Cara Brie Wysong

Cara Brie Wysong

16 – Highschool Junior

Spent most of her life moving nearly once a year, as her mom changed jobs. It feels like as soon as she got comfortable and was able to make friends, they had to move again.

Her father left them when she was four. She has fond memories of her father, but her mom always talks about what a dirtbag he was. The reality is that her mom technically kidnapped her and left him when he tried to get custody of Cara because the moms was unstable and into some shady stuff. She moves them whenever she starts getting paranoid.

Cara loves her mom, but she’s always felt like the woman is more of a sister she has to take care of than a parent. Nicky is a party girl that likes to drink and do recreational drugs. She never does it at home, but she has often left Cara home alone unsupervised and will occasional come home hammered. On the brightside, she never brings home her male companions or boyfriends of the month. Cara had only ever met two prior to her mom’s current beau, and they weren’t around long enough for her to get to know them.

For the past three years, they’ve actually stayed in a single town long enough for Cara to settle in. She’s made friends at Highschool and got to experience dating for the first time. She’s had a couple of short term boyfriends and plenty of making out, but nothing that’s been “earth shaking”. She has a subconscious hangup about guys, due to her absent father and the way her mom talks about men. So she has a hard time getting emotionally invested, as can’t quite relax enough to really appreciate makeouts.

For the past year her mom has been in a serious relationship with a very wealthy man. She just announced to Cara that they’re getting married and Cara will be officially adopted into the family. She finds the guy charismatic, and he’s always been kind, but there’s just something off putting about him that Cara can’t really pinpoint or explain. She’s both excited and intimidated by the idea of having a big family. She’s a little worried that it’s going to uproot the life she and her mom finally settled into, but being part of a wealthy family means she’s actually going to get the opportunity to go to college, which is something Cara never thought she’d have a shot at.

Personality wise, Cara is still trying to figure herself out. Always being the new kid and having to present herself to a new class and seem interesting has given her a bit of an insecurity problem. She’s hesitant and shy with people, and slow to open up. Now that she’s been in the same place long enough to actually relax, she’s discovering more and more what she’s actually interested in (instead of trying to fit in to a new place). She has a sarcastic sense of humor and enjoys horsing around. She’s active and loves to swim. Bowling is awesome. Going to see movies with her friends is the best, especially super hero ones. She’s starting to have opinions on how things SHOULD be and has recently gotten into some trouble with teachers for being lippy. She hasn’t found the balance between blurting something out on emotional impulse, and thinking a little bit before she speaks.

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