028 Evangeline’s Birthday (UNFINISHED!)

Gabriel gives Evangeline a special gift for her birthday.

[Evangeline loves Valentine\’s Day! It was easier to forget her own birthday when she was busy bringing love and chocolate to should-be couples!] -08:05 Oct 26
[Vlamerias had been awfully quiet that entire day–except for bouts of giggling and then denying things!] -08:05 Oct 26
Vlamerias: Ohh … They’re holding hands, Mommy! … Look, that human just gave that other human chocolate! *She was in human form but kept bouncing and scurrying around so quickly!* What pretty flowers! They smell delicious! *She moved in to bite off a rose bud from a bouquet a hunter was walking past with!* -08:07 Oct 26
Evangeline: *Giggling devils was the most suspicious thing ever. But right this moment she was busy trying to convince Jay that today was the perfect day to tell Tabitha that he liked her!* See! Look at that. Even Frank knows how to talk to a girl! What about flowers? *Eep! She tugged Meri back before she devoured someone’s gift!* -08:08 Oct 26
Vlamerias: *Her mouth closed on empty air and then she opened her eyes and realized the flowers had gone away! She pouted a bit!* Oohh … puu! *But then she seemed to remember something because she giggled, glanced back at Evangeline and quickly stopped giggling!* -08:10 Oct 26

Jay didn’t know why HE was the one Evangeline had to pick out for her goodwill! “I want to know how everyone in Oracle knows -except- Tabitha. No way. Isn’t there another couple you can match-make today?”

Evangeline: I did think about Dark, but Caroline said he’s more likely to eat a girl than talk to one. And then when I asked HER if she needed a date, she laughed for an hour! *Evangeline was sure that Caroline enjoyed the company of others, so she wasn’t sure what was so funny. …But then a lot of people seemed to be giggling today.* Would you like me to tell Tabitha? -08:12 Oct 26

“NO! Gods sake, no! Just yo- Hey, is that a big Sasquatch behind you?” The moment Evangeline moved to turn, Jay was taking off down the hall!

Evangeline: Really? I don’t feel any… Jay! Oooh. Bother. *She huffed! Another one got away. She supposed if she really wanted to be cupid today, maybe she should get a bow and some enchanted arrows. It might go over much better.* I give up! Oracle is the most unromantic place ever! Right next to the dentist office! -08:16 Oct 26
Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was giggling but then she stopped all of a sudden!* Mommy, weren’t you the one who said these romantic stuffs that humans enjoy so much take time? Is this how my Glaër courted you? -08:21 Oct 26
Evangeline: It does take time to build a relationship.. But, sometimes people need a little extra push to get started, otherwise they’re afraid to take the plunge! *She tilted her head as she considered Gabriel.* I think I was courting Gabriel before he even knew what a date was. Which… was probably rather wicked of me! But I wanted to spend the time with him. -08:24 Oct 26
Vlamerias: *The little devil giggled and then she stopped! Then her eyes got wide!* Oohh … Why was it … rather … wicked for you to court my Glaër before he knew what a date was? *Human ways were so confusing!* -08:26 Oct 26
Evangeline: Um, I suppose it was taking advantage of him! For awhile I thought he might send me away if he knew I was attached to him. After awhile I really didn’t want to go. *She thought of that first night he had taken her to his warehouse and shared his cot with her! It was probably the first time she thought he was really sweet!* Ah well, I suppose I should stop terrorizing the hunters and go home for the evening. Most everyone is busy today. -08:30 Oct 26
Vlamerias: *Just as Evangeline and Vlamerias had gotten to the door that led outside, Vlamerias jumped in front of Evangeline and blocked her way!* Um … But, Mommy, we forgot something! -08:32 Oct 26
Evangeline: Did we? There aren’t any lessons and I don’t think I brought anything. *She considered carefully! They had given people little bags of candies and cute cards with glitter… She had helped a few boys find their girlfriends and wives presents, but… she was pretty certain that everything had been done!* Did you forget one of your toys? -08:36 Oct 26
Vlamerias: Yes! My toy! The ball of bright yarn you gave to me! *Although Evangeline was blind, Meri clasped her hands behind her back and wiggled her fingers! The ball–which she’d actually left at home–appeared in her hand and then disappeared!* I think I left it in the um … um … the Gym! *Drats, she always had trouble remembering the human names for them!* -08:39 Oct 26
Evangeline: Oh? *Meri was magic casting, which was also suspicious, but Evangeline nodded to turn and lead the way back to the gym! They hadn’t been in there today, but Meri tended to bounce around chasing people when Evangeline would get busy!* We’ll fetch it then and get home. I think I might make some mint hot chocolate. -08:43 Oct 26
Vlamerias: *The demon gave her a wide, hopefully innocent grin as she followed, bouncing beside Evangeline! Evangeline might have noticed that the halls were awfully quiet on their way back!* I think it’s in here, Mommy! *She exclaimed as they stopped in front of the gym doors! The gym was so big there were at least three pairs of the double doors that led to it!* -08:46 Oct 26
Evangeline: Alright, go fetch it then. ..I hope a pup didn’t get it! There’ll be yarn all over Oracle! *It wouldn’t be the first time it happened either! She and Leon had tried some puppy-sitting, and it seems giving puppies yarnballs wasn’t a good idea!* -08:48 Oct 26
Vlamerias: Here, Mommy! Hold my hand so I don’t get lost! *Meri grabbed Evangeline’s hand as she pushed the door open and pulled Evangeline into the darkness after her!* -08:49 Oct 26
Evangeline: Meri, not even I can get lost in a gym! There’s no walls! *Yet, she still allowed the devil to tug her along. Meri really was acting strange today!* What are you up to? Have you tied Dark from the ceiling again? -08:51 Oct 26

… They took a few steps inside as the door shut behind them and then … “SURPRISE!” The room lit up! All the hunters and weres and vampires and witches were there and there were balloons and confetti! A DJ began playing music in the back! “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EVANGELINE!” everyone shouted!

Dark: *He was standing beside Evangeline, on the other side of Meri!* It’s about time you two got here. I was getting hungry. *He crossed his arms!*

Leon: Happy b-day, Evangeline! Did you think we didn’t know when your birthday was? *He said with a wolfish grin in front of them! He wore a party hat and threw confetti!*

Vlamerias: *She was giggling and clapping and hopping up and down!* I did it, Glaër! I did it! I kept the secret just like you told me to! -08:54 Oct 26
Evangeline: Oh! *She had jumped! and then… she didn’t know if she would faint or cry!* This is so very sweet! *It seemed she was going to cry after all! A big sniffle despite her smiling, and she was trying very hard to brush tears away before she looked silly. No one had said Happy Birthday to her in a very long time!* -08:56 Oct 26

Dark: *He moved behind Evangeline and glanced over at Caroline.* Hey, Caroline. When do we get to eat? All this waiting’s made me hungry.

Ciara: Don’t cry, Evangeline. It’s just a party. *…it was sweet. Even she had to make an appearance for this one.*

Leon: *He turned to Ciara and gave her another wolfish grin!* Hey, Cissy. May I have this dance? Or if not … at least a steak?

Gabriel: *He stepped through the crowd and ran his hand over Meri’s head.* You did. I am proud of you, Vlamerias. I believe this belongs to you. *And he handed her her ball of yarn!*

Vlamerias: *She squealed as he handed her her ball of yarn!* May I play with the puppies, Glaër? -09:01 Oct 26

Caroline: You’ve only been here five minutes. *Impatient vampire. Bah! Caroline moved to kiss Evangeline’s cheek.* Happy Birthday, My Lady. It does take a treasure to dare being born today.

Gabriel: *He nodded once.* Do not get the yarn all over Oracle.

Dark: *He huffed.* Frickin’ long five minutes if you ask me … *He muttered.* Yeah, happy birthday and all that stuff, Evangeline.

Evangeline: *How embarrassing! Brushing the back of her hand over her eyes, Evangeline grinned wider!* It’s not that special. But I was fairly certain I hadn’t told anyone. -09:03 Oct 26
Vlamerias: Happy birthday, Mommy! *She gave Evangeline a hug and then skipped away into the crowd to find the werepuppies! They were always fun to play with!* -09:03 Oct 26
[Vlamerias is now known as: Gabriel] -09:04 Oct 26

Ciara: By all means, eat first before those others wolves eat everything and the table with it. *…Where did he get that awful hat from anyway!*

Leon: Heh heh. *He flashed her another wolfish grin, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and then scampered away, past the other weres!* I get dibs on the steaks!

Gabriel: I believe you once said, all is fair in love, war, and being bound to one another. *He replied, tilting his head slightly at her.* -09:06 Oct 26

Lily: I thought we figured out that Gabriel pretty much knows everything in the universe? *It was probably true! Lily took her opportunity to sneak and give Evangeline a hug.* Happy Birthday! Leon baked you the worst looking cake I have even seen, but it tastes good!

Conrad: *He grinned as he stood beside Lily!* Lily should know. She kept sneaking into the kitchen to make sure Leon hadn’t made your cake steak-flavored. Happy birthday, Evangeline!

Evangeline: That doesn’t sound like me at all! *She responded to Gabriel, then again she’s probably said something similar on more than on occasion! She grinned at Lily.* I’m sure it’s very lovely. Thank you very much. Thank all of you very much! It’s really very overwhelming! I feel kind of silly for sniffling! -09:11 Oct 26

Lily: With good reason, you know. I saw him griding up the steaks and trying to pour them in the batter. *Having greeting Evangeline, she was tugging Conrad away… not without sticking her tongue out and crossing her eyes at Dark.*

Gabriel: *He smirked as he took Evangeline by the hand and led her outside, through all the people wishing her happy birthdays and giving her hugs and such! He opened a side door and Evangeline felt the rush of cold air! They were outside on the balcony, overlooking the rest of the Oracle grounds!* … You have many presents. But there is one I wish to give to you first. -09:15 Oct 26

Dark: *Dark looked Lily’s way and then stuck his tongue back out, then pulled one eyelid down! Self-righteous brat! Ha, he didn’t envy her bodyguard human in the least!*

Conrad: *He grinned sheepishly when he saw the face Lily made at Dark! It was going to be quite a night to keep those two apart! And keep Lily from stealing one of his guns to shoot Dark with!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline moved to curl her arms around his waist, and give a sniffling sigh!* I can’t imagine anything better than this! I’ve never had a party just for me, and there’s so many people! -09:18 Oct 26

Leon: *Meanwhile he was literally scarfing down those steaks and pushing away other wolves, sometimes by their jaws!*

Caroline: Can you not spend one evening with Lily and not get in to some sort of fight? *Caroline thought the both of them were being ridiculous. But it seems the nature of them must be inherited by blood. Ciara Grey and Gabriel tended to react to each other in the same way, although… far less childishly!*

Dark: *He glanced away from Lily!* She started it first. *He muttered. Which was very, very true! … At least in his eyes!*

Caroline: Ah huh. And I’m sure you didn’t do a thing to make it worse either. You are so charming, after all. *Caroline refrained from smirking.*

Gabriel: *He smiled at her and cupped her face, then tilted it up as he lowered his own. He bit his tongue and then he was whispering something, something that was sure to make Evangeline tingle and her amulet react!* “Animadverto quis ego animadverto , os incompertus , per munia nos es reus , per meus diligo vicis innumerus.” *Then his lips met hers and he closed his eyes. When the kiss ended, he lifted his head and his right eye was gold! Evangeline’s eyes were suddenly watery and then the darkness was blurring!* -09:28 Oct 26

Dark: *Dark snorted.* Very funny, Caroline. Very funny. *And then he was stalking away to get something to eat! He hadn’t been kidding about being hungry!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline found his spell curious, but it didn’t seem so important when he kissed her! A kiss made a very good birthday present too! As he moved back she had to blink and rub her eyes again… all this crying was just ridiculous. She had to stop. …but… blinking her eyes open didn’t come with the usual dark. It was… coming in to focus! For a moment she was far too stunned to even know what to think!* I…! -09:33 Oct 26

Lily: *Lily was trying to behave. After all, her itchy trigger finger did want to grab for Conrad’s gun and go shooting at Dark… but by now it was more just for the sport of it than actually wanting to hurt him. Sometimes she supposed if she had a brother, this is what it’d be like.* You can stop guarding your gun, I’m not gonna take it. *She grinned… didn’t mean she wouldn’t do something else though.*

Gabriel: *He took the hand she was rubbing her eyes with and kissed the back.* Happy birthday, my love. You have my sight for twenty four hours. *He couldn’t see through his right eye. It was completely dark but such was the nature of the spell.* -09:37 Oct 26

Conrad: *He wasn’t sure whether to grin back or make sure his spare knife or his scrolls were still there!* I don’t know … You got that look in your eyes. Don’t ask me what look. You know the one.

Evangeline: Gabriel… this is… *Aw, now she was going to cry again! She could shake him! Or kiss him! Or, or… stare at him for the next day! She moved both her hands to cup his cheeks.* You are so handsome! And this-! *She flicked his hair!* is so much nicer to actually see! Oh! You have to smirk! Or oh, scowl too! I want to see that for real! -09:42 Oct 26

Lily: *She WAS going to ask “what look” but he nipped that in the butt. Pursing her lips in an offended gesture, she broke out in to a grin again.* I’m not going to hurt him. Honestly, Evangeline said it’s good to keep him on his toes. And she diiiiid say I could help with lessons. *It wasn’t what the lady meant at all, but anything to put Conrad’s mind at ease!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel smirked then. How could he not when she was so excited and happy? But a scowl … the only time he ever scowled was when she called him a guardian angel or did something recklessly heroic!* -09:47 Oct 26

Conrad: … *He was going to regret this! He finally sighed and ran his fingers through his hair!* … Fine. As long as it’s not something Gabriel will get pissed at us for. I’m not about to push my luck where he’s concerned. It’s common knowledge he already thinks the world of you.

Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed, brushing her fingers over his lips.* You do look so devious when you do it! ..Hmm, you eyes are different. *Now she looked concerned. His eyes were supposed to be grey, like dark clouds or shimmery silver! But one was grey and one was gold, and that isn’t how she saw them in their minds!* -09:50 Oct 26
Gabriel: *Gabriel saw the question in her eyes, the worry. He kissed her forehead.* That is the spell, Evangeline. You have the sight of my right eye for twenty four hours. *He placed a finger over her lips before she could protest.* Such is the way of magic. Would you like to go inside and enjoy the party now. -09:54 Oct 26

Lily: You make it sound like he’s a proud father or something. *Okay, bringing up Gabriel subdued her a bit. She thought the world of Gabriel too. Maybe she had been scared of him at first, but now he was like her hero! ….And that’s why Dark deserved a kick in the pants! He totally didn’t understand how great Gabriel was!* I don’t think he’d get mad if I threw cupcakes at him. I can wait until after the party.

Conrad: *He was thoughtful for a moment. Proud father, no … Probably more like a friend of the family to Lily. Except Gabriel seemed more acceptable to Lily’s company than Ms Grey’s.* Well … that does sound like something Evangeline would do … *He had to admit!*

Evangeline: You need your sight so much more than I do. *But, there was no complaining about it now. He had given her something so very special! And she could enjoy today with him and see everything she could possibly see! Grinning, she was pulling him along to return to the party!* I want to see everything in the universe! -09:58 Oct 26

Lily: See, I’ve learned plenty of harmless tricks from Evangeline and how to practically get away with murder. *If they happened to be burning fire cupcakes… Haha. Vlamerias would love it!* You can even go somewhere and pretend like you had nothing to do with it.

Gabriel: *He’d been prepared for a much longer and more complicated argument! But then he was being pulled in after her! The party was still in full swing and anyone who wasn’t eating was dancing! Although a few of the people were talking with each other on the edges of the gym!* -10:02 Oct 26

Conrad: *Go somewhere and pretend like he had nothing to do about it …* No. If you’re going to do it, I’ll be right beside you, or behind you. I never abandon a friend. *He smiled sheepishly.*

Evangeline: Ms. Grey! …you’re a blond! *Holding on to Gabriel’s hand, the very first thing she wanted to do was see all of the people that were important to her! She had been so certain that Ms. Grey would have darker hair and that Leon would have fur all over his face!* -10:08 Oct 26

Ciara: What? *Evangeline’s sudden outbursts were always weird, but this one came out of left field. …and that’s when she realized the woman was actually -looking- at her, not making a random exclamation.* Good god, what did that man do. Giving a Seer sight isn’t going to start the next apocalypse, is it? *Ugh! What a disgustingly kind thing to do. Gabriel made it hard for her to hate him sometimes!*

Leon: *He was sitting on top of an unconscious werewolf, munching on the last of the steaks while the rest of them started chomping on the plates and table cloth!* Delicious! *He turned and saw one of the weres headed for the cake!* Hey hey hey! Get away from that cake! Bad Douglas, bad! *And he launched himself on top of Douglas who howled and tried to throw him off!*

Lily: *Tilting her head, she was returning that grin with a wide one of her own. The way he always said that made her feel what Evangeline liked to call “warm fuzzies”.* You’re great sometimes, you know that?

Conrad: *He blinked once! Then twice! Then he realized he was blushing! He coughed politely.* Uh … thanks. Um so er … *He blinked as Leon went running past them to pounce on top of another were.* Now there’s something you don’t see everyday …

Evangeline: There’s not going to be another apocalypse for ages! Oh! Wow! Douglas is really, really fluffy! *Now she was pulling Gabriel to the table to take a look at the cake! ….maybe Lily was right and it looked a little silly, but she loved it! It was a perfect cake with so many colors!* Look at this! I bet he used a dozen colors! -10:17 Oct 26

Vlamerias: *She blinked and stopped playing with the ball of yarn she was tangled in when she saw Leon pouncing on top of Douglas!* Oohh … That looks like fun! *She POOFED! out of the yarn, leaving more than a few werepups wondering where she’d gone! Then she POOFED! right on top of Leon’s head!* Go, wolfie, go! *She squealed!*

Nicholas: Ah, there you are. Many birthday wishes of happiness to you, Ms Clark. *Nicholas said, stopping beside Evangeline and Gabriel.*

Nicholas: *He gave her a bow.*

Evangeline: *She was actually able to glance at him, and her elation was mixed with a blink of surprise! Ahem! Nicolas Wulfric was a very handsome older gentlemen! No wonder her was the Alpha Wolf all the ladies wolves wanted to marry. He was almost as handsome as Gabriel! She’d had wanted to marry him too!* Mister Wulfric! Thank you! -10:23 Oct 26

Lily: *Maybe she’s seen a wolf riding a wolf before, but now with Vlamerias on Leon’s head it was just too much. Lily started laughing, and it was impossible to stop!*

Gabriel: Wulfric. *He nodded his head to the were.* -10:27 Oct 26

Nicholas: *He gave a small smile to Evangeline and answered Gabriel’s nod with one of his own.* Gabriel. Good evening to the two of you. But I must get back to the Living Grave. Farewell until next time. *And then he had disappeared into the crowd!*

Leon: *He blinked!* Meri?! Whoa! Douglas! Oooff! *He held on for dear life and tried not to get thrown off! That’d be painful indeed!* Not the cake not the cake not the cake!

Vlamerias: *She was having the time of her life!* Yay! This is fun! More, more!

Evangeline: *And he was gone so quick! …of course now her attention was on a little Meri riding Leon riding a were!* …Oh my. She looks like a little me with your eyes! *Sooooo cute! Evangeline was biting her lip not to squeak at the adorableness!* It’s okay, I have some cake! You could land on it! -10:33 Oct 26

Leon: Not the cake not the cake not the—OOOoff! *One moment he had it all in control (or almost all in control) and the next Douglas was toppling over and splattered right into the cake!* Nnoo! And we didn’t even sing happy birthday yet! *He groaned as he got up, shook off the cake, and pulled Douglas off!*

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was still clinging onto to Leon’s head!* Hehe hehe! That was fun! Can we do it again, Mister Wolfie? *She asked Leon!*

Evangeline: Aiie…! So cute! *Evangeline had to move and kiss Meri’s cheek!* You should help him clean up this mess you helped to make. You’ll be able to give some wolfie baths! -10:43 Oct 26

Leon: *Leon huffed and scratched his head! There were more bits of cake clinging to him than Meri!* I … don’t have another cake to dive into.

Vlamerias: *She blinked when Evangeline kissed her! Then she looked really close and squealed!* Mommy, you can see! *She hopped into Evangeline’s arms and clung to her!*

Evangeline: Okay, now I am going to need a bath too! *She hugged Meri anyway… Oh yes, a bath with Gabriel would be grand! She’d get to see all of him and- That so wasn’t appropriate to be thinking! Coughing she nodded at Meri!* Just for now. Gabriel gave me a special gift and I’m going to look at everything in the world while I can. -10:49 Oct 26
Gabriel: *He smirked.* You will have to stay with Dark and Caroline for awhile. -11:07 Oct 26

Vlamerias: *She smiled and nodded!* Hehe. Okay! *She hugged Evangeline again!* Have fun, Mommy! Bye bye [i]Glaër[/i]! *And then she jumped off and ran to leon and Douglas to help fix things!*

Evangeline: *That look on his face…! It really was like looking at fallen angel! Heavenly and wicked all at the same time! …And she was staring! A quick shake of her head, and she was pulling Gabriel in a new direction!* I have to see Dark! -11:12 Oct 26

Dark: *Dark was sitting on one of the bleachers they’d pulled out for people to sit on! He was sitting on the very top, last row, with his legs stretched out as he reclined back! He might as well get a nap while Caroline was distracted!*

Evangeline: *Dark was not hard to find at all – he never was! But she really didn’t get the best look at him until she managed to climb up to the top of the bleachers. …Where she was blinking in confusion again! And leaning over him to take his face in her hands and tilt his head!* …. he really doesn’t look like you when you take a good glance at him! -11:17 Oct 26

Caroline: That is what a personality will do, My lady. ….Although his addiction to sweets isn’t helping his figure either. *Well, well. Gabriel had done something special indeed! When he mention that he needed to do something for Evangeline, that wasn’t what Caroline had thought!*

Dark: *Hands clasped behind his head, serving as a pillow, he was good to go! … Until someone had climbed up next to him and grabbed his face!* What the–Evangeline?! *His growl turned into surprise! What the crap! She was looking straight at him! He glanced over at Gabriel and glared!* What the hell did you do now, you bastard!

Gabriel: He still looks enough like me to fool most. *He remarked, tilting his head slightly at Evangeline and Dark. He smirked.* Perhaps one day you will find out for yourself. *he told Dark.* It would help if you did not curse so much. -11:36 Oct 26
Evangeline: Just hold still a moment! *Evangeline moved his head so she look at his eyes! Grey like Gabriel’s… but a little different! His were darker… His hair was a little different too! She turned to blink at Gabriel!* Some girls like dirty mouths, though. What is it called, liking it rough? -11:37 Oct 26

Caroline: *There was a comment that should be coming out of a little Lady’s mouth! Caroline had to bite back a snicker.*

Caroline: *shouldn’t be!

Gabriel: *Gabriel chuckled softly. He hadn’t expected that one at all!* -11:40 Oct 26

Dark: *Dark sighed and stayed still. He had a few other things he’d like to say but he couldn’t say them while Evangeline was pinching his cheeks and looking at him like that!*

Evangeline: *Dark recieved his wish, as once she was satisfied with looking him over, she was climbing down to stand on one of the bleachers so she was eye-level with Caroline.* You could be Gabriel’s sister! ….but you don’t look like a warrior at all. I think you dress nicer than Ms. Grey. *Caroline’s clothing was very fine! Expensive designer clothes for sure! And so pretty for someone that was always teaching Dark!* -11:43 Oct 26

Caroline: *Caroline gave a wry smile.* Thankfully I’m not. I would have made you my own wife and Gabriel would have to do without.

Gabriel: *He smirked.* I saw her first Caroline. *He said, only a hint of steel in his voice. Evangeline was his and despite everything, he loved her. And he never shared.* -11:53 Oct 26

Dark: *He stood and rolled his eyes.* Great, more lovey-dovey crap. *He stepped over to the edge of the bleachers.* I’m out of here. *And then he jumped, landing neatly on the ground and stalking for the nearest door.*

Caroline: So you did…! It’s too bad, I would have been a very good husband for your, Evangeline. Now I have to find someone else to charm. *Charming, charming… There was not a man in the universe that would treat Evangeline better than Gabriel. But occasionally he would need to be reminded.* Enjoy you birthday, my lady.

Evangeline: *Trying to think of Caroline as a man wasn’t working at all! Warrior Lady or not, Caroline was very womanly!* Thank you! *She waved, taking a few steps down the bleachers… Getting to actually watch where she was stepping was even nice!* I don’t know about husband, but I bet she would be a good wife. -12:01 Oct 27
Gabriel: *Gabriel took her hand to help her down until the last step. Then he moved in front of her and clasped her by the waist, lifting her and then setting her on the ground in front of him.* No one makes a better wife than you, Evangeline. *He kissed her lips and then tilted his head slightly at her.* You need a bath. -12:06 Oct 27
Evangeline: *Oh yes, looking in his eyes was absolutely dreamy…! She nodded slowly.* I guess I must taste like cake now. We could take a bath and you can show me the world? -12:11 Oct 27
Gabriel: *He smirked! He cut his palm and said the spell! With a pulse of negative energy and the wind around them, they disappeared and reappeared in the apartment! He kissed the back of her hand.* Show you the world, give you the world, or destroy it. -12:14 Oct 27
Evangeline: Lets not destroy the world, I do like living in it. *Now to be surprised again! For a place she never actually saw, it looked very much like a nice comfortable home! He really did make sure she had every little thing!* It looks so warm here! -12:17 Oct 27
Gabriel: *Gabriel smiled but then he was taking her by the hand and leading her into the bathroom! He closed the door behind them and then he truend to nuzzle her neck and nip her gently.* -12:19 Oct 27
Gabriel: *turned -12:19 Oct 27
Evangeline: *Oooh.. there was the want to close her eyes, but she just didn’t want to! She really wanted to see every expression he made! She giggled softly, and tugged at the edges of his coat.* You really are a guardian angel for all you do for me. -12:22 Oct 27
Gabriel: *He lifted his head and scowled. But his arms were still around her and he had no intention on letting her go just yet.* There are many who would disagree, Evangeline. -12:46 Oct 27
Evangeline: *That was the scowl! She smiled as brilliantly as she ever could! He had no idea how much she loved when he was so serious!* Because you’re my guardian angel, and not anyone else’s. They can get their own. -12:48 Oct 27
Gabriel: *The scowl disappeared. He shrugged off his coat and lay it over the hamper.* Yours and yours alone. I was a fool to wait so long to make you mine. *Off went the gun holsters which went over the coat!* -12:52 Oct 27
Evangeline: You were worried about me. You have always made me feel loved, even when you were away. *Black coat and black shirt and black pants…! Yet it all suited him so perfectly! Where else did he hide his weapons? She was moving her hands to touch him and find out!* -12:56 Oct 27
Gabriel: *Gabriel tilted his head slightly and let Evangeline touch and feel around. Her hands were always soft and gentle but confident. She found his knife in his belt behind his back but nothing else. She probably remembered the claws, the sword, and the Diablo Animus!* Do you like what you feel? -01:00 Oct 27
Evangeline: *A soft laugh escaped her as she tilted her back to grin up at him!* You are as you should be. *He was a tease! But now she was sneaking her hands under his shirt to examine with completely different thoughts in mind!* -01:05 Oct 27
Gabriel: *He smirked and took the chance to kiss her again! This time a little longer and slower, he swept his tongue across her lips and sucked on her bottom lip to coax her into opening her mouth for him. She could touch all she wanted while he entertained himself with her mouth!* -01:07 Oct 27
Evangeline: *Her eyes had fluttered closed as she sighed in response. Cooling her fingers against cool bare skin, she had to force herself to open her eyes while she grazed her fingers at his sides. Why did he have to be so good at making her want to melt to the floor!* -01:13 Oct 27
Gabriel: *Now it was his turn to move as he wrapped his arms around her, pulled her up against him. One arm went away for awhile to close the drain and start the water. Then it returned to wrap around her waist and he slipped his knee between hers. He broke the kiss to lift his head.* Look at me, Evangeline. *One hand moved up to stroke her cheek while the other slipped under her shirt to stroke her back.* -01:17 Oct 27
Evangeline: I don’t think I could look anywhere else. *This was so different to look in to his eyes, but so very worth it! It was almost like getting to be with him again for the first time, and it seemed kind of silly! She retrieved one of her hands to brush over his mouth.* -01:23 Oct 27
Gabriel: *Gabriel kissed her fingers and then smirked when he captured one of her fingers and sucked on it! Then he nipped the tip even as he took her hands and guided them into helping him undress. He watched her expression intently. Just a trace of fear or hesitation and he would stop. He never wanted to hurt her again.* -01:29 Oct 27
Evangeline: *That smirking had such a wicked meaning like this! She might have swatted at him, but she was far too preoccupied with nibbling on her bottom lip and helping to pull his shirt off. His skin was so pale, even moreso than her own! But there was nothing but lean muscle that she could even seen moving with reflex where ever she touched.* -01:33 Oct 27
Gabriel: *He lowered his head to kiss her neck and nuzzle her gently.* I love you, Evangeline. *He whispered against her skin as he turned his attention to helping her get her blouse off.* -01:37 Oct 27
Evangeline: You could say it a million times and it always sounds so sweet. *She rest her head against his, blinking at the glossy black strands. She really couldn’t resist to flick her fingers through his hair and see the way the light reflected! Some hair colors might have had a bluish or red tint… but his was so dark!* -01:43 Oct 27
Gabriel: *Gabriel smirked before he captured her mouth again and gave her a long, deep kiss. Then he broke the kiss slowly and moved away to finish undressing.* You are in need of a bath. *He bit his lip and wickedly made her clothes disappear before he picked her up. He carried her into the tub, still holding her as he stepped inside and lowered himself down.* -01:47 Oct 27
Evangeline: Are you saying I’m dirty? *…she was definitely thinking dirty! And it was his own fault! Evangeline slid her arms around his neck while she leaned against him to nuzzle his cheek. She could only smile and place gentle kisses at his jaw. A very strong jaw! All the better to smirk at her with!* -01:52 Oct 27
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly as she kissed his jaw and he stroked her body. He took the bar of soap and began to lather her, while also caressing her skin.* You are saying you are not? -01:59 Oct 27
Evangeline: Maybe just a little bit. *She pulled her arms back so she could tilt again, running her fingers over his neck and shoulders. Broad enough to throw her over whenever he was frutsrated with her! She grinned.* I get to have you like this everyday, and I never really get to appreciate it. -02:05 Oct 27
Gabriel: *Gabriel was gentle and tender with her as always! After she was nice and lathered up, he turned his attention to her hair! Long fingers moved to comb through her hair and massage the shampoo into her scalp!* I do not take baths often. -02:08 Oct 27
Evangeline: Imagine how nice it would be if you did! *This was a change of pace… so often when she bullied him in to a bath, she was trying to wash him up before he escaped! But now his hands were like heaven and she might have purred if she could! Evangeline shifted to rest her forehead against his shoulder and trace her name over his chest with her fingertips.* -02:13 Oct 27
Gabriel: *He smirked.* Perhaps. But baths are never the same without you. *He let the shampoo sit in her hair while he tended to washing her body.* -02:17 Oct 27
Evangeline: If you asked, I would come home to take a bath with you any time you wanted. *Technically, she would do anything he asked of her! She just wouldn’t be able to say no, and he would never ask her to do something she wouldn’t want to do. Evangeline was smiling again as she tilted back up to take his face in her hands and brush a gentle kiss over his mouth.* -02:22 Oct 27
Gabriel: *He smiled at her as she kissed him and then it was time to wash that shampoo out of her hair.* What would you like to do first. -02:30 Oct 27
Evangeline: Hmm, that is so hard to decide… I want to see the sunset, and ocean, snow, penguins, my wedding dress, more of you, um… I can’t decide! -02:33 Oct 27
Gabriel: *He kissed her forehead and then he was picking her up as he stood. He set her on her feet while he got a towel and dried her off.* Your wedding dress first then. *And he took her by the hand and led her to it!* -02:37 Oct 27
Evangeline: *Evangeline made sure to take advantage of looking at him, no clothes and all! He was really a very impressive man! …and the way he walked! She was really trying to surpress a girly giggle. But oh! Her dress was too exquisite to ignore!* It really does sparkle! -02:41 Oct 27
Gabriel: *While Evangeline admired her gown, he put on some clothes and joined her again.* Would you like to put it on? -02:48 Oct 27
Evangeline: Yes! *She replied without hesitation! Evangeline pulled the dress from the closet adjusting it so she could slip it over her head.* Would it be too strange if I wore it today? -02:51 Oct 27
Gabriel: No, it would not. *While she examined the gown to see how she would put it on, he cut his palm and cast a spell! The gown shimmered and then it disappeared from Evangeline’s grasp to appear on her, complete with the shoes she had worn with the gown their wedding night.* And still it pales in comparison to you. *he took her hand again and kissed it gently. Then he offered her his arm.* Snow, penguins, the ocean, and the sunset, Evangeline? -02:55 Oct 27
Evangeline: *The dress was so sparklie and beautiful, but still not as wonderful as Gabriel when he looked at her that way! She gave a beaming smile as she took his arm.* Yes, please. I think that sounds like a perfect plan. -02:58 Oct 27
Gabriel: *Before they left, Gabriel made sure to dress her in a nice, warm parka! He cast the spell again and transported them from the apartment to a block of ice, next to the ocean with a bunch of penguins waddling about! Amazingly enough, the sun was setting, painting the sky orange and blue!* -03:02 Oct 27
Evangeline: *She could see her breath in the air, and blinked at all of the waddling penguins! And with a sunset in rosey colors over a shimmery ocean..! With a squeak of joy she jumped to throw her arms around his neck!* Gabriel, I love you! -03:06 Oct 27
Gabriel: *He smiled and after a few moments of hugging, he took one of her hands in his and put his other hand on her waist.* May I have this dance, Evangeline. -03:09 Oct 27
Evangeline: You can have this dance forever! *He was enchanting, and so sweet… she couldn’t imagine anything more romantic than this!* -03:14 Oct 27
Gabriel: *He started leading her in a slow waltz. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. Meanwhile the penguins waddled past them or huddled together and watched them dance!* -03:19 Oct 27
Evangeline: *Somewhere a long the way he had been practicing! She didn’t have to watch her feet to dance, so she could glance around at the penguins and the snow!* -03:22 Oct 27
Gabriel: *The penguins chatted with one another with their squawking and honking while the first stars of the night sky appeared! A passing whale let out a spray of water as it passed only a few yards away! And still Gabriel danced with Evangeline!* -03:26 Oct 27
Evangeline: *Evangeline tilted her head back to look at the stars. She hadn’t seen any stars in so long! And here at the pole, the sky was so clear and there was even the borealis shimmering in the sky!* I don’t know how people go their whole lives without seeing things as wonderful as this! -03:30 Oct 27
Gabriel: That is the way of things. And yet, that makes them all the more precious for the ones who are able to witness such wonders. *He replied, still dancing with her.* -03:31 Oct 27
Evangeline: You have no idea how much this means to me. *He had given her the world, even if it was just for one night. She quickly blinked tears away and rest her head against his chest where he was warm and his heart beat!* -03:34 Oct 27
Gabriel: Happy birthday, Evangeline. *Was all he said as he kissed the top of her head and kept dancing with her, slower now.* -03:38 Oct 27
Evangeline: You realize, for when Meri helps me ambush you for something special I will have to put the sun in a box and wrangle the moon. *Because nothing would be better than this! She moved to slide her arm around his waist and under his coat where she could curl her fingers in to his shirt. He was always so warm no matter how cold it was outside!* -03:45 Oct 27
Gabriel: *Gabriel smirked.* Seer, you are the sun and the moon. *He kissed the top of her head again and put his head on hers.* -03:48 Oct 27
Evangeline: I could put myself in a box. With a bow! *The thought made her smile! If she she he would raise an eyebrow at her and call her insane, but it would be worth it!* -03:50 Oct 27
Gabriel: *Now he lifted his head and raised an eyebrow at her.* You are insane. *He replied. Putting herself in a box with a bow, indeed!* -03:52 Oct 27
Evangeline: *A soft giggle as she pulled her hand up to his face and brush her thumb against his cheek.* I am insane for you. You don’t want me to surprise you in a box? -03:54 Oct 27
Gabriel: *Gabriel was thoughtful for a moment.* If there were air holes and you were alright … you may. -04:09 Oct 27
Evangeline: I am certainly not getting in to box I can’t breath in! *Leaning up on her toes, she kissed his cheek.* But I bet you would come and fetch me in an instant if I were. -04:15 Oct 27
[Evangeline is smitten with a vampire who has given her the world!] -07:01 Dec 30
[Gabriel lowers his head to give his wife a kiss on the lips!] -07:05 Dec 30

Some penguins waddle past them!

Evangeline: *Between adorable penguins and a wonderful Gabriel, it was very hard not to giggle softly! And the cold gave ample opportunity for trying to get as close as possible!* -07:07 Dec 30
Gabriel: *He moved his head to nuzzle her neck as he pulled her close.* -07:09 Dec 30
Evangeline: *And to think, several years ago she would have never imagined anything like this! Bother, thinking about that was making her get all sniffly again! She shifted just a bit to bury her face at his shirt.* -07:12 Dec 30
Gabriel: *When Evangeline hid her face in his shirt, he didn’t bother to ask her why. He knew she was happy and that was all that mattered. He lifted his head and looked at the sun.* Seer, if you wish to see more, we will have to leave now. -07:17 Dec 30
Evangeline: *She nodded quickly, leaning back to look up at him and… actually looking at him had her grinning again! She had a very handsome husband!* There are so many places to see, I can’t seem to choose where first! -07:19 Dec 30
Gabriel: *Gabriel was thoughtful.* The zoo? -07:25 Dec 30
Evangeline: Oh! The zoo would be good! I could see a whole bunch of animals all at once! *Very exciting, it was so hard to contain it without bouncing much like Meri does when she gets impatient!* Let’s see a zoo! And then… a bunch of wolves! And perhaps the rainforest! -07:27 Dec 30
Gabriel: *He nodded once, bit his wrist, and cast the spell! They appeared at the New York City Zoo, the same one Evangeline often took Meri to! He drew her away from the empty corner he had cast them into and joined the crowd around the gorilla exhibit.* You wish to see normal wolves or weres? -07:31 Dec 30
Evangeline: Both! *Taking his hand, she was trying to look at everything! People walking by, what the buildings looked like, and the animals! It was difficult not to spin around in circles and not get herself dizzy!* -07:33 Dec 30
Gabriel: After the zoo, we will go to the rainforest and I will take you back to Oracle and allow Leon to escort you to the weres. -07:40 Dec 30
Evangeline: Then we can have dinner somewhere beautiful and spend the evening somewhere warm and cozy? *Yes, wrapping up a busy day by spending some time alone with Gabriel would be heaven!* -07:44 Dec 30
Gabriel: *Gabriel smirked. He raised her hand to his lips and kissed the back.* I do not know anyone else I would spend the evening with. -07:49 Dec 30
Evangeline: *Absolutely sweet, she was so tempted to ask to go home right now. Then when he smirked like that, she wouldn’t have to worry about a crowed of staring people when she drug him away! …and she realized she was staring and coughed!* To the elephants! *Evangeline tugged his hand to lead the way.* -07:54 Dec 30
Gabriel: *He found himself being dragged to the elephants! There were two of them, a mother elephant and her baby as they stood in the sun, throwing dirt on themselves!* -09:06 Dec 30
Evangeline: I rode an elephant in India once. Not that I wanted to, it was actually a bit scary, but there was a village there and the only way you could get to it was by elephant. *She had traveled to so many different countries once she was old enough, but that was well after she lost her sight so she never got to see them! She still couldn’t figure how riding elephants were a good idea.* -09:11 Dec 30
Gabriel: *Gabriel watched the elephants.* You have done much for strangers you have never met. Why. -09:16 Dec 30
Evangeline: *She blinked, glancing up at him! He had always done the same, didn’t he know?* We see terrible things all the time, don’t we? To people that have never deserved such bad luck, and people that could have had good lives if they were given a chance. I think helping those people makes it a better world for us to live in. -09:18 Dec 30
Gabriel: You once told me a good deed is still a good deed even if the intentions were not made in the most pure of hearts. -09:27 Dec 30
Evangeline: Yes. Doing good is still doing good, even if intentions were a little different. People become who they are by what they do, not what they think about doing. *Evangeline looked at him curiously then!* -09:30 Dec 30

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