April Kathleen Hoffman

21 5’0″ black hair, dark brown eyes. Looks more like a young teen than an adult. Wears trendy clothes, favors pinks and pastels. Skirts and dresses.

Mom is a ho with lots of boyfriends and grandma is a real nasty piece of meanness. Dad? What dad? WHO dad? April sure don’t know.

April always did okay at schoolwork, but even better in popularity. She had lots of friends, was a cheerleader, got prom queen, and dated the hot guy.

That guy dumped her when he left for college. April sadly, did not qualify for any scholarships, and her “college money” was nowhere to be found when it was time to go.

April’s post college boyfriend was a punk that turned out to have two other girlfriends on the side AND he trashed her car.

She had a really good job working at Sears, but her coworker told her boss that April was the one stealing money out of the cash register. The boss, (being a slimy dirtbag who favored the hotter girl) fired April.

April has always done the right thing, been the nice girl, never broken a law or made an irresponsible choice in her whole life. After seeing a witchy movie at the theater when she was at her worst, April decided SCREW EBING THE NICE GIRL. She’s going to get revenge on the 7 people that did her wrong.


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