Brooding Darkness: Character Listings

There are several characters in the Brooding Darkness Sagas and they have been organized in these three sections! Many characters have changed players over the course of the game, and some are only minor characters that appeared for a brief time. Characters are coupled with their official game bio when available. Beware! Spoilers are abundant!


Autumn Riktophen/Kristof
Autumn, a beautiful Victorian woman with flaming red hair and the incredibly odd gift of seeing a being’s ‘true self’ through the lenses of her camera. Forced to marry the very vile Baron Lorant Riktophen by her father, and then widowed after his death, she was left to care after his senile mother, Anastasia Riktophen. By mere chance she met the angel Raziel in the park and then Johnathon Morris, all the while Anastasia was busy invoking the spirit of Lilith resurrecting her dead son with the help of Belial and melding his soul with the demon Azazel. When her spirit was reborn again in the present date as Autumn Kristof, a distant grand-daughter down the family line, she still bares the same traits and special gift of ‘sight’ through her photography. Kris as she likes to be called, is not scared by the fears that marked her in her past life, and has grown to be a strong and independent women! First appearance, Brooding Darkness C.01. Played by Diana.

Johnathon Morris
Johnathan (he loathes being called merely “John”) was, in his time, one of the most talented up-and-coming devil slayers in Europe. During the events of the original Brooding Darkness, Johnathan tangled with his rival, Samael Norse, in a wizard’s duel. The end result was a slew of demons and devils flying to Earth from the pits of Hell, including Lilith herself. Johnathan labored for months to round up all the demons he had helped to release, and it was a definite task for the young slayer, as he had attempted to run away from his filial responsibilities for most of his life. Somehow, he managed to survive his intense baptism of fire, and grew to become a talented hunter in his own right, more than worthy of his family name. It was a chance meeting in a park that he came across Autumn Riktophen, whose stepmother was possessed by Lilith, and her deceased-husband taken over by the warlord Azazel. It was Johnathan, along with Samael, who assisted in the recapture of Azazel, in a climactic battle at the demon Moloch’s manor. First appearance, Brooding Darkness C.00. Played By Alex.

Samael Norse
Samael Norse was a great doctor on his own right, but it wasn’t enough for him. He sold his soul to Belial for miraculous healing skills and luck as a surgeon, but when his colleges and church become suspicious of his skills he was thrown out of his field. Upset that his sacrifice brought him no gain, he studied occultism so that he could seek out Belial and ask for his soul to be returned. When it comes to Johnathon Morris, not even he can remember when their feud began, but he has always hated the man with a passion. This feud between the two hit its peak when a summoning gone wrong caused a rip in the seal over the abyss. The crack in the abyss set loose many demons on the London streets, including high archdemons.. and eventually allowing the possible escape of Azazel himself. It was with slight reluctance that he agreed to work with Johnathon to correct the chaos they had created, and in the final battle, Samael sacrificed his own life to return Azazel to the abyss. First appearance, Brooding Darkness C.00. Played by Diana, guest player Alex.

Kevin Smith
Kevin was born and raised on the outskirts of London. He lived in a happy family, but something always seemed to trouble him; he was always uneasy on the inside. After the harsh death of his mother, and being in a deep depression of guilt Kevin decided to learn magic from a master he knew in the area. Within a few years Kevin learned the art of Healing, and decided to make a trip to the city. In London he met, Uriel whom he knew as Frost Spencer a young girl he had saved the life of years before. Though curious about the strange going ons of Frost and her odd companions, he was never able to learn the truth about her disapearance. First appearance, Brooding Darkness.

Trevor Morris
Trevor is Johnathan Morris’s descendant by more than a century, though the only thing they share is a last name. Whereas Johnathan was a good representation of a humble and chivalrous knight, Trevor is a born-and-bred, fast-paced New Yorker, who takes nothing for granted, gets along with nobody at all, and has a temper that simply must be seen to be believed. Trevor’s entire existence has, in fact, been predestined–both he and his brother, Christopher (older by three or four years), have Moloch’s seal burned into their souls; a burden acquired by Johnathan himself years ago. Whereas Christopher gave in to his dark side, however, Trevor remained pure–truly, he is ignorant of the taint altogether, which probably helped him fight it. Trevor’s burning temper and powerful sense of justice give him a strong spirit and determined attitude, making him the most powerful Morris, if not the most powerful slayer, currently walking the earth. Trevor’s biggest source of evil comes from Kris, his only real friend, who has an uncanny knack for attracting the worst kinds of darkness there are. First appearance, Shadows Beneath C.00. Played by Alex.

Jadziin Dujalthu

A female rune mage, located in a small European village isolated from the outside world. Jadziin’s destiny was to sally forth and fight evil, and she did, alongside her partner, Trevor Morris. A powerful spell caster in her own right, Jadziin was still no match for Trevor’s wicked brother, Christopher. Jadziin was slain when one of her own arrows pierced through her neck. First appearance, Shadows Beneath C.04.

Alistaire MacCoule
Much like Trevor Morris, Alistaire comes from a long line of demon slayers, most of whom operate in Scotland the British Isles. Alistaire himself is physically weak, but carries with him a legendary claymore, Stormbringer, that has the power to absorb demon souls and channel them into Alistaire to augment his strength and stamina. Alistaire was the partner to Ana Gordon, and was very much in love with her (though he was afraid to tell her), but his career was ended abruptly by a demon beast in a London museum. With his dying breath, he confessed his affections to Ana. First appearance, Shadows Beneath C.01.

Christopher Morris
Christopher Morris’ tale is one of tragedy and sorrow. As the first son of Simon Morris, he was supposed to inherit his father’s formidable skills and power in the fight against evil, but fate had other plans for the young man. From an early age, young Christopher was introverted and quiet, keeping mostly to himself, and showing little interest in his father’s work. At the age of seven, Simon could no longer control Christopher, and sent him away to a church in the Ural Mountains in eastern Europe, hoping the monks there could tame his wild spirit and dark impulses. Christopher spent all his time in the church library, and when he had learned all he could, he took his favorite books from the shelves, and burned the church to the ground. For the next twenty years, he dedicated his life to becoming the absolute anthesis of everything his father and his brother stood for. Christopher was the one who assisted Azazel in returning to the mortal plane, and also killed Jadziin Dujalthu during his first meeting with Trevor in two decades. First appearance, Shadows Beneath C.02. Played by Kyo.

Allison Elda
Pure (Italian!) human blood runs through Allison’s veins, and with the ignorance of a normal human Allison has no idea what really exists in the world. Thoroughly ignorant of the presence of angels and demons, Allison has dedicated her life to one cause: Forsaken. Or, more to the point: Michael of Forsaken. The groups #1 fan, Allison has worshiped them since she arrived in England and discovered them via Rishta, her best friend. Highly optimistic and with her head in the clouds, many serious things pass this girl’s head; but, that’s okay: as long as she has BeDaZzLeD (her clothing line to be), her friends, her family, and her Forsaken… nothing can go wrong! First appearance, Shadows Beneath C.09. Played by Goddess.

Rachel Masika
A gentle and true lady of London, Rachel makes her life as the Museum Curator and collects fine pieces of ancient relics and magical artifacts. She is greatly interested in her family history, but can’t seem to trace it back any farther than the late 1800’s. Unknown to herself, she and her younger sibling Calina are the descendants of Lucille Grottingsby, the sister of Samael Norse! Alfred Grottingsby, whom hated Samael and his ‘devil’ ways, lied about Lucille’s death when she became pregnant with their child and concealed the family history to hide his children from his brother-in-law. First appearance, Shadows Beneath C.00. Played by Diana.

Calina Masika
Kind-hearted and smart, Calina is the younger sister of Rachel Masika– and the best friend of Ana Gordon. She tends to get into lots of trouble and even causes quite a few catastrophes along the way to drop the upscale rich-kid crap that her sister was raised with and become a hunter just like her idol. Constantly stuffing her face, the girl needs all she can get to give her energy– in order to keep up with her new friend, Tarot. First appearance, Shadows Beneath. Played by Nino.

Arc Windstone

Demon-hunter and drum-playing extraodinaire Arc Windstone is just about the most noble man you’d ever meet. He’s the drummer for Michael Traguott’s band, Forsaken— and strangely, is one of the few friends to Trevor Morris. Upon returning to England, he moved in with Mike and began carrying on the legacy of Windstone hunters. First appearance, Shadows Beneath. Played by Kage.

Vivian and Linus
Vivian and Linus were born to Michelle and Edgard Cynric; their father was Baron James of Cynshire’s younger brother. Upon their parents’ demise, Vivian and Linus passed onto Lord James’s guardianship. Upon His Lordship’s death, Aidan became the Baron and their tutor. Vivian and Linus spend most of the year – and their lives – in boarding schools. They spend little time out and when they do they are sent to Cynshire or touring Europe. They have little time to see Aidan, their mysterious cousin and idol they nickname Broga. They both attend boarding schools and are kept out of trouble behind their ‘gold cage bars’, trained to be nobles of Britain and spoiled rich people. First apperance, Shadows Beneath. Played by Azul.

Evander Knowles
One of three that Michael Traugott affectionately calls his “mates” and fellow members in the hit band Forsaken, Evander is known as the stoic and mysterious of the group. He is silent and brooding, though once in awhile while with trusted company he will come out of his shell and crack a joke or two. Evander’s main concern is for his twin sister Katt as well as his parents. Because of accidents to his family in the past, Evander has a strange obsession with death, and he means to find a “cure” for it by any means possible… First appearance, Shadows Beneath. Played by Diana.

Katt Knowles
Katt is the self proclaimed manager of the band Forsaken and has taken it upon herself to boss the boys around and schedule all their most important appearances. Her twin brother Evander often gets irritated with all her fussing, but everyone knows Katt merely does it out of care for her friends. Katt seems to be the living walking accident, having been in many near-death situations where she has countless of times just barely escaped the talons of death. Whether this is by sheer luck or angelic intervention, she doesn’t know or care. She has a love of life and fears nothing. First appearance, Shadows Beneath C.09. Played by Diana.

Richter Morris
Richter Morris is Trevor’s cousin through Trevor’s aunt, Bethany. Richter was born and raised in Vienna, and is an incredible devil slayer and vampire hunter in his own right. Though the Morris family curse ran its full course through Richter, he inherited a great deal less of Moloch’s taint than Trevor and Christopher have. Richter, and his enchanted sword, Schattenkerl, rarely travel far out of Europe, even on business. The only occasion to this would be visiting his American relatives, and the occasional personal grudge. Though pious and kind-hearted, Richter also has a tendency to be a bit of a loner, and his strong religious upbringing has made him somewhat intolerant towards people who use black magic. Played by Alex.

Simon Morris
Simon Morris is Christopher and Trevor’s father. His wife, Lisa, died shortly after Trevor was born. Though a stern teacher and tough disciplinarian, Simon dearly loves both of his sons, and seeing them at eachother’s throats now is tearing him apart. He knows Moloch’s taint is at work in both of them, but that’s not much of an excuse for him. Secretly, he blames himself for the poor attitudes his children have, and desperately wishes he could do that part of his life over again. He knows he can’t, though, but that doesn’t stop him from dwelling on it occasionally. Simon has retired now, after Trevor took over the family business, and living away from monsters and death has mellowed him out considerably. These days, instead of a bad-tempered devil slayer, he’s merely a foul-mouthed, fun-loving old man, who loves nothing more than to lie on the beach at night and watch the stars come out from his home in Miami. Played by Alex.


Before The Fall, Lilith was the wife of Lucifer. A beautiful and seductive creature whom had an incredible gift of manipulation over men. So consumed with her quest for power, she helped convince Lucifer that a war was the only way to force the Angelic Host to his ideals. During the wars, she betrayed Lucifer by sleeping with other demons, but with her charms she always managed to convince him it was lies. When she became pregnant with her first child, Azazel, she hid until the child was born, as Lucifer would surely doubt the child was his own. After Azazel’s birth she returned with him, as his identical looks to his father was proof enough of his paternity. Lilith also bore another child, Belphegor, whom was not Lucifer’s own, but the spawn of a demon and Lilith’s final betrayel. When the war was lost, Lucifer used the last of his strength to destroy Lilith. Her soul was exiled from the cycle, cursed to drift without a solid form and leeching off bodies she could gain entrance to. Anastasia was her most recent choice, both women baring the similarities and love for their sons. With a promise of power and revenge, Lilith took up host in Anastasia until her death. First appearance, Brooding Darkness C.04. Played by Diana.

Michael Traugott
Chief Archangel of the Heavenly host, but certainly not by choice. Michael has loathed his responsibilities over the others since he was appointed his position, and has tried to escape them ever since. After The Fall and giving Lucifer the killing blow, Michael left heaven to travel the earth. He spent years denouncing his position until the battle between Johnathon Morris and Samael Norse ripped open the seal on the Abyss. Knowing the danger he sought out the angels warning them of the battle to come, and met the soul of his heart Rishta. Eventually accepting his responsibility and fighting in the final battle himself, Michael was rewarded with his death. Reborn in the present date, Michael Traugott is a famous rock star in London, writing songs with meaning deep in his soul! First appearance, Brooding Darkness C.01. Played by Diana, guest player Alex.

First appearance, Brooding Darkness C.01. Played by Draconis.

Adriel Oscar
She is a caring soul, full of warmth and tenderness. Beneath her soft exterior, Adriel is a steel rose; unyielding in her beliefs, steady in her loyalty, constant in love. Adriel is an Angel of Death, Legion Commander under Azrael’s orders. She collected Raphael’s sister’s soul after she was accidentally killed by Beelzebub; afterwards, Adriel took a sisterly role over Raphael. In Victorian London, Adriel lives in a human shell and is a close friend to Raphael, whom she believes is in love with Rishta. During the Second Battle in London, agonizing Mastema revealed to Adriel he loves her. Adriel did not survive the Battle, dying in Raphael’s arms after the Archangel tells her he loves her. Her soul is reborn in a human shell in modern times; she attends London University, unaware of her inhuman past; a Mastema, also reborn and unaware of his past, is her close friend. Raphael Archangel has found her again. First appearance, Brooding Darkness C.01. Played by Azul.


The Head General of the Heavenly Armies. Raphael used to be very hot-tempered, rash, stubborn and possessive in the past (actually he still is, though he’s slightly better now!) due to his twin sister Zeruel’s over-indulgence. Raphael was extremely close to Zeruel. However when the battle of The Fall began, Zeruel was killed by the Arch-Demon Beelzebub, and Raphael had sworn vengeance since then. Raphael left Heaven and lived in England with Adriel who had collected Zeruel’s soul, and whom had become a second kin to Raphael. Upon meeting up with several old friends and during the course of making new friends, Raphael realized that a great battle would be in hand very soon. Unable to put down his anger and hatred for Beelzebub, Raphael eventually blinded himself when the Arch-Demon tortured him with images of his dead old friends. As Archangel Gabriel mortally wounds Beelzebub, Raphael found him and exterminated his enemy finally, though he felt no joy in the act at all once he realized that the Fallen’s love for his sister was true. Raphael eventually took the Heavenly Armies in command and fought Azazel. With his comrades’, Jonathon’s and Samael’s help, Azazel was finally resealed into the Abyss. Raphael left England for a short period after Adriel’s death. However he went back when Tabris was put under his wing by Azrael, and he’s more determined to stay on when he found Adriel’s reincarnation, and that Mastema is courting Adriel! First appearance, Brooding Darkness C.01. Played by Yuuhi.

Rishta Anu Farishta
First appearance, Brooding Darkness C.01. Played by Goddess.

Raziel McCoullagh
Raziel, as a young angel, was determined to collect all of the universe’s knowledge. To this end, he created the Book of Knowledge, a tome that holds all the knowledge has has come across. As he became more experienced, he honed his combat magics against demons during The Fall, and his healing magics on human and angelic wounded. Then came the second war of heaven- brief as it was, it changed everything. Raziel discovered a half-angel called Rishta, daughter of Cadmiel, angel of destiny. And then, Autumn Riktophen– the unfortunate wife of Azazel, who was reincarnated into Autumn’s husband’s body by Belial, the Archdemon who was once Raziel’s pupil. Unrealized, Raziel fell in love with her. The war worsened and Raziel found Belial, spoke to him, and hoped in his heart of hearts that Belial’s defection would eventually lead to his redemption. Raziel left to sacrifice himself in hope that the Host could pull together and destroy Azazel; which they did, after his painful demise. Azrael captured Raziel’s soul and gave it to Rishta to guard until he could return to his post. Raziel was reincarnated and his soul wrest from him once more, leaving him with a body and mind but no memory. As a human in this life, Raziel was born into a poor family and fast earned a scholarship into the most prestigious of schools. Suffering heartbreaks and humiliations, Raziel continued devouring knowledge to an extent that he outstripped his professors. He was offered a completely free ride if he taught; he accepted. First appearance, Brooding Darkness C.02. Played by Draconis.

The archangel of water and healing, Uriel was second to none when it comes to healing abilities. However her seemingly cynical, cold and heartless attitude turns off not only the fallen of the pit, but also most of her angelic peers especially Raphael since she failed (refused?) to save Zeruel. The misunderstanding of Uriel just seems to close the archangel away more than ever, and Gabriel was one of the rare ones who could ever right into her, and love her for who she is. Hence she is very close to Gabriel, much closer than she was to anyone else. Uriel sees matter usually only in black and white – good is good, evil is evil. This flawed thinking of hers made her refuse Mastema’s admittance back to Heaven, which made the latter detest her. Walking in London in a human shell, Uriel was unable to communicate with people once again, and resorted to some extreme means to fill up the loneliness in her. However her life changed when she met with her fellow angels comrades, and she soon joined back into the ranks, though her behavior is still very much the same. In Rishta’s manor, Uriel was battling Tabris the Fallen when Beelzebub descends and killed them both cruelly and without mercy. Under Azrael’s pen, Uriel was reborn as a human with her angel roots sealed for the moment. Now a famous neurologist, Uriel still didn’t change that much, and is crazy about operations which she seems to love so much. First appearance, Brooding Darkness C.04. Played by Yuuhi.

Elder, Head of the Order of Death and Destruction and Archangel of the same Order; she’s also known as Fear Itself and the Dark One. She presides over the darkness of the mortal world and all those in her keeping. Azrael is the only angel that lacks of all Light – from this comes her title “the Dark One”, and she is said to lack of personal emotions. She gave angels the power to kill their brethren; before the this the angels were fully immortal. After Belial joined Lucifer’s rebellion and became an Archdemon, Azrael took the charge of Archangel to oppose him. During the second Battles when Azazel was freed from the Abyss along with his Legions by a Ritual composed by Belial, Azrael and Belial met again. Belial rebelled against Azazel facing his wrath to a near end, being rescued by Azrael. Azazel and his Legions were imprisoned back into the Abyss by a new Seal made by Mortals; Azrael took the souls of the deceased to be judged by the Council of Death and Destruction. Many have been sent to live a human life under different conditions and for different reasons in modern Times; Azrael is to watch over them. Azrael works with the other archangels and Elders to teach and train the angels. She keeps watch over the souls and their eternal cycles of death and rebirth; Azrael keeps the Book of Life and Death with absolute impartiality. Azrael is going through a slow change once she’s accepted Belial back close to her; she intends to help him heal and find his own Self again, but the feelings involved are mysterious to her. First appearance, Brooding Darkness C.04. Played by Azul.

Tabris/Jeremy Doyle
Tabris used to be a legion captain among the Heavenly Army. During the Fall, Tabris betrayed over to Lucifer’s side as the latter had captivated Tabris to a certain degree, thinking that Lucifer would be able to set a new era for the angels. Tabris was swiftly defeated by Raphael during the battle and grew to harbor a grudge against him. Reborn in a human body, Tabris fell in love with hybrid angel Rishta, only to be met with the obstacle of Michael. Tabris lost his mind and rationality by the ‘spurning’ of Rishta. Upon the provoking of Beelzebub, Tabris flew to Angel Manor in the hope of getting rid of Michael and any other angels possible only to be met with the betrayal of the archdemon Beelzebub himself, blown to pieces. Still a young angel easy to be led astray, the Council decided to give Tabris one last chance – placing the Fallen under the guidance of Raphael in the identity of a human boy Jeremy Doyle whom once again, fell for the reincarnated Rishta. First appearance, Brooding Darkness C.05. Played by Yuuhi.

Archdemon – The Necromancer. Belial initiated the Dark Arts and he is the top of the Necromancy chain of power. He’s a former Angel of Death and Destruction, once assistant to Azrael and candidate to become the Archangel of his Order before the Fall. Belial had a secret love for Azrael which turned into bitter hatred once he became an Archdemon and she became the Archangel and his enemy. He escaped from the Abyss after the First Seal was created. Trying to rip his love for Azrael from his soul, he used a Ritual on himself that failed, splitting him in two semblances of himself, Light and Darkness (Angel and Aramis). Driven to London in Victorian times by the demonic Gathering upon the Gathering of the Heavenly Host’s Armies and Azrael’s presence, Belial used a Ritual to break the Seal of the Abyss and free Azazel his Legions with the aid of Moloch. Belial eventually rebelled against Azazel; After the Battles and yet rejected by most of the Angelic Host, Belial agreed to be judged by the Council of the Order of Death and Destruction; he’s been given a chance to repent and unmake his evil deeds. In modern times, Belial is back in London, under Azrael’s supervision; he works as professor in London University. Belial keeps his angelic powers and strength whole, but he is subject to report his actions to the Order through one of Azrael’s agents, Genesis the Angel of Creation and Rebirth – his psychologist. First appearance, Brooding Darkness C.06. Played by Azul.


One of the strongest archdemons, and was the General under Azazel. Beelzebub wasn’t the perfect loyalist but neither is he a traitor. He fought for Lucifer and himself until the end, even killing Zeruel whom he loved in the process, incurring the wrath and hatred of Raphael the Head General of the Heavenly Armies. Beelzebub managed to escape from the Abyss due to crack in the seal and took over the body of a young human male. Beelzebub found Azazel and joined in his ranks once again, though he really detest the latter whom he called ‘The Brat’ behind the back. Yet hidden behind the tough exterior of the archdemon was the weak interior of the angel he used to be – rejected and looked down upon by several of his fellow angels until he took it his destiny to follow Lucifer into rebellion and The Fall. Beelzebub was finally slain by Raphael just before the final battle with Azazel, and he died in peace. Whatever became of Beelzebub after that was unknown and the people who knew were possibly Azrael or Belial. First appearance, Brooding Darkness. Played by Yuuhi.

Mastema/Connor McFadden
A former Angel of Death and Destruction, Mastema was a Guardian of the Heaven Gates before the Fall. He followed Belial into the Abyss and returned, but he wasn’t admitted back in Heaven because Urial Archangel voted against his admittance. After the Battles he was imprisoned in the Abyss with the Armies. Mastema was able to leave the Abyss once the Seal of the Abyss was broken by the Ritual cast by Belial with the aid of Moloch and fueled by Azazel’s power. Once Belial rebelled against Azazel, Mastema followed Belial along with part of Belial’s legions which remained loyal to him. Mastema got killed by Moloch in the Battle between the Angelic Host Armies and the Armies from the Abyss; in his agony he confessed Adriel, an angel of Death, his love for her. In modern times, he’s reborn in a human shell unaware of his inhuman past. He attends London University and once more meets Adriel, his love interest. First appearance, Brooding Darkness. Played by Azul.

Genesis D’Allesandri
Angel of Creation and Rebirth… and psychologist to all! Cursed to an eternity of endlessly doing her job, Genesis thinks of little else but her work. No regrets or promises, Genesis has no qualms about speaking her opinion, despite the risk of getting in trouble with her superiors. Her most focused task is to retrieve the souls Azazel has bonded with and return them to the life cycle. But distractions of a more personal level have kept her for completing her goal! First appearance, Shadows Beneath C.07. Played by Diana.

Lucifer/Lucca Marzari
A former high-ranked angel in the Order of Knowledge, Lucifer was regarded as the most intelligent being in the Angelic Host. His Mentor was Raziel. Lucifer – also called Luzbel – was called The Morning Star, The Light-Bearer, names he made his personal title later on; both names he was given because of his intelligence, which was a lamp to the Angelic Host; Lucifer’s principal Element is Light and his power over it had no parallel in the Heavens. He plotted a rebellion against the Elders, influenced by his confidant, then lover, Lilith; Lucifer’s followers caused the Fall of Man and shortly after that Lucifer and his followers were caste away from Heaven and into the Abyss, becoming the Fallen. The Heads of the Orders organized an Army of Angels and chose Archangels to lead them; Lucifer chose Archdemons for his Legions amongst those who he trusted the most and the Battles began. In the last Battle of the Heavens, Lucifer was slain by Michael and fell into a chasm, where he disappeared. His son Azazel took over the Armies. However, the Devil did not really die… First appearance, Shadows Beneath. Played by Azul.

Seraphiel is a rogue from the order of Death and Destruction; Dominance of power – fourth of power below the Archangel Azrael and first behind the Angel of Death Adriel. Caught between the cycle of Death and Rebirth, and situated with the knowledge of the nameless tree that gives the name of those to die–often cause, indeed; for those of different orders to mistake him for a seraphim in another then one whom he truly belongs to. Because of such confused ways, he is called the One of Unknown Desire. Because he lacks, but holds promise for: the dark gifts though less of a penchant then others in the Hierarchy, Seraphiel is often also known as the Master Elementalist–capable of using elementals from both worldly planes and those not within. A once solemn and understanding Angel, the battle of Angel’s and Demon’s have hardened his resolve for an ends meet as he watched those most closely to him fall at the hands of once brethren. Now stoic and rebellious, the Angel of Death has lost the ways of his once self and has forgotten how to smile. He also holds a deep grudge against the superior of the order for her hand in the creation of the weapons to kill and for her act in saving the life of the betrayer; Belial. Holder of the judgment sword and charged with the protection of the gate of heaven’s door; he does his job only by means of his high sense of loyalty to the order and nothing else. First appearance, Shadows Beneath. Played by Kyo.

Zeruel/Sarah Archer
Zeruel was the twin sister of Raphael, split from one single Light, born of the same source. As a result, Zeruel always felt closer to Raphael than she ever did to someone else, and was always with him, even over-pampering him. However, things changed when Beelzebub came along. He fell in love with Zeruel, and made it a point to get her love and affection. Zeruel was at lost for what to do, her indecisiveness made worse by the rumors of The Fall being spread amongst the Angelic Host. Knowing that Beelzebub had sinned, Zeruel eventually soften at Raphael’s pleas and chose her brother over Beelzebub. Driving him to utter despair and directly to the cause of The Fall. During the war, a hateful Beelzebub attempted to attack Raphael as an act of revenge, but it was intercepted by Zeruel, who took the fatal blow. Reborn to present date, Zeruel is in the form of Sarah Archer and has taken a new job with Lucca Marzari. First appearance, Shadows Beneath. Played by Yuuhi.


Anastasia Riktophen
A senile old crone, Anastasia, was a terrifying black witch that preserved her youth by sucking the souls of men in her finest days. Being devastated by the death of her beloved son, Lorant Riktophen, she made every waking hour of his ‘whore’ widow, Autumn’s, life a living hell with murderous attempts on her life. Making a pact with the exiled soul of Lilith, Anastasia agreed to be Lilith’s new vessel and then free Lilith’s own son Azazel from the abyss using Lorant’s deceased body as the shell. The plan worked, but Azazel retained the memories and desires of Lorant Riktophen, included the want for his wife. Anastasia schemed to kill the women, though no plans succeeded. First appearance, Brooding Darkness C.01. Played by Diana.

Belphegor, daughter to Lilith and mother to the succubae. Despite being forced to spawn Lilith’s army, and being treated like the unwanted child, Belphegor worships the ground Lilith walks on. Equally so she holds a twisted fascination for her brother Azazel, whom she both loathes out of jealous and admires with awe. When the seal on The Abyss was broken she wished to avenge her mother’s death by taking over the armies. It would have been doubly sweet to prove her worth to Azazel in her success. But a heart-wretching betrayal left her sealed away once again so that Azazel could return to power without question. First appearance, Brooding Darkness.

Luna Lamina
Luna Lamina was the queenly Morrigan-beauty of the Were, sharp-witted and ambitious, and full of power. Tired of being held back by her unimaginative father, Luna went to London during the season under the guardianship of an old family friend. She found allies after a fashion, but did not encounter what she desired until she chanced upon the Lords Angel and Aramis of Spain–the Archdemon of Dark Arts in disguise, Belial. After accepting his mark and his tutelage, Luna quickly made the packs of London into The Pack. With advice from Belial, Luna made her guardian’s manor into her head house, and accepted hosting of his lieutenant, Mastema. Before the Final Battle, Belial came to her and offered to release her soul from his Seal–but she stubbornly refused, and had it only weakened instead. The Lupa of London pledged her everlasting loyalty to Belial and joined her legion to his. After the battle and the capitulation to the superior force of the Angels of Death, Luna Lamina, the Half-Moon Blade and the Sickle of the Were, offered tribute to Belial, his dying Lieutenant, Mastema, and Azrael. First appearance, Brooding Darkness. Played by Draconis.

Moloch, Archdemoness de la Douleur, created the art of drawing energy from the finesse of creating pain. She knows the power of submission as well as the power of domination, and loyally served the Son of Lucifer as she swore she would. Moloch was of the same Order as Uriel, but could not stand to play second-fiddle to one she believed was less than herself. Slowly, she began to draw power from those she saved until her heart was black; she agreed to follow Lucifer in his revolution and chose to fight on his side rather than remain in Heaven. When Azazel was born, Moloch believed herself to be a more suitable companion for the young demon than any other and despised his mother. Moloch remained isolated from the rest of the Fallen after Lucifer’s disappearance and only maintained communications with Belial, whom she secretly loved. In London, Moloch tried and failed to capture the soul of Johnathon Morris and aided Belial in the restoration of Azazel; during the final battle of the War, Moloch turned on Belial’s armies after he betrayed Azazel; she killed Mastema and fled the field as the legions of the Order of Death swept in. The destruction of her manor in London prompted her to change her identity into that of a young man for several decades until the second World War, when she began a pharmaceutical company that now provides research for Azazel’s firm. First appearance, Brooding Darkness. Played by Draconis, Guest Player Alex.

Azazel/Lorant Riktophen/ Aidan Cynric
Archdemon and Lucifer’s son, Lilith’s first born and her favorite child, he is the leader of the demonic peoples. He is the demon of Knowledge and Power. Azazel was trained by his parents and the archdemons who followed them out of the Heaven’s Gates; he took over the Armies of the Abyss after Lucifer’s death, but the armies of the Abyss were defeated and he got trapped there with his legions. Belial forged a Ritual able to break the Seal of the Abyss once fueled with Azazel’s power; with the aid of Moloch and the power of the Son of the Devil, the Ritual was carried out and the Seal was broken. Azazel retook both his place as the Leader of the Armies from the Abyss and as Autumm Riktophen’s husband, for Belial fused the soul of Lorant Riktophen and Azazel’s as part of the Ritual. The Heavenly Host sent in the Heavenly Armies to fight Azazel but it were two humans who were able to cast the spell that re-imprisoned Azazel back into the Abyss for some more time. In modern times, Azazel’s finally cracked open the Seal of the Abyss forged by the humans and he’s escaped into the Human world. ‘Reborn’ as lord Aidan Cynric, he is now the President of Morning Star Corp. His only family remains are two young cousins who adore the mysterious, dark Aidan. Aidan had several psychologists (who met mysterious deaths) till moving to London and almost casually meeting Genesis D’Allesandri, his current doctor. Once Azazel’s again took over his shell by means of a sanctified object, the Armies of the Abyss rise to follow him. First appearance, Brooding Darkness. Played by Azul.

Nicholai Andreev
To Nicholai, existance is all about the game. He loved to drink the blood of mortals, he thrived on the sex he recieved in multitude, and aroused mischeif and complication whenever possible. Nicholai existed simply to provide complications in others lives for his own amusement, neither to help, nor to hurt. Just to move the plotline of others lives along. How he choose to do this, however, was usually tragic. He took a very deep pleasure in causing pain, although his savvy and eccentric, though gentlemanly ways rarely give this fact away. When arriving in London in took in with Anastasia unknown to him she housed the soul of Lilith. He was requested to kill the woman Autumn Riktophen but in spirit of the game told the human of Anastiasia’s plan, then took a token back to the old woman fooling her in to thinking Autumn was at last dead. When Anastasia learned of his betrayel he was killed. First appearance, Brooding Darkness.

Ana Gordon
Half blood demon hunter and historian, Ana Gordon has left Scotland to get her best interview ever- one from the famous Trevor Morris. Her fiery temper and sneaky tendencies get her into more trouble than the blasted interview is worth, however- and she ends up getting dragged into the biggest story of her life. Ana is usually happy about going to fight, but the more trouble she gets into with Trevor- the more her career, her feelings and even her life is on the line. A firm believer in “Shoot first, ask questions later”, Ana is a well-trained hunter that puts justice in her own hands. Deep down, the girl just wants to settle down and keep writing her books- but the chances of that happening are slim to none. The last of the Gordon clan will hunt until she dies, and with the weight of the legendary guns- Lux and Ater, that might come sooner than she thinks. First appearance, Shadows Beneath C.01. Played by Nino.

Daman Mathias
Though not even a century old, Daman has seen and done more than most people half his age. He was alive when mechanized warfare began to take over the battlefield of the first World War, and has remained young and vital into the super-fast Information Age of today. The half-demon was once known by the moniker Dark Rage, and with good reason–when he blows his stack, he doesn’t fool around. Daman becomes a blazing red blur when he taps into his demon blood, and though he has a general loathing for all things good and pure, he saves his personal hatred for the MacCoule family, who were responsible for the death of his human mother nearly sixty years ago. Generally cool and collected, though, Daman doesn’t look the part of a demon. True, he’s pretty broody, and can be awfully creepy sometimes…but in today’s cynical and bitter world, who isn’t? First appearance, Shadows Beneath C.02. Played by Goddess, Guest Player Alex.

Vemchu Mala’ika

Messenger of the Fallen, Kasbeela (AKA Vemchu Mala’ika), is considered by most to be a first class sexy seductress. Daughter of Kasbeel and Leviathan, she was raised on the basis of two things: 1) Michael Archangel was the enemy, and 2) her life belonged to her Master. Throughout her childhood, she strove to be an ally of the attractive Lord Azazel, finally getting her wish after the death of Lucifer and her parents. After seeing the fall of her Master and being resealed in Victorian England, she managed to escape through the same Seal, and began preparing for the second coming of her Master. Vemchu became the secretary of Lord Cyanshire, and after presenting him with the ring, she watched her Master reemerge into society. Presently, she is working with him and sticking by him: waiting for the moment to kill Michael Archangel, and all their dreams to come true. First appearance, Shadows Beneath C.13. Played by Goddess.

Paimon/Scott Telmont
A Demon of Knowledge, Paimon was once a high-ranking commander of the demonic legions of Hell. Though he was not an Archdemon, his skill and knowledge was widely appreciated in Hell. His strong military strategies and efficient bureaucratic techniques allowed him to rise and become one of Lucifer’s closest and most trusted advisors. His knowledge was also appreciated by the Archdemons and he was sought out by the more powerful demons for advice and recommendations. However, Paimon’s popularity with Lucifer and the Archdemons earned him the ire of Azazel, the son of Lucifer. After Lucifer’s apparent death and disappearance, Azazel assumed control of Hell. Paimon opposed the regime Azazel tried to create but was betrayed by the Archdemons who supported him during Lucifer’s reign. Shortly before the sealing of the Abyss, Azazel stripped Paimon of his memories and exiled him from Hell, intending to deal with him later. Later never came. The Abyss was sealed, and Paimon was left on Earth. Though amnesiac, Paimon still carried all of the knowledge he had carried before. He assumed the name Kalfu and forced a civilization of humans into worship of him. As the millennia passed, more people devoted themselves willingly to the Cult of Kalfu. Having cunningly increased his power dramatically over the past eons, Kalfu has a score to settle with Azazel and all of Hell… if only he knew it. First appearance, Shadows Beneath. Played by Kage.

First appearance, Shadows Beneath. Played by Kyo.

The Demon Trio
Visha, Karrion, Morbus. First appearance, Shadows Beneath C.03.

Miles and Charlie Gordan
Being evil never looked so good, in the case of Miles and Charlie Gordon. Ireland-bred, smooth-talkers, these two, along with their youngest sibling, Benedict have become the most wanted and dangerous assassins in the world. Their skills rank high, but not as high as the body count they leave behind. Their little trip to London seems to have more than one purpose other than to work as the right hand men of the head of the Morning Star Corp. their endless search for their sister, Ana Gordon seems to meet it’s end when they realize she’s there. Over 100 years worth of a grudge between them will either result in Miles and Charlie’s death, or Ana’s. In this game, losing isn’t an option. First appearance, Shadows Beneath. Played by Nino.

Benedict Edan Gordan
The most normal out of the four siblings, Ben (only called Bennie by his sister) takes up the role to right the wrongs his brothers acted out on their clan many years ago. His fighting skills can be unmatched and his sword fighting is full of skill and grace. Benedict preys on the fact that Miles and Charlie think that he’s a weakling as long as he doesn’t pose as a threat, nothing should get in the way of him protecting Ana. Over-protective and caring, Benedict will do whatever he can to make sure that Miles and Charlie get their just desserts for their betrayal. Whether it’s from his blade, or Ana’s. First appearance, Shadows Beneath. Played by Nino.