Ava Nerisse Addison

26 years old, miniature red head

Ava was an extraordinarily smart child, but when her Scientist Mother disappeared on assignment, she became nothing but exasperation for her Admiral Dad. She’s just incredibly curious and loves discovering new things, and really doesn’t respect rules and boundaries unless you can give her a reason she’ll respect.

FAMILY SECRET: Mother was an alien with shapeshifting biology, who got a little too attached to the subjects she was studying. When her superiors found out she’d not only gotten attached but had a child they immediately removed her. Is she still alive? Did Admiral Dad know? Is Ava even allowed to exist? Time will tell!

Ava is terrified of heights and thunderstorms. Really the thing about storms is the loud sudden booms, so she likewise can’t stand guns or other unexpected LOUD THINGS.

She is a sexually liberated young woman that has no problem taking on a lover when she feels the need – that is just not something that happens often as she’s usually way too focused on her researching. She’s never had a romantic relationship with someone, or really even a strong friendship bond either. All she wants to do is talk about her interests or be out there exploring or working on her research, and most people find that tedious/boring. But she does have a mostly good relationship with her coworkers, as she’s kind and courteous about other people’s time and work. Ava is just a bit of a bad influence and can get everyone in trouble.

Ava does not handle being sick or injured very well. She also has a terrible alcohol/drug tolerance. Or the cold!

She loves swimming, sun shiny days, plants and weird creatures. She likes talking to things and see if they talk back, and sometimes even if they don’t. Ava is definitely a bright eyed morning person.

She gets frustrated when she doesn’t get her way, but tend to find a way to do what she wants anyway especially if it involves being sneaky. She’s also very vocal about her opinions and will flat out questioning someone and argue with them until her point is made or she is removed. Her opinion is always the Right opinion and she has trouble admitting when she is wrong.

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