Here is an incomplete list of characters – that I actually remembered to save. After many years of writing and roleplaying, they start to add up. You’ll find everything from quickly jotted down concepts to insanely detailed biographies. In some cases you may even see character clones, where I wanted to play that same concept again but was too tied to the character’s original story to play the exact character. Many characters have stories all on their own, but some are designed with one of my Plot Concepts in mind.

I play human ladies 99% of the time, so the majority of my characters will be females and very rarely will you see a creature or alien. They’ll range from sweet and shy damsels to badass bitches and everything in between. Romantic subplots are my bread and butter. I love, love playing with and subverting cliches and stereotypes. Taking a marysue/guilty pleasure concept and then creating something incredible with it is SUPER FUN.