Tag: space western

  • No Rest for the Wicked

    No Rest for the Wicked

    When it comes to being one of the less-than-legal members of society, you’ve got to constantly be on yours toes. From the cops, from your enemies… The only way out is to quit. And quitting ain’t as easy as it sounds… Meet a few ex-criminals who find themselves face with a dilemma. When someone proposes…

  • Of Cowboys and Kings

    Of Cowboys and Kings

    Genre: Space Fantasy Western Location: Timeline: BASIC With the discovery of a new solar system on the outskirts of the galaxy with habitable planets, many have ventured out to claim property, lands, and even power. Of Cowboys and Kings, there is money to be made and empires to grow! Careen Calliente is one of those…

  • Camtown’s Retribution

    Camtown’s Retribution

    Genre: sci-fi space saga western Location: Camtown, Planet Generong An outer planet in a small colony town that is trying to survive on a new planet. It’s been taken over by a Mobster who now runs the town, terrorizes the people, keeps all the profits, etc. The town is influenced by a stranger to start…