045 Curse of the Egyptian Tomb

Evangeline takes hunters on a field trip to Egypt and runs in to Professor Stevens an ‘old friend’. He accidentally opens up a cursed tomb that should have stayed sealed.

[Evangeline takes Hunters on a fieldtrip to Egypt!] -11:06 Mar 10
[Gabriel is away–hunting and stuff!] -11:06 Mar 10
[Gabriel is now known as: Vlamerias] -11:07 Mar 10
Evangeline: *Egypt is filled with ancient culture, plenty of supernatural things and… well… a vision was tugging her to visit Egypt, so she might as well make a trip out of it! For now she was trying to get one of hunters to read a map while showing Meri around a museum!* -11:08 Mar 10
Vlamerias: Oohhh … Egypt! This will be fun! Won’t it, Mommy? *Meri is dressed in khakis with a little wide-brimmed hat and armed with a camera she’s using to take pictures of everything! SNAP! A picture of the camel! SNAP! A picture of one of the hunters’ shoes!* -11:08 Mar 10
Evangeline: It’s a good learning experience, yes! The culture here is many thousands of years old, and probably one of the oldest in the world! *She could hear the clicks of Meri’s camera… giving her one might have been a dangerous idea! Who knows what she’ll get pictures of!* -11:11 Mar 10

Team Leader Jay had the map upside down, and not able to read a word of it! “You’re going to need a guide, I can’t even read this thing!”

One of the hunters looking at the map, scratches his head. “No, I’m pretty sure we’re here and we gotta go there.” He points. “See? I think that word means bathroom.”

The other hunter, on the other side of Evangeline, shakes his head. “You got it wrong. You don’t know how to read this … whatever language this is.” He smacks the ‘bathroom’ hunter on the head. “Bathroom, my ass.”

Evangeline: A guide might be a good idea. *Evangeline considered, tapping a finger at her chin.* We want to go on a tour of tombs, they always have tours and we can sign up for a safe one under study here at the museum! I don’t think of you want to follow me around the desert. -11:16 Mar 10
Vlamerias: Oohh … a tour of the tombs! *Her voice is full of awe! SNAP! A picture of a camel’s foot! SNAP! A picture of that same camel’s chest! SNAP! A picture of the camel’s owner glaring down at her!* -11:18 Mar 10

Nobody wanted to follow Evangeline on one of her wanderings! That always ended with monsters and Gabriel pissed off! So it was Jay that grumbled “I’ll be back.” stomping off to fetch them a guide!

Evangeline: *Evangeline pulled Meri back away from that camel before anything unpleasant happened. Camels were always so rude!* It sounds fun, doesn’t it? Egyptians used to bury their kings with all of their valuables so they could move on to the afterlife in style! -11:20 Mar 10

“Man, I hope he has better luck getting a guide than he did getting a date for that Valentine’s ball last year,” one of the hunters say.

Evangeline: Sssh.. Don’t pick on Jay! I would have went with him if he would have asked me! *No one ever dares to ask her, but she’d always be happy to be someone’s date so they don’t have to show up alone!* -11:30 Mar 10
Vlamerias: *That made Meri think! She was trying to imagine Evangeline going with anyone other than Gabriel and not succeeding!* Hmm … -11:34 Mar 10

After a few moments Jay returned looking mighty pleased with himself! At his side was a very short man, slightly balding, with big thick glasses and carrying all sorts of maps and equiptment. “I found a guide. This is Professor Stevens from the local institute. Better than those shady looking dudes hanging out outside.”

“Uh … We’re going to leave Evangeline with him?” one of the hunters whispered. He didn’t look like he’d be able to tackle the type of trouble Evangeline often attracted!

Professor Stevens looked completely insulted! “My good sir, I am a professional archeologist and adventurer! And happened to be well associated with Ms. Clark! Er, if she remembers me!”

Vlamerias: *She blinked and tilted her head at the man! And then she was sniffing him! He smelled like those dust bunnies under the desk at Oracle!* -11:38 Mar 10
Evangeline: Stevie! *That was a surprise! Evangeline immediately grinned!* Of course I remember you! I didn’t think you would still be here. Haven’t you finished the study for your thesis yet? -11:39 Mar 10

Someone in the back passes his buddy a $5 bill. He’d bet his friend that Jay wouldn’t come back with a legitimate guide for Evangeline.

Stevie, er, Professor Stevens adjusted his giant glasses. “I did, I did. But the call of the land is too strong for a man like me. I discovered a new tomb, Ms. Clark! It’s proving to be the find of the century! If you were wanting a tour, I’d be elated to show you my dig. It even comes with it’s own curse!”

Jay HEARD that and promptly snatches the fiver for himself. Since they are worried about Evangeline’s saftey, THEY could accompany her!

The guy who was about to grab that $5 looked shocked! “Hey! Give that back!”

Evangeline: A curse? I didn’t think you believed in curses, Stevie. I think your words were "It’s simply coincidence and circumstance, my dear." Then we spent an entire weekend locked in a wine cellar. *Oh, she really liked Professor Stevens! He was a man of fact and science, and despite seeing things with his own eyes he still always insisted it was coincidence!* -11:45 Mar 10

Professor Stevens gave an embarrassed cough! “Yes, harumph. Well, that was an explainable incidence! Would you and your… ah… Goodness me, who are these people and this small wee child, Ms Clark!”

Vlamerias: Hi! Evangeline is my Mommy! -11:49 Mar 10
Evangeline: /song "M-mommy!" That’s when Professor Stevens dropped his maps and items, looking shocked, amazed and even a bit disappointed! "Ms. Clark, when did you get married! I had no idea! This is quite the surprise!" -11:51 Mar 10

“M-mommy!” That’s when Professor Stevens dropped his maps and items, looking shocked, amazed and even a bit disappointed! “Ms. Clark, when did you get married! I had no idea! This is quite the surprise!”

Evangeline: *Eep! Evangeline leaned to help pick up those maps before they escaped!* Not long too ago, it was a bit sudden! But this is Meri, and these gentlemen are my students! -11:53 Mar 10

The hunters either nodded and waved at the professor.

Vlamerias: *Meri beamed!* It is my duty to protect my Mommy from all kinds of danger and enemies, no matter how big or how small! Oohh! *She raised her camera and took a pic of the professor suddenly!* -11:54 Mar 10

Professor Stevens was momentarily blinded by the flash bouncing off his glasses! But in no time he had his items in his hands again. “Well, well, well, I have to say congradulations, but I had hoped you would have married me one day! That is too bad, too bad. I’d like to meet the man that helped spawn such a… protective daughter!”

Jay held back a snort and a laugh! If the man wanted to live, he’d prolly not want to meet Gabriel and mention he wanted to marry Evangeline!

Evangeline: I might introduce you later, but for now can we go and see your tombs? I would really love to show Meri! She’s never seen tombs before! -11:58 Mar 10
Vlamerias: Oohh … Yes! I can take plenty of pictures to show everyone back at Oracle! -12:01 Mar 11

Right, right! The dig! Yes, come with me, ladies! I will show you an ancient find with the most extraordinary artifacts! There isn’t another tomb like it in all of Egypt!” Bustling off with excitement, Professor Stevens quickly managed to get them some camels for transportation, and at Jay’s urging left the Hunters with a location map ‘just in case’. He didn’t get why, but he was thrilled to escort for this trip!

Vlamerias: *SNAP! A picture of the camel they were about to ride! SNAP! A picture of the back of the camel’s head once she and Evangeline were on it! SNAP! A picture of the back of the professor!* Oohh … Mommy, are there ghosts at the tombs? -12:05 Mar 11
Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t the most comfortable with camels… It was awefully high off the ground, but it was a better way to travel in the desert! She made sure to keep a hold of Meri!* I’ve not encountered a lot of ghosts in Egyptian tombs, but I hear there is a bad case of mummy curses! Most tombs seem to have curses to ward off thieves. -12:07 Mar 11

Stevens laughed real loud! “Of course, curses are simply myth and legend! If there were truely a curse on every tomb opened, why all of Egypt would be swimming in plagues and beasts! No, no, I assure you. The tombs are quite safe!”

Vlamerias: Oohh! I want to take pictures of a ghost to show Glaër! He’ll love it! -12:12 Mar 11

..Glare, goodness is that the girl’s father? I say, Ms. Clark, tell me about this man you married! Are you even still Ms. Clark? I was hoping we would get married, you know! Now I’m going to be a lonely old man!”

Evangeline: I guess I would be Mrs. Clark now! I would have liked to be Mrs. Carnatelli, but Gabriel was afraid that might put me in more danger. And you should have asked me years ago, Stevie! I might have said yes, but now it’s just too late! I’m never going to love anyone more than Gabriel! -12:18 Mar 11

“Poppycock! Too late, indeed! He sounds charming nonetheless, to have won such adoration. I am sure he is quite the gentleman!” With desert all around them in every direction, just ahead was a huge dune with some structure seeming to peek out. There was stone and wood, and it must have been the Professor’s dig! “There we are! Right up ahead, there!”

Vlamerias: Oohh! *SNAP! SNAP! SNAPSNAPSNAP! By the time they had gotten closer, she had taken at least half a dozen more pictures!* -12:22 Mar 11
Evangeline: *There were going to be a lot of pictures of sand! Evangeline kept the thought to herself, despite grinning about it when they finally stopped near the entrance of the dig site. She hopped off the camel and helped Meri down too.* What is so special about this particular place, Stevie? You said it was one of the greatest finds! -12:25 Mar 11
Vlamerias: *Meri put down the camera to peer around them! There was so much sand! She could build a thousand sand castles and still have lots of sand to spare! Perhaps build a whole city of sand!*\ -12:28 Mar 11

“This particular tomb is suggesting the holdings of a King! Yet, the dating on the artifacts are much older than any of our previous findings! It is a mystery!” Stuffing his maps away, Stevens pulled out a battery powered lantern, a good long stick, and a small satchel with some of his tools. “Let me show you inside.” He helped guide Evangeline through the entrance, and kept a close eye on what Meri was looking after!

Evangeline: How old do you think it is…? *Deja vu…! Once they crossed the threshold and the temperature shifted from the hot sun outside, to the coolness of the tombs, there was a strange familiar feeling. But she just couldn’t quite put her finger on it!* -12:35 Mar 11
Vlamerias: Oohhh! *There was so much to see here! She wanted to take pictures of everything! Which is what she began doing! SNAPSNAPSNAPSNAP!* -12:35 Mar 11

“Thousands and thousands of years! The markings and language on the walls don’t even seem to match any of the ancient Egyptian. Unfortunetly, before we could get a good look at the bottom tombs, there were a few accidents with the workers. All is safe now, of course, but you know how the locals are about curses!” Stevens led them down a narrow corridor. They were passing many empty chambers, and some filled with ancient crates, pottery and other items!

Vlamerias: I bet the ghosts came and stole your workers away! *SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! A picture of the crates, the pottery, the writings on the wall!* -12:39 Mar 11
Evangeline: I wish you would be so carefree about curses, Stevie, they can be very serious! *Evangeline placed a hand on a wall. Yes, she’s felt something like this before for sure! Professor Stevens had definitely found something special!* Did you find any mummies in the tomb? -12:45 Mar 11

“We did, we did! Sadly, none of them were of this King some of the writings depict, but they must have been quite important individuals for the way they were preserved. The ones that laid them to rest here, most certainly did not want those bodies removed or disturbed!” They had to be deep underground by now, where the tomb finally opened up to a large chamber. There were three solid stone sarcophagus in the center of the room and each had deep and detailed carvings etched in to them.

Evangeline: You haven’t tried to open any of them yet, have you? *This was what she wanted to be here for! It was almost kind of tugging at her now. Holding out a finger to point, she was trying to follow that feeling.* -12:57 Mar 11
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[Evangeline is very distracted by the strangeness of Stevie\’s tomb!] -05:20 Mar 14
[Vlamerias is making sure to take pictures of everything! SNAP! She just took a pic of Mommy!] -05:22 Mar 14
Vlamerias: *Meri giggled!* Hehe! Wow, this is a big place, Mommy! -05:23 Mar 14

Professor Stevens just shook his head at Evangeline’s question! “No, no, we haven’t opened the three sarcophagus yet. There was a problem with the men! Oh, but isn’t it a grand place? Here, Ms. Meri take some pictures of this wall!”

Vlamerias: *She was only too happy to compy! She did love taking pictures of things! And it probably didn’t help that the Professor was giving her things to take pictures of!* Oohhh! Okay! *SNAPSNAPSNAPSNAP! She sniffed the air.* What’s that smell? -05:26 Mar 14

“Why, that would be the smell of decay! Several centuries worth I would say! We’re hoping the mummies are still intact within the tombs here!”

Vlamerias: *Meri started to approach the sarcophagus closer to her! The same type of writings on the walls were also on the sarcophagus but she couldn’t read them either! Oh well!* -05:31 Mar 14
Evangeline: I don’t think it is a good idea to open them, Stevie. *Just that feeling about this place… Evangeline put her hand on one of the walls. The stone felt just like that one strange place in the past that was ancient even before things were ancient!* -05:33 Mar 14
Vlamerias: *She lifted her head and wandered to a far corner of the room from Evangeline and the Professor! She was just curious about everything in the tomb!* -05:34 Mar 14

“Now Mrs. Clark, there’s no reason to be afraid of mummies. All that curse business is just hocus pocus to scare off fine fellows like myself!” He adjusted his glasses before stopping by the center sarcaphagus. “See? Not a thing to worry about!” He knocked on the top of it!

Vlamerias: *Meri sniffed the air again. She got on her hands and knees and put her nose close to the ground and began sniffing again.* -05:37 Mar 14

KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. The professor’s knocking recieved a reply… from the inside of the sarcophagus!

Stevens jumped back! “My word! There is someone in there! One of those workers must be attempting a prank!” Stevens moved back to the big stone coffin, digging one of his tools out of his bag. He was trying to pry the thing open!

Vlamerias: *She was shuffling away on the floor, still sniffing the ground. Fortunately, Evangeline had put the camera on a strap that Meri wore around her neck so she wouldn’t drop it or put it down somewhere.* -05:39 Mar 14
Evangeline: It’s really not a good idea to open those, Stevie, you do remember what happened last time! -05:42 Mar 14

As the stone lid was being pushed one of the walls near the door started shifting! It was closing up fast!

Vlamerias: *The tone of Evangeline’s voice was enough to distract Meri!* Eep! Mommy! The door is closing! *She scurried to Evangeline’s side and tugged at her arm.* -05:46 Mar 14

“Now, I know it was a bit chaotic, but there is no reason to start getting supersticious.” He was so busy trying to pry the lid, he couldn’t even hear the door sliding shut! Finally the lid came off with a loud CRASH! “By golly, just look at that thing! As fresh as the day it was burried, no doubt!”

When the lid came down with a crash, so did the door! The entire chamber was sealed! Inside the sarcophagus was a body, wrapped up nice and neat… and looking like it had just been put in there yesterday! …it was even breathing!

Vlamerias: *Still standing beside Evangeline, Meri glanced at the door and attempted to open it using her magic! It was probably okay to use it! That human guy was busy!* -05:51 Mar 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline huffed with a mild bit of impatience… Stevie never did listen. But this wasn’t bad just yet! While Meri saw about the door, Evangeline moved to give Professor Stevens a good swat on the arm!* I told you not to open that! …what do you mean fresh? -05:52 Mar 14

“It’s amazing! The preservation is quite astounding! But there’s. Hrrm. It must be deformed, the teeth are quite long.” Professor Stevens was now leaning over the coffin, trying to get a closer look as he flicked one of the teeth!

Just as he flicked, the arms of the mummy swung up to grab the man by the throat! It’s mouth was opening up wide to reveal abnormally long vampire fangs!

Evangeline: *Oh dear, here they went again! Evangeline grabbed Stevie by the back of his shirt and was trying to tug him free, at least until his shirt ripped and she went tumbling backwards against one of the other sarcophagus!* -06:00 Mar 14
Vlamerias: Bad vampire! Bad! *Meri squealed!* Glaër would not like that! *She tried using her magic to close that sarcophagus up with the lid!* -06:01 Mar 14

The first mummy was crawling out of his coffin with Stevens in his clutches… and now the second sarcophagus’ lid was sliding off. Another fresh looking hand, this one with long claws was peeking out through the opening!

Vlamerias: Bad, bad, bad vampires! *She scolded, hissing and biting the hand slipping out from the crack! Then she was scrambling over the lid to get to the other side and trying to push the lid using brute force and magic to close it back up!* I’m telling my Glaër on you! -06:06 Mar 14
Evangeline: Meri, help me get Stevens! *This was going to require some skill! Evangeline pulled her folding cane out of her pocket and once in her hands, she was clocking that vampire that had Stevens over the head with it!* Go back to sleep! He didn’t mean to wake you up! -06:07 Mar 14

The first vampire let go of Stevens all right! Stevens was throw to the other side of the room so hard, that it knocked the lid off the third sarcophagus! Another mummy, long scary teeth, huge claws… and this one’s eyes were uncovered. Black as night, and he was hungry!

Vlamerias: Eep! Yes, Mommy! *Meri scrambled back over the sarcophagus lid to help Evangeline when Stevens was hurled to the third sarcophagus! When the third mummy set his sights on them, Meri lifted the camera and took a pic of him! SNAP! The flash went off!* -06:12 Mar 14

The two mummy vampires that were well out of their coffins hoooowwled such an ear piercing sound that sand from the ceiling was shaken down! The lid from the second one finally crashed over. The vampire inside leaping out to grab Evangeline! The other two were recovering quickly, lashing out with claws at the light-flashing devil!

Vlamerias: Eep! Mommy! *Meri got down on all fours and scurried out of reach only to turn around and jump on the head of the vampire leaping out to grab Evangeline!* Leave my Mommy alone! -06:16 Mar 14
Evangeline: Meri, hide! *With Meri jumping on that vampire’s head, she just barely twisted out of the way of clawed hands to spin around and beat him good against the legs with her cane!* Stevie, are you alive!? -06:19 Mar 14
Vlamerias: *Her Mommy’s friend had just earned himself the title of ‘Dumbest Human’ in Meri’s book! But she had other things to worry about, like obeying her Mommy and hiding … umm … in one of those big jars lined up against the wall!* -06:20 Mar 14

There was no answer from the professor, only the growling of vampires! Now all three vampires were out of their coffins, and three fresh delicious meals for them to eat! But with the little girl hiding and the professor out cold on the floor, all three were converging on the fighting human with the most sweet smelling blood!

Gabriel: *Gabriel was suddenly standing between Evangeline and the three vampires! He had both guns out and each was aimed at a vampire. He shot two vampires point blank range in the forehead and he did the same to the third.*

Vlamerias: *At the sound of the gunshots, Meri popped her head out!* Glaër! -06:28 Mar 14

It looked like the gunfire had popped their heads right off! But there’s was a sickening crack when the heads lifted back up in the right spot. And they were nasty mad! …Moreso at the sight of Gabriel! Claws grew even longer as all three let out another piercing shriek! They seperated so fast it was a blur, even as they jumped at Gabriel!

Evangeline: *Gabriel always appeared so suddenly, and it was always such a relief! …Up until there was that terrible screaming! Evangeline had to cover her ears as she moved to duck out of the way!* Meri, stay put! -06:31 Mar 14
Vlamerias: *Meri blinked!* Eep! Mommy! *She wanted to crawl over to her! She looked around. The door! Maybe she could get that door open now! She concentrated really hard and put every fiber of her magic into opening it!* -06:32 Mar 14

Gabriel: *His guns were gone in an instant and then he was jumping out of the way, rolling and landing in a crouched position, his sword in hand. He dashed forward to slice one of the vampires in two.*

“What is… that noise!” Now Professor Stevens was climbing up to his feet, just in time to see three mummy’s jumping after.. “How in the devil did he get in here!” He rubbed at his throat where he nearly had the life squeezed out of him. “None of you are supposed to be in here!”

Vlamerias: Open door, open! *Meri was muttering to herself. She had her eyes shut tight and her fists clenched. She was blocking out the noise and concentrating on that door! Why wouldn’t it open?!* -06:42 Mar 14

Those vampires were FAST! The one had moved back so quickly, the only thing sliced was part of his wrappings, leaving a patch of pale white skin showing through! It was diving for Gabriel again, but another was now behind Meri, snatching up the devil by the back of her shirt and baring large fangs!

Evangeline: *Evangeline had her cane again, and went swinging as hard as she could on the vampire’s head to get him to drop Meri!* Stevie, you really did it this time! -06:44 Mar 14

Gabriel: *The vampire landed on Gabriel but as they rolled, Gabriel kicked out and sent it flying! Then he pulled his gun out and was shooting at the airbourne vampire!*

Vlamerias: Eep! *The little devil opened her eyes and began struggling!* Lemme go, you big vampire! You have stinky breath! -06:45 Mar 14

BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! The airborne vampire jerked with every shot and went crashing to the floor. But it didn’t take more than seconds for the second to take his place, leaping on to Gabriel from behind! The Vampire with Meri didn’t even flinch as he turned to grab Evangeline and fling her against the sealed door! He opened his mouth wide to take a bite out of the devil!

Vlamerias: *Gabriel pulled his arm back and began elbowing the vampire on his back repeatedly in the ribs. The vampire refused to let go. He pulled out his knife and threw it at the vampire holding Meri. The knife went right through its mouth and lodged itself deep in its throat! His claws grew and then he reached behind to dig them into the vampire’s neck, deeper … deeper!* -06:55 Mar 14

Gabriel: *Gabriel pulled his arm back and began elbowing the vampire on his back repeatedly in the ribs. The vampire refused to let go. He pulled out his knife and threw it at the vampire holding Meri. The knife went right through its mouth and lodged itself deep in its throat! His claws grew and then he reached behind to dig them into the vampire’s neck, deeper … deeper!*

“Now see here! That is no way to treat a lady and child!” Stevens didn’t have a clue what was going on, but there was honor at stake here! He fumbled in to his sack where he pulled out a small pistol! But then there was knives and bloody throats and… he fainted!

Vlamerias: You are SO dead, stupid vampire! *She was baring fangs and hissing and swiping with claws at the vampire!* -06:59 Mar 14

CRACK! A knife going right through the vampire’s throat made a horrible sound! He dropped Meri as he stumbled backwards to pull the thing out. The one attached to Gabriel was gurling just as bad with claws lodged in to his neck…But he too had claws! With both hands he was trying to stab them right through Gabriel’s back!

Evangeline: *..ow! She about had the daylights knocked out of her, but Stevens was alive! …for a moment! Evangeline scooted to grab Meri when she was dropped and shuffle the devil to a corner where it was safer!* -07:01 Mar 14
Vlamerias: Grr … *Meri recovered and was waving everything she could at the vampire trying to get the knife out of its throat!* Take that! And that! And that! *She was still flying things at the vampire while being whisked away to safety!* -07:02 Mar 14

Gabriel: *Gabriel, with a firm hold in the vampire, was trying to throw that vampire off of his back! He pulled and pulled, ignoring the pain as the vampire’s claws found their mark in his back!*

The vampire hissed with glee even after he was finally pulled off of Gabriel! Removing his claws, he started swinging wildly to try and catch him by the throat! He was more elated to see that his two mummy friends were also still alive! The one shot full of holes shambling to help with Gabriel, while the one with a knife still stuck in it’s neck was crawling across the floor and latching on to Evangeline’s leg!

Vlamerias: Get off of her! *She had run out of things to throw at the vampire at Evangeline’s leg and was bending over to try and climb out of Evangeline’s grasp to get at it!* -07:13 Mar 14
Evangeline: *She didn’t want Meri getting eaten by vampire mummies, so she held her close and made sure to twist to keep her out of reach of claws! Evangeline kicked her other foot out to get it away! But it grabbed on tighter to drag her forward!* Gabriel! -07:20 Mar 14
Vlamerias: *His eyes narrowed. He was not going down like this and he was not going to see Evangeline and Vlamerias slaughtered in front of him. He closed his eyes and stood still. And waited. That’s when he felt it, that low hum of power, the soft vibrations that were running through, between, these walls. Then something caught his attention. It PULSED. … He needed to find the source of the pulsing. He ran his hand over the wall behind him. The part of the wall he touched sunk in and then there was the sound of stone sliding against stone. A compartment had opened somewhere! Gabriel moved to the center sarcophagus and reached down …* -07:35 Mar 14

Gabriel: *His eyes narrowed. He was not going down like this and he was not going to see Evangeline and Vlamerias slaughtered in front of him. He closed his eyes and stood still. And waited. That’s when he felt it, that low hum of power, the soft vibrations that were running through, between, these walls. Then something caught his attention. It PULSED. … He needed to find the source of the pulsing. He ran his hand over the wall behind him. The part of the wall he touched sunk in and then there was the sound of stone sliding against stone. A compartment had opened somewhere! Gabriel moved to the center sarcophagus and reached down …*

Deep in the center of the sarcophagus, almost burried by layers of dust and cloth there was an oddly shaped horn! One that those vampires didn’t seem to like him finding! The two jumped at Gabriel at once! The third was over Evangeline and had pried the fighting devil out of her arms to hold up in the air while he pinned the human to take a bite!

Vlamerias: *Meri was fighting tooth and claw and then some with that vampire! No one was going to take a bite out of her Mommy! Certainly not when her Glaër was counting on her!* -07:52 Mar 14

Gabriel: *He knew he’d found it–the item that was PULSING–the moment his fingers had brushed the cloth! He grabbed the horn just as the two jumped on him and blew on it before he realized what he was doing! It sounded like a wolf’s howl or a wail, it was hard to tell the difference but it was so strong it shook the walls! The horn dissolved into white mist that disappeared into Gabriel’s nostrils. His eyes flashed red, his fangs grew and then his eyes were dark gray and the fangs were gone.*

Evangeline: *Panic set in when he took Meri from her! She struggled to move and snatch her back, but a hand pressed her firmly against the ground and she could feel the claws against her throat!* -07:57 Mar 14

The shadows around the room shifted, began to take form and shape. There had to be about a dozen of them, red eyes, bristling black “fur”. They looked like wolves but they were larger, they certainly looked meaner.

All three of the mummy vampires had frozen still at the sound of the horn! Each head slowly turned, tilting to see the dozens of wolves that had appeared. Meri was dropped and Evangeline released as the vampire had returned to it’s feet. All three were skulking backwards looming towards the sealed door!

Professor Stevens sat up slowly again, hearing the horn alarm. Nor scratching his head with his pistol. “…How did these damned wolves get in here! Bollocks!”

Vlamerias: Eep! *Meri landed with a THUD! on the ground and was scrambling to Evangeline!* Mommy! *Her eyes were wide at the sight of the shadow-creatures!* -08:01 Mar 14

Gabriel: *Gabriel stood.* You should have remained asleep for the rest of eternity. Feel the weight of my judgement oblivion.

The wolves pounced as one on the three vampires. Their teeth and claws were sharp and they showed no mercy as they swarmed on the trio!

Evangeline: *Evangeline pulled Meri close! She would save words for Stevie later! For now… those wolves! The Great Kings wolves, even! Even if they were there to help them, it didn’t make them any less frightening!* -08:04 Mar 14

There was a loud cojoined scream as each of the vampires were pounced, having their fleshed ripped from their bones by the teeth and claws of the wolves! After several moments of eerie wailing, there wasn’t even a scrap of flesh of the trio left when the wolves were through!

… Once the deed was done, the wolves sunk backwards and disappeared into the shadows as if they had never been there.

Once silence fell to the tomb again, Stevens returned to his feet, dusting off his clothes. …and then pointing the gun at Gabriel! “See here! Now explain yourself! I won’t allow the terrorizing of women and children! Mrs. Clark, little Meri are you all right?”

Gabriel: *He was ready to drop to his knees but he reached out and clutched the edge of the sarcophagus. He didn’t seem to hear Stevens either! He shut his eyes. He had just … done something. But he was still Gabriel. Still himself.*

Vlamerias: Eep! That’s my Glaër! Don’t shoot him! You’ll just make him mad! And then you’ll get Mommy mad ’cause she doesn’t like people shooting him! -08:11 Mar 14
Evangeline: *Evangeline ran her hands over Meri to make sure she was unharmed. Satisfied the girl didn’t have any teeth stuck in her, she brushed her hand over her own neck. There was a bit of blood… a close call!* We are fine Stevie. This is my husband, Gabriel. -08:12 Mar 14
Vlamerias: You know, when Mommy says something is a bad idea, she means it! You’re just lucky we got saved or else you’d get some time out time and then have to do lessons and shtuff! *She wagged her finger at Stevens!* -08:13 Mar 14

Stevens looked completely startled! “THIS is your husband? This… gunslinging, monster slaying… man! I was expecting someone more.. more… shorter!” He blinked twice at the little girl wagging a finger at him. “Here, here. It’s all right now, child. We’re all safe and sound, not a scratch!”

Evangeline: *Evangeline set Meri on her feet, so she could get up herself. Then she was immediately moving to Gabriel’s side and sliding her arms around his waist!* Will you be okay..? *He didn’t seem well, and it always worried her when he was well!* -08:17 Mar 14
[Evangeline worries about Gabriel, whether he likes it or not. Stevie is so in trouble!] -01:00 Mar 15
[Gabriel can tell Evangeline is worried about him.] -01:01 Mar 15
Gabriel: *Gabriel placed one hand over hers.* Evangeline. I will speak with you alone. *As if on cue, the sealed door opened up!* -01:02 Mar 15

Vlamerias: *Meri knew that tone well! She skipped over to the Professor and took his hand!* Come on, Professor! Let’s go outside for awhile! *Before he could protest, she was beginning to drag him out!* -Gabriel

“What! No see here. I do intend to be introduced properly! Wait just a minute, now you listen-!” Boy, that little girl had herself one tight grip! Professor Stevens was a bit huffy, but he followed her out the door anyway. “Now small one, I needed to speak with your mother!”

Evangeline: Are you all right, Gabriel? *She knew he had been hurt and it bothered her… even if he did heal so quickly! But it was something else he was more concerned over and that was worse!* -01:06 Mar 15

Vlamerias: Don’t worry! You can speak with her after she talks with my [i]Glaër[/i]! They shouldn’t be too long! And she’s a lot safer with him than with anyone else in existence! -Gabriel

Gabriel: I am … *He fell silent for a few moments.* I do not … know. I am well in body and I feel something has been restored to me. *For most, that would have been it but Evangeline could feel that lingering doubt as if there was more Gabriel wanted to say.* -01:11 Mar 15

To make Meri’s point, the door sealed shut behind them! It seemed that the Professor would, indeed, have to wait! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Her hands rose to brush over his cheeks. He was himself and only himself, as he should be. But there were differences, just smalls ones! And always increasing ever since that accidentaly trip in the past! She didn’t think it was something bad for him, but she didn’t know how to describe it either!* This place has those same stones as that those odd ruins in the past. It pulls me… perhaps because it pulls you too? -01:15 Mar 15

Stevens grumbled at the closed chamber door and then looked down at the wee girl as if he had no idea what to do with her! Children were strange creatures! “Harrumph! Well then, child what do we do? Should I take you on a tour of this fascinating place or would you like to hear how I met your mother!”

Vlamerias: OOhhh! How about both! I love stories and I want to take more pictures! *She pulled out her camera which, despite what had happened only moments ago, still looked to be in working condition!* -Gabriel

Gabriel: I have no wish for it to pull me. The world is different now. It has no need for the King. -01:21 Mar 15
Evangeline: *Evangeline could not help but smile! He didn’t want fame or power, but he still used it and took care of people. This was why she loved him so much! She slid her arms back around his waist and rest her head against his chest.* But the world needs you, I think. Whatever name you might have now. -01:25 Mar 15

“Well, well! Come this way!” Professor Stevens took Meri to a chamber loaded with crates and ancient artifacts. “Takes this room for example, quite extraordinary. You see, I was a handsome young boy working on my thesis as a volunteer at a dig much like this. Your mother, well, she has this strange tenacity for showing up out of the blue and grumbling at me about curses!”

Gabriel: *Gabriel looked down at her, stroked her hair. It was … pleasant to have someone to speak his mind to and trust, to someone who he knew would not betray him.* I think of him and I feel … old and weary. There is much I do not understand, answers I do not possess. Anthony has much to answer for. He is responsible for this; I can sense that much. And yet I hesitate because I sense I will not like those answers. -01:32 Mar 15

Vlamerias: *Meri looked around the chamber and snapped pictures while she listened! SNAPSNAPSNAP! She giggled at the picture of her Mommy scolding the Professor!* Have you ever listened to her? -Gabriel

Evangeline: In the end you are here now and what has happened has given you to me! So no matter what it is, you will still be yourself, won’t you? And here with me? *It was selfish of her, she knew! But she couldn’t stand to live without him again, and it didn’t matter to her if he were ruling the world or saving it!* -01:39 Mar 15

Professor Stevens had to stop and seriously think about it! “Why… yes, of course I have! Mind you, I don’t believe a word of all this curse nonsense. There is logical explinations for these things, but there was this one evening she asked me not to visit the tomb at night, so of course I would not turn down a lady wishing me to stay the evening!” He was quite pleased about that moment, but then he remembered she was married now and was disappointed all over again! “Bollocks! Not to be rude, but I say, that father of yours doesn’t seem her type!”

Gabriel: *He smiled then, that small smile that was for Evangeline and her alone. He lowered his head to kiss her forehead and then kiss her lips.* I will not leave your side, Evangeline. *He said to her softly, voice dipping into that low purr she enjoyed so much.* I could never leave you. You are too much a part of me and I of you. -01:43 Mar 15

Vlamerias: *She blinked up at him, once, then twice! He was a funny human so she would humor him!* So … what is her type? -Gabriel

Evangeline: *He could erase all of her fears with just his voice alone!* Do you promise? I won’t let anyone try to hurt you again. You’ve always come to protect me, I want to keep you safe too. From Anthony or Mother or anyone else! -01:48 Mar 15

Stevens cleared his throat, puffing up his chest. “A distinguished gentleman for sure. Well versed in history and knowledge. Perhaps not the most handsome man, but makes up for it with wit! A bookish fellow. Not a tall shadowy fellow slinging guns and dressed like a reaper. Say- What does your father DO?”

Gabriel: I promise. *He said, feeling very proud at her words. It took so much courage to say that, and to mean it. She of all people knew the evils he faced firsthand. He tilted her face up to his, lowered his head and began to kiss her lips gently.* -01:54 Mar 15

Vlamerias: *At that question, Meri grinned wide!* Oohh, look a picture of someone! *She skipped over to the wall and snapped a picture of it!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline would hold him to that promise until the end of time! It gave her the warm fuzzies she so loved, and made it easy to grin against him and return his kiss with a happy sigh!* -01:58 Mar 15

“See, a prime example of shadey characters!” He pointed at the drawing. “These no doubt depicts quite the wicked fellow. Black is a notorious color for bad omens!” Stevens leaned down to whisper far too loud, “Is he a grave robber? You don’t suppose she came to warn me about her husband coming to rob my tombs and slice the throat of his competition, eh?”

Vlamerias: … Actually, according to Miss Caroline, my Glaër only wears black because he has no fashion sense whatsoever and because he likes the color a lot. She also said there are lots of um … misconceptions about black and about how only superstitious people get caught up in it. -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He kissed her a bit harder now and held her closer. She smelled of sweat, of sand, and yet he couldn’t get enough of her scent. The same could be said of everything about her, from the taste of her skin, to soft noises she made when he kissed her like so.* -02:04 Mar 15

“Clearly your teacher does not have a degree in Cultural History, like myself! For centuries civilizations have associate black and darkness with the coming of doom! Hundreds of years can’t be wrong, you see.”

Evangeline: *He had that way of making her forget what she had been doing before and where they were! Just to have his arms around her and feel him against her was heaven! Evangeline allowed herself another stolen kiss… maybe a few more… before she shifted just a bit to catch her breath and her senses.* Gabriel… we’re not at home. *She couldn’t not help that curve of a grin!* -02:12 Mar 15
Gabriel: *He lifted his head.* Indeed. *He looked around.* I wonder if this place was created only to protect and house the horn. -02:35 Mar 15

Vlamerias: *He was a silly human!* So … why aren’t you married already, Professor?

Evangeline: *She took his hand, just for the sake of keeping contact with him.* I don’t believe so… It was designed for those three fanged-mummies. Professor Stevie may be able to examine it’s history now that the curse over the tomb has been expelled. -02:39 Mar 15

“I had thought I would marry a pretty gentle natured Jewelry Maker once my college career had completed, but now it seems my hopes and dreams for a romance has been burried along with the great Egyptian Kings of old!” He did heave a huge sigh, but it passed just as quickly. “I suppose my work is my mistress, child. There isn’t much room for women when you’re excavating tombs.”

Gabriel: Now I know why they were so angry when they saw me. *He was looking at the sarcophagi. He hadn’t recognized them but the King had placed them here.* -02:53 Mar 15

Vlamerias: Um, I guess not. So … why did you start excavating this place?

Evangeline: They were a bit… strange. *Evangeline wasn’t sure how else to describe them. They were frightening, and unlike any other sort of vampire they had come across before! And that scratched she earned herself for not hitting them hard enough was itchy!* -02:58 Mar 15

“I have been looking for the tombs of the great kings of Egypt. Thus particular tomb I stumbled across quite by accident, but it has been an incredible find! …Up until nearly being strangled I can do without that.”

Gabriel: *Gabriel turned away from the sarcophagi to look down at Evangeline and the scratch she had.* I will take you back to the Oracle HQ in New York. I want the wound looked at. The vampire scratched you. -03:01 Mar 15
Evangeline: *She covered it with her hand, like a kid trying to hide something!* It’s only a scratch, I’ve gotten so many before! Besides, there are the trainees here for their fieldtrip and I haven’t spoken to Stevie yet. -03:04 Mar 15
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* I will take no chances. They were imprisoned here for a reason. The human you speak of is fortunate he was not killed. But he is still responsible for the vampires being released. -03:05 Mar 15
Evangeline: He has a pesky disregard for curses. I wanted to remind him how much trouble he gets in to. *She frowned for a moment before chewing on her bottom lip.* You were hurt by them too. With the claws… -03:09 Mar 15
Gabriel: I have been scratched and worst before. It is your welfare I am concerned with. *But he was walking to the sealed door which opened.* Say what you must to the human and then we will take our leave. -03:12 Mar 15

Vlamerias: That’s kind of what you get for opening a tomb of vampires!

Evangeline: *Bother! She hated having to see doctors! Evangeline didn’t argue for now. Stevie needed a good talking to! She kept Gabriel’s hand in her when they found the Professor and Meri.* .. Stevie! We have things to discuss. -03:16 Mar 15
Gabriel: <i>Glaër</i>! Mommy! *Meri smiled and waved!* -03:17 Mar 15

Vlamerias: Glaër! Mommy! *Meri smiled and waved!*

Professor Stevens was going to defend himself from the girl, but Mrs. Clark and her very unhappy looking husband had arrived! “Mrs. Clark, your daughter is a delight. Have you and Mr. Clark worked out… your… How DID the man get in there, I insist to know!”

Gabriel: *Gabriel glanced at Evangeline. He would have to erase the man’s memory.* -03:21 Mar 15
Evangeline: Stevie, I thought you promised me that you would be a little more wary about cursed tombs when you came over them? This might have turned out very badly if Gabriel hadn’t been here! -03:25 Mar 15

“A promise I took with the upmost respect! Why, for years I’ve done excvations without accident. Clearly this is just one of those off coincidence.” He was completely convinced. Stevens also wasn’t going to let this question go! “Still, that door was seal shut wasn’t it, what sort of man are you, Mr. Clark? That was impressive to say the least.”

Gabriel: For the protection of my family, Professor. That is a question I refuse to answer. *His fangs grew and he bit his tongue, then he touched a finger to the Professor’s forehead and cast the spell. The Professor’s eyes rolled back into his head and then he blacked out, falling to the ground with a thud!* -03:30 Mar 15
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((03:32 Mar 15))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((03:32 Mar 15))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -03:32 Mar 15
[Gabriel is ready to take Evangeline and Meri back to New York for medical attention!] -12:51 Mar 17
[Evangeline was blinking with surprise.. and now frowning at Gabriel for knocking out Stevie!] -12:51 Mar 17
Evangeline: Gabriel! You didn’t have to do that to poor Stevie! -12:52 Mar 17
Gabriel: *Gabriel picked up the Professor and slung him over his shoulder.* I am being lenient with him, Evangeline. -12:53 Mar 17

Vlamerias: *Meri’s eyes went wide and she tilted her head at the Professor now upside down!*

Evangeline: I had not even given him a lecture yet. Now he’s just going to do it all over again! *She took the Professor’s bag. He wouldn’t want that to get lost.* -12:56 Mar 17
Gabriel: A lecture will not suffice, not after the danger he placed you and Vlamerias into. -12:58 Mar 17
Evangeline: I was going to come here anyway, I don’t think we should blame the professor for that. *Bother! Poor Stevie, she was going to have to make this up to him later. If she could make sure Gabriel didn’t bury him out in the sand or take him back to the hotel just to throw him off a building! Evangeline leaned to take Meri’s hand so they could leave the tomb!* -01:02 Mar 17

Vlamerias: He was really nice to us, Glaër! And … he really does love Mommy!

Evangeline: Yes, he lov- oh, er, No, not loves, he’s a very dear friend and wouldn’t of put us in danger on purpose! He’s just a little disbelieving about these sort of things. A very thoughtful man! -01:09 Mar 17
Gabriel: Tell me. You would give the Professor his lecture and answer all his questions about everything that happened in the tomb. -01:11 Mar 17
Evangeline: Well… not everything that happened. But he has a knack for stumbling in to these sort of places and he needs to be more careful about it. *There were things she always kept to herself to keep Gabriel from danger. But even if she did tell him the entire story, he wouldn’t believe it anyway. The professor was so difficult!* -01:15 Mar 17
[Gabriel has timed out.] -11:03 Mar 17
[Evangeline has timed out.] -11:03 Mar 17
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -11:03 Mar 17
[Evangeline is having one of \”those\” arguments with Gabriel and trying not to be difficult, even if heeee is!] -11:04 Mar 17
[Gabriel is giving Evangeline \”the look\”!] -11:07 Mar 17
Gabriel: A stiffer punishment is in order, Evangeline. What he did put you and Meri into danger, and nearly released a trio of hungry, vengeful vampires on this world. Unlucky or not, serious actions yield serious consequences. -11:08 Mar 17
Evangeline: *…She immediatly stops scratching and huffs! Damnable itching!* I suppose we could slap him on the wrist and give him a hunter to keep an eye on him. ….don’t you think? *Because she was imagining all sorts of worst things Gabriel might have in mind!* -11:09 Mar 17
Gabriel: And how do you propose I deal with the fact he’s realized the man you married is no mere mortal. It will be worst yet if someone manages to connect him with you and uses him to lure you into a trap. -11:11 Mar 17

Vlamerias: *She tugs on Evangeline’s sleeve!* Mommy! We have to get you back to those white coats in Oracle. *She points to Evangeline scratching her itch.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline caught Meri’s hand before Gabriel took notice of the pointing! Making sure Professor Stevie got a fair treatment was more important first!* It won’t be the last time Stevie runs in to these supernatural sort of things, don’t you think it’s better that he learns about what he’s facing? He’ll get himself killed at this rate. *She didn’t counter the trap commenting… Even if it was a trap, it was true that she’d not let Stevie remain in trouble if she could do something about it..* -11:15 Mar 17
Gabriel: I suppose you will be the one to convince Ms Grey that she can spare a hunter in the middle of the desert to tend to a single professor with a habit of triggering curses. *He raised an eyebrow at her. He hadn’t forgotten about the itch but he wanted to get the matter of the professor over and done with.* -11:17 Mar 17

Vlamerias: *Meri blinked once, then twice when Mommy caught her hand! Why didn’t she want Glaër to see? With her free hand, she lifted her camera and took a picture of Mommy! SNAP!*

Evangeline: Wouldn’t it be a good training exercise to send people on small missions like this? It would be a good environment to learn in and keep Stevie out of trouble. …Isn’t that why you send so many with me everywhere? -11:21 Mar 17
Gabriel: My reasons for sending so many with you are purely selfish, Evangeline. And it would seem doing so amounts to little. They are nowhere to be found. -11:24 Mar 17
Evangeline: *…Bother! She had meant to use them as a perfect example of leaving hunters with Stevie, but she hadn’t realize he could turn that back on her!* …they do need breaks sometimes! I was fine with Stevie, he wouldn’t… *Evangeline sighed! There was no way to argue it now! Point won by a stubborn husband.* …crickets. It IS all my fault, you shouldn’t be harsh with them. -11:27 Mar 17
Gabriel: *He tilted his head at her.* Behave with the doctors and I will delay my sentencing. *With Steven on his shoulder, he cut his palm and cast the teleportation spell! They appeared in Oracle Infirmary where Gabriel stopped a doctor and told him what he needed to know! In little time, Evangeline was seated on a bed as blood was drawn and her scratch tended to!* -11:34 Mar 17

Vlamerias: I’ll stay with you, Mommy! *She told her and stayed right by her side, holding her hand and taking pictures with her free one!*

Evangeline: *He knows how comfortable being in the doctors office makes her! Especially with the needles and the prodding! But she didn’t make a big fuss… at least not outwardly! For Meri’s sake, she smile and pointed at places for the devil to snap pictures at…. Occasionally blinding a doctor to two!* -11:39 Mar 17
Evangeline: *Uncomfortable! -11:39 Mar 17

The Oracle Doctor that had stepped in the room to chat about bloodwork and results was blinded by a camera flash! He stood there dumbfounded for a moment like a deer in headlights! …he might of been having flashbacks of bad training moments!

Evangeline: *A guilty clearing of her throat! Well… she was behaving, anyway!* Sorry, Doctor Simms. I am free to go home now, though? -11:46 Mar 17

The Doctor ahemed, giving that camera weilding devil child a look before he said he needed to have a word with Gabriel first!

Vlamerias: *Meri gave the doctor a wide smile and giggled! Didn’t she look so cute it was easy to forget why you were mad at her in the first place?*

Gabriel: *Gabriel was standing off to the side, never too far away of course! No matter how nervous he made the doctors, nurses, and patients!* -11:55 Mar 17

…Darn cute little girls, even cranky old Docs like himself had a weakness for them! Nevertheless, he motioned a finger for Gabriel to step out in to the hall with him!

Vlamerias: Here, Mommy! Let me tell you a story! *She hopped onto the bed next to Evangeline and cleared her throat! Ahem!* A long time ago, there was a demon who fell in love with a vampire … Or she thought it was love …

Gabriel: *He followed the doctor out and waited for him to begin. He wasn’t going to rush to conclusions.* -12:00 Mar 18
Evangeline: *They were making a very big deal about nothing, and it was making her nervous! …But Meri was so sweet, it was easy to pull the devil in her lap to listen to the story.* It wasn’t love? -12:00 Mar 18

No one ever wanted to tell Gabriel news concerning Evangeline. At least when it was Gabriel unconscious in bed you didn’t worry about Evangeline trying to shoot you! “The scratch itself is not bad. A minor cut at best. …but… it should have stopped bleeding by now. There are traces of poison or venom, strange stuff. Never seen it before. It is not allowing the blood to clot.” There must have been more, but he was hesitant to say it!

Vlamerias: Um … I don’t think so. The story says it was love but Father says humans are fickle about love and no one really knows what love is, anyways. And then he told me that everyone had different definitions of love so there’s really no way to know for sure.

Gabriel: I see. What else have you discovered. -12:05 Mar 18
Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked… and then she laughed!* I think…. that you are supposed to tell the story and let the listener decide for themselves. -12:05 Mar 18

Vlamerias: *Meri gave a wide grin.* Oh, right. *Ahem!* So … The demon fell in love with a vampire and they had been really lonely until they met each other. Well … Actually the vampire had an important position with other vampires and the demon was well-known ’cause she was strong. So they weren’t really lonely to begin with.

“A bandage might slow the bleeding and her blood will regenerate enough so that loss will not be noticable, but it will continue to bleed. Worse yet, should she recieve other wounds or even a simple bruise, those will also continue bleeding. She could very well bleed dry in minutes.” With the situation, such a poison would be useful for vampires wanting to feed easier! The doctor thought it was extraordinary, if not terrible!

Evangeline: So two not very not-lonely people met each other and fell in love. Then what happened? *Meri’s way of telling stories was very cute. Confusing if you weren’t listening careful enough, but very cute!* -12:11 Mar 18

Vlamerias: Okay. So the two of them fell in love and were lonely and stuff but they couldn’t be together. Vampires weren’t allowed to be with non-vampire-creatures and the demon was the familiar of a really powerful vampire no one ever messed with! Um … Not unless you had a death wish or, I guess in a vampire’s case, oblivion wish? Father says vampires aren’t certain if there’s an afterlife for them or not which might explain why they’re so wild and stuff.

Gabriel: Analyze the blood more and let me know if you learn anything else that might help. Is the poison contagious. -12:18 Mar 18

“There IS medication for such conditions, but with her penchant for falling off ladders and getting bitten-” Er, he realized that might have been insensitive and changed his tone! “…No it is not contagious. I am fairly certain it is from direct contact from those claws. Because it is a poison, creating an anti-venom is perfectly feasible. …we just… aren’t sure how. We have never seen such a thing before.”

Evangeline: After life is always a very tricky no matter what you are! Could they just not be together ever or did they find a way? -12:22 Mar 18
Gabriel: *… And he’d killed those three vampires which would have been the most likely place to find more of the poison.* I will find you a sample of the poison. -12:24 Mar 18

Vlamerias: Usually a familiar can ask the person they bonded with to release them and the person would give their consent. But the vampire the demon was bonded to didn’t like sharing and according to the story, he was a bit on the selfish side. So the demon decided she would take the ultimate risk and force the vampire to release her by unsouping him!

“As long as she does not sustain any more injuries and takes the medication, she will be just fine until an anti-venom is created, I assure you. …but quicker is better.” The doctor was fairly sure they wouldn’t be able to strap Evangeline to a bed and keep her still for however long it took for Gabriel to find a sample!

Evangeline: Unsouping…? Oh! Usurping! She was going to betray her master? Wasn’t that terribly dangerous? -12:30 Mar 18

Vlamerias: *Meri nodded quickly. She was getting caught up in the story, too!* Yes, yes it was! But she was real good at acting and stuff and hiding things. She told her vampire guy about her plan but he wasn’t so sure about it! But the demon was really confident that she was way stronger than her master!

Evangeline: What did the demon decide to do, then, to escape her master? -12:36 Mar 18

Vlamerias: Ooh … She caught him unawares one night! At least she thought she caught him unawares! And she attacked him! She thought she had everything figured out but then she discovered she’d been betrayed! By her own vampire lover! She was so distraught! She fought back with everything she had but her master knew her better than she’d thought and beat her! Then he punished her!

Evangeline: I can imagine she was very heartbroken… How was she punished? I suppose it was very bad for betraying her master like that. -12:41 Mar 18

Vlamerias: Umm … *Meri was silent for a bit.* I think she was trapped in a magic scroll that disappeared a long time ago somewhere in the human world. Not a lot of demons know where the magic scroll is but I think a few of the older devils know.

Evangeline: I see… So what do you think? Was it love, or was it something else? *It was Meri’s story to tell, but there was always a lesson to be learned!* -12:46 Mar 18
Gabriel: I think it was a little of love and a lot of that something else! For the demon and for the vampire! -12:52 Mar 18

Vlamerias: I think it was a little of love and a lot of that something else! For the demon and for the vampire!

Gabriel: *Gabriel was standing there, listening to the last part of the story. Why did that story sound so familiar …* -12:54 Mar 18
Evangeline: Do you think maybe she was unhappy as a familiar to begin with and thought her lover would help? *Speaking of lovers… One finished story and no Gabriel, which seemed like very bad news to her… Especially when he was withholding from her so she wouldn’t feel his thoughts. …Wait, there he was!* Gabriel! Can we go home now? -12:55 Mar 18

Vlamerias: *Meri was about to reply when who should show up!* Hello, Glaër!

Gabriel: It is better if you stay here for a few days–or until I return. -12:59 Mar 18
Evangeline: I would rather be in my own bed, and we left Jay and the others in Egypt without a word. They’re going to be worried. Not to mention Stevie…. where will you be going? *Calm! She would be calm. There was no reason to be scared. ..as long as she didn’t have to stay in the hospital!* -01:02 Mar 18
Gabriel: *The idea of withholding even that information was tempting, especially if he concealed his location so even Vlamerias would be hardpressed. But he could already tell she was becoming worried. He closed the distance between them and kissed her on the forehead.* I return to Egypt. Is the Professor able to keep secrets. -01:04 Mar 18
Evangeline: That is not so bad then. *Egypt to scare the poor hunters and Stevie. …he was still keeping something from her! Evangeline nodded slowly, grabbing on to his coat to keep him there!* I trust Stevie. He’s an honorable man. -01:08 Mar 18
Gabriel: It is not in my nature to let someone off so lightly, Evangeline. Even honor has its limits. *He didn’t want to keep arguing with her about this. Or as she would put it, "seriously discussing." You may talk things over with him. If I do not like how things have turned out with him once I’ve returned, I will erase his memories and he is never stepping foot into a tomb for as long as he breathes. -01:12 Mar 18
Evangeline: You’re upset. What did the doctor tell you? *He was always rough with people, but this time he really had it in for Stevie! More so than usual! He was definitely keeping it from her!* -01:14 Mar 18
Gabriel: He gave instructions for you to stay in bed and take your medication. -01:16 Mar 18
Evangeline: *A twitch of her nose at the thought of medication and bedrest. Especially when she felt just fine. …extra especially when Gabriel was standing so stiffly and had that subtle tone to his voice…* I can do that at home, at least. Is that all he told you…? -01:19 Mar 18
Gabriel: By bedrest and medication, I mean bedrest and medication. You will lie in bed and not get so much as a scratch or a bruise. -01:22 Mar 18
Evangeline: I feel all right, you know, I don’t think I need that much rest, do I? *While he wouldn’t tell her outright, she was trying to find out by other means…. but he was silent as could be! She tugged on his jacket!* If I promise to be careful, I can at least be at home? -01:27 Mar 18
Gabriel: Your promise, then. -01:33 Mar 18
Evangeline: I promise I will be careful and be well for you. *He was scaring her… just a little bit. She knew he wouldn’t let anything happen to her, and she would not let herself die and leave him behind alone. But when he was worried, he didn’t think clearly… and he was going to go off without her to care for him!* I don’t think I want you to go. -01:36 Mar 18
Gabriel: *Gabriel cupped her cheek. He didn’t want to go, either, and his touch said as much!* It must be done. I will send you and Vlamerias home to rest. *Then he was taking a step back before casting the spell and the two of them found themselves at home! Gabriel disappeared soon after and reappeared in front of the tomb!* -01:43 Mar 18

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias blinked once, then twice, then looked around the apartment! Something serious was going on here!*

Evangeline: *A stomp of her foot! Evangeline was upset… very upset. So it was better for her to focus on something to be mad about so she wouldn’t do anything silly!* …and he didn’t even send Stevie with us. How am I supposed to talk to him if he isn’t here? -01:47 Mar 18

Vlamerias: I can bring him, Mommy! *She rubbed her hands together really fast!* Um, I just need your help again! *She paused.* Oh! But will Glaër like me bringing him here to the apartment?

Gabriel: *He was bracing himself before he even knew what he was doing. Instinct. Or fear. As he entered, he wondered how many times he–the Great King–had come and how long places like these would pull him. It was quiet and still in the tomb. The sarcophagi were empty, everything was how they had been left.* -01:50 Mar 18
Evangeline: Right this moment I think he would prefer Stevie being sent to the sun. But if he wants me to stay home and safe, I can’t leave to go talk to Stevie. *She had promised Gabriel she would be safe, and the safest place in the world was right here in the apartment he made for her!* -01:52 Mar 18

Vlamerias: *She nodded in agreement! Yes, Mommy’s safety came first! Glaër always said so!* Okay, Mommy! Give me your hands and think about Stevie then!

Evangeline: *Evangeline took Meri’s hands, and thought of poor Professor Stevens. The older gentleman some ten plus her senior, and a penchant for walking in to more trouble than she did herself!* -01:55 Mar 18

Vlamerias: *She shut her eyes and focused really hard! She was really clenching her teeth when she finally heard … snoring! She opened one eye, and then another! Stevie was asleep on the floor between her and Mommy!* Yay! It worked! It worked it worked it worked!

Snooring away, Professor Stevens had no idea he was anywhere other than his own delightful bed! He was even cuddling his bag!

Gabriel: *Any moment now Gabriel expected to hear talking, people–or maybe vampires?–moving around, doing things. He expected life but there was no life here. He felt nostalgia tugging at him but it was an old life. A life that was his no longer. That thought was enough to get him moving forward to check the sarcophagi for nail sheddings, something with at least a trace of the poison.* -02:05 Mar 18

Vlamerias: *She was leaning over him! She’d never seen a human so friendly with his belongings!* Um, Mommy, does Stevie miss his mommy?

Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned and gave Meri a kiss on the head!* Some humans just like to cuddle when they sleep. Do you remember how to make tea? I think we’ll need some while I try to wake him up. -02:06 Mar 18

Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy! *She skipped away to start the tea! After she got the kettle beginning to boil, she was skipping all over the kitchen to get out tea cups and the sugar and some cream and some cakes!*

Evangeline: *The floor was no place for a Professor. Evangeline knealt to nudge Stevie awake.* Professor Stevens. Stevie… This is really undignified! -02:10 Mar 18

SnoooreCOUGHCOUGH Huwaah? Professor Stevens sat up with a confused snort, blinking wearily at his surroundings. “By George. This is not the hotel!”

Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned wide.* No, it’s not. Welcome to my home, Stevie. I fear that my husband is really angry right now, so unless I can knock some sense in to you, you’ll be in trouble. -02:15 Mar 18

“You have a home in Egypt?” Stevens got up off the floor with some help from Evangeline, admiring the… simplicity of the place! “Mrs. Clark, I do believe you’re bleeding? That was a rather close call in that tomb back there. Here, here let me find some bandages in my bag. Where IS that husband of yours? I swore I saw him just a moment ago.”

Evangeline: No, not in Egypt. *Bleeding still? With some surprise she pressed a hand to the bandage at her neck. Just a bit of blood was sneaking through. But it really wasn’t all that bad. …was it?* He’s gone back to Egypt to take care of something. Things we need to talk about Stevie. You do trust me, don’t you? -02:19 Mar 18

Vlamerias: *Meri was humming to herself while she set everything up! She’d seen Mommy do it countless times already and she’d told her how!*

“Why of course! Never have a met a more amiable lady. Here, sit down and I’ll tend to that.” Professor Stevens had out a small first aid kit and ushered Evangeline in to a kitchen chair. “Your husband is a very fascinating man. How DID he get in that tomb whilst the doors were sealed?”

Evangeline: *Evangeline sat still… she’d worry about the scratch later. She did need to speak with Stevie before Gabriel returned.* He’s very talented. …and he’s very angry, Stevie! I asked you not to open up that sarcophagus and you went and did it anyway. You said you remembered what happened last time, and there you went doing it again. You were almost killed yourself. …Do you really not believe in the curses? -02:33 Mar 18

Vlamerias: The tea is ready, Mommy! *She exclaimed when the kettle started whistling! She scooted a stool over to the stove to boost her up so she could switch the heat off.*

Professor Stevens replaced her bandage with a nice fresh new one. Then he was wagging a finger at her to stay put while he stepped in to the kitchen to help that adorable little girl! “I admit, that was extraordinary circumstance. But curses? Too often people blame curses for their own errors of misjudgement! I refuse to live in fear!”

Evangeline: *Evangeline dropped her chin in her hands. Damnable Stevie was stubborn!* …an error like opening a sarcophagus after a psychic and trusted friend tells you not to? -02:37 Mar 18

Vlamerias: Thank you! *Meri said when the Professor took the kettle off of the stove and began pouring it into the cups!* What kind of tea would you like, Stevie? Mommy has lemon, earl grey, peppermint and orange!

Professor Stevens answered Earl Grey before he started coughing and turning red! The woman had him there! “Now see here. I might have been a bit excited to see the contents. Find of the century after all!”

Gabriel: Okie dokie! *She slipped the earl gray tea bag into one cup and turned to Mommy!* Mommy, what flavor would you like? -02:41 Mar 18

Vlamerias: Okie dokie! *She slipped the earl gray tea bag into one cup and turned to Mommy!* Mommy, what flavor would you like?

Evangeline: It was a find all right. *Evangeline grinned despite herself. Gabriel always worried so much for her, and indeed she ran in to so many scary things. But it was because she DID always run in to them, that she could see the humor in it!* Peppermint, Meri, please. I am a little tired and it’s so refreshing. *She chewed on her lip a moment in thought.* If Gabriel had not come, we may not have lived, Stevie. They weren’t normal mummies. If you don’t think before you open these tombs, what might happen next time…? -02:44 Mar 18
Gabriel: *Gabriel, in the meantime, was having no luck with finding any nail sheddings in any of the sarcophagi. And he had combed through every inch of them as carefully as any forensic scientist or archaeologist! But there had to be something here … there had to be! He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He was usually so much better at controlling his emotions. Why was he losing his grip on them now?* -02:47 Mar 18

Giving the child a plate of cakes to carry, Professor Stevens brought over the tray of tea and cups. What a find display the little girl made! Proper English Tea! “…I believe I understand what you mean now, Mrs. Clark.” Stevens sat down, looking a bit put out with himself. “This is my life’s work, I don’t believe I can stop doing it all together. These creatures do present a problem for conducting historical research…”

Vlamerias: *Meri made very sure that she carried those cakes nice and steady! She placed them on the table and patted the Professor on the arm when he put the tea and cups down.* It’s okay, Stevie.

Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned wider! Meri was a very good familiar! Gabriel couldn’t have picked a better little devil.* It is okay. There’s no reason why you have to stop your researching. But you certainly need to take it more seriously. Maybe not all of the curses you encounter are real ones, but it would do you some good to have someone check them over before you open any tombs. Just in case. -03:04 Mar 18
Gabriel: *His fangs were growing and, although there was no way of him knowing it, his eyes were flickering from gray to gold and back again. His frustration was beginning to grow, coupled with his worry for Evangeline … He dug his claws into the sides of the sarcophagus he stood next to.* -03:11 Mar 18

The shadows behind Gabriel lengthened, began to take form.

Professor Stevens took a sip of tea, and what tea it was!, while he nodded his head. “Perhaps… perhaps I should. If at least for your sake. I do believe I would have felt regrettably bad if something had happened to your or your daughter. I do apologize! I’d like to make amends to you and your husband. When will the man be returning home?”

“I will not be able to find it … I will fail Evangeline … I will fail the only woman I have ever loved … No! No, I have not. I did not put her in danger. He did. It was the Professor …”

Vlamerias: *Meri took a piece of cake and nibbled on it!* Hmm!

Evangeline: Soon, I hope. Gabriel is very protective of me, so when something happens he gets very upset. He’s so sweet and I hate he when he worries so much! *Like now… she didn’t want him to rush away so fast! There was something he hadn’t told her, and she knows it’s bothering him!* -03:27 Mar 18

“I’m fighting so hard to keep in control … But why. It’s so much easier if I stop fighting. If I do what I know must be done, such as punish the human who put her in danger …”

“Good man! Wew you my wife, why I’d gut any fellow that let harm come to you!” …that’s when Stevens swallowed! He supposed, there was a chance Mrs. Clark’s husband might do just that. He saw what he did to those mummies!

Evangeline: *She smiled.* He might… but he won’t hurt someone unless they truely deserve it, and certainly not when I ask him not to. It’s why I love him so much! -03:32 Mar 18

Behind the Professor, a shadow lengthened and took form! A black wolf-like creature with glowing red eyes! It approached the Professor slowly!

Evangeline: *Gabriel was ba-…no, no he wasn’t. Not all of him. This was…* …Don’t you dare! You just stay right there! *One of those wolves! But how on earth would it be here, when Gabriel wasn’t! She motioned for Stevens not to move!* Meri, what is he doing? -03:36 Mar 18

Professor Stevens had no idea what Mrs. Clark was talking about! Did she mean him? “What now? What is it? Is there something-” He turned to look behind him. Good gravy, there was a shadowy wolfbeast! And here he thought mummies were the worst of things! “Stand back, ladies! I will handle this wolf!”

Vlamerias: *Meri was turning to say hi to–Her eyes grew wide But she stayed where she was!* Eep! *She gulped!* Mommy … I don’t think he’s … well.

The shadow crouched down and looked ready to pounce but didn’t move! It was difficult to say whether it was staying still for Evangeline or just to play with them.

Evangeline: If you have sense, you’ll be still, Stevens! *Evangeline moved from her chair very slowly to circle around the table and kneel in front of the shadow wolf.* Please don’t take him. He understand what he did now. …You can go back to Gabriel and tell him I’m okay right now. …and if I won’t be okay if Gabriel isn’t. -03:43 Mar 18

The shadow wolf seemed to tense up as Evangeline approached but its eyes moved from her to Stevens. It didn’t seem very … convinced.

Stevens was a bit shocked, but this time he was doing as he was told! “This beast is from your husband? Curious thing!” …he gulped pretty loud! She did say her husband was talented… and very mad! “You know… Perhaps I should apologize to the man in person!”

Evangeline: I’m safe. I promise. But if I have to break my promise to go get Gabriel, I won’t hesitate… He’ll be angry with me, but I’ll go. Do you understand? *She was not sure if the wolf understood or not. It was all shadow and emotion, and all it wanted was to grab Stevie and poof!* -03:50 Mar 18
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((03:53 Mar 18))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((03:53 Mar 18))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -03:53 Mar 18
[Vlamerias doesn\’t move a muscle as Mommy tries to reason with the wolf-thing!] -02:14 Mar 19
[Evangeline had just told the wolf that she would break her promise and go get Gabriel if she had to! And wondering if the wolf even understood what that meant!] -02:14 Mar 19

The wolf-beast looked beyond Evangeline to Stevie and its eyes glowed a brighter red! Its gaze met Stevie’s and the Professor suddenly felt more tired than he could ever remember feeling! A nap sounded just perfect right about now!

He wasn’t going to fall asleep and fail Mrs. Clark again! No he was… he was…. he was tilting off his chair and now snoozing on the floor!

The wolf suddenly sunk into the floor! The shadow moved across the room and took shape behind Stevie! Then it was grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and dragging him into the darkness!

Vlamerias: Eep! Mommy! *Meri raced for Stevie! She couldn’t let him get taken away! Mommy would be really sad!* -02:19 Mar 19
Evangeline: *Evangeline pounced trying to grab Stevie’s leg before it was too late! But he slipped right out of her hands and poofed!* Oooooh…! You are in SO much trouble! So much!! -02:19 Mar 19
Vlamerias: *She missed him! She blinked at her Mommy!* Mommy, what do we do now? -02:20 Mar 19
Evangeline: *Her first instinct was to go straight back to Egypt and give Gabriel a good piece of her mind… after she petted him and calmed him down! But… but she DID promise to stay home and be safe.* … I… bother. I think you will need to fetch Caroline and ask her to get Stevie. He made such a big deal about me staying still, so I really should stay here… -02:22 Mar 19
Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy! *She began to skip away, only to stop and turn.* But um, Mommy … I know the Warrior Lady is strong but … if she goes up against Glaër-02:23 Mar 19
Evangeline: Caroline has been in fights with Gabriel before. I might tell you about them later, but she’ll know what to do and what not to do! You’ll just need to tell her everything that’s happened, okay? -02:29 Mar 19
Vlamerias: Um … Okay! Be back soon, Mommy! *She gave Evangeline a quick kiss on the cheek and then POOFED! She found Caroline having some tea in the Oracle cafeteria and no sign of Dark or that annoying bat!* Lady Caroline! Lady Caroline! *She took a deep breath and began to tell Caroline everything that had happened!* -02:31 Mar 19

Caroline: *It was so nice to get an afternoon without Dark or Alistair. Then plan was to have a bit of tea, then go out for the evening and have a little fun. But here came the wee familiar, a very complicated and confusing story, and…. one heavy sigh from Caroline.* …In -Egypt- with shadow wolves…? Are you sure?

Vlamerias: *Meri quickly nodded.* I promise, Lady Caroline! One of those wolves came and kidnapped Stevie right from under me and Mommy’s noses! Mommy would have gone herself but she promised my Glaër she wouldn’t so she has to stay in the apartment! Mommy isn’t allowed to get so much as a scratch on her until he returns! -02:37 Mar 19

Caroline: Then there is something wrong. *Caroline was muttering under her breath. Mostly about Gabriel being a very dense man with no common logic for such a ‘hero’, then she was pulling a pin out of her pocket and pricking her finger. She was summoning Dark.* Will you be able to take us to Gabriel, Vlamerias?

Vlamerias: Hmm hmm. I remember the way! -02:42 Mar 19

Dark: *Dark was having a really nic e nap so when he lifted his head and found himself lying on one of the cafeteria tables–he was not a happy vampire!* Crap, what is it now, Caroline? *He sat up and yawned.* You said I could take the day off. Not unless you and that bastard thought up more sadistic ways to punish me.

Vlamerias: *She grinned widely!* Yay, Dark! You can come with us to fetch Glaër and save Stevie! -02:45 Mar 19

Dark: Fetch him? And who the hell is this Stevie guy? Man, I can’t even leave you guys for a day or two before shit starts happening. *He swung his legs off of the table and jumped off.*

Caroline: *Caroline didn’t even look symapthetic to be ruining Dark’s afternoon!* I need you to help me. As a favor for Evangeline. That won’t be a problem, I hope?

Dark: *He blinked, then scowled. This is what he got for showing he had a soft spot for Evangeline. Everytime shit happened, all Caroline had to do was tell him how it related to Evangeline and he was stuck. He huffed.* Fine. But only ’cause it’s for Evangeline and I can always catch up on my rest later.

Vlamerias: *She tilted her head at the two of them, hands clasped behind her back.* Are you ready now, Lady Caroline? Dark? -02:49 Mar 19

Caroline: Yes, let us go bag Evangeline’s husband before he murders that stupid Professor. *A wide grin as she dropped her hands in to her pockets… Preparation to pull out one of her spells, just in case Gabriel was in a dangerous state of mind!*

Vlamerias: Okie dokie! *Meri touched Dark and Caroline at the same time and then POOFED! They appeared in front of the tomb outside! She pointed inside!* Um … He’s in there but I couldn’t poof us in! -02:52 Mar 19

Dark: *He was rolling up his sleeves.* Let’s get this over with.

Caroline: Dark goes in first. It should allow him to step inside. *That’s what she was counting on anyway. Caroline gave him a nudge to start moving. There weren’t many places in the world that gave off off auras like this one did.* Vlamerias, it’s best for you to stay out of sight and take that Professor the moment there is a chance. The rest Dark and I will handle.

Dark: Gee, thanks. *He muttered as he led the way. It figured Caroline would find a reason to thrust him in first.*

Vlamerias: *She blinked and quickly nodded.* Okay! Please be careful with my Glaër! *She slipped in behind Caroline!* -02:59 Mar 19

Dark: *Dark really didn’t like the feel of this place. It was giving him goosebumps and there was that feeling of being watched. But as he approached the entrance nothing happened and then he strode inside and there was still nothing. He saw a few sarcophagi but they were empty and no sign of Gabriel.* I think he might be further down or something.

Caroline: *Careful wasn’t what she had in mind. Caroline considered herself Gabriel’s friend, even if he did not realize. And friends did not let other friends neglect their wives, no matter how deviently powerful they might be. If she had to, she’d hit him in the face and then hide behind Dark. It was an evil, but funny thought.* Keep going, then. I suspect he’s looking for something here, otherwise he would have just gone to strangle the Professor personally.

Dark: *He rolled his eyes but huffed and continued. There was a doorway open at the back and it led down a flight of steps. No source of light until they reached the bottom and then there was a long narrow corridor lined with torches.* This feels like something out of an Indiana Jones movie.

Vlamerias: *She followed after Lady Caroline and looked up at the walls.* Look, it’s that strange writing again. *She pulled out her camera and began snapping photos of it.* -03:10 Mar 19

Caroline: You’re watching too much television, Dark. *There were markings on the walls. Old script and pictures. Strange how some of them looked vaguely familiar to Dark. The language, though, was too old for her to make out. It wasn’t even Egyptian.* I’d love to know what that Professor was digging up down here. I don’t think we know the entire story.

Before Dark could take another step forward, the shadows along the walls shifted. They were not alone! But instead of the shadow wolf-beasts, mummies dressed in rags rose from the darkness on the ground! Servants by the look of them forced to guard the tomb for all eternity!

Vlamerias: Um, I don’t think he knew either! He just said something about stumbling onto the tomb and stuff! He even opened up the tombs despite Mommy warning him not to! -03:15 Mar 19

Caroline: *Shadow mummies? Caroline readjusted the sort of spells she would have to use, clamping one of her hands on the back of Dark’s shirt to keep him nearby. She didn’t intend to use him as a shield – not literally – but it was easier to cast offensive spells when the target didn’t see them coming.* Looks like he opened up something pretty nasty. …are these from the tomb or Gabriel?

Vlamerias: *Meri bit her lip and looked from one mummy to another!* Um … um … I … I can’t tell! I think they’re from the tomb but they have [i]Glaër[/i]’s aura signature but … different, too.

Dark: Shadow mummies or not. I intend on slicing through them and giving that bastard a piece of my mind! *He tensed, ready for a battle! He was going to drag that asshole kicking and screaming back to Evangeline if he had to.*

Caroline: *This was like Mother all over again! Evangeline could have picked a better man to love!* Only one sure way to know. ….[i]GABRIEL[/i]. Your wife sent us!

Caroline: *This was like Mother all over again! Evangeline could have picked a better man to love!* Only one sure way to know. ….GABRIEL. Your wife sent us!

Gabriel: *Caroline’s shout echoed down the corridor and through the darkness until it reached the lone figure kneeling in the middle of a room. He lifted his head, the gold gaze darkening to gray.* … Caroline. Evangeline. *The shadow mummies were beginning to advance but suddenly they stopped and parted, leaving an open space right down the middle of the corridor.*

Caroline: *She warily watched the mummies part way for them. That was a good sign. Caroline nudged Dark to move forward before the things changed their mind!*

Vlamerias: Eep! *Meri ducked behind Caroline when the mummies began walking toward them. When they stopped, she poked her head out from behind Caroline, eyes wide.* -03:29 Mar 19

Dark: … Guess that answers your question. *He muttered. then she was pushing him forward and he started walking, glancing from side to side. Those shadow mummies were awfully still now, eyeless holes staring back at him. They got to the end without incident.*

Caroline: *Once they stopped, she was looking carefully around to be aware. She signalled Vlamerias behind her back to get to her task!* Gabriel, your wife would like to know why you’re still here. Stealing humans. Making her worry.

Vlamerias: *Meri slipped behind Caroline but she was looking around for the Professor. He was nowhere to be found!* -03:34 Mar 19

Gabriel: *Gabriel was standing, his back to them.* I did not mean to make her worry. But there are things best kept secret from her. I told her he had to be punished. He had no idea what he unleashed, what he may have set into motion.

Caroline: Vlamerias tells me that Evangeline had already worked it out with the human. *Caroline stepped out from behind Dark so she could ease herself around to the other side of the tomb. No sight of the Professor yet, and if they didn’t bring him back in one piece, Evangeline might cry. That would be unpleasant.*

Gabriel: …. There is poison coursing through her blood. It will not clot. It will continue to bleed. The doctors have never seen such a poison before. To heal Evangeline, they need a sample of the poison but I slaughtered the vampires without mercy. I have not found another sample since.

Vlamerias: *Oh dear! When Meri heard that, she could feel tears swelling in her eyes! She took a step forward to go to him and comfort her Glaër.* -03:44 Mar 19

Caroline: Ah. …I see. *That pretty much explained the entire thing. …If they found the Professor alive, he would be one lucky bastard. It also meant Gabriel was likely hanging on a thread of sanity! He didn’t seem to handle these situations well!* Is bringing the Professor here going to heal Evangeline? *She asked carefully… keeping an eye on Vlamerias! *

Gabriel: His being here is justice, Caroline. I am here in the hopes of healing Evangeline. *There was a bitter smirk.*

Vlamerias: *She realized the Warrior Lady was watching her and froze! She gulped! Focus, Vlamerias! She had to focus! She stepped back behind Caroline and looked for the Professor!* -03:51 Mar 19

Caroline: Will justice heal Evangeline? I am under the impression that she nearly came here herself to fetch that Professor. She might still do it if we don’t return. *Caroline nudged Dark. If Gabriel would continue to speak with her, than Dark could help Vlamerias find that Professor. It may be easier for him to see through Gabriel’s spells. ….If he at had the sense to pick up her hinting!*

Dark: *Dark looked at Caroline and finally got the hint! He scowled! He hated bailing stupid humans out of trouble! He moved closer to Meri and took her hand.*

Gabriel: Her Professor will be fine as long as I find that poison. I lose Evangeline. He will beg to lose his life.

Caroline: Then we should be looking for that poison instead of speaking, shouldn’t we. What are we looking for? *He sounded so calm. Even his aura felt calm. At least from this outward perspective. Anyone would think he knew exactly what he was saying and doing. …But Evangeline didn’t feel the same way, or they would not be here now!* There are a lot of chambers in this place.

[Vlamerias is looking for the Professor but she can\’t find him anywhere!] -11:38 Mar 19

Dark: *Dark was looking around. He had a feeling the Professor wasn’t here, although that asshole could have hidden him anywhere. He cocked his head out of the room and began leading Vlamerias out. They’d search elsewhere for the human.*

[Caroline should have convinced Evangeline to fall in love with someone else!] -11:40 Mar 19
Caroline: *She watched Dark sneak out with Vlamerias… Yes, he best be looking for the Professor. If she could get away with it, she might’ve knocked Gabriel unconscious, sent him home and then continued this search of his herself.* Gabriel… -11:44 Mar 19

Gabriel: *Gabriel walked away from Caroline to the wall and raised a gloved hand, brushing his fingers over the symbols. He had seen things while wandering this place, bits and pieces, flashes of things that could have been memory, imagination, or the influence of this tomb.* … A bowl, fashioned into a pair of fanged harpies, facing away from each other. A bowl carved of stone, black stone. The tears of a fallen angel when heaven and earth were torn asunder.

There were many chambers in the tombs. And all of them had the pictures and writings on the wall. Some even contained old rotting away crates, clay jars, and interesting knick-knacks. This must have been the first time anyone has been inside the tomb since the time it was sealed! -Caroline

Vlamerias: *Meri looked up at Dark but then followed. She looked around at everything, began to search everywhere.* Dark … Do you think the Professor is alright? *It almost felt wrong to talk out loud here, as if she would disturb someone. But she just had to know.*

Caroline: Is THAT all. *Caroline did not hide her sarcasm. However, she did take to searching very seriously. …She would not let Gabriel out of her sight, though.* I will look with you. I feel the need to remind you about your wife as often as possible. -11:50 Mar 19

Dark: *He had to think about that.* Um … I think he’s … alive. But I don’t know about alright … *He had to admit.* I mean, Gabriel probably scared the hell out of him and everything. *He quickly added, realizing how Meri would take it. He patted her on the head.* Let’s just concentrate on finding him.

Gabriel: *He looked down and took his glove off. There was the binding mark and the wedding ring.* … Indeed. *The shadows still shifted around him. He put the glove back on, walked out of the room to go looking in another chamber.*

Caroline: I understand this is your first marriage. But Evangeline loves you too much and lets you get away with things that any smart wife would be hanging you for. *Caroline had her hands in her pockets again. When they shifted in to a different chamber, the ‘feel’ of the place seemed to shift too. The place was so old it even seemed to out date most demon magic.* Case in point… you should have told her why you are here. -11:56 Mar 19

Vlamerias: *She smiled and nodded.* Right. *As they continued looking, she squeezed his hand and made him stop.* Um … What about Mommy? Do you think Mommy will be okay too?

Dark: Sure, she will. Look how many people she’s got– *Dark suddenly broke off. A sudden image struck him. One he didn’t understand himself but it was so powerful, he dropped to his knees and cried out loud enough to alert Caroline and Gabriel! His eyes rolled back and then he began to convulse!*

Vlamerias: *Meri kneeled down beside him!* Oh no! Glaër! Lady Caroline! Come quick! It’s Dark! Dark, please stop!

Caroline: *Caroline was fast! Luckily they were easy to follow and close to find! She bent on one knee to kneal next to Dark and tilted his face in her hands with a gentle touch she normally didn’t use with him.* …he isn’t under attack. Dark! Hey..! Just calm! *Not under attack, but it was something else serious with the way it griped him!* -12:10 Mar 20

Gabriel: *Gabriel stood on the other side of Dark.* … He has to leave. *He cut his palm and cast a spell before touching a finger to Dark’s forehead. Dark’s body tensed and then suddenly relaxed. He was unconscious but at least he had stopped convulsing. The shadows shifted and a shadow wolf-beast walked toward them dragging an unconscious Professor after it.* Vlamerias, take the Professor back to Evangeline and take Dark with you. And tlel her what you know about her condition.

Gabriel: *tell

Vlamerias: *She blinked once, then twice, and then nodded.* Yes, Glaër. Good luck! *She touched the Professor and Dark and then POOFED! back to the apartment!* Mommy, I’m back and I brought Dark along, too! -12:16 Mar 20

Amazingly enough, the Professor was sound asleep and unscathed!

Caroline: *She was uneasy about sending Dark back. He might need it, but she also needed him if Gabriel lost his marbles. She was kicking herself for getting so used to having the idiot around!* …Would you like to explain to me what just happened? -12:18 Mar 20

Evangeline: *Evangeline had been curled up in a chair, twirling a piece of yarn around her fingers!* Meri! Thank goodness… Is he- …What is the matter with Dark? *She moved to check on him! The Professor seemed unarmed, and that was a relief! But if Gabriel and Caroline were still gone…* -Caroline

Gabriel: This is an old place with many memories. *He replied, standing.* And I still have a bowl to find. *He began searching the room. The wolf-beast disappeared into the darkness.*

Vlamerias: Um … We were walking through the rooms trying to find the Professor when he suddenly stopped and began jerking around! I had to call [i]Glaër[/i] and Lady Caroline but I think he’s just asleep now!

Vlamerias: Um … We were walking through the rooms trying to find the Professor when he suddenly stopped and began jerking around! I had to call Glaër and Lady Caroline but I think he’s just asleep now! -12:24 Mar 20

Evangeline: *Chewing on her bottom lip, she was not sure how she felt about Caroline being alone with Gabriel. She always brought up things she didn’t want to bother Gabriel about, and he was stressed enough as it is!* We better get him to a bed or sofa until Gabriel comes home. Will he be back soon? -Caroline

Vlamerias: I can’t say for sure, Mommy! Glaër went back to the tomb to look for a poison sample to make anti-venom for you because your blood won’t clot without it and he doesn’t want to lose you but the doctors have never seen that kind of poison before and he killed those three vampires back at the tomb so … that’s why he went! *She exclaimed, saying all of that in a single breath!* -12:28 Mar 20
Caroline: Memories that Dark can share. *Caroline had been around long enough to put two and two together. What Dark was and his connection to Gabriel. It was only a matter of connecting dots to understand that this place had some meaning for Gabriel beyond just today. …and with how old it was…* Hrrm. *Dusting herself off Caroline was back to her feet. Bowl first, questions later.* -12:29 Mar 20

Evangeline: *That certainly explained why the blasted thing wouldn’t stop bleeding! …of course now she was really mad at him! If he would have told her, she could reassure him! Instead he cuts himself from her where she can’t give him any comfort while he’s looking!* I see. Lets put these two somewhere comfortable while I decide how mad I will be at Gabriel. -Caroline

Vlamerias: Yes, Mommy! Did you want me to put Dark or the Professor on the couch in the living room? -12:34 Mar 20

Gabriel: *He began searching. Not even those shadow beasts knew where the bowl was or they would have brought it to him by now. It would be logical for the bowl to have been in the sarcophagi but it hadn’t been. Perhaps the bowl was hidden by some spell or warded off.*

Evangeline: Lets put Stevie on the Sofa and we’ll give Dark a bed! Then you and I can have some cake! -Caroline

Vlamerias: *She POOFED! the Professor onto the couch!* Yay! Some cake! Um … But we shouldn’t cut the cake with a knife, Mommy! That’s dangerous, especially in your condition! -12:37 Mar 20

Evangeline: *Her condition! Evangeline couldn’t help but smile!* Then we will let you do the cutting and I will sit still. -Caroline

Caroline: *Caroline stepped in to one of the chambers, cracking open a crate to examine the contents inside. A lot of the jars and pottery were mostly made out of clay or pieces of metal. The crafting was exceptional, and she supposed some of these pieces would be worth a fortune. What really catch her attention was how old the dialects were. Some even came with wards using brands of magic she had never came across!* -12:41 Mar 20
Vlamerias: Dun worry, Mommy! I’ve seen you do it plenty of times before and I’ll be extra careful. Um, we might have to have you sit somewhere FFFAARRR away just to be certain! *She POOFED! Dark to Mommy’s bed because hers was too small!* -12:43 Mar 20

Evangeline: *Evangeline was now imagining Meri doing some very crazy things with a simple kitchen knife! She was unsure if this was amusing or simply dangerous!* …Perhaps some ice cream might be a safer endeavor, and I won’t have to hide myself in the bathroom? -Caroline

Gabriel: *Gabriel searched for secret passageways or hidden doors of some sort. Anything that might open a small cache if not a room to hide something so important. A black bowl of obsidian. That must have been considered more important than the things he’d come across so far so it must be in a place all its own.*

Caroline: There has to be a better way to look. *She was mumbling to herself. An excavation of a tomb could take years even for a small location. Evangeline would not have years and Gabriel’s patience couldn’t last for long. HER patience wouldn’t last for long! So Caroline pulled a marble from her pocket and rolled it between her hands.* What is it made of, sardonyx? Obsidian? Likely hidden under a ward? We can try a spell. *She opened her hands to let loose the marble… it remained hovering in the air.* Of course, you will need cast it with the right words… *And if her insticts were correct, it would need to be like the dialects found in the tomb!* -12:57 Mar 20
Vlamerias: Oohh … Even better! And we crumble up cookie pieces into it! -01:00 Mar 20

Evangeline: That would be delicious, yes! *Evangeline slid in to a chair at the kitchen table, so Meri could fetch things and not worry about her. …In the meantime, she was trying to reach out against Gabriel, even for a small hint of him! She should be there with him!* -Caroline

Gabriel: Obsidian. Hidden by wards. *When Caroline mentioned the ‘right words’, he hesitated but necessity won out. They needed the bowl. This was for Evangeline. He recited the words, using the same language as the one on the walls around them.*

The marble gave a dim glow before it completely blinked out. It turned black, sucking up all of the light around it that it almost looked like a black hole in the middle of space. At first it didn’t move but it shifted quickly, circling around Gabriel several times before seeming indecisive on where it was going. -Caroline

Vlamerias: *Meri’s wings appeared and she used them to float up to get the bowls and the spoons and the ice cream, of course!* How many scoops would you like, Mommy? -01:22 Mar 20
Caroline: *Gabriel’s own spell was so reluctant, it was getting confused. She ordered the spell!* Hrm. Forvitnask. Seek. -01:23 Mar 20

Evangeline: Just one will be fine. *She was resting her chin in her hand again, getting a bit lost in concentration. How long would he keep her away? She hadn’t gotten persistent yet, but she was wanting to..!* -Caroline

Gabriel: *Gabriel’s thoughts were elsewhere! He could feel Evangeline prodding at him, could feel her worry.* … Evangeline.

Rolling in on itself, the blacked out marble got the picture. Darting back and forth, first it started at the ceiling, then it scooted along the walls as quick as it could be. Seeming to sniff something, it suddenly darted down one of the tomb corridors and right through a sealed wall! -Caroline

Vlamerias: One scoop of ice cream coming up! *She dug that ice cream scooper inside when she paused!* Ohh … Do you want cookie bits in it? -01:30 Mar 20

Evangeline: *Finally! She wanted to shake him and maybe scold him, but she didn’t have the heart to! Don’t fear so deeply? I promised I would be here forever. She blinked, nodded her head at Meri’s question almost not catching it at all!* -Caroline

Caroline: It’s moving. *Caroline cast him a curious glance… Maybe his wife had gotten to him! She stepped down the corridor first, finding herself at the wall and unable to pass through any further. She rest a hand on the wall and turned back.* Gabriel. -01:34 Mar 20

Vlamerias: *Meri made Evangeline’s ice cream with cookie bits, then made a BIG bowl of ice cream and cookie chunks for her!*

Gabriel: Yes, you did. But there are countless things that seek to do otherwise. *Caroline was at the sealed wall. He walked up to it only to turn around and start walking away from it. He was looking for something … He found it on the floor in the center of the corridor. He pressed his hand against it and the tile sunk in. The sealed door opened!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline had a napkin and was folding it while she thought. It doesn’t matter. I promised. You will let me stay with you, until you come home?* -Caroline

[Vlamerias is now known as: Gabriel] -01:55 Mar 20

The door opened up to show a new chamber. It was narrow and dark. And sloped downwards very deep! The air was frosty cold, and strange for the desert! -Caroline

Caroline: *They were getting somewhere now. …at least she had thought so. The marble spell was deep in the chamber, but the father she stepped inside, the harder it was for her to move forward. She simply was not allowed to. Her presence was unwanted and she had to brace a hand on the wall when she couldn’t step forward any further.* It’s down that way, the wards won’t let me get any closer but the spell has followed. -02:00 Mar 20
Gabriel: <i> Would it make you feel better if I did.</i> *He followed Caroline up until she couldn’t take another step inside.* I will return. *And then he started moving deeper inside.* -02:08 Mar 20
Gabriel: Would it make you feel better if I did. *He followed Caroline up until she couldn’t take another step inside.* I will return. *And then he started moving deeper inside.* -02:09 Mar 20

As the corridor stretched down and the air became colder, the walls and ceiling came closer together. When they finally met, only leaving room to barely crouch through, there was a small door with sigil. Something familiar and yet never seen before. -Caroline

Evangeline: *Once Meri was sitting at the table and there was ice cream, she took at bite! It was simple and meaningless, but wonderfully sweet. A feeling of normalcy she shared with him to ease his worries! It would make YOU feel better if you did. Admittedly, herself too. But she was more worried about him than anything else.* -Caroline

Gabriel: *He stopped at the door and looked at the sigil. Where had he seen it before …* <i> It would.</i> *He admitted to her.* -02:23 Mar 20
Gabriel: *He stopped at the door and looked at the sigil. Where had he seen it before …* It would. *He admitted to her.* -02:26 Mar 20

The blackend marble popped out from the sigil only to pop back in again. The spell at work still beckoning for him to follow. Meanwhile, the wards at work did not like the intrusion. Shadows were rising up at the beginning of the corridor blocking off the means to get out! -Caroline

Caroline: *Caroline was fine with waiting. …what she was not fine with was being stuck between a ward she could not pass through and now something rising from the ground that she feel but not see. No matter. Her current task was making sure Gabriel found what he was looking for, without any additional distractions. She pulled a light spell from her pocket, and prepared to throw it!* -02:31 Mar 20
Gabriel: *Gabriel touched the sigil and pushed at the door.* -02:38 Mar 20

It glowed bright red in the darkness, lighting up hidden symbols on the sigil that were not carved in to the door. Lines and pieces that looked so similar to his binding marks! Inside, it wasn’t large enough to be a room of chamber, just a crawl space. The black marble orb was now hovering above something wrapped in a well preserved wolf fur. But as the door slid open, the shadows at the other end of the corridor were rushing forward! They were like a vacuuming of wind trying to shove the intruders towards the tiny chamber and trap them inside! -Caroline

Caroline: *Caroline threw down her spell, making it POP with a bright flash of light! While the light glimmered, it gave a strong relief to the sudden sucking wind but the shadows were so strong, they were eating it up until it dimmed away far quicker than it should have! Caroline braced her back against one wall and her feet against the other to keep herself in place. Last thing she wanted to be was a demon-sandwich!* -02:45 Mar 20
Gabriel: *He was reaching out to grab that bundle of wolf fur and tucked it under his arm while he managed to get some kind of hand hold in the wall! He kicked out with his feet to try and close the door, then his fangs grew and he drew blood to get magic to shut it.* -02:49 Mar 20

The door was trying to close, but the wards were so strong it was competeting against it! Along with the strong wind now came an ear piercing wailing! A shriek much like the one the three vampire mummies had made! -Caroline

Caroline: *It was sad her thoughts were centered on what ridiculous comment Dark might have right this moment. That shrieking was absolutely horrible! Keeping herself braced, she fumbled in to her pockets to pull her ribbons! Wrapping one end strongly around one arm, she let the other end loose to go flying down the corridor with the wind!* I hope you can see! Just grab the damn thing! -02:55 Mar 20
Gabriel: … I’ve got it. *And he was not going to let go of it either! Unfortunately, his grip was beginning to slip!* -02:56 Mar 20
Caroline: *The added weight nearly had her losing her brace on the walls. Especially with the awkward positioning! Still, Caroline was pulling the ribbon forward, while trying to bite her tongue and conjure her transport spell! ….Conjure! …Hvata! …then she was cursing loud enough for anyone to hear it above that wind!* I can’t cast the transport out! -03:00 Mar 20
[Gabriel has timed out.] -06:51 Mar 20
[Caroline has timed out.] -06:51 Mar 20
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[Evangeline is at home eating ice cream, and trying to be calm and serene so Gabriel can stay calm and serene! …She really just wants to go get him, though@!] -06:52 Mar 20
[Gabriel is in a bind and trying not to worry Evangeline anymore than he already has!] -06:55 Mar 20

Vlamerias: *Meri was enjoying her ice cream with its cookie chunks!* Mommy, are you okay? You’re really quiet. -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline nodded quickly!* Uh huh! I’m just… a little bit tired is all. It’s been a very long day. -06:59 Mar 20
Gabriel: *Gabriel kicked his legs out so his back was against one wall and his feet were against the other! He secured the bowl wrapped in the fur under his arm. The wailing sounded familiar but he’d never heard it before! Caroline being unable to cast the teleport spell meant something must have been blocking her power. His fangs grew and he bit his lip.* "Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via." -07:03 Mar 20

Vlamerias: * She reached over to pat Evangeline’s hand.* It’s okay, Mommy! I’ll go check on Dark and the Professor! *She hopped off the chair and skipped into the living room to check on the Professor first!* -Gabriel

Like the spell cast on the marble, the transport spell also was confused! There seemed to be two different factors working against each other with the same voice! It almost seemed like the spell didn’t work at all when WHOOOSH! Both Gabriel and Caroline dropped in to… the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! A midway point between New York and Egypt! …and it seemed the spell didn’t take them there alone. That wailing wind was there also, kicking up waves and a storm!

Caroline: *Landing in the ocean was the last thing SHE was expecting! But Caroline still had a grip on her ribbon, which meant she still had Gabriel on a leash! She tried casting her own spell again. …No luck! Something wasn’t letting her move them anywhere!* What did you DO in that tomb?!

Gabriel: *SPLASH! He looked around for Caroline and for the source of the wailing … and was forced to accept the reason his spells backfired.* … I cast those spells and the ward back at the tomb, when my power was stronger. *He couldn’t remember what creature the King had bound to guard the bowl and if he couldn’t remember what it was before it was too late, it would rip them apart.* -07:22 Mar 20

Caroline: Great! That’s Great! *That was BAD! Here one couldn’t imagine Gabriel being any stronger than he always was! But unless she wanted to drown, she’d have to think about that later! She couldn’t transport them out, but she could still cast other spells! Caroline cracked at least three of her marbles, summoning up a smallish but at least decent sized boat to get them out of the water!* Nothing I do will let me do it TO you or WITH you. That is some ward!

The wailing shadow that seemed to hover high above them, was relentless! They had what it guarded, and it clearly wouldn’t stop until they were dead! Ocean waves were kicking up even higher, threatening to take the boat down to the sea floor before they could even get in it. And to capsize it to pieces even after they did!

Gabriel: *Had it been more pleasant circumstances, Gabriel would have been inclined to agree. Once he was in the boat, he crouched down and pulled the bundle out. He also pulled out a small vial from his pocket. If the creature was going to guard the bowl, it could have it. He just need the traces of the poison for Evangeline. He took the fur off, inspected the bowl, and scooped some of the flakes at the bottom into the vial. He capped it, handed it to Caroline, and wrapped the bowl back up.* You have to take this to Oracle and tell them it’s for Evangeline’s anti-venom. -07:47 Mar 20

Vlamerias: *After making sure the Professor was alright, she skipped into Mommy’s room to check on Dark! He was still asleep but at least he could finally take his nap!* They’re alright and still asleep, Mommy! *She said as she skipped back into the kitchen.*

Caroline: …and then tell your wife I left you in the middle of the ocean? *The vial disappeared in to her jacket, and she cut loose her ribbons. Unlike Dark, Gabriel was a grown man and could handle his own affairs. …most of the time.* Do not. Do [i]not[/i] do anything that will make that woman cry. *Caroline pulled her pin, pricked her finger and recited her spell. Without the added presence of Gabriel, she poofed! Gone! Leaving him alone in the middle of the ocean while she returned to Oracle on a very important mission.*

Caroline: …and then tell your wife I left you in the middle of the ocean? *The vial disappeared in to her jacket, and she cut loose her ribbons. Unlike Dark, Gabriel was a grown man and could handle his own affairs. …most of the time.* Do not. Do not do anything that will make that woman cry. *Caroline pulled her pin, pricked her finger and recited her spell. Without the added presence of Gabriel, she poofed! Gone! Leaving him alone in the middle of the ocean while she returned to Oracle on a very important mission.*

Evangeline: I’m glad! They’re sleeping awfully long… *And Gabriel was away too long too…* -07:54 Mar 20
Gabriel: *Gabriel tucked the bowl back under his arm. He couldn’t just throw the bowl into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Even with the creature guarding it, it wouldn’t be enough to keep the bowl safe. These objects had a habit of resurfacing and wreaking havoc when people least expected it. He cut his palm and cast the teleport spell back to Egypt and the tomb! The tomb was possibly the safest place for the bowl to be!* -07:58 Mar 20

Vlamerias: Dark said he was trying to take a nap when Caroline summoned him. Do you want to take a nap, too, Mommy? Or you could tell me a story, if you want to stay up!

Evangeline: I would like to stay up for Gabriel. Hmm… What sort of story would you like to hear? There’s a lot of them! -08:04 Mar 20

Vlamerias: Um … Oohh! Tell me the story about how and Glaër met! Pretty pretty please! I love listening to it!

Evangeline: Hmm.. Well! Once upon a time there was a psychic who kept having visions about a man! Like most visions, at first it was kind of weird and impressions of some future event. But she knew it was important so she made sure to pay attention. One day a more solid vision came through. It was compelling and strong, so it was time to get a plane ticket and do some traveling! -08:15 Mar 20

Dark: *Meanwhile Dark opened his eyes and looked around! Where the hell was he? And what the hell had happened? He held his head which was still throbbing. He remembered going to Egypt, hunting down Gabriel and looking for that Professor of Evangeline’s … but after that, it was a blank. Kind of like when he’d woken up and met Caroline.*

Vlamerias: *As Mommy told the story, Meri began cleaning up! First she put all the dishes into the sink and wiped the table down with the special wipes Evangeline had shown her. The ones that killed bacteria and stuff! They couldn’t let people get sick eating infected food!*

Caroline: *Dropping off a vial to the Oracle doctor was easy work. Waiting around and looking intimidating was also easy work. But after a bit, the doctors had her leave. ‘Can’t decipher a cure with someone hovering’ they said. Shooed away, Caroline transported herself to Evangeline’s apartment. At least she can keep an eye on the Seer.*

Evangeline: The psychic made her way to New York looking for this brick wall of a man in her vision and found just the ri- Caroline! *…and no Gabriel. Evangeline frowned and leaned back in her chair with her arms crossed.* -08:23 Mar 20

Vlamerias: *She turned and waved!* Hello, Warrior Lady! Would you like some tea? I can make you some! Then you can share some good news with Mommy! *Because her Mommy needed it!*

Caroline: No tea, but thank you. Gabriel will return in a few moments, he only has to take care of something first. The doctors are handling what you need, so for the love of all that’s holy, stop making that expression.

Dark: *Dark got to the doorway and followed the voices to the living room and the kitchen.* Good. Everyone’s here. Hey, can I have some ice cream?

Evangeline: *That was SOME relief… but she still wanted Gabriel here right NOW! The tomb was giving him problems, and she just…. Huff!* There is plenty of ice cream for you Dark! Caroline just returned. -08:29 Mar 20

Vlamerias: I’ll get you ice cream, Dark! Mommy says it’s a hostess’ duty to take care of her guests! *She whipped out a bowl, an ice cream scooper, and the ice cream!* Mommy, Stevie is waking up!

Dark: It’s about time. I was beginning to think we’d dragged his butt back for nothing. *He sat down at the table.*

Caroline: *Caroline rest a hand on Dark’s head… she was snooping! Didn’t quite trust what Gabriel was up to when it concerned Dark.* How do you feel? Beyond surley and unreasonable?

Professor Stevens was yaaaaaaawning and stetching. Blinking wearily at his surroundings. What a strange dream. He needed to get more rest!

Dark: Would you cut that out? *He muttered, trying to wave her hand away. He had a feeling he knew what she was doing!* … I’m fine, okay. I just blacked out. That’s all I remember after taking Meri with me.

Vlamerias: *She served up Dark’s ice cream and then skipped over to the Professor!* Hello, Stevie! How are you? Did you enjoy your nap?

Evangeline: Caroline was worried about you, I think. Did you sleeo well? -08:37 Mar 20

Professor Stevens scratched his head. “Why… I do believe I did! Haven’t been that rested since my college days on those day-after all night benders!”

Dark: *He blinked and looked up at Caroline.* … Uh, thank you. *He said slowly, not because he didn’t mean to show gratitude but because he never felt comfortable about it.* Yeah, I did.

Dark: *about showing

Vlamerias: *Meri smiled brightly!* Yay! I’m glad. Would you like something to eat? You must be famished now.

Caroline: I’m glad you slept well. I spent a lovely afternoon with Gabriel wishing you were there. *Caroline didn’t care how that sounded! It was truth whether she was teasing or not! She just replaced that hand on his head… if he didn’t remember ANY thing, then there was just limitless things Gabriel had hidden concerning that tomb!*

“Why yes! I could eat the entire buffet at Old Edmond’s!” The professor rose to his feet to follow Meri. “Guests! How delightful! Ah, I see your husband is back! How did your work go, Mr. Clark?”

Dark: *He gave her a sideways glance, or tried to anyways with her hand on his head. He really didn’t remember anything after finding Gabriel and taking Vlamerias to look for the human. He’d just blacked out, that’s all. It was probably the lack of sleep and all that training that asshole and Caroline had put him through.*

Vlamerias: *She giggled and skipped over to the fridge!* No turkey, though! Mommy says turkey makes you sleepy!

Evangeline: Oh no, this isn’t Gabriel! This is… is… um… His son! Dark. And his teacher Caroline! *She did want Stevie to be more aware of things, but other things it was better to not confuse Stevie about. He was always confused enough as it is.* -08:47 Mar 20

Dark: *He blinked. His SON?! He was about to say something but then he shut it.* … Hi.

“Son and teacher?” Professor Stevens adjusted his glasses. First to give a hard stare at Dark and then to take a look at Caroline. “I say! You look just like your father! What family genes! How old are you, boy? 14? ….Mrs. Clark! How in the devil’s name did you have a son this old and not tell me?!”

Caroline: ….*That is when Caroline started lauging and couldn’t seem to stop!*

Dark: *Dark looked about ready to attack something! He started eating his ice cream instead.*

Evangeline: I have…? *Oh dear! She hadn’t expected Stevie to assume Dark was hers too! And Caroline cackling like that wasn’t helping at all!* It’s… I… …this is why I told you to stay away from curses, Stevie. I think you’ll listen next time, won’t you! -08:54 Mar 20

Stevens was quite flabberghasted! He had to sit himself down to think! “My word, I do believe you are right! These curses are dangerous.” He learned to whisper at Evangeline, once again far too loudly. “That name, though… Mrs. Clark, I boy should have a more proper name than Dark. Is it a nickname?”

Vlamerias: *Meri made the Professor a hot bowl of mac and cheese with a mayo, lettuce, and tomato ham sandwich and a cup of chocolate milk!*

Caroline: *Caroline had almost stopped laughing, but the professor’s question had her snickering again. She was forced to step away and get some of that tea after all!*

Dark: *He was ready to launch himself across the table and give the human a good beating!*

Evangeline: I do sort of like d’Artagnan, but he prefers Dark and that is what we call him. *Poor Dark, he was going to yell at her for sure once Stevie was gone!* -09:03 Mar 20

Dark: *Ice cream! Focus on the ice cream! … He finally shot a glare at the Professor!* Don’t you have a plane to catch back to Egypt or something?

“Why, thank you little miss! This is a fine dinner for one made by such a small girl!” Professor Stevens was indeed famished, and happily ate! But he was also pretty interesting in Dark now! “A plane? I dare say I do, but getting to spend the evening with your mother is always such a pleasure. Why, had things gone differently, I might have been your father!”

Caroline: *And now Caroline was choking on her tea. THAT was going to get the good professor in trouble!*

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Silly Professor!

Evangeline: *It put thoughts in to her head! First she was trying to imagine what being married to Professor Stevens would be like… then she was trying to imagine Stevie’s son! …but then she was picturing Gabriel’s son and supposed he’d be very much like Dark. Evangeline was grinning!* -09:46 Mar 20

Dark: *He finished his ice cream and then he stood. At this rate, he’d much rather be in Egypt, hunting down that asshole then getting stuck tolerating this idiot.*

“Silent like the old man too, I see. Say, what is his private tutor for? Is he learning the family business?” He said ‘family business’ like it was some sort of super secret organization. …as far as he was concerned, it was!

Dark: *Dark looked at Meri.* I think this guy’s watched too many movies.

Vlamerias: *Meri looked back at Dark and giggled.* I think so! But he’s funny!

Evangeline: Er, yes. She and Gabriel teach him the tricky things… and I teach him the fun things like dating and meeting strangers! -09:57 Mar 20

Dark: I’m out of here. *He turned and started stalking out. Any longer and Evangeline would be angry at him for assaulting a ‘guest’!*

Caroline: …I wouldn’t walk out of this apartment when your mother needs the company, Dark. *At least she had stilled her laughing and said it was a straight face and an even tone.* Why don’t you show the professor what you can do instead of leaving. *That might let Dark get a little bit out of his system, and teach this halwit of a professor to be more wary!*

Stevens looked very interested! “Yes, what CAN the boy do? I suppose having a psychic mother and a …. Mrs. Clark what IS with your husband, I don’t believe you have told me yet!”

Evangeline: He is my husband, is there anything more than that? *Evangeline wanted to say Guardian Angel! But then he might pester Dark about being part Angel, and goodness knows Dark was annoyed enough!* -10:11 Mar 20

Dark: *He stopped and smirked. Now they were talking.* What I can do, huh. Get a taste of this. *His fangs grew and he bit his tongue. Then he lifted a hand to conjure a fireball and launched it at the Professor! … It suddenly disappeared before it hit the man but it had been so close, his eyebrows were probably singed! The fireball reappeared in Dark’s hand and he tossed it up and down. Ordinarily, magic was forbidden here but Gabriel hadn’t placed absolute wards so in his absence, a select few could cast spells just in case of an emergency.*

Vlamerias: *She smiled and clapped!* Yay! That was incredible control!

There was a loud GWAAARGH from the Professor as he lift up his arms and a leg to shield himself… but he came out in one piece. “That IS amazing, boy! Why I near felt the very blood in my veins start to boil! Have you ever tried conjuring up rabbits or foxes?” Now the professor was getting up trying to poke at Dark’s fireball.

Dark: *Dark sighed and made the fireball disappear.* Look. Evangeline married a vampire. And I’m pretty sure you realize he’s not the type of guy to take lightly.

Evangeline: Dark! You weren’t supposed to just tell him! *Oh bother! They were going to have to teach him a better sense of secret keeping!* -10:57 Mar 20

Dark: It beats all of this trying to hide some stuff and tell him others. He’s going to get himself killed. I just hope Evangeline isn’t around when he does.

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias patted Evangeline on the arm.*

“Vampire!” Stevens looked a little shocked. Confused… and then in total disbelief. “Impossible! Why, even with these creatures real, how does a vampire keep a human wife and not eat her?” He stopped to look at Evangeline. “…you are still human, aren’t you, Mrs. Clark?” He hadn’t thought she may not be! She could be a vampire bride!

Evangeline: I am perfectly human. Gabriel just isn’t the average vampire. Oh, please don’t make a big deal about it Stevie. Will you promise not to tell anyone? Gabriel worries about me enough as it is. -11:01 Mar 20

Caroline: *Caroline had a cup of tea in hand, and with the other she chucked a bread roll at Dark’s head. One would think he understood the need to keep his mouth shut, with Evangeline claiming him as her son and all!*

Vlamerias: Don’t worry, Stevie! Mommy is well taken care of! Glaër takes care of her and he even made her this great place to live in! She has lots of friends and she’s going to make sure you’re safe when you go look at tombs and stuff!

Dark: *Dark caught the bread roll and shot Caroline a sidways glance. Humans were always trying to hide things from each other and then they wondered why everything got confused when their lies ended up biting them in the ass!*

“Now see here, woman! I am not some shmuck that would turn his back to a dear friend because she married a vampire! What you marry is your own business!” Professor Stevens was a bit offended! He thought of himself as a great man! “I will keep your secret to the grave as well as consider my actions more carefully. For the sake of your children, most assuredly!”

Evangeline: I’m so glad! Otherwise, Stevie I might have to do something really mean to you again. And I am far too tired to have the energy! *A relief! Stevie would surely behave now!* -11:09 Mar 20

“Good Grief, lets not have threats, Mrs. Clark. By the life of me, do you children know what this woman does when she gets angry? Tickles to Death! You might think it’s all in fun, but it can severely asphyxiate a man!”

Vlamerias: *Meri giggled! Stevie was fun to have around! Mommy would be really sad if something bad happened to him! She hoped Ms Grey would send someone with Stevie to keep him safe!*

Evangeline: I have never tickled a man to death. Don’t exagerate Stevie. *Oh, but that look on her face suggested she might have tried once or twice. …She was certainly thinking about it now.* -11:14 Mar 20

“Near to death! For such a tiny lady, she has an inhuman ability to cling and sit on someone! I had never cried so much in my life! For what? Reading a scroll! I read a scroll, we were trapped in a room and she tried to kill me!” Professor Stevens was obviously teasing now, just by the way he would take a peek to make sure it was working!

Caroline: M’lady you look tired. Would you like me and Dark to escort your friend somewhere dark and uninhabited so you might get some rest?

Dark: I’ve got a few places in mind I can drop his ass at.

Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t sure if she would laugh or fear for Stevie!* um…! Actually, I think Stevie does need to get back to Egypt. We’ve kept him long enough and I’m sure he’ll be all right now. But… can Dark stay with me until Gabriel comes home? -11:26 Mar 20

Dark: *Dark was about to say something about her only wanting to keep him around because of his resemblance to Gabriel but he shut his mouth and realized friends didn’t kick their friends when they’re down. Evangeline was down and he wanted to help her out.* Eh, sure. Shouldn’t be too long before he hauls his butt back here anyways.

Vlamerias: We could put on a fashion show for Mommy! Or Dark can tell her stories!

Caroline: *Caroline moved behind Professor Stevens and rest a hand on his shoulder.* Come along, Professor. We will have a glass of Pinot Blanc and fateer at Arabica. *With a wicked grin, she and the Professor were gone in a blink!*

Dark: Well, I’ve got tons of stories. Or a hug. I could give you a hug, too, Evangeline. *She looked like she needed a hug, too.*

Evangeline: …I think she just took Stevie out on a date! *Strange! …but with the offer of a hug Evangeline got up and threw her arms around Dark!* Thank you for staying! I would of had Caroline stay, but you never lecture me about Gabriel as badly as she does and I wanted to make sure you were okay. They brought you back so soon and I was worried. -11:34 Mar 20

Dark: *Eww! A date! That was … very awkward! He hugged her back and smirked.* Kind of pointless to lecture you about him. I think I’m okay. I mean, I feel fine. ‘Course, it doesn’t help that Caroline keeps checking on me as if she’s expecting me to sprout a couple of heads and a tail.

Evangeline: She worries a lot about you too, you know! Come sit down. *She tugged Dark to the living room, wagging a finger at Meri to come too, then plopped him on the sofa. She curled up on the other side!* What DID you see before you passed out in Egypt? -11:39 Mar 20

Dark: *Dark found himself on the sofa and was silent for a moment.* … I really don’t remember. I was walking with Meri, looking for the Professor and then I blacked out. What about you, Meri? Did you see anything?

Vlamerias: I’ve seen lots of things! *She exclaimed as she joined Mommy and Dark!* I’ve seen camels and sand and mummies and clay jars and this weird stuff Mommy called sarcophagi!

Evangeline: Meri took lots of pictures. I suspect a good million of them. We’ll be able to get them developed and look at them later. *Hmm… Dark not remembering what happened wasn’t good. She would have to ask Gabriel to make sure it wasn’t anything dangerous like what happened to her. …and that’s when she remembered Gabriel also had those poison claws in him, maybe something bad had happened to him too! What if he couldn’t come back! The thought made her stomach flip!* -11:47 Mar 20

Vlamerias: It’s okay, Dark! Mommy! You weren’t feeling well but Glaër sent me home with you and gave the Professor back!

Evangeline: He wouldn’t want to leave me here alone. *Oooh… now she might cry. She only had a scratch, but he had gotten much worse for sure. Would he be able to heal the poison or be immune? …well….if he died she would bring him back from the dead and shake him to death all over again!* Um, yes. Right… -11:54 Mar 20
Gabriel: … He could never leave you alone. *Gabriel said from behind her.* -11:59 Mar 20
Evangeline: *She had jumped in surprise at hearing his voice so suddenly! Evangeline nearly tumbled out of her seat so she could hop up and fling her arms around Gabriel!* I am so mad..! -12:04 Mar 21
Gabriel: *Despite being clung to, he slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out the anti-venom.* You are. You have every right to be. -12:06 Mar 21

Vlamerias: Glaër! You’re back! *She skipped over to fling her arms over him and her Mommy!*

Dark: *Dark watched them hug and then he was stepping forward and put a hand on Meri’s shoulder.* Come on, Meri. I can tell you more stories while we go out and get a burger or something.

Vlamerias: *Meri was about to protest but then she looked at her Glaër and her Mommy! They did need some time alone!* Okay! We’ll be back soon! *And then they were gone!*

Evangeline: *She was going to hug him to death AND complain at the same time! She was just so relieved to have him back and not twitching in agony somewhere all alone!* You should have told me! And taken me! …and then you took Stevie… And you should have come back and taken me! -12:09 Mar 21
Gabriel: Not in the frame of mind I was in. Your Stevie would have likely been killed. I did not take him on a pleasure cruise. -12:13 Mar 21
Evangeline: If you would have told me what happened in the first place you wouldn’t have taken him to begin with! *…at least, she would have hoped so! Now that she had him, she was checking him for injuries!* Are you sick or bleeding? Did anything happen when you went back? -12:15 Mar 21
Gabriel: There are … memories in that place. And the spells and the wards. The King made them so when I cast the spells, they backfired. I could not find any nail clippings but the poison originated from a bowl guarded by wards and a wind elemental. -12:24 Mar 21
Evangeline: Both you and Caroline smell like sea water. *Caroline had seemed frustrated but not too worried… but it was Gabriel’s past and he was the one that had to deal with the backlash of it! Evangeline was attempting to tug off his jacket for a better inspection.* You worried me so much. I understand when you don’t wish me to see some things, but there are moments when you need me! -12:27 Mar 21
Gabriel: The wards prevented Caroline from teleporting. Because the King had cast the spells preventing magic, my spell backfired. We were dropped into the ocean between New York and Egypt. I was forced to send her back with a sample of the poison so I could take the bowl back to the tomb where it belonged. *His jacket came off!* -12:29 Mar 21
Evangeline: That sounds so dreadfully complicated… *She paused just a moment while holding his jacket to tilt her head and give it some consideration.* …I suppose because you’re different now and do things differently, it wouldn’t work quite the same. -12:32 Mar 21
Gabriel: I suspect it also has something to do with the fact that, compared to my current power, the King was still more powerful and more knowledgeable. He made absolutely sure the bowl would be protected. *He took off his shirt.* Caroline was unable to cast magic that concerned doing something with me or to me. -12:36 Mar 21
Evangeline: She must have been frustrated. *Caroline was amusing when she was frustrated. Evangeline set his jacket over a chair and took his shirt to add to it. Then she was able to run her hands over his back to see if he was healing okay!* Did you have problems returning the bowl…? -12:38 Mar 21
Gabriel: It was easier returning the bowl than taking it. It put the wailing wind to rest and the wards did not need enforcing. -01:01 Mar 21
Evangeline: *He seemed all right… and at the same time he didn’t! Which really made her all the more mad! She fussed at him until she scooted him to the sofa and crawled in to his lap.* Well then, everything is fine now! You can rest and relax while I decide how to punish you for scaring me. -01:05 Mar 21
Gabriel: *The wounds were healing and yet … He still had to deal with the King. He sat down and brushed the hair out of Evangeline’s face.* You are wondering why Dark came back from Egypt so soon. -01:07 Mar 21
Evangeline: *That sounded like punishment dodging… but since she DID wonder…* Yes… He doesn’t remember what happened, either. I might have thought it wasn’t too serious, but Caroline was worried about him too. -01:10 Mar 21
Gabriel: His mind was not protected as well. He experienced a series of memories that overloaded him and he began to convulse. I didn’t have time to erase those memories completely. I could only transfer those memories to myself and send him home. -01:13 Mar 21
Evangeline: *Sometimes it was easy to forget that Dark was made from Gabriel and not born like a normal person would be. She chewed on her bottom lip as she reached a hand up to stroke his hair.* Was it memories about the tomb? What it was like before? -01:15 Mar 21
Gabriel: *Gabriel closed his eyes as Evangeline stroked his hair. Her touch did wonders to him and she was emanating such a feeling of calm and love.* The former. Flashes. The trio of vampires being mummified, cursing them with their eternal bloodlust, the tomb when it had just been built, watching them carve the warnings and the wards into the walls. -01:18 Mar 21
Evangeline: *She leaned forward to kiss his cheek and nuzzle against his face… until she realized she was supposed to be punishing him! …so, only petting it was!* I think those memories may be so old, they are older than most timelines even begin. -01:23 Mar 21
Gabriel: Indeed. They are memories Dark does not need to be burdened with. Caroline suspected things when I told her the tomb held memories. Then I admitted I had cast the spells and set the wards when my power was greater, all those centuries ago. -01:25 Mar 21
Evangeline: Hmm… It’s for the better then. Dark is a person by himself, and these are your memories. *She tilted her head before moving her hands down to rub his shoulders. His memories, but he didn’t have to have them all alone. She was tempted to shake him for not sharing these things with her so she could ease his burden!* You’re a stubborn man! -01:28 Mar 21
Gabriel: *He opened his eyes and looked at her.* … I am. *He could make no excuses.* -01:30 Mar 21
Evangeline: *Evangeline huffed! She was trying to be firm with him! It was so hard when he made her just want to pet him.* And you’re in a lot of trouble. I might get my scarves and tie you up for a week. -01:33 Mar 21
Gabriel: I will accept my punishment at your hands, Evangeline. I consider myself under … house arrest from this point on for a week. -01:34 Mar 21
Evangeline: *Bother! Not scared at all! She would punish him with love then! So she slipped her arms around his neck and kissed his forehead.* All week. Are you sure you’re all right? You aren’t claw poisoned too are you? -01:39 Mar 21
Gabriel: I do not believe so. But I will take it easy. It might be that the poison does not affect vampires. -01:58 Mar 21
Evangeline: I was afraid that you would be much worse off and lying alone in Egypt somewhere unable to reach me. *Evangeline nuzzled his cheek. Getting to have him home and have her hands on him did make her feel so much better.* -02:01 Mar 21

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