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  • Too Late

    Too Late

    “Look. I’m gonna tell you the same thing I told her. My name isn’t Gabriel! She’s got the wrong guy!” Bree yelled at the top of his lungs. He refused to get pulled into this shit just because some blind woman had a case of mistaken identity on her hands! Michael snorted at the psychic.…

  • The Crossroad

    The Crossroad

    It was cold. It was dark. The first snow of winter was still falling. He stumbled through the forest, numbe both inside and out. It wasn’t from the cold. He could never feel the cold anyway and the thick darkness he could see in. It was because … because … “I used you …” a…

  • Mark My Words

    Mark My Words

    Some long overdue smut for Gabriel and Evangeline! They are so cute together! Gabriel lifted his head, tugged on her gown. He wanted her out of it and he wanted himself out of his clothes. He wanted to feel her body against his and press himself against her, know what it was really like to…