Greetings weirdos! My obsession with stories started when I was kid; everything from silly little tales to fanfiction. Once I discovered collaborative writing (Or roleplaying, for you dorks. That’s where you write from the perspective of a single character along with a partner or a group of people.), my entire universe became all about providing great communities for creating stories with friends. I’ve been administrating these communities since 2001 and more recently have taken steps towards self-publishing a web novel series along with my co-author, Oz.

Being able to directly interact with people from all over the world has been my absolute favorite part of running websites and writing with partners. Nothing is more inspiring that sharing your imagination with others and seeing what you can create together. I love it!

Writing is not my only passion, though. Some of my other interests include reading lots of books (especially bad romance novels), painting (which I never do enough of), cooking experiments, playing The Sims and Elder Scrolls Online, and binge watching Netflix or Hulu like I don’t have a life. I have a fondness for owls, cats, shiny rocks, tarot, glitter, coffee, tea, romance, pretty things, and stars.

Presently I live with my husband, younger brother, dad, nine cats and a pug in a three bedroom house, while feeding two kids and the in-laws across the street.

My ultimate life dream is to publish a series of novels that people argue about over the internet.