005 The Promise to Darkness

Evangeline and Meri visit one of the tribes, and a warrior refuses to believe Evangeline is a goddess.

[Evangeline is wearing a simple pair of khaki pants and a loose white peasant shirt, as that is the perfect attire for EXPLORING!] -01:56 May 06
[Vlamerias is dressed similarly but in darker colors and one of those wide-brimmed hats!] -02:01 May 06
Evangeline: *Right this moment she was taking a hidden path through the jungle, looking for one of her favorite tribes to visit. It’s been several years and she has a basket full for goodies for them!* I’m so glad it didn’t rain today! It’s so hard to get through the mud. -02:02 May 06
Vlamerias: *Meri is following right behind her!* And it took forever for the mud to come off! But it gave us an excuse to ride the giant froggies! -02:05 May 06
Evangeline: I’m not sure I like how high they hop, though! *Every time she took the path, everything looked different! But thankfully, the path itself was always the same, which saved her from getting lost in the jungle. ….at least most of the time! Up ahead she could see the tops of hut houses and where the path was getting wider.* I can barely remember the last time I came here! -02:09 May 06
Vlamerias: Umm … Neither can I! *She said after awhile.* This planet is really big … Can we visit the penguins soon? -02:12 May 06

It seemed they were noticed approaching, as before long there was suddenly several very tiny little children blocking the path and looking up at them both with wiiiide curious eyes.

Evangeline: Ooo the penguins would be so much fun.. Oh! Hello? *Evangeline stopped before tripping over them, grinning at their surprised faces. She dug in to her basket for a moment and pulled out a big sparklie ball to hand one.* Here! -02:16 May 06

The entire lot of them let out a loud excited squeel at the same time. Taking off running back in to the village with their prize and shouting about the BRIGHT LADY!

Vlamerias: *She peered around Mommy and moved beside her! She was in her human form that had aged to twelve years old.* They always love it when you visit and bring stuff, Mommy. -02:17 May 06
Evangeline: They’re so cute when they run wild with the toys, I can’t help myself. *Entering the village, Evangeline smiled and waved! Some of the very old faces she recognized, but there were lots of newer ones too. It was so hard to keep track of years now! For the moment, she was looking around for the village chief. Announcing herself was the polite thing to do!* -02:21 May 06
Vlamerias: *Meri looked around as she followed. Those kids were running around, throwing the ball back and forth. It almost looked like fun. But she was on business and she had to be very attentive to her Mommy!* -02:23 May 06

The Chieftan wasn’t far, and hard to miss! Old enough to be covered in wrinkles, and wearing several animal robes and official beads, he was an impressive figure. When he approached, he bowed deeply… but the younger man standing behind him just stood straight and scowled. The Chieftan smiled and raised his arms. “Welcome, Bright Lady! It has been many rotations since your last visit.. I was but a young man and barely even a chief..”

Evangeline: Has it? You look just the same and just as handsome! I thought I would come to celebrate the meteorite showers with you and your village, would that be all right? Oh, I brought presents for your ladies! -02:28 May 06
Vlamerias: *She clasped her hands behind her back and looked up at the Chieftan. She couldn’t help but notice the guy standing behind him, though. He looked mean and stuff!* -02:29 May 06
Evangeline: "Bright Lady, you are always welcome to our celebrations." The Chieftan spoke, but paused as the man behind him scoffed out loud. He gestured at the man behind him. "May I introduce Telak. He wishes to lead the next hunting parties, but seems to have little respect for old tradition." -02:31 May 06

“Bright Lady, you are always welcome to our celebrations.” The Chieftan spoke, but paused as the man behind him scoffed out loud. He gestured at the man behind him. “May I introduce Telak. He wishes to lead the next hunting parties, but seems to have little respect for old tradition.”

Telak gave a humored smirk. “I don’t believe in gods, especially ones that walk the world.”

Vlamerias: *She squinted HARD at him! He looked like a big bully! Standing behind Evangeline, she started making faces at the younger man, sticking her tongue out and rolling her eyes!* -02:33 May 06
Evangeline: Really? That’s too bad! Traditions can be so much! *Evangeline just smiled anyway. She was eager to visit the women!* I am going to visit the beading hunt, maybe we can make you something very distinguished for the showers tonight! *She was off walking, only pausing long enough to cast a grin at Meri, who had just been caught red handed!* Meri would you like to come, or would you like to play with the other children? -02:36 May 06

The Chieftan bowed to excuse himself. There were many things to prepare for tonight, especially with the Bright Lady as their honored guest! Telak remained behind, completely unamused with Meri and her Bright Lady.

Vlamerias: *She blinked! Drats, caught! She quickly became serious!* Umm … *She quickly turned and followed after her!* Can I go play with the other children, Mommy? I promise I won’t use magic to cheat this time! -02:38 May 06
Evangeline: Have fun with them! *She grinned wider. Meri was trying so hard to act grown up now, but she was still young by devil standards and needed that time to play! Then Evangeline was eyeing Telak curiously.* Did you want to speak to me? -02:39 May 06

Telak scoffed again. “Are you granted me permission, Bright Lady?” He did move to join her walking. “You do not look like a goddess, nor behave like a goddess. Yet the entire village pays worship to you and that phantom known as Darkness. Who is to say you are not a liar.”

Vlamerias: *The group of kids were running through the village again! Then she was running after them and joining in! She was finding out it was really easy to start playing with people!* -02:44 May 06
Evangeline: I don’t consider myself a goddess and I am just human like anyone else. But your village has always been very kind to me and I always appreciate it. Do you really not believe in my husband? He is as real as you and me! *Gabriel rarely ever came with her to visit the villages, not that she minded! He had so much responsibility now, that she was just greatful he still came home for dinner every evening and spent the nights with her! Once they reached the beading hut, she was a little disppointed to find the ladies had not yet arrived.* -02:45 May 06

An old man sitting crosslegged next to the hut swayed from side to side! “Woe! Woe! Woe to those who bring Darkness’ wrath! Woe! Woe!”

“He is a figment of old men’s imaginations to scare little children in to behaving. Just as you and those like you come to this village representing the Bright Lady and taking advantage of our riches.” Telak was watching her carefully. These were things he seemed to debate about an awful lot lately.

Evangeline: I most certainly do not take advantage of anyone. *She was a little offended! She always asked permission to stay, and never took anything without asking or being offered! But speaking of Darkness, there was that old man who did so enjoy talking about the doom of Darkness. Evangeline dug in to her basket until she pulled out a little obsidian stone wolf. She handed it to the old man.* Here you go! No wrath for you today! -02:50 May 06

Telak looked ready to throw that old man out on to the street. But the woman was giving him a trinket instead, and that seemed to annoy him more. “Here you sate them with idols of Darkness and spread the lies even further! No one has SEEN Darkness! Yet we promise him our souls and our lives to some woman that appears once a blue moon!”

The old man looked up at her wide-eyed and took the wolf between clasped hands. “Thank you! Thank you!” He bowed to her over and over. “Do well. Do well! Tempt the gods none!”

Vlamerias: *She caught the ball when it was thrown and then the children chased after her! She ran around one hut, then another, and a third hut! Some of the adults looked up and watched the children play!* -02:58 May 06
Evangeline: I understand, I really do, but I think you are making a big deal over something silly. No one has promised any souls or lives! *Evangeline was sure that the young man just wanted to argue. Which was all right, but he was really persistant about it. She stepped inside the hut to set down her basket and pulled out several boxes of stone beads she had collected from around the planet and made to share!* In any case, would you like to help me make a necklace for the chief? *She had some needle and a thread ready and strange a few beads, but a slip of her finger and a tiny EEP and she was shaking her hand to see where she poked herself.* -03:00 May 06

“Big deal?” He growled. The cultural belief of his tribe ruled their lives, it WAS a big deal! Then to ask him to do such a mundane task like he was a child… But it was seeing the drop of blood at her fingers that really was the last straw. He was growling again as he snatched her up by the arm. “Gods don’t bleed. You are nothing more than some manipulative mortal..!”

The air suddenly became considerably colder! So much so that their breaths came out in fog! They were suddenly not alone either! Glowing eyes peered from the darkness! Not just in the hut they were in but outside in the village as well!

Evangeline: *Oh dear…! Somewhere she had said or done the wrong thing, this man was really upset! And making her uncomfortable!* I’m sorry..? I don’t mean to give the wrong impression, but I do think you have it all wrong. Now if you could please calm down before my husband gets worried about me… -03:04 May 06

Vlamerias: *Meri suddenly stopped and looked around! Oh no! Shadow wolves! That meant …!* Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!

Telak hadn’t yet noticed the staring eyes or the suddenly rolling fog. He was in such a rage! He dragged Evangeline outside of the hut and was heading for the center of the village. “COME LOOK! This goddess bleeds! Your old gods are nothing but lies made up by mortals!” He pulled loose a knife from his belt. If no one believed him, he was about to prove it to them all.

Vlamerias: Mommy! *She ran over to help her up, glaring at the guy!* Big bully! Glaer is going to make you pay for that!

The Chieftan came running, followed by several of the other elders. “Telak. You know not of what you do. Release the Bright Lady before you bring Darkness upon us all!”

The eyes were now attached to wolves who were sitting and lying around the crowd, watching and waiting. The old man by the hut was rocking back and forth faster now, holding his head and murmuring about doom!

“There will be no Darkness, don’t you see?! It’s a story! Myth and Legend! Just like this woman who comes to our village pretending to be one of the gods, when she has no power! Show us your power BRIGHT LADY if you are such a god!”

Evangeline: *Evangeline was dusting herself off, and now rubbing her arm where he had gripped her for too tight! She looked a little worried…* You should listen to your chief and calm down. There isn’t any reason to get so upset like this! -03:12 May 06
Gabriel: … I will be taking my wife now and my familiar. And revoking your privilege to live here. All of your privileges. *Someone said from behind Telak.* -03:12 May 06

Telak froze. Turning to see where the voice came. Just now noticing the village center being surrounded by wolves… and now this man who looked like no other! “… who are you.”

Most everyone in the village looked completely horrified. The Chieftan having a grave expression of his own as he bowed deep. “Forgive us, Great Darkness. He is a fool.”

Evangeline: Gabriel… *Too late! Evangeline moved until she was near enough to tug on his sleeve.* I’m not hurt. Everything is okay here. -03:17 May 06
Gabriel: *A smirk, upper lip pulled back to reveal fangs. He didn’t appear to hear the Chieftain or Evangeline. He had his eyes on the young human. What to tear off first.* -03:19 May 06

Now Telak was looking scared. Backing away slowly at first before he turned to run!

Gabriel didn’t need to run after him! The wolves were there and now they were running after him, altogether and moving as one, chasing him down to bring him dragging back!

Evangeline: *Evangeline tugged on his sleeve again, now frowning.* He didn’t hurt me. He is just one confused man. You could let him go and let the Chief take care of him? And enjoy the meteors with me? -03:25 May 06
Gabriel: I have been too lenient. An example must be made. I am revoking their privilege of living here. -03:29 May 06
Evangeline: But he is only one person, and they have lived here for so long? I’m sure he’s learned his lesson very well now! *Those shadow wolves were all but chewing on Telak, so she didn’t want to glance that way for confirmation!* -03:31 May 06

“Great Darkness, this will not happen again. We respect and care for your Bright Lady as she is our beacan of compassion. Telak will be punished severely and no other will bring her ill. It is our vow.” The chieftan was still bowing deep, having not moved or dare to glance upwards. Where the Bright Lady was friendly, Darkness was not!

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her.* What, in the centuries we have been married, leads you to believe I take your safety lightly. My rule is clear. Bring harm to you and die. Apparently that rule is not clear enough for some. *He heard the Chieftain out, then looked at Evangeline. This was the first time this had happened … But all it took was a single opportunity to harm Evangeline.* I will hear out these punishments. *But there was no guarantee they’d be enough to satisfy him!* -03:36 May 06

“As the Bright Lady does not wish for his death, we would respect such wishes. Telak would work in our mines and our fields in servitude, would not be welcome with our people and live in exile until the day he dies.” To be ostricized as if you didn’t exist yet still part of the tribe was the worst thing that could happen to any of their people! Most welcomed death than to live as a “shadow” for their live!

Gabriel: … Do with him as you will. *The wolves immediately released Telak and stepped backwards. He turned and began to walk away.* -03:46 May 06

Immediatly a couple of the villagers grabbed Telak and dragged him away. While the rest were so relieved, they were ready to REALLY celebrate this special day! Someone even hugged Meri!

Vlamerias: *She blinked as she was hugged! Only her Mommy hugged her! These people must really be happy!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline was quick to pounce, throwing her arms around Gabriel because he could escape.* Gabriel…! Do you have to leave now…? -03:48 May 06
Gabriel: *The wolves turned and ran through the jungle. Eleven, twelve, thirteen … twenty … there were quite a few shadow wolves! Gabriel stopped and looked at Evangeline.* … I suppose not. *He said after a few minutes.* -03:49 May 06
Evangeline: *She grinned wide, not letting go yet.* Will my kind and generous husband stay to dance by the fire and watch stars with me? -03:52 May 06
Gabriel: You will never let me live this down. *He said, meaning being called "kind" and "generous."* -04:01 May 06
Evangeline: My husband is a wonderful man, and it’s not often everyone gets to see why I love him so much. *No, she’d likely never let it go! He made this world because he loved her, and did so much more.* -04:04 May 06

There were indeed many curious people now, at least the ones that weren’t preparing for the celebrations. They were quite interesting in taking a look at Darkness and his interaction with his Bright Lady! Everyone knew the legend, but to see it was very different!

Gabriel: It is also not often I am required to come because of one stupid human. *She was so very happy. She was beaming! He wanted to smile, too. Almost!* What are you doing here. -04:22 May 06
Evangeline: It’s something special today! Once upon a time, a long time ago you gave me a kiss and made stars fall for me… And here is the best place to watch them! *Evangeline tugged on his sleeve again, she was grinning silly most especially because it would be nice to see it with him there too!* -04:27 May 06
Gabriel: You are an insane romantic woman. *He said, leaning forward to kiss her lips gently.* -04:30 May 06
Evangeline: *She giggled against his mouth.* Says the man who does these things for me… *Evangeline threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.* You’ll dance with me and watch? I have a blanket in my basket! -04:32 May 06
Gabriel: *He smirked and slipped his arms around her.* Very well. I have not had my cuddles today. -04:34 May 06
Evangeline: We can do nothing but cuddle! I’m sure the women won’t mind that I am too distracted to help them with beads. *At least Evangeline doubted anyone would object to her spending time with Darkness himself, after that very scary scene! They might be greatful for her soothing his ruffled feathers. ….and that thought made her grin all the more as she gave him a quick kiss!* -04:36 May 06
Gabriel: *He turned and started walking to her basket.* I doubt they will. You have the most perplexing effect on me, bright wife of mine. -04:38 May 06
Evangeline: They say I’ve tamed Darkness, but I hardly think that is true at all… *Evangeline was perfectly content to hold his hand and swish his arm back and forth.* I think they’re all very baffled by you! *She waved at a few very confused looking people, who were now pretending like they weren’t staring and gossiping… Gossip was apparently one of those things last lasted through time!* -04:44 May 06
Gabriel: I have not visited for awhile. Perhaps they will be wise enough to be careful how they treat you. -04:48 May 06
Evangeline: *She squeezed his hand.* Sometimes there are going to be moments and accidents… you know that. You could worry less about the things that could hurt me, and think about all of the wonderful things that you’ve done instead? Like the ground and the trees and our son and the people, who despite one dummy are very kind and love this world? -04:52 May 06
Gabriel: Marrying you. *He said as Meri and the other children ran past, playing ball again.* -04:58 May 06
Evangeline: Hmm… I think marrying me is one of my favorites. *Evangeline darted in to the beading hut very quickly to fetch her basket, but then she was right back to holding his hand. She looked like the cat that had caught it’s canary. ..and was already thinking of all the things she wanted to do with him under the stars!* -05:01 May 06
Gabriel: *There was that look on her face. He saw it often when he arrived home and had missed cuddling.* What are you planning, Evangeline. -05:08 May 06
Evangeline: I think I might kiss you enough that you forget to leave in the morning! *Amongst other things… she was still trying to decide! Either way, she was leading him through the village to hunt down her ideal watching spot.* -05:11 May 06
Gabriel: *A smrk. He had no doubt she would. Once she set her mind to something, there was little to no turning back. However, he could not complain. He enjoyed spending time with her.* -05:15 May 06
Evangeline: *She was leading him out of the village now. On this side most of the trees had been cleared out for farming and other such things. She was taking Gabriel off to one of the small hills where she finally set down her basket and laid out the blanket. Then she fussed at him to sit before she plopped on to his lap!* Now aren’t you glad you came to terrorize someone! -05:19 May 06

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