001 Welcome to Teen Island

Title: Teen Island
Number: 5826
Date: Oct 6, 2011 at 8:17 PM

Zalia – Oct 6, 2011 at 8:17 PM


Scarny was the first to arrive on the island. She ran up the steps and got the room at the top of the house. She then ran downstairs and into the kitchen. When she got int eh kitchen she was surprised to find a cook in there. “Oh i’m sorry i didn’t know we had a cook.” She left the room and sat in the living room. All of a sudden a guy come in in a tux looking thing. He went over too her. “Hello, Madam what would you like to eat?” She was surprised they also had a butler. What was there a maid too. “Um, I would like a cheese omelet please. Oh and for dessert some chocolate cake and apple pie.” She smiled and got excited thinking about it. She wasn’t a big girl she just like her foods.

Liam arrived next he just set his luggage at the steps and walked over to the shore. He slipped off of his shoes and shirt and shorts. He was only in his boxers now. He sat down in the water and the sand. He layed back and relaxed in the sand. he closed his eyes and just tried relaxing. He was finely glad to be here and away from everything.


Nograd – Oct 6, 2011 at 9:16 PM

Rickey walked into a building seeing a girl on the couch. He looked down at his clothes noticing he only brought dark colored clothes, while his hair covered his left eye which was also black. He walked up and sat down on the couch mumbling,”hello”


Zalia – Oct 10, 2011 at 6:23 PM

She looked over at him. She pulled her knees closer to herself and sat up. She just waited for the butler to come back. When he came back she was so happy. He set up her own table and not some cheap thing no this is very fancy. She started eating her omelet. “Thank you sir” I said finishing my omelet.

He started drawing in the sand with out looking he was bored. He went inside and sat down. “Hey guys im Liam.” he said looking at the omelet and rubbing his stomach. “That looks delish.”


redblood – Oct 20, 2011 at 1:57 PM

Siva starred a long time at the house, too scared to go in. Her insecurity always prevented her from doing things, but this time she wouldn’t let it come in her way. At last she decided to go in, but the nervousity grew to strong when she went in, so instead of greeting the girl and the two guys, she walked past them and started to look around in the house. When she though no one saw her she started to hit her head in the wall “Why must I be so stupid” She said to herself while thinking she should have at least said hello. She took a deep breath preparing herself to go back and try to talk with them.


Zalia – Oct 20, 2011 at 8:57 PM

Liam watched the girl go by then smelt the dessert and wanted to get a taste. He went into the kitchen hoping to get a taste. He walked in and was quikly shooed out. He jsut went up stairs instead to see if he could find his room. He walked past tons of rooms. He fianly got tired and laid down on the coach.

Scarny just sat there and ate her omlet. She wasnt one to go up to anybody and didnt plan on makind friends. So she just sat there and sate her omlet. With akward silence with the boy on the other end of the coach.


lilifersure – Oct 20, 2011 at 11:35 PM

“This whole running late thing is killing me.” Sofia ran up the steps with her bags bouncing against her legs. As she reached the top she tried to stop, but alas, the laws of physics ruined her. While her body stopped, her bags kept going forward throwing off her balance. She tumbled through the doorway. She laid faced down for a few seconds debating what she should do. It finally clicked that she was probably making things more awkward so she jumped up quickly. She tried to adjust her green cardigan to no avail. “Uhhh…” She stared at the two people on the couch. Realizing it was just as awkward here as her fall. Flashing a smile she waved and said, “Well up I go then.” and ran up the stairs to look for her room. The first room she looked at was thankfully empty. “Embarrasing..” she whispered to herself as she reached for her phone to call her brother.


redblood – Oct 23, 2011 at 7:46 AM

Siva went into the room were two of the three people still sat, but she couldn’t get herself to say anything so instead she decided to just sit down. She felt so embarrassed to sit beside strangers so she couldn’t make herself sit on the coach with the others, but she fought it would be rude to just leave the room, thats why she sat down in a courner of the room on the floor starting to read a book she had with her. Instead of concentrating on the book she though of a way to start a conversation but as usual she stayed silence and though about how this would become just like home were everyone though she was scary because she never talked to anyone and never showed any emotions. Even if she on the inside were a emotional wretch she often stayed the same on the outside and mostly looked bored or irritated even if she almost never feel those kind of emotions.
Sometimes now and then she ogled on the two who sat on the coach, hoping they would start a conversation that she maybe could join in. While she waited for someone to start talking she started to think that the black haired guy on the coach was pretty cute, not because she would ever dare to tell him that.


Nyles – Oct 23, 2011 at 9:04 AM

Ericka arrived at the island at last, she walked up a path and saw a little house. She walked into the house scared that she would be the only one but she saw three people sat. She sat on the couch on the side wall looking at what to do with these people in the room, she smiled and looked at them.



redblood – Oct 23, 2011 at 9:13 AM

Siva saw a girl walking into the room, she sat down on the couch. Siva got afraid that she maybe were starring so she started to read her book, but she was curious about the new person in the room and when she discreet looked at the person she saw that the girl smiled while looking at them all. Siva who weren’t used with people smiling towards her blushed a bit and looked into the book again, angry at herself for not giving a smile back. She carefully made sure that the book hid her face so that they wouldn’t see that she blushed.


Nyles – Oct 23, 2011 at 9:24 AM

Ericka saw a girl hiding her face in her book, so she walked over to her and sat next to her. [B][I]”Hey I’m Ericka and you are”[/I][/B] she smiled devious for Ericka was Bi-sexual and she was liking what she saw.


redblood – Oct 23, 2011 at 9:41 AM

Siva got startled when the girl sat down beside her, HER, the person everyone avoided. She fellt happy that someone dared to come close to her and then she got a major chock when the girl started talking to her. “Hey, I’m Ericka and you are” she asked. Siva first thought that the girl talked to someone of the others but when she looked up she saw Ericka looking at her waiting for an answer. Siva thought to herself *smile and say “nice to meet you Ericka I’m Siva” and shake her hand* but her thoughts and her body didn’t co-operate. Instead she looked at her with a bit bored expression and said “Siva” then she returned to her book. *WHY AM I SO STUPID?* she thought, and wanted to hit herself.


Nyles – Oct 23, 2011 at 9:45 AM

Ericka was shocked by her face she looked so bored [I][B]”Hey wanna go upstairs” [/B][/I]she smiled trying to make it less boring.[B][/B]


redblood – Oct 23, 2011 at 10:11 AM

When Ericka asked Siva “Hey wanna go upstairs” Siva exploded of joy on the inside and thought *maybe I can get a friend here afterall, okay answer a bit excited but not too mutch* But on the outside she looked as bored as before and maybe she got a litle more irritation in her eyes. When she answered she said “sure” with a voice that sounded like she didn’t care at all. She closed the book and got up faster than Ericka, just as Ericka were going to get up Siva held out her hand to help Ericka up without looking at her.
At the same time this happend she thought *why couldn’t I have sounded a bit more enthusiastic? will she really become my friend if I act like this? maybe I should help her up, then she will think better of me”


Nyles – Oct 23, 2011 at 10:21 AM

Ericka grab her hand “Thanks” she smiled. Siva seemed kind of a downer but Ericka could alway turn some one frown upside down .


redblood – Oct 23, 2011 at 10:40 AM

Siva got a bit depressed when she came to think about that she hadn’t get to know the cute black dressed guys name yet, but she thought that she could find out later. Now she should concentrate so she didn’t do anything that scared away her possibly future friend, as she had done every other time people had tried to get close to her. She couldn’t help to notice that she was taller than Ericka, but then she remembered that she was the tallest girl in her school, another reason why people thought of her as scary. Siva put her hands in her pockets and looked down into the floor while they walked. She started to think that she maybe shouldn’t have taken that boring pair of gym shoes and it ended with her thinking that all of the clothes she wore were really boring. Black loose Jeans and a black tank top.
When they had finnished the last stair step she came back from her thoughts not sure if Ericka had said something on the way up or if they had walked silently both of them.


Nyles – Oct 23, 2011 at 10:52 AM

[B][I]”Let’s go to my room i need to unpack some stuff”[/I][/B] Ericka walked to a empty room to unpack her stuff. She threw a sheet on her bed and started to make her bed. She had a pink sheet with green watermelons on it, she took out a poster of a girl kissing a girl hung it on her wall to show she was afraid of anyone know she was bi-sexual. She took out some pictures of pervious love lives and friends, she put them on the mirror that was a make up mirror. She put a picture of her and her ex-girlfriend Emmi on the side and kept putting pictures around the frame of the mirror she put a last picture of her and her ex-boyfriend Remmy up.

[I][B]”There more home like if i do say so myself” [/B][/I]She smiled at Siva. [B][I]”What do you think?”[/I][/B][I][/I]​She asked in a nice tone manner.


redblood – Oct 23, 2011 at 11:10 AM

Siva followed Ericka into her room and watched while she unpacked. Ericka laid a pink sheet with green watermelons on the bed and Siva thought it was an interesting taste Ericka had but nothing she herself would want. Siva got more interested when Ericka started unpacking a poster and lots of pictures. The poster had two girls kissing on it, Siva got a bit surprised but she had never been one to judge people for their sexual orientation, she just hadn’t meet anyone that was bi-sexual before, what she knew of at least. Then Ericka started to put up pictures of people, Siva didn’t know if any of them had been love interests or just friends. “there more home like if I do say so myself” Ericka said suddenly and startled Siva a bit because she was so concentrated while looking at the pictures. She fast noticed that she had a bit choked expression and fast changed it back to normal. “What do you think?” Siva thought a short moment and then said “It’s pretty” this time her voice didn’t sound as bored as before but there still were a reserved tone. She couldn’t help it afterwards when she noticed that she had looked down in the floor while talking and once again she cursed herself for being so bad at comunication with others.


Nyles – Oct 23, 2011 at 12:14 PM

[B][I]”Thanks” [/I][/B]Ericka smiled as she went to her closet and pulled out a black pair of shorts, a white tank top, a black cardigan, white socks, and some Ugg moccasins. [B][I]”I’m just gonna change” [/I][/B]Ericka smiled slightly [B][I]”You can stay in here if you want Like I always say We girls all have the same parts”[/I][/B][I]. [/I]Ericka took off here shirt revealing a white bra with black hearts on it, Ericks had a nice tone body with her navel pierced. She put on her white shirt and and black cardigan on and unzipper her jean shorts to reveal a white thong with a big black heart in the front. She took the black short and slid them up her legs and took off her flip flop and put on the white socks and black ugg moccasins. [B][I]”Finished!” [/I][/B]she sang out loud [I][B]”How Do I look?”[/B][/I][B][/B] ​she smiled happily at the work she done to look so great.


redblood – Oct 23, 2011 at 12:42 PM

Ericka thanked Siva and smiled. Siva couldn’t help but blush but luckily Ericka had turned towards her closet in that moment so she probably didn’t see it. “I’m just gonna change” Siva heard her say and she suddenly noticed that Ericka had taken out clothes. “You can stay in here if you want, like I always say we girls all have the same parts” Ericka said and started to undress. Even though they both were girls Siva couldn’t help that she got embarrased to stand in a room were another person changed. Siva tried to look into the floor and into the wall, actually she didn’t really know where to look so she looked all over the place. Sometimes she got a glimpse of Ericka changing when she tried to find somewhere to look. When Ericka said “finished, how do I look?” Siva got relieved, now she at least knew were she should look. She turn her head towards Ericka and looked from head to toe and back to head, she really liked that Ericka had chosen black clothes but weren’t sure how she should express herself.
“You look good in black” she said before remembering that she thinks everyone looks good in black, she fast got unsure if that really could count as a compliment.


Nyles – Oct 23, 2011 at 1:02 PM

[I][B]”Thanks you! Come on”[/B][/I] Ericka Smiled and walked towards the door. She walked out the door and ran down the stair back to where they were at.


redblood – Oct 23, 2011 at 1:28 PM

“thank you! come on” Ericka said with a smirk and walked out from the room and Siva followed her, when the stairs came Ericka started to run down. Siva, who was a person that rather take it easy than rush, walked after her with bigger steps so she wouldn’t be a bother for being too slow. Ericka stopped in the same room they were in from the beginning and Siva got really nervous when she started to think that she still should say hello to everyone else in the house. How many had come now and how many more would soon be coming? Sivas stomach got a bit upset because she were so nervous, she had managed to conversate with one of them, if that even counts as a conversation, but what would the other think of her?
twothousand thoughts later, with other words two seconds, she had walked down the stairs and stood on Erickas left side a bit behind her. Once again she took notice of her own lenghts and didn’t like that she was as tall as the most guys. She thought it looked really weird when she stood beside girls and were so much taller than them, or standing beside guys and were exactly their lenght or sometimes taller. She tried to get that thought out of her mind and tried to concentrate on what was happening in the room instead.


Zalia – Oct 23, 2011 at 9:34 PM

Scarny saw the two girls converse and wanted to hurl. She ahd never been in such a crowded room before. She quikley pushed away the tray making it fall adn she ran outside. She ran out to the water and hurled jsut short of the water. She wadded in and washed her face. She was afraid someone had saw her so she sunk down quikley hoping no one had seen her.

Liam heard the girls in the other room and went to the entrance. He was about to knock on the door but waited and just listened. He backed away when they left. He decided he was going to relax and listen to music in his room. He made himself feel like home. He was not one of those guys who just through he cloths and other junk wherever he wanted them. He actually like his room He finished his unpacking and setting up than grabbed a book blared his music and layed on his bed. He hoped he would disturb everyone with his music.


lilifersure – Oct 24, 2011 at 2:40 PM

Sofia heard music that was killing her ears. She was blind in one eye and losing sight in the other so her other senses were slowly being heightened. Stumbling out the room she went to the room where it was coming from and started banging on the door trying not to start crying. “Please open up! I really need the music turned down..” HShe never understood why someone would intentionally try to destroy their hearing with loud music. She would have killed to get her sight back. Her mind flashed to December, her brother. He was always kind and helpful to her, but he refused to come on this trip. He said it was for her own good to be around others her age. She crumpled on the floor. “I’m a complete wreck.” She whispered wishing she could have a cool demeanor like she tried to portray when she first came here.


Nyles – Oct 24, 2011 at 4:24 PM

Ericka looked sat on the couch watching everyone and she called out over the music [I]”Hey can you turn the music down”.[/I]


redblood – Oct 25, 2011 at 1:42 AM

Siva sat down on the floor in the corner she left some minutes ago. She listened to the music which didn’t disturb her, actually she liked the music even if it were a bit high, but she had lived with her three brothers that didn’t respect others and always listened to high music, so she were used to it. But she noticed that people got irritated of it and she started to feel bad for them.
Siva got up from the floor again and went to the room where the music came from, there she saw a girl sitting on the floor covering her ears. In this situation she would just treat that boy the way she treated her brothers when they did something improper. She forced the door open and fast went in and turned down the music to a more suitable volume. She turned towards the boy “Stop disturbing people” she said with a bit threatful tone and looked at him irritated, then she fast walked out of the room and hoped he had got the point.

Even though she were really shy and couldn’t communicate with people or even stand up for herself, she often tried to defence other people. Both her and her brothers had learned kickboxing from their father, who were a world champion. She had decided to become a shampion just like her father and were already better than all her brothers who had been in the championship and come far in it. The only reason she hadn’t competed in it yet were because she still were to young, but in a year it would be her turn.


Zalia – Oct 25, 2011 at 5:51 PM

Scarny heard the music and then the yelling and it turn off then more yelling. She figured the person had gotten into trouble. She quickly went inside to her room and put on her bathing suit. IT wasn’t a sexy bathing suit. It was actually made of shorts and a t shirt with her bikini underneath. The only reason she had it underneath was because she loved wearing it. She just didn’t like her body. She went outside and went and played in the water. She floated around and relaxed.

Liam was surprised by the girl. He saw a girl crumbled on the floor at his door. He walked over to her and squatted downe. “Are you ok??” He moved her hands. He saw a bracelet she had it had some information. Including her room number. He picked her up and took her to her room and layed her on her bead.


Nyles – Oct 25, 2011 at 8:07 PM

Ericka saw a guy pick up a girl and carried her to her room “Awww cute new couple”she smiled.


Zalia – Oct 26, 2011 at 5:19 PM

Liam had heard the girl say that and just rolled his eyes


Nyles – Oct 26, 2011 at 6:35 PM

Ericka wasn’t try to be sarcastic she was only speaking the truth they did look cute together.


Zalia – Oct 26, 2011 at 6:44 PM

He walked out and walked past the girl and too his room. Right before he went into his room he looked back at her and stated. “She’s not my girlfriend. I dont have a girlfriend. I don’t even know her i just found her laying by my door. But if you want to talk i am good for that and you know where i am.” He walked into his room smiling. He plugged in his headphones and turned his music up again.


Nyles – Oct 26, 2011 at 7:55 PM

Ericka smiled she didn’t know what she’ll get on this trip a boyfriend or a girl or maybe even both. Ericka waked to her room and changed her clothes for the second time today she put on a purple crop top that was slit in the middle to expose her perfectly round boobs and a pair of white mini shorts and and some purple socks. she untied her ponytail and let her brown locks down she shakes her hair and ran her hands throught it. She walked out of her room and walked to the guys room as she knocked on the door she fixed her shirt to an angle that perfectly showed her boobs a little but not a lot she wasn’t trying to be a sultish whore. She looked at her navel piercing that had a colorful ball at the top and a bar went through her navel and a rainbow at the bottom it was so colorful.


redblood – Oct 27, 2011 at 9:06 AM

Siva went to her room and shut the door, she sat down on the bed and looked towards her bag. “maybe I should unpack” she said to herself. Not that there were that mutch to unpack, Siva never packed mutch even if she would be gone for a long time. She laid the dark purple bed sheet and the dark red pillow on the bed. Then she put in her clothes in the wardrobe which were two shirts, one extra pair of jeans and a jacket if it would become cold someday. Then she took up four books and placed on a shelf, after that she unpacked her computor and headphones and started the computor so she could start to listen on music and read in peace. She didn’t want to be around people anymore this day. Mostly because she were a bit embarrassed of the incident some minutes ago.


MadameLaces – Oct 27, 2011 at 12:02 PM

Tarka, walked in,hesitantly to the house. She wondered if they would like her,and be kind. Or be hostile and unforgiving; Like what she had escaped from. Tarka shuddered at the memory.


redblood – Oct 27, 2011 at 12:18 PM

Siva suddenly remembered that she hadn’t eaten anything since she left home and she started to feel really hungry, she wondered if she could walk down to the kitchen and take something to eat without anyone noticing her. She really didn’t feel like meeting the guy from before, he were probably not happy about her forcing herself into his room. After some minutes she went out of her room and down to the kitchen to find something to eat.


Zalia – Oct 27, 2011 at 7:08 PM

Liam looked at the girl. “Wanna go for a swim.” He said staring at her chest. He was hoping to get a full view of her. He stood up and took of his shirt. He already had his swim shorts on and he walked up to her. “Shall we.” He said. He turned around and grabbed somethings then turned back to her hiding what he had. He was waiting for her to turn so he could get the back view.

Scarny was relaxing i the water. She didn’t really have a care right now. She was thinking about the recent conversation she had with her mother. She had just turned BI and she was afraid to talk to her mother about it. She was so afraid when she finely told her.


Nyles – Oct 27, 2011 at 11:07 PM

Ericka walked down to the pool good thing one of her bikini was on underneath her clothes. As they approached pool she took off her shirt to reveal a pink bikini that had a bow tied in the front the held it up. It had black hearts on it and she took off her sweat shorts there were her bottoms that looked like they were jean shorts but the were really bathing suit bottoms from hollister. She saw a girl there and smile and waved as she went on the diving board and bounce on it two times before doing a flip dive into the pool. She learned how to dive and swim from her private swimming coach at her houses pool. “Come on in the water Cool” she smiled as she finger the lined down her shape of her one breast and licked her lips to look sexy.


Zalia – Oct 28, 2011 at 7:56 AM

Liam smiled and was pretty happy with the diving board. He tinted the string on his shorts to be sure not to lose them. He walked over to the diving board and bounced once then jumped. He went strait into a spin. When he landed he came up and felt for his shorts. When he was happy that they where still there he looked over at her. He smiled at her still looking good.


MadameLaces – Oct 28, 2011 at 1:16 PM

Tarka came in. She had just arrived and was told everyone was at the pool. As a previous model she was very good looking. She brushed and straightened her waist length brown hair, and outlined her huge blue eyes with mascara and liner. She put on a see through shirt, showing off a hot pink neck tie bikini and matching shorts. She walked out toward the pool.


Zalia – Oct 28, 2011 at 3:30 PM

Scarny from the water in the oceans aw everyone going to the pool. Who would go in a pool when they could swim int he ocean. She sat up and watched them a little bit. She saw a girl come out and watched her. She thought she was cute. She decided to head over there and make some friends. She got almost there then turned around and walked away. She grabbed her cloths and walked to wards the other side of the island. [B][I]They are like the beautiful club. I have no chance of getting any of them.[/I][/B] She thought then just sat down and tried making a sand castle but kept failing. She could still see the others and partially watched them but pretend like she wast. She probably looked like and idiot trying to make a sand castle and failing.


redblood – Oct 28, 2011 at 3:43 PM

After getting a sandwich, Siva went out and down towards the beach to get some peace, she sat down on a cliff that went over the water. From there she could see everything, she loved the view over the ocean, ‘it must be beautiful when the sun sets’ she thought to herself. She took a bite of her sandwich before noticing the girl on the beach trying to make a sand castle. She thought the girl looked cute and wondered why she sat there alone instead of joining the others. She wanted to go there and talk to her but didn’t have the confident to do so, so she stayed up at the cliff and went with her eyes between the lonely looking girl on the beach and the view over the ocean.


Nyles – Oct 28, 2011 at 4:45 PM

Ericka swam to Liam and pit her hands around his neck and her legs around his hips and smiled maybe sex buddies maybe more she thought. She looked around to see a lot of people at the pool when they get here she thought.


MadameLaces – Oct 29, 2011 at 12:10 PM

Tarka pouted her huge red lips at Liam. She was particularly childish, she hoped to stir up things between him and Erica…


Zalia – Oct 29, 2011 at 8:37 PM

Scarny just sat there and gave up she layed on her side and curled up to herself. She began to fall asleep. She was hoping to escape into her dreams. she didn’t want to be here anymore. She just wanted to disappear and leave forever. This place was not meant for her. This place was meant for them not her. She was a horrible disgusting vile creature. They were beautiful wonderful precious creatures. She was not meant to be here.

Liam smiled up at the girl. He swam down beneath her arms and swam to the other side. He was playing hard to get and figured he would do it by flirting with the other girl. He winked at the two girls. Got out then walked a little ways away. Then disappeared into the trees. He hid a little bit seeing wich one would come to him first. He figured that girl would be the girl for him. If she doesn’t come get him she doesn’t need him he thought.


Spider Monkey – Oct 29, 2011 at 8:45 PM

[SOLID=pink][IMGA=left]http://i446.photobucket.com/albums/qq182/bleedingrose93/Anime/Honi/imagesCA53R2CP.jpg?t=1309126609[/IMGA]Long muscular legs carried her slim body up the stairs of the home. Glancing back at the car that had driven her to the house she waved half-heartedly letting them know she would be just fine; sometimes she wondered what had made her decide to leave her perfectly calm hometown to come to some house full of other teenagers. Deciding that it was most likely boredom Amelia straightened her shoulders and pushed a few strands of long black hair behind her shoulders. Dark blue eyes stared at the door for a moment before a tanned hand reached forward and pushed it open slowly. Peaking around within the home she realized she had pretty much missed everyone; she could hear the sounds of people out by a pool. Taking a deep breath Amelia made her way up the stairs still glancing around as she walked through the halls. Finding a door that was slightly ajar she pushed on it gently, looking around she decided that it was still empty and hadn’t been taken yet.

Amelia liked the colors of the room; red and white. The sheets and comforter of the bed matched the walls with their floral designs of red on white. Slowly walking into the room she placed her bags down beside the foot of the bed. Dark blue hues looked around the room before she began unpacking. Quickly finishing up she changed into her own swimsuit deciding to join the others at the pool. Her swimsuit was a one piece; a piece of cloth pooling between her breasts before leading down her bottoms, backless it showed off her tattoos lining her back. Hips welcomed hands as the side gave someone a full view of her slim waist and full hips, along with the other various tattoos lining that part of her body. Full breasts bounced slightly as Amelia padded down the steps, out the back door and onto the patio. Amelia had many tattoos on her body; some had meanings while others didn’t. Smiling she waved to those around the pool and spoke with a Spanish accent. [I]“Hi, I’m Amelia. Sorry I’m so late.”[/I] She noticed one girl clinging to a male and automatically decided that she would most likely avoid her, at all costs. She was hoping that they had not just met. Amelia would hate to be stuck in a house full of hormonal teens with nothing else on their mind but sex. Gliding towards the side of the pool she gracefully dived into the water allowing herself to become lost in the cool liquid. Coming back up to the surface she rubbed some of the water from her eyes and pushed the thick locks of obsidian hair from her face. She could only hope that this would be a good summer.


Rouge723 – Oct 29, 2011 at 10:07 PM

He felt so exposed with just a T-shirt and shorts and almost involuntarily shuddered in the boiling car. Home was filled with ice, snow, and people wearing a few layers of coats. This was a complete flip from what his body was use to. But that’s why he’s going to the island, escaping the freezing weather to enjoy fun in the sun. The car rolled to a stop and a thought slipped through his mind as he stepped out [I]*And maybe I can tan a bit too while I’m here*[/I] With his duffel bag he entered the house which was a bit too fancy for his taste. The first few rooms were relatively empty and he wandered around feeling like and intruder until he happened to run into a tall man in a suit.

“Sir, would you like me to get you something?” the man spoke in a formal but friendly voice.

“I just need to know where my room is sir.” He spoke politely, even if he was a butler he deserved some respect for serving a bunch of teens on an island. The butler kindly showed him the way to his room where he unpacked his few belongings.

“Also if you wish I believe everyone else is outside in the water at the moment.” the butler said as he left the room. Excited at the thought, he quickly rummaged for his trunks. Haphazardly putting them on, he stopped to look in the mirror quickly before he made a fool of himself. Blue eyes stared back at him in the mirror as he tried to fix his brown hair. Not that his hair was long enough to get too messed up anyway, he still wanted to reassure himself before he met the others. Standing at 6’1” he scanned over his tone body which was attained through wrestling at his high school. The only part of himself that might stand out was his pale skin, but he brushed off the thought remembering that he would have plenty of time to get a tan. Seeing nothing else too out of place he almost flew down the stairs and stepped outside.

It was a beautiful sight, the white sandy beach, blue sky, and palm trees looked like a picture out of a postcard. For a few seconds he just absorbed the image before him. However, one second he was standing, staring out into the waves, and the next he was sprinting for the water. This was what he was waiting for, the thought of the warm water was imprinted in his mind as he raced for the shore. White sand shifted beneath his feet and he almost tripped over a girl who was sleeping. But determined to meet his goal, he corrected his sprint and leaped into a shallow dive into the waves.


redblood – Oct 30, 2011 at 3:41 AM

Siva sat at the cliff half asleep looking out on the horizon, she ate the last bit of her sandwich.
Then she saw a boy running over the beach and almost tripped on the girl, but got back on his feets and kept running down to the water and then diving into it. Siva went down from the cliff to the beach, and placed herself on a rock a bit away from the other people that were there. She took of her shoes and put her feets into the water, waiting for the sunsets arrival. She looked between the horizon and the guy a bit away that had dived into the water and the girl on the beach.


Nyles – Oct 30, 2011 at 11:30 AM

Ericka looked for Liam to see were he was. She looked around the trees and behind to bushes until she saw a foot peeking out of one “Liam what are you doing behind here?”


Zalia – Oct 30, 2011 at 1:12 PM

Liam made his foot go away. He swiftly and quietly went the other way around. He scared her by coming up behind her and hugging her body close to his. “So i am worth your time.” He spun her around and stood there smiling at her. He was glad one of the girls came to his rescue.

Scarny- jumped up quickly and curled her knees close to her body. She watched him. She slightly smiled at him. She tired hiding it though. She didn’t know how to place this boy. She thought he was cute but afraid of what he would think of her falling asleep on the beach. She sat there for a second and watched him. She finally got the courage. She didn’t know what it was but she had the courage to stand up and and take ask if she could join him. She had her shirt and shorts on so she didn’t look that skinny or good looking. She wondered if this would distraught him. “Umm I’m Scarny um may i join you?”


Nyles – Oct 30, 2011 at 2:04 PM

Ericka heart had leaped she Liam was behind her, then she heard him say “So I am worth Your Time”. She got turned around and smiled “Yeah” she blushed shyly smiling as she looked into his eyes.


Rouge723 – Oct 30, 2011 at 2:05 PM

The water was a crystal clear blue and refreshing after sitting in the boiling car for so long. He slowly opened his eyes to see small fish below swimming near the sandy bottom. Out a bit farther were splashes of color that he could only imagine be the coral reefs. However as much as he wanted to stay under the water, his lungs were starting to remind him that breathing was necessary. When he came to surface the water was just below his chest. Instead of continuing on he looked back to see how everyone else was doing. Immediately he noticed the girl who he almost tripped over wading out into the waves toward him. [I]*Crap I probably pissed her off or something… I really need to think before I do these kinds of things*[/I] So he put on his best [I](I’m so sorry)[/I] smile and started to wade toward her to apologize.

While walking through the water towards her, he realized that she was wearing a shirt and shorts that now was plastered to her frame from the water. She wasn’t the kind of girl who looked sickly thin, she had the just right amount of weight in all the right places. Quickly though he reorganized his thoughts and started saying “Hey I’m sorry about almost….” His hand was already scratching the back of his neck nervously, something he always did when talking to girls. Before he could finish, the girl asked if she could join him. A innocent grin crept across his face at the thought that he’s actually fitting in already AND talking to a girl. “Yeah sure! There are some…” He paused mid sentence and said, “Why don’t we start up a game or something with everyone? Marco- polo, tag, keep away, does anything sound good?” Everyone else seemed to be so spread out and doing their own thing. He wondered that if they were all going to be staying here a while he would like to meet everyone.


Zalia – Oct 30, 2011 at 2:14 PM

he smiled at her. “Guess that means you are worth my time.” He whirled her around. Then he moved he back towards the pool. HE gave a shrug to the other girl. Then he pushed Erica into the water. He jumped in after he making a fun game.


redblood – Oct 30, 2011 at 2:28 PM

Siva looked towards the guy who just gotten up from the water and started to talk to the girl he just a moment ago tripped over. ‘they are kinda qute together’ she thought even though she couldn’t hear what they said. Then she noticed that her legs had gotten a bit stiff so she decided to take a walk, it would still take a while before the sunset so she had enough time to go and come back. She went over the beach to get to the trail that went up to the house, hoping that she didn’t disturb the people on the beach, because they looked like they had a good time and she didn’t want to ruin their mood.


Zalia – Oct 30, 2011 at 2:34 PM

She gave a smile at the blubbering boy. She thought it was cute that he couldn’t figure out what to say. Then he suggested having other people joining them. She gave a smiled and brushed some hair out of her face but it didn’t stay back long. “Sure, If you want to i guess we can.” She got out of the water and waited for him. As the sun got higher. She was getting hotter. She took off her shirt and shorts. She usually didn’t do this. She usually hid her body because she had a lot of scars. When she did do this though she had a special lotion that was supposed to hide the scars. The only problem it didn’t work in water. Right now her scars were hidden though. the only other problem she refused to take of her arm bands but she didn’t want to get them wet. She looked at him revealing a cute but Gothic bikini.



Nyles – Oct 30, 2011 at 4:20 PM

Ericka was pushed into the water screaming. She swam to the shallow end screaming happily”You can’t get me’ she laughed swimming to the wall and trying to hide behind a floaty.


Zalia – Oct 30, 2011 at 5:53 PM

He swam after her then disappeared under the water. He came up and grabbed her leg. He pulled her under. He let go and swam up and laughed


Nyles – Oct 30, 2011 at 9:37 PM

Ericka was pulled and she kinda freaked out, but Liam pulled her back up and she started to laugh and she kissed his neck a special tradition in Cuba.


Zalia – Oct 31, 2011 at 8:23 PM

Liam smiled at that and he kissed her neck. Then he gave her a hickey


Ozzie Krampus – Oct 31, 2011 at 9:38 PM

[I]”Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!”[/I] A voice suddenly cut into the romantic atmosphere of the tropical paradise with a sharp crackle, booming out of the unseen speaker system that was set up across the island. [I]”Welcome to my island! I’m glad you all could come, and I hope you enjoy your relaxing stay. You’ve all probably met Thornton, my butler. If you need anything, just ask him!

“I’m sure you’re all wondering who I am, and why I’ve opened my home to you! Well, the answer is, my name is Preston Howell, and because I can! I’ll be seeing you all at supper shortly.”
As he finished his little speech, the [URL=”http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/entry.php?b=1119″]young man[/URL] holding the mic let the corners of his mouth turn up into a grin, flashing pearly whites to an invisible audience. His name was Preston Howell, he was seventeen, and he was the richest person under eighteen in the world. Unfortunately, money had to be spent in order to bring happiness, and so he’d opened his doors as a resort for other teenagers, like him, who wanted a little R&R… Relaxation and Romance. You wouldn’t think that a billionaire like Preston would have trouble meeting girls, but he did. It was all galas and corporate social events and press conferences, and most of the women were nowhere near his age. He’d finished high school, and he was taking his college courses online. Not a lot of mingling with normal girls. But maybe, just maybe…

Laughing, he angled the controls, and his private helicopter dropped down below the clouds, propeller spinning madly. By now, he knew, everyone on the island would be hearing him coming. He angled to land on the front lawn of the mansion, speaking into the mic again. [I]”And if you’re outside, I’ll be seeing you about now!”[/I]


redblood – Nov 1, 2011 at 4:50 AM

Siva stopped and listened to the man voice. “And if you’re outside, I’ll be seeing you about now!” He finnished and a helicopter started to come down through the clouds. Siva looked at the helicopter, almost about to think ‘rich bastard’ but stopped her thoughts in time, she didn’t like rich people that mutch because everyone she had met always thought they were better than others. But she didn’t want to think badly of the person that let them be here, [B]but [/B]he probably were exactly as every other rich kid.

Siva started to walk again when the helicopter had landed and she went in to the house to get herself a nice book and read in quiet and peace.


Nyles – Nov 1, 2011 at 7:42 AM

Ericka moaned as Liam formed a red spot on her neck, she wrapped her arms around him as his lips were still on her neck.


Rouge723 – Nov 1, 2011 at 10:23 AM

“Sure, If you want to i guess we can.” As she ambled through the clear blue water it almost seemed… surreal. The way her hair moved with the warm summer wind, her hips… *Snap out of it!* He then trained his eyes directly into the back of her head. [I]*I’m almost positive that girls don’t appreciate guys looking at their arse*[/I] With determined focus he kept his gaze neck up. However, this woman must have wanted to destroy his determination. Blood rushed to his cheeks in a blush when she started to take off her shirt. He looked away, not use to seeing so much skin in a world where you’ll freeze if your not covered from head to toe. He waited patiently for her to finish removing her clothes. In desperation to keep his mind from wandering he asked “So whats your name?” As he said this, he turned to look at the girl who was now revealing her Gothic bikini. He… couldn’t… help it…. Blue eyes traveled across the curves of her chest down to her waist and thighs, feasting on the sighted delights of a woman’s body. Sunlight made her skin almost glow, and he marveled how soft it looked.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!”

Thankfully, his attention was ripped from the girl before him and directed to the loud speakers. He wondered, as the man spoke, about the real reason why this guy would open his home to teens. However, he didn’t really want to question this, he was just thankful for being invited!

“I’ll be seeing you about now!”

He turned around again to look back at the girl saying “I guess he joined us just in time!” Without thinking, he gently grabbed the girls hand, eager to join the main group to see their host. However, as he went to grab her hand, he noticed the arm bands that tightly clung to her skin. His big hand wrapped around hers and turned it over, exposing the bands to the sunlight. He lightly gazed at them and grazed his opposite hand’s fingers over the rough surface of the band. If the worst was true, he didn’t want to pry where he wasn’t wanted. Not exactly knowing what to say without ruining the mood and situation he just said lightly, ” I didn’t know you were into archery… you should wear your guards more often if you don’t want to get your forearm scratched up.”


Diana – Nov 1, 2011 at 12:07 PM

[imga=right]http://space-kitten.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/raven.jpg[/imga] There were hundreds of teenagers on the Island, and she had to be the only one there for [B]work[/B].

Raven Alabaster was dressed in uniform. A simple khaki pair of [I]skorts[/I], which was probably popular back when her Mom was a kid, and a simple white blouse complete with a name tag. Having a name like Raven, people would probably expect her to be one of those brooding goth kids with the dyed black hair, porcelain skin and morose personality. Nope! That was her parents. Growing up the only child to a pair of Victorian loving goths with a loved for dead things and disturbing poetry could have made for a really weird kid. Raven considered herself lucky that she was as normal as she could be at 16 years old. She liked her parents, did well in school, and here she was spending the summer with a fairly good job so she could afford to buy herself her first car. There were no stupid misconceptions that she was ugly, weird, or a total loser nor did she tromp around thinking she was god’s gift to the universe. Raven enjoyed her life.

Of course, Raven didn’t know she was going to be working for Preston Howell. Probably the most weird teenage billionaire she ever heard of. Nor did she think she would spend her summer surrounded by people her own age, all getting to party and have fun while she changed their bed sheets and cleaned up their bathrooms. While she was busy staying out of the way and doing her job, she had a chance to get a feel for some of the guests.

Raven decided right away that Ericka was a sexual predator and gave her the creeps. Siva seemed really nice, but painfully shy. Scarny had a total attitude problem, and Raven doubted she get along with the girl at all. Sofia was a super clutz and Raven just knew something was gonna end up broken by her before the end of the retreat. Ricky had been quiet and out of the way the entire time along with a couple others. Raven was pretty sure Liam had no personality at all and probably got through life by his good-looks. Tarka came across as one of those girls that liked to start drama. Amelia seemed pretty cool and Raven loved the girl’s tattoos. Then there was this guy that was so awkward with the ladies that Raven had to prevent herself from laughing out loud. She didn’t know his name yet, but he was probably going to have hell with the girls.

There were tons of other people on the island she had already come to get familiar with as well. Raven tried to make sure she knew everyone’s names and their quirks… it made it easier to get things done.

For now, she was in the Mansion, folding up sheets and making a bed in one of the bedrooms. Occasionally staring out the window and wishing she were outside splashing around in the ocean water too. Lucky brats!


Ozzie Krampus – Nov 1, 2011 at 3:20 PM

Preston took off his headset as he jumped down out of his sleek black helicopter, shaking the wrinkles out of his coat. Despite the balmy weather, he was dressed head to toe in heavy fabrics, all in grey and silver, from his satiny trench coat and soft suede gloves to his hand-dyed Italian leather boots. He hadn’t felt the heat, up in the air; he’d change once he finished his meet and greet. Running his fingers through his windblown brown hair, he looked up at the house just in time to see a girl disappear inside. He opened his mouth to call out a hello, but she shut the door on him. His [I]own[/I] door.

That was a little discouraging.

She wasn’t the only person to be found, though; he could hear people splashing around in the pool on the other side of the mansion, and there were two other teens a little ways down the beach, just coming out of the water; a boy and a girl. Grinning, Preston waved to them. “Hello over there! Sorry to meet and run, but I’ve got to go take care of a few things inside! I’ll see you in a few minutes, I hope?”

With his pleasantries exchanged, he nodded to the pair and headed into his island home. Thornton was standing by the door to take his coat and gloves, and Preston gave him a genuinely grateful smile. He didn’t know what he would do without his butler, especially in recent years. The man had been a rock. So, too, had been Preston’s other staff member, Jennifer. She’d managed housework around the estate, until this summer, when she’d had to take maternity leave and they’d found themselves a little like fish out of water without her help. Thornton had hired a couple of new people to make up for the gap, while Preston had been away on business. He hadn’t had a chance to meet them yet.

Waving to the boy decked out in black sitting on his couch, Preston bounced up the stairs. He hated to be rude and not go greet the guy properly, but he needed to get out of these clothes. He didn’t know where that girl he’d seen had gone off to, but he assumed she was in one of the many guest bedrooms, because the second floor of the house seemed deserted. Everyone was out enjoying the tropical air.

Preston’s room was down the hall on the far right wing of the house, with a window view that overlooked the sea as well as the pool in the backyard. When he was away from home, it looked like any other bedroom in the house, but for the photographs of his parents hanging on the walls and sitting on the dresser. That was his destination, and as he went, Preston shrugged out of his vest and unbuttoned his collared dress shirt, draping them over one arm as he let himself into his room.

Oh. Oops. There was a girl in here. Aaand he was shirtless.

“Oh, sorry!” What was she doing in his room? Wait. She was wearing a uniform. One of the new staffers?


Diana – Nov 1, 2011 at 3:32 PM

[imga=right]http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=5761&d=1320165999[/imga] Raven had just walked out of the private bathroom after stocking the linen closet with several fresh towels, only to find Preston Howell undressing. She almost slowly backed up and retreated to hide in the bathroom until he was gone, but he noticed her. Now staring at her with that bewildered deer-in-headlights look. As if seeing a man shirtless was actually that big of a deal.

She was smirking. Raven immediately wiped that look off her face and cleared her throat. A more professional expression took it’s place as she stood straight, pulled up a hand to cover her eyes (to preserve his dignity after all. He was the one looking embarrassed), and proceeded to try and ease her way across the room where she had all of her supplies still sitting in a small push cart.

“Mr. Howell. I’ll just be out of your way in a second. Will you be needing anything before I escape quickly and gossip to all the ladies about seeing you half naked?” Dang! The comment slipped out before she caught herself. Raven couldn’t help it, the look on his face was amusing!


redblood – Nov 1, 2011 at 3:38 PM

Siva had noticed a guy in a suit a bit behind her before closing the door and thought ‘So that’s the rich guy, he will die of heatstroke in that getup’ She walked to her room and closed the door after herself, then started to search after the book she had planned to read. It took some time for her to find it because it had fallen down from the place she had put it. When she finally found it she went out of the room to see a half nacked man standing infront of the room on the opposit side saying “Oh, sorry!” She also noticed the girl wearing a uniform whom he was speaking to.
She tried to walk away from there as quietly as she could, the only one she didn’t want to know whas that rich person. Rich people always got others into trouble, at least that was what she had learned by experience. She hoped those two were to busy with eachother to notice her when she tried to slink out to the coach.


Ozzie Krampus – Nov 1, 2011 at 5:39 PM

Okay, so… Here was the thing. Preston was sort of awkward with girls.

After all, as previously mentioned, he hadn’t had a lot of practice. And besides, he’d been about to start taking off his trousers.

When the girl teased him, he actually felt the back of his neck heat up. She wouldn’t be able to see it unless he turned around, but it was bright red all the way from his hairline to his shoulders. He hadn’t expected to be called out for it. In an attempt to save what was left of his pride, he told her, “Uh, no thank you-” he glanced at her name tag, “-Raven, I can take it from here. I just really need to get out of these clothes.”

Whoops, maybe he shouldn’t have added that last part. He glanced over his shoulder, contemplating finding a pretense to just come back later, and noticed the girl from before tiptoeing by. Why did she want to avoid him so badly? He would have to find out. Later. When he was fully dressed.


Zalia – Nov 1, 2011 at 7:01 PM

Scarny knew he was watching her. She was so self conciseness. She figured he wanted to go with the others because this ugly girl had just hit on him and he wanted out of it. She turned and looked at him. She smiled at the way he was watching like shew was pretty. She was most surprised when she heard the announcement. Then when he grabbed her hand she wanted to faint. She was pretty happy with the results. “How are we going to ask all of them?” she questioned hoping this new caller wouldn’t leave her.


Spider Monkey – Nov 1, 2011 at 9:41 PM

[SOLID=blue][IMGA=left]http://i446.photobucket.com/albums/qq182/bleedingrose93/68b186cc-1.jpg?t=1320201620[/IMGA]Dark blue hues rolled slightly as she watched the two exchange kisses and such. She groaned inwardly as she swam to the edge of the pool; she really hoped she would meet someone with a bit of decency before the day was up or she was going to be mighty bored the whole summer. Pulling herself up out of the pool she twisted her hair around her hands and smiled as she walked past the couple wringing her hair out right above their heads. [I]“Oh, I’m sorry, didn’t see you there.”[/I] Amelia gasped out; her voice dripped with sarcasm before grabbing a stark white towel and wrapped it around her torso. Petite feet moved across the ground as she approached the large glass door. Slender fingers wrapped themselves around the knob and turned it carefully before she stepped inside; resisting the urge to slam the door behind her Amelia closed it gently. Glancing around she realized just how nice the home was, marble floors met her eyes and marble columns separated the living room from the front foyer. She was surprised that she hadn’t noticed the grander of the home beforehand. Slim fingers ran across a mahogany table lined with expensive trinkets. Her eyes widened in admiration at the things; she hadn’t seen anything so nice in her entire life.

Amelia was actually a simple girl; she grew up in the deep south of Georgia with just her mother. Her mother had struggled throughout Amelia’s whole childhood to support her. Becoming friends with the wrong crowd she managed to get money by selling illegal substances to other under-age kids. She regretted her past with a passion and hoped that someday she could get a good job, take care of her mother and support herself. Amelia had attained the tattoos lining her body from a friend that worked in a tattoo parlor. He had done hers on the side; no one knew who had done them so that he wouldn’t lose his job. Her father had never been around; too busy running around with other women and creating half-siblings for Amelia that she would never know. A heavy sigh left her lungs as she glanced down at her wrists, each had ivy circling them along with deep red roses. They signified her feelings of being locked up all the time. At the moment, she felt caged in. Her probation officer had forced her to come to the resort, he thought it would help her [I]‘social skills’ [/I]because she was a [I]‘smartass’[/I]. Glancing around one last time Amelia dragged herself up the stairs. Walking past a cart she waved half-heartedly at one of the staff members; she wondered if she could still apply to be a part of the staff instead of a guest. She hated having others wait on her.

Walking into her room she removed her swimsuit and changed into regular clothing. She had heard the helicopter overhead and the males voice over a speaker as he arrived; she had known whose estate she was coming too. She had actually done research just to make sure he wasn’t some wack-job that was going to kill her in her sleep, Amelia was actually very paranoid about things like that. Padding across her room in jeans a few inches too long for her and a white t-shirt she opened her door quietly to walk down the hallway. Her stomach growled at her to inform her that she was hungry. Walking down the stairs she admired the home’s elaborate artistry again. Padding across the room she found a door that led to a kitchen. Walking in she was shocked to find a full staff and a chef. Biting her lip for a moment she walked over to a counter and smiled at one of the women chopping up vegetables for the dinner. [I]“Hi, can I help at all?”[/I] She asked shocking the woman and causing her to jump almost a foot into the air. Amelia had been known for her uncanny ability to be quiet most of the time. Apologizing to the woman Amelia smiled and patted her hand softly. [I]“Don’t worry, I won’t bite. I was just wondering if I could help in anyway.”[/I] The chef turned around to see Amelia just then and shooed her out of the room informing her that dinner would be done soon. Nodding she walked out of the room and approached the back door. Opening it just enough so that she could yell out at the still smooching couple; [I]“Dinner’s almost done, better get in and get dressed so you don’t miss it.”[/I] Closing the door she managed to find a dining room and find herself a seat at the table waiting patiently for dinner to be served.


redblood – Nov 2, 2011 at 4:50 AM

Siva tried to stop herself from giggling when she had heard the workers comment and his reaction. She were able to not giggle untill she had come so far they couldn’t hear her. She couldn’t stop laughing once she started, when she finally were able to stop she got surprised that something like that actually got her to laugh. She hadn’t laughed in ages, even when she thought something was funny she just gave a little smile. ‘Maybe this trip wont be as bad as I thought it would be’ she thought and smiled, before remembering that her room now where in front of that rich guys room. She gave out a loud sight and hit herself with her book, then remembering that she had taken the book with her. ‘I must be the only person on earth forgetting things I have in my hands’ she sighted again and laughted a bit. Then she started to read sitting in the stairs.


Rouge723 – Nov 2, 2011 at 3:14 PM

After his instruction on archery the girl was silent, and for those few awkward moments his face became more and more red with thoughts of [I]*What the [B][U]hell[/U][/B] was that!?!?! You shouldn’t have even brought up the stupid bands!*[/I] Seconds seemed like hours as he just stood there waiting like an idiot with his head down, looking to the side, and shuffling nervously. Soon he wasn’t able to take it anymore, and without waiting for her reply back he marched towards the house. Now he had never let go of the girl’s hand, so she was almost forcefully dragged behind him. This continued for a short amount of time until the girl finally said something.

“How are we going to ask all of them?”

His defiant marching turned into a slow walk, and a smile grew back on his face as most of the worries ebbed away from his mind. Sighing with relief he turned his head to say, “We just have to find our host, that’s…..” The words were cut off by a shout from the house. A man stood next to the house, standing tall and proud with a grin etched across his face. He wore clothes that were not only flashy and fancy, but too warm for this weather. [I]*This has to be our host.*[/I] The man then waved to them and continued to greet them. “I’ll see you in a few minutes, I hope?” He just grinned and waved back shouting, “Will do!” while thinking, [I]*Speak of the devil, and the devil shall appear*[/I]

He turned back around to the girl, about to say something along the lines of meeting their host when he noticed that his hand was still very much attached to hers. Quickly he let go of her hand and retracted his, his face distorting into disgust for himself for not thinking what a guy holding a girl’s hand ‘means’. After the action he immediately regretted it, knowing that it could be easily taken the wrong way. Not wanting to hurt the girl he started to babble “I didn’t mean it like that! I mean, I don’t think we are.. I didn’t try to… I just… ” Shaking his head he tried to reformulate his words into something understandable, but it was like trying to wrestle someone three weight classes above you. With his mind giving him nothing more then messed up phrases, he sighed and said, “I’m sorry.” and started to walk again towards the house dwelling on his major screw-up.


Zalia – Nov 2, 2011 at 6:18 PM

She ran up to him and turned him around. “Its fine.” She had totally forgotten the archery comment. “I don’t do archery. I was wandering though if you wanted to sit with me at super?” She asked hoping he would say yes because she was excited about getting some of the deserts she ordered this morning. She grabbed his hand not letting him answer. She ran up the stairs and right in front of her room door. She didn’t want him to see her room. She doesn’t like people seeing her room unless they actually tried to see it. She kind of hoped he would try and go into her room but then again wast sure how he would react to the gothic posters and all the other secrets she had in her room. She was most worried about the bandages she had for hiding her arms.


redblood – Nov 4, 2011 at 5:02 AM

[I]”It wont be any different there from here even if I go” Siva said
“It doesn’t hurt to go and see if something happens, someone will talk to you and then you can try to talk to them, and if it goes bad then you wont see them again when you leave the island anyway” Her oldest brother tried to convince her.
Siva sighted and played with her fingers, nothing would change if she went, so it was just a waste of time.
“But I will miss a lot of training if I go” She said trying to convince him that she couldn’t go.
“You are better than me, give me a chance to get to your level. You can look at this as a vacation” He said
“You wouldn’t get to my level even if I were gone for ten years” She muttered.
“Ha I knew it, you don’t think you need training” He laughed
“DAMN, okay I leave, but nothing will change” She said

[/I]Siva sat in the stairs and after a while she fell asleep just to wake up from the thump of her book falling down. She looked around confused for some seconds about where she were, weren’t she in her dining room at home discussing with her brother? After some seconds she realized that it was a dream, whas it a mistake to come here? She had been talking to one person but she werent sure if she had come somewhere with it. ‘Well the time will tell if this was a waste of time or not’ she thought, still a bit disappointed that she didn’t have any of her training equipment with her, her brother wanted her to relax so she didn’t get to have anything that she could train with to the island.
‘Maybe I should go and ask when the dinner is finished, I’m hungry’ She thought but didn’t go to ask, instead she fell asleep again.


Rouge723 – Nov 4, 2011 at 1:56 PM

A soft slender hand brushed against his shoulder gently pushing him in such a way so that he now faced the girl. He expected anger, sadness, or maybe if he was really lucky, a mixture of both, but when he looked up all he saw was a sweet smile. That single smile was calming the storm of dwelling thoughts and frustration within him, and when she said, “Its fine.” her words melted away what torment was left, leaving a small smile on his face. With those words also came a huge relief, the last thing he wanted to do was to hurt someone at a time when everyone is suppose to be having fun.

“Would you like to sit with me at supper?” She said, claiming his attention when it was about to slip deeper into thought. At the sound of supper his stomach gave a grumbling reply which he hoped wasn’t audible to others. Laughing he said, “Sure! I could defiantly go for…” until the girl quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the house. The initial tug caught him off guard and almost made him trip in the sand again, but he corrected himself and allowed the girl to guide him to wherever she was going. Soon they were in the house and dripping water on the floors from their wet clothes. He wondered where the girl was taking him, but he knew he would figure out in due time. Instead he was more curious about what the girl’s name was. [I]*I think she said it before but I’m not sure what it was…*[/I] So as they were slowing down next to a room he asked, “I’m sorry but what was that name again Miss?” She let go of his hand and entered the room. He followed her in the room nonchalantly and stopped near the entrance to look around. The room looked like it was already personalized to her touch instead of looking like she had just arrived here. Posters hung on the walls with a gothic theme that matched her swimwear and many other items in her room.

He hand never hung out with the ‘Gothic’ crowd before, they were always people he just passed by in the hallways and never said hi too. Plus goths never joined the wrestling team, at least when he was there, so he never got to know any that way. The stereotypical Goth wore black and had a love of dead, creepy things. However, you can never assume a person fits into this mold so he wasn’t just going to assume anything about her. Instead of jumping to conclusions he just watched her go about the room and waited for her to reveal her name again. [I]*Oy why am I so forgetful?*[/I]


Zalia – Nov 6, 2011 at 7:36 PM

She giggled slightly at the remark for her name. “Its OK i don’t really remember your name either. I’m Scarny.” She started to blush.
“Sorry.” She grabbed some of her cloths and after drying off slipped off her wet cloths and slipped her dried ones over her bathing suit. She was thinking maybe they could go swimming again after supper. Or they could stay inside and watch a movie or something. She turned to him and smiled. “We can also go to your room if you want to slip on something else.”


SEArchitect888 – Nov 11, 2011 at 1:02 AM

Michael gave a sigh of exasperation as he looked at his watch, the car finally rolling up the drive. He would be going to Stanford the following fall for a degree in thermo-mechanical physics, and his orientation had gone two hours late. He knew that there was nothing he could have done about it, but hated to be late and wanted to get a sail in before dinner that evening.

Hoping out of the car, Michael grabbed his backpack and duffle bag and looked at the waning sun. He still had a few hours of daylight left. Of course, going for a sail would also mean missing dinner. After a moment’s contemplation, Michael decided to go for a quick one and then see about dinner. He hadn’t exactly come here to make friends or have a romance. He was here because this would be the last summer he could enjoy his favorite pastime before spending the next six years in a lab. This didn’t mean that he would not like to meet people – he would love to meet some friends or maybe even a sweetheart, it just wasn’t what was most important to him at the moment.

Walking into the house, Michael was greeted by a tall man in a black suit. “Dinner will be ready within the hour, sir.” He said warmly. “Shall I escort you to your room so you can unpack beforehand?”

“Thank you, sir, but if you could please just tell me how to find it – I do not wish to encumber you.”

Michael found his room with ease, passing several people in different rooms along the way. He didn’t stop to say hello, but swiftly found his room, dropped his duffle bag and backpack, and changed into his bathing suit. Glancing at his reflection in a tall mirror on the back of the door, he saw his toned arms and torso that resulted from his passion. He smiled a little – he hoped that he would not lose his strength while he was away.Grabbing his backpack again and slipping on his water shoes, Michael flipped the lights and strode out of the house.

The boathouse was just a short walk beyond the pool, where he then found three small craft tethered to a short pier. Taking the smallest one, he untied the mooring line, dropped his backpack on the mesh flooring, and cast off. Within five minutes he was out on the open water, cruising at what was likely ten knots. The glow of orange on the water was gorgeous, and the white house on the island seemed to almost glow in the warm light. Looking at his watch again, Michael noted that dinner would be starting within about twenty-five minutes. He decided he’d just come in about twenty minutes late.


redblood – Nov 12, 2011 at 3:14 PM

Siva awoked when a man shook her carefully, it was the butler.
“Sorry to disturb you but dinner will be ready in thirty minutes” he said.
“Oh, thanks” Siva said still a bit dazed after falling asleep in the stairs, but she fast woke when her stomach reminded her that she was really hungry. She hurried to her room and was happy that she didn’t meet the rich guy. She left the book she had fallen asleep with in the stairs then she put up her hair in a ponytail before going to the dining room to take a place and wait for the others, it’s not like she had anything else to do before it was time for dinner. She fast took a look in the mirror and thought she looked really childish in ponytail, but she have had to many experiences with the hair falling into the food to care about her looks.
She went to the dining room were the porcelain already were nicely set, the only thing missing was the food and the guests.

’20 minutes left’ Siva thought and sat down.


Spider Monkey – Nov 13, 2011 at 6:17 AM

[SOLID=blue][IMGA=left]http://i446.photobucket.com/albums/qq182/bleedingrose93/68b186cc-1.jpg?t=1320201620[/IMGA]Amelia had continued to sit at the table, listening to the noises around her. The staff in the kitchen preparing dinner, the other staff members milling about the house picking things up that needed to be cleaned. One man had entered the house and went upstairs before coming back down the stairs and leaving again. She heard one butler inform a girl that dinner would be ready in thirty minutes. Blue hues moved slowly over the decorations of the dining room, it was all so elegant and expensive looking that Amelia felt like the home wasn’t lived in. She shivered, feeling suddenly cold in the big home. Wrapping her arms around herself Amelia continued to stare around the big room, admiring a few of the paintings. Pushing the chair out Amelia slowly stood up, jeans falling around her bare feet she moved slowly towards one of the paintings on the far wall. Standing there for a few minutes she stared at the artwork, thinking about how it was so dark, and old looking. Shaking her head black tendrils fell down her back in curls, still wet from her short swim in the pool. She planned on going out to the beach later that evening to see how the water was. Sighing softly to herself Amelia turned to see a girl enter the room and sit down at the table. She was pretty sure that the girl hadn’t seen her over by the wall.

Clearing her throat Amelia moved to the chair across the table from the girl. Keeping her eyes on the female Amelia sat down slowly, trying to figure out what type of person she was like. She figured she was a shy girl, which kept to herself and didn’t really speak to others. Tapping her fingers on the table slowly Amelia glanced around the room once again trying to find something that she could stare at. Sighing again Amelia decided that maybe it wouldn’t bad if she introduced herself to the girl. Smiling towards the girl across the table from her Amelia spoke in a happy tone; [I]“Hey, I’m Amelia. What’s your name?” [/I]She grimaced at herself for sounding so cliché when that wasn’t the type of person she was. Moving her hands quietly she began to rub the tattoo on the inside of her left wrist and hoped that the girl would actually speak back to her, she hated when people ignored her especially when she was speaking directly to them. Sighing heavily again Amelia began to stare at the random objects in the room waiting for the others to arrive.


redblood – Nov 13, 2011 at 6:43 AM


Siva got startled when a girl suddenly cleared her throat, she had thought she was alone in the room and didn’t expect anyone else in at least fifteen minutes. The girl sat down in front of Siva and started to look around like she searched for something.
‘what a beautiful girl’ Siva thought and caught herself staring, before the girl had noticed she focused on staring down in the table. It was silent in the big dining room, and Siva hoped the others would come soon so that embarrassing silence would end.
Suddenly the girl spoke which surprised Siva so much so she almost fell of the chair.
[I]”Hey, I’m Amelia. What’s your name?” [/I]the girl said. It took at least half a minute before Siva were able to answer, she had been to busy wondering how she would answer without sounding rude.
‘I should say “Hey, I’m Siva nice to meet you” yes I will say that, with a really possitive tone’ She thought and were getting herself ready to say it.
“I’m Siva” She said with a bit bored tone, without looking up from the table.
‘I did it again’ She thought making a loud sight in her head.


redblood – Nov 20, 2011 at 6:01 AM

Siva looked down in to the table embarrased over not being able to introduce herself properly.

— (OOC: I hope everyone starts to live soon or else I will start to roleplay with myself)

Alexander were running up the road up to the house, he had been so busy so he missed the first buss which made him miss the first boat. He just hoped he would be in time for dinner. When he was running up to the house he saw some people at the pool
“Phew, then I’m not late” he said to himself.
the 19 year old guy looked at the house for a while before going in. As Fast as he came in he felt the wonderful scent of food, it was probably finnished soon. He could barely wait, but first he needed to unpack his stuff, oooor he could just throw the bags in to his room and go and mingle with the others before dinner. PERFECT IDEA. He found the butler and asked the man where his room were and the man chowed him there. He then laid the bags on the bed before going to see if he could find anyone to talk with.


Nyles – Nov 20, 2011 at 9:08 AM

Ericka looked around for Siva”Siva where are u?”she yelled out.


redblood – Nov 20, 2011 at 9:12 AM

Siva sat and wondered if Amelia would keep talking to her when she heard Ericka shouting, wondering where Siva were.
She didn’t know if it would be to rude to leave Amelia but she did anyway
“exuse me” she said to Amelia and went out from the room to find Ericka.


Spider Monkey – Nov 20, 2011 at 10:46 AM

Amelia raised her eyebrows at the girls reply; god did this girl have some kind of problem with talking to other people. She forced herself to smile though and shrug her shoulders before glancing around the room once again. “Well, nice to meet you Siva.” Her voice was clipped and anyone that could hear could tell that Amelia tone was dripping with sarcasm. If people wanted to be social with her she couldn’t be the only one making an effort. She could tell that the girl wasn’t really interested in talking but Amelia was trying to make an effort dammit, her probation officer had told her to keep her temper in check and make friends. Mentally rolling her eyes she sat up a little straighter as hearing someone call out the girls’ name. Maybe the girl could be social after all! There was still hope! But then Amelia lost all hope as the girl got up and left with a simple excuse me. Sighing heavily Amelia dropped her arms on the table and groaned inwardly. She hated people, she hated being around other people except those that she knew well. Glancing around the room she looked for something to stare at; of course unless someone else would just so happen to walk in and perhaps keep her company and keep her from completely losing her mind and any self-control she had left. She wondered if she could smoke in the house, if not then she was in for many walks on the beach at night. Shifting her foot Amelia began tapping it light on the ground as she waited for the other people to finally join her at the table; she wondered where the hell that rich guy was anyways.


redblood – Nov 20, 2011 at 1:00 PM

Siva found Ericka a bit from the dining room and instead of saying hi she just took up a hand and waved to her.

Alexander walked around the house, the most of the people seemed to be outside. He were just going to go outside but suddenly he saw a girl sitting alone in the dining room.
“Hello” He said to her “mind if I join you?” He continued and sat down before she had answered.
“I’m Alexander, but call me Alex. Whats your name?” He smiled and stretched out his hand to chake hers.


Spider Monkey – Nov 24, 2011 at 4:26 PM

Amelia had continued to sit in the dining room staring off into space as she waited for the other people at the house to join her for dinner. She was getting impatient with them when suddenly a male walked into the room. Now, Amelia didn’t have a problem with males but over the years she had learned to never trust one, nor did she ever let them know what she was feeling. Raising her eyebrows slightly she listened as he asked if he could sit down but joined her before she could answer. She hoped this person would be nice, and actually talk a little more than the girl before him. Amelia enjoyed talking to others and she did enjoy getting into debates with people; she didn’t really enjoy shallow conversations where people talked about clothing and hair. She shivered on the inside of the thought of being stuck in a conversation with someone about hair. Smiling slightly blue hues stared at the male as a tanned hand reached forward to grasp his within hers and shook it gently. “I’m Amelia, nice to meet you Alex. Where are you from?” She asked casually, she couldn’t detect an accent from him and she was sure that he would detect hers quickly. Amelia always spoke with a southern accent, some had compared her voice to Paula Deens, but sweeter on the ears like velvet. She had chuckled at her friend’s comparison and had told them she was nothing like the famous cook.

Later on down the road Amelia would figure out that her accent was like the woman’s and it scared her completely senseless. She had attempted to speak without an accent but it just wasn’t possible for her so, she accepted her southern roots and spoke like the Georgia girl she was. She wasn’t afraid to show others that southern girls weren’t all countries girls that rode horses, though she could and had a few times. Amelia was one of those few females that enjoyed tattoos and rock music but could appreciate the type of life living in the country gave you. She could name at least twenty Hank William Jr. songs by song and show some boys how to skin a deer better than their fathers could. Smiling again she eyed the boy for a moment before deciding that he might be nice, though she wouldn’t make any judgments until he showed his true colors, she would patiently wait for the moment it would happen and chuckle to herself as it did. Men always had ulterior motives when dealing with women, she had learnt that at a young age and had accepted that no man could truly care for a woman the way he should.


redblood – Nov 25, 2011 at 7:03 AM

She shook Alex hand and told him her name was Amelia, then asked where he were from.
“Well, I come from United Kingdom from the beginning but six years ago my parents got a divorce and my father moved back to new york where he grew up, and then I decided to come with him.” He said and laughed a bit, he didn’t have any british dialect even though he had lived there the most of his life. “So where are you from? Southern?” He asked Amelia, even though her dialect where southern she didn’t look like those southern people you often saw on pictures.
But she was cute, actually she was really hot. Alex tried to shake of that thought, he weren’t there to look at sexy girls, he had a perfect girlfriend waiting for him at home. He would never betray her, ever. He would never be one of [I]those [/I]guys.


Spider Monkey – Nov 25, 2011 at 8:30 PM

Amelia smiled as he announced where he was from, she found it interesting that he had been to so many places. Hearing him ask where she was from she chuckled at his guess of the south. Nodding her head black curls fell over her shoulders and tickled her arms. Moving one hand to sit on the table while the other moved beneath the table and sat in her lap she began to speak calmly, “Mhm, I’m from Georgia, lived there pretty much my whole life. Never really went anywhere else though except once I went to Kansas to see my great aunt before she passed away. It’s cool though how you’ve lived in different places, I wish I could travel more but my mom doesn’t make enough to afford to send me to just anywhere.” Smiling brightly Amelia shrugged her shoulders after her last words and raised her arms above her head to stretch her back before glancing towards a side door as a woman walked in with two plates. “Oh finally, some food!” She exclaimed before glancing over at the male smiling even more. Reaching one hand out to grasp a fork she smiled up at the woman. Her tattoo covered arms moved gracefully as she slid her plate closer to her. Glancing down at the large steak with a baked potato to the side and some steamed carrots she smiled hearing her stomach growl softly.

Eating the food quickly but politely Amelia finished up by sipping her water slowly and then glancing across the table at Alex. He seemed like a nice guy and she smiled brightly as an idea suddenly struck her. It would give her a chance to get to know him and walk outside to smoke a cigarette. “Alex, would you like to join me for a walk on the beach? Just so we can get to know one another, it doesn’t look like anyone else is going to be joining us anytime soon and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if we just slipped out for a little while. I want to hear all about New York, I’ve never been there before.” Her voice was light and carefree as she spoke and her blue eyes sparkled with enthusiasm about hearing about his time in New York.


redblood – Nov 26, 2011 at 6:09 AM

Alex got as happy as Amelia did when the food came, he was hungry to. He ate just a litle food, he had never been able to eat as much as others. People sometimes thought he were anorexic but he never lost weight even though he ate so litle, and he never thought himself of either to big or to small.
Amelia and Alex finnished eating almost at the same time. Suddenly she asked him if he wanted to join her for a walk on the beach. Well she got a point in that the others didn’t seem to be comming there soon. And they could always join them later anyways.
“Sure if you want to” he said and smile, some of his friends that happend to be girls always told him not to smile like that to other girls because they could get the wrong idea and think he were flirting. Ofcourse he always forgot about that and did it anyways. Many girls often thought he were flirting both because of his looks and his way of acting, ofcourse that was never his intenciouns.

He got up from the chair and were ready to walk out “So what do you want to know?” he asked because he had no idea where to start.


Spider Monkey – Nov 26, 2011 at 9:13 PM

Amelia nodded and stood up to walk towards the door. “You don’t mind if I smoke do you? I’ll try to blow the smoke away from you but I can’t control where the wind takes it.” She asked, if he had a problem with her smoking she wouldn’t do it and just wait until she was alone or something. Amelia didn’t know if there was smoking allowed inside the house and she didn’t want to risk breaking any of the rules, if there were any. Blue hues were bright as she heard his question before walking through the doorway into the entrance hall, hoping he would follow her outside. “Well, what’s the weather like up there?” She asked, she had never been that far up north before and didn’t know if it was really as cold as so many people claimed. Walking towards the front door she reached forwards and pulled it open, waiting for him to go out before she would follow.


redblood – Nov 27, 2011 at 5:14 AM

“No I don’t mind if you smoke” He laughed and walked outside waiting for her to come out herself after him. He had so many friends who smoked so he didn’t notice the smell anymore, it would almost be a chock for him if no one at the island smoked.
“well the winters are cold, and the strong winds doesn’t make it any better, and the summer is hot and humid. I like the spring and autumn, then it is somewhat good weather.”
They walked down the path towards the beach, on their way he noticed many people at the pool, so that’s where everyone had gone to.


Spider Monkey – Nov 27, 2011 at 1:00 PM

Amelia smiles brightly as she hears that he doesn’t have a problem with her smoking as they walk. She was relieved that he didn’t mind, she would have had to wait even longer and it had already been almost six hours since she’d had one. Pulling the back of Pall-malls from her pocket she slipped one of the long cigarettes from the pack and retrieved her black lighter with a pirate on it from her pocket as well. Lighting her cigarette Amelia nodded after exhaling the smoke and stuffing the pack of cigarettes and lighter back into her jeans pocket. Listening to him speak she thought about how he said the winters were harsh, she had heard it snowed a lot up there but she had never known the wind was bad as well. “I’ve heard the winters are horrid.” Glancing down at her bare feet as they walked down the path Amelia thought of her home. She missed it already but she knew this little trip would do her well. Maybe she would learn to control her temper. Noticing him glancing at the pool she decided to change the topic. “Do you have any tattoos? I’m sure you can tell I do since I kind of have a lot.” She chuckled and glanced down at her arms, staring at the array of colors covering her skin.


redblood – Nov 29, 2011 at 12:39 PM

They strolled down the path chit-chating, Alex thought it was a really nice start. He didn’t think he would meet someone to talk to this fast, especially since he was late.
“Yeah the winters are really horrid, I hibernate every winter in my room” he laughed and looked up on the cloud free sky before continuing “no I don’t have any tattoos, I don’t think tattoos are my ‘thing’ so I pass on that.” He thought for a moment “but [I]if [/I]I would get one, it would be an eagle, the symbol for strength, freedom and victory. But right now it’s not my thing so the eagle will need to wait.” He said and felt how the wind changed direction so the smoke came in his face. He went to the other side of Amelia before continuing.
“So does your tattoos symbolise anything?” He asked her.


Spider Monkey – Nov 30, 2011 at 8:40 PM

Amelia listened to him explain the winters in New York, chuckling softly she noticed him move to the other side of her. Smiling over at him she heard him explain that tattoos weren’t really for him and asked if hers meant anything. Looking down at her own tattoo covered arms she stared at the roses circling her forearms and wrists. Dropping the cigarette to the ground she covered it with dirt to make sure it went out before continuing to walk. Taking a moment to think she took a deep breath before beginning to speak and point at the roses on her wrist. “Yeah, they have plenty of meaning to me. The roses on my wrists represent the hardships I’ve been through. Roses are beautiful yet deadly because of their thorns. If you look closely you’ll see that the thorns are digging into my skin and that some have blood dripping from them. That represents that I’ve been hurt in my life by something that I thought was beautiful, like love.” Pausing for a moment she glanced down for a moment before pausing and pulling up her t-shirt to show him the half sun and half-moon surrounding her belly button. “That symbol represents the beauty of day and night, that everything has two sides to it and that looks can be deceiving. I have others, but that would involve me removing clothing and that would be a bit awkward. The dragon on my back is for protection, along with the full moon surrounded by two crescent moons on each side of it. It’s really a symbol for my religion and faith but it can also mean that I accept the blessing of the goddess.” She finished speaking and smiled brightly before continuing to walk and push her shirt back down over her stomach.

Amelia wasn’t used to telling people what her tattoos meant to her or why she had gotten them. She wasn’t even used to showing them to people really. Her mother had disapproved when she first began getting them but eventually after explaining their symbolism to her she warmed up to the idea and accepted the fact that Amelia had them. Glancing over at Alex Amelia could only think about the fact that he seemed like a nice guy. Taking a deep breath she asked another question quickly. “So, what brings you here to this paradise on an island?” She was slightly joking about the paradise part. She thought it was nice here but she thought the person that owned it had spent too much money on trying to get a nice house for just his self. She thought that people should only buy what they need and save their money for emergencies. You never know when you’ll have a fire or need brain surgery that costs all kinds of money.


redblood – Dec 1, 2011 at 10:33 AM

Alex listened to Amelia when she explained her tattoos meaning and he thought it was really interesting. He laughed sligtly when she told him she couldn’t show him more tattoos because then she needed to remove her clothes.
“Yeah I don’t think my girlfriend would appreciate it if I came here just to look at stripping girls.” He laughed, and continued “but on the other hand, what happens in vegas stays in vegas.”

Amelia asked him why he had come to this Island and Alex needed to think for a while before he could answer.
“hmm.. well, the main reason is that my father is going to france in work, so I would be left alone at home in two and a half month if I had stayed. I could have lived with my mother in great brittain untill he returned but she has a lot of work to do so she comes home very late at night and when she is home she is too tired so she doesn’t have time for me anyway. So I decided I wanted to go somewhere and I ended up here somehow.” He told her and asked “So what brought you here?”


Spider Monkey – Dec 3, 2011 at 5:54 PM

Blue hues stared down at the ground for a few more minutes as she continues walking beside him. A small chuckle escaped her soft red lips at his words about his girlfriend. She hadn’t known that he had one, but she was slightly relieved that he did. Amelia was actually afraid of love, afraid of being close to someone. She had always kept people close enough to be her friend but never close enough to truly break her heart. Glancing over at him she smiled softly before speaking. [I]“Well, I’m sure your girlfriend wouldn’t like that at all but she doesn’t have to worry about anything. You seem like a nice guy and I’m definitely not here looking for love or a hook-up.”[/I] Another chuckle escaped her lips as a soft breeze picked up obsidian tendrils of her hair and made them dance across her shoulders. Staring off into the ocean for a moment Amelia stopped and picked up a seashell from the sand. Walking slowly towards the edge of the water she stood close enough to allow the water to tickle her toes as the waves came in. Holding the shell between her fingers she stared off into space, admiring the sunset as she thought of his question.

How could she tell someone that she had been forced to come here by her probation officer? How could she even explain why she was on probation? Oh yeah, I sell drugs for a living and I got caught with too much weed on me one night so now I’m on probation for a year, yeah I’m trying to turn my life around. She scoffed at herself on the inside at the thought that anyone would believe her, but she was used to people judging her for her past so taking a deep breath and steading her nerves she began to speak. [I]“I’m on probation actually. My probation officer thought it would be good for me to come out here and spend some time with some other people around my own age. She thinks it’ll help me with my social skills, she also says I’m a smartass and that it’s an automatic defense mechanism that I use to make sure people don’t get close to me.”[/I] Glancing over at him she smiled knowing that he could tell by the look on her face that she herself thought her probation officer was full of shit. Shrugging her shoulders slightly Amelia waited for the moment he would ask why she was on probation and simply stop talking to her.


redblood – Dec 4, 2011 at 4:28 AM

Amelia went towards the edge of the water, looking at the sunset almost mesmerized, lost in her thoughts. It took a while for her before she answered his question. She told him about her being forced there by her probation officer and when she looked at him he saw how she thought that they were all idiots who thought they new what whas best for her.
Alex got really curious to why she were on probation but decided not to ask,
“Those kind of people are all full of shit, thinking they know your best. But they still try to help you, just give it a chance and it will get better somehow.” He said “I remember when I was going to a psycologist, she just told me things I already knew and nothing she said made any sense to me. But in the end she saved my life. So just don’t give up and keep fighting, then you will eventually win against your problems” He continued and smiled.
He would let her tell him if she wanted to but untill she was ready to tell anyone he wouldn’t push her to it. Shortly after his parents had divorced one of Alex friends had died, he had become really depressed and almost killed himself. He didn’t want to talk about it himself for a long time after he had gotten out of his depression, but now he could talk about it like it was only a book he had read. It didn’t feel like it had actually happend anymore, it was just some weird dream he had a long time ago.


Diana – Dec 4, 2011 at 5:21 AM

[imga=right]http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=5761&d=1320165999[/imga] (OOC: Many apologies for being MIA!)

Meanwhile, inside the huge mansion, Raven’s work hours were finally over. Her day went by uneventful, aside from her amusing interlude with Preston Howell. It’s not like she saw him naked, but he [i]was[/i] her boss. Raven made sure to get out of the room and back to work as quickly as possible, but the whole thing followed her thoughts leaving her mind bouncing from hilarious alternatives to her wondering if something like that could get her fired. No one called her up to complain, so she assumed the entire matter was forgetting.

At least her shift was done. While the guests milled about in the dining room, Raven ate quickly in the kitchen. Normally she would linger around and chat with the other co-workers, but the circumstances of her job left her feeling a little uncomfortable. She didn’t want to admit it, but knowing she was going to spend the next couple of weeks working and serving people her own age totally sucked. Maybe she could request to be put somewhere that shouldn’t have to run in to people.

In the mean time… Raven slipped out the back door to the gardens. There was a hidden path to a secluded beach and she was looking forward to taking advantage of a private space to view the sunset. The beach was amazing and there was no way she was going to miss out on the scenery, even if she did make a personal vow not to interact with the guests.


Spider Monkey – Dec 7, 2011 at 9:11 AM

A full throated laugh escaped her lips, sounding like music as she tilted her head back and chuckled at the boy. He was sure to be fascinating company for her to keep. Amelia wasn’t sure how her probation officer would feel about his theory of people like her. Smiling at the boy her eyes twinkled softly with amusement before she bent down and picked up another seashell from within the sand, shaking the excess grains of sand from it she held it in her hand for a moment before tossing it into the water aimlessly. “I’m sure she would love your theory of how they are all full of shit and don’t know anything.” Her voice was filled with laughter as she spoke before turning to the boy her tone serious for a moment as she spoke. “I was arrested for possession and intent to sell but I got off with just probation for a year because I sold out my source. Now, I’m ostracized from my home town by all of the worst people possible and my mother thinks I’m a disgrace. But, have no fear! I still managed to insult every judge and lawyer in the room at my hearing. They say that I’m too smart a girl to be caught up in a crowd like that. I think they’re a bit right, but things are never that simple are they?” Having said her small speech and let her little secret out of the bag Amelia smiled as if she knew something that no one else would ever understand; though they never would.

Turning she glanced up at the big house for a moment before deciding that it was getting late as she finally noticed that the sun had completely set by now and that it was fairly dark out now. “I’m figuring we should probably get back before we get lost.” She mumbled before beginning to walk slowly back up the beach; shaking sand from her jeans Amelia thought of what it would be like to go back home, having to watch her back the entire time she walked through the small town. She figured she would end up having to move sooner or later or wind up dead in a ditch and she definitely didn’t want to die in a ditch. She couldn’t imagine the way her mother would feel having a police officer ask her to identify her body and how her mom would probably fall back into drinking like she had when Amelia’s father had left a long time ago.

[Where has everyone else gone to?]


OverCast – Dec 12, 2011 at 8:33 PM

Jeremy arrived on the island, much later than the others. He sat on the beach, waiting for someone who was already there to show him where the hell he was. The wind blew his soft brown hair, his fingers softly rubbing on his scars. Would that scarecrow guy be here, that’s the only real reason he was here. His suitcase had stealthy clothes in it, and he wore a small hidden blade under his sleeve. Once he found the guy who met the description, he would swoop in.


Diana – Dec 13, 2011 at 8:36 PM

[imga=right]http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=5761&d=1320165999[/imga] Walking along the beach with the skies in the distance turning a deep orangey hue, Raven was lost in her own little world. Out there alone, it was easy to forget how awkward her summer job was. The ocean was gorgeous. Faintly rolling waves of aqua green softly crashing up against sandy white beaches. Raven [i]loved[/i] this place. Maybe all this stuff would be worth it, if she could see this view every night.

Of course “alone” didn’t last long. The downside to being smitten with a great view, was the bad habit of not watching where you were walking.

Raven tripped over someone sitting on the beach with his suitcase and fell face first in to the sand. Sand went flying every where in an ungraceful [i]ploomph[/i]. When she rolled over and sat up, she was now staring at Jeremy, who was probably as surprised to be tripped on as she was to stumble over him.

“…Sorry. I wasn’t paying attention. Shouldn’t you be in the house?” This guy she didn’t recognize, and seeing his suitcase beside him, Raven surmised he probably arrived really late.


redblood – Dec 14, 2011 at 5:57 AM

“Good girl” Alex said after she had told him about her insulting all the lawyers and judges, he looked at the sky and noticed that the sun was completely down. He didn’t mind if they walked in the dark, he often walked in the dark at home. Even though his father always told him not to, you never know what can happen in new york. Alex didn’t really care if someone murdered him, he didn’t care that much if he was alive or dead, he didn’t have anything special to live for but nothing to die for either so he would live untill he died.
“Yeah you’re probably right, we should go back” He answered her and turned around with her. He would just go out later when everyone else were asleep.


Red Velvet – Dec 14, 2011 at 3:56 PM

After a long trip from Australia, Kain could finally chill – not care about work or university and sit back an relax. Approaching the dining room, the demon of Kain’s stomach growled menacingly at him, he sighed. Due to his bad sense of direction, ever since he arrived on the island earlier that evening he had not eaten a single thing despite the fact he’d been searching for the dining room for a good two hours. The place was crowded with other teenagers, especially girls. Which was cool, but he thought it’d be nice if he actually got to know somebody. Kain was always worried about he appeared to other people and spent at least two hours each morning trying to make himself look the part. Styling his short thick black hair and although he was a guy using mascara to bring out the blue of his eyes. As he approached the hall he could hear a girl shouting, she was cute. “Siva, Where are you?” as Kain watched the scene he saw a girl run over to the other, ‘Siva’ was hot too. it might be a little awkward but maybe he could join in. It’d be nice to meet a new friend. Approaching the girls, Kain waved with a friendly smile upon his face “Hey there, how’s things?” he spoke casually, with a strong Australian accent.


OverCast – Dec 14, 2011 at 5:55 PM

Jeremy’s head was dug into the sand as a girl tripped over him. He shut his suitcase immediately at this. He stood up shaking the sand off of his expensive tuxedo. His suitcase in his right, he extended his left hand to help the girl up. “The house? Could you show me where that is. I arrived late.” Jeremy managed a not-so innocent smile on his face.


Diana – Dec 14, 2011 at 6:29 PM

[imga=right]http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=5761&d=1320165999[/imga] Raven gave a suspicious glance at the suitcase, just missing what the contents were before he slammed it shut. She hesitated before taking his hand and pulling herself up to her feet. Her eyes never left him even while she shook sand off her clothing. It wasn’t like her to get all suspicious over nothing, but it [i]was[/i] a little weird that he was in a tuxedo on the beach, when just about everyone else had been running around in swimsuits and casual clothing.

“Yeah, uh…” Raven pointed at the large mansion in the distance. The roof just barely peeking over the trees. “It’s back there. There’s a couple paths through the trees and stuff.” She tilted her head, regarding him with an examining gaze.

“Did you just leave some fancy dinner or something?” pausing, she turned to look around at the beach. “…how did you even get here. I don’t see any boats leaving or planes leaving…”


OverCast – Dec 14, 2011 at 6:37 PM

“Fancy Dinners aren’t my thing.” Jeremy realized he hadn’t released her hand, and did so, walking towards the mansion, or more so the treeline. Once close enough, he sprung himself into the air, landing on a thick branch on an oak tree, turning his head back to raven, smiling. He didn’t want to tell her that he got off of a boat about 500 yards away from shore, and swam in, he was honestly surprised she didn’t notice he was soaked.


Diana – Dec 14, 2011 at 6:56 PM

[imga=right]http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=5761&d=1320165999[/imga] Raven had her hands on her hips as she watched him stalk off to the path across the beach. She didn’t really have a reason [i]to[/i] watch other than thinking he was weird. And then he [i]jumped in to a tree[/i].

“What the fuck..!” she exclaimed out loud. It was odd that NOW it dawned on her that he was soaking wet. After he had to go all ninja and tree jump. This was definitely something she needed to report to security.

Arms straight at her side and a scowl across her face, Raven stomped across the beach following the guy’s footsteps. She was trying to keep an eye on him in the trees in case he was going to escape, but mostly so she had a good description that she could tell the security guys. For all she knew, the weirdo could be there to assassinate her boss and then she would never get paid!


OverCast – Dec 14, 2011 at 7:03 PM

Jeremy wasn’t scared at Raven’s scowl. Just, confused. He jumped out of the tree, landing next to raven, flowing himslef into a gentle walk, keeping her pace. “Sorry, I’m just a little, gippy. I’ve been on a boat for ’bout 6 hours, and I get seasick: he lied. He didn’t want her to go and tell on him for nothing. He was a good lyer though. “Maybe you could show me the… Mansion, introduce me to some people. You may be wondering why I’m wet. That’s because the jack-ass I got a boat ride from demanded his money before we arrived, money that I didn’t plan on giving him. So he tossed me out of the boat and told me to swim.” He continued to lie.


Diana – Dec 14, 2011 at 7:14 PM

[imga=right]http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=5761&d=1320165999[/imga] Not expecting him to jump down from the tree next to her, she jumped and even made a soft squeak. Pretending like she hadn’t just been startled, she resumed frowning at him. Though… she did slow her stomping, and finally stopped in the middle of the path to turn to him. His story [i]did[/i] sound a lot more believable than all the crazy stuff she had been imagining.

“Look, I kinda work here for the summer and right now is sort of my off hours…” she started. Earlier in the day when she was on the clock, she would have been obligated to give him a hand. But right now? All she wanted to do was get [i]away[/i] from everybody. Who wanted to chitchat and get buddy-buddy with someone they had to serve half the time?

“All you have to do is go pick out a room though. Just make sure it’s empty. And uh… I guess most people are pretty over-friendly, so they’ll be all over you in no time.” The last part she didn’t mean to come out so annoyed. But the one thing about Teen Resorts was that almost everyone there was looking for a hookup, so hormones were flying off everywhere. Raven hated being a teenager sometimes!


OverCast – Dec 14, 2011 at 7:49 PM

Jeremy’s gaze shot to Raven’s lower area, than back up once he realized what he was doing. “Erm. Ok. Sorry.” His head shot back down, he was actually upset, considering that he sort of thought Raven was hot. Jeremy produced a switchblade, and began to cut his wrists, causing alot of blood to flow. He was emo. So. The. Fuck. What. He licked the blood off of the razor, and put it back in his pocket,


Ozzie Krampus – Dec 14, 2011 at 8:31 PM

“Sir.” One of Preston’s security guards entered his office, surprising Preston midway through reviewing the new staff roster. He’d already found Raven’s name on it, so that he could catch up with her and apologize for the incident in his room. He glanced up at the man; quickly identifying him as Tim Rochester, the chief of security.

“What is it, Tim?” the young billionaire asked, setting the roster aside. Something had to be up, or else Tim wouldn’t have bothered him about it.

“There’s something you should know. Our cameras caught an adolescent male swimming onto the island. He’s engaged with one of the housekeeping staff, and he appears to be armed.”

“What?!” Preston shot up straight in his desk chair, bringing up the camera system to his laptop screen in a single keystroke. He found the kid, alright; he also spotted the employee he was talking to. And he happened to recognize her. “Cripes! That’s Raven. Did you send anyone out there?”

“Patrol is on the way.”

“Hang on.” Before Tim could protest, Preston logged into the island’s PA system. “Attention all guests and staff! This is your host again, Preston Howell! Please meet me in the ballroom for a special surprise!”

Tim made a face. “That’s all well and good, sir, but what are you going to do for a surprise?”

“Pssh, Tim! You should know me better than that by now!” Grinning goofily, Preston jumped up from his chair. He had an idea, sure enough.


Diana – Dec 14, 2011 at 8:40 PM

[imga=right]http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=5761&d=1320165999[/imga] “Are you batshit INSANE!? Give me that!” If Raven hadn’t of been so flabbergasted by the suddenness of it, she would have snatched the knife BEFORE he started cutting. As it were, she had stood there staring wide-eyed and stupefied before she finally regained her senses and shouted at him.

She snatched the knife out of his hands, and just as quick gave him a good hard slap across the face. It didn’t occur to her that slapping potentially suicidal lunatics would probably be a bad idea. It was just her instantaneous reaction to crazy. “Don’t do shit like that! Now I have to take you to the-”

She paused as the island-wide intercom came on. [i]”Attention all guests and staff! This is your host again, Preston Howell! Please meet me in the ballroom for a special surprise!”[/i]

What timing. Raven huffed. “Come on. I’ll get you some bandages and show you to the ballroom.”


OverCast – Dec 14, 2011 at 8:43 PM

Jeremy saw a guard patrol approaching. He shook his arm off, blood dripping in sand. His hidden blade extending. He grabbed Raven by the hand and pulled her back. “Stay back!”. He got into an Extremely aggressive position.


Diana – Dec 14, 2011 at 10:03 PM

[imga=right]http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=5761&d=1320165999[/imga] “Whoa, whoawhoawhoawhoa okay…!” Yep. He was definitely crazy. Raven’s instincts were to try and kick him in the balls and flee. But seeing as he was a cutter, she didn’t want to be responsible for the guy killing himself if he were all alone. Or trying to stab one of security!

So Raven stood, like a deer caught in headlights with a lunatic holding on to her hand with a death grip, while the security guy raised his hands up trying to diffuse the situation. Raven knew the guy… His name was Bob and he always preferred the night shift because that was [i]supposed[/i] to be the least active time to work. Boy was he surprised! Bob didn’t have a gun out, and Raven couldn’t see one in the dim twilight of setting sun. But she was pretty sure most of security carried one.

“Okay, listen… guy… Y’know he just works here right? No need to get all panicky and stabby and all that. How about you just put down that thing — and any other sharp things you have hidden — and we go on inside for a band aid and some chicken pot pie?” Her voice had to be several octaves higher than normal. And she doubted she sounded normal either! Boy, as soon as he dropped all his weapons, or maybe went to sleep, she might kill the guy herself for getting her in this mess.


redblood – Dec 15, 2011 at 5:44 AM

(OOC: ericka has disappeard somewhere so we just pretend we lost her while walking away okay? xD)

Siva saw a guy walking towards them, it made Siva really nervous and she didn’t say anything as usual. But at least she was able to wave to him. When he came close to them they heard from the PA system that the guy that owned the island spoke. He told them to meet in the ballroom.
“We should go there” Siva said quietly and started to walk to the ballroom, she noticed that the guy was with her but she lost Ericka in the crowed.

As Alexander and Amelia entered the house they heard a voice from the PA system.
“Well then we should head to the Ball room” He said to Amelia and started to walk there.


Red Velvet – Dec 15, 2011 at 6:05 AM

Although the girl, Savir seemed to be shy to him. The girl was able to at least wave. She’s trying hard huh…he thought to himself. As he approached, the PA system went off giving directions to go to the ballroom. The girl spoke “We should go there” it was a quiet comment that Kain could only just make out “Yeah, okay. But you lead the way.” an embarrassed expression dawned upon his face “I’d get us lost.” Momentarily looking at his surroundings, Kain noticed that they had lost the other girl in the crowd, heh. Ah well.


Rein Falkarie – Dec 15, 2011 at 10:18 AM

Rein had a very long week, she was quite stressed about the recent events that had happen with her father.. As she walked down the beach line she had no shoes on as she felt the water rush over her feet. She was wearing a silver dress and her mismatched hues seemed to be clouded with thought, she wasn’t sure exactly where she was going. However she knew that she was going to get far away from where she was the previous days, somehow she stumbled across this beach and she couldn’t resist feeling the sand under her toes. She huffed a sigh as she gazed steadily out at the shores, her eyes glinting at the site and drinking in its beauty. Soon she didn’t realize how far she had traveled until she noticed a large beach house set right on the shore. She tilted her head sideways as her eyes narrowed a bit not sure what to make of this house. Curiosity got the best of her. She walked slowly up to the house, her silver purple streak hair fell behind her shoulders as she lifted her left hand brushing her bangs out of her face as she explored around the house her mismatched hues not sure what to do.[I]”What is this place..”[/I] She spoke softly to herself the tone sounding like crystals.


Spider Monkey – Dec 15, 2011 at 5:07 PM

[SOLID=blue][IMGA=left]http://i446.photobucket.com/albums/qq182/bleedingrose93/68b186cc.jpg?t=1323990416[/IMGA]She heard Alexander call her a good girl for making the judge and lawyers feel like idiots while speaking to her. Never having been called something like that before, by anyone in her life Amelia raised her delicately dark eyebrows for a moment before shrugging her shoulder. Being out on the beach reminded her of when she had gone to the beach with her mom when she was little; playing in the sand and then screaming while laughing when the waves danced over her toes. She could remember how back then life was easy. The biggest thing she had to worry about was a skinned knee and if one of her toys broke. She never had to worry about the law or what she would be doing after high school. She had actually graduated early when her mom homeschooled her after getting into a pretty nasty fight with another girl. She could remember that day clearly as well. She had been walking down the hall, minding her own business when the Spanish girl began cussing her out in Spanish and calling her horrid names for bumping into her. Amelia had always had a bad temper but she was furious at the girl for calling her a bruja for her tattoos. Amelia hadn’t really remembered the fight very much but afterwards the school had called her mom to tell her the girl was still in ICU with head trauma. She hadn’t remembered using her book to knock the girl unconscious and then continuing to beat on the female. Amelia had felt terrible afterwards and had sent the girl flowers and a card, apologizing to her for the way she had acted. Last she heard the girl had never gotten into another argument with anyone, many had blamed Amelia for the girl being timid now-a-days. Coming back to reality and out of memory lane Amelia glanced over at Alex for a moment as he mentioned going back to the mansion now. She nodded realizing she had been the one to suggest it and smiled softly. [I]“Actually, I think I might take a walk. Go on ahead of me I’ll meet you there.” [/I]Walking away from him slowly Amelia turned and went down another path, noticing a few figures up ahead of her.

Black curls fell into her face and slim fingers pushed them away before she realized what was going on ahead of her. It looked like the girl from before was dealing with some wet man in a suit. Eyebrows rose again at the sight of the people and she decided to stay out of their view. Holding back Amelia stepped off the path silently and walked along through the trees, trying to avoid stepping on any twigs or leaves along the way of trying to sneak past the others. That’s when she heard the girl’s high pitched tones as the boy grabbed her and got into a defensive position towards the security guard. This worried Amelia, she didn’t enjoy violence but sometimes she thought people were a bit insane. Processing the situation Amelia glanced down at herself to see if she had any weapons on her besides her lighter. Chewing on her bottom lip she looked around on the ground, noticing a glint of moonlight reflecting off of something beneath a few leaves. Kneeling down, Amelia tried to silently remove the shiny object from beneath the leaves. Successfully moving it into view she saw that it was a steak knife, someone must have dropped it or something; she didn’t really care how it had gotten there except that now it could be useful. Amelia was still barefoot, which made it easy for her to move out of the trees behind the man holding onto the female staff member and slowly creep up behind him. Staying silent Amelia slipped her arm around the man’s neck and held the knife up with her other hand. [I]“Let her go.”[/I] She said in a quiet calm, yet demanding voice. Frankly, Amelia didn’t like it when guys tried to over power girls and she truly couldn’t care if he was suicidal or not as she noticed his slit wrists. If he wasn’t careful he would end up bleeding out anyways. Hearing the announcement over the island-wide speakers Amelia cocked her head to the side and thought about what to do for a moment. Should she release the man and possibly have him stab her, the other girl, or security guard or keep ahold of him and help the security guard take his weapons away from him. She noticed his briefcase though and figured it would be the best thing to get away from him first for incase it had a gun inside. Kicking out at it with the bottom of her foot she knocked it out of his hand and while bringing her foot back towards her body she kicked out again hitting him in the back of the knee forcing him to lose balance and hopefully making him go to the ground. Glancing over at the security guard and said words quickly.[I] “Do you have cuffs or zip ties?”[/I] They needed to detain the man, he was a danger to himself and others at the moment and frankly, Amelia didn’t want him hurting anyone, including his self.

Overcast, you completely ignored my post.


OverCast – Dec 16, 2011 at 2:18 PM

Jeremy noticed that the other girl who had just apprehended him, was putting a STEAK KNIFE up to his throat. Her kick was good though, and he almost lost balance. But he wasn’t about to hit a girl. He spoke to Raven without turning, dropping his hidden blade into the sand, “Chicken Pot Pie sounds good.” He realeased a brief smirk, but lost it when he heard of restraining devices. “Hell No. No Zip Ties here. I’m good.”


redblood – Dec 17, 2011 at 11:43 AM

Siva just nodded to the guy when he told her to show the way and started to walk, she wasn’t certain herself where it was but she thought she had walked past that room one time before. She went back that way and found the ballroom, she got really scared when Ericka wasn’t with them anymore, she hadn’t been able to talk to anyone else than Ericka since she got there. She was the only one that hadn’t become irritated on her for being so shy.

It had already become a big crowd, it made Siva unconfortable. She really didn’t want to go to the ballroom because ‘that guy’ would be there, she almost thought about him like a curse. He was a rich bastard, what good did those rich people ever do, mostly just thinking about themselves. She couldn’t stand them, and she would keep away from him as much as she could.

She looked at the guy she had come there with, she wondered if she should ask his name or tell him hers. But as usual she didn’t dare to start talking.


Red Velvet – Dec 17, 2011 at 2:02 PM

As they were walking Kain noticed the girl Siva nodded at him, she didn’t say anything though. It was cool, he understood that some people didn’t like talking and you just had to be persistent with them. When they finally got there he looked around, the place was massive. It was also packed with people. He sighed.

there the girl looked at him, she looked as if she wanted to say something but the words did not reach her mouth. Honestly, he too was a little nervous. It was awkward standing there trying to make conversation with someone who didn’t talk much. Kain with a friendly and gentle composure held out his hand “I’m Kain, nice to meet you. Sorry, butI overheard you talking with that girl earlier. Your name is Siva, right?” he begged to god that she wouldn’t turn around and say his accent was strange. A lot of people seemed to mention his accent, although Kain didn’t believe he really had one. Thinking about it…over this noise he wondered if the girl even heard him putting a hand on his neck to straighten himself up he then thought aloud “Heh…sure you don’t want to go somewhere more quiet?”


redblood – Dec 17, 2011 at 2:09 PM

Siva looked at his outstretched hand, almost about to blush, but she didn’t. She nodded as answer when he asked if her name was Siva and stretched out her hand to shake his. She got really proud over herself shaking his hand without hesitating, for the most it took her a while to get her mind straight to be able to shake someones hand and for the most they had already taken it down by then. He then asked if she wanted to go somewhere more quiet, she looked around and thought that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. If they were going to say something important then they needed to hear it. But she fast thought about a solution.

“If we keep close so we hear when they start whatever surprise it is then it should be okay to leave the room” She said, a bit withdrawen in her voice but she still got the words out, which surprised her a lot.


Red Velvet – Dec 17, 2011 at 2:35 PM

Curiously Kain watched the girl, she nodded her head at his question and in return also stretched out her hand, gently they shook. The crowd was slowly beginning to increase, it was quiet but her heard the girl speak “If we keep close so we hear when they start whatever surprise it is then it should be okay to leave the room.” the girl voice was withdrawn, but at least she spoke. It was kinda cute actually. The girl’s withdrawn manner made him chuckle a little “Well…whatever.” Kain softly reached to take the girls hand, he didn’t want to scare her “If we hold hands it will be less difficult to get lost in the crowd and to be blunt. I don’t want to loose my first friend here, i’d never be able to find you again.” being self-conscious of his large lack of sense of direction.


redblood – Dec 17, 2011 at 2:49 PM

Siva couldn’t hold back a small blush as he took her hand and they walked out of the room. She hoped he hadn’t noticed that she blushed and luckily she had returned to her original skin colour once they were out of the room.
They stoped a bit away from the ballroom where they still could here the people talking but much more silent than before. If the guy that owned the island would start to speak then the room would go silent and they would notice it and go back in again.

Siva looked down in to the floor wondering if she should let go of his hand first, but maybe it would look like she rejected him if she did that so maybe she should keep holding it untill he let go, but what if he thought she was to clingy if she didn’t let go first. The thoughts about what she should do about her hand kept her busy for some seconds.


Red Velvet – Dec 17, 2011 at 3:14 PM

As Kain took her hand, he noticed Siva blush. Realizing that she was actually pretty cute. Finally a bit of peace, he could at least hear his own thoughts now. Kain really didn’t like being in crowded areas for too long, the smell of sweat bothered him as well as the body heat generated from all of the people although the location that they were in was still loud enough to hear any sort of announcement that could be made, ah good. Looking down, he noticed that the girl hand not let go of his hand, it was soft and gentle against his. She seemed to be lost in thought over something. He’d finally made a friend at this insane island “Hey, i’m letting go ‘kay? I don’t think we’ll get dragged away from each other in this surrounding” Slowly, he let go of her and decided to lean against the cold wall, his muscular arms folding into a crossed position. Kain’s deep ocean eyes settled on the girl Siva, he hoped that she didn’t get offended by letting go of her hand. Girl always seemed to come up with the strangest stuff sometimes, especially just to have a go.


redblood – Dec 17, 2011 at 3:31 PM

Siva got out of her stupid thoughts when he told her he would let go, once again she just nodded and let go at the same time he did. She looked at him when he leaned against the wall, he had a very muscular body, Siva thought as she studied his movements. Suddenly she caught herself with starring at him when she got eyecontact with him and turned her head away. She thought she was really rude starring at him like that, but wait hadn’t he done the same thing? No, he wasn’t starring, he was looking, Siva convinced herself. But she was definitly starring.

She leered a bit on Kain hoping he didn’t think she was weird, she tried her best to act normal but she felt like she failed epicly.
“So, what are you doing on this island?” She asked quietly, trying to start an conversation for the first time. She was surprised that she actually got the sentence out from her thoughts, for the most they reached her thoughts but never further than that. Since she met Ericka earlier it seemed a bit easier to talk to people.


cottoncandy22 – Dec 17, 2011 at 3:35 PM

Fawne hid in a secret place watching everyone’s every move and no one knew she was there”This is funny watching all those people”she said but luod enough for someone to her she covered her eyes with her black bangs and fixed all the hair that goes all the way down her back


Red Velvet – Dec 17, 2011 at 3:56 PM

The girl, Siva. Returned his gaze, she was starring at him as he looked back at her. Kain had brief eye contact with her but when the girl noticed, she turned her head away again. Much to his surprise the girl leered at him, to which he grinned wolfishly. He couldn’t help but be amused by her efforts to appear normal but with little success. “So, what are you doing on this island?” the girl asked, much to his surprise starting the conversation. Huh…maybe she’s warming up. “I’m here for a vacation for a vacation. I have a job as a model which can get pretty demanding sometimes, between that and high school I never get a break apart from when going between places in the car.” Looking back at it made him sigh. Then moving from his position against the wall, Kain walked around Siva and went to embrace her in a hug from behind. “How about you?” he whispered.


Spider Monkey – Dec 17, 2011 at 9:07 PM

[SOLID=blue][IMGA=left]http://i446.photobucket.com/albums/qq182/bleedingrose93/68b186cc.jpg?t=1323990416[/IMGA]Amelia watched silently as he dropped his knife down onto the ground. Removing her arm from around his throat she stared at the steak knife for a moment and noticed it had rust on it. Chuckling softly to herself she mumbled an almost incoherent sentence.[I] “I hope you had a tetanus shot before you came.” [/I]Giggling softly to herself she shook her head not realizing she probably sounded crazy at the moment. Looking over at the security guard Amelia reached down and picked up the knife the insane emo kid had dropped and walked over to Bob to hand it to him. Handing him the steak knife as well she smiled brightly at him before speaking. [I]“Here you go, I found this in the woods by the way, thought you might like to have it.”[/I] Winking slightly at the man she turned on her heel as the boy began saying something about chicken pot pie. It actually sounded good but she had already eaten. Then hearing him exclaim that he was good without zip ties she smiled brightly at him and spoke in a bright cheerful tone. [I]“By the way, I’m Amelia and I think you should probably let the nice girl…”[/I] She paused glancing at the girl not sure what her name was. [I]“What’s your name?”[/I] She asked before continuing on with what she had been saying. [I]“Let her check out your cuts and put Band-Aids on them. Next time you decide to go around waving a knife around make sure you don’t look like a murderer. There are way more dangerous people out there with a lot more experience than you.”[/I] Turning on her heel Amelia began to walk away from the others towards the mansion. She had indeed heard the announcement for everyone to report to the ballroom.

Making her way up to the house she glanced down at her feet and grimaced realizing that they were covered in dirt and sand. Wiping them off on a welcome mat she found Amelia walked into the house her jeans dragging on the floor. She hadn’t wanted to drag dirt into the house and give the staff more to do. They already had to deal with a bunch of rich kids; she didn’t want them to have to clean up after her too. Walking through the house Amelia pushed her hair back realizing it had fallen in her face during her small little ninja moment outside. Chuckling softly to herself again she attempted to find the ballroom. Spotting the Siva girl and a boy in the hall she figured she was close to the ballroom. Raising her eyebrows at the fact that the male had his arms around Siva from behind Amelia shook her head gently. Teenage hormones. Passing them she found the door and walked inside silently while looking for someone she could possibly talk to. Not truly finding anyone she thought would be nice enough to speak with she stood by the way waiting for whatever ‘Big Surprise’ the home owner had for them all.


Diana – Dec 17, 2011 at 9:48 PM

[imga=right]http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=5761&d=1320165999[/imga] On the bright side, the weirdo had been grabbed by someone else. Amelia that girl who had the really awesome tattoos. He was forced to let her go and drop his knife, an opportunity to dash out of grabbing distance Raven didn’t fail to take.

But on the downside, she actually let him go when he asked. Raven wanted to shout at her and tell her letting crazy guys go was a serious bad move, but Bob the security guy was tilting his head in the direction of the house, trying to signal her to leave. Raven was unable to tell the girl what her name us before she left, and Bob seemed pretty determined to make sure she got out of there as well.

“The um… first aid kit is in the house…” she said slowly after Amelia left. Raven herself was already backing away down the path. “Bob can show you!”

And just like that, Raven turned on a heel and took off running towards the building. She was a [i]housekeeper[/i]. Dealing with lunatics wasn’t in her job description! She didn’t stop running until she was back in the house through one of the side doors, slamming it behind her and leaning against it to catch her breath.

[i]What a freaking loon! I hope Bob kicks his ass.[/i]


redblood – Dec 18, 2011 at 3:13 AM

Siva got startled when she heard he was a model, not because it was a surprise with that body but still. He started to walk around her and then he got her in to a hug from behind. Siva blushed and tried to hide her ears behind the hair hoping he wouldn’t notice it, then he whispered a question in her ear. She was vague able to hear his question because she concentrated on the girl waking past them, Amelia wasn’t it? How did he dare to hug someone like this in public places? She was so flustered so she didn’t really know how to answer the question. But she were able to talk, even though she started to stumble in her sentences.
“I..I’m just here be..because my br..b..brothers and m…m…my father forced me here” She said finally able to get her voice stable in the end of the sentence. Her body was stiff like a rock in his embrace, she had never had such a close contact with anyone before.


Red Velvet – Dec 18, 2011 at 4:07 AM

Kain noticed that Siva wasn’t paying full attention to him and followed her line of vision only to find it was focused on another girl. He had no idea who it was of course, only that she briefly shook her head at the sight of him hugging Siva. Ah well, he didn’t care. Being a model, Kain was often the center of attention. Close contact with girls was in his job contract. As Siva spoke he turned his attention back to her “I..I’m just here be..because my b..b..brothers and m…m..m..my father forced me here” the girl was stammering but he could manage to make out the sentence. As he felt Siva stiffen within his embrace, he gently let her go and with a regretful look in his eyes he. For a moment he stood there and said nothing, putting his hand to his head he was rearranging his thoughts ‘you idiot Kain, apologize’. Kain then spoke, looking Siva in the eye “I’m sorry, Siva. I should have been more considerate. I didn’t think you would react so scared.” but then quickly trying to change the subject and his composure. Instead of being regretful his eyes were now gentle “Your family forced you here? huh…it must be tough for you.” he reflected. Not willing to pry, Kain just assumed that for them to actually force the girl here would suggest that she had some trouble at home.


redblood – Dec 18, 2011 at 4:18 AM

Siva got relaxed once he let go of her, she really hadn’t thought it was bad and actually liked that he huged her. But she was to unused to it to be able to show that she liked it. He apologised to her and she wanted to say that she wasn’t scared but she didn’t get it out. Then he changed the topic to her family.
“It’s not like that, they wanted to help me get over my phobia of talking to people, so they send me here for my own sake” She said loud and clearly, then stoping herself when she realised how rude she sounded. “I’m sorry, I..I.. didn’t mean to yell.. I..” She blushed again and tried to think about something to say but it all got messed up in her head.


Red Velvet – Dec 18, 2011 at 4:31 AM

Much to his surprise the girl seemed to get angry at Kain. The speech was loud and clear so that the whole room could clear. Just blinking and starring at the girl in disbelief he couldn’t help but laugh as she began to apologized. Trying desperately not to laugh, he spoke “Don’t be…” another chuckle escaped him. He just gave her a pat on the head “Look, you’re doing better already. Good girl.” well this was a turn of events to say the least. “It’s okay to be angry.” he noticed among the room there were a couple of girls glaring at Siva, he couldn’t quite figure out if it was for her being loud or if they were jealous glances. Kain knew that girls glared at each other all the time from watching his colleagues but he never really paid that much attention to be able to be able to decide which one of the two it was, with a shrug he just looked back at Siva.


redblood – Dec 18, 2011 at 4:56 AM

Siva got surprised of him desperately trying not to laugh, chuckles escaped now and then his lips. She tried to see the funny in what had happend but she couldn’t understand him at all. He pated her on the hed telling her that she already was better, well it was true, she had gotten better since she got to the island. But she still didn’t think that the improvements she had done would help her when she got home.
This was the second time since she came to the island that she had burst out in anger, and that just on the first day. She started to wonder how often it would happen.

Siva noticed some girls glaring and she thought that it must have been because she shouted like that, what other reason could it be?
“Even if you get angry, you shouldn’t take it out on other people if they didn’t do anything wrong” She almost whispered, something her dad had taught her. If the person that made her angry was at wrong then she was alowed to correct them but if they hadn’t done anything wrong then she should calmly explain instead. Ofcours with her phobia, that kind of thing was impossible.


Red Velvet – Dec 18, 2011 at 8:39 AM

Kain watched as Siva looked at him quizzically. Another fantastic expression, this just gets even more fun. After a moment however the girl looked worried again…eh. What had happened now? the girl whispered gently. It was faint, but he listened intently trying to hear. A worried expression entered Kain’s features, a person observing would say he looked like a cute puppy dog worried after Siva. “Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s natural for a woman to off on a tangent.” he smiled at Siva, suppressing his own emotions. He’d recently split his ex girlfriend who always used to have a go at him for spending to much time with other women for his work. “It’s not like I’ve never been yelled at by a girl for doing ‘stupid’ things…I’m not perfect. But despite my faults I hope that we can get along, you’re a beautiful girl and a nice person.” retreating back to his position with his back against the wall, he looked down at the ground trying to make sense of his thoughts.


redblood – Dec 18, 2011 at 9:23 AM

Called beautiful and nice was really surprising to Siva, everyone she knew at home had only called her scary or weird. After all, she were silent and could beat up guys like they were flies, which she had done in order to protect girls that had been bullied at her school. But because of Sivas reputation the girls always thought she would hit them to, she didn’t know why they thought that, so even they had runned away and gotten scared of her.

She wondered if it was because he hadn’t known her for so long that he actually dared to talk to her. He started to back towards the wall and then looked down in the ground. Siva thought maybe she had done something wrong and offended him even if he said the opposit.

“Thank you” She said a bit silently but still louder than before, then a small blush entered her cheeks. “I don’t think you have done anything stupid that made you at fault towards me” She then continued while looking down in the floor, trying to find the right words to explain that she didn’t think it was bad of him to hug her.


Red Velvet – Dec 18, 2011 at 9:39 AM

After pondering his own thoughts about his ex and coming to the conclusion that he should forget about her. Kain heard Siva speak in a very low tone although quiet it was slightly louder than before “Thank you” he looked up at her with a puzzled expression “I don’t think you have done anything stupid that made you at fault towards me” the girl then looked down to the floor. This confused him. Again removing himself from his position on the wall he went to her. Kain lifted his warm hand toward her face to gently place it on her cheek and turn her face toward him and look him in the eyes. His deep ocean blue eyes were searching for an answer. They were filled with concern, kindness and a hint of sadness. “What do you want, Siva?” he asked softly. Unsure of what to do next he stood waiting earnestly for a reply.


redblood – Dec 18, 2011 at 9:50 AM

Kain went away from the wall and back to Siva, he took his hand on her cheek and lifted her head up making her look at him. His eyes showed how he was searching after something, Siva couldn’t tell if he found what he was searching for or not. “What do you want, Siva?” He asked her, what did she want? She didn’t know herself, she had never talked this long with anyone to know what she wanted to do once she started.

“What, do I want?” She said as an echo “I’m not sure myself.” She then replied to his question, maybe that wasn’t what he wanted to hear but she couldn’t answer it better than that.


Red Velvet – Dec 18, 2011 at 10:01 AM

The girl was confused – she had obviously never had a lot of social interaction. After echoing his question she replied “I’m not sure myself.” he wasn’t expecting much more of an answer. Gazing into her eyes, he smiled at her “How can I know what you want me to do, if you don’t know what you want?” there was no way he’d be able to figure it out. At first she leers at him, then she rejects his advances, yells at him for trying to be concerned for her and now tells him he’s done nothing wrong. He gently moved his hand from her face down onto her shoulder “Help me out here” he chuckled softly, although he was laughing it was obvious that he had no idea what to do and it was confusing him. He made no effort to hide it.


redblood – Dec 18, 2011 at 10:11 AM

Siva hadn’t had that much contact with people outside her family, mostly because of her phobia of talking to people and say the wrong things. She looked at the confused guy standing in front of her and for once started to laugh.
“Sorry, but I don’t understand myself that much either so I don’t know how to help you” She said still giggling, “sorry for laughing, it’s just that, you look like a lost puppy when you look like that” She continued trying to calm herself down. He had looked so cute at the moment that she hadn’t been able to resist laughing.
She cleared her throat and calmed down, then realising how rude she had been and hoped he didn’t get offended because she started to laugh like that.


Red Velvet – Dec 18, 2011 at 10:31 AM

The girl started laughing at him which he looked a little confused by. “sorry for laugh, it’s just that, you look like a lost puppy when you look like that” removing his hands he lowered it down to her waist and pulled her close to him, his muscular arms gently wrapped around her delicate body. Although he didn’t like being called a puppy, this could be her punishment. Without a word Kain gazed into Siva’s eyes his ocean blue pupils composed, mysterious and playful. He felt his body heat rise as he touched his forehead to hers as if about to kiss her. However, he did not go that far. He wanted to see her reaction. “…What about this?” he whispered.


redblood – Dec 18, 2011 at 10:44 AM

Siva got startled when he suddenly pulled her closer to him, he got so close with his face so Siva could feel his breath. He put his forehead against hers and she was certain he would kiss her, which automatically made her close her eyes and then her mouth which had been wide open out of surprise. He stoped just a bit away from her lips and whispered to her. She tried to get her thoughts cleared up, but she was to shocked, she had never been this close to anyone before.

But to her surprise she liked how he was close to her like that, and she wanted to get closer. As she opened her eyes a blush spread over her cheeks when a thought crossed her mind and without thinking any further on it she turned that litle idea she had got in to action. She wasn’t certain why she did what she did, something inside her told her to do so and of some reason she couldn’t resist that litle voice. She closed her eyes again and kissed him.


Red Velvet – Dec 18, 2011 at 10:54 AM

The girl was startled for a moment, she closed her eyes and her mouth was wide open out of surprise. Kain watched her, the girl opened her eyes a blush of rose red spread over her cheeks. The girl then kissed him. Haha, as I thought. Kain kissed the girl back, temporarily pulling her closer to him still then letting go, so this was really what she wanted after all. After letting Siva indulge in the new contact for a little bit, he stopped and grinned at her. “…Siva, you big liar.” he kissed her forehead gently “It looks like you were enjoying my torment a little too much.” at least he knew her answer now. Heh, talk about taking her time.


redblood – Dec 18, 2011 at 11:08 AM

Once she started to kiss him, he responded by pulling her a bit closer to him and kiss her back. When he stoped the kiss he grinned at her and started to talk teasingly, then kissing her forehead.

‘eh, eeh?’ Was the only thing Siva could think about, she didn’t know what to do or say. Why had she kissed the guy all of a sudden? It wasn’t like her at all. She noticed that her hands had laid themselves on his chest while they were kissing and she fast took them off him. What were she thinking? For the most when these kind of thoughts went on in Sivas mind she still had a neutral look on her face but right now her face showed exactly what she thought. She was flustered and her mouth opened like she wanted to say something but nothing came out and her face turned red.

Her heart started to beat rapidly and she almost thought she were going to die of heart failure right there.
“I.. I… I’m sorry, I don’t know what happend I..” She tried to explain herself but she didn’t know what to say, she had liked it and he didn’t complain about it so what was she trying to apologise for? She didn’t know herself.


OverCast – Dec 20, 2011 at 6:23 PM

Jeremy chuckled at the thought that she had the intention of thinking that he was inexperienced and not a threat. Preston would go down, either the easy way or the hard way. He had to get in though. “Okay, whatever”, he responded to Amelia. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the security guard jogging towards him aggressively. He sighed, then he sprinted toward a tree, wall-running up it, Back flipping mid-air, and punching the now much closer Bob in the face. He smirked as he heard the cracking noise of his fist impacting with the security guards nose. He turned to Amelia “Inexperienced, my ass.”


Spider Monkey – Dec 23, 2011 at 8:09 AM

Blue hues surveyed everyone around her; why oh why did her probation officer have to send her to an island full of hormonal lunatic teenagers? The ones she had seen in the pool had already tipped her off that she might be surrounded by teens that couldn’t control their hormones and were all over each other, some were probably already getting it on outside in the hall. She shuddered at the thought of having walked up on [I]THAT[/I]. She couldn’t imagine ever letting a boy touch her that way, or kiss her. Amelia had never been one to let anyone; boy or girl, close enough to do anything like that with her. It wasn’t that she didn’t like boys, because she did she definitely wasn’t a lesbian, but she just wanted to wait until marriage; if she ever got married that was. Amelia was prepared to stay a virgin for the rest of her life if she had to. She thought that a man would respect a girl more if he had to wait, then she would know he truly loved her and not just her body. Then she thought about the boy from outside, oh he seemed to definitely be off his rocker. She shook her head as she thought about how the boy had cut his wrists. He had to be crazy or something; she had seen a few people do stuff like that back at home. She had always told them to go to counseling, sometimes it helped, and sometimes it didn’t. Shaking her head again Amelia glanced around the room one last time and started to become impatient. [I]Where in the hell was this Mr. Howell?


Ozzie Krampus – Dec 24, 2011 at 10:14 AM

As the security team scuffled with Jeremy outside, Preston met his guests and staff in the ballroom, Tim shadowing his footsteps.

“Sorry for the wait, everyone,” he apologized with a grin, scratching the back of his head. He stepped up to the small dais along one wall of the room, usually reserved for a live band, and cleared his throat. “Right. So! Not to alarm you all, but when I said I had a surprise, well, it’s not entirely good news.”

He motioned to Tim, who pulled a remote from his pocket. At the push of a button, the wall behind Preston opened to display a large monitor. The screen clearly showed (in Hi-Def, of course) the recorded camera feed of the island’s perimeter, with their newest “guest” mid-dialogue with Raven. Before the knife was pulled; no sense in causing more panic than this already was headed for. In the lapse of silence as they all absorbed the still image, Preston held up his hands.

“Now, I want you all to remain calm,” he began, voice chipper, “but this guy is an uninvited guest, and he’s yet to be detained. We think he’s dangerous; he’s already assaulted island security.”

Not to mention a staffer, but no one needed to know that.

Coughing a little, Preston hurried on, “So anyway! We’ve got the security on alert, and we’ll do our best to keep you all safe. However, given the circumstances, we don’t have enough manpower to guard everyone 24/7. So one of the reasons I’ve called you all here discretely was to warn you and to give you some, uh, alternate security measures. Tim, would you please?”

The security chief hit another button, and the wall swiveled in place, revealing gleaming cases that stretched from ceiling to floor, filled to the brim with an arsenal that would make even the most hardcore weapon enthusiasts feel incompetent. Guns of all makes and models, swords and knives, hunting bows, cattle prods and stun guns, things that looked an awful lot like medieval torture devices; you name it, it was in there. It probably wasn’t legal, but money afforded certain privileges. One of them was being prepared for anything. As the wall settled back into place, the young billionaire turned a somewhat sheepish look on his guests.

“Pick whatever you like,” he told them. “Just be careful with it, alright?”


Red Velvet – Dec 24, 2011 at 2:18 PM

The girl in his arms was flustered after kissing him. Kain smiled, as expected, the girl did like him after all despite his faults. Finally the anouncement was being made, and intruder. The rich ponse made a dumb move and decided to show a group of teenagers a bunch of weapons, great this could turn into a blood bath very quickly – shit. What a ponse. Kain let go of Siva “We need to get out of here quick…if i’m right this could get dangerous very quickly…I’m going to pick up two knives and an AK47. Once you have picked up a weapon, come to me. I won’t leave this room until I know you’re safe.” Kain ran off to get a weapon. Leaving Siva to her own devices for a short while.


redblood – Dec 25, 2011 at 5:01 AM

Siva didn’t have a clue what she should do, but luckily the rich bastard decided to come and make his anouncement. Weapons? Wasn’t it better to just get off the island? Kain told her to meet him after she had picked up a weapon. She didn’t have a chance to say anything before Kain had run off to pick up the weapons.

Like Siva would need a weapon, she could defence herself best with her hands and feets. A weapon would just get in her way. The only problem was that she would be to afraid to hurt people so she would probably not defence herself even when attacked. She didn’t move from her place, she wouldn’t pick a weapon. If she would defence herself then it was better to just use her own body to do it, that she at least knew how to use.

When she saw that Kain was done she started to walk towards him, maybe he wouldn’t like her not picking a weapon but she knew that she could make it without one anyways.


OverCast – Dec 25, 2011 at 3:43 PM

As Jeremy approached the house, he noticed several teenager’s with very dangerous, illegal weapons. He hid in the bushes, opening his briefcase. Inside, he found different clothes, and put on a beanie to cover his hair, and he also changed his clothes. He figured he could carry his pistol freely now, considering the others all had friggin’ machine guns. He loaded an extended magazine clip into his metallic black USP .45. He walked into the lounge. He almost seamlessly blended into the crowd of people around him. He bumped into Siva, on purpose, making look like an accident, so he could better blend by starting conversation. “Oh shit!” he exclaimed. He scratched the back of his head, smiling sheepishly. “Hehe, I’m Jeremy, what’s your name?” he said, extending his arm politely.


redblood – Dec 25, 2011 at 3:53 PM

Siva felt how someone went right in to her, she stumbled a couple of steps but then were able to stand firmly again. She didn’t know what she should do, once again someone had started to talk to her out of the blue and her phobia was about to hinder her from saying anything again? She reached out her hand and shoke his.
“I..I’m Siva” She said, well her stumbleling had at least become better, she looked away from the guy for a couple of seconds to see if she could see Kain, but she had lost him now. Well she would probably find him in a litle while anyways or he would find her. She looked back at the guy that had encountered her.


Spider Monkey – Dec 26, 2011 at 5:15 PM

Amelia was glad to see the owner of the island finally walk into the room. Standing quietly she crossed her arms and watched as he began speaking of the danger of the person on the island. She cringed as a monitor appeared along the wall behind him. Chewing on her bottom lip she hoped he wouldn’t show the scene where she had apprehended the male. But, thankfully he didn’t. Letting out a breath Amelia hadn’t realized she had been holding she pushed stray locks of black hair out of her face. Realizing that he was still talking she perked up as he mentioned security. What type of security was he talking about? She had no clue until the wall flipped around; keeping herself from gasping Amelia began to walk towards the wall as he told them to choose their weapons of choice. She was stoked to see that he had every kind of weapon someone could think of; after years of being in gangs she had learned how to shoot a gun and pretty well at that, not to mention living in the south most people learned how to bring down a buck by the time they were eight. Striding towards the wall of weapons Amelia grabbed a simple pistol and a whip. Smiling as she realized the ends of the whip had little blades. Checking the clip of the pistol she smiled as she noticed it was full of ammo; sliding the gun into the waistband of her pants Amelia turned the safety on and began to examine the whip. Flexing her fingers around the handle Amelia turned on her heel but thought better of it; approaching the wall once again she grabbed a few throwing knives and one standard buck knife. Turning around she spotted Preston and began to approach him; he looked like he was around the others age, just rich.

Coming to stand close enough to him that she could talk where he could hear her Amelia nodded politely before speaking. “I’m Amelia, I just wanted to let you know that the guy out there is pretty weird. He’s got some kind of briefcase and I’m not sure what’s inside of it but I’m pretty positive it’s more weapons.” She paused for a moment, contemplating on whether or not she should tell the guy she would help him with his small problem. Deciding that she would rather help rid the island of a small problem instead of sitting around like a duck she spoke again more softly. “Back home I was a part of a gang; I know some things about weapons and sneaking around. I also use to take ROTC so I’m in pretty good shape. I could help you with your problem but I’ll need to know everything you know about this guy.” Amelia was serious, looking at her someone wouldn’t guess that she had taken plenty of self-defense classes to teach thirty people how to defend their selves or that she knew how to throw a knife and make it hit her target better than anyone else she knew. She found herself actually wanting to help this Preston guy, he kinda looked like a dork though and he had mentioned that security was short. She was hoping he would accept her offer to help, she didn’t some excitement in her life.


Diana – Dec 27, 2011 at 5:22 AM

[imga=right]http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=5761&d=1320165999[/imga] Raven had opted out of going to the ball room to hear whatever the Boss’ big news was supposed to be. Honestly, after dealing with that weirdo outside, she was still a little freaked out and didn’t care to deal with anyone else’s weirdness. Instead, she made her way to the kitchen, where she intended to get a nice hot mug of milk and honey. The simple little remedy was something her mom always used to give her when she had bad dreams at night. She could use a little comfort.

“Oh my god, it’s just like in the movies you know? A psycho killer and we’re all trapped on the island!” a girl in the hall was talking to her friend. In her hands was a small handgun and a dagger. Raven nearly tripped over the carpet on the floor in her surprise.

“I know right? It’s totes gotta be serious if the guy is handing out weapons like it’s World War III! Do you think it’s real?” responded her friend as Raven passed them.

[i]Well, that was nice to know. Did they hand out weapons in gift bags?[/i] Raven thought to herself. She didn’t stop to ask the girls what happened. Maybe the entire thing was just one big, really weird, mystery murder party. That would make sense, right? Because handing a bunch of teenagers weapons seemed like the stupidest thing she had ever heard!

Raven pushed her way in to the kitchen. Hot milk and honey wasn’t going to do the trick in calming her nerves. The kitchen seemed to be empty now that the dinner service was over and most of the staff had retired for the night. Raven searched around the cabinets for where they were hiding the liquor. She had no intentions of getting drunk, and was never one for drinking… but in this case she would make an exception. She was going to need a shot of something so she could get to sleep!


Red Velvet – Dec 27, 2011 at 10:35 AM

Having picked up a few weapons he walked up behind Siva. He’d noticed her walk over to him earlier, she seemed to be talking with some strange guy. The gun was slung over his back, a set of knives on his hip and ammo slung about his shoulder. He reached out his hand to grab Siva and bring her close to him, this could be dangerous and quite frankly he didn’t trust anybody here. The guy introduced himself as Jeremy, hmm. Whatever. Kain whispered to Siva “You alright? we need to get out of here. Just in case this turns into a mosh pit” looking at the guy ahead in front of him, Kain noticed the guy had a black USP 45. Interesting. “The name’s Kain here. Wanna come with us?”


redblood – Dec 27, 2011 at 10:49 AM

Siva suddenly felt someone grabbing her hand, then Kain was whispering to her. He was probably right, they needed to get out of there before something happend. She just nodded turning her face a way from him, trying to hide that she started to blush when he stood so close to her. Then Kain asked the guy, was his name Jeremy? if he wanted to come with them. She didn’t, if there was more people then they could protect eachother. But at the same time it sometimes could get worse to be more people, it was easier to take s hostage if they were more.


OverCast – Dec 31, 2011 at 9:56 AM

Jeremy smirked as Kain sized him up. “You like my gun, eh?” he said in a sly voice, then chuckled. “Man, I probably had you there didn’t I? But yeah, i’ll come with you. He scanned the room, Rikey wasn’t here, so he could enjoy himself if he wasn’t caught. “I don’t think this small pistol will help much by the looks of things on the TV. I’m going to grab something a bit more… interesting, then we all can leave this pheromone filled deathtrap of Call of Duty wannabe teens.” he chuckled, approaching the wall. While others grabbed trademark weapons like the Ak-47 or M-16, Jeremy prefered… exotic weapons. He grabbed a Katana with a back sheathe, and he strapped around his back. He grabbed SAGA 12 Semi automatic Shotgun. He returned to KAin. “I’m ready when you are.”


Red Velvet – Jan 1, 2012 at 12:20 PM

The guy chuckled at Cain with a sly tone. Heh, whtever. The guy went off to get weapons again, Kain just stayed there hugging Siva. He didn’t want to let goof her, but he knew he’d have to. Gently letting fo of the embrace he took her hand. The guy was right about the place being a death trap. The guy, Jeremy came back with a SAGA 12 and said he was ready. With a nod he then looked at Siva with a worried look “let’s get out of here.”

Suddenly there was a loud yell from across the room all Kain heard was “Mother Fucker!” followed by a loud gun shot. Shit, he knew this woulfd happen. It was like time bomb just waiting. Another gun shot went off. Shit. He looked around, the best exit was probably the one the least people were going to go through. “Let’s go through the exit that the least amount of people are going to. The panic of the crowd will take longer to get through, the more people the more likely to get shot”


redblood – Jan 1, 2012 at 1:44 PM

Siva looked at Kain with a small blush as he took her hand. She didn’t have a chance to say anything though, not because she were going to say anything she had just thought about things she wanted to say but weren’t able to say. Someone had fired a gun, all the people was in panic in the room. Siva was just able to make out what Kain was saying over the noise in the room. The most girls would probably get afraid in this kind of situation, but Siva wasn’t.

“The most people seems to be on their way to the main entrance, we can jump out of a window, it would be the fastest way out.” Siva said loudly so they would hear her over the noises in the room. All the embarrasment she used to feel, her being frightened, it was gone.


OverCast – Jan 1, 2012 at 1:51 PM

The gunshot made Jeremy’s reflexes kick in. After this they would know that he was… trained. Jeremy instantaneously scanned the room, marking the shooters in his mind. He ran up a nearby wall, screaming “Siva, Kain, Get down!” he springed off the wall at shooter #1, dropping his shotgun, and kicking the gun out of his opponents hands, spinning around to kick him in the face with his other leg. The final shooter just noticed him and pointed his gun towards Jeremy. In a split second, Jeremy drew his pistol and let off 3 shots into the shooters chest. He holstered his gun and looked to Kain and Siva; “Are you two all right?”


Red Velvet – Jan 1, 2012 at 2:02 PM

Looking at Jeremy rather impressed at the stunt Jeremy had done, Kain grinned. he also noticed that Siva seemed to be more comfortable, her shy composure had magically disappeared. The girl spoke loud and clear. This made Kain smile, he was happy to see she was progressing with trying to get over her fears. Still holding Siva’s hand he smiled at her gently and nodded, then turning to Jeremy “Yeah. Best leave chat for later…this is gonna turn ugly.” Kain scanned the room for the nearest window, it was clear. He looked at Siva, not knowing if she’d turn shy again or not “let’s goet out of this hellhole” He began to head toward the window.


redblood – Jan 1, 2012 at 2:21 PM

Siva looked at the guy doing his stunt, how did he do that? Siva felt suspicious over Jeremy, who was he anyways? He had just appeared all of a sudden while they were stirred up over what had happened with the intruder. For the moment she wouldn’t tell Kain about her suspicions. She made her hand lide out from Kains hand. “Yeah let’s get out of here” She said to Kain, then turned around towards the window and hurried to it.


OverCast – Jan 2, 2012 at 7:16 PM

“Hey wait up for me! We need to find this Preston prick and tell him whats going on. We should hurry up before another crazed idiot reaches him first. The hallway’s of this hellhole are probably full or more shooters. Maybe Siva should stay behind, eh?” he sighed as he talked and picked his shotgun back up, also stealing clips from the dead shooters body. He could make it there alone, but he didn’t want to draw anymore suspicion, considering that his last stunt did a dent in Kain.


redblood – Jan 2, 2012 at 7:25 PM

Siva glared at him, what was he up to? “Why should I stay behind? I can break your neck with both my hands behind my back, don’t take me so lightly.” She said in a threatening tone, at this moment she wasn’t the embarrased litle girl that couldn’t speak her mind up. She was the daughter of a kickboxing shampion and the person that have decided to take his place one day, she knew not only kickboxing but also a lot of other material arts. She wasn’t defensless at all if she just threw away her shyness. She almost hoped Kain would tell him that they would go out and Jeremy could do whatever he wanted to alone.


Spider Monkey – Jan 2, 2012 at 9:46 PM

[SOLID=blue][IMGA=right]http://i446.photobucket.com/albums/qq182/bleedingrose93/68b186cc.jpg?t=1323990416[/IMGA]Amelia heard gunshots and automatically whirled around pulling the pistol out from where it was nestled in the waist band of her bands. Black locks of hair flying behind her Amelia began sprinting towards where she could still hear the sounds. Spotting a man doing some kind of weird stunt, that she believed was most likely him showing off for the crowd or possibly a female he had met, Amelia pulled out the whip as well. Holding the handle of it tightly within her left hand while her right held the pistol Amelia moved forward, silently on the balls of her feet making sure she practically danced around the dead bodies of guards. They had obviously tried to stop the Emo Cutter from before. Spotting him near a window Amelia dark blue hues narrowed as she also spotted Siva and another male heading towards the window. Bringing her hand back Amelia would flick her wrist, sending the end of the whip towards the two hitting the wall as a warning sign for them to stop where they were, the blades at the end leaving scratches in the plaster from the force and speed of the whip. As it arched back through the air Amelia steadied herself bringing up her right arm to hold the pistol aimed at the Emo Cutter, she couldn’t exactly remember his name and frankly she didn’t care what his name was as long as he didn’t ruin her damn vacation. Turning her hand to the side Amelia flicked the whip back and forth a few times at her left side before moving her wrist again just enough to send it flying through the air, the ends wrapping around the torso of Mr. Emo Cutter. She tugged suddenly on the whip, jerking it so that it could knock him off balance; she was really starting to dislike this guy. Holding the pistol up Amelia aimed down the sites at the male and spoke in a loud, surprisingly calm voice. [I]“Don’t make me shoot you.”[/I]


Red Velvet – Jan 3, 2012 at 1:46 PM

From Jeremy’s comment about Siva, a frown entered his features “Hey man, you can go if you want… But Siva’s not going anywhere. If you want to break off that’s cool, but nobody gets left behind.” he noticed that Siva was angry at the guy. With a sigh Kain smiled, he’d talk to her later – in priavte. As he began to approach a window a whip shot in front of him, he backed away from it as it did. There were marks left on the walls. Shit. He turned around to see some mad woman advance toward Jeremeny. Running toward the woman he quickly pinned her to the floor, staying true to his word about nobody being left behind. “What the fuck! if we stay here, we’re gonna get killed. As much as you may be skilled with that god forsaken rope, if those lot gang up on you. You’re done for. Get with the program.! If you want to settle a score with Jeremy, do it later.” he yelled over the crowd of guns at the woman, starring into her dark eyes – with a determind look that said he wanted to survive. He’d probably get in shit with Siva for this, but he didn’t want to die just yet, reassuring himself he thought – i’ll talk to her later. This was pissing him off, why did people have to be so damn stupid?


OverCast – Jan 3, 2012 at 4:40 PM

“Hmph, What the FUCK!” he screamed as the whip whizzed past his face, and as the girl pointed a gun at him. “Okay, Okay! Don’t shoot! I didn’t do anything. He pulled his gun and released the clip, kicking it to her on the floor. He a a round chambered from before, but she didn’t know that. “Your right Siva, I shouldn’t underestimate you just because your a girl, I really need your help finding Preston, as his guards will probably shoot us if we get close. So, I’ll ask again. Help me, a start would be kill this “Chippy” Bitch before I do.” He dropped his shot gun as well, sliding it over to his uncomprehending opponent. He consider everyone who wasn;t with him an Opponent. It was a way of thinking. He wasn’t paying attention, seeing that Kain already pinned he down. He approached the pinned down girls and pointed his pistol at her head. “I suggest you help us out as well, bitch”


redblood – Jan 4, 2012 at 5:49 AM

Siva didn’t do anything in the ruckus, not because she was afraid, but because she had met the girl before. If she remembered right her name was Amelia. This was ridiculous, if they continued like this it would become a slaughter in there. She went forward to them and took a steady grip on Jeremy’s hand, forcing the hand with the gun in it away from Amelias head. “I don’t need to help you with anything, you can find Preston by yourself while we can get out of here without getting ourselves killed. Stop pointing guns at people or I will make sure you can’t use your hands again.” She threatened him and twisted his hand so he was forced to let go of the gun which she fast took up. She looked at Kain in a way that couldn’t mean anything else than ‘let go of her’.


Spider Monkey – Jan 5, 2012 at 8:23 PM

Amelia danced to the side as the boy came barreling towards her. Striking out with her right foot Amelia kicked him in the side and yelled in a loud voice; her southern accent shining through with her anger. “Are you daft!? Can you not tell that he is the man Preston wants us to WATCH out for you bloody fool or are you so damn trusting that you’ll trust a snake if it tells you to let it bite your neck?” Amelia spun around her foot flying towards Jeremy now the emo cutter kid that her attention had been focused on in the first place if the bloody fool of a boy hadn’t come running at her and trying to tackle her. Kicking the pistol out of his hand Amelia was thankful for all of the self-defense classes she took in high school and glared at him. “Watch who you call a bitch.” She was seriously pissed now. Her vacation had been ruined by some idiot that decided it would be fun to cut his wrists and then be all homicidal. She was seriously done with it all know. Watching as Siva grabbed ahold of his wrist a small smile danced across Amelia’s dark red lips before her attention turned back to the boy that had ran at her. She glared, her blue hues flashing with rage at the boy and his stupidity at not recognizing the other kid. Shaking her head Amelia turned around and moved slowly towards the Jeremy kid. She was sick and tired of his bullshit. Raising up her arm that held onto her pistol she bought down the butt of it onto the temple of his head, hopefully knocking him unconscious. She mainly just wanted him to stay quiet.


Red Velvet – Jan 6, 2012 at 2:17 PM

Looking at the girl in disbelief of her stubborn attitude. Kain looked at her with a annoyed glance “Well whatever, I am just looking out for you. If you guys stick around here for too long. You two are gonna get shot by somebody else let alone each other. Do what you want” he turned around to Siva, he was annoyed that this woman accept help. “Siva, we’re leaving.” then turned to look at Jeremy “This is your quarrel is between you to, not us. Sorry mate, but by the looks of things you can take care of yourself.” in recognition of the woman’s glare he retorted at her. “Don’t look at me like that, I’m only trying to help you. If you want to get shot by some random that’s not my business.” he then walked over to Siva gently regarding her. He wanted to get out of here, Maybe Siva could calm Kain down – he was furious. If some arrogant bitch wanted to go and fight Jeremy because she thinks she’s superior well fuck her. Walking over Siva he accidently managed to get in the way of Amelia and ended up on the floor unconscious.


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