046 High School Reunion

Evangeline goes to her High School Reunion where Gabriel gets to meet the people she went to school with and learn about her Husband Wishlist!

[Evangeline is taking waaaaaay longer than usual to get dressed!] -01:20 Mar 22
[Gabriel is wondering what is taking her so long to get dressed!] -01:23 Mar 22
Gabriel: *Gabriel knocked on the door to make sure she was still alive and well.* Seer. -01:24 Mar 22
Evangeline: *She didn’t have a lot of clothes… it’s not like she expected to stay in New York so long! But they felt nice and were comfortable, and she thought they looked just fine! What was wrong with rainbow stripes anyway! She liked rainbows. Sitting on the floor, with several items of clothing, Evangeline almost didn’t hear the door!* Hmm… oh! Come in! -01:26 Mar 22
Gabriel: *He opened the door and looked around.* You are taking longer than you usually do to dress yourself. What is wrong. -01:27 Mar 22
Evangeline: I am trying to decide what would look nice. The skirts are my favorite, but they’re not supposed to be with stripes? I didn’t know there were rules for stripes. And it seems yellow drives people batty, but I thought yellow was a happy color! …I’m not even sure if this one IS yellow because it’s just the same as this one, and I thought this one was the green flowers, but they’re the same style so they get all mixed up. *She was blabbering, but he did ask!* -01:31 Mar 22
Gabriel: That is one of the reasons I dress in a single solid color. It makes such thinking unnecessary. You humans put so much value into superficial desires, such as fashion. *He stepped in and closed the door behind him. There were clothes and shoes everywhere. Had he not known better, he would have said a storm had visited Evangeline’s room or that it had been trashed by creatures searching for something.* It is amazing you manage to finish anything at all. -01:35 Mar 22
Evangeline: I thought I dressed myself just fine! But Kate told me yesterday that clerks must like harassing me, cause I never show up wearing anything normal! *Evangeline was a bit offended, but she masked it well with digging out same pants and trying to compare the cuts and styles with other shirts.* -01:40 Mar 22
Gabriel: If the human help troubles you so, I recommend showing them how serious you are by introducing them with the barrel of a gun. *The tone he said it was so casual! One could only imagine just how frightened people were where Gabriel was concerned!* -01:43 Mar 22
Gabriel: *(introducing them) to the, not with the -01:44 Mar 22
Evangeline: *She paused, giving that some thought! …she finally laughed softly!* I think if I am having a hard time dressing myself, trying to shoot at them won’t be much better. Will you help me find something to wear? I know you think it’s silly, but I want people to think I’m pretty not some crazy lazy! -01:46 Mar 22
Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at the things she had scattered.* … I do not think you are a crazy woman. *But he walked past her, making sure not to step on anything and looking everything over.* -01:47 Mar 22
Evangeline: That is not what you said yesterday when you called me insane three times in the span of one hour! *She liked when he did though… it meant she baffled him, and he needed a little more bewilderment in his life! Evangeline picked herself off the floor, taking some of the clothes to the bed with her.* Now, I want to look nice. And it should be comfortable, because there are classes today! -01:50 Mar 22
Gabriel: Indeed. But I use it in a different context than what you are implying. I call you insane often and yet it does not trouble you. *Hm. These colors were all quite … bright. She’d need these, black slacks, comfortable shoes, also black, a buttoned-up shirt, also in black. He didn’t think to pick out matching female underwear.* Here. *He handed her the clothes he’d picked up.* -01:54 Mar 22
Evangeline: *Evangeline took the clothes and after inspection to make sure they were hers, she switched what she was wearing in no time flat. Running her hands over her sleeves, she deemed it comfortable enough for classes. And it was the nice clothes too, so it was proffessional!* Do I look okay? Should I put my hair up in a barret? …. I wonder if I need makeup… -01:59 Mar 22
Gabriel: Cosmetics. You intend on catching the eye of a male in the class. -02:00 Mar 22
Evangeline: Why on earth would you think that? *She might have laughed if she didn’t think it was silly… Gabriel was the only one she ever wanted to catch the attention of… but telling him that was a bit embarassing! She went ahead and pulled her hair back with a barret.* -02:04 Mar 22
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((04:16 Mar 22))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((04:17 Mar 22))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -04:17 Mar 22
[Evangeline promised Clara she would go to the reunion! But wasn\’t expecting that Gabriel would want to attend with her!] -01:54 Apr 08
[Gabriel is still not quite certain why Evangeline is making such a fuss about him going with her. ] -01:57 Apr 08
Gabriel: You are attending an event in a strange place with strange people. I cannot comprehend you wanting to go alone. -01:57 Apr 08
Evangeline: I grew up there with those people. They are hardly strangers! *…some were a bit strange though! Evangeline slid on a pair of shoes. They had a hotel room right in the place the event would be held. She always liked getting to stay in nice hotels, and it was kind of like a romantic get-away with Gabriel!* It’s probably going to be very boring! -02:00 Apr 08
Gabriel: *Gabriel was watching her put her shoes on as she sat on the edge of the bed. His arms were crossed.* You are merely showing face then and will be in and out in less than three minutes. -02:01 Apr 08
Evangeline: I can hardly say hello to everyone in three minutes! *She stood up and made a quick turn!* Do I look nice? -02:04 Apr 08
Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her. Evangeline was wearing one of the outfits Caroline had picked out for her.* You are beautiful, Evangeline. *He wore a dark suit, black shoes, navy blue slacks and coat with a white shirt.* -02:08 Apr 08
Evangeline: *She leaned up and kissed his cheek.* Thank you! *Evangeline took his hand to tug him along with her. Not that it required any tugging, she just liked to have his hand!* You can leave me any time you’d like. You really don’t have to stay with me all night. -02:12 Apr 08
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow when she brought up leaving her. He was never comfortable about leaving Evangeline alone among strangers and Vlamerias was being babysat by Caroline and Dark back at Oracle.* -02:16 Apr 08
Evangeline: *She grinned! It would have been nice to have Gabriel while she was in school! It probably wouldn’t have been so troublesome! The elevator trip downstairs was quick, and when she took him through the lobby it was a little nerver wracking! It was a good ten years since she was in high school!* -02:21 Apr 08
Gabriel: You were not very fond of your high school years. Why would you bother to come. -02:22 Apr 08

The Hotel’s Grand Ballroom was all fixed up, looking a lot like Prom Night for a typical high school! Only it’s guests were much older and no one was getting in trouble for spiked punch! -Evangeline

Evangeline: I promised my friend I would come to see her. I couldn’t let her come alone! *Speaking of which, Clara would be around here somewhere! She could introduce her to Gabriel! * -02:25 Apr 08

“Hello! My name is Deidre, student body president of the class!” From out of nowhere, a blonde woman in a bright pink dress popped up in front of Evangeline and Gabriel! She was holding a clipboard and a nametag that read \”Hi, my name is DEIDRE.\”

Evangeline: *Deidre! She had that same pleasant aura that was the mark of a lady who had her hands in to everything! Everyone liked Deidre, including Evangeline!* Evening, Deidre! I don’t think I am too early, am I? -02:31 Apr 08

It took Deidre a moment or two but then she finally recognized …! “Evangeline! I didn’t recognize you at first! Hello! No, you’re not too early at all! I’m just marking down who’s here and who has yet to show! Oh my, who is this handsome fellow?”

Gabriel: *Gabriel had no clue who Evangeline was trying to find. He could have tried picking at her thoughts but her mind was as usual deviating from one thing to the next. Or several things at once as often seemed to be the case.* -02:36 Apr 08
Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled wide! She always did when it concerned Gabriel!* This is Gabriel! He’s my husband. *She should be ashamed of herself for thinking of him like a prize! But he was hers and she was so glad of it!* -02:39 Apr 08
Gabriel: *He stopped looking around the crowd to meet the woman’s eyes and incline his head to Deidre. It was his way of saying “The pleasure of meeting me is yours”. But of course, it wasn’t something he was aware of!* -02:41 Apr 08

“Oh hello!” Deidre put on a different type of smile for Gabriel and looked him up and down! “Well, I have to say whatever you’ve been doing since high school has sure paid off!”

Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t think she could be jealous… but there was that slight urge to shoo Deidre away!* It’s been an adventure for sure! -02:45 Apr 08

Sneak, sneak, sneak, POUNCE! Someone had tiptoed from behind them to hug Evangeline and squeal loud! “You DID come! Now we’ll have a REAL party! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!” -Evangeline

Gabriel: *Gabriel was smirking and not because of Deidre’s reaction to him. Rather, it was the reaction Evangeline was getting because of Deidre! Now that her mind was actually focused on a single subject, he picked up her urge to get rid of the woman.* -02:47 Apr 08

Deidre was smiling at Gabriel! Oh, Evangeline had landed herself a fox! She had to do … stuff but she really wanted to stick around and learn more about Evangeline’s husband!

Evangeline: *Her attempt to swat at Gabriel was thwarted by a pounce!* Clara! Oooh! You know I came just for you! *She was being squeezed to death! Evangeline managed to snake her way out of that grip!* -02:50 Apr 08

“I know! You’re awesome. Oh hi Deidre! Hey, here!” Clara handed Evangeline a pink toy pony. “It’s my newest creation for the Po-oh my god! When did you get married!” Clara was snatching up Evangeline’s hand to examine that ring. That’s when she looked up and up and… stared wided eyed at Gabriel! “Heeelloooo there.” -Evangeline

Much to Deidre’s chagrin, she was called away to tend to business! It seemed there was a mix up and the catering company had gone to the wrong hotel!

Gabriel: The friend Evangeline spoke of. It is a pleasure to meet you. *He inclined his head toward Clara.* -02:55 Apr 08
Evangeline: Awhile ago, it was a pleasant surprise. *Grinning again (and not just because Deidre was scooting away!) she pointed her free hand at Gabriel.* He is Gabriel. …and this is Clara! She’s delightfully weird! -02:56 Apr 08

“The pleasure is all mine!” Clara was almost shorter than Evangeline, with long hair in a braid a big wide glasses. And didn’t seem to mind at all being called weird! “And you said you were never going to meet someone, Evangeline! I told you that you would. Did you know he’s gorgeous? He is! Looks just like the wish-man too! Can he ride a horse? Oh sorry, Gabriel, do you ride a horse? You know, we played this fun game about future husbands and it’s just so funny!” -Evangeline

Gabriel: Animals are extremely sensitive to me. Nonetheless, I am capable of riding a horse. And this future husband of hers, what was he like. -03:02 Apr 08
Evangeline: *Eep! Evangeline very quickly put a hand over Clara’s mouth! She had forgotten all about that game! Gabriel didn’t need to hear silly things that teenage girls plot out!* We should talk about ponies! -03:03 Apr 08
Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at Evangeline.* By all means, I find this topic of what your future husband would be like very fascinating. -03:05 Apr 08

Clara tilted back out of hand reach. Ponies weren’t as interesting! “Don’t be embarrassed! My Armand thought it was hilarious when I told him about it. We had such the worse luck dating boys! So we made our future husband wish list and I made us a wish charm. I’d looove to know if it worked for you too! Armand is a stage actor just like I wanted!” -Evangeline

Evangeline: I don’t even remember what I wrote down. It’s really very, very silly. Not fascinating at all! -03:11 Apr 08
Gabriel: Yes, Evangeline. I would like to know what your husband wish list consisted of. *He took her hand and lifted it to his lips. He moved his mouth over her knuckles and oh so subtly licked the fine hairs on the back of her hand.* -03:11 Apr 08
Evangeline: *Gabriel was being pesky, and she suspected he might use that wishlist! …but it was so hard to say no when he did things like this!* You’re a deviant! -03:13 Apr 08

“Good thing I saved them.” Clara was already digging in to a huge hotpink sequened handbag and pulling out some frayed notebook papers. Clara unfolded them and cleared her throat. “Lets see! You know, I had to help her with this list. At first she just said she wanted someone that loved her, but that’s not any fun at all!” She pointed at an item on the list. “Okay, the first one says Extra Tall. …hee. Got that one. Must Dance. Do you dance?” -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He was smirking at Evangeline but glanced at Clara.* Yes. *Then he was dipping his head to Evangeline’s ear and nibbling on her earlobe.* -03:18 Apr 08
Evangeline: I can’t believe you saved those! *Blast it! What DID she put on that list? All she could remember was at the time she would have been happy just to have someone that didn’t run off! And Gabriel wasn’t helping her remember at all! Evangeline tilted just a bit out of reach. She wouldn’t fall for him this time!* -03:21 Apr 08

“Dancing, check. This one is a good one and really specific! Can you handle angry warlocks who drink too much beer and won’t listen to visions and take no for an answer?” -Evangeline

Gabriel: *That one amused him so much he actually laughed!* You were thorough. *He told Evangeline.* Yes. *He said to Clara.* -03:26 Apr 08
Evangeline: *It was such a weird feeling to be very embarassed, yet loving to hear him laugh! It was so rare to hear!* …well, she said it had to be and at the time it was promblematic! -03:28 Apr 08

“It’s true! The details are important!” Clara read over the list some more. “Oh! This one I liked so much i added it on my list too, Can you kiss a woman senseless even when she’s mad enough to hit you with a cane?” -Evangeline

Gabriel: I trust I fulfilled your wish list, Mrs. Clark. *He purred into Evangeline’s ear.* -03:31 Apr 08
Gabriel: *He lifted his head and smirked at Evangeline.* I believe we should ask the wife. -03:32 Apr 08
Evangeline: *That was when she covered her face with her hands! Of all the things to put on that list! Well, he most certainly could, but she wouldn’t dare admit that where he could hear!* I’m sure there’s lots of things on that list that didn’t work out, and it’s just fine! -03:34 Apr 08
Gabriel: That would be a ‘yes’. -03:35 Apr 08

Ooooh, Clara doubted that! From the looks of Mister Man, he was everything perfect and more! Clara was smiling big! “Uh huh! You’re such a bad liar, Evangeline! I should so give him the full list. He already looks strong enough to throw people, I bet he can sword fight, and I wouldn’t doubt at all he’d save you from your parents! Oh, have you met her parents yet?” -Evangeline

Gabriel: I can, I do, and I have. -03:39 Apr 08
Evangeline: He kicked their door down. Honestly, it is a miracle they didn’t try to find him and make him pay for it. *Goodness, what was she thinking when she plotted all of that! …and Gabriel was far too interested by it!* -03:46 Apr 08
Gabriel: *And apparently Evangeline enjoyed that part of meeting her parents as she brought it up often! But his face was the picture of noble indifference!* -03:48 Apr 08

“Really? Thanks fantastic! Did you punch that old man in the face? He really needed it. Evangeline, seriously, I almost want to marry him myself!” Clara pointed to another list. “Oh, oh! Please tell me you eat her candy! I guess since you married her, you definitely don’t get weirded out by visions. You go with her right? She scribbled a cute doodle of a black knight!” -Evangeline

Gabriel: How can I not. She shares them with me on a normal basis. *He tilted his head as she started scribbling something down.* I do, whenever possible. -03:56 Apr 08
Evangeline: *He did always eat the candy she gave him! And vampires didn’t even eat candy! …she didn’t think she could have been more smitten with him, but that was enough to give her warm fuzzies all over again!* -03:59 Apr 08

“Oh, there’s that dreamy look. That’s number 26.” Clara made sure to show the list, number 26, ‘Easy to daydream about!’ It was right under ‘Bedtime snuggles’ and above ‘washing her hair in the bathtub’! -Evangeline

Gabriel: *Evangeline had made quite the list! He was smirking to her now and making a list of his own … a list of things he planned to do to and with her once they were alone!* -04:04 Apr 08
Evangeline: Thank you! *Ha! Evangeline snatched that list, folded it up and tucked it in her shirt where no one was going to get it!* Quite enough of that! You’ve given him wicked ideas! -04:06 Apr 08

“Wicked ideas are the best ones, though.” Smiling, Clara just waved a hand! “He’s the wish-man for sure! How did you meet? Was it romantic?”

Gabriel: Let’s see … so number 23 is remembering what day your birthday is. Check. Number 15 is not objecting even when you tie your husband to the bed for strange, inexplicable reasons. Number 19 is being financially sound, not a freeloader but not a ‘snob’ with money. *He stated in that purry voice of his, just to let Evangeline know he’d seen enough of the wish list.* She was caught in the middle of a fight when she mistook someone for me. *He told Clara, switching back to his normal voice now.* -04:12 Apr 08
Evangeline: *Oh dear… tying a man to a bed shouldn’t have been on that list at all! It sounded so wrong! And he didn’t have to say it so soft!* Ahem. I had to find him for a vision and… after a while I didn’t want to leave. He really was very sweet! *WAS because right this moment he was wicked! A wicked husband!* -04:16 Apr 08
[Evangeline has her husband wishlist hidden in her shirt now, and Gabriel is never going to see it again!] -07:36 Apr 08
[Gabriel is smirking because he has every intention of getting that wishlist from her shirt!] -07:37 Apr 08
Gabriel: *It probably didn’t help things that he made no effort whatsoever to hide all the wicked, naughty ways he’d take it from her! He’d slip up behind her, slide one hand up her side while he nuzzled the back of her neck and nipped gently. The other hand would also slide up on the other side of her body until it reached her bra …* -07:38 Apr 08

Clara just LOVES their expressions! So much that she pulled out a camera and took a quick picture! “I’m so you’re happy, Evangeline! Did you know Evangeline saved my life? Senior Prom was a total b-… What’s with that look, Evangeline?”

Evangeline: *There were moments sharing Gabriel’s thoughts would be nothing but trouble! This was one of them! A cough, and an attempt to smooth out her expression. …as well as stepping away from Gabriel just a bit! He was going to get a talking to!* Nothing! Um… What were we talking about again? -07:41 Apr 08
Gabriel: Evangeline did not tell me she went to the senior prom. *He said, voice casual and face perfectly innocent! He looked at Evangeline and tilted his head.* She may need some ice water. Something nice and wet to slide down her throat. -07:42 Apr 08
Evangeline: *Evangeline was not one to think of innuendos, but when Gabriel said simple things, they often sounded so wrong! Now she was trying not to flush and finding a great deal of interest in fussing with the ends of her hair.* Water does sound like a good idea, I think I’ll get some! -07:45 Apr 08

Clara sooo knew what was going on. She played innocent! “She did! She never says no when someone asks her to do a favor. That night Tiff and her goons were hassling me, and Evangeline told them off! …Uhm, they threw her overboard, and have I told you I am so sorry about that? I can’t swim, so she really did save my life!”

Gabriel: *Gabriel watched her like a hawk as she went to get some water. He still didn’t feel comfortable about leaving her alone. He tilted his head at Clara.* Yes, I believe I met her. A loud, blonde shrew. -07:53 Apr 08
Evangeline: *Evangeline happily escaped before she had Clara apologizing at her again…. or Gabriel thinking anything else! It was so warm in here now! There was a bar for refreshments, very “adult” instead of the tables there would usually be. Evangeline ordered a glass of water with lots of ice… and made sure to ask them not to mix it up with any alcohol!* -07:55 Apr 08

“Shrew is an understatement, that woman is a real bitch!” Clara watched Gabriel watch Evangeline. Then leaned close, as if to ask a big secret! “You’re not human are you? I mean, no one here knows much about Evangeline beyond her being ‘weird’ except me, and I think I can tell!”

Gabriel: *He smirked a bit then. He liked this friend of Evangeline’s.* I doubt a human could fulfill the criteria of Evangeline’s wish list for a spouse. -07:59 Apr 08

Just when Evangeline thought she was in the clear, there was a loud voice behind her, “Oi! If it isn’t our own class lunatic, Crazy Evie! I thought you’d have gotten eaten by a shark by now!” It was a guy, blonde and blue eyed, the rich and “I’ve got it all” Walter Corrington! -Gabriel

Clara straightened again with a grin and nodded. “That’s what I thought too! SHE said a man like that didn’t exist at all. I like you, though. She smiles different with you, and I’m so relieved she didn’t stay in London and end up dating some jerk!”

Evangeline: I am fairly certain I wasn’t the class lunatic. *…she really wasn’t! But, there was no reason to argue about it!* I try to avoid sharks, but thank you for thinking about me! -08:04 Apr 08
Gabriel: I share your sentiments. You … make toys? -08:04 Apr 08

“Didn’t think you’d show, either!” someone else said, this voice was deeper and gruffer. One of Walter’s lackeys, a round, squat man named Jimmy O’Connell! -Gabriel

“Oh yes! I’m a designer for Pixie Pony toys! I loved them SO much growing up, so it’s like my life dream! What is Evangeline doing now? Is she teaching dance at all? She said that’s what she wanted to do before her accident, but I know she was making jewelry for awhile before she completely fell off the map!”

Evangeline: *Thank goodness they weren’t on a boat! Evangeline sipped her water before just smiling!* And why not? I wanted to see my friends again. It’s been forever since high school. -08:08 Apr 08

Walter and Jimmy exchanged looks before Walter ordered a martini! “So, which deadbeat are you married to, Crazy Evie? That senior citizen hunched over in the corner eating his prunes?” -Gabriel

“Ohh! How about that nerd over there, tripping over his shoelaces!” Jimmy hooted. -Gabriel

Gabriel: She teaches basic survival. *Gabriel replied which was true.* -08:13 Apr 08
Evangeline: *News spread fast! How did they know? …oh! she supposed her wedding ring gave it away too! Despite their teasing, she was always happy to talk about Gabriel!* No. Gabriel is talking to Clara right now. I could introduce you if you’d like! -08:14 Apr 08

“That makes SO much sense!” Clara didn’t even need to ask for clarification. Somehow, she could picture Evangeline teaching all kinds of survival skills! “What about you, then? My husband is a stage actor from Spain. Oh, but I think I mentioned that already. He had a performance today, I so wanted Evangeline to meet him!”

Walter elbowed Jimmy in the ribs! This should be good! Deidre had spread word about Evangeline being married but nothing about the husband! -Gabriel

Gabriel: My teaching methods have been called into question a number of times. *Especially after having shot those hunters for shooting Evangeline! Serious actions, serious consequences!* I am certain Evangeilne would enjoy meeting him and seeing you again. Name the place and time. I will make certain she is there. -08:18 Apr 08
Evangeline: Clara was just telling him about our Senior Prom. Hmm… but he is very sensitive, you have to promise you won’t say anything that will upset him, all right? -08:20 Apr 08

“Awesome! If you’re not leaving London right away, you could come to my place for dinner tomorrow night! I’d love to hear more about how you met and I’m sure there are some fun stories!” Clara was already digging in to her big gaudy person for a notepad and scribbling down her address!

“We’ll be careful!” Walter agreed as Jimmy snickered. “Yeah, we wouldn’t want him to have a bloody heart attack, now would we?” Jimmy added! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *It wasn’t Gabriel she was worried about having a heart attack. …Not that she was worried. If Walter and Jimmy wanted to tease Gabriel, they were welcome to try! Evangeline drank her glass of water before leading both men back to Clara and Gabriel. She took his hand and tugged it lightly.* Walter and Jimmy wanted to meet you. -08:27 Apr 08
Gabriel: *Gabriel turned when Evangeline spoke.* There you are. Clara has invited us over to dinner at her place and I could not refuse. She would like you to meet her husband, Armand. *He tilted his head at Jimmy and Walter both of whom had the most shocked expressions on their faces!* -08:31 Apr 08

“Ew, those jerks are here?” Clara said, not having looked up yet. She finished writing down directions to look up and wrinkle her nose. “Oh. So they are. …Anyway, yeah! Here is the directions! And if you don’t come, I’m going to cry until you cave!”

Evangeline: You know I would love too, Clara! *If she smiled any wider, her face would hurt! Evangeline pointed first at Walter and then Jimmy. Finally at Gabriel.* This is Walter, and this Jimmy. And this is Gabriel, my husband. -08:34 Apr 08

“It’s funny, Evangeline, we were just talking about that whole disaster at prom. Wasn’t it Walter and Jimmy who… Ah, I guess it doesn’t really matter!”

Gabriel: *He lifted the hand Evangeline held in his and kissed the knuckles.* … Aided Tiffany into tossing my wife into the water while she was aiding a friend. It is a shame we are not on a boat in the middle of the ocean at the moment. Perhaps this will make do. *His fangs grew and he bit his tongue to cast the spell! Jimmy and Walter didn’t know what hit them! One moment they were gawking at Evangeline’s husband! The next they were marching to the center of the dance floor and bursting into the wildest dance moves while stripping.* -08:43 Apr 08

Now it was Clara who was gawking with a wide-eyed open mouth expression! Yeah, she guessed he wasn’t human, but heck… that was one hell of a spell! “Oh man. Time did NOT do Walter good!”

Evangeline: …what do you mean? *Gabriel had sneaked a spell! And she was expecting someone to burst in to flames or something much worse, but it sounded more like lots of screaming laughing instead!* …I’m not sure if I want to know now! -08:47 Apr 08

“This is too good to pass up! I need video!” Clara bounced to kiss Evangeline’s cheeks. “I’ll see you tomorrow night! Have fun, okay!” Clara ran off before she missed all the good parts for her video!

Gabriel: *Gabriel smirked as he lifted his head and kissed Evangeline’s forehead.* I have often found humiliation to be a much more gratifying tool for retribution. -08:50 Apr 08

Walter and Jimmy were tearing up that dance floor! Their tops were off and now they were working on getting their pants off, too! Deidre had fainted and no one else wanted to stop the show! -Gabriel

Evangeline: You are wicked! *Evangeline smiled and snuck her arms around his waist.* I would have liked to have you with me then! -08:53 Apr 08
Gabriel: *He smiled at her then, one arm around her and the hand of the other cupping her cheek.* And now you are stuck with me, Mrs Clark. -08:54 Apr 08
Evangeline: I think blessed would be a better word! Except when you’re thinking horribly naughty things when I am trying not to! *That’s right, she wasn’t going to forget! He was in trouble!* -08:56 Apr 08
Gabriel: *He smirked as he kissed her lips and said against her mouth.* I am going to get that wish list from you, Evangeline. *He was using that purr he knew she liked so much.* And you know how persistent I can be. And just how much better you’d feel if you let me have my way. -08:59 Apr 08
Evangeline: Most certainly not! That is one thing you won’t be getting your hands on! Not for soft words or persistence or anything! *…and this time she meant it! He was just lucky she loved him so much, she didn’t want to let go of him!* -09:02 Apr 08
Gabriel: *He was grinning again.* And what is so threatening about the wish list you believe I should not see it. -09:07 Apr 08
Evangeline: It’s a very silly list and not anything you need to read! It might say something terrible and you’ll wonder what sort of mad woman you married. *She could always feel when he was grinning at her… he had to stop! She pulled her hands up to tilt his mouth downwards to a scowl instead. That was slightly less kissable… just slightly!* -09:09 Apr 08
Gabriel: *Gabriel moved his head slightly so his mouth was against one of her hands and licked her palm. It wasn’t a long, dog-like, messy lick, either! It was a flick of the tongue sliding across one of the lines on her palm oh so deftly!* -09:11 Apr 08
Evangeline: *Evangeline snatched her hands back quick!* Oh! You’re in trouble now. I may just burn this list and not let you take a bath with me either! *She would need another glass of water at this rate!* -09:13 Apr 08
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly. He did enjoy a challenge.* Something else is amiss or you would not be so passionate about it. -09:15 Apr 08
Evangeline: Childhood wishlists shouldn’t be seen by husbands! I don’t know what Clara was thinking! *She disentangled herself from him and smoothed out her clothes. They were in public. She needed to stash the list somewhere before he charmed her!* -09:20 Apr 08
Gabriel: Oh no. You are not getting away from me that easily. *He smirked, following her until he literally had her cornered.* We are not in public now. -09:23 Apr 08
Evangeline: *Blast it! One wrong turn and her escape plan foiled! …and he was snooping at her thoughts again! So she shook a mental fist at him while she rest her hands on her hips.* Why do you want to see it so much! I may be talking about a British Prince! -09:26 Apr 08
Gabriel: I am merely curious, Evangeline. *He replied, tilting his head slightly at her.* And if you did indeed mean a British Prince, there should be no harm in allowing me to read. -09:28 Apr 08
Evangeline: Hmm. Well then, I don’t have it anymore! It’s right over there! *She even pointed behind him, before trying to make a quick and sneaky get away!* -09:30 Apr 08
Gabriel: *He pinned her up against the wall.* Evangeline. *His voice was less purry and a bit more steel in it. He enjoyed playing games with her but his patience was thinning rather quickly.* -09:32 Apr 08
Evangeline: *Eep! There was a soft huff from her… and that contemplative look! Even a bit of wiggling to see if he would let her loose. Then a final resigned huff!* … you can’t laugh about it. It was a very long time ago and most of it really is ridiculous! -09:36 Apr 08
Gabriel: I love you, Evangeline, despite what you would consider ridiculous and insane. I could never laugh at you, only with you. -09:37 Apr 08
Evangeline: I don’t even remember most of what is on it and there’s no reason to read it all and… *Bother! She did finally stop mumbling to pull the folded up paper out of her shirt and hand it to him.* …mind you, I wrote it myself and there are probably scribbles too. That was before I couldn’t see what I was doing! -09:41 Apr 08
Gabriel: *He looked at the paper in his hand and then kissed her lips gently.* If you are truly against me reading this, I will not read it. -09:45 Apr 08
Evangeline: *It was easier to make a fuss when he wasn’t being so sweet about it! Now it seemed kind of silly! She nibbled on her bottom lip, and tugged the edges of his jacket.* I just… don’t want you to think I would want anything else but you. -09:49 Apr 08
Gabriel: I understand. I have faith I fit the criteria. Clara agreed no human could do it so it would seem she has some faith as well. -09:51 Apr 08
Evangeline: Bother Clara! …hmm.. Then you can read it, but tomorrow evening you have to stay still and chat with her husband while I shake her to death in the other room! -09:53 Apr 08
Gabriel: I never get to watch you shake someone to death and yet you have seen me slay vampires many times. *He tilted his head slightly at Evangeline.* She was not supposed to know I wasn’t human. -09:55 Apr 08
Evangeline: You might want help me and then I may hurt someone for real! *She moved forward so she could rest her head against his chest.* I would always tell Clara about my visions, so she is good at keeping secrets. -09:59 Apr 08
Gabriel: I am at your disposal, Evangeline. *He stroked her hair.* I am beginning to like her. You are an exceptional judge of character. -10:06 Apr 08
Evangeline: I hope you remember you said that when we get new trainees. *She laughed softly and tugged on his jacket.* Will you dance with me or do we have to stay here in the corner? -10:11 Apr 08
Gabriel: *He smirked at the mention of new students.* I rather like the corner. *He said in that purr of his but then he was stepping away, taking her hand and moving to the dance floor. Walter and Jimmy had, since then, regained their senses and ran out of the room. The DJ was now playing a lovely slow song.* You never told me you could teach dance. -10:14 Apr 08
Evangeline: *Luckily their hotel room had lots of corners… but that was a thought she might save for later! She grinned!* I thought you to dance, didn’t I? I wanted to be a dancer when I was little. It just didn’t work out that way. -10:16 Apr 08
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* You taught me many things, Evangeline. *He gave a bow.* May I have this dance. -10:17 Apr 08
Evangeline: Yes, please! *A formal cursty before she took his hands to wrap around her!* I’ve taught you to dance and hmm… what else? Besides being nicer to trainees? -10:21 Apr 08
Gabriel: *His arms were around her and he smirked.* You taught me I had a heart after all. And yes, I did doubt I had one, Evangeline, despite your beliefs to the contrary. -10:23 Apr 08
Evangeline: You’ve always taken care of people, I don’t know why you would think otherwise. *But then, it was one of the many things she did love about him… She briefly wondered if that was on her husband wish list too! If it wasn’t, it should be! Right next to dancing with her like this!* -10:27 Apr 08
Gabriel: But never with the dedication I took with you. *He added, stepping back to twirl her around a bit and then pull her into his arms.* -10:31 Apr 08
Evangeline: *Twirling was so much fun! It wasn’t something you could do with anyone without getting dizzy!* You hadn’t met anyone else like me all of the time you have been alive? *She was a little curious! Caroline had said she had, but those story never ended so well!* -10:36 Apr 08
Gabriel: I have not. *Gabriel said firmly.* -10:42 Apr 08
Evangeline: Sometimes I wonder why you let me stay with you then. You had important things to do and having me around made that harder. *She was so glad that he did, though! If he hadn’t she might have been here now, dancing with someone else entirely!* -10:47 Apr 08
Gabriel: … Curiousity at first and then a growing fascination. There was also the need to keep you safe. I wished no harm to come upon you. -10:54 Apr 08
Evangeline: And you have always eaten my candy! *Another grin! She really hadn’t realized it until Clara was reading off that list… Gabriel really did fullfill all her wishes so far! Now she was curious what else she wrote down!* I must have loved you before I ever met you. -11:00 Apr 08
Gabriel: *Gabriel tilted his head slightly at her.* I would have called you insane for that. But you did take me out on a date. -11:08 Apr 08
Evangeline: You did agree to go with me! *Evangeline leaned up on her toes to kiss his cheek.* At least I am crazy in love and not just plain crazy! I wouldn’t want to be here without you. -11:12 Apr 08
Gabriel: I am a very fortunate vampire, Mrs. Clark, to have such a wife. I am lost without you. -11:16 Apr 08
Evangeline: *She tilted her head and smiled… and tried very hard to give one of those flirty looks! Evangeline tugged on his sleeve.* Would you… hum, like t go upstairs and read my wishlist? *It wasn’t much of a sexy voice…she was going to have to practice!* -11:19 Apr 08
Gabriel: Hmm hmm. *He nodded and then he was smirking.* May I. *Before Evangeline could ask what he meant, he picked her up and was crossing the dance floor and out the doors!* -11:20 Apr 08
Evangeline: *Evangeline had intended to whisk HIM away, but this was rather nice too! And very hard not to have a pleased grin at surprising old classmates! She kissed his cheek again and nuzzle against him.* How am I going to charm you if you’re whisking me away? -11:25 Apr 08
Gabriel: Evangeline, you have already charmed me. You did that the moment you stuck up for two hunters whom I shot in retribution of shooting you. -11:27 Apr 08
Evangeline: *She leaned backwards to blink in surprise!* That was charming? -11:29 Apr 08
Gabriel: And the time you found Brutus and looked for his pack. -11:42 Apr 08
Evangeline: I had to try for him. *He was so sweet! Smiling, she curled her arms around his neck before moving to brush a kiss at the corner of his mouth.* -11:48 Apr 08
Gabriel: *By now they had reached the elevator. Gabriel pressed the button and they waited for a bit.* You try for everyone, Evangeline. -11:49 Apr 08
Evangeline: You try for everyone too. A scowling guardian angel! *And before he scowled at her again for calling him one, she kissed him quickly!* -11:55 Apr 08
Gabriel: *He was just about to scowl about that when she kissed him! He stepped into the elevator and put her down on her feet, still kissing her! He pressed the button to their floor without looking.* -12:14 Apr 09
Evangeline: *Just a soft giggled escaped her, but she certainly wasn’t going to let go! She nibbled at his lips while tugging him down to make it easier!* -12:22 Apr 09
Gabriel: *He was more than willing to be pulled down and then his lips were brushing up against her mouth and his arms were around her.* -12:29 Apr 09
Evangeline: *All hers! It was well worth leaving early for time with Gabriel! She only tilted away for a moment… long enough to see if she could do away with some of his shirt buttons. There were plenty of corners in an elevator!* -12:40 Apr 09
Gabriel: … Evangeline. *Gabriel warned. If she was playing around with him, she was playing with fire. But he pressed the “emergency stop” button and kissed her deep and hard.* -12:46 Apr 09
Evangeline: *He could make her knees weak just by saying her name! But a kiss was so much better, and one she returned happily until she was forced to try and catch her breath!* -12:55 Apr 09
Gabriel: *As soon as she was catching her breath, he went into action. He stroked her sides and nibbled her neck while pressing his body up against hers. She had the most wonderful curves.* -01:02 Apr 09
Evangeline: *He was so warm, but it would be much better to feel skin instead of clothing! She made quick work of getting rid of those last buttons of his shirt so she could run her fingers over his chest and shoulders.* -01:08 Apr 09
Gabriel: You are a tease, Evangeline. *He murmured, making short work of her blouse and slipping it off her shoulders so he could work on getting her bra off.* -01:12 Apr 09
Evangeline: You should not have said I charmed you. Now you’re all mine! *And it was not fair he had taken her blouse so fast… she would have to fix that! A bit of hand swatting just so she could steal his jacket, followed by his shirt to drop away at the floor!* -01:17 Apr 09
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly at her hand swatting and then he stopped, letting her get his jacket and shirt.* -01:22 Apr 09
Evangeline: *There were moments she wanted to see, but getting to touch and feel just like this was even better! As soon as she had that jacket and shirt out of her way, she was free to touch as she pleased! He always felt so warm to her, and when he chuckled she could feel every muscle that moved! This needed to be on her list too!* -01:28 Apr 09
Gabriel: I trust I meet your standards. *he was amused by that look on her face, as if she could stand there, feeling every inch of him for the rest of eternity.* -01:32 Apr 09
Evangeline: Hmm… not quite. There are too many clothes! *She grinned up at him, hooking one finger on his belt and tugging. There were others things she would prefer to be doing for eternity!* -01:39 Apr 09

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