Iwaku Sims Legacy

Welcome to our 10 Generation Family Legacy Challenge! (Whew that’s a mouthful.) Named after the Iwaku Roleplay community, we’re telling the story of the Iwaku sim family through ten whole generations of life, driven by your suggestions in chat, polls, and even sims or builds! Along with my co-host Astaroth, you can hang out with us on Twitch every Friday 2pm – 5pm central time.

Cara Iwaku


Cara is our legacy founder. They are now married to a beautiful angel named Georgia, with their first son: Axamillion.


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We want baby Axamillion to have lots of potential friends. Make some families we can put in our world!

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Episode Title and Video LinkEpisode Summary
Episode 1: Cara’s Got ProblemsIntroducing Cara Iwaku, the founder of this legacy!

Thanks to the wonderful and hilarious commentary of the Twitch chat, we know that Cara is a trans sim who loves to skirt the line between feminine and masculine with their style. They’re a creative geek that enjoys art and is trying to kickstart their writing career! Of course Cara is also a bit of a classic hipster, so their pretentious opinions and mischievous attitude kind of rub people the wrong way.

In fact, Cara has already gotten into one fist fight (and lost) with their new neighbor Gerard. (Although that might have something to do with Cara flirting with Gerard’s lady house mates.)

We figured this isn’t the first time Cara’s had a clash of personality issues, either. The whole reason they are now living on an empty lot, broke and homeless is because they were kicked out by their old roommates!

Do we think Cara is going to learn to be a better person as they struggle to build a life for themselves? Hopefully! Because Cara has two adorable cats (Fawn and Hazley) that need a place to live.

In our next episode Cara is going to have to work their ass off to get enough money to at least put a room over their head. And maybe even ask one of the cute neighbor girls out on a date?
Episode 2: The Cats AttackWe started off being real worried about Cara possibly having narcolepsy because no matter what we did, they could not get enough sleep! Even when they were invited over to their neighbor’s house, they spent most of the time passing out in the hot tub or sleeping on their couch. Gerard continued to be a total tool, Georgia seems to be super into us, and Tasha basically ignored us. Our cats also had an adorable kitten we named Violet!

However, we did get to ask Kaitlyn over to our place! The intention was to ask her out on a date, but every time we tried to get close to her the cats attacked her. Over and over and over. We ended up going out with Georgia instead to a cool karaoke bar and then night ended with us making public woohoo in a bush.
Episode 3: House, Girlfriend… More kittens?!In this episode we had GOALS! We wanted to make enough money to put our toilet into it’s own room (we succeeded), get in a little gym time so we can eventually challenge Gerard to a new fight, get to know our coworkers, and take Georgia out on a real date.

While we were out at the bar with our coworkers Cara noticed the super hot Clinton Gunderson, and we figured it MUST be because he looks like the hipster mountain man that Cara wants to be — minus this weird obsession he has with wanting to become a vampire. He might just be our new best friend.

Our date with Georgia went so well that Georgia is now officially our girlfriend! We also met a vampire… coincidence or fate?

We ended our day with another kitten. Which means we now are on the 3rd generation of cats before we even started the next generation of our actual challenge.
Episode 4: Are we cool with Gerard now?We started off trying to take our cats to the vet to get fixed only for all the vets to totally ignore us. Our house is now looking like an actual house with a separate bedroom and fully stocked kitchen, though! Unfortunately we experienced some GAME crashing, but we did at least get to throw a house party where our attempts to hook up Clinton with a hot vampire failed, and our rematch fight with Gerard succeeded! We might even be bros now? This episode ended with another crash and us just goofing off renovating a grandma house.
Episode 5: Lumberjack Hipster CabinFinally, Georgia is moved in with us! For the majority of this session we worked on the cabin of Cara’s dreams. It took almost the whole stream, and we’re still not done. Then we hosted a party in our newly built house and it was luke-warm at best. Cara is really trying their best to make connections, though, and is determined to build relationships.
Episode 6: We don’t deserve GeorgiaWe’re now engaged to Georgia!
Episode 7: Did we just invent Gothic Lumberjack?We had a nice chill n’ build where we ended up making a gothic lumberjack mansion? Um.
Episode 8: The Ex-RoomatesToday we made Cara’s Ex-Roomies and got to know a little bit about who they used to hang out with.
Episode 9: We’ve had a baby!Introducing baby Axamillion Iwaku! Will he be our second generation heir?
Episode 10: It’s time to get our life together, Cara! We’re a dad now!Cara has finally becoming a better person and really loves being a Dad. Can we reconnect with our parents?
Episode 11: Getting Married – Not Murdered – In the woodsOur wedding really didn’t go as planned, and now our house is haunted and our child might be possessed by demons?!