Bella Swan

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– Long brown hair with slight wave and no bangs, brown eyes, 5’4″, pale skin. A “snow white” sort of look. The physical strength of a kitten and bruises easily. Dresses very casual and low-key feminine. Skinny or boot cut jeans, zipped hoodies, fitted plaid, fur lined parkas, henleys, embroidered tunics, thin sweaters, sneakers and flats, earthy and soft colors, headbands, subtle jewelry. Lip gloss only- she doesn’t like the way make-up feels on her skin and she has a habit of accidentally smearing it or rubbing it off. Never wears dresses or anything too girly but does actually LIKE it and wants to; she just doesn’t think she can pull it off. Cannot seem to get the hang of high heels.

– Has physical self esteem issues that stem directly from her mother and grandmother. Is aware that she SHOULDN’T and knows she isn’t “ugly” but it still subconsciously affects how she dresses and behaves. They are always telling her how much prettier she’d be if she wore make up, changed the way she dresses, lost a little weight, etc. “You’re never going to find a boyfriend if you don’t pretty yourself up.” “A girl your age shouldn’t weigh that much.” Cementing this is when Bella DOES try to dress it up and really likes what she’s wearing, they still criticize and find fault with it. “That’s too much skin, you don’t want to look like a slut.” “You shouldn’t wear your hair that way, it makes you face look fat.”

– Is a little clumsy and awkward in her own skin. She tries to be small and not take up space. Most of it is subconscious insecurity; trying to protect herself from comments and criticism. The rest is her not wanting to cause trouble or be inconvenient for anyone. Bella is more comfortable being in the background.

– Her relationship with her Dad is tight. In a weird way, she feels kind of responsible for him and tries to make up for the fact her Mom left. She fusses, making sure he eats proper and takes care of himself. There’s always coffee and something for breakfast and she consistently makes dinner. If she’s not going to be at home for dinner (or if he is going to be late), she’ll be sure there’s something good for him that’s easy to pop in the microwave. Chores always get done. Lately she’s been trying to convince him to consider dating again. She’s worried that if she goes off to college that he’ll be lonely.

– Her relationship with her Mom is tepid at best. The woman abandoned her and her Dad when she was only a couple months old, then didn’t show up again until Bella was starting school. She worked out an agreement with Charlie for Bella to come stay with Renee during summers. Summers with Renee always start off good – they’ll be in a fun new location Bella gets to explore and Renee is determined for them to bond. But as the days tick by, Bella finds herself alone more and more often and she starts getting the impression that Renee is frustrated at having to keep track of her. Renee TRIES though and because of that Bella feels obligated to keep trying too.

– Bella loves traveling, exploring, and seeing new places. To try new things and do things that are exciting. It’s the one thing she really loves about summers with her Mom and a thing they have in common. But once she’s done for the day, she likes to be back home with the safe and familiar. Her things, her people, her home. As long as there’s a little spice to it, she’s very content with her life.

– Bella has a small social circle, but she is undying loyal to them. She is a caretaker personality and is always source of support when asked. When her friends are upset or hurting, she wants to fix it for them. She also never says no, which occasionally can be a problem for her if she takes on too much at once. She’s introverted, so big crowds are exhausting. Her sense of self-preservation when it concerns others is non-existent. Bella will literally throw herself in the line of fire to protect someone else. She manages her fear by trying to face it head on, occasionally to the point of being needlessly reckless and making poorly thought out choices.

– Though she’s good at picking up the moods and needs of others, she can be really obtuse about her own feelings and needs. She frequently writes in a journal. She finds it a really good way to get out of her head for a bit and to organize her thoughts. Her journals are all hand written in nice fancy notebooks – they are usually Christmas/Birthday gifts from Charlie.

– Loves to read and is a good student. Actually enjoys learning stuff and school, so much that she really likes the idea of being a teacher herself. She’s most interested in English and History.

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