Roleplay Resume

Hello! Are you looking to roleplay with me? Send me a Conversation message on Iwaku or hit me up over Discord and let me know what you’d like to play!

example characters I love

Okay, these are EXAMPLE personalities and character types that I am in love with. I would adore getting to play the companion, love interest, etc, etc to these types of characters. Remember, it’s about the personalities and behavior of those charries!

Connor MacLead from Highlander
Balthazar from Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Sousuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic
Geralt from Witcher
Malcom Reynolds from Firefly
Ezio/Altair from Assassin’s Creed
Booth from Bones
Madmartigan from Willow

Almost Any character Gerard Butler Plays.
Castiel from Supernatural
Zayne from Eureka
Damon from Vampire Diaries
Sirius Black from Harry Potter
Loki from MCU
Lucifer from Lucifer

my sexytimes list

I love to write sex scenes and use sex as an element of story telling. It is mandatory to remember in playing with me that Plot, Character, and Story come first. This list features a general idea of my personal favorite things to write, things I am on the fence about, and things I do not like at all. Keep in mind that my characters have their own interests and opinions that may differ from my own tastes.


  • threesomes
  • shower sex / bathtub sex
  • wall sex / standing sex
  • bondage
  • blindfolds
  • foreplay
  • oral sex
  • fingering
  • group sex / multiple partners
  • biting
  • kissing
  • aftercare
  • size differences


  • edging
  • roleplaying (characters in character)
  • hair pulling
  • sex toys
  • oral sex
  • anal
  • grinding
  • lingerie
  • exhibitionism
  • orgies
  • dubious consent
  • scratching
  • multiple penetration
  • body worship
  • rape *as a violent act not romanticized
  • knife play
  • blood play
  • somnophilia
  • tentacles
  • bdsm
  • virginity
  • handjobs
  • blowjobs
  • pegging


  • furries
  • incest *as a trauma, not romanticized
  • choking
  • spanking
  • flogging
  • fisting
  • cheating
  • mind control
  • robots

hard no

  • ageplay
  • fetishizing transness
  • docking
  • vore
  • unrealistic proportions
  • scat
  • urination
  • lactation
  • inflation
  • omegaverse
  • degredation / humiliation
  • diaper play
  • mutilation
  • vomitting
  • mpreg
  • knotting
  • nipple penetration
  • nose play
  • feet fetish
  • smell fetish
  • genital abuse
  • oviposition
  • gaping