Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone 002: A Date with the King

The next evening was an off night for the cast. Maria was in Yvaine’s hotel room sprawled on her bed and grinning like a cheshire cat. “You know, I saw something preeeeetty interesting in the Theater’s hallway last night. Looked an awful lot like a King kissing a Ballerina…” -Yvaine

Yvaine: Yvaine nearly choked on her water, sitting on a chair and reading one of the local magazines. …Learning a little bit of german while in school had been the best idea ever…! "I.. don’t really know what you’re talking about, but if you tell anyone, I am going to kill you!" -07:51 Feb 28

“I knew it!” Maria exclaimed sitting up on the bed. “You have to tell me. Was it really so hot and heavy that he just couldn’t wait to rip off all your clothes and have you right there? Oh my god, that’s so hot…” -Yvaine

Yvaine: "Why does everything with you involve clothes getting ripped off!" Yvaine slumped in her seat and hid her face with the magazine. "I was fifteen when we met… we didn’t do anything then. And last night was just…" she dropped her magazine and sighed as she looked up at the ceiling. "Completely unreal! I always wanted to kiss him, and then we did and… I’m waiting for my dad to show up and threaten to kill him." -07:56 Feb 28

“Honey, your dad is across the ocean and you’re a grown woman. Nex time you see that man, you need to get your hands on his trouser snake and a King Sandwhich.” Maria knew she would, if Yvaine didn’t. -Yvaine

Yvaine: "What does that even mean?" Yvaine tossed the magazine at Maria. It was better she didn’t ask about trouser snakes and sandwiches. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t had a boyfriend before, or that she didn’t get the innuendo… but Maria’s phrasing was always really bizare. "Iiiiif he has time to see me again. He IS a King and told me how tight of a leash they have on him. There’s no telling how much work he has to do running a country." -08:00 Feb 28

ther was a sharp knock on the door, three short bangs then silence. “His majesty King Ha…” there was a short silence… -Hans

Maria was up and to the door before Yvaine could even get to her feet. She swung it open with gusto, fulley expecting the King himself to be standing there, and possibly with intentions to leap on him if he was. “YES?” -Yvaine

Hans: By the time the door opene Hans had moved into place of his driver and blinked when it wasn’t Yvaine at the door. "Hey…" he said before he saw Yvaine… "I was going to just send a car but.. picking you up is better… yes?" -08:07 Feb 28
Yvaine: "Maria!" Yvaine nearly tripped over her own feet. She stopped behind Maria, catching the back of the woman’s shirt before she jumped out and cause some sort of international disaster. "Yes! I… just let me get my coat! You can come inside." Yvaine dragged Maria away to the other room. Somewhere safe and secluded. "Don’t say a word. Do I look okay?" -08:10 Feb 28

Blast. Maria was about to smooch that King good, but now she was stuck eying Yvaine up and down. “You need a dress that shows off your boobs better. Show him your boobs and he’ll knock you up for sure!” -Yvaine

Hans: Hans stepped into the room while the driver waited outside. He looked around while he waited. "I hope you havn’t eaten yet since I’m taking you for that meal I said I would." -08:13 Feb 28
Yvaine: "…and that’s all the advice I need!" Yvaine snatched up her coat. When she escaped to meet Hans, she was pretty sure her face was red. Hopefully the walls weren’t thin. "Famished actually..! You have the best timing in the universe. I’m ready!" -08:15 Feb 28
Hans: "Great, wait until you see the place, one of the oldest resturants in Rhineland." he took her hand and red fro from the room the Driver giving Maria a short bow before closing the door behind them. "The owner’s great great grandfather used to be the court chef before he was granted land and opened up his business." down the stairs and onro the street were a bentley waited fore them, large, powerful but above all luxurious. Hans opened the door for her and smiled. "But I’m here to talk about you.. how have you been since I was brought back?" -08:20 Feb 28
Yvaine: Yvaine was so busy grinning at Hans, she didn’t even seem to notice how fancy the car was. She slipped in to the back seat and settled her skirt around her knees. Not to think that Maria was right about showing boobs, but maybe she -should- have changed her clothes! Yvaine waited until he was seated next to her before she spoke. "Honestly…? I still have nightmares sometimes about a lot of it. I thought I might grow out of using a night-light but…yeah." She shook off that sheepish feeling to grin at him again. "You were the best part about all of it." -08:26 Feb 28
Hans: He got in after her and closed the door as the driver started the engine and pulled away apparently already knowing their destination. "Well when I got here I thought about you all the time. They had me doing so much romance was forbidden, I often thought I’d be back in ameroca even with all the craziness." he chuckled "Those were crazy times… and I wish I could have seen you though the aftermath. I’m glad you are alright." -08:32 Feb 28
Yvaine: Romance! It was probably just an innocent mention of how busy he was. After all, she didn’t have a lot of time for a personal life either. But… it had her flushing and fidgeting with the hem of her coat. Yvaine was incredibly glad that Kings weren’t mind readers. "You had a country to run after all. My dad wasn’t exactly keen on me talking to you anymore. He kinda thought half of it was all your fault, even though you had nothing to do with that serial killer…" -08:36 Feb 28
Hans: "The reformation is almost done." he said "But this isn’t the time to politics." they were leaving the modern building behind and were surrounded by old brick buildings with tall facades and had to at least be a few ceturies old. "I don’t blame your dad, I brough a lot od troubles of my own, anf thetas why I left to bring them back here with me." -08:43 Feb 28
Yvaine: "Crazy times, crazy timing, I guess?" Yvaine felt like she was fishing for information. Like some silly teenager trying to see if a boy liked her. It’d be simple enough to just ask him… but Yvaine was so afraid to hear the answer that she found heself unable to ask! "I did decide after you left that I would start dancing again. With all that happened and weird near death experiences, I really didn’t want to miss my chance to try." -08:48 Feb 28
Hans: "And now look at you. International Ballet star gracing the eyes of royalty." he reached over and put his arm around her looking out though the front windscreen. "I always knew we’d meet again. That I’d get to show you my city." -08:52 Feb 28
Yvaine: She could have squeeled and started clapping again. Instead she tried to keep her smile from getting wildly silly. "I’m so glad the play added Rhineland to the tour! I’ve been saving for a visit forever and haven’t even nearly had enough, but now I’m here on the company’s payroll. I doubt anyone would even let me walk up to your front door and ask you to have coffee. …well, maybe Gunther. I’m surprised he’s not still your personal bodyguard!" -08:55 Feb 28
Hans: "He is, in effect. Hes the the head of the royal guard whose job it is to protect me… And… I have a confeccion… Rhineland was added by royal request…" -09:02 Feb 28
Yvaine: "Royal request?" It was so difficult to mask that thrilled expression, and keep those butterflies in her stomach from making her bounce right off the seat. In the end, Yvaine failed and fell in to a fit of soft giggling as she leaned slightly to the side to rest her head against his shoulder. "You could have told me before and came to see me before the show. I was so nervous through the whole thing." -09:06 Feb 28
Hans: He looked at her his blue eyes finding hers. "I had to make sure you remembered me." He rested hie head against hers as his other hand found hers. "Its been a long time and we were young back then, you remembering me and what was between us not being in mu own imagination seemed too good to be true." -09:10 Feb 28
Yvaine: "I had a very big crush on you, Hans." she confessed, flushing again. "I always thought maybe I was being stupid. Every girl wants to meet a Prince and you were a lot older than me. And not getting any letters back! I was sure I over-romantisized things." -09:17 Feb 28
Hans: He sighed. "I never got any letters. When I said romance was forbodden I mean I was an enforced regime of zero romantic contact. I wasn’t allowed distractions." he took a heavy breath. "We’re here." Ther had parked outside a small bistro of ageg brickwork the cracked plaster paijnted dark green. Outside the resturant men in suits stood watch and one of them stepped forwards to open the car door. "I’ve rented the place, it will be just us." -09:22 Feb 28
Yvaine: "The whole place? Won’t the waitors get a little bored?" She took his hand when he helped her out of the car. The place looked small, but quaint. Yvaine was a little glad it wasn’t one of those giant fancy places where she would feel incredibly underdressed. "I didn’t realize you never got my letters. I might’ve written more often just to see if something slipped through." -09:27 Feb 28
Hans: "The owner id going to serve us personally, hes a family friend. Most of his staff have the day off." He led her to the door and puthed it open. A table in the center was layed out with candles and a basket of fresh buns as the smell from the kitchen wafted though the room. "Well I should say of the court since I’m the only family there is this side of prison." -09:32 Feb 28
Yvaine: Everything looked so very picture perfect romantic that Yvaine was finding herself feeling very shy and wishing to shake herself. Still grinning, she was chewing on the inside of her cheek and trying to remember the right way to act. Squealing and laughing like a loon wouldn’t be good. And there was no way she’d take Maria’s advice and flash her boobs! "It looks really beautiful, Hans. More trouble than you had to go through, really!" -09:39 Feb 28
Hans: He stooped and pulled her chair out for her. "I thought it would give us tome to talk and for me to tell you that.. I had feeling for you ten years ago, and I found them again last night. Yvaine, This is a date, I am kind dating a beatiful ballerina by renting out a resturant just to have a quiet talk with her. I Have never heard of anything this crazy before but, here we are." -09:45 Feb 28
Yvaine: Yvaine slid in to her chair. She had to! If she didn’t sit, she’d fall on the floor from weak knees and being dizzy with glee. It took her a moment to find her voice again, and even then she was speaking softer than she meant to. "It’s making a really good impression! But I think I was enchanted with you long before this, I might be biased." -09:49 Feb 28
Hans: "Well then" he said taking his seat. "I’m glad its working." he said picking up a small bell and ringing it. A midleages man in a waistcoat appeared almost immediatly his arms covered in dishes that he set on the table naming each one, it was a display if the local quisine like magasine reviewers would kill for, then with a kirt bow he left. -09:56 Feb 28
Yvaine: Yvaine was so glad she was hungry! There were more things she could try than she could probably eat, and everything looked really good. She picked up a fork. "Have you not done anything besides Kingly duties? You don’t look like you’ve been wasting away doing nothing but signing paperwork." -10:04 Feb 28
Hans: “In the moders world a ruler’s life is frightningly public and I ws encouraged to take up hobbies that would make me more aproachable.” he admoted “But I mostly ignored thier sugestions and took up the piano.. theres also the official visits and state afairs that get help. A bunch od self important men looking to make.. friends is the wrong word… partners..” -10:11 Feb 28
Yvaine: “Trying to erase the playboy Prince that once paid visit to foreign countries for fun?” she cast a joking grin, but it made her a little sad! All of the work he had to do for his country, but never getting any time for himself or getting to do the sorts of things HE enjoyed. “But like you said, now that the government has been reformed, you can do the things you like, right?” -10:14 Feb 28
Hans: “I will never be fully free but It will make me into a spiritual and not a political leader, and will have more time, more freedom.” he helped himself to a sample from the plate closest to him. “What about your career, whats next after this tour?” -10:20 Feb 28
[Yvaine is so glad to be having such a fantastic dinner with Hans! It’s more than she ever though possible!] -03:44 Feb 29
[Hans has eaten suprisingly little and can’t take his eyes off of his date.] -03:45 Feb 29
Yvaine: Having no problems trying things directly from random plates just to make sure they were delicious, Yvaine offered Hans a wide grin. “A break for a few months, and then casting for the next play! I think I’ll be in plays until I can’t dance anymore, and then I might teach ballet. Even if my feet fell off, I wanna stay involved in dance.” -03:47 Feb 29
Hans: He smiled back. “Its good to see you’ve found something you love, a passion so strong you’re living it and not just doing it.” he reached over and took one of ther still steaming buns from the basket and sliced it in half. “It almost makes me feel guilty that I wish you to stay in Rhineland.” His eyes shot to hers to watch her reaction. “But now that were reaquianted.. is there any rreason to rush things, a tickt here or wherever you are would be a trifle…” -03:52 Feb 29
Yvaine: “I haven’t even seen all of the country yet, Hans. You should probably show me, first!” she was grinning, and playing coy. But on the inside she was absolutely delighted. It was strange that she had never thought past a week or two with the few boys she dated, but it was so easy to thinking about coming back to Rhineland… or even staying! “Could you show me? I have a few more days before the next play.” -03:55 Feb 29
Hans: “Its isn’t the biggest of countries, but I’d be happy to show it to you. The river my boat and all the castles along it.” He leaned forwards and placed his hand on hers. “It would be an pleasure.” -03:59 Feb 29
Yvaine: “Multiple castles? You’re making your country sound a lot more enchanting than I bet it is.” Still, she was grinned and curling her thumb around his fingers. With the candle light his eyes looked so pretty. All of those cheesy lines about staring in to someone’s eyes must have come from sparkling moments like this. -04:11 Feb 29
[Hans cuckles in an amused way.] -04:25 Feb 29
Hans: “Well we are in a fairy tale.” he joked his finger lightly brushing her hand before they curled around it and he leaned further. “We could leave today if I make the call.” -04:29 Feb 29
Yvaine: “Whisking me away on an evening trip would definitely be very fairy tale like.” Just with holding her hand he could take her breath away. Inching forward to be closer came all too natural. “On the boat, even? I don’t think anyone will miss me for a day or two.” There were practices for sure, but she had done the play so many times already, there was no concern about missing a step. -04:35 Feb 29
Hans: “Then it will be you… me… and the water..” he said so far forwards now thier noses were almost toutching. “For the weekend…” it was almost an accident that his lip brushe hers then he was talking. Almost but it prompted him to press the kiss home his hand coming up to hold the back of Yvaine’s neck. -04:43 Feb 29
Yvaine: It was amazing how something so simple could leaving her feeling so dizzy. Her returned kiss timid at first, before turning more confident. Her fingertips from both hands coming up to brush against his cheeks softly. -04:48 Feb 29
Hans: He held the kis his eyes closing as his lips moved agaist hers slowly. In the back of his mind he knew they could get him and the entire covernment into trouble but with Yvain that seemed a problem for tomorow. “I fear I’ve grown fond of you.” he said softly ehen hi finall pulled away his eyes openeing. “We’ll have to do something about that.” -04:54 Feb 29
Yvaine: Yvaine gave a dreamy laugh. What she would have loved to do was leap out of her chair and throw her arms around his neck. She would have to restrain herself. “Are you going to toss me in to a tower, Hans? I’m not sure that’s how these things work!” she teased. It was much better to tease, than blabber out how much she adored him. -04:56 Feb 29
Hans: He pus his hand on his chin in a gesture of thought. “That is an idea I could live with.. though I hope I don’t need to resort to that to get you to stay. A few dates, a trip up the Rhine, maybe a tour of the palace… then I’ll introduce you to the intricacies of court.” -05:01 Feb 29
Yvaine: Such a simple gesture, and she was covering up her mouth with her hands so he wouldn’t see her grinning like an idiot and so she wouldn’t squeal with amusement. Yvaine might have been a grown woman, but clearly she was far from mature enough to handle having an adult crush. Once she had that sudden burst of smittenness under control, she dropped her hands to her lap and tried to at least look prim. “In the meantime… would you dance with me? It would make up for missing my prom and not being my date.” -05:06 Feb 29
Hans: He smiled and stood. “A dance promise is a dance promised.” he held his hand out for hers. “Though dancing with a world class ballerina… you will excuse me if I’m a little nervous.” -05:09 Feb 29
Yvaine: “I’m not asking you to pirouette or sissonne, Hans!” she laughed, taking his hands to pull herself from her seat. Yvaine pulled him away from the table, wrapping one of his arms around her waist. Taking his other hand with hers, and finally resting her free hand on his shoulder. Of course she knew he probably knew how to dance. Once of those things a King would need to know for fancy social parties. But she was happy to play the part of teacher to make him less nervous if needed. “Besides, not excluding speeches, how often are you nervous?” -05:14 Feb 29
Hans: “Not when I sign an order, not anymore…. just when I divert a ballet, and go to it in diguise to try to see if a gorl I knew a decade ago still knew whi I was.” He let her guide him but by the ease of which he fell into stance it was obvious he had done this before. “And then talking to her, knowing the nervouce prince she knew had been replaced by a king and wondering if she could still see the same prince in his eyes.” -05:20 Feb 29
Yvaine: He made her feel so very special! Yvaine was blushing, and trying to pretend she wasn’t as she led him in to the simple steps. Dancing with him came as natural as breathing, but she really wasn’t surprised at all. “Well..~!” she started with a breath. “I see a man who was once very sweet prince. That was no afraid to ask for help from a teenage girl. Was nice enough to carry her home when she slipped in the rain. Who might be a little taller, but still makes that girl feel like she is someone important. Is that an acceptable answer, your highness?” -05:27 Feb 29
Hans: “More than.” he said following her though the steps imediatly catchin onto the dance and letting his muscle memory take hims through it as his mind stayed fixated on her. “Thank you Yvain for another chance under better circumstances.” he said as they moved. “Then and now you make me feel the happiest a have with anyone even if then I never said it. I still see the girt who helped a floundering price with his speach and tried to proove his innocence when the world condemened him.” -05:35 Feb 29
Yvaine: None of it should make her feel embarassed, but Yvaine still dropped her forehead against his shoulder to hide her smile and the tinge of red in her cheeks. “I can’t believe I’m here. And this is all real. You have no idea how much I really wanted it to be. To have all of the bad stuff happen, and then never getting to see you again… I think I cried a million times.” -05:40 Feb 29
Hans: “Thats at least ten times a day for the last ten years.” he said, if the maths was correct it wasn’t important. “I hope they weren’t waisted tears.” He drew his arms around her and pulled her closed talking the lead as he adopted a slewer dance not unlike the last dance of a prom.. or how he imagined them. “And I hope they you don’t add to that number after today.” -05:47 Feb 29
Yvaine: Dancing and getting to have his arms wrapped around her. Yvaine decided she could die happy if she passed out right there. She slipped her arms around his neck, tilting her head back so she could grin up at him. “I think it was worth every tear and the very long wait. I doubt you’ll be making my cry, though. Right?” -05:53 Feb 29
Hans: “Not if I can help it.” he said looking down at her, then slowly moving his lips to hers in another kiss his arms tighting further around her. “I prefer your smile to your tears.” -05:56 Feb 29
Yvaine: “If you don’t stop kissing me like that, I might not make it back to my hotel with any sense left.” she murmured with a dazed grin. …and she wasn’t kidding. Yvaine was getting swept away by him, and quickly forgetting her list of things she -wouldn’t- to to make a fool of herself. -05:59 Feb 29
Hans: “Then I’ll pick you up later for the boat.” he said still holding her close. “Since you’ll need a change of clothes or two. Though I knink I’ll be able to find something in your size.” -06:03 Feb 29
Yvaine: Yvaine laughed! “I am tempted to let you try. I’d like to see how a King would dress a ballerina!” He was absolutely amazing. Yvaine nibbled on her bottom lip before leaning up on her toes to kiss his cheek. “I promise Maria won’t be there to answer the door this time.” -06:08 Feb 29
Hans: “Shes seems like quite the… character..” he said slowly. “I’ll be there at three, with brand new clothes and have the boat fueled and stocked for a weekend on the water. You’ll love it.” he sighed for a second wonderign if they were going too fast… but after waiting ten years was anything too fast? -06:12 Feb 29
Since You've Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone 001: Reunion

[Yvaine is a ballerina, staring as adult Clara in a world tour production of The Nutcracker! It is the final bow~!] -03:13 Feb 28
[Hans is the recently crowned king of Rhineland, a small germanic european state, and he has come incogneto to see someone he once knew.] -03:17 Feb 28
Yvaine: Probably the most nerve-wracking perfomance of her entire life. Despite the fact it was the last country of the tour. That morning she had told a co-worker a very exciting story… but it was ten years prior. The fact that Rhineland’s new king had not come to see the performance was proof enough that the past was in the past! -03:18 Feb 28
Hans: He stood adn clapped with the rest his smile but one in a sea of them. He leaned over an whispered into the ear of his companion. "Invite her to the consevatory for a meeting." the thratre had been a palace centuries ago and was still technically a royal holding. If he wanted to use one of the rooms he would! -03:21 Feb 28

As soon as the curtain fell, and everyone vacated the stage, Yvaine along with the others were in the process of changing out of costume. A cast mate leaned over Yvaine’s table making kissy faces! “Soooo, totally heart broken there was not a royal audience? It’s too bad, I really wanted to meet a King!” -Yvaine

Yvaine: Yvaine was now wearing a simple dress and trying to strap her regular shoes back on. "I didn’t tell you that story so you could bring it up every five minutes!" Yvaine whispered with exasperation. Maria treated it like some sort of fairy tale… but the reality was much less pleasant! "I doubt he’s even thought twice about me. I stopped writing him sometime after high school, and I can’t imagine how busy he is now." -03:29 Feb 28

ther was a sharp rap on the door before it opened and a hall man dressed in a suit almost took up the entire door. “Miz Yavane.” he said his accent showing through. “You are to follow me for a private audiyans.” He stood still not sayign another word and not looking like he’d take no for an answer. -Hans

Hans: The king waited still dressed in his (relatively) plain suit and he couldn’t stop pacing, his car waited outside the side enterence… he had no idea what he was doing, it wasn’t regal and it certainly wasn’t well-advised. -03:33 Feb 28
Yvaine: Both Maria and Yvaine paused, and though Maria was ushering Yvaine to ‘Go! Go!’, Yvaine doubted the woman realized just how many BAD things men in black suits tended to represent! "R-right… Coming." Yvaine grabbed her coat and pulled it on, following the scary guy in a suit. But making sure to slip her hands in to her pockets so should could pull out pepperspray and flee if she needed to. -03:35 Feb 28

the mountain of a man walked witout lookign back down into a wing the ballet crew had been forbidden to enter, down a saircase and raound a corner. “Though there.” he said gesturing at a closed door. “His highness is waiting.” -Hans

Yvaine: Yvaine stared at him again. A little surprised and… not so sure she believed him! Finally, she gathered up her senses enough to twist the knob and enter the room. Still unsure if maybe Maria and some of the crew were playing another prank on her. -03:40 Feb 28
Hans: He heard the door open and turned, instincticly claspign his hands behind his back and taking a deep breath. "Yvaine…." he said. It was her. "You show was… magnificent.." -03:42 Feb 28
Yvaine: There she was staring again. Having only stepped a few paces in to the room with the door closed behind her. He looked so different…! But totally the same. She found herself holding her breath… until she realized she hadn’t said a word yet! "I.. yes. Thank you very much." All of the things she wanted to talk to him about, and suddenly she couldn’t think of a word! -03:46 Feb 28
Hans: He hadn’t moved in the time she hadn’t spoken. "Its good to see you. I’m sure you heard about…" he had been busy. His father’s abdication, the political games and deaths and his own corination… "I’d like to show you the pallace and some of the city along that way. I’ve been told you haven’t had a chance to get out since your arival." -03:50 Feb 28
Yvaine: "There’s a lot of work and practice that goes in to the shows. They tend to keep us on a tight leash." Yvaine was swaying back and forth on her feet. A big smile slowly spreading across her face. He sounded so official and so professional… "I am really surprised you remember me at all. It’s been a long time. …ten years or so?" -03:56 Feb 28
Hans: "About that he said taking the first step towards covering the distance between them. "But I have not been to busy to not think back at the final weeks before my life became the property of the state. And I’ve missed that time." -03:59 Feb 28
Yvaine: Yvaine laughed softly, looking not-so-convinced and a little embarassed. "The first day I met you, I offered to help with your speech at my school. Are you still having trouble with speeches..?" It was the start of a very strange couple of months! -04:07 Feb 28
Hans: I have fifteen writers, one for each possible occasion." he joked. "We are very big on PR here, understandably." he was standing right in front of her now and he offered his hand. "I was hoping this meeting could be for pleasure, and we have a lot to catch up on. Your career, my.. career, because rolalty is nothing if not a family business." -04:35 Feb 28
Yvaine: He had to go and say ‘for pleasure’ which probably made her face turn about three different shades of red. Clearly, she spent way too much time gossiping with her coworkers. Yvaine took his hand and cleared her throat. It was friends catching up, there was no reason for her to get all gooey. "I was supposed to attend a cast party, but I’ve been to dozens of those… Getting to catch up would definitely be once in a lifetime!" -04:39 Feb 28
Hans: He paused, then slowly a smile spread across his face. "We could do both, spend say, an hout at your party and see where it goes from there. And if theres no assassins in your cast I’ll tell security not to wait up." -04:42 Feb 28
Yvaine: "Assassins I wouldn’t worry about. Just gossiping pranksters." Yvaine grinned, rocking on her feet again and swinging his hand back and forth. She might be ten years older, but she was forever energetic. "If you’re brave enough, King Hans!" -04:47 Feb 28
Hans: "The court is full of gossipers, pranksters would be a refreshing change." he said turning his head sideways t look at her. "I was worried you’d changed, but I don’t see much of that, so… tell me what has as we walk." -04:50 Feb 28
Yvaine: "I was hoping I’d get taller, but since that didn’t happen, at least it helped with me dancing." she responded with a grin. Leading him to the door where they could join the cast party. "I think I mentioned going to college in my last letter? I’m really sorry I stopped writing! School was so much more work than I thought it would be. Between academics and then dance practive, I never even had time to have a personal life!" Why did she even mention that? Hans didn’t need to know she became a social hermit. -04:54 Feb 28
Hans: He almost stopped in his tracks and looked away for a second. Then without explination. "You didn’t get any replied did you?" he sounded lett upbeat somehow. "It turns out the lessons they put you thought to becme a kind can be just as crippling to your social life, and I’m sorry you didn’t get anythign from me."" -05:01 Feb 28
Yvaine: "That’s okay! I mean, I knew I was writing to a Prince, I really never expected you to have time for some High School girl." So he had tried writing to her? That made her feel so much less like an idiot! Now Yvaine was trying really hard not to grin like one too. "Don’t worry about it. You’ll prolly be glad I didn’t when you meet my cast mates. I made the mistake of telling Maria about you on the plane here, and now she can’t stop talking about you." -05:06 Feb 28
Hans: He shot her another sideways look. "Reminiscing about the good old days when a price of a tiny country in the middle of nowhere came to visit? Its a wonder she believed you." he teased "But I’m sure I’ll be all the proof she needs… I also get an whole diferent kind of disbelief whenever I mention the ‘common girl’ I once knew." -05:12 Feb 28
Hans: He shot her another sideways look. "Reminiscing about the good old days when a price of a tiny country in the middle of nowhere came to visit? Its a wonder she believed you." he teased "But I’m sure I’ll be all the proof she needs… I also get an whole diferent kind of disbelief whenever I mention the ‘common girl’ I once knew." -05:12 Feb 28
Yvaine: "She definitely though I was spinning a fib at first…" He talked about her! If Yvaine grinned any more, her face was going to crack. She tried to put on a more reserved expression. Once they reached the door that led to Backstage, Yvaine released his hand. It probably wouldn’t be appopriate to be tugging a King around by the hand. "Here we are then… I absolutely won’t blame you at all if you escape!" With that said, she pushed open the door. Most of the American staff didn’t seem to notice or care, but all of the hirees from the local city were instantly wide-eyed and baffled to see their current King striding in. -05:16 Feb 28
Hans: He stepped in and waved his hand as several of the hirees either bowed or curtsied. "Ich bin nur ein normaler Mensch heute Abend." He said trying to sound casual. "Keine notwendigkeit regelmäßiger." then he turned his attention back to Yvaine. "They don’t seem to know who I am, I should enjoy this." -05:26 Feb 28

Maria showed up with a glass of champagne and offered it to Yvaine. She wasn’t subtle about checking out Yvaine’s guest. “I didn’t know you had a -guest- Yva! Introduce me to this dream boat, eh, eh?” -Yvaine

Yvaine: Yvaine cleared her throat. This -was- going to be embarassing. "This is Hans… I mean, King Hans, and pretty please don’t make a bi-" Yvaine was cut off when Maria squealed loud enough for the entire room to turn around and start watching. "…not make a big deal about it. This is Maria." she leaned to mutter to Hans. -05:31 Feb 28
Hans: So this is where it started. Maybe he should have mentioned to Yvaine that his title needn’t be brought into it. "Just Hans tonight." he said for once glad to didn’t have to to the bowing an kissing of hands deal. "Maria, I’ve heard all about you and it seem syou about me. Yvain and I were catching up on old times." he leaned over and whispered to Yvain. "Does she usually do that then meeting dignitaries?" -05:36 Feb 28

“How darling! A real modern fairy tale and all, hmm?” Maria looked completely amused. Dainty little Yvaine and a King. Just wait until she told everyone. “By all means, you two catch up! I don’t want to be a third wheel.” Near chirping with the news, Maria was vanishing in to the crowd, already getting the gossip train started. Several of the locals were more than a little interested to hear why their King was backstage at a ballet! -Yvaine

Yvaine: "Seeing as you are the first she has ever met, I’m pretty surprised you’re not on the floor and having your clothes pulled off." Maria had threatened to do the same to many handsome royals from other countries. Maybe bringing Hans to the cast party wasn’t the best idea. -05:42 Feb 28
Hans: The mental image was probibally the not the best in front of so many people, and especially not right after being reunited with an old flame and trying to see if there was a spark left. "Trying to have a quiet evening with so many people around was an impossible dream." he admitted, "But somewhere more private is still an option. If you havn’t eaten I know a little place not far from here." -05:50 Feb 28
Yvaine: "Okay!" she said immediately. …then realized how that miiight have been a little quick to accept. "I mean… Yeees, that sounds nice, actually. I never did understand why everyone wants to stand around and party after a long performance. Getting to sit would be great." Yvaine passed off that glass of champagne to someone else, telling them quickly she was leaving for the night before turning back to Hans. "You won’t be missed? I’m kind of surprised you don’t have an army of guards with you…" -05:54 Feb 28
Hans: "They’re with the car that has no one in the back." he said with a smile as he once again took her hand and began retracing thier steps. "You’d be surprised how easy it is for the head of state to disappear when he chooses to. I of course keep one or two men close but the ‘army’ needs its nights off too." -05:57 Feb 28
Yvaine: Yvaine really hoped it wasn’t showing on her face. Having him take her hand a second time was leaving her with all kinds of butterflies. It was so stupid to feel this way after so long. "Does that mean things here have settled? I’ve always followed the news, and it was really exciting to hear that the production was going to play in Rhineland." -06:03 Feb 28
Hans: "The court is moderized, in six months we will have a parliment and I will be able to step back and let the people decide who they want to represent them. Its a new age for Rhineland and finally the common man will be put first." he smiled as the passion showed on his face and in his voice. "There will he hichups and the mobles are up in arms but with the people first adn the people they want beign thier voice I believe that peace and stability can come to Rhineland. There hasn’t been a roit in seven years and they are starting to have faith in us again. Its been a long battle but I think it will be worth it… and maybe they’ll finally stop telling me to choose a queen." -06:07 Feb 28
Yvaine: "It will work a little bit like England, then?" Yvaine was proud for him! He hadn’t know what he wanted out of life when she first met him, and now… he really loved what he was doing. Yvaine squeezed his hand, laughing as they walked. "You don’t have a girlfriend or fiance yet? There has to be lots of eligible princesses!" -06:11 Feb 28
Hans: He sighed.. "Work keeps me busy, in the ten years since we met so much has changed here, I don’t recognize it anymore, and the price I’ve paid is to end up married to the throne." he lookes at her "Constantly writing a signing documents and unable to go anywhere for more than a few hours without the royal guard showing up with even more papers and thier safety procedures. It hard to meet anyone like that. But I’ve followed our news too. You’re considered a rising star." -06:17 Feb 28
Yvaine: "Yeah!" she flushed, hanging her head a bit to hide her embarassment. "All I’ve ever wanted to do is dance. And I love every minute of it! I didn’t really expect to go so far, though. Sometimes the attention is a little overwhelming." Yvaine squeeze his hand again when she finally looked back up again. "I guess all that crazy stuff we went through was good practice. I don’t freeze up during interviews anymore!" -06:23 Feb 28
Hans: He stopped and turned to have her. "We’ve both gone places." he said but when he did it didn’t feel like it, it felt like it had ten years ago. I’m on a throne and you’re on a stage. The spotlight can’t stay away from either or us." he stepped forwards and placed his hand lightly on her shoulder. "I’ll tell you I came here for more than to see you dance, I came to see you." -06:30 Feb 28
Yvaine: "Really?" Yvaine could have kicked herself for how breathy and ridiculous her voice sounded. She had to swallow and take a deep breath just so she could speak normally. "I was hoping I’d see you. I wanted to write you a letter and send you a ticket. I just… I guess I didn’t think you would have remembered me." -06:33 Feb 28
Hans: "Thats the reason I came as I did, to see if you remembered me." he confessed. "To see if the fairy tale was still alive…" he leaned forewards the hand on her should sliding up to her cheek as his lips parted slishtly to allow his nervous breath to escape… -06:38 Feb 28
Yvaine: "I always think about you." A fairy tale indeed, Yvaine always thought she had saw more in it than actually happened in reality. It wasn’t as if they had a relationship, it’s just that maybe… and here he was standing so close and making her feel like her knees were going to give way. -06:42 Feb 28
Hans: He moved forwards the hand bushing her hair out the way as he went for the…. "The car is waiting Highness." the voice was right behind them and Hans jumped almost imediatly snapping to attnetion. "Ahh… Yvain.. you remember my bodyguard, now head of the royal guard… Gunther…" Hans looked away, he had been so close to kssing her…. -06:44 Feb 28
Yvaine: "R-right, Hello Gunther!" Her face was probably three different shades of red. Yvaine smoothed out her skirt even though it’s not as if they did anything..! "It’s good to see you again." -06:46 Feb 28
Hans: "Go and make sure the escort is prepaired I don’t want a repeat of March." Hans said. "I will follow." Gunther bowed and after tellign Hans not to take to long left. "He turned back to her and immediatly his commanding expression dropped and he had to look away to hide his embaressment, then on impulse he placed a hand on each of her cheeks and pulling her closer pressed his lips into hers hard. -06:55 Feb 28
Yvaine: Yvaine wasn’t expecting a kiss after the interuption. She was still wondering if she had imagined the first moment! Her exclamation was nothing more than a soft squeak of surprise, followed by a dreamy sigh. Yvaine leaned in to him, having to grasp his jacket just to keep herself on her feet. Kissing him was so much better than she daydreamed about..! -06:58 Feb 28
Hans: His hands sliding back to grip her head instead of just her her cheeks he moved his lips against hers and sighed into the kiss before he pulled back. "That answers that." he said softly as he brushed his fingers agaist her cheek. "I will see you again before you leave….." -07:05 Feb 28
Yvaine: She was in a daze! Yvaine almost missed his words. She nodded softly, still clinging on to his coat and almost afraid she wouldn’t be able to stand straight. "We’ll be here for a few weeks. In the country." Yvaine didn’t even realize her eyes had been closed. She opened one then the other to look up at him. -07:08 Feb 28
Hans: He brushes her hair from her face again even though she didn’t really need it. "Well it will be sooner than that…" he stepped away and his hand fell to his sides. He didn’t want to leave but there was little choice involved. "See you soon Yvaine." and then he turned and started walking slowly away. -07:15 Feb 28
Yvaine: She felt fifteen all over again, waving at his back as he said goodbye. …only this time he had left her with a kiss and feeling like she just drank a bottle of champagne! "Goodnight Hans..!" The minute he was out of ear-shot, Yvaine bounced up and down on her feet and clapped her hands in joy. He kissed her…! He really did kiss her! -07:18 Feb 28
Hans: "Goodnight Yvaine." he called back turning and waving back to her. "Tomorow I’ll send word." The then he was gone, rounding a rorner and into the waiting arms of his guard so they could explain what they had interupted hime for. -07:20 Feb 28