Brooding Darkness

Before the birth of man there were the angels. The purpose of the Angelic Host was to keep the balance and guide man through it’s evolution… but many did not agree. This stand became known as The Fall and those that apposed the Host were known as the Fallen. When the war was won the Fallen and their demon spawn were sealed away in the Abyss, never to be set free.

But… in the late Victorian era, two occultists by the names of Johnathon Morris and Samael Norse, took their hatred for each other so far that their battle torn the seal of the Abyss and set loose the demons of the Fall. Azazel, the son of Lucifer himself, was set free and set his sights on conquering the human world; ultimately destroying the Angelic Host. A new war began, and after many deaths Azazel was defeated and resealed in the Abyss with the help of the two humans that started it all.

Now, it is present day and the souls of those involved in both battles have come full circle to gather in the city of London. Something new is stirring in the Shadows Beneath…