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  • The Other Side 002: Daylight Angel

    [Georgia is aching all over and on the brink of waking up!] -04:47 Sep 20 [Heris is fast asleep on his stomach, one arm over Georgia the other holding a bear she gave him a year ago for his birthday.] -04:50 Sep 20 Georgia: Ooooo… she hurt. She hurt a lot. And when she came […]

  • The Other Side 001: His Secret Nightlife

    [Heris is a young demon who has just graduated from human school, so its time to party in his very own club, and invite a special guest!] -04:43 Sep 18 [Georgia Kimble is just an average human with an above average curiosity streak. And she has no idea what she’s got in to.] -04:45 Sep […]