The Other Side

The Other Side 002: Daylight Angel

[Georgia is aching all over and on the brink of waking up!] -04:47 Sep 20
[Heris is fast asleep on his stomach, one arm over Georgia the other holding a bear she gave him a year ago for his birthday.] -04:50 Sep 20
Georgia: Ooooo… she hurt. She hurt a lot. And when she came around, the light of morning in her eyes forcing her tot was very very hurty. Georgia found herself confused for a moment, not recognizing the room. Then alarmed when she realized she wasn’t alone. Relief to see Heris’ face and then…. all at once the previous evening came back to her! A crazy, crazy evening where she just… and he…! Georgia sat up quickly, snatching the sheet up to cover herself. …she didn’t even know where he clothes were! This was a mess! shift, i -04:57 Sep 20
Heris: He sighed and rolled onto his side and half opened one eye. She was naked and he… wow. Some party. But he had come on strong and now she was looking scared. "Georgia?" his tone was inquisitive, asking her what was wrong. "Did I hurt you?" if he had… He was suddenly sitting and gingerly placed a hand on her cheek his other closing around hers. "I’m sorry." -05:05 Sep 20
Georgia: She flinched… and she really didn’t mean to, but the reaction was so instant. It wasn’t as if he hit her or anything like that! It was just… "Yesterday was a little… um." Georgia wasn’t sure how to word it! She didn’t hate it, but it sure wasn’t exactly first date stuff. "….unexpected." -05:09 Sep 20
Heris: He looked down, looking guiltriden. "Sorry. I did… It.. We… I did come on strong. I should have made sure you were okay with it." he moved his hand away. "I’m sorry Georgia." he felt like he had blown it now. "Do you still want to go out with me? I’ll… take you to the movies!" -05:14 Sep 20
Georgia: Georgia was still clutching that sheet to her, now blinking at him in surprise and confusion. This was a complete reverse from before. Or was it back to normal? But he looked so guilty and upset, and her heart just melted for him… "I would love to go to the movies!" she got out quickly, just to ease his worries. Then she was glancing down at the sheet she was holding like a shield, and biting her lip. "…Except I can’t remember where my clothes are…" -05:20 Sep 20
Heris: "Here!" He jumped out of bed and opened a drawer to toss her a shirt and he got one out for himself. "I should have a pair of shorts you can borrow.. I… You skirt is still in the club isn’t it, your shirt… I tossed it with mine onto the couch. But use mine for now, it’s more every day clothes." -05:27 Sep 20
Georgia: She wasn’t going to argue that! Georgia quickly pulled the shirt over her head. It wasn’t too big to swallow her, but it was just long enough that she could slip out of bed to stand without showing anything off. …Oooh, but she was wincing the moment she stood and straightened. Reminding her of those moments last night and making her face flush red. She never would have imagined Heris to act like that before… maybe it was the influence of running a demon’s club? "And my shoes?" -05:31 Sep 20
Heris: "Around here… somewhere" he looked down and pointed to the foot of the bed. Do you want breakfast first? I know a great little bakery around the corner and they have fresh pies every morning. I used to get on my way past to get to school." -05:41 Sep 20
Georgia: "Breakfast would be great." …she was definitely ravenous! And this shift in his behavior had her a little unsettled. If it weren’t for all of the soreness, Georgia might’ve wondered if it were all just a really weird dream. Once she was fully dressed, shoes and all, and ran her hands through her hair enough to not look like she just rolled out of bed, she stood by him and was once again giving that inquisitive examining gaze. "Are you okay…? You don’t have to be nice to me now, if you regret last night…" -05:46 Sep 20
Heris: He looked at her and then at his feet and then took both her hands in both of his. "Georgia, I’ve liked you for a long time, I may have even though I lovd you. I don’t want to hurt you I just want to be with you. Last night was… I shouldn’t have invited you, I should have invited you out today instead. It was dangerous and I’m sorry. You’re just always talkign about demons and I wanted you to see them in thier natural enviroment and I got carried away. I didn’t want to hurt you. I just want to be with you." -05:51 Sep 20
Georgia: "Heris, I…" How sweet! Really sweet, and Georgia decided she forgave him as she looked down at her hands in his. He was kind and warm and… really warm. More like, unusually hot! And it dawned on her that there was no way a human could own a club like that. No way a human would behave the way he did last night… or do what he did with her! Georgia snatched her hands away and took a few surprised steps back. "You- you’re a demon!" -05:57 Sep 20
[(Timeout) Heris was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:24 Sep 20
[Heris enters.] -06:25 Sep 20
Heris: He opened his mouth to speak but it just hung open as he looked at her and he quickly shut it again. Then he swallowed. "Yes, I am, but I grew up mostly here on earth. I consider myself a human, mentally." he was worried about that she would be thinking. "I didn’t know I was hiding that I wasn’t from you. I though it was obvious!" -06:31 Sep 20
Georgia: "Obvious! There is nothing obvious about you!" In fact, Georgia couldn’t think of anything he did that was even remotely demon-like… well… up until last night! Now if she told him that being a demon scared her to death, he might hate her! Georgia was wringing her wrists, trying to decide what to do… did it make a difference? It kind of did! "…this is a lot at once!" -06:36 Sep 20
Heris: He placed a hand on top of hers. A touch as light as a feather and he hoped less invasive than taking her hand fully. "Well you know me pretty well Georgia, better than anyone, so tell me if I’m wrong. Do I behave like a demon more than I do a human?" -06:40 Sep 20
Georgia: Georgia shook her head softly. Out of all the time she knew him, he had always been really nice to her. Even last night he hadn’t exactly did anything wrong. She still looked a little unsure, but she relaxed considerably. "I guess you have been yourself the whole time… it’s just me that knows more?" -06:44 Sep 20
Heris: He broke and threw both arms around her in a hug that pressed his cheek against her ear. "If you want to not be my girldfriend until you’re used to it I’ll understand. We could just be regular friends with no kissing and no…" his cheeks went red. "… last night." -06:49 Sep 20
Georgia: Girlfriend, aww..! Georgia was melting all over again, and despite fear or second guessing she was swinging her arms around his waist and burying her face at his shoulder. She was at that weird midway point between crying and laughing, but the smile eventually won out when she took in a deep breath. "I still want to be your girlfriend! With the kissing and the um, last night, but…! Maybe a little slower this time?" Georgia tilted her head back up, with a slight sheepish grin. "Just a little bit." -06:54 Sep 20
Heris: He pulled back to find her lips in a soft kiss. "Okay, I didn’t want to hurt you." he sighed and nuzzled into her cheek. "I’m really happy you want to be my girlfriend, I was very nervous when I acted you here. I…" he just kissed ehr again and sighed. "… that." -06:58 Sep 20
Georgia: "That’s a good way to explain." Georgia was grinning wider now. This was the more familiar feeling. Of lighted headed crushing and an that inability to stop smiling. Georgia leaned on her toes to kiss his cheek quickly. "So we’ll stop being nervous and worrying! Lets have a real first date? A good one!" -07:03 Sep 20
Heris: He relaxed with a sigh and pulled away. "To the movies! Do you want to go to your place first to get clothes?" he was grinning so wide we has practically beaming. "Everything is on me, this place makes quite a bit so you don’t have to worry, I have plenty." -07:06 Sep 20
Georgia: "I guess this explains why you said you didn’t have any major plans after graduation." He owned a business, a really scary, but kind cool business. Georgia nodded her head quickly. "I’d like to change clothes, yeah. Um…" She couldn’t stop staring! Okay, maybe that was kinda of normal for her, but now she was trying to spot things she might have never noticed. He didn’t look like a demon… "..right! Lets go?" -07:10 Sep 20
Heris: He took her hand and started moving to the door, out into the spacious living room and out into an alley that ran next to the club. A was to get to the street without having to go through it. "How did you get here?" it was a relevant question. Maybe he’d have to drive. -07:16 Sep 20
Georgia: "I took a taxi. Hmm, I guess I’m gonna have to buy a car now if I want to start a business…" Georgia had her business plan all ready to go and now… Now she had a demon boyfriend! That really shook things up a bit! She squeezed his hand, leaning to eye him again. What if he had horns and a tail? Would he look like that giant one she touched last night? -07:19 Sep 20
Heris: "If you need help…" he left the sentence unfinished as he let go of her hand and pulled a key out of his pocked to unlock a storage locker and pulling the door out an up to reveal his oldsmobile. Restored but not souped up, nothing flashy just simply as it was when it came out. He liked it that way and this wasn’t her first time seeing it. "Want to drive?" -07:26 Sep 20
Georgia: "Are you going to be the sort of boyfriend that bribes me with presents?" she teased him, and was immediately taking the keys! Cars weren’t her thing, and driving wasn’t her favorite, but she did really like his old car just because it made her feel like one of those old noir detectives. She was hopping in the driver’s seat and slipping off her shoes so she could drive proper. -07:40 Sep 20
Heris: He got into the passenger seat and pulled on his seatbelt. "You mean kisses arn’t enoug? I’m not going to buy your affection Georgia. But I will get things for you that make you smile. But I did that already, and so did you." -07:48 Sep 20
Georgia: Georgia cast him a beaming flirty smile, turning the ignition and setting off the minute he was settled. "You’ve had my affection since I met you, Heris…" The only downside to driving was that she couldn’t touch him, and now that she had free reign to do so without worrying about how he would perceive it…. Georgia really wanted to! "I’ll take all the kisses you can give me, and then some!" -07:53 Sep 20
Heris: He was grinning and quickly leaned to kiss her cheek and then sit back in his seat. He didn’t want to cause and accident by distracting her! But he couldn’t help but smile, lean over nad put on the radio, the one ‘upgrade’ he had done and found a station with a good song he could sing along to! -07:58 Sep 20
Georgia: Her mood had done a major shift since waking up. Now her sore body was the last thing on her mind, as she cheerily drove them to her apartment building. She loved his voice… he was so much more like an angel than a demon! Her apartment wasn’t too far away, so it was no time before she was parking in a free space at the sidewalk, pulling out the keys and giving him that grin again. -08:06 Sep 20
Heris: He took the time to take her hand and his shoulders bobing in time with the music even though it has stopped moved closer to kiss her cheek, he was doing that a lot, too much? before getting out and closing the door. This was, suprisingly his first time to her place, except once or twose with daytime study sessions. "I need an iPod… then the music wouldn’t stop with the engine…." -08:12 Sep 20
Georgia: Georgia was doing a great job keeping those delighted squeaks of joy to herself. The last thing she wanted to do was embarrass herself because she couldn’t keep her excitement contained. She caught up quick, leading the way in to the old building, too old to even have an elevator, and up the big set of steps. "I’m kinda surprised you don’t have one already! You’re always singing along with stuff." -08:15 Sep 20
Heris: "If I got an ipod then it would mean I have a static selection of tracks and if I want new ones I’ll need a computer. I don’t want a computer. Unless I get one with a radio…" he was scratching his chin and thinking it over. "Maybe after the movie." He folloed her up the stairs his hand closing around hers and grinning at her. -08:21 Sep 20
Georgia: "Don’t you need a computer when running a business, anyway?" He took her hand and it was good they reached her floor, because she probably would have missed a step. Georgia let them in to her apartment after dealing with her tricky locks. "I’ll only be a minute of two." …that is, if she could let go of him! Georgia was lingering. -08:25 Sep 20
Heris: He say the look in her eyes and he went red and then turnd to catch her lips iin a slow, soft kiss thay lingered on and then he nuzzled against her. "Better get to that door." he whispered. "Or we’ll never get inside." -08:31 Sep 20
Georgia: What door? At the moment all she could think about was how nice he smelled and how his mouth made hers tingle… "Oh, right! Door." Georgia cleared her throat, pushing it open and stepping aside so he could come in. The it was closed quick and she was rushing off to her room. "…ignore my mess, okay? I kinda went a little overboard trying to find something to wear yesterday." -08:35 Sep 20
Heris: "Well the succeded at least?" he sat in a chair and waited. He place was small compared to his but he kind of liked it. "Oh we forgot the pies!" he suddenly called out… "Uhhh… I’ll bring some to you tomorow, here?" -08:41 Sep 20
Georgia: She was laughing in the other room, pulling off her borrowed clothes as quickly as she could. "Yeah, I guess I’ll be here a lot until I find a place for my office!" Georgia paused as she passed the mirror, turning to look at her reflection in surprise and run her hand over her skin. Lots of bruises…! Most of them were faint, but they were there none the less. He really was very rough… So strange! She snatched up a clean dress that’d hide most of it and tugged on a pair of boots. At least she understood how he could get carried away. She was pretty tempted to ask if they could stay in for snuggles… "I think I’m ready?" -08:47 Sep 20
Heris: He stood and grabbed her hand bumping shoulders with her, grinning. "I mike this dress, you were wearing it when I met you." he sisn’t know if she rememebred that or not, but it was squee-worthy that she was wearing it for thier first date. -08:54 Sep 20
Georgia: "You remember what I was wearing..?" So sweet…! If he hadn’t subdued her in to a blissful smile, she might have awwwed at him. Squeezing his hand, she was tilting up on her toes again. Brushing a lingering kiss against his cheek. Now she really just wanted to cuddle him. "You’re sweet, Heris… I’m so glad I’m your girlfriend now." -08:59 Sep 20
The Other Side

The Other Side 001: His Secret Nightlife

[Heris is a young demon who has just graduated from human school, so its time to party in his very own club, and invite a special guest!] -04:43 Sep 18
[Georgia Kimble is just an average human with an above average curiosity streak. And she has no idea what she’s got in to.] -04:45 Sep 18
Georgia: She -should- be at the University’s Graduation party. but… why do that when she got a REAL party invitation, to a place that had demon activity and was from someone she might’ve sorta had the tiniest of crushes on? That was why she was dressed in the only thing Georgia thought was ‘club worthy’. Her ONE skirt that was too short, and sparkly tank top borrowed from a teenage neighbor. At the door she was met with a gruff voice and a set of eyes that looked… a little creepy! Georgia fumbled for the card, handing it quickly through the little window. Then she waited with baited breath as the door locks were being slid open. This was kind of exciting! -04:50 Sep 18

“Miss Kimble?” the bounser said though the window before the bolt slid open and the dorr swund inwards. “The proprieter will be very happy you came.” the han was big, wings straping the ceiling big… bow the hell did he get clothes that size big and was very obviosly a demon! “Hey take the door, the special guest has arived, I’ll take her to the boss.” he turned and his tail, thich like a dragon’s almost knocked over the sofa he had obviously bees titting on waiting for people to knock and headed down the corridor and though the curtains into the club proper. -Heris

Georgia: The last thing Georgia expect was to see full blown totally obvious demon standing several feet taller than her with wings and tail and…! At least she didn’t faint. She -was- holding her breath and looking like a wide-eyed deer in headlights, even as she crossed the threshold to follow. She was trying to remember all the things Heris said about this place when he invited her, and now she was wishing she had listened a little harder! Georgia was unprepared! -05:01 Sep 18

The demon waited for her to put an hand on hr woulder and a wing half around her as they moved past the tables and demons, none of which were hiding what they were. “There he is.” he say as more tables bame into view and Heris was at one of them his arm firmly around a topless demon and looking at the stage as the demon seemed to be niddling his neck, the sage meanwhile had a live band, surprisingly with human insraments even if there were no humans in it. “Boss.” the demon said and Heris turned and then whispered to his companion wh slipped out of her seat and left quietly, then he was beconing Georgia closer. -Heris

Georgia: Suddenly she was feeling a little -under- dressed. If only because it would be nice to have more clothes between her and… everything! Georgia had her arms crossed, and really the only thing that was keeping her from turning around and running was that hand on her shoulder, the wing blocking her way, and that small wondering if demons were like dogs and would chase anything than ran! She was relieved to see Heris and was stepping away from that demon quick… but she was just as quick to pause when she reached him. Looking him up and down curiously. "You um…. downplayed this party a bit…" she cast a look over her shoulder. -05:13 Sep 18
Heris: He put a hand on her shoulder and signaled the bouncer to return to his post. "I said there would be demons, this is how demons party." he put an arm around her and started walking to a corner table, where they would have more privacy. "This Geogia is the imfamous all-demon club you’ve been hearng about. So what do you think?" he looked her in the eyes and paused at his chosen table. "Because tonight you get to experience what it has to offer." -05:17 Sep 18
Georgia: "You might have mentioned it was nothing -but- demons!" At least she was holding it together. Keeping a neutral expression, even if half the time she was still holding her breath. And even if she was standing close enough to him to use him as a shield. Mentioning she might’ve had a little phobia of demons in the middle of an all demon club wouldn’t be the greatest idea. "…maybe you did. I don’t know, I am a little.. um… surprised, I guess." -05:25 Sep 18
Heris: "You’re always saying that you want to learn more about demons." he said sitting on the couch and pulling her down with him, Where better than here, and you’re safe here with me. Youre under my protection. No one here wants to upset me, trust me, or they’d never come back and this is th eonly place where they can be themselves." -05:28 Sep 18
Georgia: "I do want to know more…" Of course, she was saying that to remind herself. Sitting was good though. Georgia wasn’t sure she could trust her legs any more. And now she had a very good view of… everything! She didn’t know if she wanted to look away or stare. Georgia finally settled on turning to give him a questioning stare. "…They don’t want to upset you? Do you come here a lot?" -05:34 Sep 18
Georgia: "I do want to know more…" Of course, she was saying that to remind herself. Sitting was good though. Georgia wasn’t sure she could trust her legs any more. And now she had a very good view of… everything! She didn’t know if she wanted to look away or stare. Georgia finally settled on turning to give him a questioning stare. "…They don’t want to upset you? Do you come here a lot?" -05:34 Sep 18
Heris: He looked at her and grinned, a self-asured grin at he started into her eyes and he leaned in to grab her chin and push his lips into hers toftly as he signaled for two drinks. "I like you Georgia." he said softly pulling ever so softly away. "And no one here wants to upset me because I own the place." he kissed her again softly before turning to slide a tonue against her ear and pull away. -05:39 Sep 18
[Georgia enters.] -05:48 Sep 18
Georgia: And just like that, she forgot why she was there. Or remembered why she was there? Holding a secret crush on someone for over a year tended to blur the line a bit. Georgia lost her voice. Trapped flushing in the moment without a breath. Both elated and… completely confused! His response registered and she tried to bring herself back down to reality. "You own the place? You own a demon club?" Georgia was turning her head to look out at the room again. …how many secrets did he have! -05:53 Sep 18
Heris: "Yes, I own the place." the brinks were placed on the takes and after another quick kiss he lifted his to his lips and sipped is. "That’s why I’m here every night, I have to look after it and make sure my clients and employess are happy, you don’t want unhappy demons here. And if they very thier… needs.. here then there’s fewer humans in danger, now drink up, its safe, its just alcohol." -05:57 Sep 18
Georgia: Georgia wasn’t one for alcohol, but in this case she was going to make an exception. She immediately picked up the glass and downed it quick. Following up with a small cough and a slow release of that gulp of air she was holding in a slow, hopefully calming hiss. Heris ran a demon club. Every night even! Which would explain why he couldn’t come out to study groups or field trips and…. Georgia leaned back in the seat. "I guess that explains why you passed classes with flying colors?" She cast a weak grin, still a little unsettled! -06:02 Sep 18
[(Timeout) Georgia was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -06:13 Sep 18
[Heris enters.] -06:14 Sep 18
Heris: He tilted his head. "I’m the same age as you Geogia, and I have never lied to you, but I did keep the fact that I had a crush on you hidden. Which was maybe a mistake. But I run this place and you had homework most nights." he downed his drink following her example and signalled for two more before he leaned down to kiss the side of her neck, then nip it. "But I do like you, and tonight I want to show it. Do you like me?" -06:17 Sep 18
[(Timeout) Heris was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -06:31 Sep 18
Georgia: "I um…!" This was a lot coming at her at once. And definitely wasn’t the sort of place she had imagined for all of her crush-confession daydreams. "I do like you, I have for awhile…" That was easier to get out than she thought it would be, but it was barely above a whisper. He had her at a disadvantage! -06:31 Sep 18
Heris: He grinned against her neck and placed hsi free hand on her chin to pull her into another kiss his teeth biting her lower lip as he ran his nails across the back of her neck. "Feel like dancing? You’re dressed for it." -06:33 Sep 18
Georgia: He was giving her goosebumps! For a second she almost forgot where they were, returning that kiss with a very shy application of pressure before she was pulling away and giving a not-so-sure look. "Dance? Um, I don’t know about that… I’m not all that great with dancing and.." And there were demons -everywhere-. Could they smell fear too? Because she was having some pretty wild visions of getting mauled by blood thirsty drunk demons! -06:40 Sep 18
Heris: He grabbed her hair and pulled her head aside to rn his tongue from her shoulder all the way up the side of her neck to her ear to draw it between his teeth and pull on it and suck on it as he ran his tongue agaist it. He had been wanting her in his arms for a long time and now she was here, in his kingdom. -06:43 Sep 18
Georgia: A small surprised gasp slipped out, but she didn’t move. At least not any more than squirming slightly in her seat. Anyone else she might have slapped, but this was Heris and… even if it wasn’t that sweet interlude she was expected, she was rooted to the spot. "Are you… a little drunk?" -06:48 Sep 18
Heris: "Maybe." he breathed, barely above a whisper. "Or maybe I just really really like you." he placed a hand on her leg and pulled back examining her face. "Not enjoying yourself?" -06:53 Sep 18
Georgia: Georgia was glancing back at him, just as much question to her expression as she examined his. Chewing on her bottom lip, she reached out to brush her fingertips against his cheek. She really liked him too. "I am… just a little nervous." she admitted, casting a sheepish smile while she shrugged her shoulders. "I don’t really date, you know I don’t and…" she glanced quickly at the room. "And I guess I feel a little out of place… But I do like you, so much. " -07:01 Sep 18
Heris: "Understandable, you are only the second human to ever enter here." he slid out of the table and took her hand to pull her with him. "All of this in mine you have nothing to fear, I invited you here so you could have a good time and learn about the creatures the fascinate you." he clicked his fingers and gestured to one of the staff who, as he put an arm around Georgia’s shoulders came up to them. "See theres nothing to be afraid of, they know you’re mine and would never do anything to displease me. This is my kingdom. Go ahead, toutch, he won’t do anything." -07:18 Sep 18
[Heris enters.] -07:24 Sep 18
Georgia: It didn’t register exactly what it meant for him to own the place. She was too busy blushing at the fact he called her his. That was both awesome, and a little scary at the same time! Georgia would be lying to herself if she denied her interest in knowing more, and even touching. So she swallowed that sinking fear to reach out slowly, still a little wary about biting, to touch brush her hand over that poor employee’s arm. The guy probably thought this was ridiculous. -07:24 Sep 18
Heris: He was still grinning baout the fact that she came and that she liked him as the employee, as told, stood as still as a statue. "If you have questions…" his arm was tight around her, posessivly tight. ".. I’d share anything with my girlfriend. Part fo the reason I’m gowing you my place I have here." -07:34 Sep 18
Georgia: Girlfriend! Georgia retracted her hand quickly and in a split second she was giving him a bright smile. Her nerves were forgotten for the moment, replaced by that sudden want to squeal with delight. He said girlfriend. "…do you really want me to be your girlfriend? Not that I’m objecting at all! That would be awesome and I-" She was going to fall in to a fit of giggling at this rate. Georgia clamped her mouth shut and tried to surpress that urge! -07:38 Sep 18
Heris: Prom nervous to motormouth with just one word, he waved the employee away and put both hands around her and pushed his lips hard against hers before a hand came up to run over her cheek and down the side of her neck. "Does that answer your question?" he nipped her lower lip and pulled on it with his teeth. "We’ve graduated, we’re free of school, I already have a job so I have the time to show how I feel now. You don’t know how hard holding it back has been." -07:45 Sep 18
[(Timeout) Heris has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -07:51 Sep 18
Georgia: This was like seeing a whole new side to him, and she was too swept up by it to notice all of the things she might’ve been concerned about. Georgia was still a little tentative about kissing him back, but she couldn’t stop grinning and now she was curling her fingers in to his shirt. "You could have told me so much sooner? I wouldn’t have said no, even with classes." -07:51 Sep 18
Heris: "Classes in the morning, homework in the afternoon, here at night, where would I find time for sex with you in that?" he asked "Or a date at a diner, walks in the city… any of that." he pulled her arm around him and started walking back to the side of the room and back towards the tables. "But that all changes tonight." -07:57 Sep 18
Georgia: Sex! That might’ve been jumping ahead a few steps. But Georgia was thrilled at the idea of walks and dates and maybe a lot more kissing. And now without school to be concerned over, there really was time. He must have thought over it for awhile now! "I had to borrow the shirt… and this skirt is driving me crazy. But I guess it looks right for a place like this." That’s right, club full of demons! At least now her nerves had simmered down. It was his place and she’d be safe there. That meant all the exploring she wanted without worrying about getting murdered! "So you never allowed humans in here? That’s gotta be a little weird, right?" -08:02 Sep 18
Heris: "Wierd… why?" he asked as they arived at the table. "Nevermind I have a better idea." a better idea born of a suble change in the air, almosy impercievable, and in a second he had pulled off his shirt and picjed her up to sit her on the table an was pulling her skirt down her legs. "If it iritates you let’s get rid of it." -08:07 Sep 18
Georgia: "Wait! Um..!" The soft squeak wasn’t much of a protest, and it would have been easy enough to start swatting at him. But she might’ve been a little bedazzled by the fact his shirt was gone. And she wasn’t one of those girls that wore bikinis all the time then freaked about being in their underwear,..right? And he wasn’t wearing a shirt! That was crazy sexy! "Okay…! No skirt, not like it was really hiding much anyway and um-" she gestured at his chest, not really sure where she was going with that. She was blanking! -08:13 Sep 18
Heris: He pressed up gaianst the table and pulled her up to him his hand on the back of her head and pulling her into a deep kiss, his tongue pusing between her lips and invading her mouth as he pulled on her hair his other hand on her bac to pull thier stomachs together. He had no thought of modesty, or hesitation. This happened in the club all the time, and they weren’t the only ones getting frisky. -08:17 Sep 18
Georgia: Her eyes widened with surprise and she pushed her hands against his shoulders, though she wasn’t shoving him away. In fact, she seemed to be caving to impulse with a faint sigh. Her mouth opening to him as she wound her arms gently around his neck. They were in public, and she was painfully aware of it… but that little twinge of a thrill was getting her. -08:25 Sep 18
Heris: He broke away just enough to pull her shirt up off of her and then pulled her back against him, his stin pressing into hers and burning with sensation. Then his hand was slipping down between them and pulling himself out before sliding up to cup her bra. Too fast? Probably not, he had been waiting months for this! -08:29 Sep 18
Georgia: This was going way, way too fast! If she were thinking, she would have stopped it several articles of clothing ago. And she couldn’t even blame it on alcohol. But his skin was hot against hers, and the intensity of his stare had her transfixed. It was Georgia leaning forward to capture his mouth, a clumsy but intent ravishing of his mouth! -08:35 Sep 18
Heris: He played his tonue across her lip as he pulled her pantues aside and pulling her hips to the edge of the table pushed his tip between her lip and thrust into her. His hip leeting her was accompanied by a heavy grunt and then a long sigh from him, he was in her and it felt every bit as good as he thought it would. His teeth had clamped around her lip and he was sucking it hard as he drew back and thrust again before he let go and few her hear him moan. -08:40 Sep 18
[Georgia enters.] -08:47 Sep 18
Georgia: A startled sound escaped her, followed by a sharp intake of breath. The tenseness faded quickly, leaving a rush of warmth shooting all the way down to her toes. Georgia almost melted around him. There was that worry about where they were, but she didn’t want him to stop! -08:52 Sep 18
Heris: He pulled out and thurst again, feeling her react the only signal he needed to continue and and push harder his lips finding hers and sliding as he nuzzled and kisse her, one hand holding her against him and the other keeping her hips in place as he felt the tingling start, and a burning coming with it that hand him grip her tighter. -08:56 Sep 18
Georgia: It was too soon, and it was also too late! And would have been another lie to say she didn’t want it at that moment. The more her pushed, the more she fell. Slipping her fingers in to his hair and holding her arms tight around his neck while her legs were rubbing up and down against his as she squirmed. -09:01 Sep 18
[(Timeout) Georgia was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -09:07 Sep 18
Heris: He clawed at her back as he pushed harder a groan passing from his lips to hers. He could feel it coming, the delicious, sinful rush about to consume him but he held in in check, for her, to give her as much as he could before he toppled. He grabbed her hair to pull her head back and gaved into her eyes, wanting to see the moment when she caved. -09:07 Sep 18
Georgia: This was overwhelming! All consuming! Intoxicating and insane… the soft mewls she made didn’t sound like herself at all! But she was gone, lost with that intense look in his eyes. Until she was gasping for air and clinging to him, at the sudden tensing and tingling of her body. The feeling was more than dizzying! -09:17 Sep 18
Heris: Her face, the way her lips seemed to quiver.. her eyes, the feeling eminating from her pupils and he was gone. Pulling her against him and cradling her so his a nail slip down her spine as he let out a song slow breath that had been caught in his throat. "Mmmmmm" he sighed and kissed the side of her neck and lifted her from the table, cradled her abainst her and slung bother thier shirts over his shoulder. "Time for you to see me room." he said navitang the mass of writhing bodies and sticking close to the edge. "My condo is attatched to the club." -09:24 Sep 18