005 Son of the Heart of Darkness

[Savannah is a space ship pilot and she may or may not be a runaway fugitive with a living ship. What the boss doesn\’t know doesn\’t hurt him!] -03:09 Apr 28
[Alex is on his way for a special visit and is having a drink.] -03:13 Apr 28
Savannah: No, I don’t want to see ANY one naked. Why are you such a pervert? *She was talking to herself again. Well, it LOOKED like she was talking to herself. Savannah was talking to her ship. And waiting for the Bossy Mister to stop doing his mysterious psychic vampire thing and let her know exactly where this planet is. Sure, she didn’t believe in hidden planets, the Heart of Darkness or old gods. But they had to land SOMEwhere!* -03:15 Apr 28
Alex: I have the coordinates. But we have exactly two minutes and fourteen seconds to get there. If we don’t make it, we’ll be swallowed up by a worm hole instead and have to do this all over again. Got it? -03:18 Apr 28
Savannah: What?! You gotta be kid- *The words didn’t even finish coming out of her mouth before little lights flickered in front of her eyes. Well… fuck!* …Well what are they! Hope is freaking out. *"Hope" was the ship. For some reason when they first met, he thought that was entertaining. Of course, right this moment, Hope was going ballistic all over the place about the worm hole "getting close".* -03:22 Apr 28
Alex: Five degrees starboard but keep heading for the wormhole. Word of advice. The ship should be upside down. -03:29 Apr 28
Savannah: That doesn’t even make any sense…! *Her voice squeaked a little. It was only because Hope was shouting the exact same thing in her ears. Sometimes he could hear the things that were getting yelled at him when he gave these weirdass orders! With a few words of encouragement, and motions of her hands over the strange looking armrests of her chair, she was guiding Hope to flip upside and fly fast for the worm hole.* …. Oh yeah, you should probably put on a seatbelt. *She finally mentioned a few moments too late!* -03:33 Apr 28
Savannah: *Sometimes she WISHED he could hear these things! -03:34 Apr 28
Alex: *It was a good thing he’d had the sense to get back onto his seat! He managed to pull his seatbelt fast in the nick of time and held on! Come on, Dad. You’re not beating me this time.* -03:35 Apr 28
Savannah: Calm, il mio amore! He isn’t flying us in to certain death. *Yet. But Savannah couldn’t be picky and choosy when it came to needed money, and he made himself useful on occasion. Right this moment, though, she was focused on that wormhole coming in to full view. Willing Hope to remain calm and push for it!* Why don’t you tell that to Alexei next time, I’m sure he wants to hear your complaints! -03:42 Apr 28

Gabriel: … Evangeline. What are you doing.

Evangeline: *Evangeline was out in the middle of the clearing well beyond the castle walls. She had her hands up to sheild her eyes from the sun and was watching the skies.* Why do you always suspect I am doing something, simply because I’m being peculiar? *Even now he made her smile, and she did love to tease him!*

Alex: *He raised an eyebrow at her and pulled something out of his pocket. Alex had given it to him. A pocketwatch with a family portrait on the inside cover. He closed it and slipped it back into his pocket.* -03:51 Apr 28

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her and pulled something out of his pocket. Alex had given it to him. A pocketwatch with a family portrait on the inside cover. He closed it and slipped it back into his pocket.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline dropped her hands to skip happily around Gabriel.* He’s coming home to see him! It’s been so long! Do you think I should wear something pretty? It’s a special occasion! We should have a nice dinner!

Gabriel: *He smiled. It was rare for Evangeline to get so excited. Alex’s visits never failed.* Yes. You prepare and the devil rats will make dinner.

Evangeline: *She jumped to kiss his cheek before bouncing off. She paused to turn around.* Try not to give him a hard time! He’s brought a guest! *Then she was skipped away for the castle. The would have a party!*

Alex: *He remembered the last "guest" Alex had brought.* Vlamerias. If you could entertain them while your mother prepares. -04:03 Apr 28

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was suddenly behind him. She looked eighteen, white hair and dark gray eyes. She wore boots and a long black fitting skirt with slits on either side with a red jacket over a white top.* Yes, Glaer! *She gave him a small salute, then watched as he turned and disappeared!*

Alex: *He opened one eye and then another. The ship was rightside up now. He unbuckled his belt and started for the door.* Come on. It’s time to meet my parents. -04:08 Apr 28
Savannah: *Two minutes, one minute and thirty four seconds, one minute and two seconds. Thirty eight seconds. Twelve seconds..! One…! Savannah sucked in breath through her teeth as they "hit" the worm hole. What she expected was to be flying to their doom, or at LEAST outside a planet’s atmosphere. But Hope was chirping that the were now landed safe and sound planetside in a flat field.* ….Did I black out for two minutes? *Savannah got out of her seat to follow, but it was only because she needed to check Hope’s hell after that ride!* -04:10 Apr 28
Savannah: *hell Hull! -04:11 Apr 28
Savannah: …And I thought we were looking for the Heart of Darkness. When did a parental pitstop become part of the plans? -04:11 Apr 28
Alex: *He turned as the door outside opened and he grinned.* Did you think the Heart of Darkness was a gem or something? -04:12 Apr 28
Savannah: A rock… a sword. Maybe an underground cave filled with deadly poison waters. *She muttered, jumping outside and blinking wearily at the sunlight. Stars were so much easier to bare when they weren’t being amplified by an atmosphere. Savannah circled the ship.* Oh wait, you’re going to tell me that Heart Of Darkness is actually just a metaphor for something representing your childhood, yeah? That kinda figures. -04:15 Apr 28

Vlamerias: *There was a giggle from behind Savannah!* So he brought another girl back with him … Don’t you ever work with men?

Savannah: *Whoop, company! Savannah turned around to eye the girl curiously. But then she was latching on to Hope to climb up to the top of her.* Alexei a charmer and heart breaker? I am not surprised! It’s written all over his face. -04:19 Apr 28
Alex: *He smirked.* It’s no in the cards for me, Meri. *He gestured.* Meri, this is Savannah, the pilot. Savannah, this is Vlamerias, Meri for short. *He turned to Meri.* I need to talk to Mom and to Dad. Where are they? -04:21 Apr 28
Alex: *not -04:21 Apr 28

Vlamerias: *She clasped her hands behind her back and tilted her head at Alex.* Mommy is getting ready. You visit so rarely that she asked if she could make it a special occassion. She’s dressing up and the devil rats are preparing a dinner. Glaer should be here shortly.

Savannah: And greetings to you, Vlamerias, Meri for short. *Savannah was curious, but first things first. She walked over the top of Hope and gave her a good look over. That little "trick" that bought them through squeezed her pretty hard. Savannah could feel it in her chest! Otherwise, she looked all right. Savannah slid down the side to land neatly on the ground.* I guess I should wait in the ship? -04:25 Apr 28

Vlamerias: *She grinned wickedly.* Nope. You gotta come with Alex to meet Glaer and Mommy. In the former’s case, if you don’t, he will exile you from the planet and might confiscate your ship. In the latter’s, she really wants to meet you.

Evangeline: *Speaking of Evangeline, she had dressed quickly to something long and elegant! Every time Alex brought home a guest, she tried to make a good and friendly impression. …It made up for the wickedness Gabriel usually caused.* All right now rats, he’ll be here any moment! Lets take this table to the courtyard for an outside meal!

Alex: *He tried to hush Meri but then huffed and rubbed his temples.* Yeah, thanks for sugarcoating it for her, Meri. *He turned and grinned sheepishly at Savannah.* I promise you it won’t be anything drastic like that. Dad is just … paranoid. -04:29 Apr 28
Savannah: *Savannah scowled a bit. No one was going to confiscate her ship without her in it. …and she wasn’t really sure if that was a joke or not.* If I am going to end up kidnapped and married to one of your hideous siblings or something, I can seriously wait right out here… *She slooowly…* -04:30 Apr 28

Suddenly Savannah, Alex, and Vlamerias disappeared and reapeared in the courtyard where the devil rats had just set up the table and were bringing the food out!

Vlamerias: *She giggled.* That’s what happens when you take too long. *She POOFED! and reappeared beside Evangeline!* Mommy! Do you want your crown?

Savannah: *Savannah nearly toppled over sideways from the sudden movement. Argh… magics! She hated magic! It made good solid sciences all willy-nilly!* Gwah… *She swatted Alex. He never warns her about these things!* -04:36 Apr 28

Evangeline: Is he here? Oooo… Quick, yes! Crown! *She was bouncing on her feet, and if she had to wait another moment to see her son, she would had a fit.* Oh, who is his guest? Another girl I can only assume!

Vlamerias: She smells different from the others. *She got Evangeline’s crown and placed it gently on her head.* Her name is Savannah and she flew Alex here.

Alex: *He winced.* What? I didn’t do it, I swear! -04:40 Apr 28

Evangeline: Then let us get to know this girl and see why she is so different? *Evangeline grinned, taking Meri’s arm to head for the courtyard.*

Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy. *She walked with her to the courtyard although she could already tell her Mommy was ready to run.*

Savannah: You hired me to fly you places, not go on these weird trips and meet your parents! *She pointed a finger at him and lowered her voice.* If this ends up weird like the last time, I’m gonna- *She shushed! The Meri girl was now coming out of the doors with a young woman. Very small, very pretty and very… royal? Savannah was perplexed!* -04:42 Apr 28

Evangeline: *Evangeline couldn’t stand it anymore! She squealed!* Alex…! *She released Meri to dash the rest of the way, throwing her arms around his neck for a tight hug. Then kidding both of his cheeks before taking his face in her hands to look him over.* Oh… you’re so scruffy! And taller. I definitely think you are taller!

Alex: *He opened his mouth to explain when he turned–!* Ooofff! *He smiled.* Hi, Mom. I miss you, too. *He scratched his chin.* Yeah, I guess I should have shaved and … taken a shower first. This is Savannah … She’s the pilot I hired.* -04:46 Apr 28
Savannah: Mom! She looks younger than you do! *That was blurted out faster than she could catch herself. Wait, vampires aged all weird, so it shouldn’t be a surprise… Except the woman looked perfectly human. Savannah bowed a little, out of respect at least.* Salute, Mother of Alexei…? -04:47 Apr 28

Evangeline: *Her Alex… he was as handsome as his father! With that same smile and beautiful eyes! She would smother him with hugs, but since he had a guest, she wanted to be polite.* You can call me Evangeline! *Without waiting for Savannah to offer, she shook the girls hand. …It was a testy way to sneak a feel for her.* …Interesting… you are a familiar?

Savannah: *Savannah almost twitched. How could the woman even KNOW or come close to guessing what she was to Hope. Now she was a little disturbed.* You could…. put it that way I suppose. *Savannah slowly disentangled her hand from Evangeline, shooting Alex a glare again. This could be a trap!* -04:52 Apr 28
Alex: *He rubbed the back of his neck and grinned sheepishly at Savannah.* My apologies–<i>Mom.</i> *The last part was a bit of a warning for her. Did she have to do that?!* -04:53 Apr 28
Alex: *He rubbed the back of his neck and grinned sheepishly at Savannah.* My apologies–Mom. *The last part was a bit of a warning for her. Did she have to do that?!* -04:54 Apr 28

Evangeline: To a ship even? I didn’t know that there were creatures…like…that. *Alex hushed her. Oh? Was that a big secret? Thousands of years and Evangeline still couldn’t help blabbering little things out.* I’m sorry! I get a little curious, would you like to have dinner with us? I’m not sure what is keeping Gabriel…

Gabriel: *He entered the courtyard the same way Evangeline had.* … We rarely receive company. Alex. Your guest.

Savannah: I thought I might just hide in my ship and avoid awkward family exchanges. *And then the one whom she assumed was Gabriel stepped out. Savannah leaned back a little bit. THERE was a presence… It was kind of strange how his mother seemed like a peppy little sweetheart and this man looked like he was ready to stomp on someone’s soul* I am Savannah, the Pilot. -05:00 Apr 28
Alex: Dad. *He stood a bit straighter and stiffer. Shoulders back.* -05:02 Apr 28

Gabriel: *He stopped beside Evangeline and smirked at his son. He nodded his head to Savannah.* My wife enjoys being the hostess. It would mean so much to her if you both stayed and enjoyed dinner. *He offered Evangeline his arm.* … Evangeline.

Evangeline: Yes, please do stay. I promise that there won’t be anything to worry about. *That comment she made very specifically to Gabriel as she took his arm.*

Savannah: *Savannah glanced from Alex to Gabriel. Back and forth. No one explained the how ‘crown’ thing to her yet, so she supposed his mother was just quirky. She DID live in a castle.* Dinner it is, then! I guess Alexei owes me something for the weird ride in. You know he told me to fly in to a wormhole? -05:07 Apr 28

Gabriel: *He smirked slightly at Evangeline’s remark and kissed her hand.* I live to pleae you, my Queen. *He took her to her seat and held the chair out for her.*

Alex: *He let out a breath as Gabriel walked away, then blinked at Savannah.* It worked, didn’it? -05:09 Apr 28
Alex: *didn’t -05:09 Apr 28
Savannah: It nearly cracked parts of Hope… *And if Hope cracked… so would she! Alex didn’t -know- that… and neither should his weird clearly also psychic mother. Savannah was moving to sit and paused before she was fully sitting.* …..Queen?* -05:11 Apr 28
Savannah: * minus that last * -05:11 Apr 28

Evangeline: *Evangeline sat down and arranged her skirts neatly. She was already reaching for a teapot to pour a cup of tea.* Uh hum! It’s sweet, don’t you think? I am his Queen of Darkness. *Alex was giving her that look again.* …. you didn’t tell her?

Alex: *He cleared his throat.* Well, it’s kind of complicated ’cause um … she … *Deep breath!* She doesn’t believe the stories. -05:14 Apr 28
Savannah: *First there was that bewildered look at Evangeline. Then she was narrowing her eyes at Alex. Savannah finally sat down, arranging her silverware neatly on both sides of her plate.* Ah, one of those religious type families with old fashioned ideas. I can respect this! …But if you’re trying to convert me, Alexei… *She pointed to a fork and then at her eye. And then at him. Fork. Eye. Him.* -05:19 Apr 28
Alex: Oh, brother. *He cut into a piece of his meat with a fork and a knife.* Look, we came so I can talk to the Heart of Darkness. My mother is the Heart of Darkness. It’s a pet name my dad gave her because he feels she is his heart. -05:20 Apr 28
Savannah: Well. Now I know what "the heart of darkness will explain your visions" means now. I suppose it was stupid to assume it was an acid lake underground… *Savannah was still leaning towards symbolism though.* -05:22 Apr 28
Alex: Can I talk to you after dinner about it, Mom? *He looked at Evangeline.* -05:23 Apr 28

Evangeline: *Evangeline was grinning. This was an unusual sight… her son was usually so confident with women, and the girls very charmed by him. Even the ones the wasn’t interested in! This time he was acting very strange!* Of course you can. I’m sure Gabriel can entertain Savannah while you show me your visions. She could introduce him to her Ship?

Savannah: Is he going to confiscate my ship and banish me from the planet? -05:25 Apr 28

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Do I have a reason to.

Savannah: Not yet… *There were some similarities between Alex and his father, but Savannah wasn’t quite sure what she could get away with. She was still kind of baffled by his wife!* So… are you supposed to be Darkness himself, or just an avatar of Darkness? High priest or just ancient blood line? -05:28 Apr 28

Gabriel: *He smirked, revealing a bit of fangs.* Does it matter.

Savannah: *Savannah didn’t hide that mildy disturbed look on her face. It seemed she didn’t ever try to mask her expressions!* Not really, but I did wonder if that makes Alexei a Prince and if I should be flying around answering orders with Your Highness? -05:32 Apr 28

Evangeline: *It was starting… Gabriel’s subtling testing of Alex’s guests. She had tried time and time again to make him leave the poor girls alone, but there were some things she just could not get Gabriel to do! And he said SHE meddled! Evangeline grinned at her son.* What ARE you doing now that requires your own personal pilot? You haven’t come to see me in so long!

Alex: *He was looking from his dad to Savannah and back again.* The usual. Getting visions, travelling, taking care of said visions. It’s just this last one’s gotten me stomped and I had to seek out an Oracle. I’m really sorry I haven’t been to visit you lately. We can set a date for the next time if you like. -05:35 Apr 28

Evangeline: We’ll see what your vision means first, and then make a date! I hate to set one and then be sad when you can’t make it. *It hadn’t happened often, but sometimes visions just seemed to be that way!*

Alex: *He smiled a bit sadly.* I know. I just really want to make it up to you somehow. Anyways, the food is delicious. I’ll need to thank the devil rats for the meal. -05:40 Apr 28
Savannah: Yes it IS good. I haven’t had a meal like this in forever. *…or make that EVER. Military food was terrible, and her post-military living hadn’t exactly been profitable. …And no one told her if Alexei was a prince or not. She bet he was. He acted like one!* Why isn’t this planet on any of the maps, by the way? It’s kind of hard to lose a planet. -05:43 Apr 28

Gabriel: *Another smirk.* I do not wish it to be. I once attempted to hide Alex’s mother in a castle years ago. I decided I would hide her on a planet instead. Now it only accessible at random intervals at random places.

Evangeline: Oh, Gabriel worries about me so he makes sure no one can find it. Would you promise not to tell any one about it?

Alex: … Yeah. You don’t want to know what happened the last time someone let it out he lived at mom’s castle. -05:46 Apr 28
Savannah: Is that the way it works. The wormhole had pattern to it, though. Do you reset it? *A mathamatical pattern, anyway. That was Hopes readouts, and without those they might have popped through inside out instead of right side up.* I promise not to tell anyone about your planet. I can understand the need to hide. -05:48 Apr 28

Gabriel: … Sometimes. Sometimes not. Wormholes are tolerant enough.

Evangeline: You’re very sweet, thank you! *Evangeline grinned wide again. Then she was sliding from her chair.* I will see if we have something nice for desert, would you like to help me Alex? You can show me your vision while the rats prepare something!

Alex: *He blinked. He wasn’t sure about leaving Savannah alone with Gabriel. But on the other hand, he did need to talk to her …* Right. Excuse me, Savannah. *He stood and joined Evangeline.* We’ll be right back. -05:52 Apr 28
Savannah: *Leaving her with the scary man. That has happened SO many times! At least she didn’t think this one was planning to kill her. ….she thinks.* Soooo… Nice planet you have here, yeah? Alexei can’t read minds, can he? -05:55 Apr 28

Evangeline: *Evangeline led the way back inside the castle, and to the kitchen where rats were hoping around trying to put together a few plates of treats. She leaned against a counter, casting Alex the widest of grins. That all too familiar ‘mother is going to meddle!’ look!* You’re not acting like yourself, sweet… Is there something wrong?

Gabriel: *He sipped his tea.* He is not allowed to. I trust he is paying you well and compensating you for whatever trouble he brings.

Alex: *He ran his fingers through his hair. Was this why she’d brought him here?* Oh just great. I hire a pilote who turns out not to believe the stories. Now she probably thinks I belong to some weird cult who worships Darkness. -05:58 Apr 28
Savannah: He hasn’t gotten me killed yet, so I can’t complain too much. Coming here is kind of awkward though. Meeting some guy’s parents who just happen to be mythical beings of ancient legend and all. *The best part was that she wasn’t even being sarcastic. That that she was sure she believed it. …Other than a hidden planet and a pretty crown, they didn’t seem like the King and Queen of Darkness. …No wait, THIS guy did seem like a King of Darkness. But his not his wife…!* -06:00 Apr 28

Evangeline: Last time you talked to me, you were upset because all of the girls you meet believe everything you say because you’re so handsome. Now you have what you wished for! *He was a grown man, and she still thought he was so adorable! Evangeline held out her hands for him.* Show me your vision?

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* You are probably wondering why I am married to such a bright, caring woman. Rest assured. I do not need to read your mind for that. It is a common question.

Alex: *He snorted, smirking.* Yeah. Be careful what you wish for, right? *He took a deep breath.* Sure. *He took her hands and didn’t even need to focus all that much to share it with her.* -06:03 Apr 28
Savannah: I know they say opposites attract and all that, but when does that ever really work out in real relationships? I thought that Darkness might smother out Light or Light will blind out Darkness. You can’t exactly mix the two, right? *It was a combination of science and religious theory… It just didn’t make sense!* -06:05 Apr 28

Evangeline: *She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. A bond with her child was just as strong as her bond with Gabriel. It was something special in it’s own right! Her brow furrowed as the images came to mind. Destiny lines, stars, ships… no, they were creatures! And something very wicked.* …and how did you meet Savannah..?

Gabriel: *She was perceptive.* Only if you have too much of one or the other. Achieve just the right amount of each and you gain balance. Evangeline insists I was always a caring and sweet individual. *He smirked.* She means well.

Alex: I happened to be at a port. She was there at the bar I went to … Nothing big happened. -06:10 Apr 28
Savannah: So she’s insane..? *The comments was light and meant as a joke. Testing the waters to see what she could say and not get in trouble. Savannah leaned back in her chair, tapping her fingers on the table.* That whole balance thing is a big thing for you in your culture isn’t it. I know the stories about Darkness and his Wife, and the ones about Light who is Dark and his Bane of Shades. Hmm… and the son, now that I think about it… *Now Savannah was casting a curious glanced towards the castle. Okay, it was coincidence at best. The Boy and The Void. That was the story…* -06:13 Apr 28

Evangeline: And then… that was all? You hired her on the spot? *Evangeline was a little suspicious, but not so much about what Alex was hiding, but at the timings of it.* Do you know what her ship is?

Gabriel: I would not say that to her if I were you. That often means she has won the argument. *Another sip of the tea.*

Alex: *He blinked. She had that warning tone in her voice.* No. I didn’t just hire her on the spot. I was looking for a competent pilot to get me here ’cause Dad shielded this place so damn well. I just thought she was the best one for the job. *He shrugged.* I thought it was just a high tech ship but from what you said earlier, it’s a living one and she and it are connected like Meri and you. -06:17 Apr 28
Savannah: …that is probable why Alexei smirks at me when I call him the same. *Damn! She had given him a victory each time she shouted at him? That bastard… If he wasn’t paying her, she’d probably stab him with a fork for real.* Hmm… Iiiif you are Darkness and she your Wife, is it true about your life bond? That your lives are tied together? -06:17 Apr 28

Gabriel: *He shook his head.* Do not let the stories fool you. It does not work the way it was intended.

Evangeline: *She smiled softly and squeezed his hands.* The ship is something special, one of many. And there is someone who wants it back. …I don’t think they should be allowed to take it back. Did you know that she stole her?

Alex: *He blinked!* She what?! *He glanced around.* Damnit, no wonder she never answered questions about how she got it!–Wait, is she even human? -06:22 Apr 28
Savannah: If the intention was to live together forever or die together, I suppose that means one dies and the other does’t depsite the bond. *THAT she understood. Most life bonds worked in similar ways, there was always some sort of catch or condition. Something that goes wrong!* What did you do when it happened? *By "it" she meant his wife dying. ….there was just something about the way he said it! That there was a pain there!* -06:24 Apr 28

Gabriel: *A wicked grin complete with teeth.* I killed Light and nearly tore her soul to shreds. *A devil rat appeared on the table with a platter of cookies.* Cookie.

Evangeline: *Evangeline released his hands to tap her chin.* Aaahm… mostly human! A little of this and that here and there. But it IS her ship. She’s been bond to it a long time. But they both chose to run away. *She grinned again.* Does that change your opinion about her?

Alex: *He ran his fingers through his hair, then rufflfed it!* Yes. No. Uh–I don’t know! *He paced the kitchen.* I mean, should it? -06:28 Apr 28
Savannah: You can’t just blabber something like that out and offer me a cookie! *She exclaimed, completely bewildered. …then she was reaching for a cookie anyway.* You know your myth, I will give you that. -06:29 Apr 28

Gabriel: Evangeline insists I shold try to be nicer. She would call it a work in progress.

Evangeline: She isn’t afraid of Gabriel, I think that is a plus! *She watched him get all frazzled, and rocked on her heels.* Do you like this one, Alex? Because I am afraid you will have your heart broken if you can’t save her life and her ship. And if she is with you when you take care of your vision, she will be caught and taken back.

Savannah: You haven’t banished me yet, I guess that’s gotta be something. *Savannah nibbled on the cookie for a second, before she eyed him carefully again…* …. do you want to meet my ship? -06:35 Apr 28
Alex: *He stopped pacing and let out a breath.* Will she live a long life with her ship if I let her go after this? Take her to the nearest port and apologize to her and pay her? -06:36 Apr 28

Gabriel: Indeed. Yes, I would enjoy that.

Evangeline: A very sweet Fluffy once told me that when you throw a pebble in to a pond, there will still be ripples. It’s your choice on what to do, but you know what the vision means now. There is something that wants those living ships and is capturing them. If it succeeds or not is now up to you, yes?

Alex: *He huffed.* I’ll ask her and see what she says. This time I’ll come clean and let her know what’s happening. I can’t choose for her. I mean, Dad never chose for you, did he? -06:41 Apr 28
Savannah: *Savannah nodded and rose from her seat. But before she could pick a direction, she had to stop. It’s not like she knew which way the clearing was now that they were within the castle walls.* Err… which way was I whisked from? -06:41 Apr 28
Alex: *He stood and pointed to the left.* There. -06:42 Apr 28

Gabriel: *He stood and pointed to the left.* There.

Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned again.* That all depends on which vision and when!

Alex: *He blinked.* Oh right. -06:43 Apr 28
Savannah: Right! *Left. Savannah led the way, kind of… uncomfortable with him trailing behind her, but she wasn’t going to make a big deal about it. There WAS a lot of relief to see Hope sitting there safe and sound, and having Hope chirping in her head again.* Meet Hope! The most beautiful, if not slightly oboxious ship in the entire universe! -06:45 Apr 28

Evangeline: *Evangeline gave her confused son a hug.* Don’t worry! Do what you always do. Protect people, save the universe! In the end everything will work out the way it was meant to be?

Alex: *He hugged her back.* Thanks, Mom. I’m glad the Oracle sent me to you. -06:47 Apr 28

Hope was a medium size ship with a dark bronzey shade of brown. At a first glance she didn’t seem to be an organic creature. But those with more advanced sights could see the movements and way it shifted. Hope was curious!

Gabriel: *He nodded.* A pleasure. How long have you been together.

Savannah: Uh… *Savannah actually had to think about it. She counted on her fingers…* …. I think 73 years? Hope says you smell like rain storms and that she doesn’t like the way you let your shadow wolves jump all over her when I’m not looking. -06:50 Apr 28

Evangeline: You should have just came to me in the first place. What do those Oracles really know that you don’t already? *Evangeline clearly thought her son could hang half the stars in the universe all by himself!*

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly and bowed.* My apologies. They become excited and they are used to roaming freely.

Savannah: I don’t even see any wolves around here… *She glanced around. Just sunshine and grass. Hope could always sense the oddest things.* Since I promised not to tell anyone about your secret planet, can you not tell anyone about Hope? Mind you, I trust Alexei… sort of… I just didn’t expect wife to know about her. -06:54 Apr 28
Alex: *He smiled.* Now I know instead of going to see them, I should just come and see you. -06:54 Apr 28

Evangeline: Yep! Your mommy will always know best! Should we go rescue your new friend from your father? No girl has ever lasted through an entire dinner before!

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