s personal bodyguard

Vena – Drake’s rune sword aka Avenger

Tanin – Theif after Avenger

Sekai – Circus girl

King Lornen and Queen Tatiana – king and queen of Iroka



King Garret & Queen Olana – former king and queen of Artolia, murdered in the castle throne room.


Destiny: The Ivalec Curse (Notes Drafting)

Just writing down notes cause we talked about this before and I dunno if have all that saved and what not. >>;

We know that the “Ivalec Curse” is about getting kidnapped! Always getting kidnapped! Since every member of the family, even poor cousins are kidnapped at least once in their life!

We mentioned that it was a Gypsy curse because someone of the Ivalec line “stole” one of their daughters… I think.

And so I mention this now to remind ourselves what we plotted about that, and because we could write a “mini story” about it. I think that plot bunny is supposed to come up in Saga II. “Someone” is telling one or more of our royals about this old legend and it might be a few chapters long…


Ochahime (02:04:53): I know I shouldn’t even be THINKING of book 3, but what’s your thought about Serenity looking for a way to break the family curse when she finds out about what’s going on with Faith’s family?
crimsondewolfe (02:05:10): lovely lovely… And ooh! what a fantastic idea!
Ochahime (02:05:41): Damn curse needs to be broken at some point
Ochahime (02:07:31): We need to think about our major villian just a tad… he’s not the major villian in book 3…
crimsondewolfe (02:07:46): *nodnod*
Ochahime (02:08:03): So do they ‘take care’ of the major villian in book 2?
Ochahime (02:08:35): *gasp of horror* No
crimsondewolfe (02:08:42): squuee?
Ochahime (02:08:47): I know who our major villian is
crimsondewolfe (02:08:54): oh? XD
Ochahime (02:10:12): It’s the decendent of the brother or King Ivalec’s wife, the gypsy. He has some delusion he should be king or he’s destroying the country for family honor or something… somehow getting rid of the major villian is going to give Serenity the key to breaking the curse or…
crimsondewolfe (02:10:34): oooh!
Ochahime (02:11:08): They can destroy all his plans in book 2, but he’s still alive in book 3, but everyone has to deal with Drake’s old nemises… Serenity’s gonna have to deal with gyspy man.
Ochahime (02:11:16): Well Serenity and Alen
crimsondewolfe (02:11:34): teehee.. sounds good to me. XD
Ochahime (02:12:18): So now we know ~who~ our villian is, we still need to figure out why he’s fucking half the world over…
crimsondewolfe (02:13:36): hmm.. that’s a tough one..
Ochahime (02:14:59): Does he know he’s related to the royal family very distantly?
Does he know about the curse?
Does he ~really~ know about the curse?
Does he want distruction or dominion?
crimsondewolfe (02:17:58): yes he knows he’s related… and I think he’s bitter about it… maybe he can’t decide if he’s more bitter about his ancestor marrying her kidnapper, or at his own family for disowning one of thier own? he might know about the curse, but not enough -really- know the details of it…
Ochahime (02:18:41): *nods*
crimsondewolfe (02:19:18): he’s might;ve decided both families should be damned for all the trouble they’ve caused so he’s got a “screw it” attitude about ti all.. @.@
Ochahime (02:19:57): So the gypsy clan has been holding a grudge for the past 100+ years?
Ochahime (02:22:37): Quote of the night. Royal Musical Chairs
crimsondewolfe (02:23:26): *cackle!* haihai.. he could be… that curse his ancestor set might’ve backfired on his family in a karma sense as well? c.c; something like that could be bad voodoo…
Ochahime (02:24:08): There young ones are always being kidnapped, but unlike the Ivalec’s many don’t come back alive?
Ochahime (02:24:41): Villian was kidnapped and never returned to family and has a fucked up sense of justice now?
crimsondewolfe (02:24:54): hmmm that sounds pretty good…
Ochahime (02:25:11): We have motive! Yaaay!
Ochahime (02:25:56): Oh man the end of the curse is gonna be so fucking simple.
Ochahime (02:29:17): Ooo… but that’s gonna be kinda a back drop to the main story of book 3 since gypsy villian is pretty low by this point having every plan backfire, Reynard and Kadir pry both dead by the end of book 2 as well… hmmm
crimsondewolfe (02:30:54): bwahaha evil plottyness..


Originally Posted by Ocha
Hmmm, well we do know that Drake’s nemisis while not involved in anything for the past 50 years or so is a pretty fucking big threat. Did we decided that somehow the gypsy king was involved with the demonmaster on the island from the first booksaga?


Welcome to Elswen

(The following is what was suppose to be a fun info page of what’s what on Elswen Island… it obviously never got finished and needs to be)

“Welcome to Triple L Estates’s guide to Elswen, an international city. Brought to you LIVE in the heart of downtown from Mandie’s Candies, the candy superstore. Also spondered by ELSWN Radio and Corner Street Shopping Center, where you’ll find everything in one parking lot. Now with two of our best sales agents Karen Paris and Mitch Christopherson.”

The two sales agents are standing side by side wearing tacky yellow jackets.

Karen: “Hello there potential buyers, and welcome to Elswen. Elswen Island is situated her in the north Puget Sound.”

Mitch: “That’s right. Infact the only way to get to Elswen is by sea or air. There are no roads or bridges that connect us with the mainland.”

Karen: “That doesn’t mean however Elswen, the city or island, is isolated or backwards. We are one of the most technologoly advanced areas in the region.”

Mitch: “One great example is St. Micheal’s Hospital. St. Mikes & St. Mike’s Childerns Clinic has some of the most gifted staff from around the world and the latest in medical equimpment.”

The video takes a quick look around the hospital with lots of children and babies in the picture with lullaby music in the background.

The video comes back to the two agents. Karen is holding a paper called ‘The Chronicle Newspaper’ which shows a woman wearing two bikini tops to cover her four breast. Mitch is reading a more innocent paper, ‘The Puget Times’. Karen blushes and puts paper behind her back then nudges Mitch.

Mitch: “Hmmm NSTV is showing that new series… oh we’re back?” Puts paper behind him.

Karen: “For those unfortunates where there conditions are mental and not physical, there’s Haverghast Insane Asylum.”


Destiny: Saga I: Book I: Chapter 3 (Drafting)

(((“Ze ringmaster don’t seeming to be here Pwincez,” Sekai informed Faith. They had gone down a row of wagons so that the lady could talk with both the ringmaster and the baron, whom Sekai was sure by now here boss was meeting with. However they were not in the ringmaster’s wagon. “I be sure both be touring,” Sekai said as she turned to smile at the lady. Lady Faith was not standing behind the circus performer any longer though. Sekai looked left and then right, wondering where the noble had wandered off to on her own. “Pwincez? Pwincez, were be you?”)))

(((The large gray creatures, that Victoria informed Marielle were called elephants, though Marielle knew very well what they were, were still the biggest things she had ever seen in her life. Had she been given an opportunity to think this over herself, she would not be standing here now about to do what she was going to do. Of course here, was not right by the elephants. Marielle just needed to see what she was aiming at and the chains were big, big for the big creatures they held. The woman did not need to turn around to know that Victoria’s eyes were on her. The feeling of someone with a dagger to her back was all Marielle needed to know that she had no choice in the matter.

Summoning her power, which in the woman’s opinion were nothing much, she sent the sparks out, melting the chains, freeing the elephants. That wasn’t enough though. Elephants were herd creatures, and though curious creatures were not likely to do anything more dangerous then mill around until their handlers found them roaming.

The second part of Victoria’s plan was dangerous. Marielle made sure she had on hand firmly holding her reigns before she sent out a second fork of sparks. This time right at the beasts. Trumpets of fear were let out by the massive gray beasts and then they started panicking. Marielle did not wait to see were they would go. The way she aimed her sparks they ought to head off to the field, but one never knew what a wild animal would do in pain or in fear. Marielle road, as though her life depended on it, following Victoria and Kadir.)))


Well if the ringmaster wasn’t in his wagon, Faith knew she was going to have to find him. Faith around the corner. She would have sworn she saw a woman with a beard and a man taller then Drake and skinnier then Serenity walk by. They had gone around another corner, or Faith thought they did, because when she rounded the same corner she didn’t see either of them.

The day was not going well at all. Nothing seemed orderly at all and what was more, the animals were making an awful racket. If they always sounded like this there would be no sleeping in the castle. Faith looked back to complain about this to her tour guide to realize the woman wasn’t there. What was worse, Faith wasn’t sure how to get back to where she had last seen Sekai.

Wandering the circus aimlessly, the horrible sound was coming upon her faster now. What was with those creatures and why did it feel like the ground was shaking? The answer came at her as a large wall of gray flesh came at her. Faith didn’t have time to run.

With quickness and strength she hid in her slender form, Sekai pulled Faith into the doorway of the booth that had already been built. She did not stop once she had the lady inside though, as the elephants ran passed. All it would take would be one of them to move slightly more to their left and the booth would be gone. With a death grip on Faith’s wrist Sekai half lead, half dragged Faith out of the booth on the other side and down the alley between tents and booths until they were well far from the stampede. (EXPAND THIS SCENE)


Reynard, riding slightly ahead of Rivalen, so to keep up their illusion of master and servant rode to the palace. One thing that the prince, now servant noticed was how much smaller the capital or Artolia was to his own home. It was hard to think such a quaint kingdom could have such devastating problems.

It was only with mild interest that both men noticed the circus tents. Iroka was a land of the exotic, sometimes just to outdo it’s self. Traveling performers were not only welcomed but encouraged. So seeing the colorful tents did not make much of a mark on the two foreigners. What did catch their notice was the sound of very scared elephants.

Without thinking of what was proper or seemly, Alen stood up on his stirrups to look for the cause of the ruckus. What he had not expected to see was elephants tearing out of the colorful enclosure and heading out into the field. A field where a single rider, with golden hair was right in their path. Without thought, Alen started racing his horse to cross the field. He had to get to the rider in the path of the stampeded before it was too late.

Serenity was deep in though, and so did not see the elephants until they were close indeed. Even still she could have turned her horse and fled, but Serenity was frozen with fright, and her horse was not very bright. It was a good riding horse, but neither horse or rider had ever had to run from anything in their short lives.

“Move it,” a male voice called out and as if in slow motion, Serenity turned slightly from the horror that was going to befall her just as a young man came galloping up beside her and grabbing her horses harness. Suddenly the horse was moving, and Serenity responded.

They galloped to the edge of the clearing near part of the old wall. Serenity was white faced and gasping for breath, but she didn’t take her eyes off the man who so boldly came to her rescue. “Didn’t you see those elephants coming at you? Why didn’t you ride out of the way?” Serenity couldn’t speak, which was a bit of a shock for the usually outspoken princess, but the fear was still thick. The creatures, those elephants, were huge.

“Alen you should not talk to someone with a higher rank then you in such a fashion.” Reynard said sharply, making sure he has eye contact with the prince in disguise.

Serenity had not seen the second man until just now as he dressed down his subordinate, or servant or what have you. She did however recover some of her wit. “I’ll excuse it this time, I will however have your names as you escort me back to the castle.”

Alen knew already this servant business was going to be a lot harder then he had thought.


(((Some aftermath stuff here…. Elephant trainer, “And I always told my brother his tiger’s were dangerous.”)))


“Serenity! Are you alright?” called Faith, as she took the reigns of Serenity’s horse and helped her cousin down. The poor girl was white as a sheet, but otherwise looked unharmed. “What happened, you are alright, aren’t you?”


Destiny: Official Timeline

Year by Iroka’s calendar. Current reign known as _____ era. For a full list of the Iroka era’s please ask Ederyn for details.

CE 127 – Artol Ivalec unites the armies of the three baronies and succeeds in defeating the Lord of the Haze Swamps thus founding Artolia.

CE 269 –

– 1 Spring – Spring Equinox, King Garret and Queen Olana are assassinated

– 14 Spring- Prince Nicholai is kidnapped

– 28 Spring- Prince Rivalen and Reynard arrive in Artol, as does Sekai and the Circus and Lady Victoria and co.

– 29 Spring- Lady Faith, Sir Drake, and Sekai leave Artol

CE 270-

– 1 Winter – Winter Solstice, New Years Day

– 25 Winter – Dreogan is defeated. Warns of greater foe before death. Ryseth royals’ set free.

– 32 Winter –
–Nicholai and Arlea are married. Big festival including formal duel between prince and Sir Baldur.
–Fair and Co. arrive on island and tell Nic to go home.

– 36 Winter-
–Mildred learns of Rivalen’s identity and is killed.
–Serenity is kidnapped again, this time by fae, gets drunk and tells Rivalen she loves him before passing out from the honey juice.
–Alen learns of the Ivalec family curse

– 37 Winter-
–Serenity learns Rivalen’s identity and of Mildred’s death.
–Prince Nicholai, Princess Arlea, Lady Faith, Sir Drake, Sir and Mrs. Mors, Sekai, Ederyn, Truda and… return to Artol.
–Reynard’s identity is revealed, flees with Kadir and Marielle

– 45 Winter- MidWinter Celebration
–Rivalen’s parents, Crown Prince ___ and Princess ___, Lady of the Blue Marshes, come to visit their son and explains a few things about Reynard’s past.
–Nicholai is Crowned King.

-End Saga One-

CE 272

– 15 Spring – Serenity leave’s Artol for Coast City

– 17 Spring – Serenity’s ship is attacked. Alen meets up with Sekai in Iroka’s capital

– 18 Spring – Alen and Sekai search for Serenity

– 52 Autumn – Faith and Drake ‘run away’ to get married. Sekai finds time to give Faith a wedding gift, her amulet.

-End Saga Two-

CE 273-274 Serenity and Alen get married, royal musical chairs.

CE 277 – Book Three Main Story Begins.


Chocolate: Prologue

At the tender age of seven, being kidnapped by raiders and sold into slavery to an aged mage, he learned the secrets of the mystic. Protector of the Solemn Staff, Slayer of Six Headed Snargog, having fought side by side with Drake The Avenger, and in the end, though most would not see it as such, his greatest trial – the courtship of his wife – the exotic princess of the northern barbarians. He was a most amazing man with tales that could fill this book with adventures untold.

But this isn’t his story.

In the land of Briah, there is a sickness floating over the doors of it’s people. Laying in the throats of the children and sinking in to the heads of even it’s nobility. It pulls the strength from those it envelops, shrouding the mind with gloom and leaving nothing left but a cold and desolate husk. He, this great mage, had just exited the room of the crowned Prince Frederick Beaufort Mortimer Alektenstien. The prognosis was grim.


Chocolate: Chapter/Scene Guide

[b]PROLOGUE:[/b] An interesting introduction about the Sage and his Wife with a quip “…but this isn’t his story.” Then describing the fate of the Prince and a mysterious illness.

[b]INTROSCENE:[/b] Introduction to Issac and Anabel. Anabel tells Issac that she’s fatally ill and that the only way to cure her illness is to acquire the enchanted cocoa beans and make a special kind of chocolate. He leaves for his quest.

[b]INTROSCENE:[/b] Introduction to Josephine. She hears about a Prince who is deathly ill and soon to die, but knows through local folk lure about enchanted cocoa beans. She imagines that by saving the prince’s life, she could win his love and marry him, just like her favorite fairy tale stories. She leaves for her quest.

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] Issac and Josie meet outside of the Old Sage’s home and reveal to each other their plans to get cocoa beans to save the ones they love. The Sage explains that they will have to work together to “see beyond” so that they can save the ones they truly love. He gives them directions to the cocoa beans and a warning that they need X stuff and instructions to be able to make the chocolate that will save them.

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] Swamp pt. 1. Trying to navigate the swamp to find the Pond of Desire. The swamp is filled with beasties. Since they know not where the life saving cocoa beans are, they must go to the Pond of Desire to find the location. But to get to the Pond they must first travel through the Swamp of Despair, where doubt and gloom haunt them. Many travelers are not able to reach their destination.
————[b]SUBSCENE:[/b] Josie has some sort of accident and needs Issac to save her. It’s the first time Issac vocally speaks what’s really on his mind “maybe he shouldn’t” cause she’s been such a pain in the ass.
————[b]SUBSCENE:[/b] Issac gets stuck in quicksand and Josie has to help him out. Josie shows genuine concern for the first time!

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] The Pond of Desire is dangerous, for while it can show you what you desire, if one is not focused, they will be show ALL they desire, and eventually drown in the pond.

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] Issac and Josie piss off a witch in the swamp. Witch makes it her goal to get revenge on them both.

[b]SCENE:[/b] Pygmy mummies attack. They guard man eating plants. One or both of them get nearly eaten by plants and have to escape pygmies.

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] Vineyards of Despair. something underneath it or at the center of the place must be pretty damn ugly or creepy… Oh! c.c;; maybe local villagers, when the old people get a certain age are sent there to be killed and their blood used to fertilize the ground

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] Mountain pass and this dangerous creature… it appears to be hurt, but is it hurt and thus misunderstood, or trying to lure them into a false sense of security to make them their snack. They never learn the truth! Some villagers/mountaineers/rangers attack the monster in force killing it to ‘protect’ the travelers. But later they start admitting the other might, only might, have been right. Ironically Issac being the one that didn’t trust it at all, and Josie thinking it really needed their help…
————[b]SUBSCENE:[/b] A good seeing the other’s point of view moment in a lesser scene when they’re long out of danger and really talking about it?

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] Issac and Josie accidentally kill the witch, by unwittingly working together as a perfect team. They discover the final recipe for the chocolate in one of her spellbooks.

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] Issac and Josie bring the enchanted chocolate to Anabel where Issac still doesn’t see Anabel for who she really is. Josie tricks Anabel to revealing her real self while Anabel believe Issac isn’t there. Issac learns the truth and kicks Anabel to the curb.

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] Issac and Josie bring the enchanted chocolate to the ailing Prince. Issac has known all along that the prince isn’t who Josie believes he is and allows her to enter alone. Josie discovers the prince is an older gentlemen and nothing like she imagined. She comes out disappointed with reality, but in the end realizes that she’s content with saving a life.

[b]CONCLUSION:[/b] ???


Chocolate: Plotting Outline Discussions

Anabel: A woman pretending to be ill so she can get the enchanted coacoa beans. She sends Issac on a quest to get them for her. She pretends to be this sweet and wonderful woman, but is really very selfish and cruel. Dark brunette with honeybrown eyes. The perfect and beautiful girl next door.

Issac: Poor farmer who loves Anabel so much he’ll do anything for her! He’s soft spoken and never raises his voice to anyone. He lets the world walk all over him. With that redish blonde hair that always seems to get lighter when he gets in the sun?

Josephine: Wishes to save the prince’s life so he falls in love with her and they live happily ever after. She’s a huge judgemental brat that thinks most people are beneath her. Straight black hair with a single barret clipped at the top of her head to keep it out of her face, all one length, not quite hitting her shoulders. She’s not glamourous but tries to be.

Frederick Beaufort Mortimer Alektenstien: Prince. He’s terribly ill and needs a special kind of chcolate made from enchanted coacoa beans. Salt and pepper grey with a short scruffy beard. Loves the color plum!

Old Sage: Knows what needs to be known about the cocoa beans. Our Sage probably looks different to everyone that looks at him! Josie would see him as someone super fancy and dramatic looking and Issac as someone more normal and wise looking… And his wife will still seem him as she saw him 50 years ago when they met!


DianaNotacat: … Enchanted chocolate made from special beans that can save the life of someone you love!
Ochahime: Shit, that’s good.
Ochahime: And you could do that modern if you wanted even
DianaNotacat: I’m the insta-plot queen! u___u *cackle!*

Modern, fantasy or… otherworld fantasy? We always love those otherworld fantasies…
Ochahime: Yes we do. It’s a simplish quest. Find out about beans, search for beans, learn secreat to cooking the chocolate… time running out… save the ‘prince’. I think however we can keep royals out of the main characters page.
DianaNotacat: Oh oh!! Someone gets it in to their head that they’re going to save the prince with this silly idea that they’ll fall in love afterwards, but later they’ll find out that the prince is actually really old and not at all what they thought he would be!
Ochahime: Meanwhile a poor farmhand is trying to save his own true love with the beans as well? Is in fact the one that told the girl about the chocolate as he drunkenly relayed his travel to an old sage that past moon, making the girl try to ‘beat’ him, until they realize they can work together…
Ochahime: Something bout that I don’t like
DianaNotacat: Maybe the trick is that both think they are doing it for true love.. The girl is a huge judgemental and spoiled brat, where the man is too trusting and kind and believes the world of a woman that doesn’t deserve his affection. The sage is someone they end up both meeting near the beginning that instructs them both that they’ll never find the beans on their own and they’ll have to “see past” what’s infront of them?
Ochahime: Oh… the sick girl isn’t that sick… she’s just using it as an excuse to get the chocolate… she’s the one that sends him to the sage?
DianaNotacat: Yeah! She’s either tired of him always fawning over her and sent him on a crazy quest she knows he’ll never complete, or she’s just so greedy and selfish that she wants the beans just to be able to brag that she has them. The prince really IS sick, but the questing girl just has all these assumptions about him that she dreamed up in her mind that aren’t even remotely true! So.. it’s all about those great moral values of knowing the truth of what something IS and not just what you WISH it were!
DianaNotacat: Josphines a huge brat. She could call him every name but his own cause she thinks he’s beneath her and just a means to the beans for her dearly ill prince!
Ochahime: And she figures she can get away with it because Issac is soft spoken, unless there’s a cause.
DianaNotacat: Yup. Issac prolly never raises his voice to anyone. They’ll both learn valuable things!
Ochahime: Yes.
Ochahime: Bean in the jungle?
DianaNotacat: Beans are definetly in a jungle. It’s a special jungle that’s likely riddled with all sorts of enchanted and dangerous things, thus why those beans are so hard to get ahold of!
Ochahime: *slaps self* No pygmy mummies….
DianaNotacat: Oh why not?!
Ochahime: “Why, oh why do I have to be sinking in quicksand, and have to listen to you!” Issac loosing his cool?
DianaNotacat: Little tiny mummies, not necessary wrapped up in toilet paper, but definetly mummified and prolly keeping guard over a big garden of people eating plants!

Oh dear, a rare moment where Josphine actually cares to help someone other than herself!
DianaNotacat: And possibly the first time Josie gets herself in real danger, Issac will have a special moment of “Now why exactly should I save you?”
Ochahime: After suffering all her verbal abuse you can’t blame the man.
DianaNotacat: I feel there should be a witch in a swamp in or near the Jungle. Someone they inadvertantly piss off, and spend a moderate amount of time trying to save themselves from!
Ochahime: And unwittingly kill…
DianaNotacat: Prolly in teh mid point between the middle and the end, when they’ve learned how to work together so well, that they never even realized they pulled the strings of her demise as a team!
DianaNotacat: And likely ended up with something they really needed to take care of the beans too!
Ochahime: “What’s in her book?” “Spell, potions, … the reciept for the chocolate?!?”
DianaNotacat: Fatastico! It’ll be the least thing they need to get the beans turned in to wonderful healing chocolate! And they’ll be back on their way first to Issac’s love!
Ochahime: Where Josie suggest hanging out for a bit to watch the poor sick girl… to um… remember why he’s gone through everything… koffkoff…
DianaNotacat: Oh, I bet Josie knows a real bitch when she sees one, since she’s one herself! But the little monster Anabel is prolly good at twisting his feelings around… He’ll not believe a word Josie says, until she finds a way to trick Anabel in to revieling herself when she thinks Issac isn’t there watching!
Ochahime: Exactly
DianaNotacat: Then he’ll give Anabel the yelling she deserves.. that he’s been holding back since forever!
DianaNotacat: Then it’s off to save that poor prince, who really is sick! Where Josie thinks she’s about to meet her future husband and live happilly ever after as a princess!
Ochahime: And Issac, who HAS seen the prince, and listen to Josie go on and on, quietly waits outside the door of the sick man’s bedroom while she delivers the chocolate. After all she has to see the truth herself, and there’s no need for him to be there for her to feel judged.
DianaNotacat: At first she’ll be shocked and greviously dissapointed! All her dreams of marriage and princessness and being happy and in love went poof out the window! She’ll not even realize until after she walks back out of the room, that really… she just doesn’t seem to mind anymore that the prince wasn’t who she thought he was. He was kind and she did something good by saving his life, and for some reason that gave her more warm fuzzies than she thought!
Ochahime: Hmmm, got this half idea of being up in a moutain pass and this dangerous creature… it appears to be hurt, but is it hurt and thus misunderstood, or trying to lure them into a false sense of security to make them their snack… don’t answer that, just let it play in your brain and log it.


Ochahime: Meet Issac, your simple but loyal farmboy who is totally infatuated with the beautiful, and caniving Annabel…
[18:43] DianaNotacat: He’s a simple man with simple needs, a good heart and practical. He just wants to work on his farm and provide for his future family and hopefully with Madam Annabel. But oh… it seems she’s dreadfully sick!
[18:44] Ochahime: And she tells him that she fears the only cure is the legendary chocolate “…” which is a cure all. Not knowing how to even begin looking for it he hunts down the wise local sage.
[18:46] DianaNotacat: Meanwhile in another town there is the pretty and ever so slightly spoiled Josephine. She spends a geat deal of her time reading books and daydreaming about how wonderful and adventurous the life of a noble is.
[18:48] Ochahime: When one day out her window she hears news that the great Prince (whatshisname) is gravely ill and many fear that he will not live to see the snow fall.
[18:50] DianaNotacat: Prince Frederick Beaufort Mortimer Alektenstien. He had to be the most wonderful and kind and handsome and awesome prince in the world! She just knows in her heart if she can save his life, he will fall madly in love with her and she can live the rest of her days happily ever after! And thanks to her books, she knows just the cure… enchanted chocolate! So off she goes to speak with a local Sage that should know which direction to point her…
[18:52] Ochahime: At the sage’s modest dwellings an exotic, if aged woman answer the door, not surprised at all at the young people wanting to talk to her husband…
[18:54] DianaNotacat: The old Sage himself is very interesting and seem to have a story all his own, but this isn’t about him… He’s there to explain to these young upstarts that yes the chocolate may be what they seek, it’s not what they need. To find it they will have to work together or it will not be found at all!
[18:56] Ochahime: Reluctantly they agree to work together, else their ‘true love’ will perish. As they head out, there seems to be a conflict of personality.
[18:58] DianaNotacat: They are definetly two very opposite people! Josie throws herself head first at everything without thinking first, and Issac considers everything to a painful detail. Neither of which think the other have any sense, and thus their first few moments in the Swamp of Creeps is quite dangerous.
[19:04] Ochahime: But soon they learn to cooperate, at least temperarily during crisises
[19:06] DianaNotacat: For they must if they mean to survive… Josie nearly gets herself killed but is saved due to Issac’s ability to think practically during a situation. When Issac nearly gets swallowed by quicksand, Josie is able to use her superfast thinking to drag him out before he goes under.
[19:07] Ochahime: Finally, despite thinking they’d never make it, they reach the Pond of Desier. There, they can discover the location of the chocolate… or perhaps drown in delight.
[19:09] DianaNotacat: And what a delight it is! Everything they had ever wanted or wished for is right there… no reason for them to ever leave! They can sit and bask in the glow of a life endlessly wonderful. But somehow in all of their dreams come true they have a common idea, the chocolate comes to mind again and it takes real effort and resolve to pull themselves out of the pond!
[19:10] Ochahime: Once more in the swamp they think the worst of their trials is behind them, that is until they do something innocently stupid and piss off a swamp witch.
[19:11] DianaNotacat: They were starving and all they wanted was a little something to eat. The little patch of random mushrooms and veigatbles didn’t even LOOK like a garden!
[19:15] Ochahime: But lo be they who take from the witch, who swore she’d get them… having been tangled up in… thus not able to catch them at the time.
[19:16] DianaNotacat: She was busy taking her beauty bath and caught them out the window. It’s not like a witch can run out all warty and naked! But she’ll get them good and make them ample fertilizer for her garden!
[19:18] Ochahime: Rushing away from the witches land, they notice the swamp is becoming more solid land, and thus forrest/jugle. Much better, except for that Pygmy shooting at them. And definetly bad when there is more than one
[19:20] DianaNotacat: And to make matters worst, the pigmys seem to be worshipping giant man eating plants. They nearly get themselves eaten alive, but manage to come up with a very clever plot on getting free. Then it’s a mad dash to get away before the pigmys see what they did to their plants…
[19:22] Ochahime: The two of them are relieved to finally reach civilzation once more. A nice night in an inn with real beds and a hot meal and they think they can face anything. Leaving town the next day they’re invited to the estate of a very rich man who suggests they take a tour of his vinyards.
[19:23] DianaNotacat: The vineyards are likely the most beautiful place they had ever seen, or could have imagined! But for some odd reason, no matter how lovely the vines or how delicious the wine, the entire place just felt gloomy… The longer they toured the more and more the felt saddened and despaired…
[19:25] Ochahime: They clime over a fence to look at a building in the middle of the vinyard, and find a grusome sceen.
[19:27] DianaNotacat: Egads! It’s like they had discovered a burial ground! Bones were delicatly scattered all over the place… newer and fresher versions of the odd “rocks” they might’ve seen in tour vineyard. And at the building in the middle, they peeked just intime to see a funeral for an old man that wasn’t even yet dead! They were preparing to bleed him and feed the vineyards!
[19:29] Ochahime: For once Issac is glad for Josie’s quick thinking, though once rescuing grandpa they need a better plan for escaping and notifying the authorities.
[19:31] DianaNotacat: The old guy wasn’t so out of shape, even if the villagers thought his age made him a liability. With a clever plan from Issac they come up with a good scare for the villages and distraction to get them all away. The old guy goes on his own wayt to alert authorities while the pair are able to escae on their quest.
[19:36] Ochahime: Into the mountains they go, for it is within the vally of these massive peaks that the cacao-special trees grows. The moutain presents not only challenges due to the wind ice and snow, but when they encountere a large dangerous creature that seems hurt, they are at an impass as to what to do.
[19:39] DianaNotacat: They try to have a discussion with the beast on just why they should let it go… both having a difference of opinion on whether or not it’s lying so it can eat them, or sinceerly in need of trouble… but before they can make a decision, Mountain people appear and kill the beast without question!
[19:40] Ochahime: Thus they never know the truth of the beasts intent and are given directions on the best way to the valley below. Finally they arrive, but just because they have the fruit, they don’t have chocolate.
[19:42] DianaNotacat: They discuss the fate of that poor beast, admitting to each other that they could understand the other’s point about it’s intentions… but low! The swamp witch has finally caught up with them! She’s mad as hades and pulling out her best arsenal of weapons and summons to throw at them!
[19:44] Ochahime: But with both quick wits, and a plan for the eventual return of the witch, they do nothing but make her more mad. It truely looks like the end until another stupid innocent action causes the death of the witch.
[19:44] DianaNotacat: It was as simple as pulling off her nose!
[19:45] Ochahime: They do find in her possession a spell book, most of it makes no sense, some of it is scary even, and they might have just left it there, except it has the reciept for the echanted chocolate!
[19:47] DianaNotacat: Evercuring chocolate! They return first to madam Annabel who, strangely wasn’t in bed ailing up until Issac had arrived. In fact everything about Annabel’s story doesn’t ring true at Josie and she does her best to get Annabel to spill her guts!
[19:47] Ochahime: And clever as Josie is, she’s able to get Anabel to reviel everything while Issac is within ear shot.
[19:48] DianaNotacat: And Issac is maaaaad! Mad enough to finally out with years of frustration of being her doormat, and walks out on her for good!
[19:50] Ochahime: And if Josie’s a bit smug about this, well, she’s starting to see Issac as a friend. Next they head to the palace, and with recomendation from the sage saying she carries the evercuring chocolate, she’s allowed into the Prince’s room… after all, he’s so sick they arn’t worried about an assasin
[19:54] DianaNotacat: Issac stays behind, letting her complete her quest on her own. She meets the prince with life safing chocolate, and… he’s nothing that she imagined him to be! Though he was kind and grateful (and maybe even a flirt!) her was a much much older man, and not the handsome prince she had daydreamed about running off with! And though, she was surprised, the real surprise was that she wasn’t dissapointed at all. She was happy she was able to save the man’s life!
[19:58] Ochahime: And thus when she leaves the prince’s room she finds Issac waiting for her, knowing without her needing to say anything that it’s over and she doesn’t have any regret.
[20:00] DianaNotacat: And thus.. a conclusion that is yet to be forseen!


Aidan and Sasha: The Unruined Date

FINISHED. Aidan and Sasha have a date that doesn’t get ruined by lunacy!

(8:44:39 PM) Ocha: It was a week after New Years and Elswen was starting to finally look like it normally did. The holiday lights were being taken down in a dozen shops and the rains had returned. Sasha was trying to read a National Geographic article about an archiology dig in South America, but her mind kept on wandering back to New Years. She had been quite bold, but it seemed to have been the right thing to do.

(8:48:48 PM) Diana: Almost like clockwork, Aidan was seen walking towards the shop. Yet, this time instead of walking in, he passed right through the windows and door without entering. That was odd!
(8:50:38 PM) Ocha: Sasha found that more then a bit odd. Setting down her magazin after a moment of puzzlement, she went around the counter and opened the shop door to look down the street. Was he sick?
(8:55:13 PM) Diana: There was not an Aidan to be seen outside. However, there was a small cough in the shop behind her. There was Aidan standing with a bouquet of tiger lilies and grinning. “I snuck around back.”

(8:58:26 PM) Ocha: “Oh,” Sasha said as she smiled back at him. She walked over and glanced at the flowers and then at him. “You surprised me,” she finally said as she looked up at him. Sasha might not like surprises, but surprises like this were nice!
(9:10:28 PM) Diana: Aidan handed her the flowers, rubbing the back of his head. “After New Years went a little wild, I figured another try would do us good. Try, try again, they always say?” For Aidan, he’d be happy to try again for a lifetime!

(9:14:08 PM) Ocha: Smelling the flowers gave Sasha a way to hide the blush that was tinting her cheeks. She was glad Aidan was so good natured about the weirdness that happened, and in all honesty, even if it wasn’t her fault, well, her life never was normal, even by her family’s standards. “What did you have in mind?”

(10:15:25 PM) Diana: “I was thinking a walk through to park, street stand food and sitting down for the Movies in the Park event tonight?” In the summer time Movies in the Park was a popular event. People would grab picnic baskets and blankets to stretch out on the grass. But in the winter, almost no one showed up. They had a screen set up in a pavillion and it was ideally quiet. Aidan figured they could use some quiet.
(10:22:24 PM) Ocha: Sasha moved the flowers away from her face. “That sounds nice.” Also it sounded a bit chilly, but Sasha was sure that wouldn’t be too much trouble. “I’m going to put these in water.”

(10:23:45 PM) Diana: Aidan just smiled. Where normally it would be a very relaxed sort of expression, this time he looked similar to the Cheshire cat with a secret. His hands clasped behind his back and he rocked on his heels as he waited patiently.
(10:27:08 PM) Ocha: Pausing briefly to insure that her part time help didn’t need anything for the rest of the day, Sasha returned after finding a vase for the flowers. “They are beautiful flowers, thank you.”

(10:37:15 PM) Diana: Aidan offered his arm for her. “I figure you needed something green to cheer up the place with your employees being so… uncheerful.” Sasha’s current part timer was a goth girl who only sighed with great anguish. Aidan thought she was a nice enough girl, but never saw the sense or enjoyment of being a tormented soul.
(10:42:11 PM) Ocha: Sasha smirked. “Any bit of cheer is always welcomed.” Sasha took his arm. She glanced up at Aidan. “The show went well today,” giving more a hint then normal about how much she listened to the radio.

(10:48:10 PM) Diana: “Generally when Tali isn’t auctioning me off in some weird promotional event, it’s a good day.” He grinned, leading her out of the store and waiting long enough for her to lock up. Then it was leisurly strolling down the sidewalk towards the park. He was in no rush! “I enjoy the story about the hippo sighting, though. That had me laughing for a good hour.” Even now he was surpressing another chuckle about the man’s hippo harrows.

(10:51:07 PM) Ocha: “Though you would think if there was a hippo it would have been at the lake.” As they walked Sasha smiled up at the sky. They seemed to have gotten a lucky break in the weather. In fact the sky didn’t look as dark as it had earlier in the day.

(11:04:13 PM) Diana: “I don’t hippos have ever cared about following what us humans think makes more sense.” He shrugged with a laugh. The park was coming in to view. Very few people were out in the chilly air, but with the sun shining it didn’t feel near as cold as usual.
(11:14:47 PM) Ocha: “I suppose that as long as the hippo is happy it cares nothing at all for us.”. Though the trees were all but naked there was a beauty in the park. “It is still too early for the spring bulbs I suppose.”
(9:26:36 PM) Diana: “Aye, but we’re not here to see the flowers today.” Aidan was grinning again. In fact, he never stopped grinning. Having a congenial expression was a normal thing for him, but today it was just plain cheeky. Finally somewhere in the middle of the park he stopped and turned to Sasha. His expression looking very serious. “Before we go anywhere else, I need you to close your eyes.”
(9:31:27 PM) Ocha: Sasha, confident and self assured most the time had a mixture of emotions letting Aidan have free reign of planning their date. None of those feelings were bad, but it was different. She even surprised herself by closing her eyes before even expressing her curiosity. “Okay?” she asked while smiling and trying not to fidget.
(9:37:57 PM) Diana: Once her eyes were closed, Aidan took her hands and started leading her forward. Ever so often he’d give instructions to step over or around something. Guide her through a tricky spot, or simply have her pause for a second. Finally they stopped and he let go of her hands. “Keep them closed just a little bit longer.” There were sounds of him bustling around. The ksssh of a lighter, clink of glass. He cleared his throat. “Okay, open.” Aidan was standing in the center of a park gazeebo with hsi hands in his pockets. On one side was a setup of pillows and blankets next to a small coffee table with a light lunch picnic. On the other side was a projection screen where the opening credits were starting to roll for some old black and white musical.
(9:38:51 PM) Ocha: (it died!)
(9:39:20 PM) Diana: Once her eyes were closed, Aidan took her hands and started leading her forward. Ever so often he’d give instructions to step over or around something. Guide her through a tricky spot, or simply have her pause for a second. Finally they stopped and he let go of her hands. “Keep them closed just a little bit longer.” There were sounds of him bustling around. The ksssh of a lighter, clink of glass. He cleared his throat. “Okay, open.” Aidan was standing in the center of a park gazeebo with hsi hands in his pockets. On one side was a setup of pillows and blankets next to a small coffee table with a light lunch picnic. On the other side was a projection screen where the opening credits were starting to roll for some old black and white musical.
(9:40:23 PM) Ocha: (one more time then I’m dl AIM)
(9:40:53 PM) Diana: Once her eyes were closed, Aidan took her hands and started leading her forward. Ever so often he’d give instructions to step over or around something. Guide her through a tricky spot, or simply have her pause for a second. Finally they stopped and he let go of her hands. “Keep them closed just a little bit longer.” There were sounds of him bustling around. The ksssh of a lighter, clink of glass.
(9:40:59 PM) Diana: He cleared his throat. “Okay, open.” Aidan was standing in the center of a park gazeebo with hsi hands in his pockets. On one side was a setup of pillows and blankets next to a small coffee table with a light lunch picnic. On the other side was a projection screen where the opening credits were starting to roll for some old black and white musical.
(9:46:34 PM) Ocha: While she was of course tempted to open her eyes, not ones did she give it any serious consideration. It was only her curiosity after all. While a little odd, having Aidan guide her with her eyes closed wasn’t as awkward as she would have thought. When a man takes care of you as a 7 year old for a day and sleepwalking in an interdimential castle though, you learn to trust him. So when Sasha opened her eyes, despite everything around her the first thing she looked for was Aidan. Her delight obvious even before she started looking around. “when did you…?”
(9:53:09 PM) Diana: “We’ll just say I call in a favor or two.” He pulled his hands out of his pockets to beckon her up the steps, taking one of her hands to help her sit down on the small pallet of pillows. “Today for your dining experience, we have sandwiches, fruit, and…” he eyed a container filled with oddly shaped cookies. “Suspicious looking cookies, but we’ll tell my neighbor they were delicious.” Aidan gestured behind him at the screen. “I thought a movie in the park was a nice change of pace. What do you think?”
(9:56:20 PM) Ocha: “I think it’s wonderful,” Sasha told him still smiling. This was already more than she expected, and not even a cellphone had gone off yet. While anything could happen she did quickly dig for her phone and promptly shut it off. “This is very comfortable might I add.” Sasha patted one of the pillows.
(10:03:49 PM) Diana: “Stuffed with Elswen’s finest fluff.” Aidan plopped down next to Sasha in that awkward way long legged people tended to do. While the movie was starting up, he opened a thermas and poured a cup of hot cocoa to hand to her. “Mayan Chocolate. You could say I battled a rabi amazonian Tali to get it.”
(10:07:17 PM) Ocha: Sasha took a moment to smell the spiced chocolate goodness. “Very adventurous,” she said with teasing admiration. After taking a sip he handed it back to him. “You’re just full of surprises aren’t you.” Sasha was not just happy she was also relaxed too.
(10:11:34 PM) Diana: Aidan gave a sheepish shrug, but for the moment he was content with his surprise. With all of the times he had tried taking her out so she coulda have a nice day, today was the first time he felt confident that it was going to be a good one. He wasn’t really sure how. He just thought today would be a lucky one. “It’s no German Castle, but I got a smile. What more could a guy ask for?”
(10:18:17 PM) Ocha: “I don’t know,” Sasha felt like she could smile all day for him if that was what he wanted. “I think this is a lot better than Germany. Even with selective memories of it.” Which was something she’d been doing lately, thinking about all those little moments before something happened. The benefit dinner had been close, but this was, well exactly what she wanted, a real date with Aidan. Not just lunch, not any social obligation, a real…. date!
(10:24:09 PM) Diana: He leaned to the side, close as if he were about to reveal a big secret. “Have to say, if you keep smiling like that I’m going to be too daft to remember anything else.” Aidan grinned with a soft laugh. There was something about Sasha when she smiled, he just never could seem to put words to it!
(10:30:21 PM) Ocha: “I’m not sure if you’re trying to discourage me or the opposite,” she teased. Sasha decided then and there that old movies needed to be watched more often. Not that it had much to do with the movies themselves. “Have you had some yet?” Sasha held an apple slices before him.
(10:38:12 PM) Diana: “Can’t help myself. Something about pretty girls gets me bashful.” Aidan probably never was described as bashful. But then, no one ever saw Aidan going out or flirting with other ladies either. He plucked out one of the apple pieces, taking a thoughtful bite. His head gestured towards the movie screen. “I like the music in these old movies. Having theme songs for special moments always sounded like a really cool idea.”
(10:42:56 PM) Ocha: “There is something nice about theme songs.” Sasha looked over at the screen nibbling the piece of apple. “These movies always seem so hopeful. Like at the end if the day everything will be okay.” Sasha glanced back at Aidan, a twinkle in her eyes. “Or am I a sap for always wanting to see the happily ever after?”
(10:51:20 PM) Diana: “I like to think everybody gets a happy ever after. We’re just living the adventure before the ending.” He reached out, brushing her hair behind her ears and pulling away a small yellow leaf that had drifted it’s way on to her shoulder from outside. “My favorite part about them is probably the adventures. How everyday is something new and interesting, even the mundane daily tasks.”
(10:58:42 PM) Ocha: “Nothing is ever quite the same the second time around,” Sasha admitted, glancing at the leaf in his hand then back up to his eyes. She had a moment to wonder how fortunate she was. “I’d rather cherish each moment. Your adventurous and mundane ones. But as you said they can be both.”
(11:03:26 PM) Diana: His grin softened to a faint smile. The woman had no idea how much he cherished all the moments he managed to share with her. Without second guessing he leaned forward again, this time brushing a soft kiss at the corner of her mouth, and mumbling his thoughts outloud. “Every moment with you is a cherished one.” When he tilted back again, he almost looked embarassed.
(11:12:01 PM) Ocha: The delight Sasha felt danced in her stomach like a troop of butterflies. Nervous and glee in a mad dance. She had her eyes half closed as she found his hand, placing hers atop it. “I, um, I wouldn’t want that to change,” Sasha mentally kicked herself, why hadn’t she said she felt the same.
(11:19:01 PM) Diana: Where most guys might be discouraged or disappointed, Aidan simply laughed. He knew Sasha well enough now to know what she meant to say, or not say! So when he cupped her cheek to tilt her face towards his and pressed his mouth against hers, he was certain he wasn’t about to get the daylights swatted out of him.
(11:26:30 PM) Ocha: Sasha was a bit surprised, though not alarmed when Aidan laughed. It had been clumsy on her part, but it seemed he was giving her the chance to make up for it the next moment. Closing her eyes completely, Sasha wrapped her arms around Aidan, savoring this moment like none other.
(11:46:13 PM) Diana: He kissed her soft, not finding himself in any sort of rush to ravish or to break away. One arm slipped around her while a thumb brushed gently over her cheek. Years of knowing Sasha, getting an opportunity like this didn’t happen often, so Aidan savored it!
(11:57:23 PM) Ocha: Sasha was the one to pull back, or rather seemed to push away slightly so that she could look at him. She didn’t find any need to let go after all. “That was nice,” she finally said softly. There might have been other kisses, but this had all the feeling of a first. Each moment with Aidan was special, she might never find the way to say it, but maybe, just maybe, he already knew.
(12:04:39 AM) Diana: “I’d say something witty and poetic, but you’ve got a way of making me speachless.” he said with a lopsided grin. Aidan didn’t move away, but rather shifted so he could lean back against some of the pillows with his arm still wrapped around Sasha. Sitting like this was more than just comfortable, it was natural! Like they did it everyday!
(12:12:55 AM) Ocha: “I’m surprised you let me anywhere near your work then.” Though his words pleased her to no end. It was nice being there with him, alone. With little thought in her mind she traced his jaw line to his chin with her finger. Barely even noticing the cold breeze from outside.
(4:25:10 PM) Diana: “Work is usually done by the time you show up.” He grinned. There was that hint of stubble at his jaw, enough that now his own fingers rubbed against as chin as he realized he didn’t think to shave this morning. With the chill of the wind, her drew his arm more snug around her and tugged over one of the blankets to drap loose over their legs.
(4:31:16 PM) Ocha: “I suppose that’s true,” she admitted. Sasha had more and more found herself waiting at Aidan’s desk after the show, sometimes there wasn’t even anything dramatic going on. “I wonder though if having me show up hasn’t been inconient.” Fortunately the witch was grinning while she said this, it wasn’t likely she was going to stop showing up spontaneously when the need or desire was there, and the line between want and need blurred more and more.
(4:38:39 PM) Diana: Aidan tried to think of a moment Sasha had been inconvenient. He really thought! Not a single moment seemed to come to mind, and the sheepish grin on his face mirrored his thought. Sasha was always a welcomed surprise. “I’ll tell you what, if it ever becomes a problem you’ll be the first to know. But if you’re packing coffee, I think I can forgive you.”
(4:42:17 PM) Ocha: “I will have to keep that in mind, though as long as they keep serving that horrible mud on your floor I doubt it will be difficult.” Sasha glanced at the movie, and had no idea what had been going on in the plot.
(4:46:31 PM) Diana: Aidan didn’t seem to have his attention on the movie either. Rather, he had taken one of her hands to link her fingers with his. For a woman who could do such extraordinary things, they looked and even felt more delicate than one would imagine. His mouth turned up in to a smirk. “I figure it’s in the contract somewhere that they have to serve us bad coffee. Keeps us in line.”
(4:50:43 PM) Ocha: “Doesn’t seem to work so well,” she muttered, her attention once more drawn away from not only the movie but just about everything else besides Aidan. “So, I have a confession to make,” Sasha glanced down at their hands, and when she turned back up to look at Aidan, she looked embarrassed. Perhaps moreso then when she’d awken from her seven year old nap.
(4:56:58 PM) Diana: He released her hand only to lift her chin up with a finger. His eyebrow raised inquisively, but he didn’t say a word as he waited for her confession.
(5:00:12 PM) Ocha: “So I’ve been getting up early every weekday morning since you first go on the morning show.” Before they met, before he was even friends with Sam and Dane. “Every morning..,” Sasha even more than once confessed she hated mornings and prefered to sleep in.
(5:15:38 PM) Diana: Aidan grinned. He didn’t realize she listened -every- morning, though he was sure she listened often. He didn’t need to confess how often he dropped by just for the chance to see her. Since the day he met her, he had found one excuse after another to walk by her store, ask her to join him for lunch, or just find reasons to visit her home. “I’ve got a confession too.” He said gravely. “I play your favorite songs on purpose.”
(5:56:22 PM) Ocha: Sasha actually was surprised by that, though perhaps she shouldn’t have been. “Sneaky,” her grin more of a smirk and she seemed less self conscious once more. A little mischief, for the sake of good was after all appreated. “I wouldn’t tell anyone else that though if I were you.”
(6:00:23 PM) Diana: “Aye… Many upset fans would be demanding their songs and probably my blood to boot.” Aidan laughed softly. It was hard enough when some of the female fans caught wind that he had another woman on his mind! It made Natalia’s promotional stunts awkward on several occasions.
(6:05:28 PM) Ocha: Not to mention Sasha was never keen on the more fan driven stunts Tali attempted, especially of late. Sasha didn’t actually mind most the fans, but some of them, well she tried not to wish them to disappear after the last incident. “That wouldn’t be good for anyone. A few of them already think
(6:06:06 PM) Ocha: A few of them already think if they’re showy enough they’ll um… Win you over.”
(6:50:29 PM) Diana: Before long the movie was rolling it’s ending credits, lunch was nothing but a few crumbs. Aidan’s arm was resting comfortably around Sasha, ever so often twirling a strand of her hair around a finger.
(6:55:24 PM) Ocha: If Sasha was a cat she’d be purring by now. There seemed so few chances to just relax with Aidan, and this was well beyond what she imagined a proper date would look like with him. “You’ve spoiled me you know.” She smiled at him.
(7:09:14 PM) Diana: “I don’t think that’s so bad.” Aidan grinned, not moving an inch. Finally he leaned and brushed a kiss against her temple. To spoil Sasha everyday was exactly what Aidan intended to do. One day he might even make it his official duty.
(7:16:14 PM) Ocha: Sasha giggled. It wasn’t something she had been inclined to do for the last several years, but Aidan had been able to encourage them out of the witch more and more. “I’m sure somehow that’s wrong, but I don’t really mind.” Leaning up she kissed him back. “If this is the trend for the New Year, I won’t mind.” And be glad someone actually heard her New Years wish.
(7:24:00 PM) Diana: Aidan tilted his head to the side as a thought came to him. “What if we make it the official New Years trend? You me, and one hell of a good day?” Why not? One quiet, perfect day out of the year would be a piece of cake.
(7:33:29 PM) Ocha: Sasha opened her mouth to say something then closed it and looked thoughtful. Finally a sweet little smile formed. “One quietly perfect day with you sounds more than fair.” Because while quiet might be in short supply, Sasha figured perfect with Aidan might be possible, and besides…, “You know how I like observing traditions.”
(7:50:52 PM) Diana: “It’s a deal then. This day every January. Come hell or highwater!” Such a promise wasn’t made lightly or in just. Aidan was certain that one day they’d experience hell or highwaters, and any number of other adventures. It made life interesting. Clearing his throat, he shifted to stand and held out his hand for her. “It’s starting to get chilly out, so I better get you home.”
(7:52:40 PM) Ocha has signed on.
(7:54:17 PM) Ocha: While there was no lightning to punctuate Aidan’s declaration, Sasha felt the weight of the promise none the less. It was all in all a good thing. “Yes, your right.” Though it was almost a shame as Sasha took his hand to stand.
(8:14:34 PM) Diana: Aidan folded up the blanket and dropped it on top of the basket. The rest of the place he’d worry about cleaning up later. He offered his arm to Sasha and when she took it, he was leading the way down the steps and for the park path. On his face was quite possibly the largest grin he had ever given.
(8:26:25 PM) Ocha: The lamps in the park were lighting up as the early winter night defended upon them. Sasha might have been a bit chilled now that they were getting tugged at gently by the wind, but she wouldn’t quicken her pace back to her shop for anything.
(8:44:28 PM) Diana: Without saying a word, Aidan slipped off his jacket and draped it around her shoulders. Then he was pointing upwards at the sky where the brightest stars were just barely peeking through the blue of the sky. “What do ya think, one more wish?”
(8:48:24 PM) Ocha: The jacket even smelled like him. “Hm, starlight, starbright first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might have this wish I wish tonight.” There was of course a fine line between wishing rhymes and incantations. A line Sasha never quite investigated. Had she any curiosity she could likely have asked Kendal or even their father, but there was something magical beyond magic that was a wish, and Sasha wanted to keep it that way for them.
(8:54:35 PM) Diana: They reached Sasha’s store all too soon for Aidan. As they stopped in front of the doors, he turned to face her. A faint grin on his face. She said the rhyme so seriously, and Aidan might have done the same. But he already knew what he wished for, and it didn’t take a star to grant it. Leaning forward he brushed a soft kiss over her lips. One that turned deeper with each passing second. When he broke away, there was that grin again. “I love you, Sasha.”

(12:57:49 AM) Ocha: Aidan left her a bit breathless and the kiss didn’t help either. Sasha smiled at the DJ with just a bit if impishness to it. “I hope so,” she told him. She the placed a hand on his cheek. “I love you too.”
(1:01:34 AM) Diana: If men could fly without wings, this is what it felt like. If he smiled any wider his face might crack. Giving Sasha another quick kiss, this time he was reluctant to let go. His arms sliding around her and pulling her close as he moved his mouth against hers. Never taking more than she offered, and giving her all of the love he had wanted to share for far too long.
(1:08:54 AM) Ocha: All her hesitation, all her doubt, had melted away by this point. Sasha had no other thought right now then how happy she was to be in this man’s arms. She would have surprised the Sasha of old, who never gave Aidan more than an inch at a time. She did surprise herself with the tears that fell from her eyes as she finally gave herself completely.
(1:18:42 AM) Diana: When Aidan pulled away he rest his forehead against hers. A hand reaching up to brush a thumb against her cheek and wipe a tear away. He gave a soft amused chuckle. “Don’t go doin’ that now. You might get me tearin’ up too…”
(1:26:13 AM) Ocha: The snicker was perhaps self defecating, “It could be worse.” Sasha closed her eyes and placed a hand over the one he had by her face. After a moment she opened her eyes again, still smiling though not with as much giddiness. The smile was adoring though. “You have an early day tomorrow.”
(1:27:33 AM) Diana: He nodded, not pleased about it, but it was the truth. With a sigh he stepped back. Giving her that same careless smile he’d been giving her the past few years. “Catch you tomorrow.”
(1:32:24 AM) Ocha: Sasha nodded as she took a step backwards and placed a hand on the shop door. “Aidan, I…” she looked at him hoping that he’d understand how much this day meant to her, being able to be with him. Sasha doubted she’d have the right words for how she felt.
(1:33:43 AM) Diana: “You don’t have to say it.” He grinned, waving a hand as he backed down the sidewalk. She already told him she loved him. It was the best day of his life. She didn’t have to say anything more.
(1:36:54 AM) Ocha: Sasha grinned to herself as she opened the shop door and walked inside. Once inside and alone, as alone as one could be in a haunted building she spun in a circle and hugged herself. Today had been wonderful, great and if it wasn’t perfect she didn’t want to be told.

So Much For Heroes

Adventure #????

Random log #20228293 Unfinished!

[01:57AM] Azra: “I didn’t even know Trolls liked fish. It seems somewhat odd.”
[02:01AM] Skye: “They usually eat just about anything, but I suppose in this case they’re doing it more for the fun of it.” said Skye, who was patroling around town giving everything a good look over. Usually when people complained about trolls, it was people getting eaten, not their fish!
[02:04AM] Azra: “I guess that’s it,” Azra conceded watching for anyone that was going to give Skye a hard time. “But this is the first time I’ve heard of them this far from the woods.”
[02:08AM] Skye: “That’s a concern for sure. I wonder if they’re really bored?” When they passed a set of barrels, she pulled out her sword and SMASHED one to pieces! Then looked fairly disappointed. “They’re not hiding IN the town, that’s for sure. So they have to be crawling in from somewhere outside of the border. …Unless they’re sea trolls!”
[02:11AM] Azra: “Sea trolls?!” Azra was more then a little upset at that thought. “Trolls arn’t suppose to be able to swim.” Azra looked out at the bay with a queasey look.
[02:12AM] Skye: She paused to glance at Azra, then laughed rather loud! “Don’t worry. There’s no such thing. There’s not a troll in the world that’d dare go out to sea!” Of course, this new taste for fish was weird! Skye dashed off towards the beach to see if there’s signs of troll night fishing!
[02:16AM] Azra: Azra did not think it was funny and would have said so too if she hadn’t gone off ahead. Jogging to catch up Azra tripped and nearly fell into the gavely sand. Saving himself from that fate he turned to look at what he tripped on. “Skyela look over here,” he called out as he knelt down to dig out some sort of box.
[02:19AM] Skye: Treasure! Yes! She loved treasure! Yet, when she approached, leaning her hands on her knees to take a look, she kept that excitement to herself. It might belong to someone else, or worse, it could be a dead minature body. “Anything shiny in it? Or is just another fishy tackle box?”
[02:22AM] Azra: “Don’t know,” he pulled it out and then dusted off some of the sand. “Uh-oh,” Azra said with regret. “It’s got anchient writting on it.”
[02:25AM] Skye: “Damn. That always means curses and pissed off gods.” Skye plucked the box out of his hands to look over the writing. It wasn’t one of the languages she had gotton familiar with, which made it all the more frustrating. It meant opening the box could be any old disaster! “Well…. I guess I can open it, and you can stand over there across the beach where it’s safe, just in case something explodes or a pox of snakes pop out.”
[02:28AM] Azra: “Can’t we just throw it in the sea?” Azra knew better but she had to bring up snakes. It was too late of course they found the box and if they didn’t openit at best something would happen anyways. At worse it would keep on showing up till they did open it.
[02:30AM] Skye: “The last time we threw something in the sea, it start stalking us!” Carrying it over her head, she trotted across the sand at a safe distance before she put it down. Looking it over, she decided against hitting it with the sword. It didn’t have a lock on it anyway. Finally, she opted for grabbing a stick, standing away from it, and prying open the lid with the stick!
[02:32AM] Azra: Watching with dread Azrs had a knife in each hand just in case. When the box opened there was no smoke or lights or even fanfare. There was though something very Trollish. “What is it Skye?”
[02:37AM] Skye: “It’s…. um..” Well, Skye wasn’t quite sure. It looked a lot like a crown, but it was made of fish bones and in some typical trolly style that just… wasn’t quite right for any sea cultures! Leaning over to pull it out of the box, she examined it! “You know, I am not even going to pretend I understand anymore! This is just weird! Maybe they’re fishy-troll hybrids or something!”
[02:43AM] Azra: Walking over to her Azra pickedout of her hands to examine it. “You don’t suppose they were loo-” Azra didn’t get any further because their was a low pitch hoot that sounded like the inside of a barrel followed by another. From inland large shaggy forms could be seen.
[02:46AM] Skye: “..on the bright side, I guess we found what they were looking for.” she replied, scratching the back of her head as she watched the shaggy beasts approach. It’d be simple enough to charge forward and cut them all down, but they DID have something that was rightfully theirs… “Better put it back in the box.” Skye pulled out her sword again!
[02:50AM] Azra: “Right,” Azra knelt down to do just that. The trolls were shouting something when he did so however. “Skyela I don’t think they want it in the box.”
[02:52AM] Skye: “Huh. I guess it was stuck in there.” Skye stepped around him, standing in her usually warriors stance in preparation for the trolls arrival! When they were close enough to hear them, she shouted! “HEY! DO YOU WANT THE FISH CROWN? YOU CAN HAVE IT IF YOU LEAVE TOWN!”
[02:56AM] Azra: It seemed the trolls didn’t understand Skye for they stopped and looked at one another. The younger trolls were not impressed with the small human female and after a few grunts back and forth one of them walked in front of Skye and flipped his arm with every intention of flinging her aside.
[02:58AM] Skye: There was a huff from Skye. That same huff she always gives when things assume she’s not very threatening. In response, she took the flat of her sword and thwack the troll over the head. She gave a self satisfied smirk when he fell over out cold. “As I was saying! We don’t want the fishy thing, but if you all want to be clobbered senseless, I am more than happy to throw you in to the ocean!”
[03:00AM] Azra: There was now more grunts as the trolls discussed things some more. “Skye arn’t they acting funny?” At this point Azra was walking up beside Skye with one hand carefully holding the fishy crown.
[03:03AM] Skye: “Besides not acting like trolls at all?” she grumbled. Skye put away her sword to rest her hands on her hips. “I’m stumped. You’ve got their shiny thing, maybe they will listen to you? But if they try and make you their troll king, I am going to be really mad.”
[03:08AM] Azra: One of the Trolls looked up at Skye. He looked like he must have been a very old troll indeed. “KEEN!” Azra turned white. “No, oh not again.” Granted at least the last time they were just stupid human villagers and they spoke the same language.
[03:10AM] Skye: Now Skye was just confused as she looked back and forth between Azra and the trolls. She wasn’t sure if she should start clobbering someone again, but with Azra’s complaint of ‘not again’ she thought she better ask first. “So… You know these weird trolls?”
[03:13AM] Azra: “They’re people. Or they use to be. Or this is a big big coincidence. Cause their old Shaman had a lisp and was never able to say the word king properly!”
[03:15AM] Skye: “Aw man… I knew they were going to make you a king!” she promptly punched Azra in the arm! It wasn’t that she was mad about the King part, but he always got in to trouble and it was never the fun kind of trouble! “Well… how do we change them back! We can’t have man-trolls running around, who knows what kind of children they would have!”
[03:19AM] Azra: “Ouch,” he rubbed his arm. “How should I know? They wandered through my village years ago. Only reason I really remember them is the shaman was excited to talk to me because of my father.” Now Azra scowled because the shaman was wrapped up in how great his dead beat dad was. “HELL KEEN!” The troll-man shouted.
[03:33AM] Skye: “Oh. ….Should I just go ahead and beat them up, then? Or do we stick to the original plan of breaking curses?” …As an after thought, she took that fish crown from him and debated putting it back in the box. She didn’t care if they were trolls or men, Azra wasn’t getting kidnapped and becoming anyones King!
[03:35AM] Azra: “We should probably break the curse. Then maybe they’ll go back home. Where ever that is.” He then looked over at the shaman-troll. Do you understand me at all?”

So Much For Heroes

Adventure #???

Unfinished random scene!


“OW! OW! OW!!!”

“I told you, I didn’t want to dance!”

“You didn’t have to break my finger! Ooowwww!!”

“Big baby, I didn’t break it at all!”

Skye was standing there, her arms crossed as she looked down at the rather huge fellow rolling around on the floor clutching his hand and wailing in pain. The idiot wouldn’t take no for an answer, so she gave him a reply that he’d understand. Skye really didn’t see why such a big guy was making such a huge fuss about it.


“What the hell did that woman just do?”

“You’re with her arn’t you. Jerk!”

Azra sighed. He didn’t understand how these things happened to them. Skye and him had finally come back to the mainland from the island, now freed from their fake volcano god and ready to just relax for a short while. No more dragons or succubus for a while was all that Azra was concerned about.

Now some ya-hoos were starting to get all upset because a man didn’t know the word ‘no’. It was his own fault, but the locals didn’t seem to see it that way as one of them grabbed Azra by his shirt to make him stand and then tried to swing a punch. Azra stopped the fist in mid-air with his own hand. “Skye-la, this isn’t going to work out for an inn tonight I think,” he called out as he pushed the guy into his buddies.


“I didn’t like the food here anyway.” replied Skyelight. Those jerks were getting up again, so Skye did the only thing she [i]could[/i] do. She pulled her giantass sword off her back and started swinging it around over her head. Everyone that wasn’t shorter than her had to duck and cover or else face their head getting chopped off and rolling across the floor. It was simple as pie to clear a path to the door for her and Azra.

At the door she turned around and waved. “Thanks for the fun!”

Outside, word hadn’t yet reach the rest of the town about the Inn’s escapade, so the street was fairly empty. “…Do you think we should even stay in town to sleep? Though I’m pretty tired of bugs crawling in my sleeping bag.”


As Azra and Skye walked out of the inn, Azra was only slightly annoyed and not with Skye. If those drunks had left them alone they could have finished dinner and started settling into their room. Absently felt for the ring in his pocket. It was still there.

“Let’s not talk about bugs,” Azra said making a face. He hated having to check his boots in the morning. It was a decent size town and that meant that there was more then one inn. The streets were well lit even though they sky had only recently darkened.

“Why don’t we try down this way?” the large man suggested, pointing in the direction of a multi-story building. It didn’t appear to be a storage building so it almost had to be an inn.


Skye shrugged her shoulders with a heavy yawn, heading towards the large multistory building. Walking inside, it looked more like one of those upscale places. Not the average cheap Inn or Tavern. Stopping at the front desk, Skye rest her elbows and blinked at the person behind it.

“Can I help you?” said the man. He had a ridiculously thin mustache and looked rather offended that the two of them were there.

“I would like a room, please.” Skye asked.

The man snorted. “I don’t believe we have any rooms available. You will have to try the tavern down the lane.”

Skye frowned, leaning to the side just a bit. There was keys hanging on the wall. That meant empty rooms. She really was far too tired to be snubbed tonight! “Don’t you play c-”

“Aiiiiee! Your royal highness! I never expected to see you here!” squealed a voice! A tiny little woman wearing double braids practically ran up to the desk, grabbing Skye’s hands! “Princess Lira Velrosa, it is a pleasure to see you up close and personal! Oh, oh, if there is anything you need or want, I would be delighted to serve you!”


Azra was very sure that Skye would put this inn keeper straight. She wanted to sleep in a real bed and this little man wasn’t going to deny her on some trumped up reason. Azra knew he wasn’t going to have to do a thing.

Then the tiny woman came up to Skye and all but attacked her. Azra blinked as she happily talked at Skye, taking her hands. “Princess…?” Then an idea came to Azra. “Well if you’d like to help her, might you talk to this innkeeper about how to be polite?” Why not have someone else take care of this. Besides, Azra wanted to know what was going on.

Gypsy in a Pod

004 Space Blackout

[2/15/2012 10:58:30 PM] Diana Webster: It was the middle of the night and she was wide awake. That was a common problem for Joka. Being drunk as shit to try and solve the problem was also an often encountered delima in her ever going quest to cure insomnia. All she had left out of her clothes was a small tank top and a pair of men’s boxers. They weren’t her crew member’s, but they weren’t hers either, and at the moment she didn’t care. Joka had a panel at the control station open and was attempting to get the rewiring done, since there was no way she could get herself to fall asleep. Ever so often she’d drop everything with a clang, bang her head and grumbled about gatorbats. Finally, there was a very loud FZZZZZZT and Joka screaming out all kinds of curses.

The lights went out.

“…Uh oh…”
[2/15/2012 11:04:20 PM] Ocha: Ferro was asleep, dreaming. They were not the most pleasant of dreams, but considering all he had been through of late it wasn’t too unexpected either. Still though chaotic dreams fueled by worries and fears makes one less then optimistic when they find themselves waking for no good reason. Something was wrong, very wrong! Sitting up quickly Ferro attempted to turn on the automative lights, except there was no response! Panic sunk in, he had to make it to the electrical control center before the cascade effect got too far out of hand. Grabbing blindly for his vest that had most of his tools, Ferro ran out of his room, blindly finding his way through the corridors.
[2/15/2012 11:08:53 PM] Diana Webster: “IT’S OKAY! I GOT THIS!” She shouted upon hearing him barelling out of his rooms. Without any power running through the ship, it was pretty easy to hear every footstep, and even every breath. Joka’s own steps sound like she wasn’t any walking in a straight line as she stumbled out of the control room, braced a hand against the wall and padded her way through the dark. “Fuuuuuck… I need a light… And a cigarette…”
[2/15/2012 11:12:28 PM] Ocha: “What the hell did you do!” Ferro was still carrying his vest and was going just a tad too fast in the dark, running smack into Joka. He then muttered idiot, though if it was to himself or at her was hard to tell. “Where’s your emergency kit?” He asked once he backed back up a few inches.
[2/15/2012 11:20:42 PM] Diana Webster: “Whew..! You move fast!” Her words weren’t slurring, but they came out far too slow with the current situation at hand. She squinted in to the dark. “Ah… That’s… somewhere.” Did she take that with her to the control room? …Did she even have one. “Ah yeah… in the place.. down there. Engine room! That’s what I mean.” Joka laughed to herself as she pushed past him to head that way. Clearly unconcerned with the entire ship’s power being out.
[2/15/2012 11:22:58 PM] Ocha: Ferro frowns and when he feels her hand on his chest he grabs it. “What did you do,” he asks slowly. Obviously they’re screwed if he doesn’t fix things fast, but he’s going to be going in blind… literally!
[2/15/2012 11:29:24 PM] Diana Webster: “Pfft. Dun worry about it, jeezus… Was jus fixing up the wiring in the control panel. Damn near fritzed myself in the process. Dipshits didn’t know how to wire a few buttons.” We-heeell. He had a nice chest! Too bad she couldn’t see in the dark, he felt as hard as a rock! Joka was grinning pretty wide. “Iiiii’ll have it fixed no prob.”
[2/15/2012 11:33:55 PM] Ocha: Buttons, buttons, of course! He now knew what she thought she was doing. Now he only hoped it wouldn’t be too hard to fix before the temperature started dropping! “I’ll fix it. It’s why you hired me. You will go find the emergency kit and bring it back here.” It was perhaps inappropriate to do to ones captain, but Ferro turned her in the direction of the corridor, then smacked her ass to get going. Then he could go to the control panel in peace, he thought.
[2/15/2012 11:41:19 PM] Diana Webster: Joka gave a surprised yelp, followed by a long string of giggling as she stumbled her way back down the corridor. By the time she had finally gotten to the engine room (after more than one moment of forgetting why she was even in there in the first place) and finding the emergency kit, the temperatures inside the ship were already starting to drop. Joka near fell in to the command room, dropping the kit-box on the floor with a THUMP. She also seemed to forget that he said he would be the one to fix it, as she was leaning over looking for what she needed. “Uuhn… So glad the gravity polarizer isn’t connected to the main power. Would be barfing all up in this joint trying to fix shit upside down.”
[2/15/2012 11:45:11 PM] Ocha: Ferro was doing this all by touch. There was nothing else to guide him, no sounds yet and thankfully no smells. He had a feeling this wasn’t going to be easy even with light without light, well at least he was sure of which wires were not part of the main power controls. “Is there light sticks in there?” what WAS she digging around for, it sounded like tools!
[2/15/2012 11:47:11 PM] Diana Webster: “Would you get out of the way, I gotta get this fixed before we’re iced out in space.” Standing close enough to him that she could reach a leg out and start shoving at him with her foot, Joka didn’t seem to have any intentions on finding any light.
[2/15/2012 11:52:05 PM] Ocha: Ferro sent a quick prayer for strength to any powers that be then in a very calm voice repeated himself. “You hired me to fix this ship,” of course he knew that wasn’t going to be enough, “it’s what I’m good at. I will be better at it if a certain space captain actually did her part for her crew member and provided light, which should be in the emergency kit that she, damn it!” Well on the bright side he found the live feed, now he could do something!
[2/16/2012 12:08:24 AM] Diana Webster: “I’ve been fixin’ these damn ships prolly as long as you were frozen, I dun need none of your– Oh for fucks sake, I can’t yell at you in the dark!” Muttering a whole lot of curse words under her breath, Joka was on her knees digging through the kit. There were a couple of loud CRACKS as she activated the sticks and tossed them in his general direction. “Like I was sayin’, here you are fixing all my shit, but I gotta DO something when I can’t sleep!”
[2/16/2012 12:13:35 AM] Ocha: Light, blessed light. Ferro was glad for it, as he reached over with one hand, still on his stomach, while the other hand held the all important wire. “Please keep yelling,” if she was yelling she was too busy to be in his way. The lighting wasn’t great, but it was enough to work with, he grabbed one stick, while the others eliminated the area around his body, is completely naked body. Not a stitch of clothing, not even underwater.
[2/16/2012 12:19:43 AM] Diana Webster: A naked man lying on the floor wasn’t what Joka was expecting to see when her eyes adjusted to the dim light and she was standing up to start kicking at him again. One of her hands fell to rest on top of her head, as she tilted, leaning on a shoulder against the wall. “Huh…” Right. Yelling.” Woo… had she managed to win those dice rolls, maybe she would have found someone- er – something else better to do to keep herself awake than screwing around with the wiring. “Yeah..! You’ve been a real pain in the ass…” The argument was half hearted. She was too busy tilting her head and watching him work.
[2/16/2012 12:23:20 AM] Ocha: “Uh-hu? I’m sure you feel that way,” he said while he reached for a coupling for the wires before he spliced them. The floor was getting colder by the moment, but he wanted to be sure the job was done right so he didn’t have to do this again! “What else, get it all out.” and stay out of my hair’ was the unspoken conclusion to that sentence. He almost had it.
[2/16/2012 12:44:25 AM] Diana Webster: “You’re pretty damn condescending too when you put your mind to it! Have half a mine to shove you out the airlock.” She muttered. At this point she really didn’t care what he was doing, she was just enjoying the view. A terribly wide grin plastered across her face as she tapped her fingers on her head. Joka debated if she was drunk enough to pounce on him the minute the power came back on. …Naaaw. …but she WAS still thinking up some excuses on why it might be a good idea.
[2/16/2012 12:48:10 AM] Ocha: “I’m glad you’re not listening to that half then,” and with a rush of sound power was restored! Lights flickered once then came on as monitors and indicators came back to life. Ferro was double checking all the currents, he didn’t need for this to all melt down in another few hours. With a sigh of relief he pushed out of the control paneling.
[2/16/2012 12:52:13 AM] Diana Webster: Joka was still leaning there against the wall, leaning like a chesire cat. Probably with the expression of some wicked older woman than just found herself a nice little dish to eat. Had she been sober, it wouldn’t have taken her so long to suddenly wipe the look off her face, cough, and put on that more stern ‘business scowl’. “Yeah. And you better! What the fuck am I supposed to do in the middle of the night when I can’t get the fuck to sleep, and you’re already off running around naked and fixing everything before I get my hands on stuff? Huh?”
[2/16/2012 12:56:15 AM] Ocha: Ferro was not ashamed as he stood, he knew very well that he had nothing to be ashamed about, but the damn ship was still taking time to warm up and he really didn’t want argue with her. With as drunk as Joka was it could be all night! “I don’t care what you do,” he said and put his vest in, which didn’t hide really anything. “Read a book, make jewelry,” and he started walking back to the corridor. “Do not try to repair the ship while drunk!”
[2/16/2012 1:04:49 AM] Diana Webster: “What I doooo,” she responded, following behind him and taking the opportunity to check out his rear. That was pretty nice too. “is work on the ship. I’ve been plenty drunker than this and do juuuuus fine, without you meddlin’ and gettin’ in the way before I can get anything done.” Reaching out to grab it wouldn’t hurt, right? One guy’s ass slap was another girl’s grabby hands. She was already reaching out for pinch.
[2/16/2012 1:10:18 AM] Ocha: Ferro tried to count as she followed him, trying desperately to keep his patience. It’s not like he’d never dealt with a drunk before, but that was family! Joka was something completely different! He turned around to stare her down, not realizing what she was meaning to do before he did so. “You’re drunk! It’s not an excuse to almost getting us killed yet again!” He was yelling, he didn’t mean to yell, but he was frustrated.
[2/16/2012 1:16:19 AM] Diana Webster: Joka nearly ran right in to him. She caught herself in time to rest her hands on her hips and scowl. What the hell was he all up and pissy about? “FIRST of all,” she really couldn’t help but raise her voice to match. “The only person I near get killed is me and that ain’t nothin’ to be concerned about! Drunk or not, I know how to fix my own damned ship so it’s not any of your business! Maybe if you weren’t so goddamned uptight you wouldn’t be gettin’ yourself in to so much shit!”
[2/16/2012 1:21:49 AM] Ocha: “You call losing your whole power array fixing? I’m surprised you hadn’t gotten yourself killed sooner! Or maybe all this self destructive activities is for just that. Trying to get yourself killed!” If Ferro had been thinking he’d be ashamed at what he just said, but he was cranky. Boozed enhanced nightmares about real events coupled by a very real emergency just now. “And if people didn’t care what my people did when they aren’t hurting anyone, I wouldn’t have to be so damn uptight!”
[2/16/2012 1:31:47 AM] Diana Webster: “It’s not like I’m doing anything with my life anyway, so what does it matter! Jeezus, you make such a big damned deal about everything! Can’t you just shuddup and take shit for what it is?” Joka wasn’t sure when it all turned from oggling him to wanting to sock him in the face, but she was definitely gearing up to take a swing at him. Naked or not.
[2/16/2012 1:37:20 AM] Ocha: “No, I fix shit that’s broken, but obviously you just don’t care,” he was leaning over her by now, though luckily for Joka’s ears he wasn’t shouting anymore. “I’d never met someone with so much fire and no regard for her life! You’re a contradiction! I don’t know if I should shake you,” he paused then shook his head. “I’m going back to sleep. If you’re going to kill yourself, please don’t get me involved.”
[2/16/2012 1:46:09 AM] Diana Webster: “Ooh, look at me. I’m Ferro and I’m goin’ to bed cause I can’t deal with a crazy woman!” she mocked as he stalked off. Not seeming to care that she was calling herself crazy or acting like an ass in the process. Joka almost let him get away too. Almost. But there she went stomping after him. “I’m not done with you yet. You’re not gonna get me all pissy and fired up, then go on and sleep while I’m out here stewing with insomnia! You wanna fix things and annoy the hell out of me, fucking fix THAT!”
[2/16/2012 1:52:47 AM] Ocha: “Now you’re being plane selfish,” Ferro said while still walking, only stopping at the door to his room. “You have you’re life, as fucked up as you might have made it. You know what you’re doing as well.” Ferro just looks at the door, though he knows she’s right behind him. “I don’t have that any more. All I have is my hands and my knowledge and neither seem to be of value to you, and I don’t have the resources to use my talents in any other way!” Ferro wasn’t even sure he was making any sense.
[2/16/2012 2:01:41 AM] Diana Webster: “What?” she sounded completely appalled, and had he been turned around her expression would have matched her tone. Now she was resting her hands on her hips, scowling in the most bewildered way. “Just because I’m pitchin’ a hissy cause you’ve done taken over job and made me useless on my own ship doesn’t mean your skill and shit isn’t appreciated and useful. I don’t give jobs out of pity.” She fell silent for a moment before she swatted at his back in annoyance. “Like you’re the only damn person in the universe all alone. I’m selfish, but you’re pretty damn unobservant!”

Boulevard of Broken Shadows

001 Meeting the Shadow

(9:20:43 PM) Midnight Lady: “Thank you again Mr. Fox,” his still upset client said after passing over the check and standing up. “You did a good job. If we need your services again…” With a last nod the man went out of the detectives offices and into the autumn night.
(9:22:55 PM) Sebastian: Sebastian Fox ran his hands over his face before he leaned back in his chair with a heavy sigh. One case down, one to go. Who knew this tiny, secluded little island would be filled with so much riff raff. Kicking off from his chair, it rolled to a corner where he poured himself a drink. Good old bourbon.
(9:25:32 PM) Midnight Lady: “Um, excuse me sir,” a hesitant sounding voice said softly behind him. Peculiarly he did not hear his door open, nor the sound of foot steps upon the wooden floor before the voice spoke.
(9:27:00 PM) Sebastian: He turned, wondering who had the soft step, but found no one to be there. A few glances this way and that, Sebastian shrugged. Tossing it up to a late night and a lack of liquor.
(9:29:08 PM) Midnight Lady: “You’re Sebastian Fox, the detective. Correct?” A flicker in the lights, perhaps even from outside, but it looked as though a shadow moved from the corner of his office.
(9:33:20 PM) Sebastian: “That’d be me.” Not a soul. He must have been living in this town for far too long. Instead of being baffled by a voice that didn’t have a source – he made sure the radio was flipped off – Sebastian was more vexxed about it talking after hours. Warily looking around still, he poured his bourbon and took a sip. “We’re closed, lady.” It was definitely a lady, that much her surmised.
(9:36:34 PM) Midnight Lady: “Time, oh, I don’t know,” there was a long pause and defiantly this time the shadow in the corner moved, coming closer to the desk. There was a vague human form, head and shoulders, and it reached the ground. That was it though. “I’m not sure when I got here, or how.”
(9:39:08 PM) Sebastian: Sebastian went ahead and drank down the entire glass of bourbon in one swallow before setting it down hard on his desk. He was gonna need it. Eyeing the shadow, more to make sure it was actually there, he leaned back in his chair. “Aw’right. We’ll start with the basics… You got here two minutes ago. Have a name?”
(9:42:05 PM) Midnight Lady: There was another silence. The shadow even seemed to shift, possibly shrink slightly. Before Sebastian could start getting frustrated she spoke up. “I’m sure I have one, but for now I haven’t one to give you.”
(9:45:15 PM) Sebastian: A clear look of annoyance was on his face as he ran his hand through his hair. “Lady, you’re telling me you just showed up here out of the blue and don’t have a clue who you are and where you came from? …Do you even know that you’re… uh.” He gestured a hand at the shadow. Not even sure if the shadow could see anything.
(9:48:56 PM) Midnight Lady: “What I am?” There was a mocking ting to her voice, but it was inwardly directed. “No detective, I don’t know what I am. I am afraid all I am sure of at the moment is that I need help, and you,” there might have been a sigh had the thing before him breathed. “You have a good reputation. And no, I don’t know how I know that either.”
(9:53:25 PM) Sebastian: “Nice to know I’m unforgetable.” Sebastian retorted with hint of humor and a smirk. It was short lived though. Here was this shadow, needing… something. And he didn’t have a damn clue where to start. Or if he’d even be payed. A man has bills to think of. “Don’t know what I can do about it without somewhere to start…” he confessed after a moment. “I’m not -that- good.”
(9:57:23 PM) Midnight Lady: The shadow shifted a bit, still a bit undefined in shape, but the nodding of the head was unmistakable. “That’s understandable. Thank you for not just out right saying no.” There was relief in the voice, and it was clear that there had been tension in the voice up until now.
(10:02:58 PM) Sebastian: He just accepted a job from a shadow, and he didn’t even know what the job was yet. Ah well, there was bound to be worse jobs in this town. “Sleep on it. …if you sleep. I’ll think of something in the mornin’.”
(10:07:21 PM) Midnight Lady: “I suppose we will find out if I sleep.” The shadowed moved over to the window. Was she looking out into the night street of the small island city? “Elswen?” Without facial features or even easy to recognize body movement it was difficult with just the voice alone to determine if she was curious, hopeful or confused by what she saw outside.
(10:09:08 PM) Sebastian: “You know something’ at least.” Sebastian was curious, but he was also tired. He leaned forward on his desk, sliding over some of his paperwork and the pictures from his current case. A couple gazes at the shadow, he shook his head. Naw… not the same girl. There was a height difference.
(10:11:24 PM) Midnight Lady: Silently, because whatever else she was she was a shadow, the mysterious female went over beside his chair. “Not for the man that just left here, right?”
(10:12:48 PM) Sebastian: “Nope. Just finished up his case.” Sebastian slid the papers to the side, never liking the idea of a snoop looking in on his casework, shadow or not. “Nothing to be concerning you, ‘less you suddenly remembered something useful.”
(10:16:50 PM) Midnight Lady: “No, I’m afraid at the moment I’m very much a blank canvas.” There was more she wanted to say, but it wasn’t anything that would help the detective figure out who she was. All it was was emotions, the anxiety, the frustration, the curiosity, and beyond all of that the fear. A fear she felt could swallow her up like a large shadow that she wouldn’t find herself out of again.
(10:23:45 PM) Sebastian: Sebastian stuffed his paperwork in to a folder and stashed it away in to his desk. He’d still cast a wary glance her way ever so often, but for the most part he stepped around the shadow as he put things away and snatched up his coat. “You’re not gonna be lurkin’ around here all the time are ya? Not gonna be easy workin’ with a shadow on my back.”
(10:27:34 PM) Midnight Lady: “Would you rather not know I was lurking?” After all she couldn’t just go home. She didn’t know where home was. Hell she wasn’t even sure where she had been before she came into this office. “Of course, who’s to say I’ll even be around in the morning.” That frightened her to the core. What if she became nothing after this. No! She wasn’t going to just disappear.
(10:29:46 PM) Sebastian: He hesitated. If only because it was all too easy to imagine what it’d be like to be so disconnected that you felt nonexistant. It gave him the heebie-jeebies. “Aw’right… I can get that. Just… stay out of my case files.”
(10:33:04 PM) Midnight Lady: “That’s fine,” while she was mildly curious, it wasn’t polite to snoop for snooping sake. “I suppose this is a bit odd for you.”
(10:34:02 PM) Sebastian: “It’s not every day some midnight lady walks in to my office askin’ for a favor, that’s for damn sure.”
(10:38:13 PM) Midnight Lady: “I know I can’t promise you payment, but I will do what I can to pay you back by whatever means I have, just as soon as we know what those are,” the last of her words trailing off to but a whisper as she followed the detective out of his office. It was very hard not to be depressed right now. She knew nothing, even the detective seemed unsure how he could help. The shadow tried to not focus too much inwardly. Instead she tried to study the surroundings.
(10:41:37 PM) Sebastian: “Don’t go getting all emotional. Last thing I need is some teary-eyed dame making my nights awkward.” It was walking down the sidewalk after locking up his office that he realized she shadow was still tagging along. He swallowed a groan.
(10:44:21 PM) Midnight Lady: “Of course,” she said softly, reasserting her opinion that she needed to try to keep her feelings to herself, which she had a hunch wasn’t something she liked doing around those she trusted. So she trusted the detective? That remained to be seen.
Gypsy in a Pod

003 The Scrapyard

(1:18:22 AM) Joka: At the scrap yard, there was piles and piles of endless junk. Huge rusted up pieces of metal. Derelict abandoned ships. Not much even looked remotely useful. Joka enjoyed sifting through old antiques, but this was almost crazy. She rubbed the back of her head after shoving a big hunk of steel of out the way. "…and this is supposed to be -easier-?"
(1:21:03 AM) Ferro: "Much," Ferro said with a small nod of his head. He was in his element now. There truly was little here that was useless. All you had to do was know what you needed for your project. He was currently climbing to the top of a pile to get a good look of the place.
(1:27:21 AM) Joka: Joka didn’t hide the doubt on her face, but she was going to at least -try- to give him the benefit of the doubt. What did she have to lose other than time? She dug out a chair, something had been ripped from from some other ship and plopped herself in to the seat. She immediately popped back up to her feet when a spring poked her in the ass. "I’ve got the feeling this is going to take hours. Now I remember why I stick to selling the damn ships."
(1:31:58 AM) Ferro: "You want to maximize your profit, right?" Ferro looked down at her for a moment, then grinned. "Well hello there." With a controlled slide he got off the mound and walked to Joka. "Beautiful." and he picked up a broken piece of equipment at her feet.
(1:38:53 AM) Joka: And here she thought he was talking to her. Smirking at her own conceit, she rest her hands on her hips regarding him with curiosity. "A fine piece of left over machinery. …And what is it going to do exactly? I hate to find out we’re jerry-rigging that ship and it’s going to explode three months after someone buys it."
(1:42:23 AM) Ferro: Ferro frowned at her. "My repairs do not break," the way he said it almost sounded like a proclamation of doom. He tossed the piece in the air once, then rattled it near his ear. "Just as I thought, it’s just the casing. Everything inside is intact."
(1:48:47 AM) Joka: "They don’t, hmm? I look forward to see proof. Lots of really good proof." If he DID do a really good job, Joka might be able to use him for all future job as well. Having an in-house mechanic would lower her reburshing costs quite a bit. …Which meant paying off those loans so much faster! Reminded of Jonny again she glanced around the scrapyard warily. "So where is ‘home’ for you anyway?"
(1:52:46 AM) Ferro: Ferro had been in the middle of digging for something and had to push his torso out to look at Joka. "No offense, but I don’t know you well enough to tell you that. Not that anyone spends too much time there." He started to put his head back in the hole then stopped. "I’m not trying to be cryptic. We just don’t like being harassed by outsiders.
(1:56:15 AM) Joka: "One of those crazy reclusive peoples, are you? Not a problem. I the last in a long line of thieves and dumbasses, so I can get the need for… uh… discretion?" He knew what he was looking for in this place, but Joka sure didn’t. Although halfway across the scrap she DID spot a very nice looking skeleton for a small singleman craft. Hmm! Possibilities here could be good if he delivered what he promised!
(2:02:26 AM) Ferro: Ferro chuckled lightly at the dumbasses comment and went back to ferreting out components. He didn’t tell Joka but he was grabbing a few things that were not for the landing gear, but they wouldn’t add any noticeable addition to the overall cost and were going to make life a lot nicer on the ship once he added them. Plus she’d see the added profit to, so she’d have no reason to complain. The largest pieces were actually the hardest to find. Not because there were none for the style of ship, but many of them were a lot more work then Ferro wanted to do unless he had no other choice. He liked fixing things, but he’d rather have free time to improve things then dealing with something just for busy work.
(2:06:41 AM) Joka: At least Joka made herself useful instead of following him around like a lost puppy. She was strong enough to help carry things without breaking a sweat, and didn’t seem to mind the long process of nitpicking for ‘just the right thing’. Joka -did- seem to have a problem with silence, however, and liked to make good use of her voice. "So how did you wind up in that lifepod anyway? Since you weren’t shoved in there for nefarious reasons."
(2:13:51 AM) Ferro: "No, I was shoved in there. Just not because of any sort of malice," his voice was dull and there was a very far away look in his eyes. He recalled the rocking of the ship, of the yelling of orders and reports. He thought he was staying out of the way but was ready to help when they were going to need his skills. He didn’t expect his own cousins to try to protect him! He never asked for special treatment! A slight crunching sound brought Ferro back to the moment, his hand crushing a delicate metal pipe. "Hmm, too weak." He tossed the piping piece over his shoulder.
(2:17:51 AM) Joka: "A moment of glancing back mysteriously at the past, Ferro?" she joked lightly, even though she could see that distant look on his face. At least Joka was observant, even if she was a little blunt about things. "I don’t think I have any of those moments. Though. I’m pretty self suffiecient so, it’s not like there’s a lot of up and downs in my life." That might’ve been an understatement considering she almost had to pay off a debt with her own organs, but Joka clearly didn’t seem to consider that a big deal.
(2:21:09 AM) Ferro: Ferro looked at her confused. Joka was a very odd woman. "Sounds boring," he finally said. He wasn’t even sure if boring was such a bad thing. "I think I found the set we want to have taken to the ship, is there anything else you want to grab while we’re here?"
(2:27:07 AM) Joka: "Boring? Ha! Boring is the last thing I have to deal with. boring would be a blessing." Joka looked around. Staring at piles of scrap really weren’t helping her think of anything useful. She shook her head, hefting one of the boxes under her arm. "Nope. We’ll see how this works out, make sure we’re fly ready and roll on to the next planet. We’ll need some new wiring to replace a lot of the burned out and melting ones in the control consol."
(2:31:15 AM) Ferro: Ferro nodded. "Seems like she’s been through a lot." He was happy that he was going to have a chance to work on a big project. It had been a while since he got to be really creative. Besides a nice large project would keep his mind off other things.
(3:01:32 AM) Joka: "Uh huh. I like hearing the stories behind ships. kinda explains all the weird stuff I find in them when I’m clearing them out." Joka had to step around some debris as they made their way back to the gatekeeper’s shack. Had she bought all the pieces brand new, or even used it would have been a mini fortune, so she was definitely going to save an assload of money if he pulled it all off.
(3:06:04 AM) Ferro: The haggling of the price went very well both Joka and the yard man seemed pleased with the final price and transporting everything to the ship was considered part of the service. As they headed back to the ship Ferro asked a question of his own. "Why do you do this?"
(3:08:56 AM) Joka: "Reburbing ships? Always done it. Kinda the family business, and it’s mine now. Never really done anything else." Joka shrugged her shoulder, not seeming to care one way or the other. Not that she didn’t occasionally thinking about doing something different. But most of her daydreams involving winning it big at the races or a casino and living the rest of her days owning her own planet and being Queen of the world.
(3:11:21 AM) Ferro: "So it’s tradition." This seemed to make sense to Ferro and he nodded his head. "Family businesses are tricky. At least you seem suited to yours though."
(3:16:36 AM) Joka: "I guess you could call it tradition? Not like anyone else is alive to run it!" Joka shuffled her box again as they walked down the street. She was warily keeping an eye out on the area again. Now that the subject had come up, it was good to not forget she couldn’t exactly go walking up and down the street without paying attention.
(3:22:09 AM) Ferro: Ferro glanced at Joka. Ferro couldn’t quite imagine there was no one else for her to rely on. It was quite an alien concept. He was glad though that the street seemed ease enough to navigate. "How soon do we need to leave once we’ve boarded the ship?"
(3:24:12 AM) Joka: "I guess as soon as it’s air worthy. Refill the oxygen supply, make sure the landing gear is solid. Uuum…. I better check the navigation again too. I’d hate to end up on the other side of the galaxy again by accident." Boy, that was always unpleasant. She nearly collided with a sun once thanks to shoddy navigation work.
(3:27:02 AM) Ferro: "And dinner." Ferro was starting to be reminded that he hadn’t eaten in a long time, not counting the time in stasis. In fact there was serious desire for home cooking. Something he knew he wasn’t going to experience in a very long time. "We defiantly need to deal with dinner."
(3:29:41 AM) Joka: "Damn, I haven’t even checked the kitchenette in that thing yet." Eating out was fine and dandy when you were in a city that had good food. Helsiki’s cities weren’t exactly known for their great estbalishments. And her food supply hadn’t been purchased with a crew mate in mind. It was all food cubes and frozen burritoes. "I’m guessing after who knows how long in stasis, you’re not gonna want to skip dinner, huh."
(3:31:46 AM) Ferro: "No!" his serious expression then cracked into a smirk. "Besides, who knows what sorts of mistakes I might make if I’m famished. You might get to experience the first time a repair of mine explodes."
(3:49:23 AM) Joka: "Okay, okay!" she exclaimed. Casting a bit of a sideglance at his smirk. That was a nice look. She really did like those expressions he made! "So you got any food finding super powers, then? I can cook all right, but Helsiki doesn’t exactly have good markets. There’s some eateries and stuff thought. I’m sure there’s gotta be at least one with edible food in it."
(3:52:31 AM) Ferro: "You fill me with less than confidence," Ferro considered it for a moment. "I think I’d still rather risk the market. At least we can see the raw ingredients. Who knows what some of the places here might try to serve us." Not that he wanted to wait for dinner, but the options sounded limited. "Unless you have a place you know is safe."
(3:54:10 AM) Joka: "Experimental market food it is. I’ve got not future plans!" She said it like she was sure there was a fifty-fifty chance for survival. The worst part was that she didn’t seem to mind it! Thus, Joka took a small detour, nodding her head in the direction they were headed so we’d know where they were going.
(3:57:55 AM) Ferro: Instead of finding her statement more worrisome, Ferro grinned. There was something comforting in her carefree style. Though he didn’t have much contact himself with Outsiders, Ferro felt she wasn’t like most of them. The change in the businesses started to become more and more obvious as they went into this newer part of town.

Gypsy in a Pod

002 A Beneficial Partnership

(1:04:32 AM) Joka: Helsiki. Making it there in one peace was pretty lucky, even ignoring the oxygen issue. Part of the flight gear had blown off during the entrace of Helsiki’s atmosphere and it took some really careful flying to keep them from smashing in to the ground burned to a crisp. Now that her current prize was docked and locked, Joka had a box full of junk she needed to sell off in order to fund the first round of repairs. They were already walking down the Helsiki streets, and it was pretty obvious the planet wasn’t the most lawful place in the galaxy. “I’d give you some cash, but I can barely afford to live right now myself. So good luck and try not to get yourself jettisoned in to space again.”
(1:11:39 AM) Ferro: “Thank you,” Ferror thought that Joka’s manners might actually be rougher then she truly was. She had her troubles and she took care of them he surmised. His own troubles were still a mystery. The captains personal and flight logs were such a mess that he could not find out how long ago his life pod had been picked up and of course outsiders seemed to count the years differently than the People, so he was still clueless as to how long he’d been out for. “I fear I’m truly at a lost as to what to do here.”
(1:15:08 AM) Joka: He was making it incredibly hard for her to cut her losses and walk away. The thought was pretty clear across her features as she paused in the street to frown at him. Joka shifted the box in her hands so she could point down the street. “The first step is to just start walking. I guess you’ll want… information or something. Helsiki isn’t the best of tourist locations, but there’s always Infodexs scattered everywhere. Then you can book yourself passage on a nice commercial ship and go home.” Why she even needed to explain that to him was beyond her. He looked perfectly capabable of handling his own business – and she had her own to cover!
(1:19:00 AM) Ferro: “Right, home,” he gave a half smile. “I’m sure they’d love to get the location of that.” Ferro held out a hand and waved. “Best of luck to you on your business Princess.” Step one, information.
(1:32:03 AM) Joka: What an ominous and mysterious sort of response. Joka almost questioned him about it, but she finally had her opportunity to get loose. Without a backwards glance (okay, maybe a few…) Joka continued on her way. Her first stop was selling the junk in the box. She had picked out the most worthwhile pieces from the storage, and though they didn’t fetch the sort of price that she hope, she had a tidy profit to put towards the ship. In fact she was on her way to get a new combustion compacitor when she was hauled up by both arms by two very huge looking goons and smashed back against the wall.
“Heeeey, Jonny! You know… I was just about to come and see you.” Her feet weren’t even touching the ground, so she was eye to eye with the round balding gentlemen.
“I bet. Or rather, YOU bet. Joka, Joka, Joka… How many weeks has it been? Interest rates are getting high. So I’ve decided I’ll take a kidney now and let you worry about the rest later.”
“Well, shit. Can’t we talk about this tomorrow? I only need a few more weeks!”
(1:41:23 AM) Ferro: Ferro decided to follow Joka’s advice about the infodex. He didn’t like the idea of being a common laborer for some outsiders, but perhaps he could find a ship that needed a mechanic or something. It was the best he could come up with. It was times like these he wished he had his cousin Mic’s social skills. He’d somehow would have already found a bar and someone else to buy his drink. Speaking of bars, there was an ad for a ships crew. Ferro liked the “no questions asked” part. Now to just find the bar listed. Ferro started walking into a shabbier section of port.
(1:52:23 AM) Joka: “Now, now. If you didn’t want to volunteer up your organs, you shouldn’t have lost all those bets and forgot to pay ole Jonny by the agreed upon contract. And don’t you go trying to play dumb with me, Joka Katell, you wrote that contract.”
Joka scowled. She really should stop writing contacts to people when she was drunk. Especially to her own loan sharks. She squirmed again, but there was no reaching her gun at the moment. “Okay. How about you sock me around a few times to teach me a lesson, I go finish repairing my new ship – which by the way is going to be HIGHLY profitable when it’s finished – and I payed you back double what I owe.”
To his credit, Jonny the Loan Shark at least made it -look- like he was taking her offer in to consideration. “…Nope! A human body is worth ten times more than some shoddy ship. Especially if I cut ya up in pieces and sell your parts separately. Chuck, get my knife and the cooler units.” Jonny pulled his gloves out of his pocket and slid one arm.
“This is the WORST timing for you to suddenly be a hardass, Jonny…!”
(1:58:51 AM) Ferro: Ferro couldn’t imagine what was going on in the street, but he knew that be it festival or accident, it would be difficult to get through that crowd. His best bet would be to cut through the alleyways. The fact that he was brightly dressed in this dreary port should have made him stand out, but Ferro was walking softly out of caution in a unfamiliar place and he came upon the loan shark trying to better his loses. “I’m sure you’re going to tell me this is none of my business.”
(2:03:40 AM) Joka: It was hard to look to look irritated and nonchalant when pinned up against a wall by a couple of goons, but somehow Joka seemed to pull it off. As if she weren’t about to have her organs harvested and sold on the black market. “Are you lost AGAIN? I’m in a meeting at the moment.”
Jonny looked back and forth between Joka and Ferro, pulling on his second glove and taking his knife from a third employee. “If she owes you money too, I got here first. Though, I am not a greedy man. There are plenty of organs and parts to go around.”
“Can you at least wait until I’m DEAD before you start negotiating over my body?!”
(2:09:37 AM) Ferro: Ferro raised an eye brow. “That’s very generous of you. However you’ve made your claim.” He was casually walking closer. “I’m more a man of simple means. I just want the access code to her ship.” By this point he was standing right next to Jonny, though he seemed to be only looking at Joka. “By the way, I suck at this,” and with those words Ferro slammed his fist into Jonny’s face.
(2:15:43 AM) Joka: “Damnit Ferro! I’m not going to be able to borrow money from him again!” What a stupid way to stage a rescue. With Jonny doubled over, his third goon had to drop his cooler units to rush at Ferro. The guy had a pair of brass looking knuckles neatly packed on each hand. Joka figured, since she was misfortunete enough to be at the recieving end of a shoddy rescue, she might as well make it easier. It took some bending but she manage to smash her heel in to one guy’s knee hard enough to get his grip loose. Then it was just a matter of grabbing her gun to threaten the other.
(2:21:06 AM) Ferro: Ferro didn’t respond to Joka’s comment instead he was dodging blows from the goon until his back was up against the wall. The goon grinned at this, knowing he’d trapped his target and swung hard. Sadly for him he still was just slightly slower then Ferro and his fist went into the wall where it met pain. Ferro then clocked him on the side of the head with a large handled tool he’d taken out of an inner pocket. With the goon unconscious Ferro finally responded. “Are you sure you’re any good at business?”
(2:27:00 AM) Joka: “I’m good at MY business! …Gambling is an entirely different thing altogether.” Jonny was trying to pick himself up off the ground, so Joka was already backing her way out of the alley with her gun trained on his other goons. “Hey, Jonny, I’m real sorry. You’ll just have to cut me up another time.” She was tempted to give him a good kick for being such a pain in the ass, but Joka decided not to add insult to injury for the loan shark. She finally grabbed Ferro’s arm to lead him out of the alley for a very quick getaway. Joka didn’t stop her mad dash until they were well out of that distract and safe n’ sound in a public crowd. “He’s going to be twice as pissy next time, thanks a lot!”
(2:31:46 AM) Ferro: “I’ll just turn and walk the other way when you’re overpowered four to one.” Ferro was annoyed to say the least, not even a thank you. “Wait, where are we?” when they’d run off Ferro didn’t see which direction they were going and his direction to the bar were now worthless. Now he’d have to find another lossy infodex! Assuming that guy was still at the bar looking for crew!
(2:35:22 AM) Joka: “Actions have consequences, and even I know you have to deal with the bed you’ve made.” Her gun was back in it’s holster and she was eyeing him quisitively. He looked even more confused than before, and now he was all riled up by that tussel. Joka kind of liked that look, so she was standing there grinning like a jerk with a hand on her hip for a moment before she finally spoke up. “…okay. You did me a favor, as needless as it was, so I will do one for you. Where did you need to be?”
(2:38:54 AM) Ferro: Ferro did not understand this woman’s logic at all. Not that he would claim to understand women, but Joka was more confusing then most. He’d take her help though, because it beat not knowing where he was. “Snider’s Bar. There’s a man with a ship and no crew.”
(2:50:00 AM) Joka: “Oh good. I could really use a drink after all that bullshit.” Joka nudged her head in one direction, leading the way with more casual steps now that they were fleeing. “You couldn’t just book passage somewhere to get home? I’m assuming you got yourself robbed blind or something. Did you even find out what year it is?” She had the opportunity to ask questions, so she got it over with. Of course, she could have told him what year it was… but she was slowly realizing he didn’t seem to go by Standard Time. In fact nothing about him was typical. Joka was only certain that he wasn’t alien.
(2:54:44 AM) Ferro: “I wasn’t exactly planning for travel when I got in the lifepod. I was lucky to have boots on.” It was only a slight exaggeration. “But no, I’m not positive of the year. Not that it matters right now.” Oh he could talk like it was all philosophical but it was eating him up. The unknown was not pleasant at all. Thankfully due to Joka’s navigation they came upon the bar. Unfortunately more bad news was to follow for Ferro.
(2:58:05 AM) Joka: “Smooth as ice, hmm? I don’t buy it. …I do buy drinks, though!” As they stepped in to the bar, Joka was already thinking of something blissfully cold and with enough alcohol content to knock out a bear. She assumed that he’d know who he was looking for, so the first thing she did was head for the bar and order herself a drink. -Then- she took the time to actually scope out the place.
(3:05:06 AM) Ferro: “That Jay fellow? He walked out of here during the damn bar fight! Can even find my singer to calm people down now!” Was what the large bartender told Ferro when he asked for the man hiring a ships crew. Looking around Ferro could see the damage done to the place. Mostly just glasses, but there were a few chairs too. “Can this day get any worse!” he whispered to himself.
(3:10:18 AM) Joka: “It sure can. Never tempt fate!” Joka practically cackled, slapping him on the back real hard as she eased up behind him. She slammed an empty glass down on the bar. She hadn’t been kidding about a good strong drink, and now she was all smiles. Joka leaned up on the bar again. “Round two! And one for my very unfortunete mister, who might I add, is lost and needs a job! Don’t worry, I’ll be paying up the tab.” She turned to Ferro, casting him that wide grin. “You should have taken up that organs offer. You wouldn’t be broke and I wouldn’t be standing here wondering how I am going to pay for new landing gear. Hmm…I wonder if the snarglepuff races are open…”
(3:16:00 AM) Ferro: Ferro didn’t want a drink, he wanted a plan! He looked at the glass set down for him by the bartender and downed it before he had to think about what weird taste it had. “Why get new? Go to a scrap heap. You can adapt anything within the same class to use on the ship.” Of course he thought that would be a better way to spend an afternoon then gambling. Specially since there was a pissed off loanshark in this area.
(3:19:53 AM) Joka: “I’m good, but I’m not -that- good. I can talk a pretty speech and give a great turn around, but fixing shit myself can only go so far.” Which wasn’t something wouldn’t care to admit, considering just earlier she would have bitten his head off for messing with her machinery had he not actually done a good job on it. She down her second drink, taking a moment to close her eyes and revel in that nice burning feeling that always tended to rush through the blood. “Hmm…” She eyed him from the corner of her eye, the wheels turning on a potential idea.
(3:24:25 AM) Ferro: “I hope then you don’t meet your friend at the races.” Ferro pushed back from the bar. Sitting around here wasn’t going to get him off planet, he needed something, preferably now! “Good luck in your travels.” why as she giving him that look?
(3:28:32 AM) Joka: Joka waited until he was almost at the door before she spoke again. Not for dramatic effect, but because it took her that long to gather her thoughts after two shots of extra strong Grenchef. “SO I NEED A MECHANIC… and seeing as how you’re in a bind, I figured you’d probably work for a really good price in exchange for my humble services as a Taxi and guide.”
(3:35:23 AM) Ferro: Ferro turned around and looked at her for a moment. He had the feeling that she was going to cause him no end of grief if he said yes. However it was unlikely he’d get such an offer from anyone else so quickly and he was exhausted. Not physically, but mentally and emotionally and damn he was almost better off in stasis. “Alright,” he said after a moment and walked back over. “I should probably request some token amount of any profits for the sake of negotiations however.”
(3:39:06 AM) Joka: “Oho, really? How about I just pay you on a per job basis, IF you are any good at what you do. Give you free room and board, and a bonus on the final ship sale should it be sold before you get to where you’re going?” Joka knew she had the upperhand, and it would be very simple to push it. …However, she knew when to pick her moments. And this didn’t seem like the time to really dig in to him. She might enjoy being a pain in the ass, but she figured he was about two shakes away from rage killing someone. That’s what those quiet controlled types always did.
(3:43:19 AM) Ferro: “That sounds more then fair,” he held out his hand to shake,”Princess.” And he smiled at her. The type of smile that you can tell is real cause the eyes tell you. This wasn’t perfect but at least it was a start to getting back home, and then maybe he could find out exactly what went so horribly wrong.
(3:46:15 AM) Joka: She shook his hand, but she was scowling. Good deal or not, that princess business was going to drive her insane. “I’m not -actually- a princess, I’m sure you know how sarcasm works.” However, Joka did like it when he smiled. He transformed his face much the same way his foul mooded frowning did. She enjoyed expressive people. “I guess this means no racetrack for me, and off to the scrapyards to find something useful.”
(3:49:36 AM) Ferro: “Yes I do know how it works,” he gave a brief smirk before getting to business. “You might be surprised at the good stuff you find at the scrap yard.”

Gypsy in a Pod

001 The Man in the Box

(12:38:18 AM) Ferro: In the depths of space, no one can hear you scream. Even when you’re inside a spaceship with air that can cause noises to travel, because you’re the only one on the ship. A ship without a working AI. A ship without a working weapons console. A ship that looks like it has been through hell and back. It is your ship though and you can scream in frustration all you want.
(12:47:03 AM) Joka: Ships like this were something Joka Katell were well acquainted with. Huge buckets of rusted out metal, shit parts, and filled with abandoned junk. Most people would take a look at these old ships and turn up their noses. But Joka always saw something waiting for a little face-lift. Buying the hull good and cheap, then applying some new parts and wires could turn any piece of shit in to a gold mine. Then there was the hidden treasures! People always left stuff behind and sometimes they were worth a fortune. So there she was, -barely- making it out in to space with her new prize, and now patrolling around in the cargo bay going through the junk looking for what could go as a quick sale.
(12:53:16 AM) Ferro: She’d passed by it at least three times. It was really that unremarkable. There were no markings on it and only a small consul on one side. Otherwise it looked like a rectangular box. Maybe even a tool locker. Except Joka had already located the tool locker, the evac suits, water rations incase the osmosis system went down, and the first aid kit. In fact when looking at everything else on the ship it obviously wasn’t put there by design.
(1:06:24 AM) Joka: There were a lot of interesting trinkets on board, but she hadn’t yet found anything worth more than a couple of bucks. Most of the little storage crates had been rumaged through. She was covered in dust and grease. Now the only thing left was the large container, she was still a little hesitant on opening. Last time she bought a she with a big forgotten container, it was a busted fridge unit filled with Morateon Goat stomachs, and it left her sick for a week. Still… it could be something good! Joka finally fussed around with the locker consol. Plugging in her wristcomputer to see about hacking through the lock. codes.
(1:10:25 AM) Ferro: But there was little need for hacking since the computer on the container only wanted an atmospheric check before opening. The following hissing sound should have been Joka’s warning that whatever was inside the container was being carefully preserved.
(1:13:54 AM) Joka: “Well shit!” It was a fridge, and she was about to have another rotton goat incident! Joka backed the hell away from the container, kicking a cardboard box out of the way as she quickly reached for the freezing spray and her shovel. She was going to have to chuck it in to the contamination unit before the blasted stuff defroted on her.
(1:16:55 AM) Ferro: Then something inside moved! Maybe the goat stomachs were still alive! Alive and swinging around a dismembered human arm! Except it wasn’t really swinging but pushing up the lid, and it sorta looked like it might be attached to whatever was still inside the container.
(1:20:20 AM) Joka: “Hell! Balls! Shitdamnit, whores!” Something ALIVE was ten times worse than something dead and rotton! Especially when it had arms! Course, had she thought about the ‘arms’ bit before dropping her freezing spray and shovel to jump on to the lid and try to close it back up, she might not have done it. It was too late now, though. She was already envisioning space vampire outbreaks and albino brain chiggers as she was trying to shove that arm back in the box and close the lid back. “Like hell I’m going to get eaten by some blood sucking Bantuu with sewn on arms! Get back in there!””
(1:24:43 AM) Ferro: The arm or the person attached to it, tried to fight back, not wanting to be pushed back into the box. It tried wiggling out of Joka’s grip. The hand moving this way and that until it sorta clinched on something soft. The hand just feeled up Joka’s boob!
(1:27:31 AM) Joka: “Hey. Hey! HEY! God damnit!” Well THAT was awkward. Joka went tumbling off the box, wretching herself away from the grabbing arm and checking her chest to make sure her boob was still attached. A readjustment later, she was scooping up her shovel and standing ready to start swinging. She’ll just have to handle it the old fashioned way. “Fine, get out of the damn box, but I am about to kick the shit out of you.”
(1:37:21 AM) Ferro: Ferro Yesfir was still very groggy. It seemed like he had escaped one unpleasant dream but was now in another where someone was fighting with him and now yelling at him. Ferro was not completely sure what they were saying but it seemed he needed to face them. Reluctantly he sat up, moving the lid away with his hand. The thing he had been trying to do from the start! “What!” Ferro snapped, the dark haired man annoyed.
(1:41:33 AM) Joka: A very human looking male wasn’t what Joka was expecting to sit up out of the box. It took a little bit of steam out of her sails. …but only for a moment. Generally people ended up in fridge boxes for good reason, and the last thing she wanted to do was get robbed. She motioned the shovel at him. “I SAID I was going to kick the shit out of you, but I was expecting something less average looking. Instead, you have a choice. Back in the box and I’ll drop you off at the next port. Or give me trouble and I’m tossing you out the airlock in a body bag!”
(1:44:25 AM) Ferro: Dark eyes looked at Joka, first in sleepy confusion but then returning to annoyance. “Give YOU trouble? If you didn’t want trouble why did you rescue me?” Ferro was starting to remember the nightmare, the nightmare that had been real.
(1:48:55 AM) Joka: “Rescue!” She set the tip of the shovel on the ground as she leaned on it, resting the other hand on her hip. Rescue was a completely different story. If he wasn’t lying, that was. “So what are you? Locked up criminal lost by the system? Crazy dude on his way to the asylum? Disease carrier? Owe some mobsters money and got iced? I didn’t rescue you on purpose, I just found you on my ship.”
(1:53:32 AM) Ferro: Ferro crossed his arms in the edge of the container and tilted his head. “Haven’t you ever seen a life pod before?” he asked with some surprise. The he sat up straighter and looked her up and down, not hiding the fact he was doing so. “You’re not one of the people, are you?” he said slowly as he realized the truth in what he said.
(1:57:41 AM) Joka: “If that thing is supposed to be a lifepod, then I’m a Galatic Princess.” There he went with the bedroom eyes. She might have to hit him with the shovel after all. “I don’t know what ‘people’ you’re talking about. I’m a starship seller. Your ‘pod’ was in this ship when I bought it.” …her expression slowly turned in to a sly grin. “Technically that means I own you too, but I’m a compromising sort and you look like more trouble than you’re worth. How about you don’t try to kill me or steal my stuff, and I drop you off at the next port unharmed?”
(2:02:57 AM) Ferro: “I’m not very interested in murder or theft,” Ferro said as he stood up and swung his legs out of the box. He was very colorfully dressed, though his vest didn’t look like it could keep him very warm. “I would like to know just where this next port is though Princess.” How he was staying calm on the outside and a chaotic mess on the inside he wasn’t even sure, but what this woman told him about how she was related or not related to his rescue caused him too many questions he wasn’t sure he wanted to voice.
(2:09:17 AM) Joka: “My name is Joka.” Damnation, last thing she needed was to be called ‘princess’ by some spaced clown. With all those colors he could have been from one of the traveling circuses. “It’s at Helsiki and it’s gonna be a few hours. …and shit. That’s going to be a problem.” Big problem! Joka turned on a heel abandoning her shovel by the door as she trudged through the ship. She only had enough oxygen for one person – after all, the ride was going to be a quick one and it’s not like to get hitchhikers in space. Now she was gonna have to figure out how they were going to breath! ….Maybe she should space him after all!
(2:13:04 AM) Ferro: Ferro was unfamiliar with Helsiki and would have liked more information but instead the captain of this ship had ran off leaving him to wonder what the problem was. “Outsiders!” he said exasperated to himself. He then went off to find her. Once he caught up he asked “What is the nature of the problem going to this port? Are they secretive?”
(2:18:41 AM) Joka: “The port isn’t the problem. Not that it’s a friendly place to be.” The problem with getting parts cheap and discounted, is that you often had to deal with those real shadey asshole types. Still, that wasn’t the -current- issue! Down a corridor, Joke shoved open a door that apparently needed it’s censors repaired. The ‘Heart’ as she liked to call it, was where all the ship’s little nitty gritty bits were. Except for the engine and the power supply, everything else was routed through this room for easy access. Joka knelt on the floor to fuss with the knobs to the oxygen tanks. “Hold long can you hold your breath? Hmm… nevermind that’s not gonna work. Maybe I can turn the levels down. I’m pretty sure I can fly this thing high as a kite.”
(2:24:39 AM) Ferro: Ferro followed, not sure if he was glad to hear the news about the port or not. Sadly Joka still wasnt explaining the problem and he was about to repeat his request for an explanation when he realized what she was most likely working on. “You’re worried about oxygen supply? Why not increase the CO uptake?” There were of course a few obvious other tricks he could think of but he knew sometimes when panicked people forgot the obvious. He also forgot sometimes that what was obvious for him wasn’t so much for others.
(2:29:24 AM) Joka: “…because I’m not so sure this thing won’t explode while we’re still in it. But since you think you know all about it, how about YOU fix it?” Joka stood casting him a faint glare. It wasn’t that she was outright trying to be a pain in the ass, but people trying to tell her how fix stuff, when she had been doing it for years always got her riled up. He looked like he should be dancing in streets or swinging around scimitars, not spouting off ship-tech.
(2:34:56 AM) Ferro: The truth was Ferro could dance with a scimitar with the best of them, but that wasn’t his passion. “Thank you,” he said and squatted down and looked at the oxygen tank then ran his hands on it, finding the pipes connected to it. “So that’s what they did. A bit crude,” he muttered then opened the inside of his vest, undid a flap and exposed a pocket tool set. He didn’t seem to notice or perhaps just didn’t care that Joka had not honestly been expecting her to take the challenge.
(2:41:14 AM) Joka: Interesting. Joka stood there, near breathing down his neck behind him as she ‘supervized’. Her hands were on her hips and her foot was tapping impatiently on the floor. She was expecting him to make some man-show of trying, pretending like he accomplished something, and for her to spend the next two hours trying desperately to keep them alive before she finally got pissed off and shafted him. Pocket tools were new though. “Crude is a bit of an understatement for something a good 50 years old, but not everyone bothers taking the time for fixing shit -right-.” The comment was more of a warning than a statement.
(2:46:34 AM) Ferro: A twist here, a checking of wires there, listen to the hum, feel the vibration, go back to slight recalibration. Blow the dust out and…”That’s just lazy. You can get more out of,” Ferro stopped and looked at Joka looking more then a bit pale. “I’m sorry, did you say this ship was fifty years old?” Ferro was trying not to panic, just because the ship was old didn’t mean anything. No one would ignore a life pod for more the. A short while!
(2:53:33 AM) Joka: “Not bad looking for 50 years, hmm? I got a good deal on it.” Had she not watched him work on the thing, she might have thought he had been electrocuted. He looked a little startled. Which was funny, considering he should have been startled when he first came out of the box. “Course it’s damn near falling apart, but it flies. For now. Are you done screwing around, or can I get back to making sure we don’t die before hitting Helsiki?”
(2:56:38 AM) Ferro: “Right, not dying,” Ferro said in a flat voice as he turned back to the panel that was open and twisted a wire. “That will do,” he told her as he started to close the panel up. “Why was this ship sold to you?”
(3:00:24 AM) Joka: “Considering I just found a body left in the cargobay in a box… I’m thinking they wanted to get rid of evidence.” Probably not a statement based in fact. Though she didn’t much trust the guy that sold her the ship, she doubted he knew what was still IN it. It’s like the dumbass thought it was haunted or something. “You’re not gonna tell me it’s YOUR ship and try and take it, are you? Cause I can go back in there and get my shovel and take care of this right now.”
(3:05:19 AM) Ferro: “Now you’re just being irrational Princess. I’m trying to figure out how much time I’m missing.” Ferro stood up and put his tool away then dusted off his knees. “I have little doubt that some confusion must have taken place no matter how long I’ve been in there, but the why isn’t going to change things.” Ferro wasn’t sure what this woman’s problem was. It was like she expected the whole universe to try to cheat her or something!
(3:20:21 AM) Joka: “In my experience, people that are too damn calm, are usually trying to bullshit their way through something.” Joka wasn’t sure if he was trying to get past her, or if he was hiding something else. But she was pretty certain, had the situation been reversed, she’d be screaming her head off in a fit of crazy. Joka nudged him out of the way so she could check over the air now that he was finished. “Hrrm… not bad at all. You are spared from the airlock. Got any other useful skills I can take advantage of before we hit port?”
(3:25:52 AM) Ferro: “What’s the alternative, act like a maniac?” that would get him far he was sure! He resisted rolling his eyes at her, but only barely. He watched her as she looked over his work. Not bad? That might have been as close as he was to get from her as a complement so he’d better take it. “I can recite the entire Belgayd Epic,” he was fairly proud of it in fact. Not many could sing it from memory. Granted it usually was split into a three day performance and they were only going to be on board for a few hours.
(3:29:26 AM) Joka: Joka squinted at him. She wasn’t sure if that was a joke, or him being a smartass. “I’ll pass on the reciting. You’re free, then. Do what you want, don’t take anything, don’t press any buttons, and if you find anything dead don’t let me see it, just get rid of it. I’ll be in cargo piling up all the stuff I can sell.” She walked down the narrow coridor before she paused to look over her should. “And what am I supposed to call you, by the way? I’m not going to scream HEY YOU for two hours.”
(3:33:03 AM) Ferro: Free but not allowed to touch buttons? Was she some servant of some imp hellbent on torturing him? In any case he still needed to find out how long he was out for and figure out how to contact one of the People. “Hm? Oh my name is Ferro. Ferro Yesfir.


Destiny: Saga I: Book I: Chapter 2

The capital city, Artol, of the country Artolia was like many of the large cities of the north; loud, crowded, and an adventure. That is at least how Sekai, the young looking, golden skinned, human pretzel felt as she sat atop one of the wagons as the circus caravan made it’s way into the city. They had been contracted to the capital for the coronation of the new king. Of course, now the heir was missing and there would be no coronation. That did not mean, however, there was not going to be a circus. A contract was a contract after all.

A bearded head poked out and looked up from the inside of the wagon Sekai was seated on. “Sekai are you going to ride into town like that?”

Gracefully Sekai stepped over to the edge of the wagon and looked down at her friend, her beige hair flying off to one side. “Of course Emmie. It’s far to nice a day to be inside and I wish to get a good look at the city.” Emmie was the famed Bearded Lady. One of many other entertainers that traveled with the circus wagons.

Emmie just shook her head, the beads braided into her dark hair and beard making soft clanking sounds. “You just like the attention don’t you. Don’t you get enough performing?”

“It’s not about attention Emmie,” Sekai disagreed with an impish look in her lovely blue eyes. “It’s more like I can get away with it, so I will. Would you like to join me?”

“No, I’d likely end up falling off and into a mud puddle and think what would happen to my dress. Have fun,” and Emmie pulled her head back into the wagon.

There were animals from around the world traveling with the performers. Creatures from the south and the east and even across the ocean to the west. Large and fearsome animals they were, or at least to the city folk. Sekai had spent so many years with the strange beasts. They were more like pets or friends than creatures to be feared. People on the road had been staring at them, but now as they entered the city, people in shops came out and looked at the caravan in wonder. There had likely been rumors of the circus coming, but with the disappearance of their prince many likely did not believe there would be any events.

Sekai and the other performers outside the wagons waved and smiled to the people. The beast masters threw out candied sweets to young children while keeping an eye to make sure people did not get too close to the rolling cages.

“Ringmaster,” Sekai called out to the man sitting on a white horse in the lead of the train. The older man, with a full gray beard looked over at the girl, who’s scarf like outfit flowed in the wind. His eyes followed to where she was pointing and nodded.

It was a large field, with evidence that it was used mostly for tournaments and other such amusements. That was where they would be spending the next several weeks with their tents and wagons. Bringing these poor people, who’s kingdom had been through so much, some joy was the job of the circus performers now and Sekai and her fellow entertainers where going to do their best for these people.

Men, beast, and men that looked a bit beastly were moving all over the grounds as soon as they reached the field. Tents and booths were being put up, cages and wagons were being moved around and over all there was a air of enjoyment from the circus folk. They all
enjoyed their job. Their boss was one of the rare honest ringmasters who cared more about his people then profit. They still made a profit however, and some of the folk said the gods smiled down on him.

Most of the people were helping put up the main tent, the Big Top. Ropes and rods where being manipulated as the silk slowly rose higher and higher into the sky. Before people had finished their afternoon tea the circus would be up and the performers would be getting ready for their opening night. Sekai had one last job once the Big Top was put in position. The Human Pretzel started climbing the main inner pole, with her a large bundle. Finding the flap at the top of the tent she poked out her head like a gopher before getting around the tent silk and climbed to the top of the pole.

The view was always wonderful on top of the main tent. She took a deep breath and looked out onto the city. From this height she could see almost all of it and she could see the different avenues and streets. It was the easiest way for Sekai to learn a city and with her skills, it was not difficult to convince her boss to let her be the one to place the flag on top. With a sigh, she finally took out the package and unfolded the bright colorful flag.

It took only a few moments to connect the flag to the pole and before climbing back down, taking one last look around. Once back on solid ground she walked out of the tent and wandered for a time around the wagons. There was nothing else she had to do but she gave a few people a hand here and there while chatting with them, just to wander off again to another group of people. She continued her wandering until she was no longer among the tents, booths and cages. She didn’t have any plan, though she didn’t wander far from the circus.

As Sekai wandered down the road, she started taking note of the different sounds and smells of this city. Most city folk did not think much of the uncivilized people of the south and normally didn’t talk much to her. This was all to the good for her, she would play the dumb nomad, listen to their conversation and learn more by the ease-dropping then by having a conversation with these folks. On the rare occasion she felt talking would be more polite, she’d dig out the worse accent she could from when she was learning the five main languages of the circus all at once.

* * *

In their week of travel Prince Rivalen and his porter, Reynard, had heard many unusual stories from the countryside. The death of the Artolian King and Queen had made for most of their conversations to be bleak. As the pair rode in silence across the grassy plain Rivalen sat with thoughtful consideration, distractedly brushing deep brown hair from his downcast eyes. He had been invited by the Prince for his coronation as the new Artolian King. The pair had been friends since they were children, often getting into trouble together during state visits in their younger years and often relying on each other for not only advice, but just someone to talk to that understood the pressures and responsibilities of being royalty as they grew older.

It was while his prince was deep in thought that Reynard pulled next to Rivalen and politely cleared his throat. “Alen I believe we need to talk before we finish our journey.” Reynard looked very similar to the prince. Both males had the dark hair and the dark color eyes. Had they not been royalty and servant, many would mistake the two for brothers. Rivalen looked at his porter and best friend with curiosity but reined in his mount. Once the pair had stopped moving Reynard continued.

“I’ve heard rumors from other servants. Even as we passed through the border town.” Reynard hesitated as he glanced around the grassy countryside, keeping a wary eye out for any unexpected travelers. “Artolia is in some duress. First the King and Queen and, well, one of the stable hands told me that Prince Nicholai has disappeared also.” The porter’s mouth turned downwards in a slight frown. He seemed worried and concerned over the matter.

Rivalen’s thoughts conflicted with each other as he wondered why Reynard didn’t mention it sooner. It didn’t take long for him to consider it was because the porter wanted conformation of those rumors before telling him. Then his thoughts turned grim. What could possibly happen next in this once fair kingdom? “You have more to say, my friend. This is no time to hesitate.” Rivalen felt that he better then anyone could read the porter. After all they had been friends since his childhood, much like he and Nicholai.

Reynard hesitated for a few moments, as if deliberating what to say to the Prince. “I believe it may be dangerous for you in the Artolian household. Who is to say that their troubles won’t become Iroka’s?” He sighed deeply. “I think, perhaps we should trade places. If the rumors of Prince Nicholai are true, no one will know the difference. Only the Prince would recognize you. If something were to happen, you would be safe.” With the King and Queen gone, none would recognize the Prince. Only Nicholai had seen him regularly and the only other to have seen Rivalen was the Lady Faith. Even Faith may not recognize Rivalen, as they had not seem each other since they were small children catching glimpses of each other when her father visited Iroka on trade routes.

Rivalen frowned. He did not like the idea of hiding, of running away from a problem. What Reynard said had merit though, and he would not discount the plan simply because it left a foul taste in his mouth. “I would rather you did not put yourself in danger on my account, but I also know that it is your job.” Try as he might he could not think of an argument against this plan of Reynard’s.

The porter nodded solemnly. What he was asking the Prince to do was against Rivalen’s nature. However, it was obviously the best course of action. “I understand.” Reynard paused then voiced an idea that might be easier for his prince to accept. “But sir, if we switched places, you would be put in a better position to hear conversations you would not otherwise be privy too.” Stopping he watched as Rivalen carefully considered this new suggestion.

As a servant Rivalen would be allowed to do his own investigations. Not only was Nicholai his friend, but he cared for the safety of the rest of the Ivalec family as well. “I’m not sure. I suppose it might be in everyone’s best interest.” Rivalen admitted slowly. Still, he hated to lie to the royal family, despite the fact they would understand his choice in the end. He hoped they could understand.

Reynard nodded. “The only other option would be for us to return home immediately. It would be too dangerous to stay in Artolia while it is undergoing a crisis with in it’s own castle walls.”

“No,” Rivalen shook his head, fully committed to the idea by now. “That would only prove a weakness not only for Iroka, but for Artolia’s royal family. We can not turn back now. There may be something we could do.”

Reynard unclasped his cloak then and silently handed it over to the prince as he dismounted from his steed. The prince also climbed down from his horse. Both would have to switch their clothing if their ruse was to be successful. Using the horses as a covering, both men tossed their clothing to the other and re-dressed. It was luck that the pair had a similar build, though Rivalen was slightly uncomfortable finding himself in another man’s pants.

After they both dressed, the Prince and his porter mounted again, after a small squabbled about which horse was who’s. Rivalen didn’t mind someone else riding his horse, however his horse had an entirely different idea. After one or two times getting his leg nipped, Reynard decided it was best to let the prince turned porter keep his own horse.

“Will we switch names as well?” Reynard asked curiously, once they were finally one their way through the grasslands once again. Ahead was the forests that surrounded the Artolian capital.

Rivalen considered in silence for a few moments. “No. I have so many siblings no one would remember our names. And if they did, no one would dare correct a prince.” He gave a winsome joking smile. “Just call me Alen, that’ll do.”

“As you wish.” Reynard replied. This trip was going to be interesting, to say the least. Incredibly interesting.

* * *

Faith enjoyed her walk back towards the castle through the small worn path. Despite the severity of the situation in Artolia, the day was beautiful. It was pleasantly warm, just at the start of spring with the sun high in the sky and birds chirping in the air.

A loud strange noise suddenly pierced the sky, sounding a lot like Corren, the chef at the castle, getting the air squished out of him by a mallet. The odd sound sent the birds in the trees scattering. It took Faith several moments to recognize the sound as being from an elephant, a strange gray beast not native to the country of Artolia. The thought piqued her curiosity as she turned from the path in the direction of the sound towards the great clearing.

As the clearing came in to view, she could see huge colorful tents, and masses of people scattered everywhere. Faith gave a deep sigh. She had forgotten all about the arrangements for the circus to entertain the guests for Nicholai’s coronation! It was much too late by now to cancel the contract, and though festivities seemed so inappropriate at the current time, Faith decided the town might need something more cheerful to keep up their spirits. Picking up her skirts, she hastened her pace. She would have to see the headmaster to make sure everything would run smoothly. It would be one less thing Serenity had to deal with.

“Settin` up over here boss!”

“Somebody give me a hand with the lions!”

“No no no. Not there, the wagons are all suppose to be back there. I don’t care what he told you.”

Faith huffed to herself, side stepping performers and various creatures. As much as she loved the circus, being in the middle of it was quite confusing! Not to mention if those dancing goats didn’t get out of the vegetable garden, the chef was going to be livid! She had told him time and time again, that the clearing was not a good spot for his gardening.

“Excuse me…?” Faith tried to stop someone as they walked by, but they brush by her so quickly, she doubted they heard her speak at all. She tried again a second time, ending the in the same result. Was everyone so busy that they couldn’t stop for a few moments and give a woman directions? “Great Goddess, You’d have to dance naked with a sword to catch someone’s attention here!” she spoke a bit more loudly than she usually would in public. All she needed was the headmaster not a headache!

A small golden haired woman began laughing as she made her way to Faith. Tapping Faith’s arm lightly, she directed the Lady’s gaze to an open tent. Inside were men, completely in the nude, and just as Faith exclaimed, juggling swords! “Velcomb du da Circus, Pwincez.” Sekai smiled, still not refraining from her amused laughter. She had only returned from her wanderings in the city a short time ago to find this noble wandering around.

“Oh dear!” Faith quickly covered her eyes and turned away from the tent, lightly pulling the girl along side her. She coughed, looking down at Sekai and placed her hands on her hips with a small lit of exasperation. “I am Lady Faith Kirali, not the princess. But since I have your attention, I’d appreciate it if you could help me find the boss of this mess so we may organize just a bit better.” Faith paused turning her fuchsia eyes to the clouds with a heavy sigh. “Heaven forbid Serenity gets an eyeful of that!”

Sekai nodded. She understood Faith perfectly well but her fancy title didn’t interest her. Rolling her shoulders, she smiled at Faith. “Pwincez tis organized! Bwoblem take to Bare-end Osref.” Absently Sekai pulled her leg up over her shoulders, stretching her muscles as she tended to do often. “Enne utter help Sekai ken give?”

“Yes, actually. I can’t seem to find my way around this maze.” The foreign girl was a bit difficult to understand at first, her accent being so thick, but once Faith caught the pattern of how she spoke, it made it a little easier to decipher the thick speech. Faith brushed a few dark emerald strands of hair from her face as the wind picked up.

Several men moved past them, each carrying several boards. They were followed by a pair of clowns who stopped and interrupted the conversation. “Sekai when’s the first act?”

Responding in her native tongue Sekai replied, “An hour before sundown. We want to give the nobles a good show with the painted sky as our finale!” Nodding the clowns left. Sekai looked at Faith again, then nodded. “Ah vill show you.”

* * *

Word had traveled fast and by the time Serenity reached the stables her sweet mare, Lady, was already saddled and waiting for her. It was only a few moments later until the princess had her mare galloping at top speed, the wind whipping her golden locks behind her. Lady was in as much need of a run as Serenity did. It had been several weeks since their last ride.

Once a good ways from the castle, Serenity slowed Lady down to a walk. This was the first time since her parents’ death and Nicholai’s disappearance that she’d been alone while awake. She was so angry with them! Angry at them for all leaving her, and now Faith was doing the same thing by running off on some ridiculous crusade. It was irrational to blame the dead though, and Serenity highly doubted that her brother had wanted to be kidnaped.

The mare wandered as she wanted, her mistress lost in thought, though not so lost as to allow Lady to stop and munch on any bushes. The princess tried to tell herself that there were advantages of her family being gone. She would not be married off quickly. Serenity had no delusions of finding love. Only peasants were allowed the privilege of marrying for love. What she would have now is a choice. She would be able to decide who she would marry and it would be her, not her husband, and not her family that would dictate the direction of the relationship. She was still too young to be crowed but she could block, delay and fool the court until such time as she had the crown. No lord old enough to be her grandfather or abusive youth would be her consort, and before the vows where exchanged she would have enough documents written and signed so no one would be able to contest her rule. If she did things right she’d not even need to marry for ten years or more.

She was getting ahead of herself of course. Serenity knew she had to consolidate her power first. Those so called cousins of hers that where trickling into the palace would have to be kept busy. She couldn’t let any of them be messing things up for her. They would try, Serenity had not doubt of that, but she had to make sure she was one step ahead of them.

Then there was the damn prince from Iroka. Serenity doubted she’d be lucky enough to have one of the older married princes coming. The princess shook her head, no the most likely scenario was one of the King’s grandsons. Serenity didn’t even know the names of all the princes, the Iroka royal family bred like rabbits. It was politically sound for King Lornen to try and instill one of his own blood on the thrown. There was no way Serenity was going to let herself be used, let alone allow Artolia to become a puppet state. Serenity was positive the Iroka prince would be much more dangerous then any lord or lady within the kingdom. She would have to insure that her nobles realized this too. None of them would want to be replace and be treated as second class citizens.

Serenity’s path led in the direction of the tournament field. From there many lovely paths where open to her, including a road leading into the heart of the city. What she saw out in that direction was not the empty fields that she was expecting but colorful canvases and people milling about. Reining her horse in she stopped and looked at the chaos beyond her. She could faintly here the murmur of dozens of voices, some of those being from the animals themselves. Baron Osref had made arrangements for a circus as part of the festivities for Nicholai’s coronation, but with her brother missing there was no need. The princess had reservations about getting closer to the circus, they where known to have many strange wild dangerous animals. She was curious about the situation though and considered the fact that as long as she didn’t go into the maze of tents and booths she would be fine. It wouldn’t take long for someone to notice her and then she could get some answers. With that decided she rode down the hill and out the side gate of the lesser palace wall that surrounded the property around the castle.

* * *

“This place is disgusting! Just look at the filth that is just freely walking around the streets. And is that a chicken?! There are farm animals all over the place! Detestable!” Lady Victoria spat out viciously as she rode high on her midnight black mare. Her long sun golden locks fell loose at her back over a rose colored riding cloak. Her dress was low cut, inappropriately showing off creamy skin for such a long ride across the country. Accompanying her were several servants, her personal favorites riding at the front with her.

Lady Marielle rode at her left sporting much more subdued clothing, that in Victoria’s opinion was shamefully close to the typical dress of peasants. The mousy girl was no where near the kind of statues Victoria preferred to associate with, however she had a few special talents that had become useful in recent years.

To the right was Kadir, another awful creature that Victoria would have delightfully done without if provided with better company. Kadir had also proven useful with the skills of a sage and spy.

Marielle nodded quickly in agreement with the ‘Miss’. “You are so right, Miss. At home they would never let such dirty people walk the streets like this. Once you have the crown you-”

“Marielle!” Victoria practically growled out. She then laughed lightly as if to brush the comment away as just nonsensical chatter. “Oh, Marielle darling don’t be silly.” Victoria guided her horse closer to Marielle’s and muttered low under her breath. “Unless you want to be shipped back home in a wagon, do not mention such things in public. Would you like to be tried for treason against the crown?” Rolling her eyes in exasperation Victoria led her horse ahead.

Her nose curled up in disgust as she caught whiff of something unpleasant. “What is that ungodly smell?” Tilting her head back to get a better look, she gazed far down the Artol city streets to a large grassy clearing that seemed to be teaming with people, and worse yet, animals! Hoards of nasty smelly animals! Artolia’s capital had quite literally become a circus! Farther yet Victoria could see a platinum blonde mane riding a white horse. The royal seal was quite evident on the horse’s dressing. Her eyes narrowed as she recognized the young Princess Serenity. “Amazing! Out riding carefree as a child when her country is near ruins.”

A loud trumpeting sound startled Victoria as one of the large gray elephants that were chained nearby the circus tents sounded it’s trunk. Her eyes narrowed as her gaze went from the beasts to Serenity and back to the beasts again. “You know,” she commented with a light tone, “it would be terrible if something had happened during this time of turmoil. I mean, if one of those beasts were to get loose and someone killed – it would be terrible!” A smile crept across her face. “Perhaps we should have a word with the circus folk and voice our concerns.”

Victoria dug her heels in to the horses side and trotted off towards the circus tents.


Destiny: Saga I: Book I: Chapter 1

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Serenity sighed. If these sleepless nights continued she would no longer be able to hide it with simple cosmetics. The images that she saw when she closed her eyes kept her from wanting to dream. No child, even a mature fourteen year old, should see their parents dead bodies so horribly mutilated. They might not have been good parents, but they were the only ones that she knew. That would have been enough to keep her awake at night and for a long while it was. It seemed as soon as she was starting to deal with that though, her brother was kidnaped. At first she thought he had simply ran off, thinking maybe he didn’t want the responsibility or simply had gotten overwhelmed. The King and his Queen were not good parents perhaps, but they where excellent rulers and made the job seem easier then it truly was.

Tonight she would drink one of those vile sleeping concoctions they kept in the great kitchen for the help. No need to let anyone with power know she needed something. If she did it right Nurse wouldn’t even need to know. Serenity did not wish to worry her dear nurse maid.

Taking one last look at her light gold locks and carefully prepared face, with it’s large blue eyes Serenity turning away from her mirror and headed for her sitting room. Once seated in her favorite chair the young princess looked down at the stack of letters and notes. The notes were more important to Serenity then any letter. They were quickly written messages from the servants, sometimes with the worst of spelling and handwriting. Serenity learned more about what happen in the castle this way then by any letter from some Lord or Baroness.

It was while reading one of the formal letters about her second cousin, William, coming to pay a visit that there was a light tap on Serenity’s door. “Come in,” she said, only loud enough that the person on the other end could hear her voice, but no louder then that.

Faith stepped inside the room with silent grace at the voice of her cousin and closed the door gently behind her. On any normal day, the taller Lady would be pleased to visit Serenity for cheerful chatting and a little tea, though sometimes it seemed the young princess only accepted the invitations out of royal obligation. Faith worried about her, more often than not, especially with the recent death of the King and Queen. Her cousin looked like a fragile doll under regular circumstances, but lately she could see the signs of fatigue showing on the girl’s face.

“Cousin, I have a bit of news,” Faith wasn’t quite sure how she was going to explain her newest idea to the Princess. Either way she said it, it would seem as if she were abandoning Serenity to the wolves. However if the Prince were to be found this was the only way. “The hunters have returned with no news about Nicholai. He doesn’t seem to be anywhere in Artolia,” Faith paused for a brief moment, tucking back a lock of her teal colored hair, before continuing, “There is talk that Artolia is lacking defenses, I can’t send any more guards out for the search without putting it in danger.”

“Serenity, I am going to conduct my own search,” she finally said, giving a serious and concerned expression. “Nicholai must be found and there is no one left to search. I will find him.” The comment was not some sort of false hope, Faith really truly believed she could track down her loose cousin. The idea hadn’t completely come at random, it was like she could sense him somewhere alive. It had been that way with all of her family as long as she could remember, but it never seemed so important until now.

Faith sighed, “I hate to leave you here alone, but Minister Atythan will be here to help you.”

Serenity had been studying her cousin’s movements since the moment she entered the sitting room. Though she had thought that perhaps her brother might have been overwhelmed by the pressures of becoming the new king, when it came to the throne and Faith, Serenity was much more certain. The fact of the matter was, everyone knew that Faith wanted to be as far away from the throne as possible. The last thing in the world she wanted was the responsibility of running the kingdom. Now, however, it was simply that, her responsibility. Serenity was too young by their laws to rule and the act of guardian almost always feel to the next living kin.

Faith was running away and Serenity was too tired to remind her cousin of her place. “So will that be an official decree that the minister help me, or will you simply run off looking for Brother?”

Serenity gave Faith what she knew would be considered a condescending smile. Lady Faith would do whatever she wanted, but if Serenity had it her way, she’d make her cousin feel dreadfully guilt.

Faith for her part often wished her cousin would have a tantrum, a screaming fit, anything that showed more emotion than the icy cold mask she wore just now. Where ever the emotional mask started, Faith was sure by now it was so deep that not even Serenity herself knew where it ended. It was something Faith desperately wanted to fix, and had started to try, but then chaos erupted and everything was turned upside down. The Kingdom would fall if Faith had to be in charge, she had no misconceptions about that and though the princess would be upset now, maybe in time she’d see why it was so important for Faith herself to find Nicholai and bring him home.

With a sigh, Faith took a seat in a plush chair, her silk skirts making a soft rustling sound as she moved. “I have already taken care of everything and plan to leave in the morning. I am very sorry, Serenity, but we need Nicholai.” There would probably be no convincing the princess, but she could not leave in good conscience without making sure Serenity would be alright in the castle on her own.

“Of course we need him. He is the heir and should be king.” Serenity’s own feelings about this where so mixed up she herself didn’t know how much of that was honest truth and how much of it was political nicety.

“As for what you said before. Artolia is weak, not because of lack of arms men, or generals, but lack of a ruler. The political edge is gone and every day we are viewed as easier prey. The merchants are already feeling this. Our neighbors are dealing with us harder then they have in many years and in the end certain deals are most likely going to have to be made. I have no intention of weakening our militarily any longer. If you go hunting for my brother, you will be the only official hunting party.”

Serenity took a cup of the tea from the tray that had been brought in just prior to the princess entering the sitting room. There where an assortment of pastries that the princess pointed to in offering to her cousin. Faith nodded to her cousin as Serenity sipped her tea.

Drake leaned against the wall next to the door, barely breathing. The redhead Knight Errant’s arms were folded across his chest as he listened through the door at Serenity and Faith, particularly Faith. This would be exactly like something she’d try to do, even when it wasn’t her place. ‘Especially when it wasn’t her place,’ he thought.

If it was up to Drake, he’d have gone out and been looking for the Prince the same day he went missing, but as far as he knew, Nicholai was already dead. His priorities had shifted now to Serenity, who was the next heir after her missing brother. Whether either she or Faith liked it or not, they had to accept reality: Nicholai was gone, and there was nothing either of them could do to bring him back.

Drake reached out and knocked the door open with an elbow. He could hear the girls gasp in brief shock at the sudden noise, and a small smile began to creep across his face, but he quickly squashed it.

“You’re not leaving,” Drake said flatly, looking back over his shoulder at the girls.

The Knight Errant had the infuriating habit of giving orders when he had no authority to do so! “I am afraid I will be leaving come morning. It simply must be done.” Faith told him with a bit of steal in her voice. She knew there would be no more conversation with Serenity if Drake was going to insist pitching one of his stubborn fits. The princess had enough to think about without having to hear a ridiculous and in the end, pointless argument.

“I’m sorry, Cousin. I would love to stay for tea, but there are a few more details I must take care of. Please don’t fret too much over matters, things will work out well in the end.” She rose from her chair quickly, giving Serenity a delicate supportive smile. Faith truly hoped it would work out in the end, for her dear cousin especially. Serenity seemed to hold the world on her shoulders.

Smoothing out her skirts, she gave one last wave to Serenity before brushing past Drake at the door. Faith didn’t utter a word to him or spare him another glance, hoping that he’d not make too much more of a fuss about the issue, though she knew better.

Once alone Serenity wondered why she thought that anyone would think beyond their own motives. Hadn’t her nurse maid, Mildred, taught her that lesson well, admitting even she expected something by raising and training Serenity properly? Nurse, as Serenity referred to the woman, might have regretted that candied answer though if she realized that Serenity did not trust her as much afterwards. Serenity trusted her more then anyone else in the world, just not as much as before.

As the Lady Faith passed by her in the hallway looking as if hell were on her heels, Mildred quickly stepped out of the way. It seemed the woman had much on her mind with her plans to leave the castle in search of the missing heir. That concerned Mildred little. Her loyalties lied strictly with the young princess, and so long as the Lady didn’t make moves to take the throne from the child princess, she could go running off on whatever silly adventure she pleased.

As Mildred grew near to Serenity’s chambers the knight, Drake, brushed past her, obviously chasing after the lady. ‘Good riddance, really,’ thought the nurse maid. As far as she was concerned he was just as much in the way as the others, constantly hovering around and getting in the way of good solid plans. Mildred figured they must have both spoken with the princess. It was then the perfect moment to have her own chat with the child and make sure the princess knew who her true allies were.

“Good Morning, m’love.” Mildred cheerily said as she knocked twice on Serenity’s door and entered the chambers in a busied fashion. The nurse hovered around the room picking up things here and there, rearranging, and secretly reading whatever small note she could catch a glimpse of. It was the daily ritual of making sure her sweet princess was still the darling little doll she raised her to be. “I see the Lady has paid you a visit, it’s such a shame she doesn’t care about you like we servants do. Just leaving like this when everything is such a mess.”

“Indeed.” Serenity nodded sipping on her tea. She then artfully painted a frown on her face. “I do not recall Lady Victoria being of the bloodline. This I think will be a problem. The last thing this country needs is contest for the crown. I think we will have to keep her distracted somehow. We’ll put her in the northern suites.” Serenity folded the note and picked up another one. She nearly choked on her tea when she read it however.

“Nurse, how many princes do they have in Iroka?”

“Several I believe dear.” Mildred said sweetly wondering what was upsetting the princess.

“I should have been informed of this sooner. No matter though, he shall be here either today or tomorrow if he left when he was suppose to. Make sure my cousin remembered to have the guest mansion readied for the royal guest.” Serenity then rose and gathered up her notes. Some she tossed in the fire that was hovering on the logs in the fireplace, the remainders she put in her desk after pulling out a key and unlocking a drawer.

Serenity then walked into her dressing chambers. “I’m going to take a ride.” The princess knew that her nurse found her enjoyment of horseback riding a waste of time and hovering on unladylike behavior. It was, however, a battle that her nurse had lost a long time ago, and not to Serenity even, but to Prince Nicholai. It was most probably the only thing that the siblings ever did together.

“Yes, miss,” Mildred replied as the princess entered her dressing rooms. The Nurse took that moment to go over the remaining notes on the Serenity’s desk. The Lady Victoria was a vain and bothersome woman, but the older woman doubt she would be much of a threat to the throne. The Prince of Iroka, however, that would be a slight problem. Mildred did not like the idea of her princess getting close to a man. It would ill-affect her carefully laid out plans. Something would have to be done about him.

“Don’t forget to take your cloak, miss! It’s chilly out,” she called to the Princess as she gathered up a few dirty garments to take for washing, along with a few pieces of letters carefully hidden amongst the garments. The Nurse left Serenity’s chambers to prepare for the arriving guests.

* * *

Drake followed after Faith, ignoring her ignoring him. She’d just keep ignoring his ignoring if he kept ignoring her ignoring like that, and going around in circles like that was, well, ignorant. He’d put a stop to this, one way or another. The direct approach always worked for him. The knight easily caught up to Faith, and grabbed her by the arm, not paying attention if she started complaining. She was stubborn, but he was stronger, and he started dragging her back towards her room. He pulled his master key set from his pocket, and it became abundantly clear was he was going to do–lock her in her own room! “Shut up and don’t struggle,” he grumbled.

“Have you lost your mind?! Let go of me!” Faith chided. Did he think he was going to lock her in a room somewhere? She had her own set of master keys. Not that she would divulge that tidbit of information incase he succeeded. If anything else, she would simply slip through one of the many hidden passages that connected through out the castle. It was simply the principal of the thing! He was stronger, she had to give him that. Faith couldn’t manage to twist her way out of his grasp, and she’d likely have a nasty bruise by the time he let go. “Do you have to be so rough? I didn’t even plan to leave until tomorrow morning. Did you plan to leave me locked up forever?!”

“Until you calmed down,” he snapped. “So, yes, possibly forever.” Drake didn’t barb people like that often, but when he did, that irritating icy tone made it even worse. Without another word, he shoved Faith into her room, and soundly locked the door behind her. There. That took care of that. Giving a brief, relieved sigh, Drake tucked his keys away again, and wandered out the main gate, into the warm, inviting morning. Drake took a deep breath, and a rare smile crossed his face.

The knight sat down on the Artolian castle drawbridge, and found himself hypnotized by the gentle gurgling of the castle moat flowing beneath the wooden bridge. It reminded him of life before Artolia, before knighthood, and before the Ivalecs. Back then, his only responsibility was to himself, and anything else wasn’t worth caring about. Drake laid back on the bridge, and folded his hands behind his head. The clouds passed by overhead, and as he daydreamed of his former life, he started to drift off to sleep.

Crossing her arms and giving the door a callous look, Faith waited until she heard that tell tale click of the lock and Drake’s footsteps fading down the hallway. He was infuriatingly bossy. Life was so much more peaceful in her own manor, away from the busy bustle of the castle, and away from the horrible man that seemed to go out of his way to stop her from getting anything accomplished.

Faith moved to the window and leaned out to see if she could catch a glimpse of Drake. He was snoozing on the draw bridge, no doubt assuming she was going to scurry out and run off in to the forest with out a plan or preparations. Did he really assume she was so daft? Faith scoffed as she leaned against the stone wall and crossed her arms. It wasn’t as if she decided out of thin air to go find Nicholai. Things were getting difficult in the castle. Without her cousin, Faith was next in line for the thrown. Serenity was not yet old enough to take on the responsibilities herself. Faith could do the job, that was not the difficult part. It was the constant attention and care put in to dealing with people that she could not stand. Faith was uncomfortable being the focus of so many people.

Then there was Serenity. The young girl didn’t even act upset over her brother’s disappearance. She was doing her duties without question. It made Faiths heart ache watching the girl surrounded by all those people, none of which really cared about the girl under the crown. Serenity needed her family, and her brother was all she had left besides Faith. To grow up under the close scrutiny of the country would crush the young girl, and Faith feared her shoulder’s were fragile enough.

That was enough pondering at the moment. Faith needed to check on the guest house and make sure everything was in order for the visitors Serenity would receive, while she was away. She retrieved her hidden key from a dresser and unlocked the door. Stashing it safely away again, she pulled deep ocean blue cloak from the wardrobe and wrapped it around her shoulders. Faith left the room, keeping a wary eye out incase Drake woken up from his nap and returned to the halls to stand watch.

Walking out through the front gates and out on to the bridge she caught a glimpse of Drake sleeping precariously close to the edge. She narrowed her eyes and a small mischievous smile snuck it’s way across her face. Faith was by all means, not a spiteful woman. In fact she went out of her way to avoid confrontation with people at the cost of her own comfort. But it seemed Drake would always bring out the worst in her. Quickly she stepped across the bridge until she was standing directly over his sleeping form. With a good quick shove of her foot, Faith sent Drake rolling in to the cool waters of the Artolian moat!

As Drake came bobbing and sputtering back to the waters surface she gave a quick, innocent wave of the hand. “Enjoy your swim, Sir Knight!” she called sweetly, before walking off towards the guest houses quickly as possible!

Drake floundered for a minute, but it quickly turned into a full-blown temper tantrum. As he pounded at the water, he started shouting awful and obscene comments in blackspeech, and even a few in draconic, some being provided from another entity offering suggestions directly to his mind. Some of the curses were bad enough to make the royal sage poke his head out the window to see who could be screaming such atrocious things. Still cursing, Drake heard Valencia taunted in the back of his head, ‘What a lovely way to wake up for you, yes?’ She was almost surprised that he used a few of her suggestions. Then again he really was irritated so adding fuel to the fire was easy.

Drake sloshed out of the moat, and looked down disgustedly at his armor ignoring her. Valencia, though more commonly known as ‘Avenger’ was a sword. Not a normal sword by any means, but enchanted. No one was quite sure what she was, some even said the sword was
cursed, but only Drake heard the voice in his head, as he was Avenger’s bearer. He grabbed his long hair and wrung it out over his shoulder, then started to peel off his half-plate armor and dropped it onto the ground at his feet. Significantly lighter in just his regular clothes and tabard, Drake charged off after Faith full-tilt. He could smell her smug attitude in the air. It was a sharp scent, like a knife between his eyes. Or in his back! It didn’t help that he knew that his chasing of the Lady Faith, drenched amused the spirit of the sword to no end.

As Drake started gaining ground Valencia ventured a question. ‘Once you have her ladyship then what? Are you going to bend her over your knee like a child and spank her? What she did was childish indeed and if you make her bottom sore enough she won’t have time to think of tracking off anywhere. You have a duty after all and it’s not to her.’ The last bit might have been uncalled for, but Valencia could sometimes see the way Drake’s mind worked with a certain irritating female came up in topic of late. Valencia however never thought of herself as the jealous type, she was, but she never thought of herself like that.

Faith should have known that she couldn’t have gotten away with the stunt so easily! The second she caught a glimpse of Drake on her heels, she lifted up her skirts and ran towards the guest house grounds. She reached it before he caught up to her, but keeping him out was going to be an entirely different matter. Then escaping again, well, she was going to have to do a little dodging. Faith was quick for such a small woman, and entered the manor with not more than twenty paces between her and Drake. Unlike the castle, the guest manor was more like a very large house. No surrounding walls or big moat, just a lovely house with white marble walls and large glass pane windows. Fumbling inside the huge oak wood doors, she slammed them behind her and dropped the large bar lock in to place. Drake was sure to find another way in, if he didn’t knock down the doors, but it would buy her enough time.

Drake slid to a halt in front of the doors, and pressed his ear to the thick wood. He couldn’t hear anything through them. He had a feeling she’d blocked the door up, though–she was stubborn and naive, but hardly stupid. With enough time, he might have been able to break the doors down, but he really didn’t want to break anything or hurt anybody. As a matter of fact, as long as Faith stayed there he was satisfied. At least now he knew where she was!

Drake thumped on the doors a few times, and stepped back, looking over the doorjamb carefully. He slid his dark gray, almost black-bladed sword from its sheath, and eyed its surface, staring at his reflection in the polished metal. He slowly rested the tip of the sword on the surface of the door, and took a deep breath.

“Vara!” The Avenger’s surface lit up with shimmering azure runes. A faint blue glow surrounded the blade, along with a faint white mist. Suddenly, with the thunderous crack of a shattering glacier, the sword was covered in a thick layer of crystalline ice, from the tip, all the way down to the hilt. Drake pressed the blade into the oak doors, and the entire front entrance was soon covered in a thick, translucent layer of solid ice.

Seemingly satisfied, Drake removed the sword from the ice-covered door, dispelled the weapon’s magic, and eased the weapon back into its sheath. “A practical solution to an impractical problem,” he mused, smiling at his handiwork. “With the front entrance sealed, that gives me one less exit to cover. I’m not quite as thick as you would like to think, Valencia.”

Faith inwardly groaned as she stood paused on the manor steps, watching Drake freeze the doors from the outside. It really wasn’t that awful, there were other ways out of the manor, including the back door and a hidden passage or two. But there were to be guests in the next few days, and it would have to be fixed or else they would have to stay in the castle! The poor servants were going to have a fit over the door, and likely be fussing over it for quite some time. She stomped an irritated foot before gathering her skirts and hurrying up the stairs. She might as well finish her duties and overlook the house to make sure things were in order.

Drake patiently waited, pacing past all the smaller entrances, just waiting for Faith to come out and run off. With the front door sealed, there were only a few other places she’d be able to leave from, and regularly patrolling them was the only way he was going to catch her. Waiting, however, was not something Drake was fond of. It had been nearly an hour, and he was starting to get impatient. He was considering storming inside and simply putting her in chains! She’d hate him for certain, but that was none of his concern.

‘That’s a lie, and you know it,’ Valencia chided.

“You be quiet,” Drake snapped back. The scent of faint perfume wafted across the air from the far side of the manor, snapping the knight errant out of his argument with his weapon. Without another word, Drake eased his way through the back gardens, past the side gate, and caught a flash of movement in the distance ahead before it vanished into the woods. It didn’t matter if he couldn’t see her; as long as he could keep her scent, he’d be able to follow her anywhere.

He started to chase after her, but quickly stopped before he reached the tree line. This was starting to get tiresome. Every time he’d catch up to her, she’d find some way to escape again, and he’d end up chasing her all over again. He didn’t have time to be following her heels all over Artolia! And she wasn’t going to listen to reason, so… “Experience has always been the best teacher,” Drake said to himself with a wicked smile. “What do you say we just stay out of sight for a while? If she wants to see the world, we’ll let her. She’ll have one run-in with some scruffy back-alley thugs, and come running back to the castle for protection.”

Valencia was about to speak, but Drake put a hand on the Avenger’s hilt, and patted it lightly. “Just play along this time. I know what I’m doing. I was hunting and trapping back when her parents were still in diapers.” Drake casually followed behind Faith, keeping far back enough to stay well out of sight, smiling to himself the whole time.


Destiny: Saga I: Book I: Prologue

It had only been two weeks since the royal couple’s ghastly murder. King Garret and Queen Olana were found in the throne room, beaten, slashed, and blood pooling all over the floors. It was the high pitched scream of his younger sister that had alerted the entire castle something was amiss. Being the next in line, in another two weeks Nicholai would be crowned Artolia’s new king. He wasn’t ready to be king. Sure his parents gave him the best education in the world to ready him for this day, but this day wasn’t suppose to come so soon.

The young prince sat on top of his bed looking up at the ceiling in the dark room. He brushed a few strands of dark honey colored hair from his face as he thought in silence. The last two week’s events had gone by so fast he felt he hadn’t had a chance to catch his breath. Nicholai knew he wasn’t the only one that had been under pressure. He’d seen how his cousin Faith was running around, trying to distract people away from himself and his sister. Faith had such a strong sense of family and responsibility to them, despite being only being a few years older than he and his sister.

That was another problem in itself. His sister, Serenity, was going on with business in a most unnatural way. He had hardly seen her much since their parents’ death, but every report he had on her said she was picking up her assumed duties with the same steadiness she did everything. He worried that his younger sister was just burying herself in work to escape reality. She was perfectly poised, taking care of her duties without missing a single beat. Even he had not been able to function so flawlessly.

Though things where in chaos, Nicholai decided there was nothing so urgent going on that he couldn’t go out for a ride tomorrow afternoon and take his sister along. He had missed her company, and riding with the horses was always their favorite activity. It was one of the few things they shared that wasn’t about duty or being responsible. Afterwards they could have dinner with Faith and then it would be back to their different courses. Putting up faces for the people for the good of the kingdom.

This did not seem like much of a solution to the heir, but it would have to do for now. There was only so much one could do in the face of a crisis, and he was growing tired. Slowly he felt his eyes get heavy as sleep started to gain control. Just as he was about to drift asleep he felt a hand over his mouth as several arms tried to hold onto his legs and body. He tried to struggle, but there where several of them armed with weapons and only one of him. Nicholai had already undressed and was situated in bed without anything that could be used as a weapon.

With quick efficiency they gagged him and tied him up so that he could barely move as he struggled against the ropes. A pair of them took hold of him, one his shoulders the other his legs and moved to the wall next to his dresser and to a passage that opened up and lead down. No one would know there had been a struggle and no one would know where he was taken.

One of the men snorted as they carried the Prince along the hidden tunnels. “Guy weighs as much as a ton of bricks… why didn’t we just stab him?” He grunted as one of his comrades promptly socked him on the head.

“‘Coz, you numbskull! He’s worth more in ransom than he is dead!” He muttered a few obscenities under his breath. For some reason he always had to get saddled with the lackies that weren’t too bright.

“Oh. Y’think the boss will mind if we break any of his bones?” Another grunt suggested he was thoroughly smacked for another bad idea.

Nicholai would have rolled his eyes if he were in such a predicament. With his arms and legs bounded, and so means to yell to the guards for help, he was stuck being lugged off by a bunch of idiots. He was at least comforted by the fact they didn’t mean to kill him. As soon as he was given the chance he would have to escape. All he could think of then was how much his disappearance might hurt his sister. First their parents and now him.

The small band of men hefted the prince through the tunnels until they came to their final stop. It was deep underground the Artolian castle, were a small underground river flowed. A boat was waiting in the waters. Carefully easing Nicholai in to the boat and boarding themselves, the men cast off down the stream. Nicholai sighed as he watched the banks disappear as they floated deeper in to the underground tunnels.