Careen Calliente


Character Name: Careen Calliente
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 28


General Appearance: Careen seems to have those “ageless” features. She’s looked “older” since she was 11 and now she’s in her late twenties and looks younger than she is! Her previous “activities” kept her body in good strong shape, but after a year of wheeling and dealing to buy up land on Moraz9 (and a love of cheese danishes) she’s getting a little soft. Dark brown hair, wavy and very long. Usually left down and unattended unless there is business to deal with, then she’ll twist it up in a quick braid. Amber eyes. 5’6″ in height. Very fair skin. (There’s not a lot of sun out in space!)
Strengths: She might be soft and squishy, but she still knows how to throw a punch and break someone’s bones.
Weaknesses: Long term endurance!


Current Goal/Purpose: Form her own Country. Why not? It’s time to start a new family legacy!
Talents: Creative Planning.
Inabilities: Handling Liquor.
Fears: Dying. Death in general. (Thinking about it weirds her out.) Prisons. Scorpions. Bald guys with huge bushy beards.
General Personality: Bold! Charismatic! Adventurous! Amazing! Those are words she would describe herself as. Other people, well, they might have some other ideas. To the left over members of the family, Careen has become the “white sheep”. A righteous brat ruining their good time with big serious questions about better lives. Anyone Careen had ‘dealings’ with might call her a lying, deceitful, backstabbing wench. Everyone else thinks she’s nice enough. As long as she stays out of the liquor!
Inner Personality: Careen has come to terms with not being the most moral and benevolent creature in the galaxy. Being a criminal and benefiting from the misery of others didn’t ever bother her before. MOST of the time she didn’t kill people, and she had some pretty lofty standards about not hurting poor innocent kids, old ladies, and puppies. Now, though, she’s thinkin’ different. It might be how the family is dropping dead like flies, it might be her getting older. Or maybe a fresh new world has opened up a new trail of thought for her. Careen wants to change her life – and there’s no better way than doing it BIG!


General History:
Born in to a family that could essentially be deemed a band of cutthroat space bandits, Careen’s life was a little… dangerous! From the moment she could walk, she’s been involved in heists, scams, ransoms, gun fights, and everything else illegal under the sun. Hey, the criminal business was profitable!

As she got a little older, Careen was noticing that a life of crime might not be the best of ideas if you’re looking for a long and happy life. Calliente family members were ending up dead one way or another. Murders, Illness, and even Death sentences. By her mid twenties, here was almost none of them left.

Hearing about the discovery of a new solar system, Careen got an ambitious idea. Why not take that Gang mentality and all that money stolen over the years and do something AMAZING with it. Snatching up as much land and property on the planet of Moraz9 as possible, Careen intends to build an empire. Her very own country.

Of course, some of the left over family members aren’t too keen on the idea. One or two even think THEY’D make better kings. Now Careen must protect her property from invaders while trying to inspire followers.

Present Life:

Special Historic Notes:

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