Brienne Dobrev

A natural born habitual story teller and liar. Lying was never done out of malice, it was just because a complex story was so much more interesting than reality. So even as a teenager, when she talked about things or explained a situation, it was always exaggerated or fluffed out with events that never actually happened. Because she’s charismatic, all of her stories are believable. She was very popular and well-liked and fed off of all the attention.

One night she was lured away by a fae. Basically one of her tall tales became her reality, and it seemed like the most amazing thing ever until it turned into a nightmare. It felt like many many many years, where she was expected to tell stories. If the story was good, she was rewarded. If it was dull, she was invisible to everyone around her.

She doesn’t really remember or understand how she escaped. She told one really amazing, well received story. She was released? She met someone? And then she was home?

She returned home to find a fetch in her place, and it hadn’t been longer than a month or so. In a fit she killed her fetch, and tried to resume her life like nothing had ever happened. But her family treated her differently, and when she tried to fix it, somehow she’d woven disaster after disaster for her family. At one point one of her tales nearly led a family member to their death. She had a mental break and the fam sent her to an institution. It was there she realized she couldn’t go back to her family as it was just a new kind of torture. As soon as she was cleared to leave, she basically told her fam she was leaving and then ran away from home.

She is presently with the freehold, and has set herself up as someone who helps changelings set up a new life. Since she weaves stories, it’s a very easy and natural thing for her to do.

Spring court
fairest seeming

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