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  • 005 Desire of the Deep (TBC)

    005 Desire of the Deep (TBC)

    [Phoebe doesn\’t know why Dante wants to go shopping, but she\’s pretty sure it\’s because Crystal STOLE her apartment. How is a person supposed to draw with a slavegirl gushing over her demon prince!] -06:08 Jan 24 [Dante isn\’t feeling too well but the day will be over soon!] -06:13 Jan 24 Dante: *Dante reached…



    Desire of the Deep holiday fun Christmas special! :D UNFINISHED

  • 004 Desire of the Deep (TBC)

    004 Desire of the Deep (TBC)

    Finding Dante so much harder to resist! Thoughts about the Book! The Teenage Demon at the Bookshop. Finding Giri the demonpup! Meeting Phoebe’s mom. Realizing Phoebe may have seen Dante’s mother before. UNFINISHED

  • 003 Desire of the Deep

    003 Desire of the Deep

    Trying to convince Crystal there will be no Dante pouncing! Late for class with Ms. Nadine. Ms. Nadine IS the Pyscho Queen and starts the day off with a hostage! Failed attempt to blackmail Dante again. Crystal uses a weedwhacker! Brief nap. Dante’s locket! A fight with Thanatos followed by a truce. Getting Dante a…

  • 002 Almost Too Good to Resist

    002 Almost Too Good to Resist

    Crystal takes the demon princes, and looses them! Ghali demons and enchanted college people. Taking two magical onyx staffs. Meeting Ms. Nadine and her blackmailing! Trying to resist Dante! Attempting to retrieve cellphone. Dante being serious. Getting drunk at the party, and jealous stunts backfiring! Taken home by Dante.

  • 001 Dante Comes to Life

    001 Dante Comes to Life

    Dante appears in Phoebe’s apartment! Buying Dante clothes and the Wastedemons. Getting Chinese food and the giant squid. Shower hotness! Thanatos appears.