Desire of the Deep holiday fun Christmas special! :D UNFINISHED

[Phoebe has a weakness for sappy feel-good holiday movies.] -10:47 Dec 06
[Dante and Giri were on the couch besides Phoebe … and had dozed off during the movie!] -10:51 Dec 06

Giri was making cute puppy noises as he slept! Snoring and occassional growls, legs kicking out and messing up Dante’s hair as he lay on top his head!

Phoebe: *Such a cute ending…! Phoebe did love happy endings with these sickenly cute romantic holiday movies! ..Of course, it was cheesy as hell and she could draw way better stories, but.. It was a guilty pleasure. Phoebe blinked at the snoring Giri and apparently sleeping Dante. Aww…!* -10:55 Dec 06
Dante: *Dante’s chin was resting on his chest, his hands were folded over his stomach and his legs stretched out, crossed at the ankles on the table! The fact that there were still demons out to kill him and he’d fought a few of them last night might have contributed to him dozing off now!* -10:56 Dec 06

Giri let out a rather large bark for such a small puppy and rolled off of Dante’s head! But instead of falling, he was floating in the air, kicking and growling and floating out of the living room!

Phoebe: *…Okay, there was no getting used to a floating puppy! Sometimes she wasn’t sure if she should tie him to a table or not! For now, she pulled a blanket off the sofa to drop over Dante.* -11:00 Dec 06
Dante: Hm? *He lifted his head when he felt the blanket on him and smiled at Phoebe.* I’m sorry, I fell asleep during your movie, didn’t I? -11:01 Dec 06
Phoebe: I don’t expect any guy to stay awake through those movies. Especially one that stays out slaying monsters all night. -11:02 Dec 06
Dante: *A soft laugh!* I’d still like to make it up to you. *He was thoughtful for a moment.* A walk with Giri. -11:06 Dec 06
Phoebe: Hmm… I guess a walk is decent compensation. Some fresh air would be nice. *Shoes! and um… clothes! She was going to need something warm to wear outside. Phoebe wandered to the bedroom, blinking again at the floating Giri!* -11:10 Dec 06
Dante: *Dante tilted his head back to see an upside down Phoebe cast an odd look somewhere. He turned his head to see what was so interesting and blinked! Giri was floating right for the balcony’s sliding doors! He rolled over, landing with his feet tucked under him on the couch and sprinted to grab Giri a split second before the puppy collided with the glass! He grinned at the puppy in his arms and started waking him up with scratches under his chin and tummy.* -11:13 Dec 06
Phoebe: Maybe we should feed him heavier food. *Like rocks? She’d hate to see him burp up flaming rocks! Phoebe opened up her closet and was throwing off pajamas for a nice warm sweater and a decent pair of pants. And socks! Fuzzy socks!* -11:15 Dec 06
Dante: *He smiled.* He’d probably eat it, too. Brood of Cerberus pups aren’t picky eaters. -11:21 Dec 06
Phoebe: Brood of… *Nevermind! Phoebe so didn’t need to know the bloodlines of a demon puppy! *Phoebe plopped on to the bed as she tugged on a pair of shoes.* So where will we be walking to today? The park? -11:24 Dec 06
Dante: *He nodded and turned as a groggy Giri sat up, licking his chops and casting the world a lazy look.* Hmm hmm. And then you can explain to me how this Saint Nicholas guy is related to this Nativity thing you told me about earlier. -11:26 Dec 06
Phoebe: Uh… *Phoebe gave a peculiar look… She kept forgetting this wasn’t exactly Dante’s world!* He really isn’t related at all. They kinda mashed up some holidays to make Christmas. *Coat! She grabbed her coat and shrugged it on before giving a halfassed pose.* Ready! -11:28 Dec 06

Giri was stretching, butt in the air when Phoebe walked out! He barked a greeting to her and looked ready to take on the world!

Phoebe: Good mor.. hmm, Evening, Giri. Are you ready for a walk in the frigid air and chasing crows? -11:37 Dec 06
Dante: *He smiled.* Let’s go, Giri. Your mission object is to walk, chase, and protect the fair Lady Phoebe from any rascals that wish to cause mischief. -11:45 Dec 06

Giri barked at that!

Phoebe: Lady Phoebe. *She was trying to found, it was getting harder and harder to insist she didn’t get some goofy girly enjoyment out of it.* Alright then, let’s go then Priiince Dante and Sir Giri. -11:47 Dec 06
Dante: *Dante smiled and set Giri on his head, stopping only long enough to fetch the coat off of its place on a hook near the door. Then it was a ride down in the elevator.* Do you like winter? -11:55 Dec 06
Phoebe: I like the snow and the season. Everything kind of glitters after it’s been snowing. *Phoebe stuffed her hands in her pocket, rocking on her heels.* -11:57 Dec 06
Dante: *Once they were outside, he stopped to crouch down and run a finger through the snow.* Your snow is more … pure compared to snow in the Deep. My snow is gray. The humans call it ash. -12:01 Dec 07
Phoebe: Er… well, it doesn’t snow very often in the Deep. …if ever. *Swamps, jungles and volcanos… she never did draw wintery scenes about the Deep. Wasn’t there at least one or two really high mountains? Hmm.. While he was crouching, she scooped up some snow and made a nice ball. Dante should experience a little bit of winter!* Hey! *Phoebe chucked the snowball at him when he looked… and took off running down the sidewalk!* -12:06 Dec 07
Dante: Ooff! *He shut his eyes as something white and COLD splattered against his cheek! He brushed it off as Giri took off floating and running after Phoebe and followed suit, after scooping up some of the snow!* -12:10 Dec 07
Phoebe: *She chanced a look over her shoulder, and then had to make a sharp turn before she ran in to some old lady! And a quick tilt to scoop up more snow for another snowball and fling it over her shoulder!* -12:14 Dec 07

Giri was still floating but at least the old woman didn’t see him! She was too busy ducking her head in case a snowball came at her!

Dante: *Dante dodged that second snowball and then hurled his at her a few seconds later!* -12:22 Dec 07
Phoebe: *A duck behind a street light to avoid the snowball! But there was the park, where she hopped over one of the small shrubs for a big snowmound. Lots of ammunition there!* You’re getting a little slow, Dante! Too many eggrolls, you think?! -12:27 Dec 07
Dante: *He smirked, grabbed another handful of snow as he ran, formed it into a ball and threw another! Just as quickly he was picking up more snow and chucking another snow ball at her!* -12:30 Dec 07
Phoebe: *Crap! He didn’t have to sling an arsenal at her! Phoebe hopped over a snow drift, ducking to safety and making up several balls before he got close enough!* That it? I think Crystal can throw better than that! -12:35 Dec 07
Dante: *He smiled, scooping up another to hurl at her!* Of course not. *He had no intention on stopping until he had her lying on her back in the snow and he was right on top of her.* -12:36 Dec 07
Phoebe: *Close enough! She popped a head up long enough to see where he was and flung several of the snowballs at him! ….and a couple at Giri too for good measure!* -12:40 Dec 07

Giri was barking up a storm–only to be pelted by that last snowball and ending up tumbling to the ground!

Phoebe: Ach, Giri! You’re supposed to dodge flying projectiles! *Wait, Dante! Redirecting throwing!* -12:52 Dec 07
Dante: *He crouched down when she shot those snowballs at him and then tucked his legs under him! Then he was jumping from one side to another, zigzagging in erratic movements and somehow finding the time to scoop up, form, and throw snowballs of his own at her!* -12:54 Dec 07
Phoebe: Hey! This- You-! *Grrr! She tried getting clever and predicting where he was going to zigzag next, but he was figuring out what she was figuring out! ..Plus she had to dodge!* You’re cheating! *That’s it… Phoebe made on really BIG snowball!* -12:57 Dec 07

Giri shook the snow off and began barking!

Dante: *He only grinned wickedly and waited until the last minute to dodge that really big snowball! Then he was jumping into the air only to pounce on Phoebe, hands around her wrists and straddling her!* -01:08 Dec 07
Phoebe: *PLOOF! Followed by a high pitched squeal! Fresh snow was COLD! And he was damned heavy when he wanted to be!* uh…! Cheating cheating-face cheater! -01:10 Dec 07
Dante: *He smiled and leaned forward, and kissed her instead!* -01:16 Dec 07
Phoebe: *Mrrrph! Oh no he didn’t! She wasn’t going to be placated with sexy-damned kisses this time! Phoebe was going to stand – er.. lay firm! Including a smirk while trying to wiggle out from under him and flick him with the snow!* -01:21 Dec 07
Dante: *He chuckled softly as he lifted his head and she flicked snow at him. But then he was standing and it was Giri’s turn to jump on top of Phoebe!* -01:24 Dec 07
Phoebe: *Ooph! Giri was less easy to resist… You just can’t NOT cuddle and pet a cute floppy eared puppy!* Okay, okay! I give up! Phoebe’s snow tower has been captured. -01:26 Dec 07

Giri barked at that! Ha, take THAT! He scampered off of Phoebe and was floating again until he was level with Dante’s cheek which he started to lick!

Phoebe: *She would mind liking Dante’s cheek tooOOOKAY, she’s getting up off the ground now, and dusting all the snow off her clothes! …and out of her hair!* Did you ever take prisoners in the Deep, or were you always the one captured? *Phoebe cast him a wicked smirk. If one could call any of that captured!* -01:46 Dec 07
Dante: *He chuckled softly.* You would know the answer to that question more than anyone in this world, Phoebe. *He scratched Giri under the neck until Giri was lifting his head to give him better access.* -01:47 Dec 07
Phoebe: Hmm, I suppose I do. *Very nonchalant, she wander around Dante… he was busy with Giri, she’d ger her moment to sic her revenge on him in just a second. For now…* Do you miss life in the Deep? -01:51 Dec 07
Dante: *He blinked and placed Giri back on his head.* Sometimes. But in the Deep, I was half-demon to humans and half-human to demons. I never fit anywhere and I found out that I wasn’t the type to be a hermit. At least here, everyone just thinks I’m human. Odd eyes and hair maybe. But still human. -01:56 Dec 07
Phoebe: Still a bit of dodging the Psycho Queen, crazy females, and fighting with your brother, though. *Phoebe swept some snow off a shrub in to her hand… just enough so it wouldn’t melt right away!* -02:00 Dec 07
Dante: A bit. *He looked at Phoebe.* I don’t think I can stay here for much longer though. -02:01 Dec 07
Phoebe: No, I don’t suppose you could. I did promise to get you back home… *Dangit, she would keep her promise, but now she was starting to not like it at all. Phoebe frowned.* -02:04 Dec 07
Dante: *He gave a sheepish grin.* You were … going to tell me more about this tradition of yours, leaving out milk and cookies. -02:16 Dec 07
Phoebe: *A change of subject, that was a good idea!* You’re supposed to leave them out for Santa as a thank you for bringing presents. *She blew those bits of snow out of her hand, reaching for his to take him through the park.* …if you’re a kid, anyway. Crystal and I just eat the cookies ourselves now. -02:21 Dec 07
Dante: So … the adults here don’t believe in him but children do. If adults feel that way, why do they not just tell the children that there is no Santa? *It seemed like the adults were setting the children up for some big disappointment down the road when they could simply spare them the pain. -02:27 Dec 07
Phoebe: Er.. well… I guess it’s the magic of it! Magic isn’t supposed to exist here, so those little stories give kids something nice and happy to look forward to until they hit those miserable teenage years where life sucks. *Of course, she was a rotton kid that refused to believe Santa wasn’t real… and here she is walking in the park with a half demon Prince. Haha, Mom!* -02:31 Dec 07
Dante: Hm. Like the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny you mentioned before? -02:36 Dec 07
Phoebe: Yeah.. all a little different, and… pretty much make no sense whatever. But, I guess some historians say that stuff is based on old traditions and legends etcetera. I guess some of it might have been real at one time or another. *Phoebe leaned to rest her head on his arm as they walked. He was always so nice and warm!* -02:41 Dec 07
Dante: And this Sandman you mention, that he throws sand in your eyes to make you sleep. Is he the God of Dreams in this world? -02:53 Dec 07
Phoebe: *That made Phoebe pause! The first thing she thought of was that scary movie where he was killing people!* I don’t really know much about him. But I’m pretty sure he’s just myth like all of the others. -02:57 Dec 07
Dante: *He nodded.* Phoebe, do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you had never become the Guardian Spirit? -03:11 Dec 07
Phoebe: Somehow I think I would still be fighting with Ms. Nadine everyday. *She glanced up at him and squeezed his hand. There were those days it was ral hell… like monsters even she was afraid of. But other days…* I’m glad I am, anyway. It’s worth it. -03:14 Dec 07
Dante: *She had caught him by surprise! His expression said as much!* … Really? There are times that I … try to think about how you feel being caught up in all of this. I see how other humans live their lives compared to how you have to live yours. -03:16 Dec 07
Phoebe: Yes, normal human lives.. doing homework, getting desk jobs, marrying dudes that pay more for their stereos than their cars… I think I will take on the Deep any day of the week. *He didn’t have to look so surprised… she only complained when he and Thanatos got too flashy in those fights!* You don’t have to worry about me, Dante. -03:22 Dec 07
Dante: *A sheepish grin!* Yes, I’ve seen you in action. I’ve never known any woman jump on Thanatos in the middle of a fight, much less touch him without him giving his permission. -03:23 Dec 07
Phoebe: Thanatos isn’t so scary.. or all that bad, if he’d just… I don’t know, get some sense bashed in to his uppity brain. *Phoebe really wasn’t sure what she was going to do with Thanatos… he was making things so much harder..! But at least Dante was grinning now, and that was enough for her to cast a wide smirk.* Completely useless when girls aren’t screaming your name for help, huh? -03:27 Dec 07
Dante: Something I am working at, I assure you. *He said with a grin.* -03:57 Dec 07
Phoebe: *Phoebe flicked a hand at his hair to shake out some stray snowflakes.* So then, what Christmas traditions have I left out? We covered Santa, cookies, and presents. -03:59 Dec 07
Dante: Stockings and decorating this Christmas tree Crystal keeps talking of. -04:03 Dec 07
Phoebe: ..tree! Argh..! I forgot to get a tree! *Taking his hand, she had to speed through the park!* The tree is probably some symbol of fertility and I have no ideas what stockings are for, but they make really awesome decorations, and it’s my turn to get the tree and Crystal is going to kill me. -04:05 Dec 07
Dante: *He blinked and followed after her!* Crystal spoke of a tree twelve feet tall. Are all Christmas trees that lare? -04:06 Dec 07
Dante: *large -04:06 Dec 07
Phoebe: No, and ours won’t be either. She tried that last year and we couldn’t get the thing in my apartment. We had to put it on the balcony, and it barely even fit there either. *Treeplace was… That way! She cast a grin at Dante.* I think one about your height will do. You get to help me carry it back. -04:11 Dec 07
Dante: *He smiled.* Yes, ma’am. It’ll be me and Giri’s first Christmas tree. -04:18 Dec 07
Phoebe: Then we’ll make it really awesome. You can pick out this year’s new ornaments too, and we’ll get a Santa hat… and maybe some of those nice gingerbread cookies from the bakery. …Damn, I wish I had a fireplace. *Which had been her favorite daydreaming lately… With it being so cold and snowy, Dante and even Giri with a warm blanket in front of a fireplace would be dreamy!* -04:21 Dec 07
[Dante logged out of the chat.] -((06:31 Dec 07))
[Phoebe has timed out.] -10:55 Dec 10
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[Phoebe and Dante are going to get a Christmas tree!] -10:57 Dec 10
[Dante is curious about these christmas trees] -11:04 Dec 10
Dante: These Christmas trees. You use any tree you like from anywhere in the city? -11:05 Dec 10
Phoebe: Naw, not here in the city. They bring in trees at some.. uh.. dealer place or store! If we lived outside of the city and had our own land, maybe then we could chop down our own tree. *The thought of someone trying to steal one of the city’s trees made her snicker. -11:06 Dec 10
Dante: *He nodded. These Christmas trees were sounding more and more intriguing.* Crystal said you use bright lights to decorate trees. But she said the two of you once set your tree on fire. -11:08 Dec 10
Phoebe: Er, yeah. We were trying to do one of the old school trees, where you use candles instead of lights and that.. kind of back fired! *There it was! That …tree-guy who always brought in trees every year! She took Dante through the fence, eyeing the different kind of firs and trying to decide which one would look the best for this year.* -11:10 Dec 10
Dante: *As Phoebe eyed the trees, Dante reached out and touched the leaves. He sniffed the air and then leaned forward to sniff the leaves a bit more.* -11:19 Dec 10

Smelling the leaves looked like fun! Giri leaned forward to sniff … a bigger SNIFF … and then sneezed!

Phoebe: *Phoebe turned to blink, and bite back a smirk. Sniffing trees was weird… but cute! Definitely cute!* They’re all different kinds of evergreen trees. Some of them are nicer than others though. I like the ones with the thick leaves and deep color. *Man, she reeeaally wanted that fireplace. If her parents were gone, she could have totally stolen their house for a weekend!* -11:22 Dec 10
Dante: *Dante looked up when Giri sneezed and scratched under the pup’s neck.* But they … all look the same. -11:27 Dec 10
Phoebe: …they do not! THIS one *She pointed!* is a frosted green with medium foilage coverage. THAT one is emerald and thick. And that one over there is going to be the last tree in the lot. *Look the same… Ha! Luckily Dante wasn’t picking out the tree. For now, she took a hand to measure Dante’s height and compared it with some of the trees.* -11:30 Dec 10
Dante: *He blinked and looked at each of the trees she was examining. If he looked real closely, he could tell the differences she was describing.* Sorry. -11:44 Dec 10
Phoebe: *That look on his face! Phoebe sighed, moving to give him a kiss on the cheek.* Don’t be. You’re a monster slayer, and I’m a neurotic detail obssessed maniac. Help me pick on, it’s going to be your tree too. -11:46 Dec 10
Dante: *He grinned sheepishly.* For the sake of your sanity, I think it’s better I let you pick. Or I’m going to pick that one. *And he pointed his thumb over his shoulder at the one she’d pegged as the tree which would be the last one in the lot.* -11:51 Dec 10
Phoebe: Hmm. We’ll take that one then. It probably just needs a little love. *Lots of love, maybe. But if he was going to point at that tree, she’d make it work! It’d be like the Dante of trees! Phoebe found one of the dealers and even worked out a good price for the tree. Nice little discount, even better!* … of course now you have to carry the tree home. -11:54 Dec 10
Dante: *He was still wearing that sheepish grin.* As you will, Lady Phoebe. *He took Giri off of his head and put him on the ground.* Sorry, Giri, but you’ll have to walk it while I carry the tree. -12:03 Dec 11
Phoebe: *Phoebe made sure the branches were tied up nice and secure so no one would get flying tree limbs to the face. He still had that look though! How was she going to do something about it?* Hey, have I given you gingerbread cookies, yet? -12:14 Dec 11

Giri ran around Dante’s legs and tripped over his ears, only to get up, shake himself and start running again!

Dante: *He glanced at her.* Gingerbread cookies? No. But Crystal was showing me a cooking show where they made all kinds of sweets. A drink called Moon and Stars and gingerbread cookies. -12:17 Dec 11
Phoebe: When we get home and set up the tree, we’ll try to make some. *Phoebe paused.* …trying being the key word. I’m not all that great at cooking… I think I set cereal on fire once. *Phoebe leaned and captured Giri before he set off a domino effect of knocked over trees!* -12:19 Dec 11
Dante: *Dante smiled.* It’s sure to be fun. And we could always talk Crystal into making a whole bunch for Thanatos and then eating them before he arrives. -12:48 Dec 11
Phoebe: She would kill us! …or else let Thanatos kill us while she’s making more. *There! He was smiling. Better! Phoebe made sure he had the tree and that he could still see where he was going. She gave Giri a good petting. …and gave a sly grin.* I don’t think I’ve told you about mistletoe. -12:51 Dec 11

Giri barked and wagged his tail but other than that, stayed still!

Dante: Heh heh. Yeah, probably … Mistletoe? What’s that? -12:53 Dec 11
Phoebe: *Phoebe scratched behind Giri’s ears, casting Dante a wide grin.* It’s the perfect excuse to sneak kisses. You hang it on the ceiling or over doorways. A little plant. If someone is standing under it, you’re supposed to kiss them.. Although I can’t remember if it’s cause they’ll get bad luck if you don’t, or if they’ll never find a mate, or something. -12:58 Dec 11
Dante: *He laughed softly.* What does this little plant look like? -01:01 Dec 11
Phoebe: Like um… *Phoebe glanced around as they walked down the street… there had to be some around there somewhere. Ahaha! She pointed at a shop doorway, where a little bunch was hanging with a red bow and some bells.* Like that. Easy to spot. …I think Crystal ends up covering her entire apartment with the stuff. …now that I think about it, she might sneak some in mine now too. *Yep, Thanatos was going to get smothered!* -01:04 Dec 11
[Phoebe just explained mistletoe, and is pretty sure Crystal is at home explaining it to Thanatos the \”hard\” way.] -06:28 Dec 24
[Dante is carrying the tree on his shoulder with an awfully cute puppy on his head!] -06:31 Dec 24

Dante: testing

Dante: *Dante nodded.* It’s too bad this Christmas of yours happens only once a year. You have such fun things you do. -06:33 Dec 24
Phoebe: Yeah, but then it wouldn’t be as special. That’s what makes them so great. *Now they had the tree, all they needed to do was pick up some food and then it was back home and out of the snow! She was pretty sure snow had snuck it’s way in to her underwear by now.* We’ll shortcut back throught the park! -06:36 Dec 24
Dante: *He nodded. With any luck, Crystal wouldn’t have cooked all the good stuff for Thanatos and left them nothing.* Phoebe … why don’t you spend Christmas with your parents? I’m sure they miss your company, if nothing else. -06:38 Dec 24
Phoebe: I did think about going over there and stealing their food. They’re going out to a party. Mom gave me this whole disturbing speach about Holiday Hookups and I think her Christmas wish is grandchildren. *There was no way she was letting Dante spend too much time with her parents!* -06:42 Dec 24
Dante: *He smiled slightly at that. Grandchildren. Perhaps in their own way, they wished Phoebe to be taken care of and thought children of her own were the answer. He mused over that thought as hey were passing by the park fountain, frozen solid, of course, when he suddenly paused! He glanced around.* -06:47 Dec 24

Giri lifted his head, curled up on top of Dante’s hair. He sniffed the air and let out a growling-warning bark as if demanding someone (or something) to identify itself!

Phoebe: *That pup was a demon all right, howling like that STILL startled her, especially when she didn’t know it was coming!* I’m not getting a monster free day today am I? *Even as she said it, she was glancing around for a stick. Sticks were good weapons.* -06:49 Dec 24
Dante: *Dante looked at Phoebe and he smiled slightly.* I guess not. *He looked around the park again.* But I’m having a hard time pinning down the location. It’s like the demon is all around us. -06:58 Dec 24

Giri was sniffing the air still but he seemed to be having a tough time sorting the demon out, too!

Phoebe: It may be really fast. Or flying. *She glanced up just in case and took a look at the trees. Just branches and snow. Nothing weird or out of place.* We ought to find it before going home, though. I don’t want to see a Christmas massacre on the news. -07:02 Dec 24

Giri suddenly took off for the trees in front of them!

Dante: Giri! *He sprinted after the puppy, tree still on his shoulder! He didn’t want anything happening to the tree! Phoebe wanted a Christmas tree and he really liked this one!* -07:11 Dec 24
Phoebe: Hey…! We can set the tree down somewhere! *The poor thing looked sad enough as it was without getting in to a demon battle! Phoebe was on their heels, though, only stopping long enough to grab herself a decent looking stick when she nearly tripped over one!* -07:14 Dec 24
Dante: *Dante finally slowed down after awhile and looked around. It was beginning to snow again, lightly. He finally stopped. That puppy was very fast when he wanted to be. He looked around for a bit longer before taking the tree off his shoulder and leaning it against a large oak.* -07:26 Dec 24
Phoebe: *It was too cold to be running! All this frosty air made her lungs hurt! She had to stop and lean over to catch her breath.* Blasted… Giri…! Runs… too fast! -07:30 Dec 24
Dante: *Dante turned to where Phoebe was catching her breath.* … Phoebe. *He was looking past her, or rather at the object she was leaning against … a male human ice statue! -07:33 Dec 24
Phoebe: Hmm? GAH..! *She snatched her hand back and hopped to the side. Phoebe might have thought it was a holiday ice sculpter, but normally they aren’t screaming in horror and looking terrified!* …I’d say we’re in the right spot. *She poked it with a finger… frozen solid. How the hell was she supposed to melt this guy?!* …Okay, you look for demon and I’ll see if there’s any more of these guys. -07:37 Dec 24
Dante: *He glanced around. He’d have to find Giri if he wanted any chance of finding the demon. A frozen ice statue meant they were dealing with an ice demon and since snow and ice were an ice demon’s domain … the park was dangerous territory.* Giri! *He put his fingers to his lips, whistled … and waited!* -08:23 Dec 24
Phoebe: *Snow everywhere, spotted frozen people around the trees on the path wasn’t too easy. So far she had counted at least three dudes, all with that same horrified expression! She stopped and blinked at one of them. His pants were around his knees!* Christ, YOU were caught at a bad moment, weren’tcha? -08:28 Dec 24

It was easy to pick up a pattern besides everyone having been taken by surprise! They were all men!

There was a soft giggle behind Phoebe! “Hehe. Do you like my ice statues? I made them myself.” When Phoebe turned, there was a little girl, long black hair and eyes hidden by her bangs, dressed in a long white kimono that looked several sizes too big.

Phoebe: …You’re awfully small to be collected a harem of man popcicles. *Demon kid…? This was new! Not something she dreamed up, that was fore sure!* I don’t like them, as a matter of fact. You need to unfreeze them. -08:44 Dec 24
Phoebe: * collecting! -08:44 Dec 24

“But I like collecting them. They’re so fun.” The little girl smiled a bit wickedly now. “There’s two more statues I need to collect. Very special statues. If you hand them over, I’ll be a good girl and unfreeze the others.”

Phoebe: *Yeah, it was just her luck that the kid wanted some Demon Princes for her collection! Phoebe rest one hand on her hips and pointed her stick at the girl.* Nope! I don’t do trades. So you’re going to unfreeze the humans or I’m going to vanquish you the old fashioned way, and beat you with this stick. -08:50 Dec 24

The girl’s lips pulled back to show sharp fangs. “Hehe. What a shame.” The wind began to pick up, it began to snow even harder! It was becoming hard to see the girl now. “I guess I’ll have to freeze you too.”

Phoebe: Sure, let’s do it the hard way! I didn’t have somewhere warm to be, no! *Phoebe shielded her face from flying snow, but the little brat wasn’t about to get away so quick! She ducked lower to the ground and was off swinging the stick at her!* -08:56 Dec 24

The girl didn’t retreat, whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. But she thrust her arm forward and Phoebe felt a mighty blast of cold wind, so cold she might find herself growing numb! It didn’t help that pieces of snow and dirt were being kicked up and thrown by Phoebe, thanks to the wind.

Phoebe: *Okay, so the brat was a smidge strong! Phoebe lift an arm up to shield her face from wind burn and flying dirty snow, but it was just so damned cold!* ….Okay, maybe we can make a deal! Gingerbread men and I don’t hit you with the stick! -09:08 Dec 24

at, not by XD

“Give me the Demon Princes!” the girl ordered. She waved her arm in front of her now and several icicles dropped off of the trees, big, foot long ones, and went flying at Phoebe!

Dante: *Dante was suddenly beside Phoebe! He picked her up, crouched low, and jumped away! He stopped on a boulder in a small clearing several feet away and turned to the direction they had come from.* -09:17 Dec 24

The girl shrieked as Phoebe was rescued! Her icicles embedded themselves in one of the trees!

Phoebe: *She was freezing! Blinking up at Dante with a slight frown.* She’s an uppity little brat with a man fetish. It’s not a good idea to get close to her. *Guh..! She could barely flex her fingers!* -09:23 Dec 24
Dante: *He nodded slightly to hear he was listening to her, although his eyes were still on the trees around them.* I need to get you somewhere safe, somewhere warm. -09:32 Dec 24
Phoebe: Are we going to have that conversation again, where I explain I am the Guardian and you are the one that gets rescued? *Warm sounded like a great idea, but leaving Dante alone with a man collector was just asking for trouble!* What we need is a big net and a cordless blow dryer! -09:34 Dec 24
Dante: *He flashed her a sheepish grin.* My apologies, fair lady. *He glanced around again.* I need to find Giri. He’s missing. -10:47 Dec 24

“I’ll give you your beloved pet back. If you be a good boy and become my ice statue,” the girl’s voice echoed around them.

Phoebe: *Errrrg her teeth were chattering! She had to stick her tongue between them so she didn’t crack them! ….at least until the brat chimed in!* You’re actually going to hold a puppy hostage?! Have you not gone to demon school yet? -10:49 Dec 24

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way. But I would hurry if I were you … The human already looks like she’s had quite enough of my … special treatment.”

Phoebe: I’m cold not dead. Put me down and give me something to hit her with! Like a torch or some fireballs! *No better way to beat a frigid bitch than with some fire! Munchkin or not!* -11:11 Dec 24
Dante: *Dante was about to put her down when he suddenly jumped up and landed a few feet away! The boulder was frozen solid! Then he was dashing into the trees and hid behind one. He put Phoebe down.* … I would give you a torch or fireballs but I’m afraid I have none. And it’s hard to track her precise location unless … *He met her eyes.* Unless I lure her out of hiding. -11:37 Dec 24
Phoebe: No. I don’t like that idea. Mostly because you’re a man and prone to getting in trouble! I can’t protect you from demons if you’re busy being bait! -11:40 Dec 24
Dante: Unless you can lure her into a volcano, we won’t have much luck getting her out otherwise. Giri would be able to but who knows where she’s keeping him–if she has him at all. -11:45 Dec 24
Phoebe: *Grr! She hated it when he was right! He did it far too often! Scowling and looking none too happy about it, she finally nodded.* Okay! But I’m not hiding and waiting. I’m going too. -11:46 Dec 24
Dante: *Dante stood and looked around.* Alright. Hand over Giri and I’ll give myself up. -11:51 Dec 24

The wind suddenly died down and the snow stopped falling! There was the little girl a dozen feet in front of them. “It’s good you have more sense than your girlfriend. Now be a good little man and–”

Dante: Wait. You have to hand Giri over first. Or I’ll put up a fight and it’s not going to be pretty. *And he was dead serious about it, too!* -11:52 Dec 24
Phoebe: *It was still freaking cold, but a cross Phoebe was more wary on keeping an eye on that brat and grabbing Giri when she needed to! Next time they go out, she was going to buy a gun!* -11:56 Dec 24
[Phoebe is keeping an eye on Dante while watching the Icebrat and trying to spy for Giri! ] -10:56 Dec 25
[Dante is keeping an eye on the girl and figuring out where Giri is!] -11:08 Dec 25
Phoebe: *AH HA! A new stick! Phoebe snatched it up off the ground quick, tugging some yarn out of her scarf. When you didn’t have a weapon, you just needed to MAKE a weapon!* We’re waiting, shorty! The pup, or no handsome demon princes for you! -11:11 Dec 25

The ice demon decided she wasn’t in a position to be demanded with! She summoned a wicked cold wind again, complete with snow and dirt and rocks at Dante and Phoebe!

Dante: Return my puppy. *Dante swung his arm toward the ice demon while one arm shielded his face. A chunk of earth broke off in front of him and flew straight at the demon, undeterred by the wind!* -11:18 Dec 25
Phoebe: *Phoebe let out much cursing, and turned her back to the wind! It was hard enough fussing with yarn and a stick without her fingers getting number! Tying the yarn at one end of the stick, she bent it in a half crescent to tie the other end! One handmade bow! Now she just needed some arrows!* -11:19 Dec 25

She cut her attack short to freeze the rock! It dropped down in front of her but when she finally flung it out of her way, Dante was nowhere to be seen!

Dante: *Dante had jumped up and was coming down, sword above his head! He was going to cleave the girl in half because no one kidnapped Giri, threatened Phoebe, and cut his time with Phoebe short!* -11:33 Dec 25

The girl was too busy looking around. She shrieked as his sword sliced off her arm, then touched his chest with her other hand as it glowed blue. The blast shot Dante several feet away and when he began to stand, he found his feet up were rapidly freezing! In no time at all, he was frozen from the elbows down, his arms to his sides!

Phoebe: *Another st- God damnit! EVen when she was muttering it under her breath, she was darting across the snow and skidding to a slippery stop in front of Dante! She pulled back the string of her bow – without an arrow! That didn’t stop her from looking like she meant it though.* That’s enough! Back off and give me the pup, or I’ll shoot! -11:42 Dec 25

“Get out of my way, human,” the demon girl said, smirking. The arm that Dante cut off turned into little pieces of snow that was blown into the air and swirled around her shoulder to form the arm again.

Dante: *He glanced around. His sword was several feet away but he couldn’t channel his spells to call it to him and Phoebe wasn’t allowed to touch it. As long as his arms were frozen to his sides and immobile, he couldn’t channel his magic at all. That was when he looked at Phoebe and the makeshift bow she’d made.* -11:46 Dec 25

“Hmph.” A snort. “Shoot? Shoot what?”

Dante: *He smirked.* She’s going to shoot arrows of flame at you. -11:48 Dec 25

The girl blinked, surprised for a brief moment before composing herself. “You’re bluffing!” she growled! “She can’t do that!”

Phoebe: You’re annoyingly persistant! *She stepped backwards until she was close enough to mumble over her shoulder at Dante.* I can only bullshit for so long you know! *Flame arrows, that’d work! …if she had a torch! But she aimed anyway!* -11:49 Dec 25
Dante: *He was still smirking!* Really? Are you willing to bet on that, little girl? *He lowered his head and tilted it to the side so the girl couldn’t see his lips move as he whispered back to Phoebe.* I can’t channel my magic, but I can still cast it. I’m not sure how receptive to it you’ll be, but I think you can channel my magic for me. -11:52 Dec 25
Phoebe: That’s… a little strange, but I’m all for making her crispy. Try it. *…that meant no more pretending to aim, but aiming for real. Taking those archery glasses when she was obssessed with Lord of the Rings doesn’t seem so dumb anymore!* Just say when! -11:55 Dec 25
Dante: *Dante was concentrating now. The magic was still there but transferring it to Phoebe took a bit longer. Phoebe may have felt a surge of warmth from somewhere, as if there was a small fire spreading through her from the inside out.* I’m ready. We’re short on time but you’re able to fire three arrows of pure flame at will. Just pull your bowstring back and imagine a real arrow there. The fire won’t harm you. -12:06 Dec 26

“Enough of this!” The girl waved her arm and several large icicles formed and went flying for Phoebe!

Phoebe: *That felt weird! Like taking a few shots of vodka on an empty stomach! Without giving the demon girl any warning, Phoebe aimed, pulled back and fired one, then a second one quickly after!* -12:10 Dec 26

The girl didn’t see those arrows of fire coming but she certainly felt it! One was enough to make her stagger back and the icicles themselves melted into water as the arrows passed by them! The first arrow shot into her stomach and she clutched it! She was groaning in agony! So much pain, so much … heat! The second found its way to her chest and she screamed, head thrown back as she began to melt! She fought to control herself! “No … it can’t … I won’t . ..”

Phoebe: *Phoebe pulled the third and held it!* You wanna keep screwing around with me now? I’ll let you escape if you drop the ice and give back Giri! Otherwise… nice and crispy. *She couldn’t believe that actually worked. And she had no problem letting loose the last arrow!* -12:20 Dec 26
[Phoebe mean serious business! … She happens to like that puppy and demon prince!] -10:38 Dec 26
[Dante is one very frozen half Demon-Prince!] -10:39 Dec 26

“I can’t …” She was on her hands and knees, fighting to maintain her melting body. “I won’t be … DIE!” she shouted! One last ditch effort, she attempted to trap Phoebe in a whirlwind of cold wind and sharp hard pieces of ice to scratch and distract her!

Phoebe: *So much for trying to be merciful! Who knew ice could hurt so damned much! Phoebe adjusted her aim again, only tilting her face away and close her eyes before she let loose that final arrow!* -10:43 Dec 26

Even through all the wind and ice, Phoebe and Dante could hear the sharp wail that erupted from the ice demon! The wind and ice slowly died down and when it disappeared entirely, only the demon’s kimono remained. Even that turned into snow and disappeared on a soft breeze …

Dante: *The ice surrounding him suddenly disappeared and he fell forward. He was panting for breath with his legs tucked under him but he managed to tilt his head up at Phoebe and give her a small smile.* Guardian, indeed. -10:49 Dec 26
Phoebe: I told you not to go and get yourself captured. *She knelt down with him trying to keep that cranky expression instead of the worried one. Who knew the after-effects of being frozen!* Are you okay? You’re not like paralyzied or frost bitten or anything? -10:52 Dec 26
Dante: *His small smile turned sheepish.* I will be … incapcitated for some time. This means no monster-hunting for a couple of days. *He moved his legs out from under him and then moved to stand. But as soon as he was, he reached out to lean against a tree.* Giri. We have to find Giri. *He looked around, put his two fingers to his lips and whistled again.* -11:01 Dec 26
Phoebe: We should get warm. You stay there. *Phoebe moved away just enough to make sure those other guys in the park had unfroze… There were some very confused, shuffled dudes, high-tailing it away! Good. Now for Giri!* Giiiiriiii! -11:04 Dec 26
Dante: *Dante watched her disappear and looked at his sword as it lay there. He didn’t bother stretching his arm to it. The sword was there one moment and in his free hand the next before it disappeared to wherever it went when he wasn’t wielding it.* -11:06 Dec 26

As Phoebe went walking through the park, calling for the puppy, she heard some whining coming from behind a fallen log.

Phoebe: It’s okay, Giri, no more demon wenches with ice fetishes! *Phoebe leaned and looked carefully before stepping over to the other side of the log!* -11:09 Dec 26

Giri was lying, curled up in a ball. He lifted his head when Phoebe approached and sniffed her hand as she reached out for him, just to be sure!

Phoebe: Just Phoebe. Nothing to worry about now. *Poor fuzzbucket. Furr doesn’t help much with ice. She scooped up the puppy and stuffed him under her jacket and shirt to keep him warm. …and hissed! Cold, cold, cold! She trotted back to Dante with her frosty little bundle!* I have Giri! -11:12 Dec 26

Giri whined as Phoebe picked him up and even after she had him tucked away, he shifted a bit to burrow even deeper. He had his head down when they got to Dante.

Dante: *He nodded.* Thank you, Phoebe. I guess we better get home. *He started away from the tree only to remember something and change direction.* We need to get our tree. -11:21 Dec 26
Phoebe: *Cold puppy paws and cold puppy nose! She hadn’t thought she could get any more chilled, but then again, she hadn’t been frozen solid either!* Definitely not going to forget the tree after all of that. *Phoebe eyed him. He was stiff, and no way could he fit in her shirt. She opted for taking one of his arms and curling it around her shoulders. At least he could lean on her.* I should be able to carry it. -11:25 Dec 26
Dante: You’ve dealt with enough already. *He smiled.* But I am sure you can take on the world. I could cast the tree back to your apartment but I’m afraid Crystal will throw it out before we get there. -11:28 Dec 26
Phoebe: No… No I think she’ll look at it funny and then wait specifically to ask what I was thinking. Casting it there is a good idea! *Thankfully finding the tree was easy – it was the only one bundled up there leaning against another tree! * -11:31 Dec 26
Dante: *He was laughing softly, only to shiver and he let out a breath.* This will be the last year she will send you out to get a tree. *The tree was there one moment and then was gone the next.* But the tree is in better condition than me or Giri. *Leaning on Phoebe, he started for the apartment.* -11:37 Dec 26
Phoebe: I can’t let you out of my sight for a minute. *Thanatos never got in to as much trouble, and that man probably insulted everyone he talked to! When they finally shuffled out of the park, Phoebe took the opportunity to cheat and flag down a passing taxi at the street. It was one of the rare occasions they came in handy! They got home twice as fast, so when they arrived it only took moments to usher Dante in to the apartment and make sure the tree wasn’t lodged in her ceiling or anything!* All right, all wet clothes come off. Immediatrely. *She was already trying to shrug off her jacket, wild shuffling the furry pup under her shirt!* -11:42 Dec 26

Crystal: There you three are! I was worried sick when you didn’t return your calls and–Oh, right, the Psycho Queen still has it … *Her voice trailed off as she admitted it. Then it came on strong again when she regained her self-righteous fury!* But don’t think this excuses you for–for–that! *She pointed to where the bundled up tree was leaning against the recliner!* What in the name of all that is chocolate made you pick that!

Phoebe: It was lonely? I bet once it’s all fluffed out it’ll look just fine. Ah.. Here! Use your Crystal-cutness and warm up this pup! *Phoebe pulled Giri out from under her shirt and handed the poor thing over to Crystal. The woman needed something to keep her distracted!* Some crazy kid-demon tried to freeze us to death. *Not having to balance a pup anymore, she moving to help Dante out of his clothes.* -11:57 Dec 26

Crystal: *Crystal suddenly found her hands full–literally! But she took the duty to care for one fluffy and oh so adorable pup to heart!* You poor thing! *She was disappearing into the bathroom to grab a towel to wrap him up in and then walked out to sit on the couch and start warming him up!*

Dante: *Dante was having some difficulty getting his clothes off and had only managed to get one arm out of his jacket before Phoebe helped. In no time at all, he was down to the boxers Phoebe had said he should wear–if only for some extra warmth!* May I take everything off? *He said with a grin, although he was still shivering.* -12:00 Dec 27
Phoebe: Not in here! *And let Crystal get a naked Dante show? No way! Phoebe ushered him to the bedroom and closed the door behind him. …And closed her eyes!* Okay, NOW you can take "everything" off. *She hopped to take off her shoes. Her clothes were all wet now too, something warm and dry would be divine!* You should get under the covers. -12:03 Dec 27

Crystal: *… Which left a pouting Crystal!* Spoiled sports. *She mumbled as she warmed that puppy up!* Can you believe the nerve of those two? Or … just Phoebe’s nerve. Just because she has a big crush on him … *But she was real quiet so Phoebe wouldn’t hear!*

Dante: *He laughed softly.* Yes, my lady. *Off those boxers went and under the covers he was gone! He was shivering and he moved those sheets over most of his face and all of his body!* -12:06 Dec 27
Phoebe: *Once she heard him moving in to bed, it was safe to open her eyes again! Phoebe was tugging off the rest of her clothes – thinking to step behind a closet door before SHE was giving an inpromptu strip show!* Are you warm enough? I can get another blanket. Or maybe turn up the heat. Hmm… what was that thing that survival show said about getting warm…? -12:13 Dec 27
Dante: *His voice was a little muffled as he now had his entire head under the blanket.* Both, perhaps? -12:21 Dec 27
Phoebe: *Boy, when she had him back in top condition, he was not going to hear the end of getting in trouble! Phoebe pulled a long shirt over her head before grabbing a blanket out of the closet and moving over to the bed. She fluffed it out and arranged it neatly, before scooting herself in bed and under the covers too.* Come here then, I think it was body heat that works the best. -12:25 Dec 27
Dante: *A soft laugh but he didn’t turn to her!* You’re not just saying that to tease me, are you? -12:28 Dec 27
Phoebe: Nearly frozen to death and you think I’m teasing! You know, I could have Crystal come in here and warm you up instead if you like. *She’d never do it! But he didn’t need to know that. …Although she might have told him to keep some of his clothes on before having him hop in bed. That made sneaking an arm around him a little awkward. And he was freezing!* -12:33 Dec 27
Dante: *He smiled against the pillow.* I appreciat the gesture, Phoebe. But I know you don’t like to get close to me unless you have to. -12:35 Dec 27
Dante: *appreciate -12:38 Dec 27
Phoebe: That’s so stupid. *She muttered, tucking her chin on his shoulder.* You do realized it’s cause I have no self control whatsoever and once I start touching I can’t stop, right? You have enough woman trying to molest you. -12:39 Dec 27
Dante: No self-control? *He turned his head slightly to glance at her face and he snorted.* You appear to be doing quite well. -12:41 Dec 27
Phoebe: *Phoebe didn’t know if she wanted to laugh, hit him with a pillow or kiss him!* You were half frozen to death, what kinda girl is gonna pounce somebody after that? I have to get you warm first, then I can think about you naked. …Er. Or not think about nakedness. …or something. -12:46 Dec 27
Dante: *He chuckled softly, turned to her slightly enough to kiss her forehead without straining himself.* You have your work cut out for you. -12:49 Dec 27
Phoebe: We’re not using you as bait again, just so you know. *That was better… now to get more comfortably warm! He was still really cold to touch. She slid one of her legs over his and snuck the other one under!* Directing your spells was a little weird. Have you done that before? -12:53 Dec 27
Dante: Nope. *He shivered again and he let out a breath.* … You’ll think I’m weird. But it was in a song I heard a long time ago. -01:04 Dec 27
Phoebe: *All that shivvering, she scooted as close as she could until she found herself nuzzling his neck.* Spellcasting in a song? What did it say? -01:06 Dec 27
Dante: "When power lacks the channeling bend, The Guardian for you, she’ll send." Now that I think about it, I think it was a lullaby. -01:23 Dec 27
Phoebe: Strange lullabys in the Deep. Was it your mother that sang it to you? -01:25 Dec 27
Dante: I think it was … I remember it was a woman’s voice. *He smiled slightly.* Nathe didn’t have much of a singing voice, that’s for sure. He once compared it to a cat crying to the moon at night. For the longest time, I didn’t even know what a cat was. We don’t have them in the Deep. -01:27 Dec 27
Phoebe: Cats are notorious dimensional travelers with picky prefferences. Probably didn’t like the Deep. *He was warming up now, which was good! She snuck a hand up to fuss with a bit of his hair.* Are you feeling better now? -01:31 Dec 27
Dante: Nathe said cats wouldn’t like anywhere they weren’t worshipped in some way or another. *He said with another smile.* Yes, thank you. -01:33 Dec 27
Phoebe: He sounds like my granddad. I dunno if he hated cats or was jealous of them. *She leaned to kiss his cheek. Dante always smiled so nice, and his hair was – ….was things she shouldn’t think about. Cats! Evil cats! Better topic!* -01:36 Dec 27
Dante: Maybe that’s why Nathe took to Giri so well. He said a demon puppy would be far better company. -01:45 Dec 27
Phoebe: It helps that Giri is adorable and has floppy ears. *Much like the pup’s owner, you just couldn’t NOT cuddle Giri! He made a nice fuzzy footwarmer. Phoebe shifted, debating if she should fetch them something warm to drink or just stay here for the rest of the night. ..Crystal could handle setting up the tree!* -01:53 Dec 27
Dante: *That made him laugh softly.* It took me awhile to get used to him floating all over the place. Playing hide and seek was never boring. -01:59 Dec 27
Phoebe: *Yeah, she was so staying in bed! Phoebe curled up and rest her head on his shoulder.* I didn’t have any real pets when I was little. A lot of pretend ones, though. -02:01 Dec 27
Dante: You have an amazing imagination. I don’t think channeling would have worked if you didn’t have a gift for it. -02:06 Dec 27
Phoebe: If it hadn’t I would have beaten the hell out of her with the stick. No freezes my demon prince and puppy and gets away with it. *And beat her was an understatement. Would have stabbed her good too!* -02:08 Dec 27
Dante: *He smiled a bit.* There is always that method. *His body was less numb now but with it came the tiny needles as sensation seeped into his joints.* -02:19 Dec 27
Phoebe: *Phoebe leaned up on an elbow to frown down at him.* You’re getting twitchy, are you sure you’re okay? I can probably get a cab to take us to the hospital. -02:22 Dec 27
Dante: *He kissed her cheek.* I don’t need a hospital. And I doubt they’d know what to do with a half-demon, half-human. I’m just getting warm, that’s all. -02:33 Dec 27
Phoebe: You should move around and get your blood flowingnot that you’re warmer. …and don’t think that’s gonna stop me from taking you to a hospital. -02:35 Dec 27
Dante: *He smiled.* But I’m comfortable here. Just a little while longer in bed? -02:37 Dec 27
Phoebe: *Aw… how can a man be cute and sexy at the same time?! It should be illegal!* All right, but you still need to move around a bit. Hrmph. I suppose that’d be easier if I weren’t holding you still. *Smooth Phoebe! She shifted to untangle her legs from his.* -02:39 Dec 27
Dante: How about around Christmas? *He said as Phoebe was untangling her legs.* -02:43 Dec 27
Phoebe: *She paused to give him a confused blink.* Move around at Christmas or me holding you still? -02:45 Dec 27
Dante: Move around after Christmas. *He gave her a sheepish expression.* -02:47 Dec 27
Phoebe: You can’t stay in bed that long. I’ll settle for toe wiggling, though. *With a half grin she leaned down to kiss his cheek!* -02:50 Dec 27
Dante: Toe wiggling as the lady suggests. *Dante smiled.* And some finger wiggling as well. *And he started to wiggle his toes and his fingers.* -03:01 Dec 27
Phoebe: *It was hard to keep a straight face, he had to make it look and sound ridiculous! To stop herself from snicker, she dipped her head to rest against his shoulder. …didn’t help!* Okay…! Less wiggling and more actual limb moving! -03:06 Dec 27
[Dante is wearing a perfectly innocent expression!] -07:24 Dec 27
Dante: But I am moving my limbs. *He protested, blinking once, twice. But to show he meant it, he didn’t just wiggle his toes and his fingers. He made small flapping motions with his arms as if he was flying and did kicking motions with his legs.* See? -07:26 Dec 27
[Phoebe was trying not to laugh at Dante, but he wasn\’t making it easy!] -07:27 Dec 27
Phoebe: Yes, I see! *She let him do it for a moment before she pinned his arms to keep them from flapping around!* All right, that -07:28 Dec 27
Phoebe: That’s enough of that! -07:29 Dec 27
Dante: As my lady commands. *He turned to lie on his back and look up at Phoebe, a smile on his face.* See, nice and limber. *He kissed her lips gently.* You look pretty warm yourself. -07:30 Dec 27
Phoebe: *Warm yes! Didn’t help getting fuzzie warm tingles either. She shifted again to let him ago and lay herself back down again.* For nearly getting frozen too, yeah. *She brushed his hair away from his face again.* -07:34 Dec 27
Dante: I’ll have to call you Lady Phoebe, slayer of ice demons, from now on. *The thought amused him and the smile on his face said so.* -07:36 Dec 27
Phoebe: Okay, Dante, Dude in Distress. *She cast him a wide smirk. Yeah, she definitely wasn’t going to let him forget it!* -07:38 Dec 27
Dante: *His smile turned sheepish.* I guess I deserved that one. But it worked, didn’t it? -07:39 Dec 27
Phoebe: I’ll have to remember it next time you end up captured. Do you want to go set up the tree with me, or is your Christmas Wish to stay in bed until New Years? -07:40 Dec 27
Dante: *He was thoughtful.* You’re close. My Christmas wish is to stay in bed until New Years with you. -08:00 Dec 27
Phoebe: You’ll get hungry. *Phoebe was going to pretend that her face wasn’t probably turning red, and that hearing it didn’t make her want to have his Christmas wish come true!* That’s probably a week without anything decent to eat. -08:03 Dec 27
Dante: *His smile turned wicked.* Oh, there’d be plenty to eat, I promise you. *Then he kissed her cheek.* Or I could cast us some food, too. -08:04 Dec 27
Phoebe: Could you? *Drats! Now he had her considering it!* …hmm… And what about shower time? -08:07 Dec 27
Dante: *A soft laugh.* Hm, I guess showers would be an exception. Nice, long, hot showers or steaming, scented baths. -08:10 Dec 27
Phoebe: *Phoebe grinned, tilting to nuzzle her face against his shoulder and hide it!* And a whole week in bed and bathing, wouldn’t we get bored? -08:12 Dec 27
Dante: Bored. Not a chance. *He said, matter of factly.* It’d probably go by so fast you won’t even realize it. -08:20 Dec 27
Phoebe: Really? What are we going to do for a while week, then? *Shameless teasing, that’s what she was doing! And she knew better, but… but spending a week with Dante really did sound like a good Christmas wish!* -08:23 Dec 27
Dante: You mean besides rolling around the bed, having fun and enjoying each other’s company? *He was smiling and now it was his turn to brush the hair out of her eyes.* -08:25 Dec 27
Phoebe: I do think you need the exercise. *…and since they were going to stay in bed forever, there was nothing wrong with her curling her leg back over his!* Hmm. Christmas wish, granted! -08:29 Dec 27
Dante: You are far too kind. *Dante said with a grin, slipping his arms around her.* -08:42 Dec 27
Phoebe: *A week alone with Dante and doing nothing but this? Definitely her Christmas wish too! Phoebe shifted to rest her face at his neck and breathed deep. He always smelled so divine, and with his arms around her it was nice and cozy. A guilty pleasure!* Crystal is probably going to have some protesting though. Hmm.. and Thanatos. -08:45 Dec 27
Dante: *He smiled.* We can worry about them later, yes? *He was nuzzling her neck now, kissing it. It wasn’t often he got to do these sort of things with Phoebe and he wanted to make every moment count.* -08:57 Dec 27
Phoebe: That’s um… that sounds like a good plan. *Curling her toes and sighing, she was trying very hard not to take advantage of the situation and run her hands over him. …Well, maybe against his chest to make sure his heart was still beating and that he was good and toasty!* -09:02 Dec 27
Dante: *Dante couldn’t help but nuzzle her neck. Her skin was smooth and she smelled of that bath wash she liked to use.* Phoebe …? -09:21 Dec 27
Phoebe: Uh huh? *She tilted just a bit so she could glance at him. That messy hair was asking her to run her fingers through it!* -09:23 Dec 27
Dante: *He smiled.* Don’t you think you’d be more comfortable without the shirt on? -09:28 Dec 27
Phoebe: That sounds suspiciousaly like you’re trying to sneak my clothes off. *Noo, don’t grin at that Phoebe! Clothes were the last line of defense and protecting a demon prince from evil girl pouncing!* -09:33 Dec 27
Dante: Hm … Me? *He asked, nuzzling and kissing her neck, then he was moving to nibble on her ear.* -09:36 Dec 27
Phoebe: *Oooh… He knew the fatal weapon by now, and it was a struggle to decide if she should dodge or let him nibble. There was even a soft mrrph from her indecision.* hmm.. I suppose it’s better for staying warm when there’s no clothes in the way. -09:41 Dec 27
Dante: Exactly and it’s very important we stay warm. We wouldn’t want a half-human half-demon prince to freeze. *He was stroking her sides now and moving his kisses to kiss her cheek.* -09:48 Dec 27
Phoebe: No, that would be pretty bad. *Grinning softly, she tilted just a bit… and cast a frown.* You’ll have to close your eyes. -09:53 Dec 27