Tag: suspense

  • Love Like Winter

    Love Like Winter

    [solid][SIZE=5] “Hello there! I am Katrinka Carrel, owner of Katrinka’s Dating Service. Has your romantic life dried up? Are you missing the joy of another’s company? Would you like an opportunity to find true love? Never fear, for the Angel of Love is on our side! We are currently opening our doors to do special…

  • Bloodletters


    There is a place between the human world and the paranormal worlds. Filled with endless halls and doorways, a person could walk through this purgatory space to gain insight, knowledge, or even travel to other places. But going through here is dangerous. Demons and spirits have claimed these spaces and will kill anyone not protected.…

  • Adena Leigh Jonas

    Adena Leigh Jonas

    An ex-FBI agent that got fired for being reckless and making some bad choices. Moves in to an old house in Vermont to be a weird old man’s caretaker. Adaptable for crime drama, modern supernatural, modern noir romance.