Aisha Khoury

Aisha Khoury

20 years old

Found in the Cedar Forest of Lebanon as a baby because she was screaming against death.

Has a shadowy death weasel in a box that tracks down gribbly things. She chose it’s form because she likes weasels and they’re good little predators.

Has absolutely zero fear of Death. Both the event and the God. Aisha really appreciates the humor of Death saving her life. She understands Death, it’s purpose, and her role. She essentially wants to do a great job and make papa proud.

Of course, this wasn’t always the case. At five years old she died for the first time and the experience left her shaken. It wasn’t even the dying part – it was her first meeting with past acolytes of death. Most of them were twisted and broken and very clearly off. Before she learned how to ignore them, they spent up into her tweens filling her head with all kinds of doom and gloom. Deep down she is terrified that she’ll end up as insane as the rest of them.

Her teen “rebellion” years ended up bring her closer to Death instead of away. Aisha railed about wanting to be a “normal teenager” and she got her chance to experience different kinds of normal. She got to see how people lived, how they made the most of life or wasted it and how they handled loss, grief, and death itself. Somewhere along the way it all just clicked for her.

Aisha loves life and she feels that death is a necessary part of making life more meaningful and valuable. She does her part in keeping the balance of things by taking care of those gribbly monsters and naughty people.

Aisha is well educated in a wide manner of things, most of them being facts. She’s got a good grip on history and languages, math and science. She gets completely turned about on culture, societal rules, and person to person interactions though. It’s like she understands it, but then gets it all mangled in practice. That’s probably because she was raised by Death, the crazy voices in her head, and spends the vast majority of her time hunting down critters.

She still loves to try interacting with people, though, because people are endlessly interesting and entertaining! Her favorite thing to do after a job is to find a local “fun place” and try it out. More often than not she ends up going home with the first good looking dude to invite her home.

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