003 Desire of the Deep

Trying to convince Crystal there will be no Dante pouncing! Late for class with Ms. Nadine. Ms. Nadine IS the Pyscho Queen and starts the day off with a hostage! Failed attempt to blackmail Dante again. Crystal uses a weedwhacker! Brief nap. Dante’s locket! A fight with Thanatos followed by a truce. Getting Dante a magic masker. The scary laughing Demon who lies! Awkward dinner and sleeping arrangements!

A long restful night followed by a quiet mornings… at least until the alarm clock went off. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.
Phoebe: *Phoebe was sleeping deep! The first… dozen times clock went off, she didn’t hear it. But then the damned thing was getting annoying! But instead of rollng over and hitting snooze like a normal person, she grooowwled reaching for a blanket, a pillow… anything! to pull over her head!* -07:27 Nov 11
Dante: *Dante yawned and wanted to go back to sleep–but that noise! If his mentor had had one of these damned machines, no doubt he would have succeeded in making Dante rise in time to eat breakfast. He rolled over to grab the infernal thing but ended up rolling out of bed altogether! Oooff!* -07:33 Nov 11
… Then there was that loud knocking on the door! “Phoebe! OOHh Phoebe! Come on, you sexy minx! Who did you sneak away with last night? Huh? Huh?”
Phoebe: *Under attack! Battle stations! Man the lasers! Phoebe sat up quick! ….only to fall back with a loud groan! Ooooh, major headache! …Oh man, who did she sneak away with?! It was a very relieved Phoebe who inched to peer over the edge of the bed and find Dante confused on the floor! Relief! Phoebe turned off that stupid alarm.* -07:38 Nov 11
Dante: *He sat up and rubbed his head when someone stopped the noise. He opened one eye and smiled at Phoebe.* Good morning. -07:48 Nov 11

Crystal: *She huffed when the door didn’t open and Phoebe didn’t answer her! She started knocking again!* Come on, P! Don’t leave your oh-so-favorite-and-most-awesome-best-friend-in-the-world in the dark here!

Phoebe: Hi. *There was a smile that could make any morning instantly better! ….well almost. Her head was still throbbing and she was having vague memories of some very stupid-Phoebe moments she really didn’t want to recall. …Crystal banging on the front door didn’t help.* …stop it, woman! *Phoebe rolled out of bed.. apparently still dressed and with her shoes on. She pulled those off as she stumbled to unlock the door and let Crystal in.* Just sssshhhhh. -07:52 Nov 11

Crystal: *Crystal’s wide-open grin turned into a pout when she realized Phoebe still had the dress from last night on!* … Awhh … So no hottie action last night?

Phoebe: *Phoebe rubbed her head, snatching Crystal’s arm and dragging her inside before closing the door and leaning on it. Hottie action? Did she…. No! Whew! Point to Phoebe for coming to her senses. …at the last minute.* NO, thank god! Why do you let me get away with these stupid ideas, anyway?! You I’m like some kind crazy bimbo! -07:58 Nov 11

Crystal: *She was used to being dragged into Phoebe’s apartment on a moment’s notice! She giggled.* But you wanted to get it out of your system, didn’t you? And that guy you ran off with was bad-boy-hot. Not as gorgeous as Dante or Thanatos, of course, but you see my point!

Phoebe: He was also bad-boy-pissed when I told him he wasn’t doing it for me. *Man, she remembered that too… what an jackass! If she saw him again, she was going to sock him in the balls!* New party rule, no more Phoebe drinking. -08:02 Nov 11

Crystal: *Her jaw dropped!* … You didn’t! Oh, Phoebe! Why did you do that?!

Phoebe: Well, he wasn’t! What should I have said? Take a rain check? *Grr, she had a killer headache! Phoebe shuffled to dig a bottle of aspirin out of a drawer.* It just wasn’t nice at all. I kept thinking about Dante…. distracting. -08:11 Nov 11

Crystal: *She blinked!* Well … I guess I can hardly blame you. *She waved a hand.* This is Dante, after all. But … that guy was an easy lay for you. *She sighed.* Oh well … And then what happened?

Phoebe: Stuff. I don’t want to talk about it. A drain covered tried to eat my shoe though… I think I was yelling at rocks. *Finding her bottle she shook out three of the things and shuffled for the kitchen to get some water.* -08:16 Nov 11
Dante: *Dante yawned but instead of going into the kitchen, he went into the bathroom to shower!* -08:18 Nov 11

Crystal: *She raised an eyebrow and looked at Phoebe!* Hmm hmm … *She heard the shower in the bathroom turn on and she smiled wickedly.* So, if you left Mr. Bad Boy at the party, who’s taking a shower, hm? Perhaps another male you picked up on your way, yelling at rocks and watching your shoe get eaten by drains.

Phoebe: *Phoebe nearly choked on the pills she was trying to swallow! After a moment of coughing, she pointed towards the bathroom!* That’s Dante…! Christ, Chryssie! No, jeeze… He rescued my shoe and brought me home. ….Nothing happened! *She made sure to add! She might have talked him in to stay in bed with her, which was… kind of embarrassing, but nothing else… And that was actually, really really sweet…. and not helping!* -08:22 Nov 11

Crystal: *She stomped her foot and crossed her arms!* Oh, Phoebe, you’re no fun sometimes! You have Dante, a totally hot guy living with you and you haven’t pounced on him yet! … Why?!

Phoebe: *Sheepish, Phoebe inched past Cryssie to head back for her room and dig out some fresh clothes.* You wouldn’t get it! It’s like… You know how famous people always worry that people only like them cause they’re famous? It’s almost like that, but more of a “You like me cause I want you to like me and not because you ACTUALLY like me.” -08:29 Nov 11

Crystal: *She stared hard at Phoebe and followed her!* So … you want Dante to be with you because he wants you … Damnit, Phoebe, you make it sound like you put a spell on him to make him attracted to you!

Phoebe: *Phoebe was dragging clothes out of the closet and paused.* …I might have! You know that movie where the little girl makes a spell for her perfect husband? I bet it could be JUST like that. Only instead of a spell, it’s a hentai manga where I torment him mercilessly! -08:34 Nov 11

Crystal: … I think you’ve been drawing too much of your manga. Dante isn’t one of your manga characters come to life! If he wants to, it’s because he genuinely wants to. Why must you make things so complicated!

Crystal: *you, not to

Phoebe: I’m not making it complicated! I just think it’s a bad idea for me to take advatage of a guy who is in a new …country… and is naturally awesome and affectionate! And sweet and cute and…. urg… *Phoebe fell face first in to bed.* I’m in trouble. -08:39 Nov 11

Crystal: *Crystal stood beside Phoebe’s bed, arms crossed.* Hmm hmm. In more ways than one … *She picked up the clock and showed it to Phoebe.* You do know what time it is, right?

Phoebe: Time to give up my smutty ways and join the nearest convent…? -08:42 Nov 11

Crystal: *She snickered!* You … Smutty?! That’s rich, Phoebe.

Phoebe: …I draw naked people everyday, that’s not smutty? *Phoebe leaned up to snatch the clock out of Crystal’s hand and-* HOLY CRAP! The hag is going to kill me! *Phoebe all but fell out of the bed scrambling to change her clothes as quick as possible! There was no time for a bath!* -08:46 Nov 11

Crystal: … I don’t know what you’d do without me, P. *She shook her head with a sigh.* Tell her you need your cell phone back!

Dante: *He had just finished taking a bath and now he wore shoes, jeans, and a t-shirt under a jacket. He was sitting in the kitchen when someone put a cap on his head! He turned!* -08:49 Nov 11
Phoebe: You have to take care of Dante for me while I’m at class! I can’t take him back to Ms. Nadine’s! *Phoebe hopped in to a pair of pants and jumped in to a pair of shoes… she’d just have to wear the dress as a shirt! Arggh…! She attempted to smooth out her hair.* -08:49 Nov 11

Crystal: *Crystal smiled.* Hey, cutie. You might want to cover that gorgeous hair of yours, considering what a few little birds told me during the party. You know, about you, Phoebe, Ms Nadine, and Thanatos. *She winked.*

Dante: *He smiled back.* My thanks, Crystal. *He watched Phoebe rushing around.* I will see you after class then. -08:51 Nov 11

Crystal: Fine, fine … But you owe me you know! Although I’m surprised that uptight prune knows what a man is … *She mumbled.*

Phoebe: *Crap! She needed something to take in as her homework! ..Um, um… Ah ha! She dug out one of the smaller canvases from her desk and stuffed it in to a portfolio.* I know, I know… and see if you can find Thanatos! He’s escaped again. *Snatching her keys,there was a kiss on the cheek for Crystal and… eek! Almost a kiss a Dante! Phoebe caught herself quick before dashing out the door!* -08:53 Nov 11

Crystal: *She waved and watched as Phoebe nearly kissed Dante on the cheek! Hehe. She was never going to let her live this one down!* So … *She said with a grin as she turned back to Dante!* You … hungry? We can get a bite to eat on our way to the campus.

Campus life was as same as always. But when Phoebe arrived to what was supposed to be a full classroom… no one was there! No students, not even the lights were on. The whole building was dark.
Dante: The campus? But isn’t it a bad idea to go there? *He was hungry though!* -08:57 Nov 11
Phoebe: …If Crystal just pranked me again I’m going to…*Phoebe dug around in her portfolio as she head down the hall. Nope. right day, right time… There WAS supposed to be class today. She couldn’t be THAT late, could she?* Helloooo? *Phoebe let herself in to the class.* -08:59 Nov 11
No notes on the door saying that class had been rescheduled or moved. The actual room was darker than normal though. All the windows had been blacked out, not letting even a bit of light in.
Phoebe: Great. Just great. *Phoebe tried the light switch… no good. But.. AH HA! There was her phone! Right on Ms. Nadine’s desk and lit up with the time! Hohoho, take this Ms. Nadine! Phoebe hopped over to the desk and snatched it up!* -09:02 Nov 11

Crystal: *She smiled!* Dante, Phoebe’s not the only one with a few errands to run. I have to go to the library. We’ll be far away from Ms Nadine’s class. *Then she took his arm and led him out of the apartment and out of the building! They stopped at a hot dog stand to grab some hot dogs, don’t forget the chili and the relish!*

SMACK! As soon as she tried to grab it, something slapped her hand! The classroom door closed with a loud slam, leaving the room pitch black dark except for the glow of Phoebe’s phone!
Phoebe: Ow! What the hell! *Phoebe had snatched her hand back to rub it! It’s like she got thwapped with a switch or something!* That’s MY phone. What’s with all the spooky atmosphere anyway? ….. am I talking to myself again? -09:07 Nov 11
Dante: *He let Crystal do the ordering and when she told him to try her chili-relish hot dog, he nearly choked on it! But he managed to swallow his piece and settled for a hot dog with only ketchup and a little of mustard! The hot dog was small but very satisfying!* And … they’re not made of real dogs. -09:08 Nov 11

Crystal: *Crystal giggled.* Nope. They’re made of … something else but definitely not dogs. *She purchased a couple of sodas.* So, how do you like America anyways? It must be a real big change from Romania.

A slight chuckle in the dark. “Ms. MacAllister, you’re late. Again. I don’t believe you’re taking my class seriously enough.” It was Ms. Nadine. But there was no way to see her in the dark.
Dante: *He blinked* Romania? *Then he remembered that’s where Phoebe had told Crystal he and Thanatos were from.* … Yes. Very different but … very nice, too. -09:10 Nov 11
Phoebe: Yeeeah… uh. My alarm died and… uh.. I brought in my homework. *Wow. Phoebe had always thought the woman was a freak and perfect inspiration for the Psycho Queen, but this was… a little disturbing even for her.* So did we move the class today? -09:11 Nov 11
“Today will be a private lesson.” Smack! Smack! Somewhere in the dark Ms. Nadine was hitting something in the palm of her hand. “You’ve been a difficult student. Yet, yesterday you finally did something noteworthy. I had no idea your work could be so… revealing!”
Phoebe: Huh? *Wait, because she can draw people naked or what? Damn.. she was totally going to drop this class. Phoebe inched to grab her phone again.* You know, I think this class isn’t quite what I’m looking for. -09:17 Nov 11

Crystal: Hmm hmm … *Then she grinned!* And Phoebe … Do you think she’s … very nice, too?

Dante: … Of course. *He gave a firm nod.* She’s kind, she’s responsible, mature … She’s a very beautiful woman. -09:19 Nov 11

Crystal: Hmm hmm. *She seemed to be taking his words into consideration.* Is there … someone waiting for you back at Romania?

Dante: *He chuckled softly.* There are quite a few people waiting for me back home. Some … mean better intentions than others. *He added.* -09:21 Nov 11
SMACK! Another slap on the hand. But this time Ms. Nadine picked up the phone. Her face could be seen by it’s light as she smiled down at it. She looked as flawlessly neat and perfect as always. In her hand was a riding crop used for horses. “No? I find it interesting that you would say that. Being the artist for… The Psycho Queen.” Ms. Nadine smiled ever nicer at the look on Phoebe’s face! “Desire of the Deep quite the graphic novel. So many interesting characters.”

Crystal: *At first Crystal had thought he meant there were women back at home for him, girlfriends, maybe even a fiancee or a wife! But when he said that last part, she blinked and studied him thoughtfully as they walked onto the campus and to the library!* … Better intentions than others? What does that mean?

Phoebe: *Out of all the people in the universe to find out her little secret, Ms. Nadine was the LAST person she wanted to know! No wonder the old hag was freaking out!* ….holy crap, Ms. Nadine, I am sorry. REALLY sorry, but you know how we artists are like really crazy and put people in to things, and you know I so didn’t think it’d actually turn out like it is… You’re not going to sue me are you?! *Quick! Find the window and jump out like a ninja! Phoebe scooted behind one of the easels!* -09:23 Nov 11
Dante: *He blinked! Damn, he had said too much!* I am … not well liked by a lot of people. *He gave a small shrug.* But before you start pitying me, in my defense, I’ve come to accept it. That’s how my life is. I’m … different and no matter what, I’ll always be that way. -09:27 Nov 11
“No. I am not going to sue you. There are better uses for… someone like you.” As Ms. Nadine turned, she was flipping open Phoebe’s phone and looking through the phone book at her numbers. That was when something wrapped around Phoebe’s legs and tugged HARD! They were wrapping around her to keep her still as Ms. Nadine smiled and clicked Dial on Crystal’s number!

Crystal: *She took the opportunity to grab his arm and walk closer!* Oh, Dante! That sounds … horrible! *She was so focused on Dante’s sad story, she didn’t even realize they had just past the library!*

Dante: *Dante smiled and stopped to turn to her. He tilted her chin so her face met his and he smirked.* Crystal, it could be a lot worst. I count myself fortunate in many ways. For example, I am spending time with a lovely, charming woman such as yourself. -09:30 Nov 11
Phoebe: *A startled scream followed by another OW when she hit the ground! At first she thought she was about to get beaten to death by a crazy dominatrix’s whip but… the things wrapping around her were… vines! Vinelings! …nightmare! This was so a drunken nightmare!* -09:30 Nov 11
Ring, ring! Ring! Ms. Nadine waited patiently as Crystal’s phone rang, moving across the room to rest a heeled foot on the struggling Phoebe. “Oh dear. Your friend Crystal is not answering. …Do you think that Dante is romancing her?”

Crystal: *Oh. My. God. She nearly melted! The way he looked at her, the purr in his voice …! She didn’t even hear the ring of her phone!*

Dante: *He blinked. He heard the phone! He tilted his head at Crystal.* Crystal …? Crystal … -09:38 Nov 11
Phoebe: I think you’ve been popping crazy pills this morning and really need to see a psychiatrist! *Oooph! Now she had a heel digging in to her rib, by a crazy teacher! Good girl Crystal! Ignore the phone! Ignore it!* -09:39 Nov 11

Crystal: *She was smiling but she didn’t know she was! All she knew was that she was falling into Dante’s sexy multi-colored gaze!* … Hm?

Dante: *He waved a hand in front of her face but she kept gazing at him! Was there something wrong …?* Crystal … I think your … phone is ringing. -09:40 Nov 11

Crystal: My … phone …? *She was still looking helplessly up at him but her free hand moved into her pocket.* Mm … Hello …? *She asked in a dreamy voice when she put the phone to her ear and pressed the button that said “TALK.”*

“Hmm… Oh dear. If I can’t contact your friends, I’ll just have to settle for you, won’t I?” Oh! There was the little blonde’s voice on the other end. Ms. Nadine’s tone changed immediately. “Is this Crystal? Ms. MacAllistar is having problems-” Ooop! Before Phoebe could scream, she made sure those Vinelings silenced her! “Problems, with her painting. Would you happen to know where her model is?”
Dante: *Crystal blinked! Having to think for a moment made her snap out of her daze!* Her … model …? Uh, which one …? *She looked at the phone and then put it next to her ear again.* Ms Nadine? Where is Phoebe. -09:48 Nov 11

Crystal: *Crystal blinked! Having to think for a moment made her snap out of her daze!* Her … model …? Uh, which one …? *She looked at the phone and then put it next to her ear again.* Ms Nadine? Where is Phoebe.

“Ms. MacAllister is right here, of course, she is on phone restriction for disrupting class yesterday. …But I wouldn’t get in the way of a student needing her model. I believe his name is Dante?”
Phoebe: *GGgrrrrrmph! Crazy! Stupid! Psycho Queen! She knew it..! Knew her teacher was a villain in disguise! Phoebe squirmed again, Crystal knew better than to let Dante come here right?! Don’t do it Cryssie! Protect the men!* -09:52 Nov 11
Dante: *He raised an eyebrow and was listening intently to Crystal. He was giving her that “what’s going on?” look.* -09:52 Nov 11

Crystal: *Lie! She had to lie! Teachers talking to a friend of a student’s on a cell phone … That spelled trouble!* He’s … he’s not here. I sent him to go get … ice cream. He won’t be back for another ten minutes.

“Oh, that is too. Bad. He’s not there, Ms. MacAllister.” Ms. Nadine leaned to tell Phoebe on the floor. “Well, if you would do Phoebe a favor, do let her model know that she will be…tied up.. in class until I am satisfied. Thank you, sweetie.”

Crystal: *Meanwhile Crystal was mouthing something to Dante! Something along the lines of “Ms Nadine is on the phone” but before he could snatch it from her, she was already turning away.* Of course, Ms Nadine. I know what … what if I brought one of Phoebe’s other art pieces of Dante for her, is that okay?

“No, no. I’m afraid it must be the real thing. The necessities for art is very specific. Thank you anyway.” Beep~! Ms. Nadine hung up, flip the phone closed with a smirk. “I am so sorry. It looks like you and I are going to be having lessons on our own until that delicious little Demon Prince gets the message.”

Crystal: *She blinked as the phone CLICKED meaning Ms Nadine had hung up and groaned.* We are in such trouble … *She turned back to Dante.* She says she and Phoebe will be in class until her model–you–come to her. *She suddenly reached out to grab his arm as he started walking away!* Wait! You can’t go!

Phoebe: *Yay! Crystal came through! ….oh hell. This was uh… awkward! Phoebe moved until she could get her mouth free again to talk!* …isn’t there a dozen other more interesting students?! -10:05 Nov 11
Dante: Phoebe is being held captive by that witch. I will not stand for it. *He was saying as he began dragging Crystal with him. He finally stopped. He wasn’t eager to go running into what was obviously a trap but what choice did he have if he wanted Phoebe safe?* -10:05 Nov 11
Ms. Nadine moved away, allowing her Vinelings to release Phoebe… but only long enough for the girl to get to her feet, before they snapped out to drag her against one of the room pillars! “No, there isn’t. Not students that write the words of the Deep and are acquainted with my dearest friend! Isn’t it amazing the power books can have?” Still pitch dark, Phoebe’s phone disappeared in to Ms. Nadine’s pocket. She tapped her riding crop against Phoebe’s cheek. “For now, I would like to be entertained.”
Phoebe: Enter…entertained? *That didn’t sound fun. Worse, it sounded really creepy… especially when put in to the context of the Psycho Queen’s favorite passtimes, and what usually happens to poor kidnapped girls in dirty manga! Aw crap, how the hell did she end up being the kidnapped girl?! That was Crystal’s role!!* I think we should go out to dinner first! You know what they say about rushing in to things…! -10:11 Nov 11

Crystal: Because if you do … you’re going to get both you and Phoebe into trouble! And then she’ll be mad as hell at you! She entrusted you to me to keep you safe, don’t you see?

Dante: What I see is a friend, a very good friend, being forced to do something she would rather not do. Crystal, please. You do not know what this woman is capable of– -10:13 Nov 11

Crystal: Seeing as how you only met her once, I can’t understand how you would know so much about her! Dante! *Blast, he was still dragging her! Boy, he was strong, and those muscles of his … Hm. Even under his shirt, she could see them rippling …*

Dante: I … know someone very much like Nadine. They may seem harmless and perfectly normal at first but it’s just a ruse, a game they like to play. And when you find out just what kind of people they are, it’s too late to do much of anything. *He was still walking! They were … almost there, weren’t they? He stopped. He couldn’t remember.* Please, Crystal. You have to show me where the class is. I have a bad feeling about this. -10:18 Nov 11
Ms. Nadine wasn’t all that interested in listening now. With Phoebe secured tightly to the pillar by her sweet little Vinelings, Ms. Nadine was taking the opportunity to touch and feel her current prize! “What a lovely dress. As dark is this room, but him… this would look better.” Brushing Phoebe’s hair back, Ms. Nadine slowly tugged the sleeves down to expose her shoulders. “So pretty. Nice skin shouldn’t be all covered like this. This is why the best art is done in the nude.”
Dante: *She sighed and huffed. Damnit, she hated it when other people were right!* Fine … I’ll show you. *She released his arm but put her hands on her hips.* But you better have a plan or else the next place I’m showing you to is a broom closet. Understand? -10:22 Nov 11

Crystal: *She sighed and huffed. Damnit, she hated it when other people were right!* Fine … I’ll show you. *She released his arm but put her hands on her hips.* But you better have a plan or else the next place I’m showing you to is a broom closet. Understand?

Dante: *He grinned and nodded.* I understand. And I have a plan. -10:23 Nov 11
Phoebe: *This was really, really uncomfortable! Phoebe tried to tilt and squirm out of reach, but she was very solidly kept in place. …suddenly pissed off bad-boys didn’t seem so bad anymore!* Can, uh… can you not.. touchy ..at all, please? I have.. um…. swine flu! -10:24 Nov 11
And that was how, several minutes later, there was a knock on Ms Nadine’s classroom door …
Ms. Nadine was so amused with her captive! She was jus about to lean in and show the pretty girl something special when there was a knock. “Hmm. Don’t say a word, sweetling.” Still pitch black dark, Ms. Nadine crossed the room and moved to answer the door! “Yes?”

Crystal: *Crystal smiled. She had a box in her hand, a small white box with red ribbons and a bow.* Ms Nadine, hello. Is Phoebe still here? I brought Dante just like she wanted.

Phoebe: *Crystal! Phoebe opened her mouth to shout, and once again was stopped by Vinelings! Stupid things! Why did she even draw them! mmrrph!* -10:28 Nov 11
“She just stepped out to grab some lunch.” Ms. Nadine made sure no light fell in to the classroom… and blocked the way so the woman couldn’t step inside. “And where is this Dante?”

Crystal: *She blinked!* She went to lunch. I guess I’ll go find her then. Dante told me to give this box personally to Phoebe. *She turned to go!*

“Did he? Are you sure you can’t leave it right here? Ms. MacAllister should be back any moment, and I’m sure she would like to have it.”

Crystal: *She looked unsure of herself.* Hm … Well, I guess. I don’t want to miss her and I’m sure she’ll be right back. *She reluctantly handed the box to Ms Nadine but pulled back at the last minute.* Please promise me you won’t open it. Dante specifically told me only Phoebe should open it. He said it’s a real special surprise for her.

Phoebe: “Of course. I will take very good care of it.” Ms. Nadine flashed a prim little smile, a vision of teacherly innocence. -10:39 Nov 11
“Of course. I will take very good care of it.” Ms. Nadine flashed a prim little smile, a vision of teacherly innocence.

Crystal: OOhh … okay. *She handed the box to Ms Nadine but the card fell off of the box and onto the floor, further into the room!*

“Thank you, sweetie.” Ms. Nadine wasted no time in slamming the door, eyeing the little boxed prize! “My pretty, you have a present! But oh, the tricks demons do weave. I do suppose if I opened it, it would be something nasty indeed.” She brought it over to Phoebe tohave a look, even if the girl couldn’t see in the dark! “Would you like to open it, pretty? I know I would.”

Crystal: *She blinked at the closed door and knocked on it.* Ms Nadine? Ms Nadine …

Phoebe: Mmrrph. mmrh.. GRRPPH! *Cursing at the Psycho Queen! She hoped that box DID blow up in her face! Why did Crystal have to come here?!* -10:57 Nov 11
“Speechless? Silly girl.” Ms. Nadine completely ignored the one at the door. If the woman kept knocking, she’d just invite her in for a snack for the Vinelings. For now, she was standing oh so close to Phoebe and sloooowly pulling the ribbons off the box.
With the ribbons gone, nothing happened ….. at least not yet!
Ms. Nadine leaned closer still, sounding oh so suggestive. “It is so excited to unwrap things.” Ribbon off, she popped the top of the box to lift it up… and of course away from her face incase it did choose to explode!
… And the box was … empty! How anti-climatic!
“Empty.” Ms. Nadine dropped the box and kicked it across the floor. Oh, he thought he was so clever. “A distraction. No matter. Where were we, pretty? I believe your Demon Prince will be a little bit longer.”
Dante: … A bit longer, I think not. *Dante said, standing right there with the tip of his sword aimed at Nadine’s back.* Let her go. -11:09 Nov 11
Ms. Nadine didn’t move a muscle. “There you are! You are so very late. I was going to start without you. Did you want to…. stick you sword in me?” She half purred it out, giving a small laugh to herself!
Dante: Release Phoebe. *Was all he said! He hadn’t come to make small talk with her!* -11:15 Nov 11
“No. I don’t believe I will. Late to my class, back talking to the teacher… this is all very serious. She needs to be punished properly. Unless…”
Dante: *Dante clenched his teeth. He didn’t like where this was going.* Unless. -11:18 Nov 11
Phoebe: *Unless? Hell no! Grrrrrph! Phoebe was squirming again! She wasn’t going to be used as a bargaining tool so the Psycho Queen could get her hands all over Dante!* mmrrrph!! Grrphh, Drrph!! -11:19 Nov 11
Ms. Nadine reached out a hand to slap over the squirming Phoebe’s covered mouth. Sshhh! “Unless you want to take her punishment for her. I might just let you both walk away.”
Dante: *He growled and got into a defensive stance.* And if I’d much rather fight you and slice you in two. -11:23 Nov 11
“Oh. Then I’ll do this.” Ms. Nadine dashed away in the darkness, the slip of a whip being heard! At a whistling, those Vinelings wrapped around Phoebe curled up tighter and tighter, trying to squeeze her to death! “I don’t mind when they’re dead, you know… It’s just a little less fun when they don’t scream.”

Crystal: *Outside, there was the sound of Crystal knocking again!* Phoebe! Dante! Anyone home?!

Dante: *Dante’s eyes narrowed into slits.* Tell me, why are you so interested in me that you’d do this to one of your own students. -11:31 Nov 11
Phoebe: *That’s just gro-ACK! Now she couldn’t breathe! Not even to squeak in pain! ..hated this teacher.. so much!* -11:32 Nov 11

Crystal: I know you two are in there! And that creepy chick, Ms Nadine! *Kick kick! People were so stubborn!*

“Oh, don’t worry, Demon Prince. Phaedra of the Deep is no use to anyone dead.” ….The big mouth in the hall was SUCH a distraction. Being found out would not do. Very suddenly, those Vinelings released, and the darkness was eerily quiet!

Crystal: *at the door

Dante: Crystal, now! *He yelled, running for Phoebe!* -11:35 Nov 11

Crystal: *Weed whacker in hand, she pulled that string real tight! (Thank God, she had a dad who loved to use these things!) The roar of the engine as it whirrled and the blades going so fast, they were a blur filled the hall outside!*

Phoebe: *Slipping to the floor, and very out of breath…it took Phoebe to realize that she was loose and… wait, he had some sort of plan with Crystal?!* -11:37 Nov 11
The door of the room had flung open, and vines were start to creep out… until there was the weedwacker! No matter the universe, Vinelings seemed to know their death when they saw it! They were shrieking back in to the darkness!
Dante: *Dante grabbed Phoebe and dashed for the window, the closest way out!* Close your eyes. *He told her just before he jumped out, glass showering to the ground beneath them! He landed neatly on the ground and was already moving to hide behind a corner. Then he put his two fingers to his lips to whistle!* -11:41 Nov 11

Crystal: Heh. Expecting some blonde haired damsel in distress, were you? Not today! *She slashed at those vines and was slowly backing away from the class room! When she heard that whistle, she dropped the weed whacker and sprinted to the meeting spot Dante had chosen!*

Crystal: *dropped the weed whacker after turning it off, of course

Phoebe: *Close her e- As soon as he was jumping, she did as she was told! Not surprising it resulted with a broken window in what probably looked -really- awesome. After a moment, she finally took a peek to see a grinning Crystal!* …. well you don’t have to be grinning about it! It’s not that awesome! -11:44 Nov 11

Crystal: *She smirked and folded her arms, tapping her foot.* Now … why does your art teacher have a thing for riding crops and what the hell were with the vines!

Dante: *He was still holding Phoebe.* Distance between us and her first. Talk on the way. *He started walking very fast.* -11:48 Nov 11
Phoebe: I told you she was a psycho. …Didn’t really think she was that psycho. *Eeeww, disgusted creepy crawling feeling! Phoebe fussed to fix her clothes and there was NO way she was ever going back to this class! She didn’t care if she failed college all together!* You were supposed to keep Dante safe. -11:48 Nov 11

Crystal: Now, see. I was keeping your hottie boyfriend safe but he insisted on saving the day. It was so sweet. How could I not help him somehow? Especially with that plan of his.

Phoebe: I can’t believe you gave Crystal a weapon! She could have fainted and sliced her own head off! *And though she was complaining, Phoebe was hiding her face against his shoulder. She was really glad he DID come to get her. …although carrying her off was a little unnecessary!* -11:52 Nov 11

Crystal: *She blinked!* It’s not a weapon! *She protested before Dante could say something!* It’s a gardening tool. And I’ll have you know it’s the only one he trusted me with after I assured him of my knowledge and confidence in handling a weed-whacker. It’s about time Daddy’s hobby proved useful for something.

Dante: *He chuckled softly.* If it’s any consolation, she didn’t believe she would need the weed whacker when I told her what the plan was. -11:59 Nov 11
Phoebe: I think allowing the two of you to plot is dangerous. *Amused Phoebe? Just a little!* …aw damn! That whore still has my phone! How does she even remember to keep it?! What does she need a cellphone for! -12:02 Nov 12
Dante: I’m more worried about her knowing so much. *He confessed.* She called me Demon Prince and you, Phaedra of the Deep. Not to mention, she did control those vines much like the Psycho Queen is fond of. -12:04 Nov 12

Crystal: Whooa … Wait a minute. Demon Prince. Phaedra of the Deep. Psycho Queen … Are you telling me those people are real? The people in your manga?!

Phoebe: She’s read the published novels.. but. Phaedra isn’t in those, so… *She blinked up at Dante with a frown… and then cast a sheepish look at Crystal!* Um… ….Surprise? -12:06 Nov 12

Crystal: *She blinked and her eyes grow wide!* I cannot–Then that means–And you said–But really, I–*She was so busy ranting, she was walking far ahead of them!*

Dante: *He glanced at Phoebe.* Do you think she will go after Thanatos? -12:08 Nov 12
Phoebe: Hey…! Don’t wander off! Bad things happen to cute blondes! *..and bad things happen to Phaedra too. Suddenly, Phoebe wasn’t so amused! Chewing on her lip, she blinked at Dante again.* The Psycho Queen is a problem… but she isn’t the problem. -12:10 Nov 12
Dante: She is a serious problem, but she’s one of many. So which problem is the largest? -12:11 Nov 12

Crystal: *She didn’t seem to hear Phoebe but she did slow down! She finally stopped and waited for the other two to catch up to her!*

Phoebe: Ancient demon… *How does she explain without saying too much, or without freaking people out? …and now she wasn’t so sure if she knew the real information or not! Her own teacher was turning out to be the actual Psycho Queen!* Svaral. …he doesn’t thing the Deep is the way it should be. Your family is in the way of that. -12:18 Nov 12
Dante: THE Svaral? The one who roamed the Deep for eons, unchallenged in power who suddenly disappeared at the peak of his rule? *It couldn’t be. That demon was only a bad bedtime story to make bad demons behave.* -12:20 Nov 12
Phoebe: Yes. *oooh, why did she have to feel like it was her fault for bringing damnation on the Deep and causing all this trouble for Dante! Her and her great ideas for novels!* Sometimes ancient demons wake up and… he… he’s not very happy. Or nice. …really not nice. In fact, I decided I wouldn’t put him in the story arcs are all because it was too dark and violent, and not the kind of stories I feel comfortable with! -12:23 Nov 12
Dante: Phoebe … *He rubbed his temples but finally had to pull the cap off and ruffle his hair a bit. It was starting to make him prespire. He looked at her.* Is he the one hiding my mother? -12:25 Nov 12
Phoebe: *She shook her head slowly.* No. …But I should really get you back to find her before he does. She’s very special. -12:27 Nov 12
Dante: *He glanced away.* If Svaral is involved … we need to find Thanatos and tell him. -12:30 Nov 12
Phoebe: Kind of like I’ve been suggesting the past two days. *Leave it to a man to suddenly think it’s a good idea when you tell them the bad news! Men were men in any universe!* Do you know how to find him, the same way he finds you? -12:33 Nov 12
Dante: It’s … a little more complicated than how he does it. *He said, looking back at her.* He’s a full demon so it comes naturally. I’ll need a quiet spot and, depending on whether he’s shielding himself or not, it may take awhile. -12:35 Nov 12
Phoebe: Then we better get home. I’d like to wash off the feeling of pawsy Crazy Lady, anyway. -12:37 Nov 12
Dante: *Dante nodded and they headed back to her apartment with Crystal in tow!* -12:44 Nov 12
Dante: *Dante nodded and they headed back to her apartment with Crystal in tow!* -12:44 Nov 12
The apartment was the same as always! …except. No, must be nothing. It looked normal and everything was in it’s place. -Phoebe
Phoebe: *Phoebe had let them all inside, and… everything looked normal. That weird feeling of being violated had to come from those creepy crawlies from the Psycho Nadine! Phoebe wasted no time in heading for the bathroom!* -12:48 Nov 12

Crystal: *Crystal decided she needed to lie down! So, she went into Phoebe’s room to sleep on the bed!* I need a nap …

Phoebe: You didn’t get hurt or anything did you? *Phoebe was undressing and wrapping herself in a robe, before she leaning over a plopping Crystal.* I’ll not be in the bath long, do you want me to let you sleep? -12:55 Nov 12

Crystal: *Crystal looked up at her and smiled a little.* I didn’t get hurt. It’s just … really overwhelming to think all this time … your manga characters were coming to life!

Phoebe: Yeah. …let’s just hope it’s only the Deep. If anyone from Suger Honey Faeries is real, I’m jumping off the building. *Pulling the covers up over Crystal, Phoebe grabbed her clothes and a towel to take with her to the shower.* -01:03 Nov 12

Crystal: *Crystal laughed and took a deep breath as Phoebe disappeared into the bathroom with a towel! She closed her eyes.*

Dante: *In the meantime, Dante had decided he probably needed to rest his eyes just a tad bit. There was a lot to think about. This quest. His mother. Thanatos. His father. And now this ancient demon.* -01:06 Nov 12
Phoebe: *Stepping in to shower, Phoebe ran the water as hot as she could get it without killing herself! SO much better. She was having to pull little pieces of… she wasn’t even sure what it was stuck in her hair. On the brightside she got a bit distracted with thinking about Dante in the shower, so zoning out to daydream made a good tempory distration while she washed out her hair.* -01:08 Nov 12

Crystal: *Phoebe’s bed sure was comfortable! It didn’t matter that she hadn’t had time to fix it before she had to run off to class–and end up in a trap! Looking back, she couldn’t help but muse that it was like they were living out some fantasy story!*

Phoebe: *It was weird to think her own shampoo smelled like Dante. …or at least, smelled better on Dante. By the time Phoebe stepped out of the shower she was feeling much better. Drying her hair with the towel before wrapping it around herself, she tip toed out of the bathroom to sneak across the living room and get a soda out of the kitchen. * -01:17 Nov 12
Dante: *Unfortunately, Dante ended up falling asleep, too! Taking on rescue missions after only eating a couple of hot dogs sure took a lot out of you!* -01:19 Nov 12
Phoebe: *Passed out. No wonder it was so quiet. Phoebe detoured on her way back from the kitchen, setting down her soda so she could lean over Dante. He was asleep, so he wouldn’t notice. Phoebe brushed a soft kiss against his cheek.* Thank you for saving me. -01:24 Nov 12
With Dante and Crystal asleep, Phoebe now had some quiet time to herself!
Phoebe: *Quiet time for Phoebe the first time in two days! After getting dressed, she plopped down at her drawing desk. The first thing she needed to do was prepare making the Book. She looked around for all of her notes, sketches and everything that’d be useful!* -01:30 Nov 12
[Dante logged out of the chat.] -((03:03 Nov 12))
[Phoebe logged out of the chat.] -((03:04 Nov 12))
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[Phoebe was going through her notes while everyone had a nice nap. …except… she accidentally fell asleep at her desk again while doodling pictures of Dante making faces at Thanatos!] -10:00 Nov 12
Phoebe: *With a pencil loose in hand, Phoebe had her head resting on an arm, sleeping away. ..and dreaming! Everything a mixed up blur. Dancing eggrolls, hungry demons, cute boys, and scary things. Don’t worry. You did not create this world, only the role you play in it. Guardian spirit was a noble choice… Guardian Spirit to eggrolls. It was a shame she had to eat them!* -10:15 Nov 12
[Dante was sleeping very soundly on the sofa while Crystal was snoozing away on the bed!] -10:18 Nov 12
Dante: *He woke up to his stomach growling and feeling a little light headed! He rubbed his temples a bit as he lay there, staring up at the ceiling. Thanatos. He had to find Thanatos but … he really didn’t want to.* -10:19 Nov 12

Crystal: *Crystal snored in her sleep!* Hmm … Cute … Hottie … Zzzz … *She turned over on her side and hugged a pillow tightly!* Mmm … Soft …

Phoebe: *Haha eggrolls! Now you’re mi- Damnit Crystal! She found them first! Angry Phoebe slammed her fist down on the desk, the resulting noise startling herself awake! Phoebe blinked sleepily at her desk.* Huwah..? -10:24 Nov 12
Dante: *From inside his pocket, Dante pulled out a beautiful golden locket, oval with four jewels in the four spots of the cardinal directions.* Red … for courage … blue … for faith … white … for purity … green … for life. *He ran his thumb over the cover, saying the line from memory. When you opened the cover, a tune began to play and there were pictures inside. But he was content to just stare at the cover.* -10:27 Nov 12
Phoebe: *Damn, she had dozed off. There went her idea of being productive. Phoebe leaned to glance at the clock. …yep, napped most of the day. Glancing over her shoulder, it seemed Thanatos didn’t return on his own either. But Dante was awake… and looking serious! Phoebe got up from her desk to move and sit on the floor next to Dante on the sofa.* Nice nap? -10:30 Nov 12
Dante: *He closed his fingers around the locket and smiled slightly.* Very nice, thank you. How did you do with the Book? -10:33 Nov 12
Phoebe: I can’t find some of my notes, but that’s okay. I can make it from memory. *She moved to turn around and open his fingers off the locket.* What’s this? -10:34 Nov 12
Dante: *His fingers were reluctant to open. He didn’t like to share this. It was personal … but his fingers opened for her to see the locket.* … I wish I knew. I just know it’s very important to me. I once fought off a group of bigger boys to keep it safe. -10:44 Nov 12
Phoebe: *It was pretty.. and… not something she had ever drew! Which made for a very curious Phoebe! She tilted his hand to see it better.* It’s really unique, isn’t it. …I guess you’ll find out what it is soon enough. You always do. -10:47 Nov 12
Dante: *He sighed softly but was still smiling.* Unfortunately when I do, it’s at a very bad moment for me. *He reached up to brush some strands out of her line of vision and behind her ear.* Would you like to lie down with me? -10:49 Nov 12
Phoebe: *Yes! ..No! Bad Phoebe! ..aw but, even a demon prince needed comfort now and then! With that as an excuse, Phoebe moved to climb up on the sofa with him.* This world is a little different from the Deep, though. …Plus I have weapons. -10:52 Nov 12
Dante: *Dante moved over for her and slipped his arms around her waist.* Weapons along the lines of your great wit and sparkling sense of humor? -11:18 Nov 12
Phoebe: I was thinking more like my kendo stick and beating the hell out of somebody. *Besides… her wit and humor tended to get her in more trouble than out of it! Phoebe settled, resting her head at his shoulder so she could annoy herself by trying not to nuzzle against his neck. This was definitely taking advantage of him!* -11:21 Nov 12
Dante: *He placed his head on top of hers and closed his eyes.* Your kendo stick and your spirit for fighting are welcome additions. Is Desire of the Deep your only creation? -11:29 Nov 12
Phoebe: *This was deliciously comfortable. She’d purr if she could get away with it.* Not really no. I’ve done a lot of series.. some.. uh.. more embarrassing than others. -11:31 Nov 12
Dante: *He smiled.* More embarassing than drawing naked pictures of sex? -11:33 Nov 12
Phoebe: *She stiffend before slowing turned her head to hide her face at his shoulder* Nothing embarrassing about naked sexy pictures… but maybe some of the stories and characters are. -11:36 Nov 12
Dante: Hm? Perhaps you do not mind sharing? I am most curious about these other creations of yours. -11:52 Nov 12
Phoebe: *Blink! Phoebe sat up to eye him for a second.* Do you? I mean, I don’t mind, but… uh… Well, it’s mostly mushy girly romance stuff with needless drama and pretty pictures. -11:54 Nov 12
[Dante logged out of the chat.] -((01:59 Nov 14))
[Phoebe has timed out.] -01:59 Nov 14
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[Phoebe isn\’t so sure Dante actually wants to see mushy romantic hentai manga! …wait, weren\’t they supposed to be doing something?] -02:26 Nov 14
[Dante is relaxing a bit before the hard work gets done!] -02:30 Nov 14
Dante: *He smiled and kissed her forehead.* Hm. On second thought, perhaps it is better if we leave that for another time. -02:31 Nov 14
Phoebe: I’d hate to feed another person’s addiction to manga. *Phoebe grinned. It was nice when he smiled. So.. er… wait! Thanatos!* …and we’re forgetting about your brother. We can’t leave him out on his own. -02:35 Nov 14
Dante: *A smirk!* Not even for a little while more? -02:36 Nov 14
Phoebe: How about we bring him home and then you can forget about him, hmm? *What a wicked look! Boy, she’d like to kiss it right of-.. Oooh, Phoebe rolled off the sofa before it was too late!* -02:41 Nov 14
Dante: *Dante smiled as she escaped but then that smile disappeared!* … I will return soon. *He was headed for the door!* -02:42 Nov 14

Crystal: *She had finally gotten out of bed! She paused at the doorway and yawned, stretching!* So … what did I miss? *She saw Dante heading out!* Oh, are we going to get something to eat already? That’s awesome because I’m starving!

Phoebe: Wait, wait… you’re going to trot out in to the big world by yourself without protection?! *And by protection, she meant herself and Crystal to tackle women and fend off evil! Fangirls were tricky!* -02:45 Nov 14
Dante: *He stopped and glanced over his shoulder.* Actually, this is the part where I get Thanatos by challenging him to a fight. Unless you know something we can bribe him with. -02:47 Nov 14

Crystal: *She perked up at the mention of Thanatos!* Ooh … How about chocolate? No one can resist chocolate!

Phoebe: *She had the brief thought of hanging Crystal over a vat of melted chocolate, but that probably wouldn’t do it for Thanatos!* ..er… I guess not. But what if something and I’m not there to save you? That’s a serious problem. -02:51 Nov 14
Dante: *Now he turned completely to face her.* I don’t want to put you or Crystal in danger. You know how Thanatos feels about humans. But I cannot stop you if you truly wish to come. -02:53 Nov 14
Phoebe: I do, yes. Besides, what’s he going to do? Glare at me to death? *She turned to point at Crystal.* You could order some dinner while we’re gone, though! Pizza, or thai, or… something good! -02:55 Nov 14

Crystal: *Crystal pouted a bit!* But I want to see Thanatos again … Can’t I come?

Phoebe: We’re bringing him right back here, you’ll see him again. …plus you’ll have dinner waiting for him so he’ll be slightly less mad about coming back! -02:58 Nov 14

Crystal: *She huffed and crossed her arms! Damn Phoebe when she was making perfect sense!* .. Oh okay. I’ll go order us some dinner. *And then she was marching off to the phone and the phone book!*

Dante: *Dante was heading out the door!* I need somewhere with a lot of space and few humans to interfere. The roof is too small and we cannot use the parking lot. -03:02 Nov 14
Phoebe: Just pretend you’re the adorable slave girl preparing everything for her Master the hottie demon prince’s return! *And how she said that with a straight face will never be known! Phoebe grabbed her keys to stuff in her pocket before following Dante.* There’s a big park space in the downtown area, a huge water fountain and some benches. It’s getting late so not many people will be out right now. -03:04 Nov 14
Dante: *He nodded.* It will have to do. I’ll seal the area so we won’t attract attention. *He stopped as if something had come to him but then he seemed to make up his mind and kept going!* How far away is the park? And in what direction? -03:08 Nov 14
Phoebe: *Trying to map out the streets in her head, she didn’t point the direction until they had stepped out of the elevator on the bottom floor.* That way. A couple of blocks straight. Which is probably the only good thing about this neighborhood! -03:11 Nov 14
Dante: Hm. *He looked in the direction she had pointed and then he was picking her up and running for the park! He didn’t even pause at the curb for busy traffic! He jumped over the people waiting for the crosswalk light to change, landed on a passing car! Then he was jumping onto the next car and over the people waiting at the other side, to land neatly behind them and already running!* -03:14 Nov 14
Phoebe: *Okay, so yelping like a girl wasn’t all that suave, but getting scooped up and bouncing around like this wasn’t cool! Phoebe threw her arms around his neck and reminded herself he wouldn’t drop her!* Can’t you warn me first?! -03:16 Nov 14
Dante: *He looked down at her and gave her a sideways grin.* I am at your command, my lady. *But he did slow down as they approached the park and then he finally put her down once they were in the park area. He looked around.* We’re still too close. *And he started hiking further in.* -03:19 Nov 14
Phoebe: *What a rush! But that might have been less of the sudden running and more the fault of totally cute grinning. With a huff to herself, she followed close behind, keeping an eye out for… anything unusual. She wasn’t really sure what to keep an eye for, but nothing the past few days fell in to the realm of normal.* I guess it takes oodles of concentration for using demon senses. -03:22 Nov 14
Dante: *Dante finally stopped and looked around. There were no humans around other than Phoebe and it was quiet here, no sound of human traffic, their cars, or even animals.* Stay here. If you wander outside of the perimeter, you’ll be stuck outside. *Then he disappeared through the bushes. After backtracking a bit, he stopped and drew a symbol into the dirt. Then he turned to the left, started walking again, after awhile, he stopped and drew a second symbol. He repeated this cycle until he had drawn four symbols in the dirt in a circle. Then he returned to Phoebe’s side and summoned his sword.* If you wish to hide now would be a good time. -03:25 Nov 14
Phoebe: *Phoebe had stayed put, watching curiously as he moved around… It was one thing to draw this kind of stuff, but a whole different story to see it done for real. ..wait, hide?* …Do I need to? *A fight between Dante and Thanatos… yeah, she should probably move somewhere out of the way!* ….yeah. I’ll be over there! *She pointed towards a fountain, one safe and sound but closeby. And sat herself down on the edge where she could still peer around and see.* -03:29 Nov 14
Dante: *He watched as she went to hide and made a note not to let Thanatos get anywhere near that fountain. He closed his eyes and held the sword securely in both hands. He started saying something but said it so softly it was impossible to hear. But the air began to tingle and then it seemed to actually come alive with energy! The symbols Dante had drawn earlier began to glow a bright light! Dante’s spell created a force field around the area, making it look normal to the outside world. Wind blew his hair up, out of his face!* I am Dante von Arikmos, second in line to the Demon Crown, son of the Demon King. I challenge Thanatos leo Maximus, the Crown Prince, to a duel. -03:37 Nov 14
Phoebe: *Crystal was going to kill her for making her miss this! ….but then Crystal would probably try to glomp someone in the middle of a fight too! Phoebe shifted, turning so she could sit crosslegged on the edge and watch without having to crane her neck. ….man… she could be sketching this! Why didn’t she think of that?!* -03:41 Nov 14
At first nothing happened and the wind died down but suddenly Thanatos was standing several feet in front of Dante.

Thanatos: *Thanatos didn’t look pleased at seeing Dante again but his halberd appeared in his hand.* So you finally came to your senses to die by my hand. Fitting.

Dante: I challenged you because I know you couldn’t resist taking it. I summoned you for an entirely different reason. -03:43 Nov 14

Thanatos: *He raised a hand and large, sharp chunks of rock broke out from the ground, hovered in the air! He gestured and they flew straight at Dante!*

Phoebe: *It figured that Thanatos wouldn’t listen right off the bat. Phoebe raised her hands up to shout about rocks, but caught herself! Dante’s been in a dozen fights, he doesn’t need her pointing out the obvious!* -03:45 Nov 14
Dante: *Dante ran forward and sliced through those rocks as easily as if they were paper! The sword was a lot sharper and stronger than Phoebe had first thought it was! One rock, two rocks, three rocks reduced to pieces of dirt!* -03:46 Nov 14

Thanatos: *He was already readying himself into a defensive stance with his halberd. He was going to enjoy this …*

Dante: *As soon as those rocks were done with, he was moving to slice Thanatos into two!* -03:48 Nov 14

Thanatos: *He had predicted Dante to do that so when Dante’s slice came he blocked it and the two were in a stalemate!*

Dante: … Svaral. Does that name ring a bell? -03:49 Nov 14
Phoebe: *Anything that could slice rocks in half could shishkabob a person. For a second she had covered her eyes, but of course she couldn’t NOT look. This would be the most awesome scene in the manga, ever!* -03:50 Nov 14

Thanatos: *He raised an eyebrow.* What does he have to do with any of this? *To break the stalemate, he swung the halberd up, causing Dante’s blade to slide down and leaving him open!*

Dante: *As soon as he saw the halberd swing up and his blade go down, Dante rolled out of the way and landed in a crouch, barely avoiding the halberd coming down to cleave him in two! He responded by casting an ice spell, surrounding Thanatos’ feet in ice!* The spirit has spoken. He’s awake and he’s pissed. -03:53 Nov 14

Thanatos: *He smirked as a simple fireball melted the ice and then six appeared in the air in front of him! He launched those at Dante with a wave of his hand!* Is that so …? The spirit. That little human you sought shelter with? You honestly believe that.

Dante: I believe what I’ve seen. She explains why things haven’t seemed quite the same … why things are different in the Deep. *He froze the first ball and sent it hurling it back as a ball of ice that smothered the others!* So you’re going to pretend like Svaral isn’t a big threat. -03:55 Nov 14

Thanatos: Svaral is a big threat. Provided he was real in the first place. He’s just a demon child’s fairy tale. You’ve been clinging to your mother’s memory too long, little boy.

Phoebe: *How the hell are they doing that! The spells! Phoebe shifted to crawl around the edge of the front to get a more frontside seat. Not chanted spells… maybe it was natural magic? In the blood? …damned, maybe she should have taken science!* -03:58 Nov 14
Dante: *That proved to be the wrong thing to say! Dante held the sword at an angle!* … Never mention my mother. *He charged forward but at the last minute, he let his sword’s point drag across the dirt and then he was slashing upward for Thanatos’ face!* -04:01 Nov 14

Thanatos: *Thanatos blocked the slash with the butt of his halberd and then he was moving to slice Dante in half!*

Dante: *He actually did a flip over the halberd! And then his elbow shot up to connect with Thanatos’ jaw!* -04:02 Nov 14

Thanatos: *The elbow hit squarely, forcing him back a couple of steps! He lost his grip on the halberd but then he was summoning it back to his hand!*

Dante: *He saw the halberd moving at the corner of his eye and put his foot down on it! Then he was holding the sword’s hilt in one hand and swinging for Thanatos!* -04:02 Nov 14

Thanatos: *Thanatos stepped backwards to dodge the blade’s edge, then he was dropping to the ground to lash out and swing his feet for Dante’s ankles!*

Dante: *Dante landed on the ground on his back with a THUD! But then he got back to his feet by just swinging his legs up in the air and then rolling up as he swung his feet down, just like in the movies!* -04:05 Nov 14

Thanatos: *Dante got up just in time, too, because that was when Thanatos’ halberd–which had been under Dante when he fell–returned to Thanatos’ hand! He moved to try running the curved blade of his weapon into Dante’s chest!*

Dante: *Dante deflected the curved blade and then forced it away from him!* Are you willing to bet the life of your sire on a demon child’s fairy tale then? -04:08 Nov 14

Thanatos: *He swung the butt end of the halberd at Dante and then followed it up with a thrust to his chest with the same end.*

Phoebe: *Ach! Jeeze! He was really going to try and kill him at this rate! She might have to intervene! Phoebe moved to her, standing on the found, just incase she had to run and pounce.* -04:10 Nov 14
Dante: *He blocked the swing with the halberd, then jumped back to avoid the thrust! He glanced to the side and found they were getting closer to the fountain! … On second thought maybe the fountain was a good idea in the first place!* You’re stuck here until a quest is done. And, unfortunately for you, it involves finding my mother. You might hate humans but this world is full of them and the more you act like a bastard, the more time you’re going to spend here. -04:13 Nov 14

Thanatos: … *That made him pause!*

Dante: You might not be fond of Phoebe or Crystal but Phoebe can help you get home. You said so yourself, the Demon King is in trouble and he’s going to need you back there if he’s going to keep his throne. -04:13 Nov 14

Thanatos: *He had said as much … He was still silent though!*

Dante: *He glanced off to the side.* Look, I don’t like you and you don’t like me. But you want to get home and I want to find my mother. So I’m asking you … Will you help me find my mother before Svaral does? -04:17 Nov 14

Thanatos: *He actually looked surprised! Demon child’s fairy tale or not, Svaral appeared to be a real threat to the half-breed!* I … I will help you find your mother. But only because I want to return to my world. It has nothing to do with you or the human who bore you.

Dante: Of course. As soon as we find her, we’ll send your sorry ass back to the Deep. Then you can go back to kissing the Old Man’s. -04:18 Nov 14

Thanatos: *His word was his bond but he didn’t let the halberd disappear just yet!* You should mind your manners, half-breed.

Phoebe: Yes! Story arc accomplished! *One little dance on the fountain! She was so going to draw it out, just like that! Moment for moment! …and yet, there that demon prince was not putting away his weapon. She WOULD pounce on him again if she had to!* -04:21 Nov 14
Dante: I’ll mind them when you’re worthy of it. *Dante replied.* -04:23 Nov 14

Thanatos: *He smirked.* We’re not through yet. You challenged me to a duel. It’s not over until one of us draws the other’s blood.

Phoebe: Dante.. hey… Wait a minute! You’ve just made a truce, you can’t go slicing each other to pieces! *Phoebe hopped off the fountain. Leave it to men to forget what the important things were.* -04:25 Nov 14
Dante: *He smirked back.* Actually, this duel’s been over for awhile now. -04:30 Nov 14

Thanatos: … Prove it.

Phoebe: *Phoebe blinked, suspiciously eyeing the both of them as she stuffed her hands in her back pocket. Prove it, indeed!* -04:39 Nov 14
Dante: *Dante tapped the spot right under the neck, still smirking.* You should practice on those reflexes of yours, old man. -04:41 Nov 14

Thanatos: *He gave Dante a suspicious look but touched the spot. When his fingers moved away, he found dark demon blood on them! Then he remembered … … he was holding the sword’s hilt in one hand and swinging for Thanatos! Thanatos stepped backwards to dodge the blade’s edge … but it seemed he hadn’t dodged quite enough!* I see. *Now the halberd disappeared.* The duel is over.

Phoebe: *Guh! She didn’t know if she were impressed by the sheer badassery of it, or alarmed that they were just swinging around weapons so sharp that you could cut a slice in someone without them even feeling it! His whole head could have been chopped off!* …now I don’t know if I should ever leave the two of you alone… -04:44 Nov 14
Dante: *The sword disappeared. He turned to Phoebe and smiled.* Mission accomplished. I’ll be right back. *He disappeared to go to the four symbols he’d drawn and erase them to deactivate the force field. He just hoped no one had noticed the magic and that the traces would disappear quickly.* -04:48 Nov 14

Thanatos: *He raised an eyebrow at Phoebe!* I understand what use you are but what use is the other human.

Phoebe: Crystal? She is a loyal and endearing friend. ..and if you’re nice to her she’ll do anything you ask her to. She’s getting dinner for you right now, even. -04:50 Nov 14

Thanatos: Hm. *He seemed to think about that one until Dante returned and he raised an eyebrow.* Make sure the traces of your magic don’t linger for very long.

Dante: I can’t help how long the traces stay behind. *Then he turned to Phoebe.* Phoebe, do you know any reputable magic shops? I need an item that can cloak magic, particularly mine, and prevent traces of magic from occuring. -04:55 Nov 14
Phoebe: …I’m really not the best judge on which of the occult shops here are reputable. But we can try them all and see what works, I guess? *Luckily she had those candy credit cards and a nice little income from.. well.. Dante’ stories!* -04:57 Nov 14
[Dante logged out of the chat.] -((12:29 Nov 14))
[Phoebe has timed out.] -12:29 Nov 14
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[Dante asked Phoebe if she knew of a shop that sold magical items!] -01:27 Nov 15
[Phoebe wonders if Dante realizes she\’s not the authority on magic in the city!] -01:28 Nov 15
Phoebe: …we might have to go through a lot of shops to see if they’re actually anything useful in them. -01:30 Nov 15

Thanatos: *He crossed his arms.* Let’s start looking.

Dante: *Dante smirked. Had Thanatos just said what he thought he had?* As in “we”? -01:32 Nov 15

Thanatos: … Now that we’re at a truce, it would only stifle my chances of returning home if you attracted the wrong kind of attention.

Phoebe: *Taunt the Demon Prince! Good idea! With a small cough, Phoebe took Thanatos’ hand to lead the way in the right direction.* Uh huh… speaking of attention, I wanted to say I was sorry for last night. -01:34 Nov 15

Thanatos: *He raised an eyebrow at Phoebe.* And you would be apologizing for what exactly … abandoning me not once but twice in the space of a few hours or leaving me with that blonde-haired woman.

Phoebe: First of all, Crystal kidnapped you. Second, I am apologising for you surrounded by humans at that party. I was… uh… a little mad and liquor is a bad idea… *Did Crystal molest him already?* -01:37 Nov 15

Thanatos: *He was studying her long and hard as if doing so would somehow make her easier to understand.* … I see. I accept your apology. *Dante had said she was the spirit. But what could have possibly made him think this woman was a fit candidate?*

Phoebe: *Wow, she had expected he’d be more of a pain in the ass about it than this… surprising! Phoebe grinned.* You might try talking to people more often, you could get more apologies that way. -01:42 Nov 15

Thanatos: To each his own.

Phoebe: Yes, so. Occult shop, magic shop,… I’m not so sure anything here is going to be useful. Most of the people that say they can cast spells are actually just manics. *Leaving the park, she was heading them towards the downtown area where all the shops were!* -01:49 Nov 15
Dante: *Meanwhile Dante was following behind, hands clasped behind his head. Just by looking at him you wouldn’t have figured him to have just been fighting tooth and sword with the guy in front of him! A normal–but hot–guy out for a stroll!* -01:50 Nov 15

Thanatos: You live here. Surely you have some connections to what might be the best, competent place to fetch such an item.

Phoebe: Magic doesn’t exist in this world, at least, it’s not supposed to. So magic shops are usually filled with wackos. *It didn’t help she was one of those wackos that liked to check them out, but at least her excuse was looking for cool inspirational things for her manga! She cast a look over her shoulder to make sure Dante was close by.* -01:53 Nov 15

Thanatos: How you mortals get anything done is a miracle unto itself. Be that as it may, magic does exit and “wackos” or no, we will have to find one with people who know what they are dealing in.

Thanatos: *exist

Phoebe: Easier said than done. *And for their first experience with magicalwannbes in the human world, here they were arriving at Madam Fanny’s Rainbow Fantasy! Taking Thanatos inside there was the jingle of bells, the smell of ginger and pretty glittering things all over the place. Crystal loved this shop!* -01:58 Nov 15
Madam Fanny’s Rainbow Fantasy was the best shop in town for stones, mystical items and faerie enchantments! Madam Fanny herself looked a thousand years old, but was dressed in a youthful and inappropriate peasant shirt, rainbow skirt and fairy wings on her back! “Oh! Customers!” -Phoebe

Thanatos: *He raised an eyebrow at Phoebe.* … I will add this to the list of the reasons I despise humans.

And strangely enough, Dante was nowhere to be found in the shop!
Phoebe: Thanks for lumping in all us awful humans in to the same boat, there, your highness. *…She’s lost Dante! …well, at least she’s not toooo worried about him escaping. That’s why she was holding on to Thanatos!* -02:03 Nov 15
Prancing in little ballerina slippers, the cheerful old lady hopped around her counter, motioning her hands fluidly around the room. “What are you looking for today? A love potion? Crystals to inspire new children? A gift?” -Phoebe

Thanatos: *He was giving the old woman quite the royal, arrogant look! … A love potion, the nerve!*

Phoebe: *Phoebe instantly let go of Thanatos’ hands!* No, god! Jeeze… What do you have that like… hides magical energy? -02:08 Nov 15
“Hide magical energies? No, no, no! That won’t do! When one has the gift they should share it with the wooorld!” she even twirled as she said it, but was bouncing over to the counter that had rows of different colored stones and a few in special carvings. “But I DO have all sorts of things. Are you sure you don’t need a love potion? I can see a spark between you two!” -Phoebe

Thanatos: … *That’s all he needed to hear!* Next. *And then he was turning and walking out of the shop.*

Phoebe: Imagine that! A spark between me and my brother! I guess we really are from Alabama. *Whoop! There went Thanatos! With a sigh, she shrugged her shoulders at the woman and followed him out.* I TOLD you. -02:11 Nov 15

Thanatos: Indeed. And do you know any other way to keep a half-breed’s magic from lingering for all the magical world to see? You fail to realize that anyone who knows what to look for can pick him out in a heartbeat. … That includes that art teacher of yours.

Phoebe: *…Phoebe hadn’t thought of that. Before she was only worried about random demons and beasties popping out. But if Ms. Nadine is REALLY the Psycho Queen, what was she supposed to DO about that?! ..guh! That woman knows where she lives!* ….this is a lot more complicated than I thought it would be. -02:16 Nov 15

Thanatos: Demons and humans have a specific signature to their magic. One demon’s magical signature is generally the same as another’s with a subtle difference here and there. Half-breeds such as Dante possess a different magical signature altogether, determined by how many parts of them are human and how many parts are demon or whatever they may be.

Phoebe: I don’t need the details explained, but thanks. *Phoebe turned around to look for Dante, but started on down the sidewalk. At least if she got worried, she could get Thanatos to track him down!* Maybe we should stop using the magic all together. Unless it’s really, really important. If it’s so easy to track the both of you down, and Ms. Nadine already knows where I live as it is. -02:22 Nov 15

Thanatos: You needed it more than you realize … *He was thoughtful for a moment.* Indeed. But it would still be a wise move to get such an item in case. Even in the face of caution, one must be prepared.

Phoebe: We’re lookin’, but I don’t know how useful human shops are going to be. *Speaking of which, she checked for oncoming cars before leading the way across the street.* This would be easier if we were in the Deep. I know what supposed to happen there. -02:27 Nov 15

Thanatos: Human shops, no. It’s time we sought out a demon shop somewhere in the city.

Phoebe: …you’re kidding right? -02:38 Nov 15

Thanatos: If human shops do not have what we seek, it stands to reason a demon shop would.

Phoebe: And you’re saying there’s actually demon shops here and not just crazy people trying to pretend they’re demon? *Not that she didn’t believe Thanatos could find other demons, but she was still finding it hard to believe that stuff like that could have been here the entire time without people noticing. ….then again her teacher has been a crazy man molester in another universe and she was only just now finding that out…* …and you know how to find them? Cause I sure don’t. -02:41 Nov 15

Thanatos: *Thanatos raised an eyebrow at her.* You are the spirit, are you not? Refugees from the Deep have been crossing over into Earth for some years now. In fact, it was a group of humans from Earth who spawned the humans in the Deep centuries ago.

Phoebe: I didn’t know that. *…now Phoebe was confused! She drew this world and the people in it, but they definitely had lives of their own… and so much more than she had ever plotted up! Uugh, this was making her head hurt! Phoebe rest her hands on her head.* Okay! Before I explode in to questions, find us a demon shop… and where ever Dante has gotten off to. -02:49 Nov 15

Thanatos: *He tilted his head slightly at her.* Is that an order or a request.

Phoebe: A request. I would never dare boss a demon prince. *Of course, she said it with a wide wicked grin, suggestion she damn well would if she had to! It was for his own good.* -02:53 Nov 15

Thanatos: Hm. That fills me with so much confidence. *He said dryly, clearly not believing her.* Dante is currently in that shop. *He turned and pointed back the way they’d come.* You should fetch him before he runs off with another human woman.

Phoebe: *Another woman… grr… Clearly that hit a sore spot, and she cast him a scowl. Not that she minded! …er well, not that she had any control over Dante! If he wanted to run off with some lady off the steet..! Phoebe dashed down the sidewalk anyway, all but falling through the front door as she entered the shop!* -02:59 Nov 15
Dante: *The shop Dante had wandered into was a butcher shop! There were a few women shopping for meat and he was telling them something which made them giggle! The butcher was nowhere to be seen but he was probably in the back, cutting something up! He happened to look up as the door opened.* Phoebe, hello. Did you know humans kill animals and then bring them miles away to be sliced and sold? -03:03 Nov 15
One of the women giggled! “You act like you’ve never been to a butcher shop before. Where are you from?”
Phoebe: …Uh… Yeah? *How cute! Phoebe almost smiled buuut… She coughed.* Um, why are you in here, exactly…? -03:04 Nov 15
Dante: *He blinked as if that was the oddest question in the world!* I was following you and Thanatos but then I saw all the meat cuts in the window. I decided to investigate while you and Thanatos were talking with each other. *He took one last look at the meat before he walked over to Phoebe.* Thank you, ladies. Have a good day. *He turned and smiled at the women still standing at the counter.* -03:07 Nov 15
The women all smiled back and waved. “Bye.” “See you later.” “Toodles.”
Phoebe: *See, he was just curious! Why’d Thanatos have to go and harass her like that?! …not that she should have fallen for it! It was a grumbling Phoebe stepping outside.* -03:10 Nov 15
Dante: So, are we giving up on finding something to cloak my magic? -03:13 Nov 15
Phoebe: No, Thanatos says we need to find a demon shop. …I just needed to make sure you were somewhere safe and out of trouble first. *She cast a look over her shoulder towards the butcher shop… run off with another human, indeed…* -03:15 Nov 15
Dante: *Dante smiled and suddenly kissed Phoebe’s cheek when she turned her head back from giving that butcher shop a last look!* Thanks. It’s been awhile since anyone’s cared about my welfare. -03:18 Nov 15
Phoebe: *She was SO not turning red! Jeeze, he made it sound like it was a miracle or something.* It’s not that big of a deal! I just don’t want you getting kidnapped or molested or something. -03:23 Nov 15
Dante: *He was still smiling.* I still think it’s nice. *He looked up as they came to Thanatos.* -03:27 Nov 15

Thanatos: *He was waiting for them but once they reached him, he started walking again! It looked like he’d found the location of a demon shop because he kept walking two blocks, turned right, then left, and a few more blocks after that!*

Phoebe: *Following Thanatos to their doom…! That was a better thing to focus on, instead of stealing looks at Dante while he was smiling like that. A demon shop could be… just about anything! Probably perfectly normal looking, since anything else would catch the attention of curious humans. …unless it was totally masked by magic and was indeed something strange. Phoebe really had no idea what to expect of things now!* -03:30 Nov 15

Thanatos: … And that was how, a few minutes later, they found themselves in the downtown district in front of a night club!

… And that was how, a few minutes later, they found themselves in the downtown district in front of a night club! -Phoebe
Phoebe: *Phoebe was going to crack a joke about Thanatos and parties, but after yesterday she wisely kept it to herself! She was pretty curious though, she and Crystal had been here before! Never looked like anything weird!* -03:43 Nov 15

Thanatos: *There was a strange symbol over the name “Club 149” and it took awhile before anyone answered the knocking he made on the door.*

The door opened a crack. “We’re closed,” a guy told them and closed it!

Thanatos: … *Or the guy tried to close it! Thanatos was quick to put his foot in the door! When the guy looked from his foot to his face, glaring, he raised an eyebrow.* We’re not here for the music. I need to barter for something, an item for a favor.

The guy was silent for awhile and seemed to be thinking it over! “I’ll be right back.” And this time Thanatos let the door close!
Dante: *Dante smirked.* So how long until you bring up your name and title, Your Highness? -03:47 Nov 15
Phoebe: … I feel like the Mafia. Are we going to break someone’s fingers if they don’t cooporate? -03:48 Nov 15

Thanatos: Is that also how you humans do such deals in this world?

Thanatos: *He wisely ignored Dante’s remark!*

Dante: Demons don’t accept currency. If you want something, you have to give them something they want in exchange. -03:50 Nov 15
Phoebe: No. ….well, it’s how some people do deals here. The bad ones. …I hope they like credit cards. *Phoebe didn’t have anything else worth trading at the moment. Good thing they didn’t bring Crystal!* -03:51 Nov 15
The door opened, a lot wider this time! The guy on the other side was the bouncer, tall, broad, he looked Greek! The last time Phoebe and Crystal had come here, Crystal had tried so very hard to get his number but in vain! He threw his thumb over his shoulder! “This way.” And then he was stepping back to let them in.

Thanatos: *Thanatos walked in first, followed by Dante and Phoebe! He looked around as the door closed behind them and was securely locked!*

Phoebe: *Greek guy! Crystal pouted for days getting shot down by this one. There was always something hot about the foreign ones. ….apparently he was way more foreign than they thought! Phoebe was looking around for whole different reasons!* -03:58 Nov 15
Nothing looked different from the last time! Except the chairs were upside down on the tables and everything was so quiet and dark! As they headed across the dance floor, there was someone sitting on the edge of the stage. A small man in a dark red suit. “So, Dimitri tells me, you’re looking to barter, an item for a favor. Depending on the item, I may have you want. Or I may not.” That made the man burst out laughing. Apparently he thought he was very funny.
*from the last time Phoebe and Crystal had been here

Thanatos: *Thanatos stopped several feet away from the small man!* We’re looking for an item that cloaks magic, specifically a half-breed’s magic. Half-human. Half-demon.

Phoebe: *Yeah, this was exactly like in Mafia movies where the mob guys gave guns or money for doing jobs for them! Phoebe found herself feeling a little awkward with it. …the only thing she ever made deals for was with Crystal! Drawings for Food* -04:05 Nov 15
The man gripped the edge of the stage and rocked his crossed ankles as he thought! “Hmm … I might, I might. But an item like that, such power, such rarity … Hm. It would have to be a verrrryy good favor for me … or several good favors.” He burst out laughing again. Oh yeah, he was definitely a comedian!

Thanatos: First, I need to be certain you have such an item. I do not give out favors lightly.

Phoebe: *Phoebe leaned closer to Dante to whisper.* …why is it so funny…? He’s kinda giving me the creeps. -04:09 Nov 15
Dante: *He whispered back to her.* I don’t know. I’ve never met a demon who laughed so much before unless he was torturing someone. -04:13 Nov 15
Phoebe: Maybe he’s on drugs. *Torturing? Naw, he must be on heroine or something! Nothing is that funny!* -04:16 Nov 15
[Dante logged out of the chat.] -((11:07 Nov 15))
[Phoebe has timed out.] -11:07 Nov 15
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[Phoebe is a little weirded out. But hey, Thanatos is handling this! Can\’t go wrong, right?] -02:31 Nov 15
[Dante is watching what happens!] -02:40 Nov 15
The man grinned! “Fair enough, fair enough!” He hopped off of the stage and gestured. “Come then! Let’s go and … check out the goods!” And then he burst out laughing again.

Thanatos: *Thanatos turned to Dante and Phoebe.* You two, stay here. If the item is as good as it should be, we will be out of here soon enough. *And then he followed the demon behind the stage!

Phoebe: *…she could imagine the ways it could go wrong, but they’re all involving tons of guns and a guy in a pinstripe suit yelling in Italian! And this laughing guy was so not fitting the image!* …good, so didn’t want to follow that guy in there. -02:43 Nov 15
Dante: *He looked around. The man who had let them in was nowhere to be seen.* It may take awhile. I don’t know how demon shops function here in the human world. -02:50 Nov 15
The man led Thanatos to a door and knocked on it a few times! The door opened and the man gestured Thanatos inside! “So you want an item, an item that cloaks magic … special magic …” He was rubbing his hands together. “That’s quite an item you desire. Quite an item indeed!” He burst out laughing again.

Thanatos: It is. Provided you have what I seek. *The room they were in was small, dimly lit and although someone had opened the door, he or she or it was nowhere to be seen.*

“It’s been quite awhile since I last had a demon customer or someone who knew enough. I was beginning to think my shop was getting worn and rusty. Not many people to cater to … or cater.” Another round of laughing.
Phoebe: This is really weird. I don’t like standing and waiting while shady business is conducted elsewhere! *Call her paranoid, but… she had a right to be! Plus, she wasn’t the one doing all the business, and she hate, hate, hated not being the one calling the shots!* -02:52 Nov 15
Dante: *He smirked.* In that case, I’m all for eavesdropping. Thanatos said to stay here … but he didn’t say for how long we had to stay. -02:54 Nov 15
Phoebe: *That was just asking for trouble. …but it was better than standing here waiting for something to happen!* Yeah! Lets do that! ….you first! -02:55 Nov 15

Thanatos: *Thanatos watched as the man went to the back of the small room. to a picture hanging there. It was a small portrait but there was a demon painted on it. He was small, blue skin and small horns with wings. His knees were bent and his feet were large. He wore only a loincloth and a belt across his chest. He guessed it to be the demon form of the man in front of him.*

The man looked at the picture and sighed softly. “Ah, memories. But I fled here with a few others … and you know how the gates work. They’re never in the same place twice.” He burst out laughing. “But that’s chaos for you. Chaos, sweet chaos!” And then he grabbed the frame and twisted it slightly! The frame activated a trap door that slid open in the wall next to it! The man gestured Thanatos inside! Now they were in a short corridor that broke off into steps that led down!

Thanatos: *He waited for the man to lead him and then followed!*

The steps led down to what looked like a dead end. “My shop has many things … many things indeed! But years ago, I found it hard to keep in touch with other demons and more … interesting customers! So, we devised a place for our devices far away from human law.”

Thanatos: I see. *He folded his arms.* And this is my concern, how.

That made the man laugh! “Ohohoho, a sense of humor, of dedication! I like that!” He leaned in close as if telling a secret. “So tell me, young one, what brings you to the human world? Running from a jealous husband, perhaps, or just decided to explore the places beyond the Deep?”

Thanatos: *He suddenly grabbed the man by the throat and slammed him against the wall.* I care little for your opinion or to tell you the adventures of my life. My patience is short. Show me your wares or I will take my business elsewhere.

Dante: *Dante smiled.* Of course. *He headed for the back of the stage but the door there was guarded by the bouncer.* Open the door, please. -03:05 Nov 15
The bouncer folded his arms. “I have orders to keep everyone out. If you’re not with the boss when he goes to his shop, you stay here until business is done.”
Phoebe: What if we want to look at stuff too? Like, for our own reasons! That would be a decent reason to let us in right? -03:07 Nov 15
Dante: Wouldn’t it be worth the risk if we were to get some things of our own? Your boss would come off with a few more extra favors. -03:11 Nov 15

The man only laughed. “Yes, yes! Of course!” Thanatos put him down and then he dusted himself off. He whispered something to the wall and another door opened! The room they came to was much bigger and there were wares of all sorts on the tables! No shelves, even the books were stacked up on a table and there was everything from maps to jars and trinkets everywhere! The light from the ceiling cast everything in a red-orange glow!

The bouncer thought about it for a moment. He finally stepped to the side and knocked on the door! The door opened and he threw his thumb over his shoulder!
Dante: Thank you. *Dante took Phoebe’s hand and went in first. They came into the small, dimly lit room Thanatos and the man had come through and found the trap door still open with the picture still slanted to one side.* -03:17 Nov 15
Phoebe: …so if we do actually leave with something, what do buy at demon places? *She could make up some crazy stuff for a demon shop, but now she was questioning what was just her own thoughts and what was reality! She held on to Dante’s hand, blinking at the weird picture.* -03:18 Nov 15
Dante: It actually depends on the demon but generally it’s a whole bunch of things. Most demons can’t resist hoarding things away only for them to realize years later, they have no room for more stuff so they start selling things. *He looked back at Phoebe and grinned.* Who knows, we might even find you a love potion. *He turned to peer through the trap door and started leading Phoebe down the corridor and down the steps.* -03:21 Nov 15

The man weaved through the tables toward the back where a glass display sat filled with jewelry of all shapes, sizes, colors and materials! There were glass jewelry, gold jewelry, silver, and some others that had no human names! He rubbed his hands together as he stood behind the display. “Hmm hmm …”

Thanatos: *Thanatos followed him to the back and didn’t bother browsing. He watched the demon examine his wares.*

Phoebe: What do I need a love potion for? I can get all the love I want. *Of course, that was out of her mouth before she realized exactly what she said. …and it was to late, so she was just gonna have to deal with it!* Anyways, I’d totally find a weapon or something more useful. -03:26 Nov 15
Dante: *He smiled slightly.* My apologies, fair one. We may end up meeting that love of yours, seeing as how Thanatos and I are spending so much time with you. -03:28 Nov 15
Phoebe: Yes, I’m totally going to introduce you to all of my pretend boyfriends. You’ll find them in my manga. *Phoebe gave him a wickedly cheeky grin.* -03:32 Nov 15
They find the door still open and Thanatos and the demon are, at first, nowhere to be seen! But there are all of those items on the table!
Dante: *That made him pause and he laughed softly.* Is that the Deep manga or are you referring to the romantic hentai fairy one? -03:33 Nov 15
Phoebe: I would never date a fairy. *Phoebe was looking around now, spying at things, but so not letting him go just in case.* -03:35 Nov 15

Thanatos: *He heard Dante and Phoebe!* … I told you to stay. What are you doing.

Phoebe: *Caught! So much for eavesdropping! Phoebe tried to pull one of Crystal’s pitiful looks!* …. we were scared? -03:47 Nov 15
Dante: *Dante grinned.* Window shopping. What’s the harm of examining a few trinkets? -04:13 Nov 15
Phoebe: *She blinked at Dante and sighed… He really didn’t know the art of following the leader and giving the sad face. … Then again he liked rufling Thanatos’ feathers!* -04:17 Nov 15

“Here we are!” The man had finally chosen a trinket out of the display! It looked like a simple coin with a hole in the center where someone had slipped a strip of leather to make it a necklace. There was some writing on it and it was thick, about an inch thick and looked made of gold. But when he turned it one way, it suddeny looked made of silver! “A powerful trinket. Simple looking yes but very powerful … very potent.” And then he burst out laughing.

Thanatos: *Thanatos turned his attention to the demon to examine the trinket.* It looks old but we will need to give it a test first.

Phoebe: *Seriously, was she the only one that noticed how that guy would just… laugh for no reason?! She actually found that more disturbing that wastedemons! Phoebe took a step behind Dante before she started making faces.* -04:24 Nov 15

“Of course, of course … Test away!” He started to laugh again. Then, the demon scratched his chin. “Eh but I have a rule against letting merchandise out of the shop until a certain … barter has been made.” He rubbed his hands together.

Thanatos: What a coincidence. Because I don’t barter until I know the item is genuine. Of course, there is the problem of having to return to fix up something because an item turned out to be enchanted so that it would only work in the shop.

The demon grinned. “Hm. How about collateral then? I let you take the item out of the shop for a test and I get to keep something of yours until you return … I’ll even be so kind as to take … that human girl with you off your hands.” He started to laugh.

Thanatos: Hm. *Was he honestly considering it?!*

Phoebe: …I’m not staying here by myself without some sort of weapon. *Like.. a gun. Or some earplugs! He didn’t have to look like he was comtemplating it though!* -04:34 Nov 15
Dante: I have another idea. How about the demon goes with us to give it a test. *Dante paused.* Unless the demon is afraid to see a test run firsthand. -04:35 Nov 15

Thanatos: *Thanatos looked at the demon.* He has a point. Come.

The demon’s eyes actually grew wide! “Outside?! In broad daylight?! But the humans … the humans … they … they’re everywhere!” And he started laughing again!

Thanatos: If you wish to barter, you have no choice in the matter. *And he started heading out!*

Phoebe: It’s like we’re… flesh eating mosquitoes or something! *Of course, it was hard being offended when even while he was freaked out he was laughing!* -04:42 Nov 15
[Dante logged out of the chat.] -((06:57 Nov 15))
[Phoebe has timed out.] -12:09 Nov 17
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[Phoebe was saved from having to stay alone with a creepy laughing demon. Dante is officially her hero!] -12:11 Nov 17
[Dante definitely doesn\’t trust this demon!] -12:18 Nov 17
Phoebe: Let’s just get the testing of this thing over with, please! *Outside or inside, she didn’t care! It was easy for Thanatos to be all badass about it, he could glare someone to death!* -12:21 Nov 17

Thanatos: It will be quick. *He said as he made for the door!*

The demon was still cracking up hysterically! He was laughing so hard, he fell over and began rolling on the floor!

Dante: *Dante glanced at Thanatos’ back.* Unless you’re going to tie him up, we’ll have to roll him up the stairs and out the door. -12:26 Nov 17
Phoebe: *Nightmares. She was going to have nightmares about that guy. She’d never gt near a clown again, and forget watching the Joker!* …I’m all for gagging him too. -12:26 Nov 17
Dante: You head up with Thanatos. I’ll find something to bind him and follow. *He replied as he started looking on the tables for something to use. Snow globes, a horse shoe, a few gold coins …* -12:29 Nov 17
Phoebe: Hmm. Okay. *Phoebe wasn’t keen on leaving Dante, but… all that laughing was going to melt her brains! She was quickly on Thanatos’ heels to follow him out!* -12:33 Nov 17

Thanatos: *Thanatos didn’t stop until they were back in the night club. He turned to Dimitri still standing there.* We are taking your boss to test out an item we would like to barter for.

Dimitri was looking behind Thanatos for his boss but instead he saw Phoebe. He gave Thanatos a sideways glance but Thanatos didn’t look like the type to argue with so he didn’t say anything!
Phoebe: *Phoebe shoved her hands in her pockets, blinking back at the…well, she guessed he was confused, guard. Dante dragging up the lunatic was probably going to look weird.* -12:38 Nov 17

The demon was still rolling around, trying to suck in a breath while laughing insanely when Dante stood over him! He was laughing so hard, he was crying! Dante stretched the silver chain and crouched down to start binding him.

Thanatos: *He turned and waited for Dante and the demon to appear, all the while holding the amulet up and examining it!*

Phoebe: Were you really going to leave me here with that loon? *She eyed Thanatos. He had no like for humans at all, but he couldn’t be that wicked!* -12:46 Nov 17

Thanatos: *He glanced at Phoebe as he lowered the amulet.* … No. If you truly are the spirit, I may need you to send me home. And even if you are not, I am certain Dante would not follow through with the truce if something were to happen to you.

Phoebe: *She was going to say that wasn’t true… But then again, she could so see Dante get mad as hell at Thanatos if she weren’t there to break up the fight.* I am going to get you home. Just so we’re clear. Guardian spirit or not. -12:51 Nov 17
Dante: *Dante appeared with the demon bound, silent (gagged!), but shaking with laughter over his shoulder.* Next time you want to drag someone out, Thanatos, how about you carry the bastard yourself. -12:53 Nov 17

Thanatos: We’re going to need … *He looked at Dimitri.* You. Can you sense when magic is being cast? And are you skilled enough to know the differences between each race’s magic.

Dimitri didn’t know what to think and it still showed plainly on his face! But his brow furrowed when Thanatos asked him those questions. “Yes and no.”
Phoebe: *Phoebe couldn’t help but grin in Dante’s general direction. There was just something awesome about him carrying around a psycho – And now she was thinking like Crystal. Shifting on her feet, she focused on the task at hand! Testing stuff!* -12:59 Nov 17

Thanatos: *Thanatos ignored Dante’s remark and pointed.* Put him down somewhere. We’ll do the test here since he feels so strongly about going outside. You. *He pointed to Dimitri.* Go behind the curtain, close your eyes and cover your ears.

Phoebe: You don’t think he’d have the club rigged up to? *There was a severe disadvantage to only being human. She never thought that would be an issue before!* -01:18 Nov 17
Dante: She has a point. *He replied, not having moved from the spot he was standing at. He could’ve been ignoring Thanatos’ orders for a variety of reasons. He looked at Dimitri.* So, why does your boss not like the idea of going outside while it’s still daytime? -01:21 Nov 17
“Long story. The boss hasn’t gone out for years. Me and the other guys come and go for him or things get sent to him.”
Dante: How about you give us the abridged version then? We’re not getting any younger here and it’s really important we test out this toy of his. -01:28 Nov 17
Phoebe: *Phoebe kept the joke about his laughing being like a dinner bell for hungry demons to herself. ….She was pretty curious as to why, anyway! He wasn’t a vampire and didn’t look all that nocturnal!* -01:29 Nov 17
“He uh, when he first came, he had a fight with someone. Everytime he tells the story, the ‘someone’ is different so we don’t know if it was human, demon or what. But the boss hasn’t set foot out of the club since.” He shrugged.

Thanatos: … That is it? *Thanatos crossed his arms.*

Phoebe: Just… “someone”? That could be anyone. ..That could be some hobo off the street. *Now Mister Giggles was seemingly slightly less dsturbing, a bit more like a big wussy. …Well, just barely.* -01:51 Nov 17
Dante: That may be it but that doesn’t help. Maybe if we stick to the alley out back and don’t parade him through the city. -01:52 Nov 17

Thanatos: Or he could just be lying. *But he turned to Dimitri and ordered him to take them to the alley at the back of the club. The bouncer quickly obliged!*

Phoebe: …I hate to volunteer to helped crazy people, but if we did parade him around and found out what he’s so scared of, he could owe US a favor. *Liberating a demon from a phobia? Good deeds made for successful alliances!* -01:55 Nov 17
[Dante logged out of the chat.] -((07:10 Nov 17))
[Phoebe has timed out.] -10:50 Nov 28
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[Phoebe doesn\’t like cackling demons. …It doesn\’t look like Thanatos does either!] -10:53 Nov 28
Phoebe: *Once they were outside in the back alley behind the club, Phoebe had her hands in her pockets again and trying not to twitch! Maybe that demon’s special power was melting brains with giggles? Truely horrifying!* -10:54 Nov 28
[Dante considered Phoebe\’s idea to find out what the demon was so afraid of.] -10:54 Nov 28
Dante: I have a feeling it may be a question of whom he is afraid of, not what. *He still had the demon over his shoulder as they walked out.* -10:55 Nov 28

Thanatos: *Thanatos glanced at the two of them as if to say, “Do I look like a therapist?”* Let us get this done quickly. Put him down.

Phoebe: Quickly is good, he gives me the heebie jeebies. *Phoebe took a few back steps out of the way, mostly so she’d get a good running start if she needed to leap and tackle the guy.* How do you test these sort of things, anyway? -10:57 Nov 28
Dante: *Dante smirked and gave him a mocking half bow.* Of course, Your Majesty. Would you like me to tidy him up next? Or shine your boots? Tch. *But he did as he was instructed and put the demon down.* -10:59 Nov 28

Thanatos: *He ignored Dante’s sarcasm and threw him the amulet.* Start. *He crossed his arms.* All Dante has to do is cast a spell while holding the item. If his magic can be sensed while in possession of it, the item is a fake. *He looked at the bound demon.* I will be cross.

The demon found something Thanatos said funny because he was shaking and rolling around at Dante’s feet!

Phoebe: *Cross would be an understatement. She sketched a scene where Thanatos got so pissed off, he threw a guy halfway across the deep! …And the damned guy just kept on laughing. SHE was about to throw him somewhere. Phoebe pulled her hands out of her pockets to cover her ears.* -11:01 Nov 28
Dante: *Dante caught the amulet while Thanatos turned around! He held it one hand–only to turn the bound demon into a dark blue rabbit with red eyes who was still bound with the silver chain!* -11:06 Nov 28
Phoebe: *Even being a bunny couldn’t make that guy cute. Phoebe at least dropped her hands.* So, how was that? Tinglie magic senses a no-go? -11:09 Nov 28

Thanatos: *Thanatos tapped his fingers against his forearm.* I could sense that. *He turned to the rabbit.* Your amulet can’t even disguise a low level spell. *His halberd appeared as he started walking to it.*

The spell wore off and the demon’s eyes grew wide and locked onto the halberd! He was giggling all over again, in fact he was rolling halfway out of the alley!

Dante: So much for that idea. *He jumped up and landed behind the demon, putting one foot on him to keep him from leaving the alley.* -11:11 Nov 28
Phoebe: He’s got some balls trying to con a Demon Prince, unless it’s some kooky trap thing going on. *That could be likely… but so far, there didn’t seem to be any danger. …for them, anyway! That demon was in trouble!* -11:12 Nov 28
Dante: He might not have known it didn’t work. *He shrugged. But then he noticed the demon stopped laughing when Thanatos approached. His eyes hadn’t left that halberd since Thanatos summoned it.* -11:14 Nov 28
Phoebe: No one sells that sort of merchandise without making sure it works first. This world or another. *She eyed Thanatos, chewing on her lip for a second.* Are you going to kill the guy? -11:16 Nov 28
Dante: You can’t kill every demon who tries to trick you. You’re going to run out of subjects that way. -11:18 Nov 28

Thanatos: I did not say anything about killing. But I do intend on being compensated for having wasted my time with this trash.

Phoebe: *Quick! Something to pacify the demon prince before he commits a murder and gets them arrested!* Uh… Favors! I’d say he owes us some favors, don’t you think? Having someone here that knows about the Deep for us to come to later would be useful in the future. …Right? -11:20 Nov 28

Thanatos: *He had that halberd held at an angle and ready to strike! But he paused and looked thoughtful for a moment.* I suppose.

Dante: *Dante bent to tug on that silver chain but didn’t release the demon.* How about it then, a favor later on for sparing your life. If you don’t agree to that, Thanatos can just hack you off now and we’ll be on our way. -11:25 Nov 28

The demon’s eyes were even wider but he quickly nodded! He giggled a bit but stifled it and nodded again!

Phoebe: Deal’s done then. Maybe our new friend can find us an amulet that works tonight, and we can go home. It’s getting late and I don’t know how much longer Crystal will sit still. *Crystal was getting dinner for them, and if she didn’t bring back on Thanatos as promised, she was gonna get about fifty text messages – on the phone that damned Psycho still had! Grr.* -11:28 Nov 28

Thanatos: *His halberd disappeared.* I will meet you back at your apartment. *And then he was walking out of the alley, leaving Dante and Phoebe with the bound demon!*

Dante: *He pulled the silver chain a bit harder and the chain released the demon, reverting back to a small short necklace. He put it in his pocket.* -11:34 Nov 28

When Dante tried to give the amulet back, the demon giggled and shook his head! “You–you–Keep I–” And then he burst out giggling!

Phoebe: Hey wa- Damnit. *Great, one demon prince running loose alone in the city. …bah, he can handle himself, right? Huffing to herself, she blinked at that cackling demon. aarrgh… she was going to get a laugh phobia!* Fine, then! We keep it! Going home now! *She grabbed Dante’s arm to tug him away!* -11:36 Nov 28
Dante: *Dante only had time to blink before Phoebe was dragging him out of the alley. He put the amulet into his pocket.* I guess that means no magic for awhile. -11:37 Nov 28
Phoebe: For a night or two. Unless something happens. …So I guess no frivolous usage of magic unless life threateningly necessary. *She made sure they were well out of cackling ear shot before she relaxed her pace and chilled out! There!* Luckily, there’s things we can do in the meantime. -11:42 Nov 28
Dante: *He smiled.* Now you sound like my mentor. He was one of the few in the Deep who did not like magic. -11:57 Nov 28
Phoebe: … didn’t that make it harder to teach you things? *His mentor was one of the few things she really never plotted out… And it was pretty weird, considering she had like. a million details fleshed out, except the one guy Dante spent the most time with! She didn’t even know what his name was!* Who is your mentor anyway? A human or a demon? -11:59 Nov 28
Dante: It made it tougher for me to learn to do things but I managed. His name was Nathe. I could never tell whether he was a human or a demon. I always figured he was like me, half of both. *And belonging to neither, but he kept that part to himself.* -12:04 Nov 29
Phoebe: I guess that would make sense. Being found by someone that could teach you. *That’s how stories usually went, anyway. Giving it some thought, they were just about home… and she was going to have to explain to Crystal why Thanatos wasn’t with them!* What happened to him exactly? He isn’t around at all for the start of my manga, is it the same for the real Deep? -12:07 Nov 29
Dante: I … don’t know. I woke up one morning and he was gone. It’s like he never existed. It was the day after I summoned my sword. He was proud of me. When he went missing, I started searching for him and eventually I ran into the old man. -12:11 Nov 29
Phoebe: People have this seriously weird habit of vanishing from the Deep. *It was like… a reoccuring theme. Was it cause they ended up in her world? But… how many of them were leaving on purpose and how many were accidents! Aaargh! Plotting these things out for her stories was fun, but with real people this was killing her brains!* Eh… I think we’ll focus on one person at a time. I know I can help you find your mother, after that maybe we can find him too. -12:16 Nov 29
Dante: *Dante nodded. It sounded like a good idea.* Of course, it’s going to be tough. My mother may or may not have been well-known in the Deep but she could be virtually anyone in this world. -12:17 Nov 29
Phoebe: Chances are, she’s in the city. That’s just how things work. *City wide search? Would be hard! But if she could a damned story, she could act the thing out! Might as well BE Phaedra of the Deep! Meanwhile, she was taking him in the apartment building and taking the dreaded ride up the elevator. She told Crystal to be demon-prince slave girl, and now she was missing one!* -12:25 Nov 29
Dante: *He was silent up the elevator. While Phoebe’s mind was on Crystal, his was on his mother. He wondered a lot of things about her.* -12:29 Nov 29
Phoebe: *Thanatos SAID he would be back. She’d just keep Crystal distracted so she could get started on pages for the book. Phoebe mapped out her plans for the evening, plus what they’d need to do first thing in the morning to go Mommy-Hunting as she stepped out of the elevator, and was quietly peeking in the front door. …No signs of Crystal yet! Sneak, sneaky!* -12:35 Nov 29

Crystal: THERE YOU ARE! *Crystal exclaimed from right behind Phoebe! In one hand she was holding a platter with food on it! Her other hand was on her hip!* What took you guys so long? I was beginning to think we’d eat before you got back!

Phoebe: *Phoebe froze! Aw damn! How did Crystal always hear her! She turned and blinked at the platter.* We? …what’s with the platter? -12:38 Nov 29

Crystal: Of course, silly! *Big GRIN!* I don’t know how you did it but you brought Thanatos back! *She said as she was walking into the living room where Thanatos was eating some eggrolls!* Here we go! *She smiled sweetly and put the platter full of sandwiches down on the table in front of Thanatos!*

Phoebe: *Here already. That was goo- …Hey! Phoebe rest her hands on hips and frowned.* Oh, I get it! Too good to walk home with the human! No that’s not totally insulting! *She shook a fist at Thanatos! …and stole one of the sandwhiches. The table setting looked ridiculously fancy. Crystal took this way too seriously!* -12:42 Nov 29

Thanatos: *He glanced at Phoebe and Dante!* I was beginning to think you two had gone for a … date, as you humans call it. *He picked up one of the sandwiches and bit into it.* Hm.

Dante: *He closed and locked the door behind him, then joined them! He picked up one of Thanatos’ sandwiches as well and ate one!* This is very good, Crystal. Thank you. -12:43 Nov 29

Crystal: *Crystal was just so happy to have Thanatos back that she didn’t mind everyone eating up the sandwiches she had made JUST for Thanatos! She beamed at Dante!* Thank you! I didn’t know what Thanatos liked so I made a variety! Tuna, egg salad, turkey, and some roast beef!

Phoebe: Great, the Demon Prince is a match maker. Didn’t know you were so romantic. *Phoebe stuck her tongue out at Thanatos. Date. Hmph. …not that it sound liked bad a bad idea, BUT STILL. More important things to do than think about deliciously awesome things she could do alone with Dante!* -12:45 Nov 29
Phoebe: *sounded like a bad idea! ahem! -12:46 Nov 29

Thanatos: *Thanatos just glanced at Phoebe and kept eating his sandwich! It was not his fault humans–especially her–were so sensitive!* I want to drink some red wine with this.

Crystal: *That was her cue! She giggled!* I’ll get it … Master! *And she scurried into the kitchen without bothering to ask what the other two wanted to drink!*

Dante: She is taking rather well to this demon master and slave idea you gave her. *Dante remarked, eating another sandwich. He sat down on the recliner, close to the table.* -12:49 Nov 29
Phoebe: It’s pretty sad that I know exatly what Cryssie likes. *At least she could mark appeasing Crystal off her to-do list. Now it was working on the book and putting Demon Princes to bed… speaking of which!* We have to talk about sleeping arrangements! Both of you have to get decent sleep incase all hell breaks loose, so there’s no sleeping on the floor or the sofa. …So… uh.. I have to put you both in the bed without killing each other. -12:51 Nov 29
Dante: I am *not* sleeping in the same bed he is, truce or not. *He reached for another sandwich!* -12:52 Nov 29
Phoebe: You HAVE to sleep in a bed. We can just build a wall of pillows and blankets between you. …It’s not like it isn’t big enough! *Phoebe loved her bed! So worth the splurge to have something big and fluffy for rolling around and sleeping. She snatched another sandwich for herself.. Dang, what did Cryssie do, make the best sammiches only for hot men?!* -12:55 Nov 29

Crystal: *As if on cue, Crystal appeared with a bottle of red wine she just opened and a wine glass! She apparently found the time to get some extra things while Dante and Phoebe were gone! Now she poured wine for Thanatos and giggled!* I’ll sleep between them. I’m much more comfty to sleep beside than pillows!

Dante: How many people would fit on your bed? -01:03 Nov 29
Phoebe: *Snort! It MIGHT have been a good idea to let Crystal be a buffer, but then none of them would get any sleep!* Three, maybe. If you want some inappropriate Cryssie snuggling and no sleep, you could take her with you. -01:05 Nov 29
Dante: Actually I believe four would fit on the bed. Thanatos and I could take the sides and the girls between us. It’d be tight but at least everyone could sleep without waking up to a fight in the middle of the night. -01:07 Nov 29
Phoebe: Snuggles, Dante! ..a lot! With no discretion! *She pointed at Cryssie, just incase he didn’t catch it the first time! You don’t have sleepovers without finding out your girlfriend’s bad sleeping habits!* -01:10 Nov 29
Dante: *He smirked.* And that’s why Thanatos will be on one side, followed by Crystal, you, and me on the opposite side. I wouldn’t want to break apart a wonderful pair like those two. -01:12 Nov 29

Crystal: AAAIEEE! That’s a wonderful idea! *She clamped onto Thanatos’ free arm and was clinging so very tightly!*

Phoebe: … okay, but if she tries snuggling ME, no one is allowed to cry when I start flinging pillows. *At least with Thanatos, she’ll be clinging elsewhere… but… poor Thanatos!* I’ll guess I’ll make the bed while the slavegirl fawns over the Master. *Darn Dante and his ideas! Phoebe stole one last sammich before scooting off to the bedroom.* -01:16 Nov 29
Dante: *He grabbed another sandwich! This was delicious! … And since Thanatos had his hands full with Crystal, he swiped the bottle of wine to drink from it!* -01:18 Nov 29
Phoebe: *Fluffing pillows.. there wasn’t enough pillows! …Thanatos was probably going to BE a pillow! At least that had her smirking while she rearranged the blankets, shook those crumbs out she kept getting everywhere and since she was there, changed in to some pajamas. When she returned, she flicked a hairband at Crystal!* Braid your hair before you take the master to bed! I’m going to work on the book. -01:22 Nov 29

Crystal: *Crystal giggled and picked up the hairband that had landed in her lap!* Yay! *She planted a kiss on Thanatos’ cheek and scurried into the bathroom!*

Thanatos: … I despise you. *He said, then took a sip of his wine.*

Dante: *A smirk.* The feeling is mutual. -01:28 Nov 29
Phoebe: *Blink. That was… random of them. …Then again it really wasn’t. Phoebe grinned, at least holding back a laugh as she dropped in to the chair at her desk. With a few papers collected, she was drawing some quick outlines and… yawning!* -01:30 Nov 29

Crystal: *Meanwhile Crystal was dancing around, humming to herself! Oh, it was a good thing she had packed some clothes in case she really did get a chance to sleep over! She was so sure Phoebe was going to kick her out and keep those two hot hunks to herself!*

Thanatos: *Thanatos stood after a few minutes. He went into Phoebe’s bedroom and lay down. With any luck, he’d be out in no time and be unconscious when that woman was finally done preparing for sleep. That is, if she had sleep in mind.*

Phoebe: *Off to bed before she could tell him to wear something more comfortable… then again, Thanatos might want his clothes for Crystal-protection! She sighed to herself, drawing up a design for the front cover of the book.* You should put on something comfortable to sleep in, since cranky-face isn’t. -01:38 Nov 29
Dante: *He smirked.* You do realize the most comfortable way for me to sleep is without clothes. -01:41 Nov 29
Phoebe: *Her pencil paused. That DID sound comfortable! Maybe if- No, no, no. Bad Phoebe.* …that uh… That might get a little awkward sharing the bed with people and all. -01:42 Nov 29
Dante: *He clasped his hands behind his head as he sat back in the recliner and put his feet on the table.* It’d only be awkward because Thanatos is there. -01:44 Nov 29
Phoebe: I bet you’d like having a couple of girls to snuggle, wouldn’t you! *Argh! Jealous streak again! She loved Cryssie but she didn’t want to share with her and.. and, hell, she shouldn’t have her hands on Dante anyway! Phoebe scoffed, switching papers to draw out her ideas for travel between universes!* -01:48 Nov 29
Dante: *Dante yawned and stretched in reply. He was going to close his eyes for a bit and give Crystal sometime alone with Thanatos. And it had nothing to do with the fact that this was a very easy way to mess around with Thanatos.* -01:51 Nov 29
Phoebe: *She moved to glare over her shoulder… but… it was so hard to glare when he looked so comfortable, and had his hair falling in his face like that. …and that look on his face like he was up to something wicked! Her eyes shifted to the door and- Dang! She should have hopped in bed first! What if it was now a danger-zone in there?! Phoebe clonked her head on her desk and groaned!* No sleep tonight. Soooo not sleeping tonight. -01:54 Nov 29
Dante: If Thanatos doesn’t run out, cursing, maybe Crystal would have tied him up and thrown him into the closet. -02:01 Nov 29
Phoebe: More like tied him to MY bed and promising to be a good slave for Master! *She glared over her shoulder again.* Neither of us are going to get to sleep. -02:03 Nov 29
Dante: *A grin!* What if I told you Crystal is sound asleep by now? -02:05 Nov 29
Phoebe: I’m not sure if I’d believe you… *Cryssie was so excited, there was no way she’d pass out this early!* -02:06 Nov 29
Dante: … And if I told you I might have used a small sleeping spell on her designed to last eight hours from the minute she lies down on your bed? -02:08 Nov 29
Phoebe: I’d say that was pretty devious of you, but might possibly make up for your totally weird idea! *Phoebe dropped her pencil, getting up from her chair so she could move and peeeeek around the corner in to her room.* -02:11 Nov 29

Crystal: *Sure enough, there was Crystal! Clinging to Thanatos stubbornly, yes but sleeping soundly as well!*

Thanatos: *Meanwhile Thanatos had given up trying to disengage himself from her and was lying down with his eyes closed!*

Phoebe: *She turned around, trying not to look relieved.* You escape a beating this time. She’s asleep. We should get to bed too… -02:16 Nov 29
Dante: *Dante was standing, that grin on his face.* I didn’t think Crystal would be the type to let us sleep on her own. And I think she’s had quite the day, don’t you? *He followed her.* -02:18 Nov 29
Phoebe: That’s the understatement of the century! *Phoebe tiptoed in the room… Cryssie was magically knocked out, but not Thanatos… she paused every time the floor squeeked until she crawl slowly in to bed.* Take your clothes off! *She whispered quietly… and then smacked her own forehead when she realized how BAD that sounded!* -02:23 Nov 29

Thanatos: *He opened his eyes and raised an eyebrow at her.*

Dante: *He smirked as he slipped his jacket off, which was the only thing he was about to take off.* -02:26 Nov 29
Phoebe: It’s not what I meant! *She hissed at Thanatos. Grumblng she inched under the covers until she pulled them up over her head. Hey, the ONE time she wasn’t thinking dirty! Jeeze!* -02:28 Nov 29

Thanatos: *He watched her pull the covers over her head and then turned on his side, away from them to sleep in peace!*

Dante: *Dante moved into the bed after Phoebe and ended up laying on his side, facing her.* Goodnight, everyone. -02:31 Nov 29
Phoebe: *Forced to come out from under the covers so she could breathe, she sighed and settled.* Goodnight Dante. ….Thanatos. -02:34 Nov 29