Gabriel gives Dark a wicked lesson where Caroline has to intervene. Evangeline takes Dark and Vlamerias Trick-or-Treating.

[Evangeline is going to take Meri trick or treating today! But first they are grabbing some food in the cafeteria, because candy on an empty stomach is bad!] -07:17 Oct 08
[Gabriel had taken Dark to a nice, isolated place for this lesson! … And for good reason!] -07:17 Oct 08

Dark: Brrr! *Dark found himself shivering in the cold on the barren plateau Gabriel had brought them too!* What’s this … the Himalayas?! You’ve gotta be kidding me!

Vlamerias: But Mommy, I don’t need food! Just lots of treats! *She was so excited about this trick or treating the Bright Lady talked about! And it was all the buzz around Oracle!*

Evangeline: Are you sure? They’re having Spiced Pumpkin Soup and I bet it’s going to be really delicious! *Evangeline was just as excited about trick-or-treating! She never had the chance to go herself, and taking a little girl now was going to be a lot of fun!* -07:20 Oct 08
Gabriel: *Gabriel stood a few yards away and raised an eyebrow.* The thin air, the high atmosphere, the freezing temperatures will do you well. -07:21 Oct 08

Vlamerias: OOhh! Spiced Pumpkin Soup! There’s a big orange pumpkin in the soup?! *That she had to see! She began skipping to the cafeteria! If she got another pumpkin, the Bright Lady could help her carve another jack o’ lantern!*

Dark: *He huffed!* … Says the sadistic bastard. I’m not training up here in the middle of nowhere!

Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly.* … Says the fledgeling with no choice in the matter. Levitas. *A streak of lightning shot out from Gabriel’s finger at Dark!* -07:25 Oct 08
Evangeline: Well, I don’t think they put the whole pumpkin in the ones for us smaller people. But there might be in the Ogre’s soup! *Taking one of the trays, Evangeline made sure to get soup, some of the fresh bread with butter and hot apple cider! The night will be cool, so it’ll keep them nice and warm while Meri charms people for candy! With a full tray she walked easily around the prancing devil to sit down next to a quiet Caroline!* I love Halloween! -07:26 Oct 08

Dark: *Dark narrowly avoided being struck full on by the lightning blast! But Gabriel didn’t let up and the second blast sent him flying backwards! He landed on his back with the wind knocked out of him! Dark groaned and got up.* … Unholy crap. Caroline’s teaching got nothing on this bastard’s …

Caroline: *Caroline paused mid-sip from her usual porcelain teacup.* I’m afraid I don’t share your sentiments. The world is thrown in to absolute madness.

Vlamerias: *Meri’s face lit up!* Oh, the ogre’s! I’ll go ask him! *And she skipped toward the back of the cafeteria to ask the Ogre sitting in the corner!*

Gabriel: *If Gabriel heard him, he gave no sign! Instead, he summoned his sword and ran forward! Dark had to start moving or risk being sliced into two!* -07:29 Oct 08

Dark: Damnit! *Dark scrambled to his feet and ducked in time to avoid being sliced in half!* This isn’t fair, Gabriel! *He rolled out of the way, got to his feet and then dashed away!*

Evangeline: I guess it might be a little chaotic. But, I think it’s brilliant! It’s not often when the door between the Human World and the Magical World is wide open anymore. *Meri had run off to ask the poor Ogre a million questions! Evangeline grinned and buttered her bread. Questions were good!* -07:31 Oct 08

The Ogre who was trying to enjoy his dinner scowled down at the little devil that was now trying to peer inside his giant pot of soup.

Vlamerias: Hello, Mr. Ogre! *Meri exclaimed!* Oohh … Can you move your spoon over that way? … Um, a little to the left … No, back toward me … Yeah, right there! Is that an entire pumpkin in there?!

Caroline: It happens every year, my lady. Hardly something to be so thrilled over. *Caroline sipped her tea with a thoughtful expression. Halloween was pretty much an excuse for people to conjure up demons! It was a Slayers worst day of the year!*

Gabriel: Life is not fair and death is the Great Equalizer. *Gabriel replied as he stopped and turned, watching Dark.* If you wish to stop this lesson, you must force me to yield. -07:37 Oct 08

The Ogre, not being one of many words scowled a bit more. Why yes, that WAS a whole pumpkin in his soup! He curled a big meaty arm around the pot and pulled it closer to him!

Vlamerias: *Meri was not one to be discouraged so easily! She hopped onto the table–which was a really big table, she noted–and tried to get another peek into the soup!* Mr. Ogre, are you going to eat that entire pumpkin? Don’t you think you should save it and make a jack o’ lantern with it? You can make eyes and a mouth and a hole for the nose! I saw a jack o’ lantern that also had ears and hair and everything! Even these little arms at the side! *And she demonstrated by sticking her arms to her sides!*

Dark: *He skidded to a stop when he came up against the side of a mountain! He snickered.* … Force you to yield, rriiigghhtt. Just hold on while I pull out a nuclear missile or two–Do I look like I have an entire arsenal at my disposal?! *Unlike some people …*

Evangeline: You sound like you need a vacation! Since Gabriel is teaching Dark tonight, would you like to come with us trick-or-treating? We could dress up with neat costumes and everything! -07:42 Oct 08

The Ogre snorted! Which proceeded to cover Meri in what was probably Ogre boogies. This was HIS dinner, and no Devils are going to take out the best part!

Vlamerias: *Meri blinked once and the twice! Then she hunched forward with her palms on the table and shook herself! Watching those weres get dry from swimming in the pool paid off! The boogers went flying everywhere! She stood straight and hopped up and down for another peek of the pumpkin!* Ooh! You must have at least six–no seven of those pumpkins in that soup! How many pumpkins did they fit into that pot?!

Caroline: Keeping an eye on you is a job within itself, my lady. This evening I intend to go home and sleep until the night is over. *Caroline almost gestured towards Meri, who had just slung snot over a few dining hunters.. but well… She WAS going to take it easy tonight! Buggar them all!*

Gabriel: You will need to actually try to achieve the result you desire. *He changed his grip on his sword and threw it, point first at Dark!* -07:48 Oct 08

There was a lot of EEWW and gaging from several hunters who just had their dinners ruined! The Ogre was now trying to nudge the devil away from his pot! He had a good dozen pumpkins and he intended to eat them all!

Evangeline: A nice rest would be good for you, I think you worry far too much about us! You are almost as bad as Gabriel sometimes. *Speaking of Gabriel, he took Dark outside of Oracle for training this time, which meant it was probably going to involve something bigger than usual. It made her curious!* -07:56 Oct 08

Vlamerias: *If she noticed the giant ogre pushing her away from the pot, she gave no sign! She just started counting them!* Oohh … one … two … oh no, one … two … Oohh, there’s another one! They’re all so big! It’s like pumpkins mega super-ultra-sized! *She had never seen such big pumpkins before!*

Dark: *Dark saw that sword coming but it was moving faster than it appeared! As he was moving to duck, the sword went SSCCHINNK! and impaled him to the mountain wall by the shoulder! He let out a string of curses!*

The Ogre couldn’t stand it anymore! He plucked out two of the large pumpkins from his pot and shoved them in to the devil’s arms! Anything to eat his dinner in peace!

Caroline: *Caroline grinned in to her cup.* My lady, there is not a being on this earth that compares to Gabriel. But I shall take it as a compliment.

Gabriel: … Focus. Blood is the catalyst for your spells. If you do not use it, someone else will. Observe. Ignis. Levitas. Glacies. *First a blast of fire, followed closely by a lightning blast and a blast of ice went flying at Dark!* -08:12 Oct 08

Vlamerias: *Meri was pleasantly surprised when she ended up with two large pumpkins, one in each arm!* Thank you, Mr. Ogre! Happy Halloween! *She hopped off of the table and went swaying back to the table!* Mommy, Lady Warrior, look! Look!

Evangeline: He is amazing, isn’t he? *Her thoughts about Gabriel were interupted as Meri returned, clearly managing to get herself more pumpkins! Mister Beer was such a nice Ogre!* Did you fetch us more? Now when Gabriel and Dark return we can have them help us make some really scary ones! -08:15 Oct 08

Caroline: A fine prize, Vlamerias. Now that you’re covered in soup, you might try eating some before My lady takes you out for the evening. *Caroline was trying to imagine Dark carving pumpkins, but knowing Evangeline he would end up doing it anyway!*

Dark: *Dark was trying to pull that sword out! Gabriel had one hell of a throw as the blade seemed to be stuck in the rock! This time, when he saw the attacks coming his way, he managed to clear his head!* Rebound! *The attacks suddenly changed course and went flying back at Gabriel!*

Vlamerias: Yes! Soup! And apple cider! *Meri proudly put her pumpkins on the an empty chair before hopping into hers next to Evangeline’s!* Are you coming to trick or treat, Lady Warrior? Mommy says it’s lots of fun and has lots of goodies!

Caroline: No, small one. I am going to finish my meal, spend several hours in a hot bath and get some rest. You’ll get to keep all of that candy for yourself.

Vlamerias: OOHh … Does that mean Dark will join us for trick or treating, Mommy? I think he needs more sweets!

Evangeline: Oh, that’s a good idea! I bet he’l be tired and need a good break too. He’s never been trick-or-treating either! *Now… but where were they? They didn’t even seem to be in the country! Now she was going to have to snoop out for Gabriel and make sure he wasn’t burrying Dark in a volcano somewhere…* -08:35 Oct 08
Gabriel: *Gabriel quickly moved out of the way and the blasts went sailing off into thin air, past the plateau! Then he was pulling out his guns and shooting at Dark!* -08:36 Oct 08

Dark: *He finally managed to get that sword free and held the sword with both hands. BANG BANG BANG! *He staggered backwards a few steps when the bullets hit the sword’s blade! But as soon as there was a lapse, he was charging forward, sword high above his head!*

Caroline: Hmm. I’m not sure if tired is the word. *Caroline paused to look at a watch on her wrist. Dark had been gone with Gabriel for some time. Though, he could hold his own in lessons these days, Gabriel was starting to push the limit…*

Evangeline: Don’t fear for him, Caroline, he’s alright! *Don’t you dare throw him off that mountain!! He may not have been going to, but he was thinking it! Evangeline frowned to herself, tapping her spoon on her bowl.* -08:47 Oct 08
Gabriel: *When Gabriel and Dark met, Gabriel’s gun met Dark’s sword! The stalemate was broken when Gabriel buried his fist–the gun in that hand gone–into Dark’s gut and then swept his legs out from under him! He didn’t reply to Evangeline!* -08:49 Oct 08

Vlamerias: *Meri was enjoying her soup and apple cider in the meantime! Every so often she would stop to pat her pumpkin and even hug one of them! They would make such great jack o’ lanterns!*

Dark: *Dark fell on his back on the ground but then he jumped back to his feet and tackled Gabriel to the ground!*

Caroline: If he gets himself battered, he’d only have himself to blame. *Worried about Dark, never! …At least she wouldn’t call it worry. Maybe concern over her newest charge. A mentor doesn’t want to see her charges mangled.*

Evangeline: *Huff! He couldn’t possibly be so busy to not reply! Unless Dark was trying to throw HIM off the mountain, and that would just be silly. …Of course that made her wonder if Gabriel could fly if he wanted to, which was a momentary distraction from huffing!* We are almost finished with dinner, anyway. I suppose we can go and fetch them. -08:56 Oct 08
Gabriel: *Both he and Dark hit the ground but the scuffle ended when he got his feet under him and hoisted him into the air! Unfortunately for Dark, that meant he was sailing over the edge of the plateau!* -08:56 Oct 08

Dark: *One moment he had Gabriel down and the next–! He reached out for the edge of the plateau! His fingers found a slight hold but then it slipped and he was falling!* !!

Evangeline: Caroline, you need to rescue Dark from falling off a mountain. …I did tell him not to throw him off! *Gabriel was in so much trouble!* -09:00 Oct 08

Vlamerias: *That certainly made Meri stop and blink at the Brighty Lady wide-eyed! … Wait, she was missing that?!*

Caroline: *Caroline sputtered and choked on her tea!* I-[i]What[/i]?! *The cup dissapeared as she rose from her chair, pulling a needle from her pocket to prick her finger. It took a moment for her to lock on to magical signatures, but luckily, falling off a mountain from that high took awhile! With a jerking shimmer, she had to poof to the middle of nowhere to freefall and catch a vampire!*

Caroline: *Caroline sputtered and choked on her tea!* I-What?! *The cup dissapeared as she rose from her chair, pulling a needle from her pocket to prick her finger. It took a moment for her to lock on to magical signatures, but luckily, falling off a mountain from that high took awhile! With a jerking shimmer, she had to poof to the middle of nowhere to freefall and catch a vampire!*

Dark: *Dark was certain his last thoughts would be something a long of lines of “I hate that guy … Stupid vampire … Asshole!” and his swearing said as much!* Ooff! *Someone suddenly caught him and at first he expected it to be Gabriel until he looked up!* Caroline?! *He looked around. He wasn’t dead. But someone was going to wish he was!* Let me back to that asshole so I can skin him alive! *He growled!*

Dark: let get

Evangeline: *That wasn’t very nice. …If Dark splatted and Caroline didn’t catch him, Gabriel was not getting any pets! And would take baths by himself!* -09:07 Oct 08
Gabriel: *He is alive. And I did not deliberately throw him off the mountain. He replied, watching Dark’s rescue from his place atop the cliff!* -09:11 Oct 08

Caroline: Quiet! *Freefalling and casting spells like this wasn’t easy! But, he had enough blood on him that she could summon the spell from his instead of her own… including a way to make sure they didn’t hit the ground hard where they landed! Another shimmer, and a sudden stop! Where Caroline landed on her feet at the top of the mountain as she always did… and let Dark drop at her feet in an unceremonious heap!*

Gabriel: *Vlamerias was wide-eyed and curious!* … Mommy … is my <i>Glaër</i> in trouble? -09:16 Oct 08

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was wide-eyed and curious!* … Mommy … is my Glaër in trouble?

Evangeline: He might be. One as clever as Gabriel could find a different way to throw Dark than off a mountain. *Yes! Doesn’t he know how scary it is to fall from things? Especially mountains! Those are so high..!* -09:19 Oct 08

Dark: OOooff! *He dropped to the ground and landed on his ass! But instead of getting up, he just lay on his back and glared up at her!* That’s a graceful rescue if I’ve seen any! *Get up? Hell no. He was going to stay right here and to hell with Gabriel or Caroline!*

Caroline: *Caroline moved a foot back and for a moment it looked like she was going to kick him off the mountain herself. …she refrained.* You know how to teleport.

Dark: *He was tempted to stick his tongue at her!* … That’s what happens when someone is shot at, run through, blasted at, and thrown off a mounter after being subjected to thin air and freezing temperatures! Gabriel is going to end up killing me! *He growled!* Stupid, self-absorbed, arrogant, good-for-nothing bastard … *He muttered!*

Gabriel: *mountain -09:25 Oct 08
Gabriel: *Gabriel appeared as he was wont to do, a few yards away with Dark between him and Caroline. There was something in his hand–a stopwatch!* Greetings, Caroline. -09:28 Oct 08

Caroline: Is that the way it is? *Caroline responded to Dark, with sarcastic tone she tended to use on Alistair when he was being disagreeable. At Gabriel’s voice, she crossed her arms and frowned.* …A stopwatch in lessons?

Dark: *He was glaring at Caroline until the mention of the stopwatch! That made him sit straight up and glare at Gabriel instead!* A stopwatch?! What the bloody hell!

Vlamerias: Maybe I should share my candy with Dark and my Glaër later!

Evangeline: *Meri was adorable..! Evangeline smiled wide!* Would you like to take Dark with us? He’ll get to have his own bag of candy then, and you’ll both get twice as much! -09:35 Oct 08
Gabriel: Six minutes and forty-three seconds. *Gabriel said.* It is to see how long Dark lasts against me. *He pocketed the stopwatch.* You beat your old time. *Then he looked at Dark.* It is still the same mistake. You focus only at the last moment and only for so long. You will need to control your temper and stop distracting yourself. -09:37 Oct 08

Vlamerias: *The little devil grinned!* That is a wonderful idea! Lady Warrior could use a break, too! She still has that nasty bat to look after! *She made a face at the mention of Alistair!*

Dark: *Dark glowered at him and then huffed!* …

Caroline: … *That’s it? Six minutes? …Nope! Not going to lecture! Caroline covered her face with her hands and took a deep breath. No lessons on Halloween!* In any case, My lady wishes your company, Dark. Though, at six minutes… perhaps you should remain with Gabriel.

Dark: … Evangeline? *He tilted his head back so he could look at Caroline, albeit upside down!* What for …? She’s not going to teach me how to pick up women again, is she?

Evangeline: Alistair is not so bad. I would like to help him, but it’s so much easier for Gabriel to squeeze the stuffing out of Bats than hunters… *Evangeline picked up her cup of cider to sip!* -09:43 Oct 08

Caroline: No. She has something much more… interesting in mind. Take your pick. An evening with Gabriel or Evangeline.

Dark: *He huffed.* I’ll take Evangeline, hands down. I think I’ve had enough of being drilled by Mr. Sadistic Bastard.

Vlamerias: I think you and Lady Warrior are very patient to put up with the likes of him. He said something to a lady and she slapped him but he thought she was playing … um … hard to get. What does that mean, MommY?

Vlamerias: *Mommy

Evangeline: Well.. that means.. Um… That he thought she was saying no just to tease him, when she really meant yes. That is playing hard to get! Like, when you play with Dark and play chase? -09:59 Oct 08
Gabriel: I shall keep watch over him as he accompanies Evangeline and Vlamerias. *He told Caroline.* My wife is wont to find herselves in situations that require rescuing. -09:59 Oct 08
Gabriel: *herself -09:59 Oct 08

Vlamerias: OOhhhh … *Meri crinkled her nose.* Playing chase sounds like a lot more fun than that. They’ve been gone for a really long time, haven’t they?

Caroline: I wasn’t worried about it. *Caroline scowled. The trouble with that bond… Gabriel was always aware of Evangeline’s thoughs, and here he was repeating them! Caroline pulled her needle to prick her finger again, the transportation spell back to Oracle!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline could only grin!* Playing hard to get is fun sometimes. *Like when she pretends to be mad at Gabriel longer than she actually is! ..Of course, he knows she’s doing it, but that is why it’s so fun!* They will be here in a second! -10:03 Oct 08
Gabriel: *A faint smirk crossed his lips and then he used his knife, cut his palm.* "Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via." *He and Dark disappeared in a pulse of negative energy with the wind blowing around them!* -10:22 Oct 08

Dark: *He found himself in the cafeteria of Oracle and then he glared at Gabriel!*

Caroline: *Caroline appeared by the table, only long enough to retrieve the pastries she had saved for her evening.* I’m going. Enjoy your evening, My Lady, Vlamerias. *A brief pat on the little devil’s head, she at least graced Dark with a wicked smile before she left!*

Evangeline: Dark! It’s nice to have you here and not splatted flatter than a pancake! *Ahem! If she could glare at Gabriel she would! Well…. maybe for a second!* I am going to take Meri trick-or-treating, would you like to go? -10:26 Oct 08

Dark: Hey, Evangeline. I don’t know … You got any ice cream? *Ice cream always made things better!*

Vlamerias: Bye, Warrior Lady! Happy Halloween! *Meri exclaimed! She smiled at Dark and Gabriel!* Hello!

Evangeline: *She blinked!* Not right this moment. If you join us, we can get some on the way home. You’ll have a whole bunch of candy to eat it with! -10:30 Oct 08
Gabriel: *Gabriel smirked and stood behind Evangeline. Then he was leaning forward and cupped her cheek, turning her head to his. Then he was kissing her lips once, then a second time, longer and deeper!* -10:31 Oct 08
Evangeline: *…Well!! There was a soft murrf from her, as she attempted to complain… but… it was so hard to ignore him and be angry when he kissed her like this! How unfair!* -10:35 Oct 08
Gabriel: *He lifted his head and kissed her forehead.* I love you, Evangeline. I trust you, Vlamerias, and Dark will have fun together. -10:40 Oct 08
Evangeline: *A deep sigh! Followed by a grin!* As I love you.. even when you’re wicked. We’re just going trick or treat in a very nice neighborhood! And when we come home, Meri wants to carve more of the pumpkins! -10:42 Oct 08
Gabriel: *Gabriel stood and smiled.* Of course. *The smile disappeared and he patted Meri’s head gently.* Have fun. *And then he was gone!* -10:59 Oct 08

Dark: So . .. this trick or treat thing … Caroline didn’t say anything about it. All I know is that humans dress up and stuff themselves full of sweets.

Evangeline: She is correct! *Evangeline quickly drank the last of her cider before she was leaning over to dig around in the hefty looking bag she had beside her. The Hunters kept calling it her Mommy-Kit, but it was just things in case of emergencies!* You wear a neat outfit and knock on people’s doors and they’ll give you candy! It’s um… well, it has nothing to do with the real meaning of Halloween, but holidays never do make sense these days! -11:01 Oct 08

Vlamerias: Bye-bye, Glaër! I’ll save some candy for you! *Vlamerias waved!* Mommy says she wants to inspect my candy before I eat it! She says there are bad people out there and we have to be careful, just in case! *She nodded firmly!*

[Gabriel is now known as: Vlamerias] -11:03 Oct 08

Dark: So you just show up and people give you candy … What about ice cream?

Evangeline: I don’t think they give out ice cream. That wouldn’t be very easy to carry home at the end of the night. Now, Meri will be able to use her demon form, but you will need a costume. I have a tiara and cat ears! And um… I think this is a scary mask! *She pulled it out and it was indeed scary! But probably not the scary Evangeline thought! It was s disturbing looking clown mask!* What do you think? -11:08 Oct 08

… Blink! Blink! Vlamerias and Dark were both speechless, then they turned to each other! Blink! Blink!

Dark: *He turned back to Evangeline and put his hand over her wrist to lower the mask.* Uh … Let’s forget about the tiara and the scary looking … clown thing.

Vlamerias: Oohh! *She clapped her hands!* Does that mean I can fly and cast spells, too, Mommy? -11:23 Oct 08
Evangeline: *It’s a clown? Well! She put away the clown mask and the tiara, holding out the cat ears for Dark! That’s what he chose, after all!* Uum… You can fly a little bit, but only if there aren’t any humans around and maybe a little spellcasting if you’re careful! -11:24 Oct 08

Dark: *… Cat ears.* I’m never gonna live this down. *He muttered as he took the white cat ears and placed them on his head!* I look ridiculous.

Vlamerias: *She grinned!* Oh yay! *Then she looked at Dark and blinked!* Oohh … Kitty! Meow meow! -11:28 Oct 08
Evangeline: I bet you look adorable and very sweet! *With that settled, Evangeline stood and pulled her bag over her shoulder.* Oh! *Rumaging in her bag she pulled out a couple of trick-or-treat bags… she even already snuck some candy in them!* One for each of you -11:29 Oct 08

Dark: *… Adorable and sweet. Rrriigghht. He took the bag which was fairly big and had a picture of a jack o’ lantern on both sides.* … Thanks.

Vlamerias: *Meri was much more excited about hers! Her bag was as big as Dark’s but had a witch’s face, complete with a poiny hat on it!* Thank you, Mommy! It’s so big! I won’t rest until it’s stuffed with candy! -11:32 Oct 08
Evangeline: That’s good! Because we’ll have a long walk and many doors to knock on! She took Dark’s hand to tug him along. He’ll perk up and get in to the spirit of it when he sees how fun it is!* Come on then, before people run out of all the good candies! -11:37 Oct 08
Vlamerias: Chocolate and peppermint and cookies … It’ll be great! *Meri exclaimed, taking the lead! Once they were outside, she let her wings and tail grow! It was so good to stretch them again!* Oohh … Where should we start, Mommy? -11:43 Oct 08
Evangeline: We are going to tuuuurn… *She paused for a minute pointing a finger until she had the right direction.* That way! It’s a nice neighborhood of big houses! -11:47 Oct 08

Dark: So … how long is it going to take to fill up these bags of ours? *He asked, curious. There was some candy already inside but it was going to take quite a lot of those small candies to fill them up!*

Vlamerias: I hope they have lots of candy and treats and stuff! Trick or treat, smell my wings, give me something good to … bring! *Meri said in a sing-song voice!* -11:56 Oct 08
Evangeline: It depends on the houses we visit? Some people will give extra candy if you smile at them and look extra cute! *Evangeline kept walking, occasionally nudging Meri in the proper direction until they came to the right street to turn on. All the houses looked fairly similar to each other. A lazy little neighbor. And there were oddly dressed kids running all over the place!* here we go… now we find the first house! -12:00 Oct 09
Vlamerias: I see it! *Meri pointed at a house where some kids were walking away! The person was still standing at the door with the bowl in their hands!* Can we go? Can we go! -12:09 Oct 09
Evangeline: Yes! You walk up to knock on teh door, and say Trick-Or-Treat when they open it! Then smile as big as you can! -12:10 Oct 09
Vlamerias: Okay! *Meri suddenly turned to Dark!* I practiced all day! You try trick or treating! Say ‘trick or treat’ and smile really big! -12:44 Oct 09

Dark: *He raised his eyebrow, in a “You’ve gotta be kidding me” type of look! But she looked so very serious that he finally ran his fingers through his hair!* … Fine. Fine. Trick or treat. And smile. *And he grinned big, flashing fangs!*

Vlamerias: Oohh … Dark has such sharp teeth, Mommy! *She giggled and clapped her hands in approval!* -12:45 Oct 09
Evangeline: I guess he’s going to be a vampire kitty! All right then, go on! I will wait right here like parents are supposed to do. -12:47 Oct 09

Dark: *Dark didn’t have much time to protest! Vlamerias didn’t need to be told twice as she grabbed his hand and started dragging him along!* I’ll go first! Just so you don’t get nervous!

Vlamerias: *Dark didn’t have much time to protest! Vlamerias didn’t need to be told twice as she grabbed his hand and started dragging him along!* I’ll go first! Just so you don’t get nervous! -12:49 Oct 09

Dark: I’m not nervous! *He muttered as he was dragged along! Boy, she was strong! He barely managed to stop before he collided with Vlamerias who was already knocking on the door!*

Vlamerias: *When the door opened and the human woman stepped out, she grinned.* Trick or treat! Happy Halloween! *And she opened her bag wide!* -12:56 Oct 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline waited patiently, listening to all the nearby kids laughing and screaming.. and enjoying every minute of it! This was such a nice thing to do!* -12:57 Oct 09

The woman thought Meri was so cute and said so! She gave Meri a handful of candy which she dropped into the bag! Then she looked at Dark expectantly!

Vlamerias: *Meri ended up elbowing Dark!* It’s your turn! -12:58 Oct 09

Dark: *He cleared his throat.* Trick or treat! *And then he flashed his long fangs!*

“Oh my!” the woman exclaimed. My what big fangs he had! She dropped a few pieces of candy into Dark’s bag! Wasn’t he too old to be trick or treating?

Dark: *Dark shrugged.* Not really. I’m going to be a year old in a few months. *And then he and Meri walked away!*

Vlamerias: OOhh! Did you hear that, Mommy? *Meri asked as they joined Evangeline!* Dark is going to be a year old pretty soon! You’re so young! -01:04 Oct 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked!* That is very young! You don’t seem a year old at all! -01:06 Oct 09

Dark: *He shrugged.* More or less. It hasn’t been that long since Anthony got a hold of Gabriel and got me. I guess time flies when you’re having fun, right.

Evangeline: Maybe you can share Lily’s birthday with her! We could go to the party after trick-or-treating! -01:12 Oct 09

Dark: … I’d rather not. I’m not too keen on her and she never took a liking to me. ‘Sides, I’m not big on sharing.

Evangeline: Hmm… You should spend more time with Lily. It’s important to know the people that have been affected by the Carnatellis. *She took his hand and grinned to lead the way to the net house!* But for now, we’re having some fun! -01:18 Oct 09
Vlamerias: Dark, what do you want for your birthday? *Vlamerias asked, skipping beside him! Everyone wanted something for their birthday! She was going to ask her Glaër for another soul!* -01:20 Oct 09

Dark: I … don’t know. I never thought of that. *He honestly never had! It was tough thinking about the future when you were trying to survive in the present!*

Evangeline: You should think about! We could get you anything! Like hum… cake, or vacations, or dates! -01:31 Oct 09

Dark: … How about a break from Gabriel and Caroline’s lessons for … like forever?

Evangeline: *Evangeline considered it!* Do you think you are ready to quit their lessons? Because if you are, we could do that. -01:36 Oct 09

Dark: Wow. You mean that? *He was so sure he was cursed to go through their insane, suicidal lessons for the rest of his life!*

Evangeline: Of course! You would have to pass a last test, I’m sure. But if you feel you are ready, I’m sure they would prepare for it and let you! -01:40 Oct 09

Dark: *Dark shot her a suspicious look!* They’ll probably review me for the exam and then switch things around at the last minute.

Evangeline: Most likely. That’s to keep you on your toes, just like when you’re out on your own! *Evangeline stopped when they reached the next house!* Here we go! Try this one! -02:02 Oct 09
Vlamerias: *Meri led again, grabbing Dark by the hand and going to knock on the door! This time they both got the same amount of candy, a snack pack with three chocolate chip cookies inside!* Mommy, cookies! Cookies! *She exclaimed, fascinated that she got cookies instead of candy!* Do you think they will give out chocolate milk, too? -02:08 Oct 09
Evangeline: *She thought about it, but shook her head.* I don’t think so. But we can get some when we pick up ice cream, okay? -02:12 Oct 09
Vlamerias: *The pout that was about to appear disappeared she grinned!* Yay! Mommy, did humans always dress up get candy every Halloween? -02:20 Oct 09
Vlamerias: *and -02:20 Oct 09
Evangeline: Nope! I think, it used to be that people dressed up to try and scare away the demons and beasties that come out specifically on Halloween! -02:21 Oct 09

Dark: *Dark scratched his cat ears.* A lot of good that did them, look at how humans are now.

Vlamerias: It was probably really fun! I wonder if I’ll get to scare the humans! Boo! Rawr! *She practiced it as they walked!* -02:40 Oct 09
Evangeline: The world is a little complicated now, it is true… *Incredibly complicated! She pointed as the came across another of the houses.* Don’t scare the humans too badly! -02:43 Oct 09
Vlamerias: Oohh! Come on, Dark! You can go first this time! *She said as she skipped ahead! Her bag was filling up nicely but she still had a long way to go!* -02:48 Oct 09

Dark: *He huffed.* I’m coming. I’m coming. *He followed after her and when the guy came out, flashed his fangs again.* Trick or treat.

The man was very surprised to see someone so old trck or treating! He gave some candy to Dark and then exclaimed how cute Meri looked in her costume! It must have taken her weeks to make those wings!

Evangeline: *While they heade for the door, Evangeline tilted, pointing a finger to pick which next direction they would go.. Eeny, meeny, miny… That one! There was a biiig house down the end of the street!* -02:51 Oct 09
Vlamerias: Oh no. It was really easy! I just concentrated and then POOF! I had my wings and my tail. See …? *She turned to show her tail which flicked!* -02:51 Oct 09

The man gave Meri some candy and then blinked. Did that tail just move?!

Dark: *Even he could tell it was time to end this stop! He picked up Meri.* Hm. Look at the time. Happy Halloween. *And then he was carrying his candy and Meri down to meet Evangeline.* … That was close.

Evangeline: We didn’t go overboard, did we? *No one was screaming anyway!* I found a reallty nice house at the end of the street. -02:55 Oct 09

Dark: … Not yet. *He said, eying Meri! The little devil was trouble to be sure! She had a habit of sharing too much information!* Hm. Okay.

Vlamerias: *Meri grinned!* I was telling the man about how quick it was for me to get my wings and my tail! He thought it took me days to make! Silly human! -03:01 Oct 09
Evangeline: Oh! Um, next time lets make sure you pretend like you’re a normal human girl dressed as a demon, okay? Otherwise we might get in trouble and Dark will have to rescue us! -03:03 Oct 09
Vlamerias: *She blinked once, then twice!* Okie dokie, Mommy! … I’m sorry. *She said, genuinely upset. She hadn’t meant to make trouble! Not this time, anyways!* -03:08 Oct 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned!* Don’t worry! Here, see, we have the next house now! I’ll, even go with you this time. -03:14 Oct 09
Vlamerias: *She smiled and nodded!* Okay, Mommy! *She took her hand.* -03:15 Oct 09

Dark: … I’ll … stand back here this time out. *Dark shrugged.* To uh … you know, catch my breath and all that.

Evangeline: We’ll be right back! *Taking Meri, they walked up the path to the door, and Evangeline did the knocking!* -03:17 Oct 09

At the knock, someone opened the door! Only, no one was standing there at all! “Heeellooo~!” squeaked a quiet voice!

Vlamerias: *Meri waited expectantly! If they went to a few more houses or so, she’d be stocked for an entire night! Unless the Bright Lady made her slow down on the treats!* Trick or treat! *She called out, not phased at all by the lack of someone standing there!* -03:25 Oct 09

Dark: *Dark looked around and crossed his arms. Gabriel hadn’t killed him–yet. But he was sure the Carnatelli was just making his life difficult for the hell of it!* … Sadistic bastard.

Not a single person was even standing behind the door. “Oooh.. Come in, sweet, come in… We have a special haunted house..! Love little children!” said the small squeaky voice!

Evangeline: *Didn’t seem like a real haunted house, so this should be something good and fun for Meri to experience! She stepped through the threshold and sidestepped the door as it slammed shut!* Oh wait, we have someone outside too! He might like to see! -03:36 Oct 09

Dark: *He heard the door slam and realized Evangeline and Meri had gone inside! What the hell … He moved to the door and started to knock!* Evangeline. Meri. *When the hell did trick or treating mean going into houses?!*

“No, no, just little ones and their mommies allowed! Here, here, come down this hall. There is a door, and a nice haunted house!” Across the room another door opened, still with no one standing there!

Vlamerias: *Meri blinked and poked the thin air where the voice seemed to be coming from!* Is this magic, Mommy? *She asked, curious. If it was, this was magic she wasn’t familiar with!* -03:44 Oct 09
Evangeline: I don’t think so? *She certainly didn’t feel any magic either, and the talisman Gabriel had given her wasn’t reacting.* We can take a minute to look, Dark will be alright outside. *Evangeline followed the voice towards the other door, though now she was a little wary.* -03:45 Oct 09

Dark: *No response! So he tried opening the door!*

BZZZZZZZT~! Dark found himself shocked! It wasn’t too strong, at least for a vampire, but if he were a human he’d be pretty hurting right now! Inside, the second door was opened up to a staircase that was leading up! The hall was decorated with all kinds of spiderwebbings and black gauzy fabrics!*

Dark: *He jerked his hand back and shook the jolt off!* Damnit to hell! *He cursed. If this was some kind of prank, he wasn’t the one laughing! He tried kicking the door down! What had Evangeline gotten herself into this time?!*

Vlamerias: Oohh … *It was so quiet here! She poked at the spider webs and at the black fabric!* -03:51 Oct 09

That door wasn’t going anywhere! It was almost like the place was reinforced by magic wards, but there wasn’t a hint of spells anywhere!

Dark: *Dark growled! Stupid door!* You picked the wrong vampire to mess with. *He began looking around for some other way to enter! He went down the steps, picked up a rock and threw it at the window!*

The widow mysteriously through the rock right back at Dark! While in the hallway, one of those spiderwebs grabbed on to Meri’s hand!*

Dark: *He managed to sidestep and avoid being hit!* Unholy fuckin’ crap … *He growled and started to launch into a series of curses! So he bit his lip with a fang and tried teleporting himself inside!*

Vlamerias: Eep! *She cried out! That wasn’t supposed to happen! She tried pulling her hand away!* Let go! -04:05 Oct 09

Dark managed to make it inside! Only, he appeared at the top of the stairs without any footing and went tumbling down it!

Evangeline: Just a minute, I’ll get i- *Well, she was reaching to help pull Meri out of the spiderwebbing, when something was thumping down the stairs! She pulled Meri with her against the wall before they ended up rolled over!* -04:11 Oct 09

Dark: OOoff! Oooaff! Ouch! Oowww! *He cried out as he went tumbling! He finally hit the bottom and shook himself awake!* Damnit to fuckin’ hell! “You know how to teleport” she says … The least she could do was give me some tips on landing! *He looked around and saw Evangeline and Meri!* There you two are! You’re in so much trouble if that bastard finds out about this …

Evangeline: Finds out about trick or treating? But he already knows! -04:14 Oct 09

Except now not just Meri was stuck with spiders, but Evangeline as well! They were pretty sticky for fake ones!

Dark: *Dark growled as he stood up and dusted himself off!* That’s not what I mean! First I get shocked by electricity and then the window chucks the rock back at me–Quit playing around with those webs and let’s get out of here.

Evangeline: I think you’re just getting a little nervous. *Tugtug! Hmm.. These had extra glue on them! She released Meri so she could try to pull herself off.. Lifting up a foot to brace against the wall!* -04:19 Oct 09
Vlamerias: Here, Mommy! *Once she was free, she turned to help Evangeline off by tugging on her arm!* -04:21 Oct 09

SNAP!! They popped right off! Having them loose balance and go tumbling down the stairs!

Dark: … You gotta be kidding me! *He growled and bit his lip again as they went tumbling down! This time he managed to teleport halfway down and broke their fall! They stopped tumbling but he ended up tumbling the rest of the way down! He landed with another THUD! and then shook himself!* Nervous? Nervous is seeing your boyfriend give me that look just before a lesson and knowing I’m in for it but never knowing what “it” is until it’s too late.

Evangeline: *OW! Jeeze! This was why she didn’t like stairs!* Gabriel is very sweet, I think you over exagerate just a bit! *Evangeline picked herself up as well as Meri!* Are you alright Meri? -04:30 Oct 09

Dark: *Dark snorted but he stood up and dusted himself off.* Let’s just get out of here, okay? *They could argue about the less finer qualities of her husband later!*

Vlamerias: *She blinked and looked over her shoulder at her wings and tail.* I think so, Mommy. But I think my wings and tail have had enough. *And with that the wings and tail disappeared.* Can we get more candy now? -04:35 Oct 09
Evangeline: I think our host will understand, yes! Lets go! -04:37 Oct 09

Except. Now there were stairs going up on BOTH ends of the hall!

Dark: *He looked from one stairs to the other and back again.* … Alright. Is it just me or are the stairs different now? Hm. *He put his hands on Evangeline and Meri’s shoulders and bit his lip, then tried teleporting again!*

Dark sucessfully teleported! …. To the ceiling! So they were dropping to the floor fast!

Dark: Whoooa! *He was heavier so he fell faster, twisting his body and landing on his feet! Then he caught Evangeline and Vlamerias!* Unholy piece of crap … *He growled and started off on a string of curses!*

Vlamerias: Eep! *She clung to her Bright Lady and shut her eyes! Oh dear!* -04:43 Oct 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline made sure to hold on to Meri! …There still wasn’t any magic in the place, so it was a little confusing!* They weren’t kidding about a haunted house, it’s a really good one! -04:46 Oct 09

Dark: Yeah. Well, I just want to get the hell out of here. I found out I don’t like haunted houses much.

“Nooo, nooo! Stay here, we like little children and mothers! But.. but we don’t like the mens. Nooo, noo you are not supposed to be in here!”

Dark: I hate to be the bearer of bad news–Okay, so I don’t mind that part as much as I say I do–but this is one woman and one kid you don’t want to mess around with. And I’d rather not deal with some overprotective, arrogant, selfish bastard so do yourself a favor and let us go. *Gabriel should put a “DO NOT TOUCH” sign on Evangeline and Meri at this rate!*

Evangeline: When is he selfish! Now you’re just picking on Gabriel! *Now lets see, she was trying to reach out and see where these people were, but well…. nothing! She couldn’t even feel her way outside of the hallway with the stairs!* Are you sure you learned the teleporting right? -04:58 Oct 09

Dark: *He thought she was just being biased because she was his wife!* It’s just basically using blood and picturing yourself somewhere. Like outside this place. Something is messing my spells up. I managed to get in by teleporting.

[Dark swore he would never, ever go anywhere with Evangeline and Vlamerias by himself EVER again!] -01:21 Oct 18

The strange house was weird, as it didn’t seem to reflect any magic at all! And now, there was two flights of stairs heading upwards and no where else to turn!

Evangeline: Things don’t happen every time we go out. We may as well go upstairs. -01:22 Oct 18
Dark: … Upstairs. Right. Where I’m sure there’s something big and bad that I’m going to have to fuss over before we move on. *He muttered under his breath.* Fine. Let’s go. *He made sure to go first, picking one of the stairs at random and making sure Evangeline and Meri were close!* -01:24 Oct 18
Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t worried yet, though it was a very strange circumstance.* You can take care of it though, can’t you? You did say you were ready to go out on your own! -01:25 Oct 18
Dark: I’m not worried about myself. *He was a vampire. He’d heal. He doubted whatever was waiting for them had anything on the type of crazy shit Caroline and Gabriel put him through!* -01:30 Oct 18

Dark: testing

Vlamerias: I’ll protect you, Mommy! *She hugged Evangeline tight! No one would lay a claw on her Bright Lady while she was around!*

Evangeline: And then who will take care of you, Meri? Only bad mommies let their children get eaten on Halloween. -01:33 Oct 18

Those stairs seemed awfully high some what was supposed to be a small house! They finally stopped when reaching a big open room, and everywhere was toys and dolls all decorated in halloween costums!

Vlamerias: *Her eyes went wide!* OOhhh! Toys! Dolls! Halloween costumes! *She squealed in delight and hopped off of Evangeline!*

Dark: Whoa! *Dark quickly snatched up the tiny devil before she got too far!* We don’t know whose toys these are and quite frankly, I don’t like anything in this house, period. So slow down until we figure out what we’re up against. -01:36 Oct 18

Vlamerias: Lemme go! Lemme go! *She was starting to squirm and looked very desperate!* I wanna play with the toys! These are my toys now! My dolls! My stuff!

Dark: *Man she was slippery! He was having a tough time keeping a hold of her!* Slow down, kid. *He had to hold her at arm’s length so she wouldn’t scratch out his eyes.* -01:38 Oct 18
Evangeline: *Now, she really should be helping him with Meri, but there was something talking to her! Something about children and mommies.. now where was that coming from?* -01:39 Oct 18

Those toys look sooooo fun! Possibly the funnest toys in the world! And whatever Evangeline was hearing didn’t seem to be coming across to anyone else in the room! “Mothers need a break. Soooo tired! Let the children play and take a break!”

Dark: *He growled.* I’d rather she take a break elsewhere. Now where the hell are you. Ow! Damnit! *He clenched his teeth when Vlamerias bit into his hand and he had to let her go. He watched her scramble across the floor to pick up the first toy and begin playing with it!* Evangeline, tell your devil to get a grip on herself. Evangeline. -01:42 Oct 18

Vlamerias: Weee! *Vlamerias sat cross-legged on the floor! Her wings and tail were back and she was playing with a doll!*

Evangeline: *She WAS a little tired. There had been lessons earlier in the day and doing all kinds of Halloween things with Meri! Evangeline yawned, taking a seat in a chair.* There’s something about this place… -01:46 Oct 18
Dark: … Yeah. Something that says "Let’s get the hell out of here and sleep AT HOME." You know, emphasis on "at home". *He took her arm and tugged her up.* Come on, Evangeline. Let’s get your devil and bail. -01:48 Oct 18

“Staaaaay and play little ones! Don’t you want Mommy to have a rest? We have so many toys!” Some of the toys even started blinking, crawling themselves up to stand on their own two feet!

Vlamerias: *Now Meri was holding the dolll up and picking up another doll and having them “talk” to each other. She hadn’t noticed the toys standing up and blinking!*

Dark: *The sound of something moving along the floor made Dark pause and glance in the direction the noise had come from!* … You have got to be fuckin’ kidding me. *He muttered. He finally picked up Evangeline and flung her over his shoulder!* Gabriel, you asshole, you owe me big for this! -01:51 Oct 18
Evangeline: *Oof! Well! This was familiar!* …I am not a sack of potatoes! Can you set me down please, I only want to sit for a few minutes! -01:57 Oct 18

“Yes! Put down Mommy. She’s so tired! Wouldn’t you like to play?” Those moving dolls advanced, but they looked happy and ready to play! Even trying to grasp his hands so they could dance, dance, dance!

Dark: *Dark stepped back from the toys and went around them to the nearest window! He tried to kick it open!* She has plenty of time to sleep when we’re out of here. And unless you have cookies and cream ice cream around here, forget it. -02:03 Oct 18

The window wasn’t going to open! “Cookies and ice cream? We do, we do! For good little children that let their Mommies rest and come to play!” And to show they were telling the truth, the Halloween dolls even pulled out trays of cookies with milk, and bowls of ice cream! There was even candies!

Vlamerias: *Her eyes grew wide at the treats and then she ran over to Dark!* Please, Dark! Just a little while! Mommy will be okay here! She just needs to rest a little!

Dark: *Whoa! Ice cream! Man, he’d been craving that for hours now!* … I’ll taste the ice cream first. *He took one of the bowls of ice cream and tasted it. If it tasted horrible or if he suspected something was inside of it, he was never going to trust a bunch of strange moving toys ever again!* -02:15 Oct 18
Evangeline: It’s um… Just let me sit for a minute, I’ll figure this out. *Oooh, but she was falling asleep! She shook her head trying to get her senses. There was no magic… but there was something! And if she fell asleep, Dark would be all alone!* -02:16 Oct 18

The Ice Cream was so good, it was probably the best ice cream in the world! “Good children can have aaaall the ice cream they want! We just want to play with you!”

Vlamerias: Yay! *Vlamerias turned and began playing with the toys again! This was such a great Halloween!*

Dark: Fine. But only for a minute. *He put her back down on the chair she had sat on and sat down on the foot stool in front of her to continue eating the ice cream! Man, this was really good!* -02:19 Oct 18

What good little children! The toys danced and played with Meri, and made sure Dark had plenty of sweets to eat! Children never noticed when their Mommy falls asleep, or when Mommy is being taken away! “Look little children! Would you like to try one costumes? Cute dresses and clothes! You can look like us!”

Evangeline: *Sigh! It was good to rest and think! No magic, but something in the air… there was a smell, something very unnatural… But she couldn’t bring herself the energy to mention it to Dark. A short nap would do her well!* -02:27 Oct 18

Vlamerias: *She looked up and clapped! One of the dresses a doll held up looked so pretty! She wanted to be pretty, too!* I want to be pretty! Can I be pretty, too?

Dark: *Dark was far too busy wolfing down that ice cream! By the time Evangeline decided to take a short nap, he was on his fourth bowl–fifth!* -02:28 Oct 18

“Oh yes! You can look very pretty in a dress like this!” The toys handed Meri some outfits to choose from. “Wouldn’t it be a delight to dressup like this everyday forever! Would you like that? Eating sweets and playing with toys all the time! No Mommies to say no!”

Gabriel: “On the contrary, Vlamerias loves her mommy and Dark would be the worst for wear if not for her intervention,” replied Gabriel’s voice!

Vlamerias: I want to be pretty! I want to be very pretty! *Vlamerias was oh so very excited! She would get dressed up, she would play everyday and no Mommy to say no to her!*

The toys all looked very confused! There was only supposed to be the Mommy! She was already sleeping, and losing air with the sugarsweet scent of the room. It only worked on the adults! “Yes, yes… Mommies are no good. Making children do unfun things! You should stay and play with us!”

Gabriel: *Gabriel was suddenly standing behind Vlamerias and then he picked her up, turned her to face him.* Vlamerias, you are already a very pretty devil. *When she looked back at the toys, he turned her face to his and put his forehead against hers.* Trust me, young one. I have seen many devils in my time.

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias looked up at him and met his eyes. She wasn’t entirely convinced …* But I want to be pretty. And I want to play. And I don’t want Mommy to say no to me …

“Daddies are just as bad as mommies! They tell you lies and say no as well!” The scent in the room intensified! The toys were inching away, not looking so happy and chipper!

Gabriel: Vlamerias, I cannot recall the Bright Lady ever telling you no. And despite everything, you are still my familiar and it is still your duty to protect the Bright Lady. You know how important she is to me.

Vlamerias: *She looked guilty! That was so true but … but …* Daddies are just as bad as mommies. They–they tell you lies and say no as well.

Caroline: I hate Halloween. *Caroline stepped behind Dark, snatching that bowl of ice cream out of his hands. Her hair was down and wet, and she was wearing pajamas! Obviously interupted from her nice night off!* There’s a potion infuser in here somewhere.

Dark: Hey! *Dark growled!* I was enjoying that! What’s the big deal?! It was only for a little while! *he moved to grab that bowl back! The nerve! He deserved that ice cream!* -02:42 Oct 18

“If Mommies and Daddies loved their children, they would let them do what ever they wanted! Instead they make them go to school and to bed!” A second intruder, the toys looked very unsure! They were going back to ‘sleep’ again, leaving only the voice behind!

Caroline: I’m sure in just a little while Evangeline might be dead too. If that deserves ice cream, you are welcome to it.

Gabriel: I do not lie, Vlamerias. *His eyes narrowed into slits.* And in this plane, my role as your master supersedes that of being your father figure. Find me the source. *He put Vlamerias down while he drew his sword and walked over to check on Evangeline!*

Vlamerias: *She gulped! Now she really did feel guilty!* Okay. *She squeaked! Then she hovered around the room and began sniffing for that smell!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline was sleeping so deeply that she might have been still as death! Only the shallowest breathing to suggest she was even alive!* -02:48 Oct 18

There was a hiiiiiiisssss of that voice, but not another phrase. As Vlamerias snooped far in the corner of the room there was several open jars filled with strange scented oils! They were assorted potions!

Vlamerias: *She paused when she heard that hiss but then she spotted the jars!* Here it is! Here it is! *She moved to attack the jars!*

Gabriel: Vlamerias. Stop. *Gabriel joined her in the corner.* Go back to the Seer. *He cut his palm, cast a spell, and the jars tops appeared and sealed the jars.*

With the jars closed, the odd scents were sloooowly starting to fade. Yet, that didn’t seem to stop the odd feel of the house. There must have been many more potion jars scattered around! “Meddlers, meddlers… The children want to stay here with us! Don’t you want to stay here little children? You should fight to stay where you will have fun!”

Dark: *Dark growled!* You guys ruin everything! *And without thinking, he launched himself at Caroline! Fangs long and claws out!* -03:10 Oct 18

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias looked confused.* I want to … but I have to … and I can’t … but I want to … *She was sitting on Evangeline’s lap and clasped her hands together, her wings folding around her!*

Caroline: *Not seeming surprised, Caroline jumped to the side, making sure to swing her arm and catch Dark across the back with her elbow!* Do I look like your mother, you idiot?!

“Children don’t have to do what Mommies and Daddies say. Children can do what they want! Big Brother does what he wants. All the smart children do what they want.” Something strange was starting to crawl up from the floors…. Children! Little children dressed in costumes of all shapes and sizes! Except… they weren’t with solid bodies – they were ghosts!

Dark: *He fell to the floor but then he was getting up and there was a glazed look in his eyes now!* I’ll do what I want. No one tells me what to do anymore! *He ran for Caroline but instead of trying to pounce on her, he stopped just shy of her and one leg lashed out to swing for hers!* -03:18 Oct 18

Vlamerias: *Meri whimpered and crawled off of Evangeline’s lap.* I don’t know what to do … I want to … but I need to …

Gabriel: *Gabriel picked up Evangeline and slipped her over his shoulder.* How are you at exorcising restless spirits. *He was asking Caroline as he looked for a way out!*

Caroline: I’m so glad you know how to make good decisions now! *Caroline growled! But she was quick, Seeming to step and hop over his swinging leg and turn to grab his arm in one fluid motion! Without losing the momentum, she slung him around to throw him face first in to the wall!* Just find the way out and I shall take care of it.

Evangeline: *With the scent slowly fading away, she was pulling herself back to consciousness! …and she was upside down again!* …Dark…. can’t I sit a little bit longer? -03:25 Oct 18
Dark: *THWACK! He hit the wall face first and slid to the floor! He was going to feel that in the morning!* -03:25 Oct 18

Gabriel: … Consider yourself fortunate, Evangeline. Fortunate you are not dead. I am not in a forgiving mood. *He moved to the window and bit his wrist. He put one finger against the window.* Aperio. *The window cracked and then the glass shattered. He climbed onto the window sill and looked back over his shoulder.* Vlamerias. To me. *And then he jumped off, landing neatly on the ground outside!*

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was still chewing on her lip but she knew a command when she heard one. She was in such trouble!* C–co–coming! *She POOFED! out of the room and then POOFED! outside, hovering in front of Gabriel and Evangeline!*

Caroline: *Grabbing Dark by the shirt collar, she hauled him to his feet long enough to chuck him head first out the window. Caroline was not feeling so forgiving either! Plucking a marble from her pocket, she stalked to the center of the room. A long muttered phrase, she smashed the marble between her hands to release it!*

Evangeline: …gabriel! Did you want to trick or treat too…? *Oooh, her head was swimming and being upside wasn’t helping!* oh! it’s a potion! That’s what I smelled…! -03:32 Oct 18

All of the ghostly children seemed to freeze in place when the marble was cracked! Their whispy forms twizzling away as they were released from their bindings. “My friends! My little friends! Don’t leave us! Come back!”

[Dark is now known as: Gabriel] -03:34 Oct 18
Gabriel: *Gabriel didn’t reply to Evangeline. That was how angry he was with her! He turned slightly as something landed on the ground beside them. Dark. He was going to be in a lot of pain when he awoke.* -03:35 Oct 18

Caroline: You would do well not to steal children from their parents. Today you tried to steal the wrong people. Be glad it is me and not Gabriel. *Caroline didn’t bother to explain what she meant, or even what she was doing. A second marble was pulled from her pocket, along with a knife. She drug it across her palm to coat the bead before she cracked it and released a second spell. This one came with such a large shimmer that the entire house seemed to shift as the ones ‘inside’ it howled! …Where they went was a mystery, but they sure weren’t going to take little children anymore! With it done, Caroline hopped out of the window, landing neatly on the grass and casting Dark a scowl.*

Evangeline: Gabriel, please. *She really didn’t like the silent treatment! It always made her feel so guilty! And it was hard to be serious when she was hanging upside down!* We’re alright. You don’t have to be worried. -03:44 Oct 18
Gabriel: *Something appeared in Gabriel’s hand, a white envelope! He offered it to Caroline.* … I believe you will enjoy this far more than I ever could. *When Caroline opened it, she’d find an all-expense paid trip to the spa! An entire day at one of the most exclusive and sought-after spas in the business! It was even addressed to Caroline!* -03:49 Oct 18

Caroline: Er… *If receiving something from Gabriel was not odd enough, a nice relaxing trip like a spa was even more so! Caroline couldn’t help but smirk.* I understand a little more why Evangeline loves you. Thank you very much.

Evangeline: *He was so mad at her! Evangeline pouted, but didn’t say another word! She couldn’t help it if these things just happened! Maybe if she were more like Caroline he wouldn’t have to get so upset!* -03:55 Oct 18
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* You are very welcome. I will take these three home. Farewell, Caroline. *He cut his palm and the three of them disappeared! He placed Evangeline on the bed while he sent Vlamerias to her bed and put Dark on the couch. He returned and began to undress.* … I do not wish you to be more like Caroline. *He said after several moments of silence!* -03:57 Oct 18
Evangeline: *Evangeline was sulking still… and not so convinced!* Caroline is very smart about the world and she’s very strong. Nothing ever catches her off guard or surprises her. -04:02 Oct 18
Gabriel: *With his coat and gunholster over the back of the chair, he kneeled at her feet and took her hands in his!* I did not fall in love with Caroline. I fell in love with you. -04:12 Oct 18
Evangeline: *It was hard to argue with that, especially when he would be so sweet!* She would make a good wife, though? She’s very good with fighting and she understands you! Maybe if you met her first? -04:15 Oct 18
Gabriel: If I had met her first, we would not have the bond that you and I share. *He lowered his head to kiss her fingers.* I lend you strength when you need it and in return you have given me your faith and your light. The words I spoke to Anthony are every bit true as they were then. The woman I will save or destroy this world for is you. -04:23 Oct 18
Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned forward to kiss his forehead. Sometimes she worried she was not right for him… but he could always remind her just why she loved him so much! He made her feel precious!* Does this mean you aren’t angry with my anymore? -04:27 Oct 18
Evangeline: * my me -04:28 Oct 18
Gabriel: *Gabriel raised an eyebrow.* Angry, no but for having gone into a strange house, you must still face the consequence as will Vlamerias and Dark. -04:30 Oct 18
Evangeline: *She was pouting again!* In Dark’s defense, he really didn’t want to go inside. He stayed out until he came in to fetch us… I don’t think he should be punished for that. -04:32 Oct 18
Gabriel: He will be punished for having fallen for the influence of an alchemist and for accepting strange gifts from an unknown source. Caroline and I have taught him better. He will not survive the last test at the potential he has reached thus far. -04:35 Oct 18
Evangeline: Of course he’s not ready. He’s still too young to go off on his own, even if he thinks otherwise. …but to punish him, or even Meri for being enchanted with things is too much, I think! -04:39 Oct 18
Gabriel: *Gabriel stood! Then he crossed his arms and tilted his head slightly at her.* You are a stubborn wife. Your welfare means much to me, Evangeline. Vlamerias and Dark are your near constant companions. If I cannot trust you with them, then there is much to be learned. -04:42 Oct 18
Evangeline: There’s time for them to learn and they’ll get better! You can punish me, I really should have uses my common sense, but Dark and Meri shouldn’t get in trouble! *It was so unfair that he could be so serious and mad, and all she could think was that she thought he must look handsome when he’s angry!* -04:45 Oct 18
Gabriel: … Evangeline. -04:48 Oct 18
Evangeline: But..! *She shushed, giving that soft pout again. It seemed Dark and Meri would not be spared! Well, at least she tried for them! She fussed with the edges of her sleeves.* Alright. -04:52 Oct 18
Gabriel: You are forbidden to teach for four days, beginning tomorrow morning. Dark and Vlamerias will need to take extra lessons and then pass a test within that time. -05:02 Oct 18
Evangeline: Oh! Not the lessons! I would be able to help with them both! *Blast! How was she supposed to spare them if she couldn’t participate in the lessons! Poor Dark and Meri!* -05:04 Oct 18
Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her. Was that a smirk?* You believe you can teach them what they need to know within four days to pass one of my tests. -05:06 Oct 18
Evangeline: Um.. well… *That’s impossible! They needed so much more time to learn! Evangeline huffed!* I could at least help a little. -05:07 Oct 18

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