004 Desire of the Deep (TBC)

Finding Dante so much harder to resist! Thoughts about the Book! The Teenage Demon at the Bookshop. Finding Giri the demonpup! Meeting Phoebe’s mom. Realizing Phoebe may have seen Dante’s mother before. UNFINISHED

Morning came without the annoying blare of an alarm clock. There would be no classes today! The weather outside was chilly, with cloudy skies and a touch of fog in some areas. -Phoebe

Dante: *It was very comfortable in bed! He had his arms wrapped around someone very soft and warm, his face in the crook of her neck and his leg between hers!* -03:41 Nov 29

Crystal: *She was still sleeping soundly! That spell hadn’t worn off yet!*

Phoebe: *There was nothing better than a cold day and a warm bed. Especially when there was no classes! And her blanket smelled so much like Dante that it- Wait, that WAS Dante! Phebe vaguely remembered those insane sleeping arrangements. …Well, as long as everyone was sleeping, getting to pet his hair wouldn’t be so bad. He really did smell so good!* -03:44 Nov 29
Dante: *Dante murmured something in his sleep but he didn’t wake up. He liked this warmth very much and it smelled so good, too. He didn’t want to wake up just yet!* -03:46 Nov 29
Phoebe: *Soft and shiny, so easy to curl his hair arond her fingers! Now if she didn’t have bed guests she could totally – Dang! Now she was thinking like Crystal. She was going to have to force herself out of bed. …in a minute.* -03:51 Nov 29
Dante: *He was silent as he continued to sleep! Nice and peaceful and warm! he hadn’t slept this well in ages!* -03:54 Nov 29
Phoebe: *Get uuuup, Phoebe! There is mom’s to rescue and prince’s to please! …in a totally non-dirty way! Sigh! Okay, she was getting up. …if she could figure out how without waking anyone. Phoebe squirmed a bit to take Dante’s arm and attempt to move him.* -03:58 Nov 29

Crystal: *And just as Phoebe was beginning to squirm and ease Dante’s arm off of her … Crystal turned over and started to snuggle her!*

Phoebe: *Sonofa! Hissing Phoebe! Normally, she’d just shove Cryssie off her. But doing that would shove her ON Thanatos and wake people up! …Phoebe shifted to slowly tuuuurn Cryssie back the other direction so she’d snuggle the cranky demon!* -04:06 Nov 29

Crystal: *Crystal yawned but then turned in the direction Phoebe nudged her to and snuggled the cranky demon prince! It looked like the sleep spell was finally wearing off!*

Dante: *While Phoebe was moving Crystal, Dante yawned and stretched, pulling away from Phoebe. Then he got off the bed and went into the bathroom!* -04:14 Nov 29
Phoebe: *Thank god! Jeeze… Now for …aaawww! Damn! Phoebe sat up on her elbows, casting a scowling pout at Dante’s back. Then she glared at Crystal. …and sighed! No more petting!* -04:16 Nov 29
Dante: *Dante ended up being in the bathroom for awhile and when he came out, Phoebe instantly found out why! He had been showering and now all he wore was a towel around his waist and he was drying his hair with another towel!* -04:19 Nov 29
Phoebe: *Phoebe had been sitting and pouting for some time before rolling out of bed to brush her hair. When Dante stepped out she blinked, dropped her brush and fumbled to catch it before it hit something! Dangit, like she hadn’t already seen him naked before!* Grrph- Morning. -04:21 Nov 29
Dante: *He smiled, and it looked twice as wicked as it usually did when he had clothes on!* Morning, Phoebe. *He walked over to her and kissed her forehead.* Last night was the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. -04:25 Nov 29
Phoebe: Was it? I didn’t think having you precariously perched on the edge would be all that comfortable. *That smile… she’d so love to draw him like that! Especially minus one towel. …of which she had to place her hands behind her back before she was touching things she wasn’t supposed to.* -04:27 Nov 29
[Dante logged out of the chat.] -((11:50 Nov 29))
[Phoebe has timed out.] -11:50 Nov 29
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -11:50 Nov 29
[Phoebe was drooling. …er uh.. Talking to Dante!] -10:16 Nov 29
[Dante is looking oh so hot with just a towel around his waist!] -10:23 Nov 29
Dante: *There was that smirk on Dante’s face!* Perhaps next time you should lie down on top of me and there would be more room on the bed. -10:25 Nov 29
Phoebe: *That sounded like great idea! ….Phoebe coughed!* I think we’ll go with the less people in bed approach. I am going to shower before Cryssie wakes u and molests Thanatos, now.. swish! Move! *Before she did the moving, by snatching a towel!* -10:31 Nov 29
Dante: *He chuckled softly.* I’m moving, I’m moving … *But as he walked away, he took that towel off his waist and walked over to the closet where Phoebe had put some of the clothes she’d bought!* -10:34 Nov 29
Phoebe: *She at at least refrained from turning her head fast enough to give her whiplash, but it didn’t stop her from crashing in to the doorway with her shoulder! Durr! Muttering all sorts of curse words, she closed herself up in the bathroom quick! If he wanted her to accomplish anything he was going to have to stop being naked…. forever!* Argh! Stupid Dante! -10:37 Nov 29
Dante: *The door closed! He turned his head over his shoulder and smiled wickedly before fetching some clothes! He began to wonder how long she’d keep this up.* -10:39 Nov 29
Phoebe: *Phoebe was going to take a COLD COLD COLD shower! It was freezing, unpleasant and exactly what she needed! She washed up in record time – to realize she didn’t bring any clothes in here. That’s right, Phoebe, make it easier to pounce a man!* …. damnit. *Wrapping up in a towel, she peeked out the door to see if she could sneak by without catching Dante.* -10:47 Nov 29
Dante: *Fortunately for Phoebe, Dante was nowhere to be seen! Thanatos was gone as well and Crystal was snuggling up with one of the pillows!* -10:51 Nov 29
Phoebe: *Phew! A man’s virtue has been saved! Phoebe hopped on in to her room and to shuffle through the closet for something decent.* Hey Crysssie. It’s wakie wakie time. -10:55 Nov 29

Crystal: *Crystal murmured something in her sleep and giggled! Which could only mean whatever she said was something very naughty indeed!*

Phoebe: ..you wanna stick what where…? *Phoebe paused for a second to blink at Crystal.* Cryssie! Bah… Maybe you don’t want to babysit a demon prince today. Matching panties and bra… but that means she WANTS someone to see them! Better go for plain old cotton in black! Nice and boring, won’t show those off. Pair of corduroy pants, because it’s hard to pounce in those and a plain long sleeve shirt with no buttons for her to pop off like a stripper! There!* ….Man! It’s sad that I have to dress myself to avoid jumping on a guy! Are you awake yet, Cryssie? *Phoebe dug around for her shoes.* -11:02 Nov 29

Crystal: *Nope! Crystal was still snoring away! And now she was rubbing her cheek up against the pillow! She must have been having one hell of a dream!*

Phoebe: *That must have been one hell of a spell Dante put on her. …or one hell of a dream!* Hmm. Fine, fine, sleep late! *Phoebe tugged on her shoes, took a second to run the blow dryer through her hair and left to grab herself a hot cup of coffee!* -11:09 Nov 29

Thanatos was still nowhere to be seen! Dante was looking out the balcony again, dressed in a jeans, a t-shirt with a long-sleeved shirt over it and the lapels up!

Phoebe: *No Thanatos. Not to worry though… Phoebe popped a cup of water in the microwave, and leaned against one of the corners so she could peer at Dante without him catching her. She and Crystal were genius at picking out clothes! Looked like it was cold outside today, that’s make combing the city tricky…* -11:19 Nov 29

Crystal: *Crystal had finally woken up and looked around! No one here! She took this moment to go take a shower and remembered to pick out some clothes from the duffle bag she’d brought!*

Dante: *The wind blew Dante’s hair around but he didn’t seem to mind the cold! There was enough sun out to highlight all the colors in his hair! He was either deep in thought or he hadn’t sensed someone watching him because he didn’t turn!* -11:31 Nov 29
Phoebe: *amn,always so picture perfect. And thinking serious… she needed to get this story moving. Phoebe snatched her cup out of the microwave and dropped in some instant coffee with cream and sugar before stepping out on the balcony to join him.* So I was thinking, while we are out getting supplies for my book, we could be inspecting people for.. uh… Signs of the Deep? I guess there might be something about people that’d set them apart for humans of this realm. -11:34 Nov 29
Dante: *He turned his head as she approached and then looked out to the parking lot!* That makes sense. But the longer they’ve been away from the Deep, the harder it would be to tell whether they were from the Deep or from this world. Humans from the Deep would know about magic and demons but it’s hard to tell the pretenders from the real thing. *He didn’t frown but he did look serious.* Maybe … there would be … magic on them. -11:39 Nov 29
Phoebe: I guess it’s kind of like a magicy dog hunt, or something. …Would be easier if the book was already existing, though. In the Deep we would have gotten it first and then used the spells in it. *Nothing here was happening in order though, or like she expected it to! Phoebe handed him her cup of coffee after taking a sip.* It’s possible though. You’re here, so it has to be. -11:44 Nov 29
Dante: So we start scouring every bookstore, library, and market place in the city? -11:47 Nov 29
Phoebe: Yeah. This city isn’t as big as the Deep, so maybe it won’t be as difficult. *A huge world filled with demons, monsters, and having to travel through icky terrain? Yeah, the city should be easier even if there IS a million people in it! …and some monsters.* We have Crystal to help, so that’s a bonus. Someone can go with her and someone can go with me. -11:49 Nov 29
Dante: Are you sure the book will look how you say it will look? *When she looked at him, he explained.* The book I found in the Psycho Queen’s library was different than the one Phaedra showed me. The only way I recognized it was the fact it just looked familiar and when I saw it, I had to touch it, to open it and see what secrets were inside. -11:51 Nov 29
Phoebe: Uh… *There was a question! She was sure a few days ago, but now…* I don’t… know. I’m going to make it myself, so it’ll look the way I design it. But… I guess the book could have already existed too. …and if it did we’d have to hunt IT down. I think. ….You realize you just made this twice as complicated! -11:56 Nov 29
Dante: My apologies, Phoebe. *And he genuinely looked sorry!* I want to get everything out in the open so we don’t second guess ourselves and pass over something that might be important later on. Perhaps if we just scour the city and look for anything suspicious or anything that might look like it’s from the Deep? -11:58 Nov 29
Phoebe: *Aw, damn… he didn’t have to make that look. She brushed a few stands of hair out of his face.* That’s what we’ll do. We can probably count on stuff coming right at us too… stories always fall in to place. -12:02 Nov 30
Dante: *He smiled.* Let’s get going then. *He paused.* But we’re going to have to find Thanatos. He left again. -12:05 Nov 30
Phoebe: I’m seriously going to give him a collar with a GPS unit on it. *Phoebe stepped back inside, drinking her coffee real quick. She just had to alert Crystal!* Cryssie! Are you awake yet? Dante and I have to leave and I need to you wait here for Thanatos! -12:07 Nov 30

Crystal: *Crystal walked out of the bedroom, drying her hair!* He disappeared AGAIN?! Ooh, that man! He’s lucky he’s so hot or I’d just … just … do something!

Phoebe: Do want…? Chain him to a bed? Might let you do that anyway. *Phoebe grabbed her coat to put on, making sure she had her keys.* We’re going go looking for him, but if you could stay here until we send him back that’d be sweet. We have to split up today and look for stuff like seems like it belongs in the Deep. You know the manga pretty good, right? -12:12 Nov 30

Crystal: *Crystal grinned!* Do I know it …? P, I’m your biggest fan, remember! I have every detail down flat! *She cast a wicked glance at Dante!* Every, dirty, wicked little detail, that is! *She laughed at the expression on Phoebe’s face!* And the other not-so-naughty stuff, too!

Dante: *Dante smiled at Crystal’s teasing and kissed Crystal’s cheek.* If we find Thanatos, I will do my best to send him running back to you. *He said before walking out.* -12:17 Nov 30
Phoebe: Let’s not remind Dante what I do for a living… *Jeeeeze, bigmouthed frog. She waved one last time at Crystal before following Dante out the door. It was going to be a long day of searching!* -12:19 Nov 30
Dante: *Dante waited for Phoebe in the hall.* Where would you like to start? -12:54 Nov 30
Phoebe: I guess we can start with downtown where the most people are and move out from there. Good and systematic. *She took his hand to lead him for the elevators. Phoebe had a map in her head, and if they did it right, they could go through a good chunk of the city in a day! Even faster when Thanatos and Crystal were helping!* Occasionally taking breaks for food and for supplies. -12:56 Nov 30
Dante: *He nodded and followed after her.* This has nothing to do with the quest but I’m curious to know where Thanatos keeps disappearing to. -01:11 Nov 30
Phoebe: Probably trying to find a way to get back to the Deep, ..and without our help. *He was stubborn and wanted as little contact with Dante as possible… and with her too! She almost took offense to it, but she wasn’t exactly a shining example of good human behavior!* …which is why I am SO getting a tracking thing to stick on him. *Down the elevator and leaving the apartment building. She’ll just… keep Dante’s hand for now so he doesn’t get lost. Yeah!* -01:14 Nov 30
Dante: If you don’t mind me asking … how did you and Crystal become friends? You two seem to come from different backgrounds. She told me about her dad and about how he runs a business. -01:37 Nov 30
Phoebe: *Phoebe suddenly grinned wide.* I met her in high school. My parents liked to move us around, but they finally decided we could stay in one place long enough for me to finish school. I was going through a dorky artist-in-the-corner phase, so I didn’t actually talk to anyone until… uh… well. It’s stupid. -01:42 Nov 30
Dante: You … drew a sketch of Crystal, perhaps? *He asked, curious. Whatever it was, she had quite a story. He could tell it from the look on her face.* -01:49 Nov 30
Phoebe: No, no, even better. She was having a fight with some of her friends, a bunch of girls that weren’t better than a bunch of bitches anyway totally complaing about Cryssie wanting to take design classes instead of Cheerleading, and I guess it kinda pissed me off. So… I thought I would do the heroic thing and rescue the damsel. And uh… kind of dramaized it a bit. *She had a sheepish grin and shrugged her shoulders.* I slayed them with condiments and took off with Crystal before the teachers showed up. -01:55 Nov 30
Dante: *He could easily imagine that and he chuckled softly.* Ah, I see. And then what happened? -02:04 Nov 30
Phoebe: We spend the rest of High School being rowdy, flamboyant and utterly weird. I think she’s a bad influence! -02:09 Nov 30
Dante: Is she now? So … if not for her, you wouldn’t have drawn dirty manga? -02:10 Nov 30
Phoebe: Or any manga for that matter. My dad was trying to get me to go in to computers, but Cryssie was always rambling about how it was going to be making oodles off doing something she loved and I wanted to do it too. *Phoebe was grinning again.* She’s a pain in the ass, but she’s probably the most awesome person in the world. -02:15 Nov 30
Phoebe: *going to be sweet (making oodles!) -02:16 Nov 30
Dante: When did you get … inspiration for the Deep manga? *He asked. He was curious about that as well, especially with everything happening and the fact that wherever they were going to start, they hadn’t reached just yet!* -02:36 Nov 30
Phoebe: Hmm… The Deep is my newest one… uhm.. *Think think, when did she start plotting?* About a year or so ago. Summer before I started my new classes. Crystal and I were shopping in downtown and I picked up some books about demons and magic for ideas. *Phoebe frowned for a moment… Not that she thought about it, that day was pretty weird..* -02:43 Nov 30
Dante: *There was an odd look on her face now!* Did something bad happen in the book shop? -02:45 Nov 30
Phoebe: Not bad, just wierd. I didn’t really think anything of it at the time. *Now though..! She had his hand again and was suddenly turning down the street! She knew where to start looking first!* A book at the shop totally tried to eletrocute me and the cashier. -02:49 Nov 30
Dante: A book? It was a magic book? -02:51 Nov 30
Phoebe: Don’t know what kind it was, I was just sliding it out of the way at the counter and bzzzt! it got zappy. Like static. *At least that’s what she shrugged it off as… getting static shocked happened all the time. Couldn’t go to the store in the winter without getting electrocuted everytime she touched a metal shelf!* Could have been the book! -02:56 Nov 30
Dante: Do you remember anything else about it? -03:00 Nov 30
Phoebe: *Phoebe shook her head and sighed.* Not really, no… pretty average leather bound book. The shop is right down the street though. *She pointed at the Bookstore sign they were approaching.* -03:03 Nov 30
Dante: *He looked up at the bookstore sign she pointed to and when they walked in, he looked around. Shelves. Books. But the shop seemed empty today. Business must have been slow.* -03:05 Nov 30

At the cashier desk was some teenager, popping bubblegum and reading a magazine. She looked up only when the door open, muttered a “Hey” and went back to reading.

Phoebe: *Wasn’t the same cashier, but it’s not like she expected it to be, she stopped at the counter to take a look at the books there. Flipping them open and brushing through the pages.* … Do you have any titles here called “Tome of Ancient Arts”? Or maybe something similar? -03:09 Nov 30

She shrugged! “Dunno. …Check the history section?” Pointing a finger, she vaguely gestured to some of the shelves in the back.

Phoebe: Thaaaanks. *Nothing like helpful employees. Phoebe headed for the back to start searching over the shelves.* God, I hope they didn’t sell the damned thing. -03:14 Nov 30
Dante: *Dante wandered through the book aisles but stayed close to Phoebe! He ran his finger across the spines, not looking for the titles but for that tingling feeling, waiting for something to catch his eye.* -03:23 Nov 30
Phoebe: *Touching, touching and looking… nothing shocked her. …Well, except for this magazine someone had hidden back here! Who the hell wants to see naked old men?! Eeyeech!* Iiiiick! Would rather get attacked by monsters! *She muttered to herself, moving to the next shelf.* -03:28 Nov 30
Dante: Okay. So you brought up the option that it might have been bought. Do you remember the other people who were in the store at the time? -03:30 Nov 30
Phoebe: It was a slow day like today. Just me and Crystal and the cashier. *She leaned to peer around the shelf at the current cashier.* And it wasn’t her. The lady was actually competent and helpful. -03:34 Nov 30
Dante: And Crystal would certainly not have paid it any mind … What about the cashier? Did she mention the book at all? You said it tried to shock both of you. -03:36 Nov 30
Phoebe: *Phoebe gave it some thought before she shrugged.* She was just as surprised as I was. She just kinda- *Phoebe paused blinking at him a second… then smacked her forhead!* I am the biggest idiot! -03:39 Nov 30
Dante: *He turned to look at her.* Hm? -03:45 Nov 30

KSSSHINK! Before Phoebe could say a word a long spear wizzed between them, getting stuck in the shelf! At the front of the store, there was that teen cashier. She was still popping bubbles, but now she had a few more of those spears in her hand. “What were you sayin’ again?”

Dante: *Dante pulled that spear out and stood between Phoebe and the cashier. He smirked.* Hm? *He replied.* -03:53 Nov 30
Phoebe: On the bright side, now I know I’m right. *Crazy teenager demons? It figures!* -03:55 Nov 30

“Not you hot stuff! Something about a SHE I think?” Pop! She blew another bubble, suddenly dashing forward and throwing out another spear!

Dante: She? She who? *He was spinning that spear in front of him so fast, only to suddenly stop and lean to the side, knocking that spear at the last minute! It flew somewhere into the Mystery section! Then he threw that spear back at her and swung his arm through thin air! The books in the shelf around him flew out and at the demon!* -03:59 Nov 30
Phoebe: *This was her cue to get the hell out of the way! Phoebe ducked to the side and rounded the corner behind some of the other shelves!* -04:01 Nov 30

The girl jumped up in a fluid motion, seemed walk on the flying books as she passed over them! “A book and a girl, is that what you’re after, Demon Prince?” Switching the spears in her hands she was dropping down to leap on top of Dante and stab him through!

Dante: *A snort!* You’re not my type. *Dante rolled out of the way and then he was sprinting for the end of the aisle! When she landed, he dropped the shelf right on top of her.* -04:08 Nov 30

SPLAT! There was a startled scream and bit of shouting… and those spears stabbing out through the shelf! “Not that easy, old guy!” She was lifting up that shelf, and now throwing it right back at Dante!

Dante: *Dante summoned his sword and sliced that shelf in half! Then he was dashing toward her, sword at an angle!* Someone sounds like she’s up past her bed time. *He smirked.* -04:12 Nov 30
Phoebe: Okay, I’m pretty sure I write you better one liners than that! *He did enjoy a fight… that left Phoebe sneaking over to the back and slipping in to the employees lounge! She was going to dig through the files and find the employee records!* -04:14 Nov 30

“My bad, dude! Are you like, needing your pain meds?” The girl was leaping up again, slinging several of her spears at Dante at once! Then spinning to the side to send a few flying at that human!

Dante: Duck! *He yelled to Phoebe as he threw his sword at her, the sword knocked the spears out of their line of flight, causing them to fly in opposite directions and away from Phoebe! The sword embedded itself into the wall which left Dante defenseless and despite dodging most of those spears, one went through his shoulder! He slammed against the wall and pulled the spear in his shoulder out.* And she says I’m the one with the bad one liners. *He muttered.* -04:21 Nov 30
[Dante logged out of the chat.] -((05:54 Nov 30))
[Phoebe has timed out.] -05:54 Nov 30
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -05:54 Nov 30
[Dante stopped those spears but ended up taking a spear in the shoulder!] -07:55 Nov 30
[Phoebe ducked like she was supposed to! ..But now she\’s mad!] -07:55 Nov 30
Dante: *He smirked, one hand over the wound which was already beginning to heal. He still couldn’t use the arm, though.* Not bad. I don’t suppose you’ll tell me who you work for and make it easy on yourself. -07:58 Nov 30

Meanwhile, something was running, bumping into people, slipping through the crowd. Fortunately, there were relatively few people out thanks to the weather! One guy cursed and spun around but he didn’t see anyone behind him. And he missed the small bundle of fur that streaked past him, short legs kicking frantically in the air!

“Awww, maybe we can chat at the movies!” Oop, but first, the book keeper! Having a fresh spear in hand, she was turning around on a heel to dash after Phoebe!

Phoebe: *Phoebe scoffed! Stupid Dante getting himself speared. Phoebe almost snatched his sword, but instead grabbed up one of the spears off the floor in a hand when the crazy bubble blowing freak came at her. Phoebe didn’t even bother to step out of the way – not until last minute where she just twisted on her feet and swung a fist to collide with the girl’s face!* -08:03 Nov 30

THUD! The girl had been moving so fast (and expecting the human to try and stab her) that getting socked caught her by surprise! She fell backwards hitting the floor… and started wailing! “MY TOOOOTH! YOU KNOCKED OUT ONE OF MY TEETH!”

Dante: *Dante was running for Phoebe and skidded to a stop when he reached her! Out came the silver chain and then he was binding the demon girl with it! Despite the chain looking so short and frail, it managed to grow so long they were able to bind her wrists together, her arms to her side and still have enough left over to bind her legs together.* -08:06 Nov 30
Phoebe: Ow! Fuck! *The wench’s head must have been made out of bowling balls! Phoebe was pretty sure she heard the bones in her hand cracking on content! And if she shook it, it only hurt worse!* Aaargh… what are you made of, cement?! -08:07 Nov 30
Dante: *He flashed a sheepish grin.* And you say I have a hard head. *He reclined his head to the office door.* You better start looking. -08:08 Nov 30

Stilling wailing about her teeth, it took her a minute to realize she had been captured. She spit out her wad of gum at Dante! “Wow, if you wanted to play some games, like you could ask me out first, old guy!”

Phoebe: *Phoebe resisted the urge to boot the girl in the face. Still trying to flew her fingers, she stepped in to the back office looking for the filing cabinets. Unlike the front part of the store, everything back here looked like nothing had been touched in months!* -08:13 Nov 30
Dante: *He smirked.* You’re not my type. *He moved his hand off his shoulder and began to rotate the shoulder. It hurt slightly but other than that, it was doing well.* How long have you been working here? -08:15 Nov 30

The man glanced around suspiciously but then shrugged it off and kept walking. By that time, the little bundle of fur was further down the street, long ears flying in the wind behind it like a scarf!

The girl just grinned. “WORK? Ha!” She shifted, and to explain suddenly the looks of the shop changed! An illusion was dropped, and everything looked dusty, dirty and covered in cobwebs. No one had been working there for a long long time!

Dante: I see. But that means you haven’t been here long. *He smirked.* Unless that face of yours is an illusion of yours, too. *Young demons couldn’t hold illusions like this for very long and to hold it while fighting him required additional help.* Who sent you. -08:23 Nov 30
Phoebe: *Phoebe nearly tripped over a chair getting to the cabinets, but once she did, she had it open and pulling out the employee files. Phoebe frowned! The place hadn’t been open since last summer… it must have closed not long after she and Crystal were there!* -08:24 Nov 30

“A little for this dude a little for that dude… Just watching the shop!” she stopped again to spit out some blood, and pouted! That was another tooth! “GRRRR! Stupid human! Just you wait until these chains are off! I’m gonna stomp you like a cheerleader!”

Phoebe: ..so you’re gonna pull my hair and ruin my reputation? *Phoebe popped out of the back with some folders in her hand, and looking curiously at the now dusty shop! Some sort of trap for whomever came looking for the book?* I have what we’ll need. ..What do we do with her? -08:31 Nov 30

Just before Dante could reply, smoke clouded the bookshop, so thick it made it hard for even Dante to see! When it finally cleared, the girl was gone and the chain was left on the floor!

Dante: *He looked around but couldn’t see anything! He held his breath and looked around for Phoebe! With the smoke clearing, he ran out of the shop but the girl and her rescuer was long gone!* -08:37 Nov 30
Dante: *were gone -08:39 Nov 30
Phoebe: *Coughcough! Using the folders to fan smoke away, but when it was gone there was just the chains on the floor and Dante standing at the door looking for their escapee.* That answers that questions. *She coughed again, leaning to scoop up the chain from the floor.* -08:41 Nov 30

The chain grew short and small again to its original size!

Dante: *Dante turned to Phoebe and waited for her by the door.* Are you alright? -08:42 Nov 30
Phoebe: Probably cracked my bones on someone’s skull and have lung poisoning, but doing great! *Phoebe tucked the folders under her arm, so she could check his shoulder with her free hand.. the free hand she could move anyway!* More holes in your clothes. I’m going to have to take up sewing. -08:45 Nov 30
Dante: *He smiled and dipped his head to her ear.* I’d repair it with magic but a beautiful woman warned me away from using it unless absolutely necessary. -08:47 Nov 30
Phoebe: *Phoebe grinned. …and had to wipe the grin off her face before it got worse!* We better stop somewhere away from the store incase there’s some more spies here. Maybe get some ice for my hand. -08:49 Nov 30

The ball of fur went barreling past the book shop Dante and Phoebe were at and tried to skid to a stop! Only to end up bumping into a trash can, overturning it on top of the little creature!

Dante: *Dante raised his head and smiled. Then he noticed something rushing past them and make a loud CRASH! Thinking it might be one of those spies, he ran out and to the overturned trash can! He crouched down beside it and slowly lifted it up!* -08:51 Nov 30
Phoebe: *What the hell..! Phoebe was on his feet, stopping just behind Dante to lean and take a look. Whatever it was it couldn’t be big. …not that small things couldn’t end up being brain eating monsters.* -08:53 Nov 30

The edge of the trash can slowly lifted up … The creature’s nose was the first thing they saw. Small and black. It sniffed the air, moved left and right, right to left … It sniffed the air right in front of it and then retreated!

Dante: *He tilted his head at the small nose but it retreated just as he was about to touch it! He lifted the edge a little higher.* Come on out, whatever you are. *He lowered his head to try and get a peek.* -08:55 Nov 30
Phoebe: …I think it’s a dog. *Looked like a dog nose. Phoebe shifted to rest on her knees on the ground. Probably scared itself to death running in to a trash can and hovering over it wouldn’t help.* -08:58 Nov 30

Just when Dante and Phoebe were drawing closer and the edge was much higher than it was at first, a small streak of brown and black shot out from the trash can and began licking at Dante’s face! It was a small puppy with short legs, a big head, long flat ears and a short tail. It had a long tongue and it had dark brown eyes! It looked a lot like an ordinary dog except this dog was floating in the air!

Dante: *Huh? He knew these licks! He opened one eye and then turned his head! He laughed and scratched the puppy’s head!* -09:02 Nov 30
Phoebe: *Phoebe blinked! A man and his puppy… Awww.. that was gross. All that slobber! But Dante laughed, and that was a dream anyday!* …I guess you have a friend. -09:04 Nov 30

The puppy stopped licking his cheek for awhile to bark and hop around in the air! Its tail was wagging really hard!

Dante: And not just any friend. Phoebe, meet Giri. Giri, Phoebe. Giri is short for Girianth the IV. I didn’t name him Nathe said the name is tradition. -09:21 Nov 30
Phoebe: I don’t remember anything about puppies in the story. *He was cute though, in a flippy eared sort of way. …But that floating! That was going to get them in trouble! Phoebe rest a hand on his soft fuzzy back to ease him back down to the ground.* Giri the puppy! I suppose this means we’re going to have another bed guest? -09:25 Nov 30

Giri turned its head around to nip at Phoebe’s wrist as she nudged him down to the ground! But then he began chasing his own tail and then he tripped on his ears! He shook himself out of it and looked up at Phoebe and Dante with those big puppy eyes!

Dante: No? *He asked when Phoebe admitted not knowing about Giri.* Hm. *He bent to pick Giri up and hold him in the crook of one arm.* I guess so. On the bright side, it could be a lot worst. Thanatos has that small dragon of his back in the Deep. -09:51 Nov 30
Phoebe: Yeah, a dragon getting loose might definitely be worse. *Dante and a puppy… why did that give her totally goofy daydreams about warm fires, cider and snuggling on cold days! Jeeze! At least that throbbing of her hand brought her back to her senses. Scowling at her knuckles, she nodded her head towards the sidewalk.* Let’s stop at the park so we can look through these papers. It’s the files for all the people that were working at the bookstore when me and Cryssie stopped there. -09:55 Nov 30
Dante: Okay. But let’s get that ice pack on the way. *As if he didn’t look cute enough with the puppy, he set Giri on top of his head who lay there as if he was king of the world!* -10:00 Nov 30

It wasn’t the same as floating but Giri could get used to this!

Phoebe: Yeah. *That took some balancing… ugh! Too much cute! She was going to pull a Crystal and pass out! Phoebe did the wise thing and turned, to lead the way down the street. There was probably a corner store around here somewhere! On the brightside, Giri was a perfect shield for Dante! She wouldn’t dare knock the pup off to steal kisses now! Yeah! Phoebe smirked wide!* -10:03 Nov 30
Dante: *Dante followed behind Phoebe and occassionally reached up to scratch the puppy under the chin and make sure he was still there! Giri meant well but the pup had a tendency to wander off, disappearing without a trace sometimes! And then there was the problem of him escaping from any type of restraint, be it enchanted or an ordinary leash!* -10:10 Nov 30
Phoebe: *There it was! Corner store… Phoebe stepped inside, and totally pretended she wasn’t with a guy with a puppy on his head! She stepped down the ilses to look for what she needed, ice, maybe a bandage.. puppy snacks?* …What does a demon puppy eat, anyway? -10:15 Nov 30
Dante: Basically any kind of meat. Giri’s not a picky eater. -10:22 Nov 30

“SWEETIE! What a surprise!” Before any comments could be made some grabbed Phoebe by the shoulders to spin her around and kiss her cheeks! An older woman wearing some frilly dress and her hair in braids.

Phoebe: Tne he- ACK!! *She was under attack…! By, no! Anyone but her…!* M-mom…! *Quick, where was the nearest exit!* -10:26 Nov 30
Dante: *Dante picked up a box of doggy treats and shook it. They were shaped like real bones but they didn’t look anything like the real thing. Giri was as puzzled as his master was. Both of them had their heads tilted at the box although Giri managed to stay on Dante’s head.* -10:27 Nov 30

The older woman just laughed! “What’s that look sweetie, are you up to something again?” Looking Phoebe over, she tut-tutted and her hand, but found herself taking a look at the man behind her! “Phoebe sweetie, didn’t I tell you not to hit your boyfriends?”

Dante: *He blinked and both he and Giri looked at the woman!* … Boyfriends? -10:29 Nov 30
Phoebe: It was a girl I hit, and aren’t you supposed to be in bermuda with Dad..? *Oh man, don’t let her talk to Dante!* You know, we’re so busy so we better get going..! -10:30 Nov 30

“Boyfriends, yes! Mind you, she insists none of them are. But I know how college girls are these days with all of the sex and orgies.” The woman smiled, offering a hand to Dante. She was wearing far too many rings for those fingers and lots of bracelets. “I’m Rain MacAllister, Phoebe’s mother. Don’t be alarmed by my sweetie, if she hits you, you can just call me up and tattle!”

Dante: *He put the box of treats away to pick Giri off of his head. The puppy’s tail was beginning to wag and he was certain Giri was just waiting for a chance to pounce on someone.* -10:33 Nov 30
Dante: It’s a … pleasure to meet you. *Dante took notice of the rings and bracelets, if only because they were so shiny! He shook her hand firmly and then stepped back. Don’t touch the shiny things, don’t touch the shiny things …* Phoebe’s been very good actually. She’s helping me with a … family matter. -10:35 Nov 30
Phoebe: *Jeeze, hit one guy that seriously deserved it and her mother was forever going to tell everyone she was a man-abuser.* Mom. Mom… Bermuda? -10:36 Nov 30

“Oh, your Dad doesn’t take to the ocean it seems. Couldn’t even look at it without wanting to barf. So we’re home early!” Mrs. Rain was all smiles for Dante! “You are SUCH a handsome devil! A dog lover too? Have you gotten her in to bed yet? She looks wound up tighter than a clock. If you give her a little wine she’ll calm down, but goodness, stay away from hard liquor. She has that mean streak like her father.”

Dante: *Dante smiled.* You mean the one where she starts cursing at things and threatening to do things that should never be done to an inanimate object? -10:41 Nov 30
Phoebe: I would love to stand here and talk about my sex life and drinking habits, but I need some ICE. *Damned Mom all to hell! She loved the woman, but Dante was soooo not the man she wanted her mother to meet! Or was it the other way around? Phoebe sneaked over to the frozen foods.* -10:43 Nov 30

“That’s the one yes! You ARE a clever thing, aren’t you! I was starting to think Phoebe preffered woman, you know, always being with Crystal, but I just knew she’s got my appetite for hot men in there somewhere. Did you know she writes porn? That is the mark of a liberated woman, not controlled by a man’s image of what women should be!” Mrs. Rain seemed to enjoy talking, and even moved her hands alot while doing so. She jingled with her bracelets! “Sweetie, try those ice cream bags! You get something cold AND something sweet!”

Dante: She does great work. Do you and Mr. MacAllister live around here? -10:51 Nov 30
Phoebe: *Phoebe clonked her head on the freezer door… but did end up grabbing icecream!* I’m starting to think they don’t live far enough! -10:53 Nov 30

Mrs. Rain just smiled, casting Dante a flirty look. “On the other side of town, but this shop has the best creampuffs. Oh! Phoebe, sweetie, why don’t your father and I come over for dinner this evening? I would love to get to know your newest boyfriend, and your father misses you.”

Dante: *He smiled and distracted Giri with a squeaky ball! Giri barked everytime he made the ball squeak!* Mrs MacAllister, I’d like you to meet Giri. Giri, Mrs MacAllister, Phoebe’s mother. *Giri barked when the ball squeaked again.* -11:00 Nov 30
Phoebe: No way! I’ve got – we – It’s a really bad time for guests right now, Mom! Maybe next weekend. You’ll tell Dad I love him more than you, right? *God only knew what she’d say about her having two guys staying with her.. and brothers too! She didn’t want to know how her mom could twist that!* -11:00 Nov 30

“He’s such a little doll.” Mrs. Rain gave the puppy a good petting and some kissies. “Don’t worry sweetie, we’ll be dropping by soon anyway. If we catch you doing anything fun, I’ll try to remind your father it’s healthy for girls your age!”

Phoebe: You’re so mean to Dad. *Phoebe leaned to kiss her mom on the cheek, and then without trying to be subtle was moving to shove her down the isle.* No go! Get! Maybe I want some alone time with my boyfriend! Shoo! -11:06 Nov 30

“Oooh! I see, I see! It was nice to meet you, Boyfriend! We should be seeing you soon, I hope!” Mrs. Rain laughed loudly, clicking her heels on the isle as she disappeared behind one!

Dante: *He and Giri watched as Phoebe moved her mother away from them.* … Boyfriend. -11:08 Nov 30
Phoebe: *Phoebe stared at the woman until she was sure that she’d be gone and back to shopping. Then with a relieved sighed returned back to Dante and the pup.* …so that was my scary Mom. -11:09 Nov 30
Dante: Hm … And your father is also like that? -11:10 Nov 30
Phoebe: No, surprisingly enough my Dad is the total opposite. She’ll start yapping and he’ll be forty shades of red. I don’t think nerds know what they’re getting when they hook up with hot chicks. *Sigh and a shrug!* I have ice cream for my hand. *She pointed at the squeaky ball.* Should we get that for Giri? -11:12 Nov 30
Dante: Sure. If you don’t mind. *He squeezed the ball to make it squeak and Giri barked on cue!* He seems to enjoy it *He moved it closer to Giri who sniffed it and then barked!* -11:20 Nov 30
Phoebe: *Phoebe half smiled, nodding. After grabbing some bandages too (and making sure they stayed far far away from her mother) it was a snap to pay for everything and escape the store before her mom wanted to offer them a ride home! Outside she was gonna take his hand and tug him off for the park, but had to scowl and not being able to wrap her fingers around his. Foiled!* DAmned this hurts… why’d I have to use my drawing hand! -11:29 Nov 30
[Dante logged out of the chat.] -((10:05 Dec 01))
[Phoebe has timed out.] -10:05 Dec 01
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[Phoebe is pretend that she didn\’t break her hand, that the puppy isn\’t cute and that Dante isn\’t hot! …And it\’s not working!] -01:13 Dec 03
[Dante attracted even more attention with that cute puppy on his head!] -01:14 Dec 03

“What a cute puppy!” said one woman as they passed by!

Dante: *Dante smiled and Giri barked!* Thank you. *He looked at Phoebe.* Why did you never mention your parents live so close to you? -01:16 Dec 03
Phoebe: *At least she isn’t jealous over cute puppies! Phoebe balanced that bag of ice cream bites on her hand… after she opened it up to steal one!* Because my mom would be a total wacko. …kind of like today! -01:18 Dec 03
Dante: If that’s what she’s like on a normal day, I wouldn’t want to see her while she’s having a bad day. -01:20 Dec 03
Phoebe: *Phoebe grinned.* Not much different. She’s alil touchy feely once she knows you better, and it’s hard to tell when she’s in a bad mood. I’m afraid she’s gonna drop by at random now, though… -01:22 Dec 03
Dante: I hope it’s at a time when Thanatos isn’t there. *He squeezed the squeaky ball at Giri to get the puppy’s attention.* -01:23 Dec 03
Phoebe: I hope it’s when NONE of us is there. Demon Princes aren’t exactly easy to explain to your parents. *HA, there’s that fountain! Phoebe plopped on the edge to sit, setting those files down just under her leg so the wind wouldn’t catch them. She fussed with trying to open the bandage package.* Speak of parents, what I was trying to say before that gum-popping loon showed up is that I think the cashier that day might have been your mother. -01:27 Dec 03
Dante: *Dante reached over to take the bandage out of Phoebe’s hand and open it for her. He gestured for her to hold up her hand for him, bandage ready.* So chances are, she left the bookstore as soon as possible. I’ve always wondered if she might have found someone, started a new family here, forgotten about the old, the one she left behind. -01:32 Dec 03
Phoebe: I doubt she forgot. I don’t think anyone could you. *Phoebe didn’t look so happy about offering up her hand.. it hurt damnit! But she did… using the other to offer an icecream bite to the puppy on his head.* -01:34 Dec 03
Dante: *He smiled.* Thanks. *He looked thoughtful as he bandaged her firmly yet gently.* That was a big fear of mine growing up. Nathe told me almost the exact same thing. But I always figured he was just saying that. -01:38 Dec 03

Giri sniffed the ice cream at first and then promptly ate it! Phoebe probably felt sharp puppy teeth nibble on her fingers followed by doggy saliva!

Phoebe: *Phoebe yanked her fingers back quick before the puppy went chomping on anything else. It was also hard not to go OW, HURT, PAIN with getting her hand bandaged! So much for pain tolorance!* He was probably ridiculously intelligent and always right. ..At least about her. I mean, if she charmed a Demon King I don’t think she would take off without good reason to. -01:42 Dec 03
Dante: Do you … do you remember what she looked like? My mother. *He felt silly asking her something like that but all he had to remember her by was a locket and a few pieces of memory he wasn’t sure was real or make believe.* -01:47 Dec 03

Giri licked his chops after that satisfying treat and sat down to scratch the back of his ear with his back leg!

Phoebe: *That expression made her want to pet him! He needed to stop!* Uh huh.. well. I remembered her eyes the most. This color. *Lifting her hand she cupped his cheek, brushing her thumb under that one light brown, almost golden eye!* -01:52 Dec 03
Dante: *Dante smiled. He liked Phoebe’s touch. It was warm, soft, pleasant.* Thank you. *That solved the question of what color her eyes were and although he looked like he was about to ask her something else, he refrained.* Is your hand feeling any better? *He asked instead!* -01:56 Dec 03
Phoebe: Drawing and doing homework is going to be a real pain in the ass. …I don’t think I’ll be punching anymore demons. *Better. Now he didn’t look quite so sad. So she could brush the hair from his face that puppy kept knocking around!* -01:59 Dec 03
Dante: *He smiled.* I’ll be happy if I can just protect you from danger. *Now that he mentioned it, he blinked, his smile disappearing.* I wonder is Svaral is behind that girl at the shop or someone working with him. He’s the only one I can think of who gains anything from finding my mother. -02:02 Dec 03
Phoebe: I’m supposed to be the Guardian Spirit here, so I’ll worry about the protecting. We can’t assume it’s -not- him, chances are it is.. even if it’s just some minion pulling the strings. There is always a few minions. *Which will be such a pain in the ass… Maybe it was about time she got herself a real weapon!* -02:05 Dec 03
Dante: I understand, my Lady. *He said, smiling and bowing his head slightly.* My deepest apologies. *Then he was leaning forward and kissing her gently on the lips.* -02:10 Dec 03
Phoebe: *He always snuck up on her! She intend to tilt backwards, but it was far more pleasant to lean in to him and kiss him back. He deserved it, just this once!* -02:16 Dec 03