Here is a collection of my plots. Many of these are well developed “ready to play” plots, while others are just quickly jotted down notes about ideas and concepts I want to use in the future. You are more than welcome to draw from these plots for inspiration! But please make sure to link back to the plot and let me know in a comment so I can read along. :D

  • 2013: Solarwinds

    Genre: Future Sci-Fi Location: Earth Timeline: 2013 As predicted by prophets and scholars, in 2012 it was the end of the world as we knew it. An alien race made contact with Earth, coming to enslave mankind and take it’s resources. But… just as suddenly as they came, they left. Something in the minds of […]

  • 27 Prophecies

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Timeline: BASIC A person is mentioned by “name” in 27 unique prophecies that all lead up to the eventual destruction of all living things. A group of retired adventurers must once again take up arms and decipher vague clues about each prophecy.

  • Abduction

    Genre: Alien SciFi Location: Timeline: Tiny little town in the country where there’s a lot of “alien sightings”. Most of the townspeople write off the sightings as crackpots or bored people. An “for fun” investigation team is now in town looking up proof on aliens. …And get abducted! They discover there’s a whole wide universe […]

  • Ancient Legend

    Genre: Modern Fantasy or Fantasy Location: Timeline: The Legend “Emperor” was a great and powerful Emperor that was seeking a wife to bare his children. Ming was the greatest beauty in the land and all the makings of a fine Empress. Yet, Ming had fallen in love with another man, “Love”. The Emperor was so […]

  • Angel Mine

    A girl is told she’s a final contestant for a contest and now has a Helper. Only, the helper is some kind of angel or mystical being trying to prepare the girl for her new life as some sort of evil fighting person. There is also a dude who is an immortal/priest who is a […]

  • Arseidis: Ghost Town

    Genre: Modern Supernatural Horror Location: Timeline: A ghost town has been discovered in near perfect condition, inspiring a team of archeologists to explore and see if ancient legend about curses are true. They are seeking a book, something containing history about the town, but they are not the only ones there. The town is haunted […]

  • Artificial Connection

    Genre: Sci-Fi Futuristic Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Best for those 13 and older. Time/Location: 2084 / Hong Kong Idea: Four people come to find out they have military cybernetic technology implanted in them by their good Doctor Friend Dr Ryuga Shirow, when the doc goes missing and they become targets […]

  • Ashes Asunder

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Timeline: ___ as well as several other land owning knights and nobles were sent away on a most important mission. The reality was that the mission was a fake – they were being sent to their deaths. BadDude had them killed so he could confiscate their lands, using them in a secret […]

  • Bane of Shades

    Genre: Fantasy in Semi Modern time period? Feel: Feudal Asia warfare and battle mixed with Fantasy style ruling systems? Location: Timeline: Kingdoms have a “heart” that justify them as ruling kingdoms. The heart is a semi living thing. Small country ____, with majestic mountains and valley villages. Cooler climate, lots of forests and green trees. […]

  • Betrothed

    Genre: Modern Styled Fantasy? Location: Timeline: A prince and princess have been betrothed since forever and have never met. It’s time for the prince to take his fiance home. The Princess’ father tries to do a bunch of things to make the girl unappealing and call of the betrothal but it doesn’t work. On the […]

  • Blood Promise

    Genre: Modern Fantasy Rating: R Location: Earth/Otherworld? Soumra, The Blood Lands, have been the territory of the Ahalya Clan for hundreds of years. Since Soumra Talutah sacrificed herself in a blood promise to the god Thahn for prosperity of her pack. Naming the lands after The Great Mother for her selfless devotion, the Ahalya clan […]

  • Bloodletters

    There is a place between the human world and the paranormal worlds. Filled with endless halls and doorways, a person could walk through this purgatory space to gain insight, knowledge, or even travel to other places. But going through here is dangerous. Demons and spirits have claimed these spaces and will kill anyone not protected. […]