041 The Great King (UNFINISHED)

Still in the past, Gabriel and Evangeline are confounded by this mysterious “Great King”.

The crow of a rooster and bright light spilling through the window! … It is morning!

Evangeline: *It was easy to forget where she was when she was warm and wrapped up safe with Gabriel. She might have even gone back to sleep, but there were noisy roosters of all things! …Boy… she aught to have rooster for breakfast.* -06:13 Sep 29
Gabriel: *Gabriel was feeling a little better than he’d felt last night. He’d had the strangest sensation and he kept wondering about Galisteu calling him Great King and Evangeline saying he’d had this experience before. If it had nothing to do with Mother, what else could it be?* -06:15 Sep 29
Evangeline: You’re thinking loudly. *Roosters could wait. Evangeline snuck her arm over Gabriel and tucked her head under his chin.* It’ll only give you a headache trying to figure out the past and the future at the same time. -06:18 Sep 29
Gabriel: *He kissed the top of her head and then put his chin back on top.* It is irksome not knowing what this means. I am almost convinced they mistook me for Anthony but not completely. -06:20 Sep 29
Evangeline: I could look for Anthony to be sure. Or we could just go home and hope we didn’t turn the future upside down? -06:22 Sep 29
Gabriel: *He was silent for a few moments. They should return home, to their place and time. They didn’t belong here. And yet …* I would be most grateful if you looked for Anthony. It may be sometime before we get the device and a way back. -06:27 Sep 29
Evangeline: We should get that thingy then, to make sure we can get back as soon as we’re done snooping. *Hunting down Anthony wasn’t on the top of her list of things she wanted to do, but at this point in time he couldn’t be too scary. He wouldn’t even know who Gabriel was! Evangeline shifted so she could sift through her pockets for her scrying crystal.* -06:30 Sep 29
Gabriel: *Gabriel nodded and shifted. Then, he was taking Evangeline by the hand and leading her out of the room and out of the inn. While she scryed, they would head to the blacksmith’s shop. Interestingly enough, there wasn’t a single hint there had been a war through here last night. Everything looked exactly the way it was when they had arrived. But, there were fewer people …* -06:35 Sep 29
Evangeline: *Tick, tick, tick… With an empty world it should have been easier to start from where they were and reach out. Over the town and beyond the trees. And even farther than that. But she had to frown and squeeze Gabriel’s hand to make sure he was still there. He wasn’t making a very good foundation today. His aura was protecting in too many places at once!* -06:39 Sep 29

The blacksmith’s shop was still locked up tight! Either the blacksmith was ill or he was just a late sleeper!

Gabriel: *He knocked on the door repeatedly and then glanced around for another door or someone coming out. When Evangeline squeezed his hand, he looked at her and tilted his head slightly. Was everything alright?* -06:42 Sep 29
Evangeline: *A huff followed by a sudden paused an turning around as if she were looking for someone that was right there! …nope! She shook the crystal on the string.* This is all garbled and making little sense! But, Anthony is a far distance from this town. Those vampires are a long way off now too. At least most of them are. I don’t think they sleep near the village. -06:45 Sep 29
Gabriel: *That was to be expected, he supposed.* If you can scry for him so easily, he is either much weaker or sees no reason to hide himself. *He knocked on the door again. At this rate, he was likely to kick the door open and look for the device, permission from the blacksmith or not.* -06:48 Sep 29
Evangeline: He is smaller here than in the present day. *Evangeline pointed at the door.* I don’t think anyone is actually home, so it wouldn’t be nice to break his door. Is this the right place? -06:50 Sep 29
Gabriel: *So in short he was not the Great King Galisteu referred to. If he had been, no doubt she would have eliminated him by now.* Yes, the innkeeper said as much. I do not suppose you could scry for the device. -06:53 Sep 29
Evangeline: If you can take me to breakfast! *He might not need to eat so often, but she sure did! In the meantime, she was ticking her crystal again, this time looking for the little control box of the wizard’s! It had to be around here somewhere, and it should be a lot easier to find.* -06:56 Sep 29
Gabriel: *Gabriel smiled at her and then the smile disappeared as he looked around. There were some empty chicken cages nearby. One of which had the roof broken off and some eggs lay in a nest. He picked those up. Eggs. He looked around for something else.* -07:00 Sep 29
Evangeline: Hmm… There is someone else in this time that doesn’t belong here. I think that wolfy beast of the Wizard’s was smarter than he thought. The thingy is… somewhere that way in his teeth! *She pointed far down the road that led out of town in to the forest!* -07:03 Sep 29
Gabriel: *He put the eggs back. Breakfast will have to wait then. But he knew Evangeline would want to go with him. And he could use her help in locating the device and the creature so he picked her up and started running in the direction she pointed!* -07:10 Sep 29
Evangeline: *Grab and dash! She really should be used to it! But still always caught her by surprise and she had to hold on to him and hope he didn’t run himself in to a tree!* You’re going to have to make me a very big lunch! I think there are old ruins beyond the forest. It’s kind of strange for them to be there, though! -07:14 Sep 29
Gabriel: You have my word, Evangeline. *He said as he ran.* Strange. What do you mean? *By now he was out of town and running through the forest, jumping over the roots and weaving between thorny bushes!* -07:19 Sep 29
Evangeline: *All the trees! He’s bound to hit at least one of them! She made sure to hide her face.* It doesn’t really belong there… like it’s older than everything around here? I’m not sure how to explain! *Which was easy to do while muffled either!* -07:21 Sep 29
Gabriel: *Perhaps something else that may have been pulled through one of the wizard’s earlier time portals. He jumped over a stream and over a sleeping deer’s body!* -07:27 Sep 29
Evangeline: It hasn’t time traveled though, that’s why it’s strange! *Deer! Ooh!… dang! She would have liked to pet a deer! Maybe later. The device was much more important!* There are no wards for it, um… well, nothing to stop someone from going inside. The beastie has snuck in there to hide. -07:33 Sep 29
Gabriel: A lunch and petting a deer. You are doing wonderfully, by the way. *Gabriel began to slow and by the time they stopped, they were at the edge of the forest and he was looking over the ruins she had mentioned.* -07:35 Sep 29
Evangeline: Am I? Considering I got us in trouble in the first place. *She should have known a time travel wizard would have been more trouble than she could handle! But if were going to make her a nice lunch and let her pet cute animals, she wouldn’t complain!* -07:40 Sep 29
Gabriel: You are. *He walked forward. The ruins were large, as if they had been part of a much larger structure once.* … There are no vines growing on these ruins. *He said, looking around for the creature.* -07:43 Sep 29
Evangeline: *There was that strange feeling again. He had seen this place before, and maybe she did too, but she was fairly certain this place didn’t exist anymore in the present date.* It may still be used? Maybe it’s not safe to go inside. -07:49 Sep 29
Gabriel: If the device is there, we need to get it. *Gabriel replied and kept walking. He couldn’t leave her out here and there was no way to flush out the creature. Was it convenience or something else that had made it come here of all places to hide.* -07:53 Sep 29
Evangeline: It’s making me nervous… *She had to admit it! This entire ordeal had happened not quite as she expected and it came with weird deja vu moments.* I’m sure he’ll spit it out once we find him! -07:56 Sep 29
Gabriel: I will keep an eye out and you can attempt to scry for him. *He suggested, walking up steps to enter through an open doorway. There was no sign of the door. It must have been a castle or a fortress of some sort. The first room he walked into was as large as the village itself. It was very quiet here.* -07:59 Sep 29
Evangeline: *She held out her crystal again for searching. Now that they were here, the ruins seemed much larger.* Farther forward and… to the right. I think he is the only one here for now. -08:05 Sep 29
Gabriel: *Every fiber in Gabriel’s body told him to run, to get that device as soon as possible. But whatever atmosphere lingered around this place caused him to quench the urge and walk instead. Caution, perhaps. These ruins were strange and going fast would mean missing something important or falling into a trap.* -08:08 Sep 29
[Gabriel is carrying Evangeline and trying to find the Flying Wolverine.] -02:46 Oct 30
[Evangeline was scrying for a flying wolfie, and it\’s not so easy in a place like this!] -02:49 Oct 30
Gabriel: I do not see the wolverine. It could be anywhere. *He glanced over his shoulder.* I believe the sun is setting. *For now he kept moving further into the ruins. Perhaps Evangeline would pick up something soon.* -02:51 Oct 30
Evangeline: There are traces of ancient magics here… So old that it feels older than… everything! *And that was pretty darn old as far as she was concerned! It was conflicting with her senses. It must be why Gabriel was split so badly.* He is far, but he is here. -02:52 Oct 30
Gabriel: *Gabriel moved further inside. There was a long flight of steps leading up, but there were also two doorways on either side of him leading in opposite directions.* I will stay on this level. *He went through the doorway closest to him which led to another large room. A high ceiling with open windows at the top along one wall which led in shafts of light.* -02:56 Oct 30
Evangeline: It may be easier to find him if we both look, don’t you think? This place is awfully big. -03:00 Oct 30

AROOOOOOOOOO! The wolf was in there somewhere, as that had to be his howl deep in the ruins!

Gabriel: Indeed. But I do not trust this place or the magic here. *He didn’t like the idea of splitting up but they had little choice. He put her down.* -03:03 Oct 30
Evangeline: *She leaned up to kiss his cheek!* Don’t worry so much. If I find something scary you’ll come and get me. -03:05 Oct 30
Gabriel: *Gabriel nodded.* I will take the upper level. *With everything being the way they were, he was beginning to doubt his ability to protect Evangeline. He went back through the door and began to climb the stairs. He drew his sword, finding the weight comforting.* -03:08 Oct 30
Evangeline: *She waited a few moments before taking her crystal and wandering deeper in to the ruins. This place was really curious, and she’d love to explore it just for the fun of it… but getting home really was much more important.* Here, wolfy, wolfy…! -03:11 Oct 30
Gabriel: *The steps led up and ran along the wall so he kept one hand on the wall as he walked. He kept glancing around and decided his mind was playing tricks on him when something moved in the corner of his eye.* -03:14 Oct 30

It didn’t help that every time that wolf howled, it would echo off the walls and bounce everywhere! It could have been anywhere in the place!

Evangeline: Don’t you want to go home too? I am pretty sure you don’t belong in this time either! *Okay, she was probably talking to herself, but… that wolfy sounded all creepy with the echoes like this! Luckily she knew Gabriel was close by, even though he saaaid he was going to search elsewhere. He must really be worried.* -03:17 Oct 30
Gabriel: *The flight of stairs was a long one. Gabriel hadn’t gone half way and he had to stop. He took a deep breath and leaned against the wall. But as he stood there, he noticed his throat felt a little itchy. How long had it been since he last fed …* -03:19 Oct 30

Skitterskitterskitter! Something on the second floor had taken off running! But it was far too small to be a flying wolf beast!

Gabriel: *It took three minutes but he was able to bury the beginnings of his thirst and stand on his own. He would have to check on the second floor. The creature there might have the device he and Evangeline needed. He made it up to the top and found himself on a walkway that stretched to the other end of the castle while the other end turned into a corridor and led deeper into the wing closer to him. He went in the direction he had heard the noises go in.* -03:31 Oct 30
Evangeline: This is just ridiculous. I can’t believe this place is so big. *She had tried walking through several rooms, and there was just so many! Whatever this place used to be, it might have housed an entire kingdom inside! ..Ooh, maybe that was it? Evangeline pocketed her scrying crystal for the moment, opting to press her hands against the walls as she snooped… Maybe she could pull at least a small clue of this place.* -03:34 Oct 30

Skitter! Whatever it was must have known something had come it’s way, for it had ducked in to a room somewhere and climbed up the very walls to tuck away somewhere in the beams! There was a bit of hissing!

Gabriel: *Gabriel made sure to watch where he stepped and look around. One could never be too careful, especially in a place like this. He entered the room the hissing was coming from and looked around for what was making that noise.* -03:39 Oct 30

The hissing stopped when he entered the room, but after a moment something peered from over a beam. It had pointy foxlike ears and ram’s horns, a human like face but with vampire teeth! About the size of a small gremlin, it must have been an Alp! A very rare vampire-incubus crossbreed. And now it was peering at Gabriel curiously!

Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at the Alp.* I am looking for a beast that resembles a wolf but flies, holding a device. Have you seen it. -03:46 Oct 30
Evangeline: *So old… this place was almost older the time. And the magic that ran through it it was impressive… There was good magics and bad magics, and devil and human! A complete contridition to anything that existed in present date. She was so engrossed in trying to peace it together that she took a wrong step and slipped down a small flight of broken stairs!* Ow! Blast it! *She picked herself up and dusted off.* -03:47 Oct 30

Upside down the Alp went, looking him over carefully. “Nnnoooo great kiiiiing. Ish no sshhuuuuch thing.”

Gabriel: *Gabriel ran his fingers through his hair. This was the second person to call him, Great King. It just made him all the more curious to know who this Great King was if not Anthony. He turned to go. But then he thought of something and turned back to the Alp.* Who are you. And what is this place. -03:53 Oct 30

The Alp looked curious himself, moving from the beam to crawl along the walls. “you knnnnnoooow I well great kiiiiing. I ish your eeeeyesh in thish plaaaaash of old tiiiimesh.”

Evangeline: How do stairs even… Gabriel! *He said he would be looking on the second floor, and there was no way he’d be done that quickly. Evangeline scooted to catch up with him and grab his hand.* Did you find that flying wolfiebeast already, or are you trying to watch me again? You shouldn’t worry so much about me, Gabriel. -04:01 Oct 30
Gabriel: *His eyes narrowed slightly. So he was supposed to know the Alp and perhaps he did? He walked up to the little creature and looked him in the eyes.* … Airion. -04:02 Oct 30

Gabriel stopped and studied her. “Humans are not allowed in this place. Leave before I enforce my law.”

“Yyeeeeessh great king. ish sheemsh like your huuuuungeer hash you dishtraaaated, great king.” replied the Alp!

Evangeline: You know what this room is for? *She hadn’t let go of him yet, but was tilting her head curiously.* You feel a little strange, are you all right? Maybe I should not have kept you with me last night. Sometimes I forget that you need to eat too. -04:10 Oct 30
Gabriel: It is not the only thing distracting me. *Even the Alp knew, which meant he only had a short time left before it became unbearable and he turned on Evangeline. Evangeline! He had to make sure she was well. His concern for her welfare was enough to make him push aside the fact he knew the Alp’s name without ever recalling meeting him before.* I must go. *He turned and started walking back the way he’d come.* Evangeline! Evangeline! *It was far too quiet.* -04:12 Oct 30

“Human, had I not just fed, you would be my meal at this moment. We are in the castle crypt.”

Evangeline: I have offered plenty of times, and I would offer again. I would not mind if it were necessity. *Evangeline grinned and leaned up to kiss his cheek. He worried so much about harming her, but she knew he never would.* -04:17 Oct 30

Gabriel smirked–right before the woman leaned toward him to kiss his cheek. He stepped back, pulling away. “You have much nerve attempting such a deed.” He turned his head as if he’d heard something. “You did not come alone.”

Evangeline: Of course I didn’t, I came with you. *…now she was a little confused! He was acting strange!* Are you upset because I got distracted? I know I stopped looking for that flying beastie, but this place was so interesting and I really couldn’t resist. -04:22 Oct 30
Gabriel: Evangeline! Evangeline! *Gabriel growled! If someone had taken her or something had happened to her … He did his best to retrace his steps and then looked around the room he’d last left her in. The ruins were so large, there was no telling how long it would be before he found her. And this place with its magic threw off his senses. He cut his palm and attempted to cast a locating spell!* -04:27 Oct 30

“I see.” It made sense now. This woman was confused and her mind was not as it should have been. “I will lead you out and from there, you may find your way home.” He started walking away from her, leading her.

Evangeline: Gabriel. …do you come across an enchantment? *Trailing behind him, she thought it made the most sense… something was just not right!* You do remember me, don’t you? Evangeline? Your wife? *Catching up to him, she took his hand again. She might have to brush his thoughts and see if there were a spell on him!* -04:32 Oct 30

Gabriel snorted. “Human, I have never seen or met you before. I am married to no one, neither vampire, human, or otherwise.” He smirked. Married, indeed. And be expected to share his power, elevate someone’s status. Never.

Evangeline: *As she feared! There must be enchanted traps all around the place! Evangeline scooted in front of him to block his, pulled the sleeve down on her cloak to show him the Binding Mark.* We are married! See! I think you are enchanted, but you feel mostly all right, so I should be able to break a simple spell, I think. -04:36 Oct 30

The Great King’s eyes narrowed into slits. He took Evangeline’s hand and turned it over. He traced the symbols, used his own power to signify that the Binding Mark was genuine. His grip on her hand tightened. “Witch, you have much to answer for.” And now he was beginning to drag her in the direction they were going!

Evangeline: Witch, indeed! You taught me how to break those sort of spells myself! *Oh dear! She was going to have to figure out what sort of one it was and – where were they going?* If you’ll just stand still for a moment, Gabriel, please! -04:44 Oct 30

There was no reply, no stopping, not even so much as a pause. Gabriel continued to drag her and his grip on her hand was tight. If she faltered, no doubt he would just pull her along as if she was nothing but a doll.

Evangeline: Gabriel! …I’m going to need my arm! *So rough…! At least she managed to keep up as best she could, but he was walking so fast! He definitely wasn’t himself, but she couldn’t imagine where they’d be going!* Are we going to the village…? -04:50 Oct 30
Gabriel: *Gabriel dropped to his knees. The spell hadn’t worked. His mind was wandering. His hunger was distracting him. He closed his eyes, breathed deeply. He hadn’t felt so weak in centuries … It was a new and unsettling feeling to be this vulnerable, this open.* -04:56 Oct 30

There was still no reply. They might have been walking for ages or perhaps it was the brisk pace he set. But he definitely knew where he was going as he never paused, even when they came to four different passageways in four different directions.

Evangeline: Can’t you at least speak to me? If you would only slow down for a moment…! *They had turned in so many directions it felt like they had ran in circles! With a huff, she was tried to turn and pull him the opposite way.* This is ridiculous, I have broken spells on you before, there is nothing to be afraid of! -05:03 Oct 30

He finally stopped and let go of her hand. But then he was walking away from her and she could hear him casting a spell! The traces of magic she’d felt were stronger in this room. Suddenly she felt … a breeze! It was hot and dry and he took her hand. “We are almost there.” And then he was pulling her through the portal he’d opened!

Evangeline: Where is there exactly? *Evangeline was a little wary… it was possible that the spell would trigger him to go somewhere else, but the spell he used wasn’t one she was familiar with. He didn’t use travel spells like that, and he did so without even spilling blood.* -05:33 Oct 30

“I am going to see if you are telling the truth or not. I would never bind myself to another, especially not to a mortal woman. A vampire and a human are forbidden to marry. That is one of the Sacred Laws.”

Evangeline: is it a law? I thought that was something that happened all the time! *Granted, it wasn’t often a very sucessful union… but mixture of races had been happening for many years an- Hmm. Perhaps his memory was altered to the rules of society in the current age? That might make sense!…. just how far back was this?* Isn’t the Binding Mark proof enough? How else is there to know? -05:45 Oct 30

“The Binding Mark would be proof enough … if I had such a mark on my own hand and I do not. However the Binding Mark you bear does bear my name which means you are violating the law. The only answer to that is justice by combat.”

Evangeline: You don’t have the mark? What about your wedding ring…? *The mark couldn’ just disappear! Was he enchanted not to see it? Had their bond weakened here…?* …Wait, what do you mean combat? Did you want to fight me? *That wouldn’t go over very well…* -05:53 Oct 30

Gabriel looked up as two vampires in black armor walked up to them. He gestured and stepped away so they could take custody of Evangeline. “I am not the one you will be fighting. You will be fighting the Cerberus.” The two vampires began to drag her away!

Evangeline: I can walk, thank you! *All the getting dragged was going to make her very sore later. So she would fight Cerberus. …wasn’t that a ancient creature? Or was it just smeone named Cerberus! ….Evangeline supposed she was about to find out, and along with it came a sinking feeling in her stomach. Gabriel wouldn’t let something happen to her. There was nothing to be afraid of, right?* -06:01 Oct 30

Gabriel watched the woman be taken away before he walked in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, Evangeline was taken down through some corridors and brought to a dark tunnel! Beyond the tunnel was sunlight and a large clear area for fighting! It was an arena of some sort! There was a gate so people couldn’t get out or in! Evangeline heard the sound of a large gate opening and then very loud barking that threatened to bring down the stadium!

Evangeline: *That answered her question! It was probably the biggest dog in the world! She could feel the ground shaking as it moved! She was going to turn herself around and run to somewhere more sheltered, but ended up with a "nudge" out in the open somewhere much closer to those vibrations!* …. You know, don’t you think this is a bit unfair! I am a psychic and he’s just a puppy! -06:08 Oct 30
Gabriel: *Meanwhile Gabriel had managed to cast one more locating spell and had followed the trail to the room where the portal was still open.* Evangeline. *He didn’t know where the portal went but if she was there, he would go there as well. He stepped through just before the portal closed and found himself in a room. There were two doors. He picked up a hooded cloak hanging from a peg and put it on. Then he went to investigate. He had been brought to a stadium of some sort. There were rows and there were people beginning to gather, all of them vampires in old clothing. He saw no sign of Evangeline as he climbed down to check out the ground rows.* -06:09 Oct 30

A proclamation rang out! “This day … may you all bear witness of this right of justice by combat! A human woman has claimed she is married to the Great King and is in violation of our Sacred Law! Humans and vampires are forbidden to marry and/or create a child or children together! The combat will commence with Cerberus and the human woman!” Cerberus stood a good thirty feet tall (and that was just to his shoulders), a pure black dog with three heads, red eyes, wearing collars! He snarled at Evangeline and wasted no time in trying to grab her in its jaws, all three of them!

Evangeline: *Always trying to eat her…! …Great King? Evangeline had no moment to think about it, she was throwing up a forcefield wall to shield herself from chomping jaws!* Don’t you eat me…! -06:17 Oct 30
Gabriel: *He wasted no time. As soon as he saw Evangeline out there, he was pushing his way through vampires and then scaling the railing that separated the arena from the seats! There were "oohs" and gasps as he landed in the arena and then he was pulling out his guns! He aimed and fired at their collars to distract them from Evangeline.* -06:24 Oct 30

Cerberus growled and snarled but neither head could get past that shield! BANG BANG BANG BANG! Something ricocheted off his collars and then all three heads lifted to snarl at the new intruder!

Evangeline: *By now she had been pushed to the ground, just trying to hold up that sheild against the giant beast. and there was gunfire! Gabriel’s guns! ….which was so boggling she dropped her shield!* But you said- is this supposed to be a test for you? -06:27 Oct 30

There was a commotion below. The Great King moved closer to the railing where he stood higher than the rest. “You.” He glanced at the servant waiting at the edges of the box. “Find out who that fighter is. I want him stopped. No one interferes with the trial by combat.” The servant bowed and left.

Gabriel: Evangeline. I told you I would take the upper levels. *Now that he had Cerberus’ attention, the guns disappeared and out came his sword! His head throbbed for a moment there but he shook it off. He could rest later, feed later. Now he had to focus and get him and Evangeline out of this alive.* -06:32 Oct 30
Evangeline: You also said I wasn’t your wife! This is driving me crazy! *The enchantment was broken! Good! But now they were in trouble! Evangeline was afraid to move – if she did, the movement would catch the beastie’s attention again!* -06:35 Oct 30

Cerberus snarled and made the ground shake as it tried turning Gabriel into its meal!

Gabriel: Evangeline. I said no such thing. The last time I talked with you was when you suggested we split up and look for the creature. *He slashed at the nose of the head that came too close and then slashed again only for the sword to strike against the tooth of another head!* -06:38 Oct 30
Evangeline: Oh, yes you did! Only you were enchanted and likely can’t remember a thing! Said that marrying a human was breaking Sacred Law and then you decided to feed me to that guy! *She pointed at the beast, as if it were even possible to miss it! Granted, she wasn’t angry at Gabriel himself, but he couldn’t seem to make up his mind and it was spinning her own in circles! Even now, trying to connect to him was tugging her in two different directions!* -06:41 Oct 30
Gabriel: Evangeline. You were searching down below. I was upstairs until I came down to look for you and found you gone. It was by chance that I managed to find the portal you had gone through. You were supposed to stay in the ruins and look for the creature, not activate a portal and explore. -06:43 Oct 30
Evangeline: Don’t you try to blame me, you know I can’t activate portals! *It was hard enough trying to close them! Bother! They could not argue here with a beastie trying to eat them! Evangeline stumbled to her feet, throwing her arms over her head so she could dash behind Gabriel!* …I was only exploring for a few minutes, until I found you, anyway! -06:47 Oct 30
Gabriel: Evangeline. I found you. Not the other way around. *He saw Cerberus raise his paw to smash them so he threw Evangeline over his shoulder and dashed under the giant dog! He stopped once he had come up from under Cerberus and then threw the sword like a spear into his back side!* -06:50 Oct 30

Cerberus was looking around for where he’d gone when suddenly–He let out a very loud howl and took off, trying to dislodge the sword in its butt! It ended up smashing and knocking down the guards who had come to stop Gabriel!

Evangeline: *A yelp! …followed by a thwap at his back! He was deserving it for being so difficult! But she did wish they could get somewhere a litle less dangerous!* At least you know my name now, enough to keep shouting at me! You were enchanted, how would you know what you were doing! -06:52 Oct 30
Gabriel: I was under no enchantment. I am hungry, yes, but enchanted, no. *With the chaos erupting, he slipped into the largest tunnel which turned out to be the one Cerberus had come through. He followed the large dark tunnel down until he got into a large room that could only be Cerberus’ cell. He looked for a door out.* -06:55 Oct 30
Evangeline: It had to be an enchantment, what else could it be! *She sure wasn’t crazy! ….not yet anyway! She was heading there pretty fast, though!* Bother, I knew you needed to eat something. This is why you should have candy in your pockets… -06:58 Oct 30
Gabriel: Evangeline. You know candy can only do so much for a vampire. As for the enchantment, I told you. I was not under one. *He was going to insist he was right until the end of time if need be.* -09:01 Oct 30
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((12:46 Oct 30))
[Evangeline has timed out.] -12:46 Oct 30
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -12:46 Oct 30
[Evangeline thinks candy would work just fine if Gabriel carried around enough of it!] -02:17 Oct 31
[Gabriel is looking for a way out with his very confused wife!] -02:17 Oct 31
Gabriel: Evangeline. You do not think the Great King is … *Gabriel couldn’t even say it.* Do you. -02:19 Oct 31
Evangeline: *She was about to fuss at him again about eating, but the question about the Great King was a good one… They had called him Great King when he tried to feed her to that three headed dog!* …I still wonder if it might be an enchanted. The spectators also called you Great King. -02:23 Oct 31
Gabriel: … Nothing makes sense in this world. *He found the only door locked and heard people approaching from outside. They had gotten things under control and were turning their attentions elsewhere. Like finding the escaped human and the vampire who had interfered in the combat.* -02:25 Oct 31
Evangeline: It is Earth for sure. If it were another planet, everything would be different – er, well it’s different now, but a different kind of different. *She knocked on his back gently, with a frown.* You feel a little different here too. Sometimes you’re you and sometimes you’re less you, but you anyway. …I think you should eat something. -02:30 Oct 31
Gabriel: *Gabriel found himself smiling a bit as he turned away from the arena.* Like your candy. *He had to put her down on her feet so he could try breaking the door down. The door creaked and shook with his efforts but stood strong.* -02:32 Oct 31
Evangeline: Hmm, I think you need more than candy now. You need blood, and don’t think I can’t notice! *It was starting to worry her just a bit… He was hiding it very well, but in this place he was already weaker… without eating it would be worse!* -02:34 Oct 31
Gabriel: I have told you before. I will not drink your blood. *And he meant it! She knew why. In the condition he was in, he doubted he could stop himself … The thought of hurting her in anyway was enough to drive him to walk away from the door–then go charging back and break it down!* -02:37 Oct 31

CCRAACCKKK!! The door gave way and led to a long dark corridor let with torches along the walls.

Evangeline: *Evangeline made sure to quickly step out of the way!* But if you need to, there is not much choice. I’ve got plenty of blood to spare, I think. And you said yourself candy is not enough. -02:39 Oct 31
Gabriel: *Gabriel moved to stand in front of her. This was not the time to talk about these things but this was a serious topic! The vampires hadn’t found them yet.* … Evangeline. *He said but Evangeline knew that tone well! It was a tone of resignation and one he didn’t use often. He knew, deep down, that she was right!* -02:44 Oct 31
Evangeline: *She raised a hand to brush against his cheek and smiled. He worried so much. And that was why she knew he would never loose himself and hurt her.* It’s all right. I promise. -02:47 Oct 31
Gabriel: *It was amazing; that she had so much faith in him.* I love you, Evangeline. *He whispered to her as he turned his head to kiss her fingers. He looked up back to the arena and picked her up. They would have to finish this discussion later! He started walking down the corridor. They needed to find a way out and find a place to rest. Back to the village maybe. But there was no telling how far away they were. They could risk going back to the room with the portal but he didn’t know how to activate it.* -02:52 Oct 31
Evangeline: *Evangeline wrapped her arms around his neck to hold on. Casting a small frown she tilted her head.* Can you not teleport here…? Should I try it? *He was worse off than she thought!* -02:58 Oct 31
Gabriel: It is a little known secret. In order for me to teleport, I need to be able to get my bearings and understand the laws that govern the forces of nature: time, distance, even weather. This world runs on a different set of laws. I cannot get my bearings yet. *And then there was the fact that he was weaker here and suffering from hunger.* -03:04 Oct 31
Evangeline: *How complicated! She tried to use those things and see if she could do so for him, but… there was much more than she could piece together. Frowning, she could only reach out about the coluseum itself!* There isn’t much outside of this building… If we could find a place to hide, I might make a wall for us? -03:13 Oct 31
Gabriel: *Gabriel nodded once. He needed to rest, they both did, and then there was the matter of feeding. He reached the end of the corridor and stepped through, finding a thick forest just yards away. He looked around and moved as quickly as he could. Even when they had gotten through the line of trees and the arena had disappeared from sight, he kept walking. He didn’t stop until he was too tired to walk much further and sat down next to a brook.* -03:20 Oct 31
Evangeline: *Evangeline rest her forehead against his. If she could will him all her strenght, she would!* You should have let me walk. I do have feet! -03:24 Oct 31
Gabriel: Indeed. *He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. He was actually thankful Evangeline had decided to come. He put his arms around her.* I need to rest, Evangeline. Just for awhile. -03:27 Oct 31
Evangeline: *She kissed his cheek.* It would be best to feed first and the rest. Then we could sleep and find that wolfie? *She ran her fingers through his hair. He was so tired…! * -03:32 Oct 31
Gabriel: *Had he been able to, Gabriel would have argued the point. But he really was tired and he realized that if he didn’t feed now, he really would hurt Evangeline later when he ended up attacking her. She didn’t need that, especially since they were so far from home. He nodded and lowered his head to her neck.* Evangeline, you must do something for me. If I hurt you, or I am taking too much blood, you must push me away. No matter what it takes for me to break contact. -03:39 Oct 31
Evangeline: I would not leave you here without me. *She tilted her head to kiss his temple. She didn’t have to be afraid!* I trust you, Gabriel. -03:44 Oct 31
Gabriel: *Now that they had a quiet moment together, he could hear her heartbeat, feel her pulse. She was so warm that he nuzzled her skin. All of that heat, all of that life made it all too easy for his fangs to grow as his arms tightened around her to keep her close. His lips pulled back as his fangs reached their maximum length. He lifted his head slightly and then brought it down, at the base of her neck. The rich, warm blood came swelling to the surface almost immediately and he withdrew his fangs so he could clamp down on the wound. It was incredible. Her blood. So sweet …* -03:49 Oct 31
Evangeline: *A wince and a soft mrrf escaped her. It was not too painful, but felt so strange! To feel bad of her being drawn away as he drank! She curled her fingers in to his shirt, easing her head to the side.* -03:54 Oct 31
Gabriel: *As he drank, Gabriel was torn between sating his hunger and just drinking. He’d only drank Evangeline’s blood a few times before and yet, her blood seemed to taste even sweeter now. It would be difficult to stop he knew but it should not hurt if he drank just a little longer …* -03:57 Oct 31
Evangeline: Gabriel… *She shifted in his harms, mumbling a soft warning to his thoughts. If he took too much, she would not be able to help him! Even now she was feeling a bit dizzy.* -04:01 Oct 31
Gabriel: *So very HUNGRY! He clamped down especially hard on her throat but just when it felt like ages since Evangeline’s warning, he lifted his head and forced himself away. Her blood was still fresh on his fangs and lips. He looked disoriented, confused until it came back to him who he was feeding on.* Evangeline. Evangeline. *He was cradling her in his arms now and stroking her hair. She looked pale. Too pale!* -04:05 Oct 31
Evangeline: *It hurt! But she did not make a sound of pain, even if she let a few tears slip. Now, she felt so numb, and could barely register that he was speaking her name!* hmm..? -04:11 Oct 31
Gabriel: Evangeline … *Gabriel cupped her face and felt the trail of her tears with his thumb.* Evangeline … *He had done it. He had hurt her despite always telling himself he wouldn’t. He looked around and found an ideal place to rest beside the brook. There were a few boulders with one of them lying across the other two to make a small but cozy shelter. He lay her on the grass there and kneeled down beside her.* I am so sorry. Please, forgive me. *His heart was sinking. He had hurt Evangeline. He had sworn not to! She should never have come. He had taken advantage of her. He did not deserve her!* -04:15 Oct 31
Evangeline: *So tired, to fall asleep would be so easy…! Evangeline reached out a hand to curl around his arm.* Don’t…! I’m… I’m okay. *He was so upset, if he felt any worse she might cry too and then he’d really think she was hurt!* -04:19 Oct 31
Gabriel: *He took the hand she curled around to clasp it between both of his. He lifted her hand to his lips to kiss her knuckles.* I have been untrue to you and betrayed your faith and your love. I swore to you I would never hurt you again and I nearly drained you dry just a few moments ago. -04:22 Oct 31
Evangeline: You did.. you did no such thing. *She pulled hishands down, and reached up to tug his shirt and pull him close to her.* You stop.. like I knew you would. -04:24 Oct 31
Gabriel: *Gabriel found himself leaning over her and then moved so he was lying down beside her. He lay on his side so he could slip one arm around her.* I felt … I came so close to losing you. I did not know … I was … scared. *It felt strange to admit something like that but he trusted Evangeline and she listened to him.* -04:29 Oct 31
Evangeline: *Brushing her hand against his cheek, she let it rest there.* I know… but it’s alright? …I feel a little tinglie! *Tingling, tired… and hungry! As she shifted so she could curl against him and regain some warmed, she tried to sneak a hand in to one of her pockets for that candy.* -04:35 Oct 31
Gabriel: *He felt, rather than saw her moving and found himself yawning. He closed his eyes and rested his head on her shoulder, then shifted his arm so it wouldn’t be in her way in her quest for the candy bar.* -04:41 Oct 31
Evangeline: *Only a couple pieces she managed to pull out, but he was so warm and it would have been so nice to just curl up and fall asleep. …she needed to stay awake and keep them safe while he rested, though! Evangeline set the candy next to her just so she could run her fingers through his hair.* -04:46 Oct 31
Gabriel: *Gabriel was sound asleep in no time. He nuzzled Evangeline. The hooded cloak he still wore covering the two of them like a blanket.* -04:51 Oct 31

Minutes ticked by, that quickly turned in to hours… the sun was slowly rising, and there was something rustling not far away in the bushes!

Evangeline: *She had eaten the candy and stuffed the wrappers in her pocket, but her plans to keep them safe all night didn’t quite go as planned! Evangeline had fallen asleep and slept deep… even now she was warm, wrapped up with Gabriel with no intentions of waking!* -04:59 Oct 31
Gabriel: *He yawned and lifted his head as he heard something in the bushes.* -05:27 Oct 31

Rustlerustle. As it seemed to be inching closer, it sounded like it was getting even bigger!

Gabriel: *Gabriel moved, sitting up to summon his sword. Then he was inching away from Evangeline in case he needed to tackle whatever was in the bushes to prevent it from attacking her.* -05:33 Oct 31

Rustle! Suddenly, something big and furry shot out from the bushes! It’s shape was odd and at a second glance… it’s because it had wings! It was that wolfiebeast, but it’s wings were all knotted up in a clothes line, and now he was jetting out of the trees dragging a big pole behind him! SNARRRL!

[Gabriel woke up to spot the flying beast and now it\’s getting away!] -02:21 Nov 03
[Evangeline was sleeping deeply, while apparently that wolfiebeast had made a reappearance!] -02:21 Nov 03

Grooooowwl! That flying wolfiebeast might have been grounded for the moment, but he was still fast! And now running circles around Gabriel to get him caught up in the laundry line too!

Gabriel: *THUD! Gabriel landed on the ground, tied up in the clothesline with his arms to his body! He moved for his knife so he could start cutting the rope and free himself!* -02:24 Nov 03

SNNAARRLLGrowl! The wolfiebeast tried to pause long enough to take a snap at Gabriel, but with all the tanglment, he tripped himself until the both of them went plopping in to the nearby brook! Now wet and more angry, he was leaping in the water!

Gabriel: *The rope was cut! But Gabriel grabbed the other end as soon as he broke free to pull the wolf-beast back! He put both feet down and dug his ankles into the ground!* -02:38 Nov 03

AARROOOOO! Apparently that was pretty uncomfortable for the beast as he stopped and turned around to go splashing back and charging Gabriel!

Gabriel: *He wrapped the rope around one hand and with the other he pulled out his sword! As the beast came charging, he crouched down slightly into a defensive stance and positioned the blade to thrust into its chest!* -02:42 Nov 03

Nope! That beast wasn’t falling for that one! As soon as he was close enough he took a big leap and landed behind Gabriel. …only to take off running back towards their camp again! He was running wild!

Gabriel: *Gabriel sliced the rope as the wolf started running back to the camp so he wouldn’t be dragged after it. His guns appeared and he fired a couple of shots at the beast as he ran after it!* -02:46 Nov 03

Runrunrun! Fast as he could! When he reached that sleeping human woman, he did what any smart animal would do – hide behind her! Not that he wasn’t completely easy to see being a big wolverine with tangled wings. But his face was hidden under her cloak, so he had to be invisible.

Gabriel: *He headed back to the shelter Evangeline was sleeping in and looked around. No movement, no sounds, nothing to tell him the wolverine was long gone. Instead, he happened to turn … and see a large, bulky shape next to Evangeline. The guns disappeared. He couldn’t risk hurting her. He walked back to her, the way he normally would and knelt down beside her.* Evangeline. -02:55 Nov 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline had no desire to wake up. She was exhausted, tired, hungry… but at least she was warm! Gabriel was so fuzzy. …but he wasn’t fuzzy at all. Still, just mumbled requesting a few more minutes!* -02:59 Nov 03

Shivver! That beast was sure he was done for, but thankfully he was perfectly hidden.

Gabriel: If you can understand me, I have no desire to kill you. *Gabriel said out loud to the wolf-beast.* I merely have a tendency to attack creatures who have led me on a chase for the past 48 hours. -03:03 Nov 03

Growlph. That was the rely the flying wolverine gave. He still refused to move… except for inching father under the cloak enough to nudge the body underneath it!

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Do you even have the wizard’s time device. -03:06 Nov 03

Grrrumph ooorroo, growl ruff! If the vampire meant that disgusting thing that tasted nothing like marrow, yes! It was burried somewhere in the forest. His tail flopped!

Evangeline: hmph.. ow! hey… *Bother! Something was poking what apparently had grown in to several painful bruises and she didn’t apprecited it… and trying to nudge it away with her hand had her retrieving it with surprise. Wet nose!* Gabriel…? -03:09 Nov 03
Gabriel: *He smirked.* Ah, Evangeline. You found our guest. *Then he turned to the wolf-beast.* This forest is large. You will need to show us exactly where you hid it. -03:12 Nov 03

Snort! Grrumphsnarl. He wasn’t doing a thing! That thing was nasty, and there was all kinds of dangers in the forest. Humans, monsters, vampires, and these stupid vines that were all caught up in his wings. Plus… the big jerk was trying to kill him! No, he’ll just stay here invisible where it’s safe.

Evangeline: He is invisible…? *Weary, this conversation seemed way too complicated for someone just waking up. Evangeline deemed that it might be better if she just went back to sleep!* -03:15 Nov 03
Gabriel: *Gabriel lay down beside Evangeline, on his back and clasped his hands behind his head.* No. He is just hiding under my cloak with you and it would seem we will be in this world awhile longer. -03:17 Nov 03
Evangeline: You should have shot at him like that. I wouldn’t be so eager to help either. *She mumbled softly, but at least loud enough for Gabriel to hear. She tilted away from the furry beast to curl up against Gabriel.* You should cut him loose. -03:20 Nov 03
Evangeline: *shouldn’t have! -03:20 Nov 03

The lump under the cloak inched it’s way up until a wet nose was peeking out and sniffing at the human woman. There was blood on the human and it smelled like dinner! He was sneaking out a pink tongue to take a lick!

Gabriel: *He smirked and kissed her forehead.* I will. *He suddenly had his knife and he pressed the blade’s edge against the wolf’s nose.* Taste her blood and I will kill you. -03:24 Nov 03

Row! The nose popped right back under the cloak followed by plenty of snarling. The human said cut him LOOSE not cut him UP. …besides! The vampire already had a nibble, one should share meals with allies!

Evangeline: *One hand to push that knife away… Gabriel’s instinct to maim the wolf was so sweet…! Well, if killing a scardy-wolf that could get them home was sweet!* He is just being a wolverine? -03:28 Nov 03
Gabriel: "He is about to become dinner." *He sat up after Evangeline pushed the knife away and then stood. He threw the cloak off of the creature and made a single slice in one part of the rope between his wings. The rest of the line broke apart, freeing the creature.* -03:32 Nov 03

Freedom! The wolverine flexed his wings, but… any smart beast could sense danger when he smelled it! What was the vampire so cranky about?! Humans are food! Is he supposed to say please first?

Evangeline: Oh dear… *Evangeline was quickly pushing herself to situp and save that beastie from getting himself killed. …only it took a great deal of effort just to move! A soft protesting groan when she was finally upright, and giving a quick swat at the wolfie’s nose, along with a SHUSH.* -03:38 Nov 03

Grrruff! He snapped at her fingers, but that may have been a wrong move to the vampire, so the wolverine quickly ducked behind the human to be invisible again!

Gabriel: *Gabriel raised his eyebrow when the beast snapped his teeth at Evangeline.* The woman is mine. *He tilted his head slightly.* If you are that eager to eat, you may hunt on your own. Or I will hunt and you lead us to the wizard’s device. -03:44 Nov 03
Evangeline: I think something to eat would be divine. I am so hungry I might chew on myself. *Enough to feel completely quesy in her tummy! Yesterday was not the best of days!* -03:51 Nov 03

Hunt? In THIS forest? That was too dangerous! Aaarrff. Well, the wolverine shookout his fur. He’ll just lead the way to the gross thing, if that means the vampire will provide the meals!

[Evangeline is awfully tired and not feeling so great, but she\’ll not say a word or Gabriel will feel awful again and then she\’ll feel awful, and then he\’ll feel worse and it\’ll be a mess!] -12:10 Jan 18
[Gabriel is concerned about Evangeline and thinks it\’s a bad idea to leave her alone!] -12:18 Jan 18
Gabriel: There must be another way to find the device. I will not leave you alone. Not again. -12:19 Jan 18

That wolverine was sniffing the human again, since he was sitting safe and sound behind her. The human has legs, she could walk! …unless the legs were a snack? That’d be good!

Gabriel: *He heard sniffing and looked over to where the wolverine was. If he tried to take a bite–or another lick–of Evangeline, they would have a fur rug and he could possibly sate himself on the blood.* -12:24 Jan 18
Evangeline: *That gave her the strangest though of Gabriel chewing on a leg and the wolverine chewing another! She wasn’t sure if it were funny or not!* It’s all right, we can look together! *Yes, she had legs! And though she was really wobbly trying to get to her feet, she intended to walk with her own feet!* -12:25 Jan 18

The human moved! Now it was getting the full effect of the vampire’s glare! Cowering behind her legs, the wolverine grumble that he MIGHT carry the human over his back as long as that vampire kept his teeth to himself and found something decently meaty to eat. This human was dry and probably crunchy anyway!

Gabriel: You still look pale. *He said as if that answered everything! She had legs and she was talking but he didn’t like taking the risk. Especially here where he was … disoriented to say the least.* -12:34 Jan 18
Evangeline: I am not crunchy! *…she wouldn’t think so anyway! Evangeline was trying to consider if riding winged wolverine would be a good idea. It might be like riding a horse, but trying to keep from falling over was tricky. …But other alternatives were going to make Gabriel worry over her, and this was difficult enough as it was!* I just need something to eat is all. I can try riding the wolf so we’ll stay close to you. -12:36 Jan 18
Gabriel: Very well. *There should be vegetation around here the Seer could eat. It would be easier to gather nuts and berries than for him to actually hunt something. He watched her carefully as she stood and then walked passed her a few feet to make sure everything was clear.* -12:43 Jan 18

Meat! Meat! Meat! The wolverine bounced a few circles around Evangeline before it settled down long enough for her to climb on it’s back. He did nip at her when she jostled his wings, but he kept his teeth to himself. After all, the vampire was going to hunt in the forest. That place was filled with terrible things!

Gabriel: In what general direction did you leave the device. *Everything looked fine. He looked at the wolverine.* -12:47 Jan 18
Evangeline: Sorry! *It wasn’t easy to get on the back of a big wolf when he had wings! It was just a little bit awkward, and she wasn’t so sure how to balance. Evangeline held on to his fur though.* -12:48 Jan 18

Antsy on his paws and trying not to shake out his fur, the wolverine trotted off towards the south! It was over in this way, but the vampire better be prepared for big burly monsters.

Gabriel: *Gabriel drew his sword and focused. As worried as he was about Evangeline, he couldn’t let that stop him from doing what he had. They had to recover the device and that meant staying focus, gathering his strength to take down whatever crossed their paths.* -12:53 Jan 18
Evangeline: *This was nice! Though, she would like to be safe in her own bed and sleeping until next Tuesday, this was an adventure…. a confusing adventure!* Hmm… Gabriel? ARe you sure you were not under a spell yesterday? -12:56 Jan 18
Gabriel: Yes, I am sure. I left you to search for the device and returned to find you in the arena with the giant creature. Why would they mistake you for being with the King? -12:59 Jan 18
Evangeline: I was with you. … I thought I was with you! I suppose that was why he was so confused. I must have walked in to an enchantment myself at the ruins. *There was no other way to explain it! Still… she knows Gabriel when she feels him. Even touching him it was still Gabriel.* …this makes my head hurt! How far away is that device, wolfy? -01:02 Jan 18

Sniffsniff! That yucky thing was good distance! He had ran pretty far, seeing as there are things even trying to eat him out there! Think he should faster, he made a sudden leap to start dashing through the bushes!

Gabriel: *Gabriel’s eyes narrowed into slits when the wolverine suddenly made a dash for it! What was it thinking?! He decided not to waste the energy cursing and ran after it.* -01:09 Jan 18
Evangeline: *A soft eep! It was good she was holding on to the wolf’s fur! But with all this pouncing she leaned down to throw her arms around his neck before she ended up falling off!* This… is a little fast…! -01:11 Jan 18

Leap! Bounce! Fast wasn’t wasn’t it, human?! It was better than getting cooped up in that wizards place! Wait, the vampire was chasing him! The wolverine ran a little faster!

Gabriel: *Once they retrieved the device, he was going to have the flying wolf for dinner, of that he would make certain of. He kept running after the wolf, leaping over roots and ducking under low hanging branches.* -01:21 Jan 18

Boing! Dash! A run through the trees and weaving around bushes! It might have been a fun game of chase, but the wolverine was more fearful that he just enticed that vampires hunt instinct on the wrong animal! He didn’t want to get eaten! He was running strong until — SNIFFSNIFF! Hey, something smells more tasty than the human!

Gabriel: *He growled and his fangs were growing! If any harm befell Evangeline because that mange-ridden furball had shot off into the forest, there would be hell to pay!* -01:30 Jan 18
Evangeline: That’s enough…! Just… pause a minute…! *She was a little slow to pick up on things, but the wolf was inadvertantly getting himself in trouble! It wouldn’t be easy for her to stop Gabriel if he was angry enough to go eating the wolf!* -01:32 Jan 18

At the request, the wolverine made a sudden stop. Even skidding in the dirt as he slowed down. What were they stopping for? He was getting chased and there was something tasty nearby. He was HUNGRY! ….No! That vampire was coming! The wolverine moved around in a circle looking for somewhere to hide!

Gabriel: *Gabriel was getting closer but he was no less anxious for blood. The flying wolverine’s blood to be exact. He was almost to them. If the flying wolverine didn’t hide NOW, it would be too late to hide later.* -01:41 Jan 18
Evangeline: Be still a minute! And calm! *Bother! He was making her so dizzy! Once he was still enough though, she hopped off the wolfy while she could! Just in time for him to get the idea to climb up in the tree and perch on a branch over hand.* For a wolf, you’re awfully scared of everything..! *She plopped on the ground trying to catch her breath! Maybe they should have just sat still somewhere!* -01:44 Jan 18

Up in the tree was a whimper! He wasn’t ALL wolf! A tiny part of him was field mouse. A poor innocent mouse that didn’t deserve to be eaten when it was trying to be helpful instead of snacking on the human like natural instinct!

Gabriel: *It was a good thing Gabriel actually skidded to a stop at the sight of Evangeline sitting there! He would have passed right by here!* Where is it. -01:56 Jan 18
Evangeline: I can’t tell you. *Evangeline smoothed out her clothes and tried to fix her hair back in to place.* You’re going to beat him and he’s scared! -01:58 Jan 18
Gabriel: It has every right to be. This forest is dangerous and it goes running off without reason or warning. I will not have your life risked so thoughtlessly. -02:02 Jan 18
Evangeline: He really doesn’t know any better. Both of you need to stop being so afraid of everything! *Gabriel was just as scared as the wolfy was… even if he wouldn’t admit it! It made her want to hold him!* -02:07 Jan 18
Gabriel: *His eyes narrowed slightly.* I am not afraid. I am concerned about your welfare. -02:10 Jan 18
Evangeline: You are afraid and it’s very sweet, but beating that wolfy isn’t going to help. If you eat him, I’ll have to try and scry for the device myself and I am not sure I can do it today. Will you promise not to beat him? -02:15 Jan 18
Gabriel: … I promise not to beat him. -02:16 Jan 18
Evangeline: And do you promise not to eat him either? Or break his bones? Or hurt him at all? *Because she is fairly certain he’d find some other way if she didn’t make sure!* -02:17 Jan 18
Gabriel: *Gabriel was silent. It had been easy to promise not to beat him. But Evangeline had known him well enough to add a series of promises to that one. He could work around beating it, eating it, breaking its bones. The last one, promising not to hurt it would require more thought. Unless the wolf was sedated and unconscious first …* I promise. -02:20 Jan 18
Evangeline: All right. He is close… but he will stay with me while you get something to eat! I don’t think I can stand another wolfy ride! *He needed a moment to calm down… if she pointed out the wolf now, he’d likely drag it along until they found a mountain to throw him off!* -02:22 Jan 18

Up in the tree, that wolverine was silent as… a mouse! With his tail curled over his nose and his wings wrapped around him. The human was an angel, he’ll be sure not to eat her for sure! She’ll get to have the biggest chunk of whatever carcass that vampire drags back!

Gabriel: *He walked around Evangeline and disappeared through the brush.* -02:29 Jan 18
Evangeline: *Evangeline tilted back to direct her face upwards. She wanted to make sure the wolfy saw her frowning.* He’s upset. This is hard for him here. Would you please be more considerate and not make him worry more over me? -02:33 Jan 18

With the vampire out of sight, the wolfy jumped down out of the tree, brushing up against the human in a friendly nuzzle. He can TRY but that vampire is just territorial and mad about everything! Next time he won’t run so fast so the vampire can keep up.

Evangeline: He is afraid that he’s hurt me and scared that he won’t be able to protect me. You running off with me isn’t helping. *She hated to think it, but this wolf was a bit dense! Still, she put her arms around it’s next to lean and rest her head against him. She really was tired, but Gabriel would panic and not think clearly if he worried too much over her!* -02:46 Jan 18
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((01:55 Jan 18))
[Evangeline has timed out.] -01:55 Jan 18
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -01:55 Jan 18
[Evangeline is trying to protect the wolverine, but it\’s not too bright!] -02:22 Jan 19
[Gabriel is even more cross now and is forced to pace to work the anger off!] -02:25 Jan 19
Evangeline: *Evangeline was hugging the wolverine and trying not to fall asleep! She could feel a frustrated Gabriel and if he returned with her not awake he might panic and eat up the wolfy!* -02:27 Jan 19

The wolverine sat still and curled it’s wings around the human. Since she was nice enough not to let the vampire get him, he’d be a good watchwolf. But boy did she smell tasty, and he was really hungry! He couldn’t help but give her a lick to the face!

Gabriel: *He took deep breaths but when that didn’t prove to be enough, he did a series of quick slashes, thrusts, kicks, and parries to work it off. He needed to hunt for food and recover the device but he couldn’t do it in this state.* -02:29 Jan 19
Evangeline: *Yuck…! Wolfy slobber did wake her up a bit, at least enough to rub her sleeve over her face to wipe it off!* I’m awake…! -02:33 Jan 19

Does she know she’s tasty? The wolverine guessed so, since the vampire chewed on her! He was flopping his tail. He could smell something else delicious nearby too. And that vampire was off in the woods not chasing it! Wiggling out of Evangeline’s grasp, he pounced around a bit! He wants to CHASE it. Come on human!

Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked! Could it not sit still for a few moments? She shook her head slowly.* I am not chasing anything. And you should stay here! Gabriel does not want me to stay alone, and I think you’re just going to get in trouble! -02:40 Jan 19

“You know I well Great King …” “You are no better than us, Great King …” “You also said I wasn’t your wife …” “I was with you, I thought it was you …” “You’ve been here before …”

Bouncing circles around the human again, the flying wolverine didn’t agree! There was food right over there! He was going to get it and then take the human to find that gross thing. They didn’t need that scary vampire around chewing them up!

Gabriel: *Deep breath in. Deep breath out. He had to stay focused. He looked around but didn’t see or hear anything. He started walking again, to look for the device.* -02:46 Jan 19
Evangeline: *How exasperating! Evangeline tilted backwards until she plopped over on leaves and grass. This was just too much!* Go, go..! Chase things, then! I will stay right here! -02:47 Jan 19

Without the human? Hey human! Human! The wolverine pounced over to her and sniffed at her. See, this is what happens without food. Didn’t they get how important food was? Ggrrph. The wolverine bounded off in to the trees to follow after that vampire. He needed to be reminded!

Meanwhile there was a grunting nearby! It sounded like a boar but it was much louder! Something rustled in the bushes on the other side of the clearing Gabriel was in! … And then a black boar with long tusks the size of a bear stepped out!

Bound! Pounce! The wolverine was leaping over bushes like a gazelle, at least until he caught a sniff of deliciousness! …but there was the vampire too! He dropped to the ground and scooted forward practically on his belly, sneaking! On the hunt!

Gabriel: *He turned. There was dinner. He held the sword at an angle and waited.* -02:55 Jan 19

The boar stopped once it was completely in the clearing and took notice of Gabriel! It grunted and then it charged for him!

Gabriel: *He waited until the boar was just about to maul him before stepping to the side! The boar hit the tree he had been standing in front of and thrust the sword into the base of the boar’s neck! Then he pulled it out and jumped back.* -03:02 Jan 19

Crawl, crawl! The wolverine was sneaking his way closer, at least until the boar hit that tree! Then the wolverine was jumping to his feet and leaping behind some bushes for cover! Maybe he’ll just steal it when the vampire killed it!

The boar squealed and began bucking and thrashing against everything! It slammed against trees, trampled bushes, and then it started to run off!

Gabriel: *Gabriel was not about to let it run around, attract unwanted attention, or have the boar stolen from him. He jumped onto the boar’s back before it took off and thrust the sword into its back. Then he held on as the boar went into a frenzy!* -03:07 Jan 19

Dinner! Come back! Once the boar took off with the vampire on it’s back, the wolverine gave chase! It did hesitate a bit – they were leaving the human! – but boy did that boar smell yummy! When he got close enough he CHOMPED on to the boar’s tail!

The boar bucked even harder when the wolf bit on its tail! But with Gabriel stabbing it over and over, it was beginning to tire! Until finally … it slowed down and then it dropped with a THUD!

Gabriel: *He got off of the boar and pulled the sword out one more time. He licked the blood off of the blade. It wasn’t as sweet as Evangeline’s blood, of course, it was thicker and it tasted a bit like tree bark but it was better than nothing. He took the boar by one tusk and began pulling it back to where Evangeline was supposed to be.* -03:15 Jan 19

That wolverine was still clamped on to the boar’s tail and upon find himself dragged along with it, he lept to his feet! He dragged too! …Only he was trying to drag faster so his end would get there first and the human would think he caught for her! Females like that!

Evangeline: *Evangeline had fallen asleep again, curled up on her side with her head resting on her arm. It was easier to doze away when there wasn’t a hyperwolf bouncing around!* -03:18 Jan 19
Gabriel: *He was going to ignore the wolf. Because, quite frankly, he was still going to kill it. First, it goes on a mad dash with Evangeline on its back and puts her in danger. And then it left Evangeline alone just so it could find food.* -03:20 Jan 19

Dragdrag! Course, his dragging ended up pulling the boar’s tail off. …That was okay! He pounced for the human! Look! He brought food! Sniffsniff. …Wake up human!

Gabriel: *He put the boar down to stand by Evangeline and check on her.* Evangeline. Evangeline … -03:30 Jan 19
Evangeline: *Quite deeply sleeping, she had no intentions of waking up! There was only a soft mumble from her.* -03:30 Jan 19

The wolverine dropped his boar tail and plopped down on the otherside of the human. He tilted his head with a whimper. Did the human die? It’s not moving! And there’s enough food for everyone!

Gabriel: She is tired. *Which meant she hadn’t been alright when he had asked her earlier. She was still weak from all that blood she had given him. He looked around. Nothing.* Eat the boar. I need to find shelter for her. -03:34 Jan 19

Wake up the human! There’s plenty of tasty pig. The wolverine scooted forward to nudge at her shoulder. Food fixes everything!

Evangeline: *She did frown, but only moved enough to adjust sleeping more comfortably!* -03:39 Jan 19

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