Oh. Hello there, weird internet stranger. I see you couldn’t help yourself could you. You had to click the link. Search the Google. Make faces at me in shady chat servers until I coughed up the goods. That’s cool. Maybe I like showing my goodies to curious seekers. Perhaps I have been sitting here this whole time hoping someone would finally want see the shinies that spill out of my daydreamy little brain. It’s cool; go ahead, seeker. Peruse all the links. Read all the things. Don’t forget to add me to your social media of choice. I promise you’ll only be assaulted by gratuitous cat pictures, delicious food porn, and shameless self promotion.

The important thing is to keep trying.

What happened? One minute I am feeling inspired and ready to get my chaos under control -- then the doubt creeps in. The nice thing about currently being in my cave without an audience following my content, is that no one saw me regret everything and pull my blog...

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What am I doing with Muse Inspired

I've always got a goal or an end plan, but it's not always clear at the start. For most of my internet life, I primarily ran roleplay communities. Hundreds of people smushing together to experience other worlds and to socialize with other writers. There's so much work...

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What I Want to Write

What I want to write has no limits when I can be inspired by road kill. How many people actually realize what their lifelong passion will be when they are just a little tiny kid? I had three passions: music, art, and telling stories. Music was an impossible dream -...

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The Controlled Chaos of a Cosmic Witch

How did the controlled chaos of a cosmic witch turn in to everything smelling like cat pee and dirty socks?! I've always been a little bit weird. Not in that classic weird way, where you go through this epic transformation from a creepy bear-child into everyone's...

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Silent Pines is a web novel series with my co-author Erik K. Osborne. With two finished manuscripts and edited chapters now getting posted, this series is going to be sweet as hell. If you like supernatural horror, romance, turning tropes and cliches upside down – you’ll enjoy Silent Pines. Follow the very bewildering adventures of an eclectic group of teenagers as they uncover the secrets in their bizarre small town. Featuring werewolves, vampires, witches, and oh hey butts!
But seriously. I post a lot of cat pictures on my social media.