Waking Up Mrs. Schafer (Test Run)

[Brooklyn is in bed. A nice warm cozy, snugglie bed. She’s got a rockin’ headache and no desire to get up from something so comfortable!] -02:21 Mar 30
[Ethan doesn’t recall how he made it to bed last night, because he hasn’t had that much to drink in a while.] -02:22 Mar 30
Brooklyn: What she needed was a bed like this at home. Hotel beds weren’t usually this nice either. Like it had it’s own heat source or…. something. Something was moving in bed with her. And when Brooklyn opened her eyes she was staring at someone’s ear. "….aw shit." she mumbled. -02:26 Mar 30
Ethan: There was a loud buzzing in his ears. Wait, no… Someone was talking. Blearily, Ethan opened his eyes, wincing at the sunlight filtering in through the windows. And then wincing again when he realized where the talking was coming from. How much had he had to drink last night?! -02:30 Mar 30
Brooklyn: This was awkward. Especially when she realized it wasn’t the innocent type snugglie, but that butt-ass naked, body incredibly sore, can see where she was probably sucking on his neck like a vampire sort of night… Like she was backing away from a giant man-eating spider, Brooklyn sliiiiiiid away, taking the bed sheet with her. Then she was squeezing her eyes shut tight before she ended up staring. "…and good morning to you! What a lovely morning indeed. I’m Brooklyn, nice to meet you, by the way, where are my pants..?" -02:33 Mar 30
Ethan: Oh hell. Brooklyn. Wasn’t that the lady whose party he’d been dragged to? And were those hickies on her- "Ethan, name’s Ethan, annnnd I don’t suppose you know where mine are either…?" He rolled over to check next to the bed. Well, that was where his socks were, at least. Good to know. -02:37 Mar 30
Brooklyn: "Can’t say that I do, but-" she snapped her fingers once and pointed up at the ceiling fan, "found your underwear." That at least brought a quirk of a smile to her face. Clothes were thrown -everywhere-. At least it was all fun? These things happened all the time. No reason to be embarassed and- ….she looked at her hand. What the hell was that doing there. "So, Ethan… You’re not like… married… cheating on your wife… missing a wedding ring…?" -02:41 Mar 30
Ethan: "What? No-" Wait a second. Why was something that felt an awful lot like skin-temperature metal on his ring finger? He held up his left hand, staring at what was clearly a simple gold wedding band… identical to the one Brooklyn was ogling. Absently, he snatched his boxers off the ceiling fan and covered up, trying to come up with any explanation other than the obvious. Unfortunately, he was aware that nine times out of ten, the obvious explanation is the right one. "Uh," he began, intelligently. -02:47 Mar 30
Brooklyn: Brooklyn had her eyes closed again. At least she had good taste for her first one night stand. Even if she wound up doing the stupidest damn… where the hell were her friends?! Worst friends in the universe! "…this is… really awkward, but y’know… there’s annulments, divorces… yadda yadda. As long as my fam- " -02:51 Mar 30

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. “Brooklyyyyyyn! It’s your favorite siiiissster! You know, I’ve been calling for TWO HOURS! Are you ready for your ride home?” -Brooklyn

Brooklyn: Caught like a deer in headlights, it may as well of been godzilla on the other side of the door. Brooklyn sunk to the floor, hiding behind the bed. Like THAT was going to make her sister go away. "Shit…! Shit and hellfire!" she exclaimed, and then softly. "Is there a window? What floor are we on?" -02:56 Mar 30
Ethan: Someone please tell him this wasn’t happening. He had on his boxers and his socks- oh and look, there was his shirt by the radiator, that went on too- really quickly after that, and he was renewing the hunt for more bits of clothing. He could worry about how he’d managed to get married overnight later. "I have no idea. Can you stall her?" He looked around desperately; no, no window. Not one that opened, anyway. "Damn." -02:59 Mar 30

KNOCKKNOCKNOCKBANGKNOCK. “Brooklyn? I hear voices in there. My FEET hurt Brookie! This is torture to a 8 months preggo woman!” -Brooklyn

Brooklyn: "If I open the door, she’ll know." Brooklyn hissed. She needed to think. Her head was pounding! ….maybe if she killed her sister. Christ, no. …"…to the bathroom!" Back on her feet again and scrambling around in that sheet, Brooklyn grabbed him by the arm and ushered him to the bathroom. "Stay in there! Don’t say a word!" -03:06 Mar 30
Ethan: "Alright, alright," he hissed back, still doing up his shirt buttons as she shoved at him. As soon as the door was shut, he sighed, massaging his throbbing temples, and stared into the mirror. …God, what the hell had she done to his neck? It looked like he’d been hit with a baseball bat. -03:10 Mar 30
Brooklyn: Brooklyn ran her fingers through her hair real quick before she went answering the door. At least she didn’t have to fake looking sour. "Aren’t you too fat to be waddling around town..?" She almost got smacked in the face when her sister pushed her way in. Brook hadn’t seen Virginia for 6 months, and the woman looked ready to explode. -03:13 Mar 30

“Aw sweetie, I missed your compliments. Why are you wearing a sheet?” Virginia looked around the room. There was that snooping mother look. She was practicing. “I just need to sit down a minute before this baby pops out a month early. What do we have ~here~?” Virginia plopped on the bed. It was the only way she could lean over and pick up the wallet she just found on the floor. “….There’s a MAN in here! Oh oh, what is his name let me look.” -Brooklyn

Brooklyn: She snatched that wallet out of Virginia’s hands. "Maybe I like carrying wallets now. It’s all the rage in France. Can you go meet me in the lobby?" -03:18 Mar 30
Ethan: That was a nice save… sort of. Ethan pressed a hand to his face. What the hell was he going to do about this? -03:19 Mar 30

“Reheheheeeaaally?” Virginia rose to her feet, as gracefully as a giant hippo could. It’s like she could SMELL the fresh meat in the room. She shoved by Brooklyn again (haha, can’t hit a preggo!) and went straight for the bathroom door. KNOCKKNOCKNOCK. “I know you’re in there. Come out with your shirt OFF or I’m coming in after you.” -Brooklyn

Ethan: Well, there went that idea. Sighing and pasting on a rueful grin, he pulled the door open and hoped that he wasn’t about to get murdered. "Fine, fine. I hope you’re okay with half-buttoned shirt and just my boxers, though. Afraid I don’t know where my pants have gone off to." -03:24 Mar 30

“Oooh, cute.” Virginia gave a wicked grin to Brooklyn. She grabbed the guy’s shirt and pulled him out of the bathroom and gave him a good once over. “Not bad. I like his butt. You roughed him up though.” She ruffled the curls of his hair and – “Honey, you banged a married man! I’m telling your Dad-OH MY GOD YOU HAVE ONE TOO!” Virginia was now squealing. Whether it was delight of horror, there was no telling but she was already pulling out her cell phone and waddling for the door. “…wait until Mom hears!” -Brooklyn

Ethan: Well, shit. -03:30 Mar 30
Brooklyn: "WAIT! Don’t tell Mom…! Gods Virginia, it’s a secet..!" Brooklyn all but tripped over her sheet trying to catch Virginia, but the woman moved amazingly fast for someone carrying an extra ten pounds. "Virginia!" -03:30 Mar 30

It was too late. Virginia was already laughing with someone on the phone as she turned the corner. She only poked her head around the corner long enough to wave. “Have your new husband drive you over to the house! Mom can’t wait to see him!” -Brooklyn

Brooklyn: "…and I’m screwed." That was it. Her whole life was over. She might as well climb up to the roof of the hotel and jumped off. "On the bright side, she didn’t get your name…" -03:34 Mar 30
Ethan: "I’m sorry. I tried." The grin was still in place, a little more strained now. "Would you rather I disappear, or do you want me to come with you to explain it to them?" -03:37 Mar 30
Brooklyn: "I don’t think…" She was -going- to tell him that’d be a terrible idea. But then… another idea came across her place. Prolly the moment her look took sly, ‘lady’s got a plan!’ look. "Aaaactually. If I asked you the HUGEST favor in the universe, that might involve lying, creative story telling, and a couple days of being really awkward… Would you do it for a promised favor of your choosing?" -03:43 Mar 30
Ethan: He wasn’t sure that he liked where this was going. At all. "I don’t know what you’re thinking, but… You sure you shouldn’t just come clean here? Or at least come up with another way to get out of it?" He supposed he owed her something for being stupid enough for his part in this, but… -03:47 Mar 30
Brooklyn: "…you’re right! Come clean. Tell everyone I get back from vacation, got drunk at my welcome back party and married a one night stand. Best Christmas ever." Brooklyn groaned, shuffling across the room until she fell face first in to bed. "Oh god, the whole family. All there… waiting for my husband." Her voice was muffled against the matress and she held out a hand. "…at least pay me as a hooker, then I can take the next flight to Mexico and never come back!" -03:53 Mar 30
Ethan: Well, when she put it like that, he felt like an utter asshole. "Okay, okay, don’t freak out!" It was just for Christmas, right? Then he’d be able to get out of this mess with little fuss. "I’ll do it." It really couldn’t be that bad. Right? -03:57 Mar 30
Brooklyn: Brooklyn sighed, sitting up on the bed (and making sure that sheet stayed in it’s place). She was trying to wipe that over dramatic look off her face as she cast him a side-glance. …she finally sighed again. "…No, I’m sorry. It really isn’t your responsibility and I don’t mean to be a pain in the ass and guilt you in to anything stupid. I just… they’re so overwhelming. …I don’t even know your last name." Brook gestured towards the bed for him to sit down. "Do you even remember yesterday…?" -04:02 Mar 30
Ethan: "Not really," he admitted guiltily, running his fingers through his curls and glancing away. Which was patently unfair, since he didn’t remember what she looked like under that sheet and she’d gotten an eyeful. He sat down next to her with another deep breath, kicking his thought process back to more reasonable lines. "Just the party, having a few… And it’s Schafer." Brooklyn Schafer didn’t sound bad… nooot that she was going to have that name for very long. "What about you? What do you remember?" -04:08 Mar 30
Brooklyn: Brooklyn Schafer. Really wasn’t that bad at all! ….and it was stupid to think about it. "Hrrm. Walking through the door. Shelly shoving a drink in my hands with a happy late birthday, and a ‘By the way, I want you to meet someone…’ after that it gets real fuzzy. The first shock and panic was over now. She was swimming through acceptance and the inevitable doom that would soon follow. At least she could enjoy these last few moments of only being the family weirdo and not the family joke. "I guess remembering why you fell hopelessly in love with me and had to marry me on the spot, is totally out of the question? I wish I remembered what it was about you…" Brooklyn tilted back a bit to take a more examining look at him. The expression was similar to her sisters, but more curious than lecherous. -04:14 Mar 30
Ethan: He felt a bit hot behind his ears when she put it that way. Why had it gone from one-night-stand to getting married right then and there? He wasn’t ready for marriage yet, and he didn’t think that even inebriated he’d pull something like this, given how seriously his parents took the idea of his marriage. They could NOT find out about this. He was looking her over, too, and he definitely saw nothing to complain about… He coughed. "If we’re doing this, we should get our story straight." -04:28 Mar 30
Brooklyn: Brooklyn smiled, an actual real genuine smile not marred by shock or horror! "Really? Because I promise, the moment you’ve had enough we can have a big throw down fight and you can walk off and leave me forever. I’ll tell them I hit you." She bit her bottom lip. "…they might believe it from the looks of you." -04:30 Mar 30
Ethan: "I’ll promise not to press charges." Ethan was smiling back, voice teasing. "And yeah, really. Just promise me that my family never catches wind of this, and there won’t be a problem." -04:37 Mar 30
Brooklyn: "I’M sure not saying a word!" She grinned, laughing softly as she reached her hands up to press against his neck. It really did look lik a huge bruise! Lord knows how long she was at him. "Are you sure I didn’t actually hit you with something? I guess it’s not swollen or anything… I don’t normally do….uh… stuff like this. I’ve never done something like this." -04:40 Mar 30
Ethan: "Well, I don’t normally do stuff that I don’t remember, and I can safely say that I don’t normally end up with a ring on my finger." His skin was actually a little sore to the touch, but her fingers felt nice. Maybe a little too nice, with all of this intimate atmosphere and where the hell were his pants? -04:50 Mar 30
Brooklyn: "Where did we even get these?" she pulled her hands back to look at her ring finger. …if she went stupid and spent what was left on her credit card… Brooklyn fell back on the bed, throwing her arm over her eyes. "I guess we can say we met while I was in Europe, and it was a brief but intense affair! We thought it would be nothing and parted ways… only to meet again last night? And love was just too strong NOT to get married? ….sounds really cheesy." -04:53 Mar 30
Ethan: "No one will ever believe that," he agreed. He was toying with his hair again, something he tended to do when he was lost in thought. "Why don’t we tell them we met online? We’re going to have to get Shelley and Mark’s cooperation on this, anyway. They’re the ones who invited me out here. We’ll just have them say they set us up through email and we’ve been planning this for months." -05:08 Mar 30
Brooklyn: "….it’s sad that my family will actually buy that over anything else." She dropped her arm and tilted her head to cast him another curious glance. "Met online. I loved you for your boxers and half buttoned shirt, and the way you say my name when you’re frustrated?" -05:11 Mar 30
Ethan: "And I loved you for the way you look wrapped up in bedsheets?" He quirked a brow at her. "I’ll have to practice saying your name in a frustrated way. Brooklyn." -05:14 Mar 30
Brooklyn: She flashed a grin at her name. …but she quickly realized lounging around in sheets was probably not the best thing to be doing. "…and now I’m embarassed. Really should find my clothes." She sat up and stood. Shuffling around the small hotel room until she could find and snatch up her clothes. "I guess you should tell me some things about you. …don’t laugh but… I heard sheep for a living." -05:16 Mar 30
Ethan: He obliged her privacy like a decent human being and averted his eyes, instead examining the nightstand where his wallet lay on top of the hotel phone directory. "Really? Uh. Not much of that back in New York, which is where I’m from, so you know. I’m going to law school, actually. Columbia." -05:33 Mar 30

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