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  • Calypso Primrose Knightly

    Calypso Primrose Knightly

    Calypso Primrose Knightly House: Ravenclaw Year: Blood Type: Old Wizard Family Wand: Broom: Dormouse. Pet: An absolute vision of dreaminess and serenity. A lady of taste and soft spoken. It’s easy to mistake her for being shy, because she doesn’t pipe up, jump in, or intrude to conversations. She’s actually just listening and filing useful…

  • Discordia Kieren DeWiess

    Discordia Kieren DeWiess

    A talented wizard/sorceress with a huge ego is forced to be a teacher at a magical academy to pay off all the damages she caused as a student.

  • Alathea Lenore Hawthorn

    Alathea Lenore Hawthorn

    An average normal witch, trying to be anything BUT average and failing miserably at it. Harry Potter Universe of any Modern Magical School setting.