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    Silence seeped into Kasbeela's sensitive ears as Azazel took his time to answer her. There was no living creature down here, besides them and that red-haired girl hanging above them. The girl was breathing rather softly, with only a slight ragged touch – probably from Christopher's delicate handling – but she had tuned it out. […]


    Azazel's smile became more pronounced as Vemchu showed her respect to him – a dark and malicious, yet seductive smile. Azazel walked up to Vemchu and motioned to her to rise. “It's been some time, Kasbeela. I've watched you from my shell…” Azazel shrugged lightly with lazy elegance. “You'll be rewarded for your devotion”. His […]


    Lord Aidan Cynric leaned back in his tall, ergonomic Executive chair behind his large oak desk. His office was silent, as usual – in the silence Aidan could listen better to his own thoughts and to the subtle waves and unchained words of those beyond the human world. Also, in the silence Aidan could try […]


    Allison was almost dying from a happiness overload. Sure, she had cursed up all of holy hell – but he didn't mind! And to add on to her victory, he had never de-clinged her until he went for his guitar! What a guy… what a musician! So devoted to his instrument… it was so sweet! […]


    And here I thought London would be more stuffy and sophisticated… Right… Autumn stepped out into the cool London night air after escaping the brawl inside the club. If she didn't have to get a conscience last minute, she might've been disappointed to have the night ruined by a bunch of angry drunks. Allot of […]


    “Oh… uh… thanks!” Michael was never one to be speechless or even blush at the comments from girls. He received them all the time! But the mention of her friend loving his music, he could feel the heat rising at the back of his neck. He recognized the girl… Allison… being the one to dance […]


    The night was unusually cold. Personally, Belial was more fond of warmer places and wholly different climates, not to mention he was more akin to Latin and Eastern cultures; they seemed to go better with his peculiar personality and temper, despite he had been worshipped in the Harz Mountains and he could count important deeds […]


    Genesis walked down the back alley, only the moonlight illuminated the street. Rays of light cast over her, causing the silver unicorn print on her off the shoulder black sweatshirt to glitter. The only sound in the night was the faint music from the club and the light clinks of her belt chain wrapped around […]


    Upon leaving the University of London, Aidan's limousine headed for the King's Memorial Medical Center, a large complex connected to the King's Memorial, one of the finest hospitals in England and Europe. The Medical Center included a Mall and three glass-curtain facade office towers around a plaza above the Mall; the office towers held a […]


    I'm so dead. Wincing to the surrounding garden, Rishta yawned slightly. Having arrived from Venice just this morning, she had been exhausted – and had attempting going to school. Well, that had been a disaster. Obviously jet lag and caffeine had joined together in an unholy matrimony and had caused her pandemonium – she had […]


    That swirling, thick feeling of heaviness encompassed within never-ending and never-ceasing void of emptiness flowed like a thick smog and clung to the very fiber of existence as it was known. Chris knew it well. It was through his existence that it in itself existed, his retreat from Aidan and his meaningless endeavors brought it […]


    Raziel meandered through the college's gothic-style halls, his attention completely absorbed by the huge moth-eaten tome he held in his hands. It seemed as precious to him as the book of the great Angel he was named for; the one tossed to the sea out of the jealousy of the angels over the fortune of […]


    Near the University, in a secluded spot, the world began to move. Rats scurried from their dens in anticipation. Insects began to buzz and fly wildly. Even a serpent or two made an appearance at the “gathering.” Three pairs of malevolent eyes stared out of the shadows. “The human world,” one whispered, an exceedingly dark […]


    Ana safely tucked Lux and Ater away, completely ignoring the loudmouthed girl in black. Trevor seemed quite upset with what had happened before- and the boy was even more distraught. Good thing she left her card in the sweater he had been wearing; he could call her cell phone if he needed to talk. Who […]


    As the sleek silver jet landed in Heathrow Airport, a solemn figure brooded in her private cabin. Dressed in black, swathed in shadow – she seemed to be the perfect type of thief. Possessor of that air… not even the perky stewardess wanted to go near her. It was a dangerous demeanor she portrayed, and […]


    Trevor hunkered down behind a stack of packing crates, scooting against the wall as far as he could go to keep in the shadows. As softly and silently as he could, he slid the spent clip from his pistol, and set it on the ground next to him. He carefully removed a full clip from […]