002 Almost Too Good to Resist

Crystal takes the demon princes, and looses them! Ghali demons and enchanted college people. Taking two magical onyx staffs. Meeting Ms. Nadine and her blackmailing! Trying to resist Dante! Attempting to retrieve cellphone. Dante being serious. Getting drunk at the party, and jealous stunts backfiring! Taken home by Dante.

A long and restful sleep later, Phoebe woke up to the sound of her alarm clock going off! BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!

Phoebe: *Christ, the damned thing was all in the way in the bedroom, why was it so damned loud! She pulled her arms over her head!* -10:27 Aug 02

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! On the fridge door, tagged by a fridge magnet, was a short note from Crystal that said “P, took the guys to school with me. Enjoy your rest. -Cryssie.”

Phoebe: … OH HELL! *Phoebe was jumping up and rolling in to the floor the moment she realized all that crap that was swimming in her head wasn’t just some weird dream! She stumbled to the bedroom first and there wasn’t a man in sight! She killed the alarm and tore in to the living room! No demon princes! The kitchen! Just a great big mess and – * … Noooo! Cryssie how could you DO this me?! -10:32 Aug 02

Crystal: *Meanwhile she was having her hands full, keeping all the girls off of Dante and Thanatos while eating up the attention!* Yeah, isn’t he to die for?! I think they both are! I’ve always been partial to bleach blondes but he is just too fine!

Phoebe: *Snatching the note off the fridge, she fell on to the floor with an overdramatized flop! Cryssie and two demons princes running around the university without any sort of damage control! Aaargh..! She crawled across the floor to head for the shower. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Just look at the classes, kiss a few girls… They were all capable adults with sense, right?* -10:37 Aug 02

Thanatos: This was a fool’s request. *He muttered under his breath. Then he was turning and walking away–only to get mobbed by girls and a few of the older women!*

Phoebe: *In fact, once Phoebe managed to take a quick shower and pull one some fresh clothes, she was sure it was all just fine! This was reality. Girls didn’t -really- attack men like that. Unless they’re named Cryssie and chasing after rock stars. A couple of cosplayers is nothing!* -10:39 Aug 02
Dante: *Dante smiled at the girls and when he inclined his head and the sun hit his hair just right … the girls swooned!* -10:41 Aug 02
Phoebe: *Phoebe totally had everything under control! A new day, a chill pill, and good plan! She pulled on her jacket and made sure to lock up the apartment on her way out. …unless there was a hostile monster attack. …No, no. They were fine. She was just a few minutes away from the school!* -10:44 Aug 02

Crystal: Now, now, girls, be nice! *She quickly caught one arm around Thanatos’ and one arm around Dante’s!* They’re visitors and we wouldn’t want to scare them away, would we? *There was a soft murmur of agreement.* Good. Then settle down while I grab some visitor passes for these hotties!

And the first person Phoebe found while wandering around campus was Crystal, carrying the visitor passes and walking out of the administrator’s office!

Phoebe: Cryssie! *Sweet Relief! So much so, that she was going to forgive her friend for kidnapping just this once!* Why didn’t you wake me up?! -10:52 Aug 02

Phoebe! Glad to see you! You were sleeping so well, I didn’t want to wake you! You had such a long day after all!

Crystal: Phoebe! Glad to see you! You were sleeping so well, I didn’t want to wake you! You had such a long day after all!

Phoebe: I guess I was pretty tired after all that nonsense. *Phoebe glanced around.* ….Something is missing here, Cryssie. -10:54 Aug 02

Crystal: What are you talking about? Everything is just–*She looked around.* … Fine. Hm. The guys were here just a moment ago …

Phoebe: *Phoebe was’t going to panic. She totally HAD this. It could be handle!* We’ll just look for the bodies of fainting girls. They couldn’t have gotten far. -11:03 Aug 02

Crystal: Okay! You go um … that way and I’ll go um … this way! *She pointed in two different directions and shot off in hot pursuit!*

Phoebe: *She wasn’t going to pull out her hair and start screaming! Phoebe marched in the other direction, keeping an eye out for crazy women, monsters, and more than likely Dante or Thanatos getting in to something stupid!* Daaaaante! You flirty jackass! …Thaaaaanatos! Pain in the ass demon prince! -11:16 Aug 02

There was a crowd of people just off to the side! Of course, it was impossible to see what they were all looking at from so far away!

Phoebe: *Please don’t be a dead body, please don’t be a dead body…! Phoebe inched over as quick as she could, nudging past people to catch and look!* -11:23 Aug 02
[Phoebe is praying there\’s not dead bodies at school. How the hell is she supposed to explain that?] -02:06 Nov 05
PM From: Phoebe: To: Phoebe grfg -02:06 Nov 05
[Dante could be anywhere on campus which may or may not be the least of Phoebe\’s worries!] -02:06 Nov 05

Thanatos: testing!

LAST TIME ON DESIRE OF THE DEEP… Crystal took a pair of demon brothers to the College. Then LOST them!

Thanatos: *Thanatos was standing under a tree with his arms crossed, looking extremely bored and somewhat indifferent of the women milling around him like lost sheep! Fortunately, they had the good sense not to get to close or touch him but they were still hanging around, sighing and giggling!*

Crystal: Oohh Dante! Thannatos! Where arreee yyoouuu? *Risking the chance that she might sound as weird as she probably looked, Crystal was in hot pursuit of the wandering hotties! She stopped and huffed!* Phoebe is never going to let me live this down …

Phoebe: *Phoebe had just spied that crowd, and was nudging her way through women when…!* Thank god! It’s just you! *Putting on the serious face, she was shooing people away.* All right! Back off! There’s nothing to see here, just a man with shiny hair! Go do your homework or something. Don’t you have classes to attend?! -02:10 Nov 05

The women sighed and groaned! But they were enjoying the new hottie on campus! … But the girl was right! They started to drift away but not without getting long last looks at Thanatos … and a few pics on their cellphones!

Thanatos: *He opened his eyes and glanced at Phoebe with his usual self-righteous expression on his face!* Just me. You humans know so little about how to treat royalty.

Phoebe: *Phew! One demon prince down. The one she hadn’t semi-trained yet. ….but he also wasn’t the one that’d run off having frivolous sex with women in broom closets either. Phoebe blinked at Thanatos.* Yeah, yeah. Unless you want to end up molested by horny college girls, don’t run off by yourself. Now where’s Dante? -02:15 Nov 05

Thanatos: *Thanatos raised an eyebrow. He looked ready to give her another smart answer but appeared to decide against it at the last moment.* … I have no idea. When that human girl dragged us here, he left the moment she turned her back. *He closed his eyes again.* … I cannot find him. *Ah, that was right. As a full-fledged demon, Thanatos could “sense” anyone with a trace of demon blood in their veins within a wide radius.*

Phoebe: …can’t find him? *No, no, no, Thanatos should be able to find him right? Resting her hands on her head, she willed herself not to freak out. It’s okay. Maybe he was back where he belong. Or, or..!* Maybe your power doesn’t work here. ..No wait, you can still summon up your demony. … Shit! What if’s dead somewhere! He could have been eaten alive or kidnapped by some old woman and flown off to India as a harem love slave! *What she need was a leash. …With that though in mind, she was hooking her apartment keys to Thanatos and pulling him along!* We need to find him. And kill Crystal. ….Before my class starts! -02:22 Nov 05

Thanatos: *Thanatos’ eyes narrowed slightly but he didn’t budge.* Woman, release me from this … leash. *When Phoebe gave him a “You’re crazy!” look, he raised an eyebrow again.* If you take the leash off, I will promise not to leave your side … until we find your human companion and the half-breed.

Phoebe: And then you’ll take off, right? Forget it! Promise you won’t ditch unless there’s an emergency or I tell you to run away and I’ll let you loose. -02:28 Nov 05

Thanatos: … You have my word as the Crown Prince. I will not leave your side unless there is an emergency or you ask me to run away.

Phoebe: Okay. That’s better. *Phoebe unhooked him. And why not? He might be a demon, but Thanatos’ word was his honor! ….Of course, that’s a problem when he swears to kill Dante, but they can work around that later. Stuffing her keys back in her pocket she was walking again.* Are you sure you can’t find him anywhere? I mean… realistically speaking, he couldn’t have gotten too far. -02:32 Nov 05

Thanatos: *Thanatos rubbed his wrist.* I did not say I could not find him anywhere. It is simply a matter of checking which source is Dante.

Phoebe: Oh. Jeeze why didn’t you s- …what. *Which source? Unless some asshat broke open the seal on hell, that meant WHAT exactly?!* Great. Super! Just nice! -02:43 Nov 05

Speaking of demons, there was a loud scream coming from somewhere across campus! It could be anything, but… chances were…!

Thanatos: *He was studying her like a cat would a gecko on the other side of the window. Of course, Thanatos being who he was, he wasn’t the type to run to see if there was a damsel in distress he could rescue!*

Phoebe: *What were the chances that the college football team was just harassing some of the science geeks? ….She could ignore it and hope the cops showed up… Or she’d do the stupid thing and go save people. Yep, stupid it was!* Uuugh, I’m going to have to buy a gun! *Phoebe started off towards the sceaming!* -02:49 Nov 05

Thanatos: … I cannot wait to return to my world. *Thanatos said to himself as Phoebe went running off. Then, because he had promised after all, he ran after her!*

Once reaching the source of the screams, maybe it WAS football players! ….Nope, at a second look, it turned out that it was actually zombies in football uniforms! Something had sucked all the smarts out of them and now they were witlessly attacking people!

Phoebe: *Nooo! Arrgh! Sucking the brains out of students?! They barely had any as it was! Somewhere around here was the source…* …Damn, damn, damn! Where is it. A Ghali demon! er… maybe more than one. *Phoebe ducked a swinging arm when one of those zombie footballers spied her!* -02:56 Nov 05

Uuunnngg! Those footballers only care about one thing – Squeezing the sense out of people! And that wasn’t too impressive. Standing on the roof of a building was a couple of Ghali demons, all dark blue skin and long red robes. Arguing over their current choice in zombie. What they needed was something with REAL power! Wait, was that a Demon Prince? Ooooh! Their choices suddenly improved!

Thanatos: *He stopped behind of Phoebe and was already summoning his weapon. A halberd with a white staff, an axe on one side and a curved blade on the other!* … There are two. *He looked around and spotted them.* There you are. *He remembered just in time his promise to stay by Phoebe’s side before he ran off!*

Phoebe: Okay, we kill the demons and return every thing back to normal. This should be easy for a Demon Prince, yeah? *Phoebe cast him a wicked grin – just for a second, because dodging bigass footballers required paying attention!* -03:05 Nov 05

One of the Ghali demons jumped down from the building. He was waving a big onyx scepter! All of the zombified footballers in the area suddenly lurched and stopped. They were setting their sights on Thanatos! Like trained professionals, they lined up and started charging for a tackle!

Thanatos: *He raised an eyebrow at her.* Hmph. *Easy, indeed. He would show her. He swung the halberd down and struck the ground, causing a lash of energy to rise up and go barreling through the front line, right down the middle! As soon as the energy was released, he had the halberd at an angle, at his side and was running for the demons!*

Dante: *middle of the football players -03:10 Nov 05
Phoebe: WITHOUT KILLING ANY HUMANS! *He hadn’t yet, but she made sure he know! Phoebe made a sudden dodge to the side a footballer went running past. …She needed something good to knock some sense in to them! Ah ha! She went running for one of the buildings where the Landscaper still had a hose pipe hooked up!* -03:12 Nov 05

Those footballers toppled over like bowling pins, but they were real quick to get back to their feet. Their attentions were all focused in on charging Thanatos again, blocking his way to the demon on the ground. The other demon still on the roof of the building was now hopping across to others, trying to position himself on the other side of the demon prince!

Crystal: *She just happened to be in the area looking for Dante and chanced upon …! She screamed!* What happened to the football players?! … Oohh, Thanatos is so hot!

Phoebe: Don’t get close to any of them! They’re handsy! *Phoebe skidded to a halt at the faucet spout, making sure the hose was on good and tight before she twisted on the water.* -03:21 Nov 05

Thanatos: *He stopped as they recovered and charged! Then he was swinging his halberd over his head around and around and around! He generated so much wind and dirt, there was a strong tornado around him!*

Crystal: *Crystal, of course, took that the wrong way!* Oohh … Really? I’ve been trying to get into DJ’s jock strap all year!

Phoebe: Not the fun kind of handsy, Cryssie! *Dashing back with the hose in tow, she aimed and fired at some of those footballers! …at least Cryssie would get a good wet man show!* -03:23 Nov 05

The tornado of wind was a good deterant for the footballers! When they tried to charge, the force kept them at bay! But they were so intent on going after the Demon Prince, that none of them seemed to care about the spray of water. By now the second Ghali demon had jumped down from the buildings and he too was raising his onyx scepter! The two demons were now trying to cast their zombie magic on the demon prince!

Someone was tapping the second Ghali demon on the shoulder! “… Mind if I cut in?”

Thanatos: *He cut off the tornado and jumped over the football players to charge for that first Ghali demon, then he was taking a swing for it!*

The spell was interupted to find… a second demon prince! This was even BETTER! While the first demon was dodging an attack, the second was swinging around his scepter! The footballers stood unsure for a moment, before they turned their zombie attentions to new targets! Anyone in the area that was dumb enough to stick around! …Like Crystal!

Thanatos: *Thanatos charged again and attempted to cleave the demon in half, then he was moving the halberd’s staff for the demon’s legs to sweep him off his feet!*

Crystal: *Crystal screamed! … And then she was running to hide behind Phoebe!* Eep! Savemesavemesaveme!

Dante: *Dante stepped back to dodge that swing and then was doing a roundhouse kick to get the scepter out of the demon’s grasp!* -03:33 Nov 05
Phoebe: Hey, hey! *With Crystal hiding behind her, NOW those footballers were paying attention! Only her hosing them down wasn’t stopping them from charging like line backers often did!* Fffffuuu- Hide behind something more solid, woman! -03:34 Nov 05

Those Ghali demon were fast, they had to be! The first had jumped backwards, waving it’s scepter to begin casting it’s zombie spell. The second was spinning out of the way, noting how his own scepter glowed and started his spell as well! The spell was kicking in fast, trying to bend the wills of those demon princes to their own purposes! Meanwhile, those footballers had lined up and as expected, despite the water charged forward for a tackle!

Crystal: *She was standing with her hands on her hips and huffed!* … Gee, thanks a lot, Phoebe. I’m so going to remember this. *Then she screamed and went running off!* Savemesavemesaveme …!

Crystal: *She was in such a panic that she was headed right for the demon Dante was fighting!*

Phoebe: Don’t get me at me, I’m just they’re they ca– OOMPH!*THUDSPLATTER! Just as she was TRYING to tell Crystal, soft bodies get tackled! And she just did! Hitting the ground and having the air rushed out of her!* -03:39 Nov 05
Phoebe: *mad at! -03:39 Nov 05

The last thing the second Ghali demon was expecting was a human woman to come crashing in to him! His spell casting on Dante was cutshort as he turned around fast to grab at the human to use as another weapon!

Thanatos: *He charged, swung the halberd’s axe at the demon, and then he was swinging the halberd back, this time to thrust the curved blade into the demon’s chest!*

Dante: *Dante seized the moment to tackle the demon just as it was turning to grab Crystal!* -03:43 Nov 05

GURK! The first ghali demon managed to avoid the first move, but the second caught him in the chest! Oozing dark dark green liquid, his body crumbled! The second hadn’t even laid a finger on the human woman before he went crashing down. But not without a fight! He whiped out a golden knife, slashing it wildly while trying to revive his spell!

Thanatos: *Thanatos looked down at the pile of red robes, and then he seemed to notice the green blood on the blade. He picked up the robes to wipe it clean.*

Dante: *The blade caught him with a slash near the shoulder but it wasn’t deep. He quickly recovered and started wrestling the demon for the knife, so he could stab him with it instead!* -03:49 Nov 05

The demon had a good grip on his weapon! But finding the demon prince a strong opponant, he was shifting to crack him over the head with his scepter!

Meanwhile, half of the footballers seemed to have regained there sense, but the other half were now charging their way towards that second demon, to help tackle the Demon Prince!

“uuuhhng, what happened. Uh, hey Pheebs…?” A footballer woke up finding himself on top of one not so happy looking Phoebe. This wasn’t the first time he woke up on top of a pissed off looking girl!

Thanatos: *He glanced over at the remaining zombies and his halberd disappeared. But now he was casting a spell in demon tongue to freeze the zombies in place with ice!*

Phoebe: Just. Get. Off. *Phoebe growled through her teeth. The jerk was too heavy for her to shove off, and this wasn’t exactly comfortable!* -03:54 Nov 05
Dante: *Dante was now wrestling the demon for his scepter and his knife! Then he was moving his knee and pressing it down on the demon’s body!* -03:56 Nov 05

Footballers were stopped in their tracks before they got close enough to tackle the other demon prince! This was unfortunate for the Ghali demon, for knee on his chest was crushing the air out of him! His scepter must have been more important, as he lost grip on the knife in trying to make sure he didn’t lose the scepter!

That footballer was up and off of Phoebe in a flash! Taking a look around, he didn’t like what he was seeing. So like any brave sportmans, he was taking off running like a few of his team mates!

Dante: *He didn’t stop trying to wrestle that scepter out of the demon’s grasp. But he did thrust that knife down when the demon lost his grip on it!* -04:01 Nov 05

Sputter! The knife fell right at his throat! Spraying out streams of the goopy green blood before the ghali demon jerked and collapsed! His zombie spell fell short, dissipating along with his life!

Phoebe: *Maaan, getting tackled by a quarterback hurt! Phoebe was rolling until she could crawl up to her feet. Then she was stumbling back to the faucet to cut off the water to the hosepipe. On the bright side, this time Crystal hadn’t fainted!* -04:05 Nov 05
Dante: *He was standing up, scepter and knife in hand, to walk to the closest place to wash the blood off! Which just happened to be the one Phoebe was at!* -04:08 Nov 05
Phoebe: *Phoebe made a face when she finally caught sight of him! All that green goopey stuff… Ew! It didn’t look near as gross on paper! She held out spray nozel for him to take.* You just got a hole in another shirt. It’s not a bad wound is it? Do I need to take you to a hospital? *…she wasn’t sure how she would explain Dante to them, but she’d figure something out!* -04:11 Nov 05
Dante: *Dante reclined his head to her when she gave him the spray nozzle and rinsed himself off. He finally looked down at the shallow slash he had.* I will … heal. *He looked her over, in a purely concerned sense, of course!* And you …? -04:15 Nov 05
Phoebe: I’m going to hurt worse later when bruises set in. *She did check the back of her head and was reliefed her skull wasn’t cracked open. But she did have an annoyingly burning scrape on her arm. She shouldn’t have told Crystal to move, she would have had a softer landing!* On the bright side, no one is dead. -04:18 Nov 05
Dante: *He grinned wickedly, which looked even more wicked when you took into account the top half of him was soaking wet, his hair was wet and his shirt was clinging to him!* You have two exceptions, fair one. -04:20 Nov 05
Phoebe: They don’t count. They deader they are, the better! *What a nice picture! All wicked and wet and… Phoebe! Common sense calling!* Hmm! Hell! I have a class! *Phoebe nearly took off running, but paused to point at those still frozen footballers!* Whoa, okay! These guys can’t stay like this! -04:22 Nov 05

Thanatos: *Thanatos was still standing next to the pile of red robes but now he had the demon’s scepter in one hand. The frozen spell was lifted!*

There were now a lot of very confused football players standing around and scratching their heads! …back to practice? back to practice!

Phoebe: Great, now I can go to cl…class. hrm. *Still pausing, Phoebe didn’t think leaving the Demon Princes with Crystal was going to work. She already lost them once, and Phoebe reeeaaally needed to not worry about what they’re doing.* …All right, you guys have to come to class with me! It’s just an art class, so there shouldn’t be any problems. … I think. -04:28 Nov 05

Crystal: *Thinking of Crystal, she had finally found somewhere nice and safe to take refuge! … The garbage dumpster, just outside the library!*

Dante and Thanatos glanced at each other! It’d be far too easy for them to get into another fight, even though they’d just saved each other’s lives moments ago!*

Phoebe: Don’t EVEN think about it…! *And now Crystal was out of sight! Phoebe dug out her phone to send Crystal a text message, beckoning for those Demon Princes to follow her as she scooted off for the Art building!* -04:33 Nov 05

… With that point shot across, Thanatos and Dante followed Phoebe to the Art building! Fortunately for them, most everyone was already in class. Or unfortunately for Phoebe.

Lots of stares had turned to the ones just entering the room. The teacher had just got finished saying her nude model wasn’t going to make it today, and now here were some fine specimens! “Mz. MacAllister, you’re la- OH! We have guests!”

Dante: *Dante stopped when all eyes turned to the trio and he happened to see … no, it couldn’t be!* -04:40 Nov 05
Phoebe: Sorry Ms. Nadine but I… was… uh. *Oh shit! She forget to tell them that Ms. Nadine was the inspiration for the Psycho Queen! This was going to be awkward!* I uh.. uh… Foreign exchange program…! -04:42 Nov 05

Ms. Nadine was dressed prim and proper, in a white blouse and black skirt. Her hair was tied nearly in a bun and there was a bright hot pink scarf tied around her neck. With silvery blond hair, and what normally was a very serious expression, personality wise, she was nothing like the famed Psycho Queen. But right this moment… she was VERY interested in the new quests. “Welcome, welcome! Models no doubt. You know, we really need a stand in for today’s model. Would one of you gentleman like to volunteer…?

Thanatos: *As usual, he had his arms crossed and his head down slightly. He most definitely was not the type to volunteer for anything!*

Crystal: *Meanwhile Crystal text back to Phoebe about where she had been hiding and … that she needed to take a bath right away! But she’d see Phoebe and her hotties later!*

Phoebe: *Phoebe cast a look down at her phone message.. Abandoned by Crystal! Blast. This class wouldn’t be much trouble… unless one of these demons got naked!* I bet someone in class would love to volunteer, right?! -04:48 Nov 05
Dante: *Dante was still trying to figure out if this was truly the Psycho Queen (just in disguise) or perhaps just someone who looked amazingly like her!* -04:48 Nov 05

Every single female (and even a couple of dudes) shook their heads. Ms. Nadine wasn’t about to let a gift from god get away though. She was smiling ever sweet as she moved to take Dante gently by the elbow. “Come now, don’t be shy. You’ll make a fine model. All you have to do is take off those clothes and stand right there on that podium in the center of the room. All of our artists,” she motioned a hand at Phoebe and the rest of the class, “will have to paint you. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

Phoebe: *Phoebe could paint Dante naked in a million different ways… she really, really didn’t need him standing right there watching her do it!* It’s.. uh, not… polite to ask strangers to pose for nudes? *Phoebe caught Dante’s other arm to whisper in his ear.* She’s not the Psycho Queen, she’s just a teacher, you really don’t have to do anything she says. -04:54 Nov 05
Dante: *By now that slash had healed itself right up, but there would be a scar for at least a few more hours. He patted the teacher’s arm gently! So that was it … There was a load off of his mind!* Madame, I must … decline. I am merely … escorting Miss Phoebe for … a few days. -04:56 Nov 05

All of the faces in the room looked so heartbroken! Several people went “aaaaww” and many of them were even pouting! “Escorting? How old fashioned. Well, then, what about your?” she turned to Thanatos! “We need a model for today’s lesson.”

Phoebe: *Escorting Miss Phoebe? Even she thought that sounded weird. But at least it was better than Being Held Hostage by Miss Phoebe or Being Babysitted By Miss Phoebe. She opened her mouth to rescue Thanatos… but that man was so stubborn, he’d probably decline anyway!* -05:01 Nov 05

Thanatos: *His only reply was a snort!*

Ms. Nadine didn’t look offended, but rather looked soooo apologetic. “Too bad. It seems you’re going to fail today’s class, Ms. MacAllister. Bringing in models that don’t model, knowing that we’re desperately needing one today. That is unacceptable.”

Dante: *… That did not sound good.* Madame, I will make a deal with you. *When she turned her head, he continued.* If I model for you this once, you will never ask me to model again. *Thanatos was on his own!* -05:07 Nov 05
Phoebe: Are you freaking kidding me?! How was I supposed to know your model would drop! *ARGH! See, THIS is why Ms. Nadine was the Psycho Queen! She always got so uppity over something stupid! What a bi- Phoebe blinked at Dante.* You don’t have to volunteer! -05:08 Nov 05

Ms. Nadine smiled. “That is a reasonable deal. One time only. Please, remove your clothes and step up on the podium.” The teacher cast a triumphant smile at Phoebe, while many ladies in the back were giving a happy squeal!

Dante: *He looked at Phoebe. He didn’t want her to fail the class but he couldn’t outright tell her that as the teacher would no doubt use it as an excuse to force him to do this again.* -05:09 Nov 05

Thanatos: … He obviously does not wish you to fail this … class.

Phoebe: He isn’t responsible for my grades, and doesn’t have to do it if he doesn’t want to. *Phoebe was trying to stress that, but damned if no one was getting the damned point! And those shameless fangirls were just happy to some nakedness! Doesn’t anyone have integrity!* -05:12 Nov 05
Dante: *Dante would have to ask Phoebe later just how sure she was that this teacher wasn’t the Psycho Queen! He undressed as he walked to the podium and by the time he had gotten there, his clothes were at the bottom of the podium and he was completely naked!* -05:13 Nov 05

Ms. Nadine was oh so appreciative of today’s model! Most appreciative indeed! He was WAY better than the one she hired from that agency! “If everyone would take their brushes, I would like everyone to go for realism. Every curve of form, and angle of the body. Leave out no details. That includes you, Ms. MacAllister! Stop your scowling and start painting. You two ladies, stop giggling.” There was much giggling in the room. Any sense of professionalism those artists might have had seemed to be out the window today!

Phoebe: *Like hell. She was going to refuse to do it! Phoebe had stalked to her easel with her arms crossed to stare at the canvas. She refused to paint an unwilling model! ….but if he was doing it to keep her from failing and she failed anyway it’d all be for nothing. …Fuck! Stupid Dante!* -05:19 Nov 05

Crystal: *Crystal was just taking a bath now! That bus ride had been a real killer! She texted Phoebe to see what was happening!*

Phoebe: *Texting Crystal was a good way to vent! She made sure to relay exactly what happened and how she’s going to kill Dante for it when class was over! Blackmail should never be tolorated! …with that done, she at least started on her sketch, tilting to peer around the canvas to scowl at Dante.* -05:26 Nov 05

Thanatos: *Thanatos, in the meantime, was standing behind Phoebe, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed again!*

Crystal: *When Crystal found out what was happening, she was outraged! … And she texted Phoebe about her anger! Injustice should be tolerated either! Especially since she deserved a look at an utterly naked Dante more than anyone in that class!*

Dante: *should not be -05:31 Nov 05
Phoebe: *Headsmack! Leave it to Crystal to be way more concerned with missing the nakedness than the Psycho Queen totally taking advantage! …Phoebe made sure to text that at least Crystal got kisses!* -05:34 Nov 05

Ms. Nadine inched behind Phoebe inspecting what had been done so far by her artists, to find THIS one texting away on a cellphone. She snatched it right out of Phoebe’s hands to read the message! “Kisses from our model! Pay attention to your work, Ms. MacAllister, or you will be failing this class anyway!”

Phoebe: *As the woman was walking away Phoebe had picked up one of the paint canisters to throw at her..! But quickly put it back down before she turned around again. GRRR. She almost wished the woman WAS the Psycho Queen, then she wouldn’t fail for tackling the teacher. It was back to her sketch! Where instead of giving that devil-may-care smile Dante always had, she gave him a good serious expression.* -05:37 Nov 05

Crystal: *Crystal huffed! Damn, Phoebe was probably ogling over those hotties even as she vented here, in her shower! She refused to stand for this any longer! She stalked out of her tub to get dressed and head back to the college campus! Hell hath no fury like a fangirl scorned!*

Speaking of oggling fangirls, some finished their project a lot sooner than others and one was sneaking her way in to give Dante a poke. “Hello! I’m Darla!” Teehee! The guy was soooo cute!

Phoebe: Go back to your chair, Darla, before I feed you some of this paint thinner! *Okay, it was one thing for Dante to get stared at, but it was a whole different story if people were going to go touching him! She was supposed to be protecting him from creepy women!* -05:43 Nov 05
Dante: *He smiled.* Hello, my name is Dante. It’s nice to meet you. -05:43 Nov 05

Darla stuck her tongue out at Phoebe! “Dante, what a cool name! How about you and me go out for dinner?”

Phoebe: I’m. Not. Kidding..! *Picking up a few of her brushes, she made sure to toss a couple at Darla! Especially when the stupid girl dodged!* -05:46 Nov 05

Ms. Nadine didn’t miss a beat with the sudden disturbance. But instead of shooing away Darla (who was only genuinly curious about dinner with the model!) she was grabbing Phoebe by the arm and escorting her to the door. “That’s enough of disturbing my class, Ms. MacAllister. I expect to see a finished work by next week. Good day!” SLAM! After shoving her out in the hall, she made sure to slam the door behind her and drop the shades!

“Wow, Phoebe is totally freaking out today. …Anyway, yeah! About dinner, cutie? It’s my treat!”

Dante: *That was rude and uncalled for. He stood up and bowed to Darla.* My apologies but I have to get home now. Thank you. *Then he was picking up his clothes and he left the room with Thanatos having gone after Phoebe already!* -05:50 Nov 05
Phoebe: *Phoebe was SO MAD. Just… SO MAD that she was still standing in the hallway trying to decided if she were going to stomp back in there and tell Ms. Nadine she could take her class and shove it, throw Darla out the classroom window, or pull a Crystal and just pass out for the hell of it! Did everyone really have to act like maniacs over Dante!* -05:52 Nov 05

Thanatos: *He was standing to the side again, watching Phoebe.*

Dante: *Dante walked out of the class and as soon as the door had closed, his clothes appeared on him. He ran his fingers through his hair.* -05:59 Nov 05
Phoebe: *Why did it always feel like Thanatos was watching and putting away details for later?* I’m sorry. I should have warned you about Ms. Nadine. I tend to get thrown out of her class a lot. -06:03 Nov 05

In the class there were many disappointed people! Oh well, back to work!

Dante: *Dante smiled.* You can make it up to me by buying me more of those eggrolls. -06:05 Nov 05
Phoebe: You just had to stand naked in a room of drooling girls and all you want is eggrolls? *It was hard to stand there raging when he was so…. non-angry! But then, Dante was never one to have fits of crankyness. That was all Thanatos!* -06:08 Nov 05
Dante: Hm. How about … all the eggrolls I can eat with that sauce you got with them? -06:11 Nov 05
Phoebe: *She blinked. …but finally grinned.* Fine, egg rolls for dinner. *She turned to leave, eying Thanatos carefully on the way. He was taking that promise he made seriously. She might have worded it too literally.* Next time I have this class, I’m leaving you both at home. Or with Crystal. -06:14 Nov 05
Dante: How often do you have classes? *He asked as he walked beside her. Thanatos, on the other hand, walked behind them.* -06:16 Nov 05
Phoebe: Every couple days. Sometimes it’s just one class and sometimes it’s a few in a row. So most of the time I’m at home working on the manga. *It was pretty much all she did, except for when she and Cryssie ran out to a club or hit a party for some fun.* -06:19 Nov 05

Crystal: *As they walked outside, Crystal came running toward them! She stopped just as she reached them, bent forward on her knees, and took a breath! When she finally stood up, her face was red!* … Okay. Now where– *She pouted!* Awh, you put your clothes back on!

Phoebe: … did you run all of the way back here just to see Dante naked? -06:30 Nov 05

Crystal: … Maybe. *She huffed.*

Phoebe: Haven’t you already seen Dante naked? -06:34 Nov 05

Crystal: *She blinked.* Just the picture you drew. How is that anything like the real life Dante right here?

Phoebe: It’s exactly the same! *It really wasn’t. But in the mean time…!* We’re going home now and ordering some food. Why don’t you ask him instead of trying to ambush people naked! Do we have to take you back to that support group? -06:37 Nov 05
Dante: … Support group? -06:38 Nov 05

Crystal: *She balled her fists to her sides!* Don’t you dare! They made us sit in a circle and tell our life stories! I was pretty sure I died several times of boredom through a single meeting!

Phoebe: Crystal has an addiction… and if she doesn’t want more boring life stories from weirdos, she’ll do something like swing by a party! -06:41 Nov 05
Phoebe: *do something normal like! -06:42 Nov 05

Crystal: *She suddenly clasped her hands together and gave Phoebe a very pitiful look!* You’re not going to let me go by myself, would you? A girl shouldn’t go to a party alone. It’s so dangerous!

Phoebe: *Not the pitiful Cryssie look! It was so hard to say no to that!* I would but… *She subtly pointed a finger towards Dante and behind her at Thanatos.* I can’t leave them alone at home. -06:45 Nov 05

Crystal: *She wasn’t going to back down! She would be firm and not waiver in her pitiful Cryssie look!* You could … always bring them? Nothing like hot dates to really heat things up. Ignore the pun …

Phoebe: *If things heated up any more for Cryssie, she’d explode!* I don’t know if that’s such a good idea! Everytime I take one of them somewhere, something bad happens! And you know those parties are just filled with drunk topless bimbos. -06:48 Nov 05

Crystal: *That forced Crystal to pout! The idea of having to share Dante and Thanatos with anyone–er, besides Phoebe of course! That was just preposterous!* … That’s true.

Phoebe: *Argh pouting too! A break to just dance around would be kind of nice…!* I guess if you like.. held on to them all night they might not get kidnapped by women… -06:54 Nov 05

Crystal: *She clapped and smiled wide!* Yay! Let’s go! *She moved to grab Phoebe’s hand and whisk her away!*

Dante: *He cleared his throat.* Eggrolls. Sauce. All you can eat. -06:58 Nov 05
Phoebe: Now?! Uh…! I did promise Dante I would buy him eggrolls! *Wow! He was totally going to remind her about it too? Cute…!* -07:00 Nov 05
Dante: Half-human, half-demon princes also get hungry. And I did just fight a Ghali demon. *If they didn’t go right now, he was tempted to throw Phoebe over his shoulder and kidnap her!* -07:04 Nov 05
Phoebe: Er, well.. Uh… Maybe we can just me you at the party, Cryssie? If you tell me which one. I suppose it’d be safe to leave you alone with Thanatos… -07:07 Nov 05

Crystal: *Her face lit up–for a moment there she looked ready to frown!* Oohh … Thanatos?! Really?! Yay! Let’s see … Samantha Halls is having a party down at her parent’s place. You know the one, down on the corner of Maine and Trent! Her folks are away for the entire weekend! It’s going to be a pool party, an indoor party, an outside party! Party everywhere!

Thanatos: … You must be jesting.

Phoebe: Would you rather spend a nice afternoon alone with Dante, oh great Demon Prince? -07:15 Nov 05

Thanatos: *His reply was to take Crystal’s hand and go walking off!*

Crystal: *She didn’t stop him but she did turn slightly to wave!* See you two later! Don’t forget to come!

Phoebe: *Phoebe didn’t expect that to work as well as it did. He reaaaally didn’t want to get stuck with Dante.* Okay! Now you and I are going home and I’m ordering food. I’d rather not deal with any more giant squids… -07:18 Nov 05
Dante: *He grinned.* We would make a cook’s day, no doubt. *He bowed.* If I may escort you to your magnificent abode, fair lady. *He took her hand and kissed the back.* -07:24 Nov 05
Phoebe: *Damn! He was so good at that! When most guys tried it, they looked like morons, but Dante pulled it off so flawlessly! She pointed with her other hand, at least trying not to act all dumb about it.* You uh… really don’t have to do all that, you know. -07:26 Nov 05
Dante: Ah but I enjoy doing it with you. *Dante grinned as he stood up, wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her toward him while still holding the hand he’d kissed.* … Of course there are other things I enjoy doing with you as well. -07:27 Nov 05
Phoebe: Uh huh? *So nice..! Wait! Senses! Use them! Clearing her throat, Phoebe attempted to be as impassive as possible. Dante always did this. This was perfectly normal, non-awesome behavior.* I think you enjoy far too many things, sometimes! -07:30 Nov 05
Dante: And I think you enjoy far too little things. *Then he was kissing her nice and long!* -07:31 Nov 05
Phoebe: *She does not! But that retort was lost when he had to go kissing her! And this time she couldn’t even kickstart her inner dialogue to start screaming about it. Just a soft sigh and trying so hard not to kiss him back!* -07:35 Nov 05
Dante: *He was kissing her and stroking her side and he was nice and firm to lean into!* -07:37 Nov 05
Phoebe: *Kissing him back wouldn’t really hurt. Nor would tilting her head so she could nip at his lips, or sneaking her arm at his back when she leaned against him!* -07:41 Nov 05
Dante: *Dante was tilting his head slightly to one side to deepen the kiss and brushing his tongue against her mouth. He held her tighter and found himself smiling.* -07:44 Nov 05
Phoebe: *Oh wow.. it had taken him all of three seconds to have her weak at the knees! A soft sound slipped as he held her close. She even inched up on her toes so she could curl her other arm around his neck!* -07:48 Nov 05
Dante: *After awhile, he had to break the kiss to take a breath but then he went right back to kissing! He was stroking her back now with one hand, while holding the back of her head with the other!* -07:51 Nov 05
Phoebe: *It was so wrong that she didn’t step back when she had the chance! But she just didn’t want to! His touch was sensational and it was all too easy to forget where they were as she matched those kisses!* -07:56 Nov 05
Dante: *He was enjoying the smell, the taste of her, the feel of her skin. She was soft and warm. He broke the kiss again to nibble on her lips, kiss her cheek, her jaw, all the way down to her neck where he nuzzled and kissed her even more.* -08:01 Nov 05
Phoebe: *This was so out of control! But felt so divine. His breath against her neck tickled, making her laugh softly… but ooh… weren’t they supposed to be doing something?* I thought… you were hungry? *Absolutely breathless, she suppose if he left go, she’d slid to to the ground!* -08:07 Nov 05
Dante: *Dante nibbled on her neck.* Hmm hmm. Famished. *He was kissing his way up again and this time he began nibbling on her ear.* -08:09 Nov 05
Phoebe: This doesn’t exactly…! *She very nearly collapsed all over again! Willpower, Phoebe! Somewhere! Don’t let ear nibbling be a weakness!* …dun exactly… fix that? -08:12 Nov 05
Dante: No but like I said … *He lifted his head to cup her cheek with one hand as he looked down into her eyes.* I enjoy it. Are you …? *His lips were so very close to hers, brushing against them with every word he spoke!* -08:14 Nov 05
Phoebe: You might it very hard to be rational… *All she had to do was tilt up on her toes again. Just looking at him sent shivvers up her spine! Phoebe had to squeeze her eyes shut!* -08:16 Nov 05
Phoebe: *make it! -08:17 Nov 05
Dante: *And that was when Dante closed his mouth on hers and kissed her long and hard again! It was such a rough kiss that it may have made Phoebe’s lips ache but his tongue swept over her mouth gently!* -08:19 Nov 05
Phoebe: *Phoebe gave a soft growl… or maybe it was a purr! …well, she was trying to protest, but protests were short lived with a sweep of his tongue! She was trying not to pounce him right here in the street, but he really was asking for it! She stole a few more kisses before attempting to lean back!* -08:22 Nov 05
Dante: *Dante smiled and kissed her back but when she leaned away, he lifted his head.* I will take that as dessert, fair lady. -08:25 Nov 05
Phoebe: *Phoebe wasn’t sure if he meant just now, or as a promise for later! Either way she was just trying to stop her head from setting and regain some control over herself! It was harder than she’d thought it would be to disentangle herself from him. Having to catch her breath while needlessly readjusting her shirt and smoothing her hair back.* You’re unbelievably good at making me forget…. just about everything. -08:30 Nov 05
[Phoebe logged out of the chat.] -((08:49 Nov 05))
[Dante logged out of the chat.] -((12:25 Nov 05))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -12:25 Nov 05
[Phoebe has a weakness to nibbling. Is there a prescription for that?] -09:52 Nov 05
[Dante is famished … for Phoebe!] -09:54 Nov 05
Dante: *Dante begins stroking her back again and nibbling her lips.* You taste divine, fair one. And I cannot be blamed that I find you irresistable. -09:56 Nov 05
Phoebe: *It was going to look just as crazy swatting at him like he had cooties, so she was at least trying to lean back to safety!* Uh huh…! ..er, I mean, that well, that’s what I draw, so obviously! ….Dinner? -09:58 Nov 05
Dante: *He smiled but lifted his head and didn’t press her.* Indeed and I will, of course, enjoy your company. *He offered her his arm.* Fair lady, to your apartment then? -10:04 Nov 05
Phoebe: *Phoebe took his arm, but with wary caution! If she wasn’t careful, she was going to pull a Crystal and drag him to an alley somewhere. When WAS the last time she had some good se- Er! Back to the apartment!* Yeah. I guess we can take a few minutes to go over my notes too… Hopefully Crystal isn’t do anything weird to your brother. -10:07 Nov 05
Dante: *Dante smirked.* Perhaps she can pull his halberd out of his ass. I have a theory that’s where it goes when he doesn’t need it. -10:10 Nov 05
Phoebe: He keeps staring me down like he’s trying to steal my secrets. *Thanatos in person seemed a lot safer in person than Dante (she wasn’t at risk of making out with him!) but, he was always silent and thinking. She wasn’t quite sure if he was going to try something weird – and how that might backfire here in real life! In the meantime she was holding Dante’s hand!* …hey where did those scepters go? -10:13 Nov 05
Dante: *Dante blinked.* Damn it. *He looked back.* It must be in your art class. At least … I’m sure I left the one I had and the knife there. I don’t know what Thanatos might have done with his. *He started back for Ms Nadine’s room.* -10:19 Nov 05
Phoebe: She still has my cellphone too. Wait-! *She caught his arm to stop him.* If you go back, she’s going to pitch a fit about you leaving and I can’t go back without finished homework or she’s going to wail at me about failure. -10:21 Nov 05
Dante: *He stopped.* We cannot leave either object there. Ghali demon magic does not stop when the demon dies, rather it infects the life of those who touch it. -10:34 Nov 05
Phoebe: I know that, but this is an entirely different universe all together. I mean, things can’t possibly work the same way here. *…okay, now she was probably lying to herself. There were demon princes, monsters, and magic… There was no way life was going to be that easy! Phoebe groaned and started walking back for the art building.* Maybe we can sneak in without her noticing. -10:36 Nov 05
Dante: *Dante nodded and followed after her.* Your art teacher. She … was the inspiration for the Psycho Queen. -10:39 Nov 05
Phoebe: *Phoebe refrained from giving a guilty expression.* You know what they say, art imitates life and all that. She’s just weird and has this whole… secret idenity thing about her. *She grumbled under her breath.* I thought it was fitting at the time. -10:46 Nov 05
Dante: Hm. I see. *And somehow Phoebe could tell he was thinking about the “adventures”–or more to the point, trials–he had experienced with the Psycho Queen.* She appears to have a personal agenda against you. -10:59 Nov 05
Phoebe: A few little disgreements about art and suddenly I’m the worst student ever. *Oh, it was so hard not to cringe at his expression! No artist would torment their characters with their moodiness if they knew he’d jump out and become real! When they reached the art building and stepped inside, she was trying to quietly peeked through the shades of the door.* -11:04 Nov 05
Dante: *Dante glanced down the hall and listened for any noises. The last thing they needed was someone to appear and ask too many questions. Phoebe had said to keep things quiet but how quiet could you keep things when demons infected college students who attacked everyone?* I can use magic. *He suggested although there was something odd about that teacher of hers that made him doubtful of using it in front of her.* -11:07 Nov 05

In the class, everything was going as normal. People were still working on their paints but were having to do so from memory! …Of course some managed to snap some cellphone shots, so that helped! Ms. Nadine was walking around keeping an eye on things, while.. right there on her desk was the Onyx Scepter as well as the Golden Knife! -Phoebe

Phoebe: The stuff is on her desk and everything looks pretty normal. So we just need to get Ms. Nadine out of the room long enough to get it back. *She’d pull the fire alarm, but these days you could get arrested for that!* -11:10 Nov 05
Dante: *He moved to join her at the door and peered inside through the shades, too!* Hm. And get the other students out of the class as well … *He suddenly grinned.* Perhaps something of a small furry nature can help us. -11:12 Nov 05
Phoebe: I guess we could steal some rats out of the science lab, but they always get so pissed off about that. *She eyed him carefully.* Unless you’re going to casting magic all willynilly? -11:14 Nov 05
Dante: Perish the thought, my love. This is magic with a purpose. *He looked around.* I just need an object to transmutate. *He wandered off and disappeared around the corner. When he returned, he was carrying … a mop! He crouched down and undid the mop head from the handle. Then he held his hand over the mop, closed his eyes and whispered a few words. At first nothing happened but as he opened his eyes and they waited, the mop began to shake and … jump!* -11:18 Nov 05
Phoebe: *Guh! Okay, just a little magic! You’ve seen worse the past few days! …Phoebe inched out of the way- when she paused long to think my love?! before shaking her head!* Gotta be small enough to fit under the door. -11:19 Nov 05
Dante: *It probably didn’t help that he’d said “my love” in that purr-like voice of his, all soft and sexy! He closed his eyes again and touched the mop. The mop head suddenly flattened into a thin piece of gray paper. He moved it under the door with a wave of his hand. Once the “paper” was through, it “popped!” back into a jumping mophead and began tearing through the class, upsetting easels and canvas and people! It was so quick that it was impossible to catch.* You may wish to step to the side and away from the door. *He cautioned, doing just that!* -11:22 Nov 05

Suddenly there was several loud girly screams! The few male students that weren’t also freaking out over a rat were trying to scramble for the thing, but it was just uncatchable! Ms. Nadine was trying to shout for everyone to stay calm, but many students were already bolting for the door! -Phoebe

Phoebe: *Phoebe was trying to peek in through the window still, but dashed out of the way quick when she say people coming! It was just a RAT, but at least the spell was proving to be effective!* -11:25 Nov 05
Dante: *Dante was forced to hide a smirk, which he did by turning away! The mop head was dashing around everything and for something so quick, it easily evaded all attempts to catch it! It even went so far as to latch onto Ms Nadine’s legs only for it to go flying into some paint when she kicked it away from her!* -11:27 Nov 05

Someone had to go and shout rabies, which was all it took to make everyone clear right out of the room! No one was going to stay in a room with a rabid rat! After a few moments, it was silent as could be. Not a single person was spotted in the art room! -Phoebe

Phoebe: *Waiting a moment to make sure all was clear she moved to peek around the door frame. No students, no Ms. Nadine. All was clear!* You know, I really didn’t expect that to work so well. You’d think people could get over a little rat. -11:33 Nov 05
Dante: *He smirked.* It is human nature. As my mentor once said: “To make mountains out of mole hills.” *He moved into the class to grab the scepter and the knife! He stowed the knife into the back of his pants but the scepter he had to hold.* -11:37 Nov 05
Phoebe: *Phoebe searched the desk for her phone! Notes, books, boring paperwork, confiscasted food…* Human nature, huh… I can see that. *Grr… her phone wasn’t in here! Where’d the lady put it?* -11:39 Nov 05
Dante: *Dante also began looking around.* … She may have it with her. -11:40 Nov 05

“Turning to a life of crime, Ms. MacAllister?” Ms. Nadine! Where did she come from? There woman was approaching the desk, looking pretty cross with her hands on her hips. -Phoebe

Phoebe: *Caught red handed! What the hell, was she like hiding in a closet or something?!* Uh, I uh… came to get my canvas so I could finish the assignment for you..? And everyone was gone so I just, you know… and stuff. -11:43 Nov 05
Dante: *The mop head had disappeared under Ms Nadine’s desk! He leaned forward to check under it, for the rat, of course.* -11:45 Nov 05

“My DESK is not your canvas, Ms. MacAllister.” The woman moved to stand behind Dante as she crossed her arms. Tilting her head to admire the view. “Confiscated items are not returned until the end of the week. That includes items left behind by models that break contracts. Hand them over.” -Phoebe

Dante: I did not break the contract. I agreed to do the job but you broke it by banishing her from your classroom. -11:49 Nov 05
Phoebe: Yeah! And you can’t take stuff from people that aren’t even students in your class! *She wanted to tack on crazy old hag to the end of the sentence, but the last time she got mouthy, she had to do two weeks worth of extra credit to bring her grade back up!* -11:50 Nov 05

Ms. Nadine didn’t flinch! “Ms. MacAllister was disturbing the classroom and being violent. I don’t allow that kind of behavior in my class. Our agreement was not hinged on her presence, so I believe you owe me about two hours of modeling time.” She even looked smug. -Phoebe

Dante: On the contrary, you made the agreement on the understanding that I was doing it solely for her sake as I did tell you I was escorting her. Hence, her presence is required for me to finish the job. It is in bad taste to intimidate, threaten or belittle those students under your care solely for your own pleasure. -11:57 Nov 05

Ms. Nadine rest a hand at her chest and looked perfectly insulted! “You think I enjoy tormenting my students? Mr dear, Ms. MacAllister has been a problem since day one. I would -never- assume you’d volunteer to rescue my class for the sake of a student that has no respect for it!” -Phoebe

Dante: Art is not a concrete subject. It is expression best defined by those who live it and wish to share it. Art differs for each individual, that is why it continues to grow and evolve. Perhaps it is less a question of her respect for the class and more of your seeking to dominate your students’ expression of art. -12:03 Nov 06
Phoebe: *…You know, she’s standing right here! But that protest died before it came out, leaving her blinking dumbfoundedly at Dante. He just so eloquently said everything that had been screaming at the woman for months in one perfect phrase!* -12:06 Nov 06

“You can not express yourself through art without learning how to be controlled and refined to the rules of it.” Ms. Nadine cast a wide smile. “My dear, if you would like to debate Art History, I would be happy to have discussions with you somewhere more intimate. In the meantime, if those items aren’t returned to my desk and you both out of my classroom in three seconds, I may be forced to call Campus Police about this entire incident. I’m sure getting expelled will be an issue.” -Phoebe

Dante: *Dante didn’t bat an eyelash and his expression didn’t change in the least!* There are no rules to art, Madame. That is a realm best left to those who do not understand what art is and seeks to stifle life as a whole. As for these items, they are leaving with me as leaving it in your unfeeling and artistically challenged care is a fate akin to serving one up for execution. Now, where is Phoebe’s cell phone. -12:13 Nov 06
Phoebe: *Guh, expelled? No way, she wouldn’t be that damned crazy. Phoebe was sure. ….at least until Dante had to reply like that, did he have to taunt the woman! She scooted around the desk to take his arm.* You know, let’s just forget the phone and go. It’s not that big of a deal. -12:16 Nov 06
Dante: *He reclined his head to Phoebe and raised an eyebrow but then he nodded. He walked out of the class with her!* -12:17 Nov 06

Ms. Nadine did frown, but she hadn’t replied, nor did she follow them when they left! She remained where she was, tapping her fingers on her arms and looking thoughtful! …Interesting! -Phoebe

Phoebe: *Phoebe just hoped she wouldn’t make good on that threat to call campus security on them. The last thing she needed was to get expelled from school entirely. This was her career she was working on! Dante having a showdown with Ms. Nadine like she was the real Psycho Queen was so going to bite her in the ass later! Once she got him out of the building altogether she was trying not to swat him.* Did you HAVE to say all that to her? I have to live with this woman for another two years! -12:21 Nov 06
Dante: You could have given me warning of something like that before hand. We have to get your cell phone back. -12:23 Nov 06
Phoebe: She’s my teacher I thought it was pretty obvious. *She could shake him! But, that was unfair… How was he supposed to know how the real world work? He was from a different universe!* You know what, it doesn’t even matter anyway. I don’t need my phone that bad, and we have the scepter and knife. We can go home. -12:26 Nov 06
Dante: That may be so but you still need a way to contact Crystal. *He reminded her as they started walking away from the building!* -12:27 Nov 06
Phoebe: I have a phone at home, so it’s not like I can’t still hunt her down when I need her. *Crystal’s talents included man-watching and bringing food… There wouldn’t be too many emergencies! Once they were leaving campus, and she manged to chill herself out from fears of expulsion and crazy queens, Phoebe had everything mapped out in her back to normal again. Eggrolls. Notes. Party. Flawless!* …why do you know so much about art, anyway? -12:31 Nov 06
Dante: *He blinked at her once or twice and yet he still looked hot as hell!* You sound surprised. Why wouldn’t I know so much about art? -12:33 Nov 06
Phoebe: *He looked surprised that she was surprised! …a circle of surprises! Phoebe shrugged her shoulders.* Well, I don’t know! I never thought of it as something that made your character! You are a slayer, a romancer. You like music and books, pretty girls, and pissing off your brother. -12:37 Nov 06
Dante: *He smirked.* Actually you can thank the Psycho Queen for that. She and I often had discussions about the art she liked to create. But she and my mentor often had differing views about what art meant. For her it was being in control of what you create, in breaking what wouldn’t bend to her will. My mentor believed art was free and natural and should stay that way. -12:40 Nov 06
Phoebe: I don’t know very much about your Mentor… *Phoebe had written a lot of notes for the series. LOTS of them! She knew a million things that Dante probably didn’t… but now, there seemed to be things she had no idea about too! How was THAT supposed to work? Had she not plotted it up yet? Or was it all really real…?* Ugh! This is making my head hurt! -12:43 Nov 06
Dante: *Dante kissed her forehead and brushed some strands of hair out of her eyes.* Dinner first. -12:45 Nov 06
Phoebe: Yes. I as promised. *Damned Dante. If he wasn’t careful she could get used to this! Then how was she supposed to send him back home where he belonged? It’s not like she could hold him hostage in her closet! When they finally reached the apartment, she was snatching up the telephone to call up the Chinese place.* -12:48 Nov 06
Dante: *He yawned and while Phoebe ordered, he made himself comfortable on the couch but not before putting the scepter and the knife on the coffee table!* -12:51 Nov 06
Phoebe: *Dialing, dialing and pacing the floor.* Hey, It’s Phoebe. I want the biggest box of eggrolls you ca- Uh, yes he is still here. No, I don’t want any squid. Jus- What?! Forget it! No! Two of the big boxes, and with the red sauce and the orange sauce. Yes, please. Thank you! *Phoebe hung up the phone and blinked at it for a moment. Those horny old women! What did they think she had here? A manwhore house? Setting it down she rumaged through her papers on the desk.* Okay, dinner will be here in thirty minutes or less! -12:55 Nov 06
Dante: *Dante closed his eyes but heard her moving papers around.* What are you looking for? -12:57 Nov 06
Phoebe: My notes. Again. You’d think they’d just stay in the spot I left them. *She was really going to have to learn to organize better. Phoebe settled for grabbing her sketchbook that had most of the Desire of the Deep content in it… with this she was going to have to try and construct The Key. That book Dante was supposed to found, yet found already!* I’m going to have to make a book… which is going to be complicated, but fun, I suppose. *Bringing it to the sofa she plopped down beside him.* -01:00 Nov 06
Dante: *He opened one eye and then another, moved over to make room for her.* And the purpose of the book is to send me back or help finish this quest? -01:01 Nov 06
Phoebe: Yeah. I guess since you found it too soon and because I publish a different version, it… jumbled up the story or something. So everything has to play out in sequence here, maybe? I don’t know. But logically speaking, you’re gonna need it either way. *Opening up the sketchbook, she flipped through monster designs and random sketches until the found the sketch of the book.* This. It’s Phaedra’s book. -01:04 Nov 06
Dante: *He looked the book over.* Yes, that’s the same one from my dream. Is it the book itself that’s important or what’s in its pages? -01:06 Nov 06
Phoebe: Um… both? It’s supposed to have every spell, magical artifact or knowledge that’s ever existed. All the magic and everything since… forever. Kind of like a living book. *A deep plotline for what would have been the greatest story ever told! It really was a shame she had to cut that arc!* -01:16 Nov 06
Dante: … Like what happened to my mother, how we got separated, why she took the risk of having a half-demon, half-human son. -01:17 Nov 06
Phoebe: *She glanced at him and frowned.* You’ll still get to do that. I just have to make the book and hope it helps. You and Thanatos are supposed to find the book together and help each other accomplish what you want to do. -01:22 Nov 06
Dante: *Dante clasped his hands behind his head.* It’s not going to change. I have no intention on helping him or the old man out. -01:25 Nov 06
Phoebe: Uh huh. Even though you’ll never find your mother without his help? -01:28 Nov 06
Dante: Why. Why should it matter if we work together or not. *He sat up and finally looked at her.* As kids we were different. My mother disappeared and I was pretty much on my own. I drifted, I grew up. Even when the old man found me and introduced me to Thanatos, I took one look at him and realized how different we are. -01:35 Nov 06
Phoebe: Why wouldn’t it matter? Don’t you think it was strange your father threw away every law and tradition to have a kid with a human? It was a big change for the whole world! Of course it was going to mean something later. -01:37 Nov 06
Dante: It’s not strange. It was stupid. Everyone told me everything went into chaos when he did it. They could tell right away, I wasn’t a complete demon, I wasn’t a complete human. -01:46 Nov 06
Phoebe: It wasn’t stupid. It was love. Actual honest to good love, and there’s nothing wrong with anything that comes from that. It’s not going be chaos forever, you know. *Harsh…! That look on his face. Moments that seem so epic and dramatic for a story, suddenly seem like needless torture!* -01:49 Nov 06
Dante: No. Just for the rest of my life or until everyone on my world kills each other off. No one even remembers why demons and humans began fighting in the first place. -01:53 Nov 06
Phoebe: Christ, what do you think big long quests about your past are supposed to be for anyway? The fun of it? Why don’t you try changing the world yourself if you think it sucks so bad? You know, like now when you could actually talk to your brother outside of the demon world where you can’t kill each other? -01:57 Nov 06
Dante: There is the fact he has his halberd stuck in his ass and he’s sworn to kill me. -01:58 Nov 06
Phoebe: I’ll just lick him again if he tries it. That’s what “Phaedra” is for, after all. Demon Princes don’t play well by themselves. *Ugh,… imagine the conversation with Thanatos she was going to have to have. “Hey! You can’t kill your brother. Sorry! Not allowed.”* -02:01 Nov 06
Dante: *He blinked at her and then he smiled slightly.* Yes, you did seem to enjoy licking him when he first arrived. -02:05 Nov 06
Phoebe: Oh Yes. Licking a pissed off Demon Prince is one of my favorite things. *Phoebe glared her best glare. Seriously. The only person that was going to enjoy licking Thanatos was Crystal, and chances are she might be off doing it right now!* -02:11 Nov 06
[Phoebe was just telling Dante yes she SO loved licking Thanatos. Best thing ever. GLARE.] -01:25 Nov 07
[Dante was getting serious about his mission here!] -01:26 Nov 07
Dante: *Dante smiled slightly.* He’s not your type? -01:26 Nov 07
Phoebe: No, he’s too… That’s not the point! I’m just saying I’ll make sure he cooporates. -01:30 Nov 07
Dante: So … you believe I can do this. I can find my mother, bring peace to my world, and not kill Thanatos in the process. -01:32 Nov 07
Phoebe: Yes, with no doubts whatsoever that it will work. I hate tragic endings. *You just don’t take someone as awesome as Dante and then kill him when the series is over. You just don’t do that!* -01:35 Nov 07
Dante: *Dante smiled a little more now and he stood to give her a chaste kiss on the lips. He lifted his head slightly.* Thank you, Phoebe. -01:42 Nov 07
Phoebe: You’re welcome. *Well…! This was different! Phoebe wasn’t sure what to think about it, other than wanting to do something stupid like kiss on him until he quite worrying about it. That was HER job. …Of course, the sudden BZZBZZBZZBZZBZZ at the door signalling dinner had arrived ending those thoughts quick enough. She poked Dante gently in the side as she moved to answer the door.* -01:47 Nov 07

BZZZBZZZBZZZZZZZ! The delivery person was impatient! And when Phoebe opened the door, no wonder. It was one of those old ladies, who wasted no time in trying to peer around Phoebe to see if Dante was in there. “Delivery! Oh hohoho, man is still here!”

Dante: *He chuckled softly when she poked him in the side but stepped out of her way so she could answer the door. He went into the kitchen to get himself some water. There were a lot of things to talk about and do until he could return home. Home. That didn’t sound so easy anymore.* -01:49 Nov 07
Phoebe: Gimmie that. *Phoebe snatched the bag, and dug around in her pockets to pull out some cash.* Stop your snooping, woman! You’re married! -01:51 Nov 07

Hmph! “Married, yes, but old ladies like eye candy too!” The old woman accepted payment, but wasn’t leaving yet. She had fortune cookies! “Cookies for kisses?”

Dante: *Dante overheard the conversation and chuckled softly while he hid behind the fridge and out of sight! Married women, indeed! That hadn’t stopped the women in his world! But Phoebe had warned him about doing those sorts of things here in hers. He decided it was better to stay quiet!* -01:55 Nov 07
Phoebe: Cookies for- Christ. *This was getting ridiculous. She’ll just fix this now! Phoebe took the woman’s chin with her free hand and planted a kiss on her! With a smirk she snatched the cookies!* Cookies for kisses! Toodles, Li! *SLAM! Closed the door on the baffled old woman!* -01:55 Nov 07

There was one flabbergasted old lady out in the hall. Once she came to, she cursed a few loud phrases at the closed door in chinesebefore stomping away!

Dante: *He poked his head out of the kitchen with his trademark smile on his face.* I see someone knows the art of taking advantage of loop holes. Would you like some water, fair one? -01:58 Nov 07
Phoebe: Yeah, well, next time she’ll probably be a lot more specific. *Bringing the bag with her to the kitchen, she nodded at his offer for water. Digging around in the bag, she was stealing a few of the eggrolls. Skipping breakfast and missing lunch sucked, especially when a demon prince worked up your appetite… Which, hardly sounded right when she thought about it – but it’s not like she had the most innocent thoughts anyway!* -02:02 Nov 07
Dante: *So Dante served up some water for the two of them and then he sat down beside her to grab some eggrolls of his own.* Mmm … *He loved eating these things!* -02:04 Nov 07
Phoebe: *Sauce! She pulled that out of the bag, red and orange… Why did they call it duck sauce? And how could Dante possible make eating dinner sound so… delicious! She just had to stop herself from watching so she could return her attention to the sketchbook!* Did you want to see pictures of you and Thanatos? *At least most of the sketchbook ones were safe!* -02:07 Nov 07
Dante: We could always burn his pictures. *When Phoebe gave him that look, he only smiled and leaned forward to lick some sauce off the corner of her lips.* I’m joking. Alright. I’d like to see those pictures. -02:10 Nov 07
Phoebe: *Pounce, pounce, must not pounce! At least she cast him a scowl, opening up the book on the table to flip through the pages to character desire – Design! Character design! Every more quickly skipping over nude sketches!* Here. You and Thanatos looking perfectly non annoyed with each other’s company. -02:13 Nov 07
Dante: *Dante chuckled softly at the way she said it. Then he leaned forward to look at it thoughtfully.* Hm. -02:20 Nov 07
Phoebe: If I were feeling particularly evil I could add bows in his hair, but then I could never show him the sketches without worrying he’d throw me in a dungeon or something. *Rambling, rambling, Phoebe watched his expression! It was work of him after all, and people always reacted weird to seeing themselves in drawings! …not that she was worried about what Dante thought about it.* -02:25 Nov 07
Dante: *He finally sat up and then he smiled at her, lowering his head to kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear!* You are an amazing artist, Phoebe. Thank you. -02:28 Nov 07
Phoebe: I’ve got that look on my face suggesting I want compliments, don’t I? *Of course she did. All artists did. Dante seemed to do it so well though! She forced herself not to grin!* Most of the sketches are pretty safe, but there’s scenes too. Like this, *A few page turns, there was a panel style setup for a scene! He seemed to be having a conversation about Thanatos. .. Hrmph. Well, they just didn’t that didn’t they. Talk about deja vu!* -02:34 Nov 07
Dante: *He raised an eyebrow when she used the word “safe” but Phoebe being the type of woman she was and he being the type of man he was … He could only assume she meant there were naked sketches in that book of hers. He tilted his head slightly at the scene she showed him.* Hm. Interesting. Did you have any idea I would be doing that when you drew this? -02:37 Nov 07
Phoebe: It was going to be on paper set in the Deep, not on my sofa. So no, not really. All of the important scenes or ones that stood out I put in the sketchbook for my notes later. And talking about Thanatos is important, you know? It’s not all drama though! There’s plenty of- Er well, I sketch a lot. -02:42 Nov 07
Dante: *He cupped her cheek and stroked her skin with his fingertips.* Oh yes. I’m certain you sketched a great many things that happened to me in the Deep. *He purred, head down and lips brushing against hers but not quite kissing her, either!* -02:46 Nov 07
Phoebe: That I apologsed for. *Heartless tease! …but it did make her wonder! She tilted back, just out of reach.* You might do things because I drew and make you do them. Don’t you think? -02:50 Nov 07
Dante: Of course I do. *He let her lean back.* But I do the things I do because I enjoy doing them. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t. -02:52 Nov 07
Phoebe: But what if you enjoy them because I want you to? Er, I mean, because you’re supposed and, the way it was written, and… stuff. *Not only did she have to save him from all the weirdos in the world, she might have to save him from herself too!* -02:55 Nov 07
Dante: … That makes little sense, of course. But, all in all, it could be far worst. -03:16 Nov 07
Phoebe: *Phoebe placed her hand over his mouth.* God, don’t say that! You’re going jinx us, and we’ll have flying spiderbirds flinging in through the windows and monsters crawling out of the floor. -03:20 Nov 07
Dante: You can always tell them where Thanatos is. He enjoys having company over. -03:23 Nov 07
Phoebe: …at the party. Argh! I almost forget! Crystal is going to kill me. …unless she’s so wrapped up with Thanatos she hasn’t noticed yet, but I don’t think we can count on that. *Phoebe snatched one more eggroll before she was near stumbling over Dante to scoot off to her room!* -03:27 Nov 07
Dante: *Dante chuckled softly as he watched her scramble to her phone. He reached over to grab another eggroll and dip it in the sauce.* -03:29 Nov 07

Crystal: *Speaking of Crystal, she was outside the party after having all her text messages unanswered and all her attempts to call forwarded to voice mail! Did Phoebe think she was the only one with problems?!* Come on, Phoebe … Answer the phone … *She muttered. She tapped her foot.* -Dante

Phoebe: *House Phone in hand and in her room, she dialed up Crystal fast, and was scrambling to get undressed so she could change her clothes!* -03:32 Nov 07

Phoebe received a busy signal as Crystal was still trying to call her cell! -Dante

Phoebe: God damned, can’t you stop using your phone for ten minutes!! *Yelling at a Crystal who couldn’t hear her, she stumbled backwards on the bed to tug off her shoes and pants.* -03:36 Nov 07

“Crystal! Crystal, come on! The DJ’s about to start!” someone called from inside the mansion! -Dante

Crystal: *She looked up and back to the redhead who had called her. She waved.* Yeah, I’m coming! *She hung up and dropped the phone into her cute little handbag!* Oh well … Time to party! *She was sure Thanatos would turn up eventually!* -Dante

Phoebe: Crap. I’m in so much trouble! *Unable to get Cryssie, she tossed the phone aside and moved to dig around in her closet. Something to wear to a party! Because she actually intended to have some FUN for an hour or two! There we go! Slinky little black dress that… wait, this was Crystal’s! Oh well, Phoebe’s dress now!* -03:46 Nov 07
Dante: *Dante was in the living room when Phoebe came out. He stood up when he saw her.* You make the dress look lovely. -03:49 Nov 07
Phoebe: *Phoebe flashed him a wicked grin, still hoping on one foot trying to slip on her other shoe.* It’s Cryssie’s. She won’t answer her phone so she’s probably molesting someone. We’ll have to get there quick! -03:53 Nov 07
Dante: If she’s molesting Thanatos, I vote to leave him with her and leave them be. -03:54 Nov 07
Phoebe: Yeah? We’ll find out when we get there then! *Grabbing a jacket and stuffing her keys and wallet in to a pocket, she was leading the way out, not forgetting to lock up behind them!* -03:55 Nov 07

The party was a good walk away, in a very nice rich neighborhood! Big houses, tall fences and huge yards! The mansion in question was on a corner lot and the music was blaring!

Crystal: *She was dancing in the living room, close to the speakers with a few of her girls. The place was so packed that it was all too easy to elbow someone or step on someone’s toes! Oops! Sorry!* -Dante

Phoebe: *Cryssie wasn’t kidding when she said there would be party everywhere! Phoebe stole a drink, a good shot of tequila to suck down before she spied her friend! …and only her friend. There didn’t seem to be a Demon Prince in sight!* Cryssie! *Argh! Too loud! Phoebe weaved through people until she was close enough to speak in Cryssie’s ear!* Where’s Thanatos? -04:07 Nov 07

Crystal: Huh …? Wha …? Sorry, no roast here! *Crystal was still dancing and hadn’t turned from the DJ. Man, he was cute!* -Dante

Phoebe: Thanatos! I don’t see him! *Resisting the urge to shake Crystal, Phoebe looked around again. What were the chances Thanatos had a nice drink and loosened up a bit? ….not very high!* Cryssie, you were supposed to watch him! -04:17 Nov 07

Crystal: Huh … Wha …? *Crystal finally turned and she smiled!* HEY, PHOEBE, YOU’RE HERE! -Dante

Phoebe: *Big Yay fake smile! Before giving Cryssie the classic scowl!* Demon Prince! Where! Now? *She was going to need more tequila!* -04:19 Nov 07

Crystal: *She blinked!* Um … He’s right over … over … HE WAS JUST HERE! -Dante

Phoebe: *That’s when Phoebe grabbed Crystal by she shoulders and shook her! LOST. DEMON. PRINCE. AT. COLLEGE. PARTY. CHAOS! Releasing her friend, Phoebe scooted off to find a table and climbed on top of it so she could scan around and get a better look! Wait, where’d Dante get off to!* -04:23 Nov 07

Crystal: Oowww! PHOEBE! That hurts you know! What’s the big deal anyways? It’s just a party! How much trouble can Thanatos get into?! -Dante

Phoebe: He could be kidnapped! Or locked in a closet somewhere with some slut! *Phoebe nudged Cystal in to the crowd.* Try to find him! *Ah Ha! There was a table! Phoebe slid some cups out of the way so she could climb up! Now she had a good view of the entire room. Oh man… there had to be tons of rooms in this place!* -04:34 Nov 07

People people everyone! Of course, this means people also get a good look up Phoebe’s skirt. “Nice panties, Pheebies!”

Crystal: *She pouted and folded her arms!* That’s impossible … He didn’t even let me lick him earlier … *Locked up in a closet with some whore! The idea of it! Blasted hot gorgeous men!* -Dante

Phoebe: Hey! Shuddup! *She shouted first at that one guy. …Still no sight of Thanatos though. Wait, Crystal tried to lick him? What a copy cat! Phoebe jumped down to go on the hunt! The wiley demon prince was on the loose and it took a skilled huntress to track him down! * -04:45 Nov 07

Crystal: *She happened to glance at Phoebe!* Hey, is that my dress! I’ve been looking everywhere for it! -Dante

Phoebe: Nope! Totally mine! Found it fair and square! *Phoebe flashed an innocent grin! She reached to steal another drink and swallow it quick. That helped! Relaaaaax. Where would an antisocial human hating demon prince run off to? *…Outside! *Phoebe grabbed Cryssie wrist and was pulling her through the people to find the backdoor!* -04:50 Nov 07

Crystal: … Eep! *That was the only thing out of Crystal’s mouth before she jerked after Phoebe!* Where are we–Oops! Sorry! Coming through! Emergency people! -Dante

Phoebe: *She wondered if she could get away with sticking one of those tracking collars on him. ….no, he’d get all offended! Once outside, she was snooping around again! There was the pool, tons more people..and people… and people! Phoebe groaned!* This is impossible! It’s like looking for the prize in a cereal box! -04:56 Nov 07

Crystal: … Maybe we’re not searching far enough. Thanatos refused to go anywhere near anyone in the entire time. *She pouted! That was gratitude for you!* -Dante

Dante: *-in -05:01 Nov 07
Phoebe: Far enough…? Aw damn, who knows where he could be now! He could be on the moon! *Balls! She should have known she could’t have trusted him to go off with Crystal! Phoebe pointed back at the house.* You look inside. I’ll see if he’s wandering around the property outside and brooding! -05:03 Nov 07

Crystal: Yes, ma’am! *And she marched right back into the party! … While she was looking, there was no reason she couldn’t get in a few dance moves, sneak in some words with that DJ … maybe even slip him her phone number!* -Dante

Phoebe: *Man! Crystal had it so easy! She never had to worry about stuff like th-.. Well granted, Phoebe never had to worry about this before either, but dang! After checking the pool to make sure he hadn’t tried to drown himself, Phoebe headed off for the gardens where the music was more like a dull backdrop and there were far less people! Just a few couples trying to get away from the crowd for some alone time. Ack! She covered her as she passed some. So didn’t need to see that!* -05:08 Nov 07

Thanatos: *Thanatos was standing with his arms crossed, his head down and his eyes closed but Phoebe didn’t see him at first because he was hidden in the hedges’ shadow!* … So you decided to come. *He said out loud as she walked past him, still covering her eyes!* -Dante

[Dante is now known as: Thanatos] -05:10 Nov 07
Phoebe: There you are! *She dropped her hand and backtracked till she had him!* You had me totally freaked out for a minute there! Of course I’m here, though, why would I be? -05:13 Nov 07
Phoebe: *wouldn’t! -05:14 Nov 07
Thanatos: You took long enough. When can I return home. *He said instead, not bothering to answer the question.* -05:15 Nov 07
Phoebe: Your home or my home? *… he might not like the answer to either one.* We might be here at the party for a little while, but if you mean back to your own world. I don’t know. I have to make a book first and hope it helps. …though you’ve have to cooporate with Dante for a little while. -05:17 Nov 07

Thanatos: testing -Thanatos

Thanatos: testing -05:20 Nov 07
Thanatos: … *He didn’t reply to that. But he opened his eyes and just stared off into the distance. By the blood of his honored ancestors, he would have no part in cooperating with that demon half-breed.* -05:22 Nov 07
Phoebe: *Phoebe waved her hand in front of his face.* If you don’t, you might not be able to go back home. There’s no reason for you to hate him so much! -05:23 Nov 07
Thanatos: *He gave her a bored expression like an adult with a pesky child.* … He is an insult to demons everywhere. And the fact that my father chose to elevate some whelp off the streets to the second-in-line to the crown is spitting on thousands of years of tradition. -05:26 Nov 07
Phoebe: Don’t you even want to try to know him and see why your father did what he did? You know, curiosity and all that jazz? *Thanatos was going to be stubborn… maybe HE needed a drink!* -05:32 Nov 07
Thanatos: … Mortal. I am the Crown Prince, a full-blooded demon. He is merely a half-blooded whelp. Our kinds do not mix. They should not have mixed. -05:35 Nov 07
Phoebe: Well, it does suck to be you, because it’s happened and now you gotta deal with it. What’s gonna happen when something big a nasty pops up and you need Dante’s help? Being all demon isn’t going to matter. *Balls! Phoebe grabbed his hand and was tugging back to the party.* -05:38 Nov 07
Thanatos: *Thanatos refused to budge.* I am not going back to the party. It is too loud and there are too many humans. -05:40 Nov 07
Phoebe: I can’t leave you out here brooding in the dark! Or would you LIKE to get kidnapped by drunk women? ….and there’s nothing wrong with humans! They’re just like you. -05:43 Nov 07
Thanatos: *He looked about to argue but he was still bound by his promise to her. At least with the other human, he could sneak away, especially since she was none the wiser when something caught her attention. He stopped resisting and let her pull him.* -05:45 Nov 07
Phoebe: Great, now I have to find Dante again. *Back to the party it was, now that she bullied this one! Another shot glass for her, and handed one to Thanatos!* Drink and relax! -05:48 Nov 07

Thanatos: *He just looked at the shot glass and then he sniffed it! He frowned slightly, which was just one corner of his mouth curling down.* … Alcohol. -Thanatos

Phoebe: Yeah! You know… makes stuffy demon princes a lot more fun to be around? You might even want to dance after a few drinks! -06:00 Nov 07
Thanatos: … Perish the thought. And I do not drink. It dulls the senses. -06:01 Nov 07
Phoebe: That’s half the fun of doing it, you know. *Bah, Phoebe took the glass from him and drank it herself. She was a bully, but she wasn’t going force a man to get drunk!* Help me find Dante, so know where you both are! -06:04 Nov 07
Thanatos: *He raised an eyebrow when she drank the alcohol down with ease. Even with the distractions–and there were many–he could find Dante. He was the only other “demon” he sensed. (And he used the term “demon” lightly.)* He is upstairs, second floor, east wing, third door to the right. -06:11 Nov 07
Phoebe: The hell is he doin’ up there? *A roll of her eyes and she was turning around to head up the stairs. A few steps up, she could see Crystal dancing in the crowd again making eyes at the DJ. ..At least Crystal was always easy to find! Up the stairs she went, pretending she didn’t nearly miss one of them and almost fall backwards!* -06:14 Nov 07
Thanatos: *Thanatos sighed softly to himself. And then he was following her up the stairs! At least if she fell backwards, she’d fall on top of him!* -06:15 Nov 07

As Phoebe and Thanatos drew closer, there was giggling and girls talking! -Thanatos

Phoebe: *She loved tequila! There was no better way to get your body all flexible, and stop stressing out so bad! She did turn to make sure she still have Thanatos as she marched on down the hall and turned to the east wing. Giggling sounded pretty normal!* -06:18 Nov 07

“Mm … You’re so sexy,” a girl was saying. “No, I want a go at him first,” said another. “No, me. You never share,” said a third! How many chicks were in that room anyways?! -Thanatos

Phoebe: *Phoebe counted the doors. Third to the right. Yep, right door. Dante likely got himself kidnapped again. And it wasn’t even locked when she shoved her way inside! * -06:23 Nov 07
Thanatos: *Thanatos, of course, opted to stay outside!* -06:25 Nov 07

True to Phoebe’s theory, Dante was lying on a rather large bed with at least four girls lying beside him and a couple straddling his legs. It looked like Phoebe had burst in just in time because Dante’s shirt was open and the chicks were naked and half drunk! -Thanatos

Phoebe: *Phoebe stood and blinked for a minute. Seriously?! There was just no leaving him alone! …and why was she even offended? This was so classic Dante!* Okay! So sorry interrupt! …Hey, don’t half of you have boyfriends?! -06:29 Nov 07

Dante: *He cleared his throat and began to shift.* Yes, I should get going. *He stood despite the pouting and the groans and began to fix himself up.* -Thanatos

Phoebe: Tch! Now you try to escape! *Phoebe stepped back in to the hall before walking away. He could throw girls off if he wanted to, but no he did like the attention! And she so knew that, so hey, no big deal! Phoebe found herself another drink.* -06:34 Nov 07

The chicks sat on the bed and pouted! “Just for a little while,” said one. “Our boyfriends don’t have to know,” said another. “It’s not like we’re married!” said someone else! -Thanatos

Phoebe: *Phoebe was in the hall mimicing girls with her hand while drinking from a new glass. She supposed it was scotch! Just wait until those boyfriends find out. Dante’s going to get chased down the street with baseball bats and hockey sticks.* -06:42 Nov 07

Dante: *He stepped out of the room.* I lost you and wandered up here, thinking you had, too.

Phoebe: Nope. I found Thanatos outside being himself in the dark. I’m glad you were, uh, keeping yourself entertained! *Big wide Phoebe smile! Who needs to be mad! It was only half a dozen girls.* -07:14 Nov 07

Dante: *He blinked. She was behaving … oddly. He leaned forward and sniffed.* Hm. You’ve been drinking.

Phoebe: It’s a party. That’s what you do at parties. Besides dancing and making out with girls! Not that I go around making out with girls, but hey if someone else wants to do, who am I to stop them? It is fun! *Phoebe replaced her empty glass with a new one. She SHOULD go dance. That was way better then looking at pouting chicks!* -07:19 Nov 07
[Phoebe can’t be jealous. That’s unrealistic.] -03:09 Nov 10
[Dante had been caught in a room full of drunk women! Now he’s walking out, putting his shirt back on!] -03:09 Nov 10

Thanatos: *He didn’t so much as snicker! He was just leaning against the wall, arms crossed, looking like he didn’t give a damn one way or another! It was common knowledge Dante didn’t know how to control himself or his basic lusts!*

Phoebe: *Phoebe had a fresh glass, and wasn’t frowning at all! This was a party. Parties mean FUN and she was going to have it, damnit.* -03:13 Nov 10

Crystal: *Meanwhile Crystal was getting her groove on and shaking her money maker! Oh yeah, this is what she was talking about!*

Dante: *Dante studied Phoebe and looked her up and down!* Hm. Are you going to join the party? -03:23 Nov 10
Phoebe: I have joined the party. *She shook the glass at him!* Or maybe I’ll dance! Or find a cute boy and a closet somewhere, that seems to be popular tonight! -03:26 Nov 10
Dante: … A closet? *He raised an eyebrow. Humans in this world had some odd traditions. What would anyone be doing in a closet?* -03:33 Nov 10
Phoebe: Or a bedroom filled with six people. More room that way, I suppose. *Aw man, she can’t stand here just subtling complaining at him! It wasn’t his fault he’s covered in women all the time! Phoebe handed him her empty glass, escaping! Thanatos would stay closeby this time, he was the only one she actually had to worry about!* -03:36 Nov 10
Dante: *Dante took the empty glass and watched her escape! … What was the matter with her? He looked at the empty glass and decided she needed some time to herself! So he walked downstairs where he promptly disappeared!* -03:40 Nov 10

Thanatos: *He rolled his eyes. If this was life, he would prefer a quick, clean death to this neverending torture.*

Phoebe: *The smart thing to do was find Crystal and go home! Especially when she found staying upright was a bit of a problem. She crashed in to Thanatos at least twice before she held on to the stair railing to inch downstairs and hunt after Crystal!* Chryyyyssiiiie! -03:45 Nov 10

Thanatos: *Thanatos followed behind, as per his promise, and unfortunately nothing looked like an emergency he could use to escape. He raised an eyebrow at the human woman and spotted her friend farther in the front. They would never get her attention this way.*

Phoebe: *Damned Crystal the Dancing Queen! Phoebe could take her dress off and swing it around her head and no one would notice! She squeezed her way through people, only giving a momentary yelp and a swing of her elbow when someone grabbed her rear (hello, not that drunk, buddy!) until she finnally found and captured Crystal by throwing her arms around her neck!* -03:53 Nov 10

Crystal: *She blinked and turned when someone hugged her from behind!* Oh hey, Phoebe! *But she didn’t stop dancing!*

Phoebe: Chrysssiiiiiie, I’m totally ditzing out and I think Thanatos is going to kill me in my sleep if I don’t take him home soon! *Phoebe was just going to hold on to Crystal whether she’s dancing or not. So Phoebe had to move too just to keep upright!* -03:59 Nov 10

Crystal: *Crystal slowed down!* Wait … Phoebe, you’re … drunk?! *She looked at her friend really hard and realized it was true! Phoebe almost never got drunk!* Tell me you ate something. You know how quickly you get sick when you don’t eat right before you start drinking alcohol!

Phoebe: I had eggrolls with Dante, and I’m not drunk! *She really wasn’t. …on her way there, but she could still see straight and talk like a human being! Phoebe griiiinned and kissed Crystal on the cheek.* You’re so awesome! Do you want to be my girlfriend? -04:06 Nov 10

Crystal: *She smiled a bit sheepishly!* Uh … You know what … how about we go over … uh, here … *She started moving to the edge of the room while putting her arms around Phoebe to keep her steady.* Where is Dante?

Phoebe: Dante is probably making love to the entire pepsquad! *Phoebe nearly growled about it! …and then realized she was and groaned! She threw her arms around Crystal again!* Oh gooood, what was I even expecting?! Might as well call myself Cindy and start stalking people..! -04:46 Nov 10

Crystal: Oh, come on, Phoebe. You’re not that bad. At least … not yet. *She mumbled.* But hey, you got the hots for Dante, too. Everyone does.

Phoebe: Everyone does, everyone ever. And I soooo know better cause I draw him naked like, every day, but what do I do? I get all mushy and stupid and wan-ooh, brandy! *Phoebe released Crystal long enough to confiscate another glass of liquor. At least if she were drunk, there was plenty excuse to be a moron! She’d not remember in the morning!* -04:49 Nov 10

Crystal: … Right. *She glanced behind her.* Thanatos …?

Thanatos: *He glanced away, utterly bored by the fact that he was stuck with them.* Your friend needs to go home and sleep this over else she will do something she will come to regret.

Phoebe: I don’t need sleep. I need.. uh.. SEX! HA! *Phoebe was pointing a finger in the air as if she had just deciphered a long forgotten riddle!* Who can think with hot demon princes around all the time? Totally can get this out of my system! *Phoebe eyed Thanatos for a minute… naw, he was SO not sleazy one night stand material!* -04:57 Nov 10

Crystal: *… She couldn’t possibly have heard right!* You. Sex. With a total stranger?!

And that was when Phoebe spotted the PERFECT guy! He was lurking in the corner with a beer bottle in his hand, looking all scruffy and dirty and like he hadn’t shaved in a week! He wore a leather jacket and jeans and had an unlit cigarette in his mouth. The best part was … she had never seen him before!

Phoebe: Yeah! *Looking completely devious, this was the best idea she ever had! It’s not like she’s never had sex before. Tons of people hooked up at parties, and she was so so soooo tired of trying to keep herself from pouncing on Dante! This was exactly what she needed! Untangling herself from Crystal, she spotted the perfect prey! She always loved that ciggy look!* Bye Cryssie! -05:05 Nov 10

Crystal: … Phoebe! DAMNIT! *She stomped her foot and huffed.* She’s going to hate herself in the morning. *She blinked and looked around.* … Thanatos? Oh boy. *She went to get herself a drink and do some dancing of her own!*

The guy looked really bored with the place. No doubt he was going to leave soon!

Phoebe: *Not if Phoebe had her way! As soon as she reached him, she pounced! Throwing her arms around his neck and grinning. No need for fear or unsureness, she was just fine!* Hiiii. I’m Phoebe. You like girls, doncha? -05:10 Nov 10

The guy smirked. “Yeah, I like girls. Why, do you like guys?”

Phoebe: And I like boys and sex, does that sound good? *Blah blah, who needs flirting! Sometimes the direct approach was better! Man, smirks weren’t too bad…* -05:36 Nov 10

The guy laughed. The direct approach. Man, this chick was wasted but who was he to complain? He put the beer bottle down and the cigarette away to wrap his arms around Phoebe’s waist and kiss her deep and long.

Phoebe: *Finally! Not that she was waiting long but, she was returning that kiss quick enough. …She might be frowning about it… It wasn’t like Dante and the world moving, but it was okay! Whoa, should totally stop thinking while you’re trying to make out with a guy Phoebe, would be more fun!* -05:42 Nov 10

The guy’s hands moved down to grab and squeeze her ass. “Hm. Nice.” He said as he broke the kiss and lowered his head to lick her neck. “Do you like motorcycles too, Phoebe? We can go back to my motel room. Or hell, even shack up in one of these rooms. No one needs to know.”

Phoebe: *Whoa, okay! Handsy! Good thing she wore a dress? She might need a few more drinks!* Uh.. I like motocycles! And there’s like tons of rooms upstairs and stuff. *Phoebe reached to steal another shot to drink down quick!* -05:48 Nov 10

While Phoebe reached over to gulp down another drink, the guy’s hands were moving up and down her back and he was nibbling on her ear as he ground his body against hers.

Phoebe: *Oooh! …not ooh enough. Damnit! Did Dante ruon ear nibbling forever?! Growling, grabbed the guy by the shirt and was dragging him for the stairs! She made sure to grab another glass or two on the way! Clearly she wasn’t smashed enough!* -05:54 Nov 10

The guy was a bit startled but then he was walking behind her, following. As they walked up the stairs, he slapped that ass and couldn’t wait to pull that dress off her hot body. “Man, you’re hot.”

Phoebe: Yeah, I know! *Woo! How romantic! Phoebe had to peek through at least three rooms before she found an empty guest room! Now she had her prey all alone and in the dark!* -06:00 Nov 10

Phoebe closed the door and the guy found himself pushed where he staggered and landed, sitting on the edge of a bed! This chick wanted it bad!

Phoebe: *Any attempt at being cute or sexy totally failed when she tripped and pretty much half tackled him to the bed! Still, she gave a HA of triumph! This was great! Real great! She kissed him!* -06:11 Nov 10

The guy grinned as he eagerly kissed her back! His hands were on her hips and he couldn’t help but squeeze her ass again!

Phoebe: *He tasted like ciggarettes… but then she prolly tasted like booze, so what was the big deal? Grrr! She fussed with trying to get his shirt off and out of the way.* -06:21 Nov 10

There went his shirt! She was so drunk that he had to stop kissing her just so he could help her get it off. But as soon as it was, he was kissing her again and trying to get her out of that dress!

Phoebe: *She really should have been helping him get her clothes off but she caught herself swatting his hands away! Relax! Relaaax… grrr. Phoebe finally sighed, breaking away with a scowl!* This isn’t working! -07:12 Nov 10

The guy didn’t get the hint, though! He grinned. “Don’t worry, sweetie. I’ll make it work.” He leaned forward to start kissing and groping her again.

Phoebe: Yeah, I’m sure. *Phoebe dodged and moved to roll off the bed. So much for being drunk enough to bang a stranger… she never could carry though with it! Now she was going to feel like an idiot all night!* I’m done! -07:21 Nov 10
[Dante logged out of the chat.] -((05:07 Nov 10))
[Phoebe has timed out.] -05:07 Nov 10
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -05:07 Nov 10
[Phoebe was pretty smashed… but apparently not smashed enough to bang a stranger! Somehow, she would blame Crystal for this!] -12:25 Nov 11
[Dante had left Phoebe alone after she started acting strangely!] -12:30 Nov 11

The guy grinned. “Don’t worry about it.” He was still groping and moving in to kiss her again!

Phoebe: *Another dodge, and Phoebe hopped up!* No, no… that’s plenty enough. You’re jus’ sooo not doin’ it for me! *He really wasn’t. Which was like… adding insult to injury! So much for solving her sexy-problems!* -12:34 Nov 11

The guy refused to take no for an answer! He stood. “So now you’re just going to ditch me after you led me on all this time? Not gonna happen, babe.” He moved for the door to block Phoebe’s way!

Phoebe: Dude, it was like fifteen minutes of making out. I think you’ll live! *Seriously, she was feeling stupid enough. She didn’t want to have a long conversation about it with the guy!* Move, or I’m going to kick your ass. -12:37 Nov 11

That didn’t bother him at all! He was moving to backhand Phoebe!

Phoebe: *Her reaction time was a little slow and she wasn’t exactly graceful, but she stumbled backwards to dodge!* I swear to god, if you don’t get out of the way, I’m going to break your fingers and your balls! -12:41 Nov 11

The guy was moving to tackle her to the bed! He didn’t seem to be thinking at all now!

Phoebe: *Dodging a hand was easy, but dodging a person not so much! Falling backwards on the bed, she latched on to his hand and as promised was trying to break one of his fingers!* -12:45 Nov 11

The man winced! “Damn it, let go of my fingers!”

Phoebe: *Phoebe, gave ’em a good twist, before she let go!* Do you get the hint now? Get lost! -12:54 Nov 11

“Fine, fine …” He shook his fingers. “Uptight bitch,” he growled before he stalked out, leaving Phoebe all alone!

Phoebe: *…she should have broken them! Phoebe sat there for a minute, taking a deep breath and…. really really wishing she could crawl in a hole somewhere! Smooth, move Phoebe! Officially the dumbest person in town!* -01:00 Nov 11

… Meanwhile, down at the party, Crystal was having the time of her life and neither Thanatos or Dante were anywhere to be seen!

Phoebe: *Well, that was it for her! Phoebe stumbled out of the room to fetch Crystal for the third time tonight! …including grabbing another drink to get that taste of ciggies outof her mouth! Gooood, what was she thinking?! That could have ended so bad!* Cryyyysiie! -01:03 Nov 11

Crystal: *She had managed to move her way off of the dance floor and to the DJ’s side. She was even flirting with him and was so very close to getting his number!*

Phoebe: Cryyss…hmm. *Cryssie almost had a number! It was girl code of honor not to ruin boy-napping! Glancing around, there was no Dante. …and no Thanatos either! So much for sticking closeby! urk… though she did kind of ditch them! Groaning to herself Phoebe turned around to head for the door. That was it! She’s going HOME where she’ll crawl in bed and die! Demon Princes can take care of themselves!* -01:10 Nov 11
Dante: *It just so happened that the large tree right outside the front door was where Dante had decided to sit, high up in the branches while he gave Phoebe the room she needed! He was sitting on a branch with one leg out and one leg up, knee bent, back against the trunk with one arm on the raised knee. He was also wearing the clothes he’d worn when he first appeared: boots, pants, jacket open to reveal a white shirt and criss-crossing belts.* -01:13 Nov 11
Phoebe: *Phoebe was so busy trying to watch her feet, especially after nearly falling face first down the porch steps, she didn’t see a thing! Not that anything looked normal anyway. Stupid blurry tilting vision. …Damned party! She was never going to party ever again! Phoebe was very carefully trying to walk a straight line down the driveway!* -01:16 Nov 11
Dante: *Dante looked down when he heard someone staggering down the steps and tilted his head slightly at Phoebe! As she made her way down the driveway, he dropped out of the branch and landed neatly on the ground, then began to tail her. She still needed her space but he also knew it would be all too easy for something bad to happen along the way.* -01:19 Nov 11
Phoebe: *If she had her phone, she could leave Crystal a text! Tell Cryssie all about mister can’t-take-no, and how she totally bailed, and where DID Ms. Nadine hide today? Turning on the sidewalk, Phoebe covered her ears with her hands. There was that weeeeird feelng of being stalked, but that was most likely a tipsy paranoia about the dumb guy!* -01:23 Nov 11
Dante: *Sneak sneak sneak! He made sure he wasn’t seen or heard or anything! Of course, it was natural for people to feel eyes at their backs. Dante decided it still wasn’t a good idea to show himself.* -01:25 Nov 11
Phoebe: *After a moment or two of stopping, turning around, and walking in a circle once or twice, Phoebe was satisfied that she was way too drunk to know what she was thinking! Smooth! Not drunk enough to sleep with a stranger, but totally weirded out in the dark! ….then again, there HAS been tons of monsters! Phoebe stepped off the sidewalk to cross the street and nearly hit the ground when the heel of her shoe got stuck in a drain cover.* C’mon!! Give it back! *She is soo not walking home lopsided!* -01:31 Nov 11
Dante: *Perhaps now was a good time to show himself? No. She still needed some room. If she found out he had been following her all this time … She might be more angry. He wondered if she would be angry enough to take him back home. Him and Thanatos. But they needed to do something here first, right? But would that stop her …* -01:37 Nov 11
Phoebe: *Phoebe didn’t consider that a woman wrestling with a shoe and yelling at it might look a little insane. But she did consider that it hurts when the shoe pops out and you land on your ass! It might have been funny if the heel weren’t broken. Now she had to take off her other shoe, and was stuck growling everytime she stepped on a rock.* Foul solid beasts of the deep…! Pluck off your minerals and feel you to the waste banshees…! -01:42 Nov 11
Dante: *Now, now would be a good time to step in and attempt to save her some discomfort at the very least. He owed her that much–and he genuinely wanted to help. He cleared his throat as he stepped into the light a few feet away, giving her more than enough time to react to him without having to worry about his reflexes moving him out of the line of danger.* … Phoebe. May I take you home? -01:45 Nov 11
Phoebe: Dante! *Relief to see him alive! Followed by a severe amount of guilt! …wait, why was she guilty?! It’s not like they were dating and she cheated on him! …dangit, now she couldn’t even look at him! Phoebe pointed at the ground.* They killed my shoe. -01:49 Nov 11
Dante: Hm. *He looked down at the drain cover and crouched down to pull on it experimentally.* … It is rather stubborn. *He pulled on it a few times but on the fourth time, it came out with a POP!–and unfortunately the heel broke off! He stood and held up the shoe.* My apologies. I will … make you a new pair. *Before Phoebe could ask what he meant, he used magic to repair the shoe and then made both as good as new! He crouched down again, on one knee and held up the shoe.* May I …? *He gestured for her to raise her foot so he could put her shoe on her foot for her.* -01:53 Nov 11
Phoebe: *How the devil was he going to make make her a- Oh! Blinking, she lift up a foot, having to hold up her arms to try and keep some balance.* Kind of like a real prince. -01:55 Nov 11
Dante: *He gave a soft smile as he slipped her shoe on and made it nice and secure. Then he stood and rubbed the back of his neck.* I … was only following you because I was concerned about you reaching your apartment safely … and … I realize you need your space. -01:57 Nov 11
Phoebe: *Aw man… way to twist the knife there and make her feel worse! Phoebe looked pretty sheepish.* Space is not a problem, really very the opposite. -02:00 Nov 11
Dante: In … that case, perhaps we may have a cup of tea at your apartment? -02:04 Nov 11
Phoebe: *Phoebe tugged on her ear, giving it some serious thought!* I don’t know if I can! I’m drunk and attacking people with molesting, and with you I wouldn’t be able to stop myself! -02:07 Nov 11
Dante: *He smirked.* If that will be a problem for you in the morning when you wake up naked under the sheets with me, I will take you back home and leave you until morning. -02:09 Nov 11
Phoebe: *Phoebe started walking backwards and shaking her head. He sooo didn’t get it!* I caaan’t take of advantage of you like that, I don’t own you and I can’t claim you, and damned if it wouldn’t be nice but sooo wrong! -02:12 Nov 11
Dante: *He smiled even as he stepped forward, picked her up and started walking back to her apartment.* I am jesting with you, Phoebe. I will take you home and spend the night on the balcony while you will be in bed, asleep. -02:14 Nov 11
Phoebe: *Whooosh! A whole knew meaning to getting swept off her feet! He might have been kidding, but she wasn’t. Phoebe was frowning very seriously.* You can’t sleep on the balcony. -02:17 Nov 11
Dante: I did not say I would be sleeping on the balcony. I just said I would spend the night there. It happens to be my favorite spot. -02:18 Nov 11
Phoebe: You have to sleep. *Phoebe was going to go in to a whole speach about him needing to sleep incase Hell popped out… but she got curious!* Where did you and Thanatos sleep last night? -02:22 Nov 11
Dante: Thanatos slept in your room on the bed. He never came out until Crystal came in the morning. I slept on the floor, right beside you. You never woke up despite all the noise Crystal made when she arrived. -02:27 Nov 11
Phoebe: Demons are a lot of work. I told you not to sleep on the floor. *Phoebe rest her head on his shoulder. Not having to walk was pretty cool! Normally she’d be freaking out about now having her feet on the ground.* -02:31 Nov 11
Dante: Hm. Did you? My memory is rather short or … as my Mentor was fond of putting it, selective. -02:35 Nov 11
Phoebe: Don’t sleep on the floor, Dante. *Selective indeed. ….Phoebe snuck a hand up to mess with his hair. She had a nice few of those few strange color strands in there. Who knew that could transfer over to real life and actually look badass!* I was stupid at the party and I feel bad. -02:40 Nov 11
Dante: *He opened the door to her building and stepped inside, making sure the door was closed firmly before he continued. He didn’t mind her messing up his hair.* Do you want to talk about it? -02:44 Nov 11
Phoebe: I was mad and jealous, and I’m not allowed to be, you know? *How did that color get in there, anyway. Was that a demon a thing…? She just thought it looked neat!* Soooo it’s good to get it out of me, right? Aaannnd I pounced on a guy, but it was all wrong… -02:49 Nov 11
Dante: It’s natural to be mad and jealous sometimes. *He waited for the elevator and then got inside.* -03:05 Nov 11
Phoebe: I don’t own you and if you want to kiss girls or have a crazy party orgy, I shouldn’t stop you! And you can’t stop me either and I could totally do it. But I couldn’t ’cause it was awful and it wasn’t fun, and then he got mad, and do I really look like I can’t kick a guy’s ass at all? *They’re in a box! Wait, this is the elevator! Dante knew the way home already? Man… he was so smart…!* -03:10 Nov 11
[Dante logged out of the chat.] -((03:30 Nov 11))
[Phoebe logged out of the chat.] -((03:35 Nov 11))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -03:35 Nov 11
[Phoebe is making drunken confessions to a half demon prince!] -06:38 Nov 11
[Dante is carrying Phoebe as they ride the elevator.] -06:38 Nov 11
Dante: It’s alright. You just need some time to rest and maybe eat something. Maybe even a nice, hot bath. -06:39 Nov 11
Phoebe: Are you mad at me? Gaaw.. Maybe I’m the Psycho Queen and it’s a crazy time traveling twisty epic where I find out I’m my own molesting mother…! *Now she was rambling and throwing her arms around Dante’s neck. What a nightmare!* -06:41 Nov 11
Dante: *The thought of the Psycho Queen didn’t sit well with Dante and it showed plainly on his face for a moment. Then he chuckled softly and kissed Phoebe–chastely–on the lips!* Mad, no. And, at the risk of spoiling your ranting, you are much better to look at than the Psycho Queen. -06:42 Nov 11
Phoebe: I think I have something against blondes. *Did he think she was pretty? Phoebe twitched her feet, and blinked when she realized she was being weird again.* I think she’s a thousand years old and that’s not her real boobs. -06:46 Nov 11

BING! The elevator arrived on the floor, the doors getting stuck before they finally opened! -Phoebe

Dante: *He smiled and waited for the doors to open before he stepped out, still holding her.* There are many tales about the Psycho Queen. There is no way to tell which is true and which is rumor. -06:52 Nov 11
Phoebe: I thought I knew eeeeeverything, cause I made it all up, but now I’m not so sure… *Phoebe yawned, resting her head against his shoulder again. How late was it, anyway?* -06:54 Nov 11
Dante: *Dante didn’t want to disturb her so he used magic to open the door without the key and then stepped inside. He closed the door behind him and then lay her down on her bed in her room.* -07:07 Nov 11
Phoebe: *Phoebe had dozed off, but the shifting had her jumping awake again. Grumbling, she captured one of his arms.* You’re going to stay here…? -07:11 Nov 11
Dante: *He stopped just as he was about to leave her.* Do you think that’s wise? I wouldn’t want you to feel guilty in the morning or regret something. -07:13 Nov 11
Phoebe: *Phoebe rubbed her eyes, mumbling a few inaudible things.* There’s monsters all over the place. You shouldn’t be alone…? -07:14 Nov 11
Dante: *Dante smiled and slid under the covers with her. He slipped his arms around her waist as he lay on his side and kissed her cheek.* I promise I’ll keep my clothes on for you, if that will make you feel better. -07:15 Nov 11
Phoebe: Uh huh. *Phoebe curled up with hiim, nice and warm and oh so comfortable! Only seconds to fall fast asleep!* -07:20 Nov 11
Dante: *He nuzzled her neck gently and pulled her closer.* Goodnight … Princess. -07:22 Nov 11