I played with your heart and got lost in the game?

And by that, I mean I did the exact same thing as my last blog post. Had a moment of stupid, took down those posts, and angsted my way through summer. Is it the heat, I wonder? I never have been able to handle summer heat; It’s impossible to sleep. Without sleep you slowly go bonkers. My style of going bonkers is thinking everyone hates me and that I should hide in a cave.


I didn’t blog or write content for any of the sites during the summer, but I was at least writing. And that, my darling owlettes makes me happy. Most of it was content you’re never going to see, but for me writing anything is enough to boost my serotonin and keep my wheels turning.

Summer is over, thank goodness and I’m getting back into my groove.

The best part about the end of summer (besides Halloween) is NaNoWriMo. I’ve never actually succeeded in writing a 50k novel, or even 50k of anything during NaNo (it turns out November is a bad month when you need to sit down and write consistently), but every year I try it I learn something useful or make progress in a project.

This year I decided to use NaNo for two very different purposes.

First, I’m trying to catchup on Muse Inspired’s backlog of content and create new content. In the past two days I’ve written up 270 writing prompts to finish out 2019! I’m surprised with myself, but I guess sometimes I forget just how easy it is to sit here and brainstorm prompts if I cut out distractions. Now if I can put together 365 for 2020 and actually schedule them, I will FOR ONCE get through an entire year without dropping the ball!

The second half of my NaNo adventure? SHORT STORIES.

I realized not too long ago that I don’t have very many examples of my writing on Space Kitten. I have a couple really old, kind of embarrassing pieces I slapped together years ago, but almost none of it is recent or something I’d want to showcase as an example of what I can do. I figured short stories would be a fun way to build myself some content and get a little daily story-writing habit going on. I don’t expect to get 50k words, but if I can draft out at least 4 short stories this month, that would be amazing.

I also finally set up and published my Patreon page.

I don’t know why it feels awkward setting up a Patreon, when I was already taking Paypal subscriptions for years. Maybe because Patreon is set up in a way that markets myself more directly as a creator? It’s not just my sites themselves I’m advertising anymore, it’s me stepping out and saying “This is what I do. This is what I create.” and if someone doesn’t like it, it feels more personal. Which is r i d i c u l o u s. The brain weasels love to sneak in and hove a little fun.

On that note, I definitely want to get a head start on 2020’s prompts, so…! If you like what I do and want to see more of it, I would absolutely appreciate your comments, likes, follows, shares, subscriptions, or even just a hello. Check out my Patreon and feel free to snoop through all of my websites to leave comments as well.

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