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  • Durocha P.I. 008 (unfinished)

    Durocha P.I. 008 (unfinished)

    A few minutes of walking brought them back to the hotel. No freaky clown cars were in sight and the door to Cathy Young’s room was unlock, and the room empty but ransacked. It seemed the earlier guests had shaken the place up trying to find whatever it was they were looking for. Diana wanted […]

  • Durocha P.I. 007

    Durocha P.I. 007

    Diana awoke slowly and much to her chagrin her first thought was of North and how he must have felt similar waking up in that room of Charles Mandell. Her head ached and opening her eyes took some effort, but she was greatful the room simmed to be dimly lit aside from a few low […]

  • Durocha P.I. 006

    Durocha P.I. 006

    Morning was never her favorite time of day and that was probably why she worked nights. But, the sun was up and chose that morning to shine directly in her eyes for the soul purpose or ruining any ideas of staying curled up in bed with a very comfortable detective. Diana tried moving but to […]

  • Durocha P.I. 005

    Durocha P.I. 005

    “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! WERE YOU THINKING AT ALL?!” Shouted a very red-faced police chief to a pair of very uncomfortable detectives. The balding man before them had been chewing Diana and North out since they stepped into his office. “Do you have ANY idea how much wrong you two have done in so little […]

  • Durocha P.I. 004

    Durocha P.I. 004

    In a shady apartment building, North rounded a corner and peeked into a room. Sure enough, there were his targets, a group of mobsters, all decked out in fancy suits and carrying all sorts of weapons. One man handed another a large suitcase, full of money no doubt. It was time for the detective to […]

  • Durocha P.I. 003

    Durocha P.I. 003

    North slept surprisingly well given his position. Maybe he felt more relaxed around the agent now. Maybe her couch was just so much more comfortable. Or maybe it was he had slid over in his sleep and was now resting his head on her hips, his arm draped over her legs. Even while asleep, he […]

  • Durocha P.I. 002

    Durocha P.I. 002

    At the hospital the duo lingered outside in the waiting room, while their only lead lay bleeding profusely on an operating table. Diana had the air of slight indignation, as she leaned against one of the plaster pillars with her arms crossed, waiting for news. Really, she hadn’t been aiming for the guy’s gut… maybe […]

  • Durocha P.I. 001

    Durocha P.I. 001

    The sun was setting over the city of Chicago and a chill blew through the streets, the skyline lit up with buildings, signs and all sorts of things as it did every night. The streets were just emptying out as people made their way home for the evening. But as everyone was making their way […]