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Shadowstar Plot Bunnies


  • Drinking contest with the Shadowstars!
  • Cassius ends up in Ma Hessing’s cellar by “accident” while escaping Betty. Ma Hessing asks MacBeth and Bronwen to go fetch him! MacBeth and Cassius have to decide what is more important… hating each other or saving Bronwen!
  • Banquo strikes a near fatal blow to Bronwen and with a ship under self-destruct, is there time to get out?
  • Men have to deal with Bronwen actually being seriously injured! Much freaking out!
    Betty stows away on the ship as a nice surprise to Cassius… who also gets a surprise from several women having his childrens!

  • Brennen presents everyone with condoms and birth control!
  • Bronwen and MacBeth and an angry fight! Cassius tries to goad it on and helps by accident!


    1 – Erikson Shadowstar (18y) a well known flirt gets his own ship and starts his own shipping business.
    2 –
    3 – Erikson Shadowstar (21y) meets Octavia (17y) while he’s flirting with her customers at a bar. She calls him a manwhore and he says she’s an uptight prude.
    4 –
    5 –
    6 – Erikson Shadowstar (24y) makes a famous name for himself with his “Can handle anything” shipping business. Not space pirates, not smugglers, not anyone prevents him from delivering the goods.
    7 – Erikson Shadowstar (25y) is sleeping around with Morgan (??y) along with several other women. He chases after a Toru princess and gets rejected!
    9 – After a few years throwing insults back and forth, Erikson Shadowstar (26y) and Octavia (23y) finally hookup after a big dangerous adventure. Erikson is no longer interested in other women!
    10 –
    11 – Erikson Shadowstar (28y) and Octavia (25y) get married! Morgan (??y) attends the wedding and makes a HUGE scene. Octavia makes it clear that no one is taking her husband.
    12 – Aaron is born. Erikson Shadowstar (29y) Octavia (26y).
    13 –
    14 –
    15 –
    16 –
    17 –
    18 –
    19 – Brennen is born. Erikson Shadowstar (36y) Octavia (33y). Aaron (7y)
    21 –
    22 –
    23 – Cassius is born. Erikson Shadowstar (39y) Octavia (37y). Aaron (10y). Brennen (3y)

    24 –
    25 –
    26 –
    27 – Dion is born. Erikson Shadowstar (42y) Octavia (40y). Aaron (14y). Brennen (7y). Cassius (4y)

    28 –
    29 – Bronwen is born. Erikson Shadowstar (44y) Octavia (42y). Aaron (16y) Brennen (9y). Cassius (6y). Dion (2y)
    30 –
    31 –
    32 –
    33 –
    34 –
    35 –
    36 –
    37 – Morgan gets herself pregnant by Ian Gordan. He is delighted to have a child and happy to get married!

    38 – MacBeth is born. Bronwen (9y)
    39 –
    40 –
    41 –
    42 –
    43 –
    44 – Shatriste Veraux is born?
    45 – Bronwen (16y) gets traumatized by “the talk” with her brothers.
    46 – MacBeth’s father is murdered by Morgan. His last job was the completion of Avalaon. MacBeth (8y) is whisked away by a caring Nanny.
    47 –
    48 –
    49 – Bronwen’s 20th birthday! Morgan crashes the party, killing Erikson and Octavia. Bronwen is put in the cryosleep chamber. MacBeth (11y) ends up with Aaron (36y) months later. Brennen (29y), Cassius (25y), Dion (22y).
    50 –
    51 – MacBeth (13y) is passed to Brennen (31y).
    52 – MacBeth (14y) is passed to Cassius (28y).
    53 – MacBeth (15y) is passed to Dion (26y).
    54 – MacBeth (16y) runs away for teenager freedom, meeting a few interesting people.
    55 –
    56 –
    57 –
    58 –
    59 – MacBeth (21y) returns to Shadowstar employ, barely. He still moved from brother to brother.
    60 – MacBeth (22y) and Arasia meet?
    61 – Duff McRaven’s son and Arasia’s brother, Nate dies asking McRaven to not work for Morgan anymore.
    62 – Arasia dies after being discovered as a traitor and spy. – Killed by Banquo.
    63 – Morgan has taken control of most of the galaxy. The Shadowstar clan can no longer work on things seperately and choose to pool together to deal with her directly.
    64 –
    65 – Talk of rescuing Bronwen is brought up by MacBeth (27y). At first they all thought it would be a good idea, but after their attempts, Morgan starts threatening to harm her trophy. They decided to leave that be and try something else.
    66 – The Shadowstar brothers are finally captured and subdued, especially when Morgan makes more direct threats to her frozen trophy. (Making sure they see the cryochamber and the things she can do to the one inside!) With the Shadowstars all captured and now being Morgan’s “Knights”, MacBeth decides to find Bronwen on his own.
    67 –
    68 – Squidpirates attack one of Morgan’s cargo ships. This ship contained Bronwen’s cryochamber in the cargo. It along with the rest of the cargo was lost when the ship was raided and destroyed.
    69 – The Crimson Nyx finds the cryochamber with Bronwen (20y/40y) and opens it. MacBeth (31y) meets Bronwen. Morgan (??) now knows Bronwen is released.

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    Oracle: Scene Wishlist & Plot Bunnies


    “Any Time” Scenes?

    • Lily’s birthday/halloween.
    • Christmas party! Leon harasses Ciara with mistletoe. Karaoke!
    • Anthony has a captured Gabriel for some time and tries to force him to feed from (and in the process kill) Evangeline.
    • An evil sealed under a seemingly normal suburban home begins to leak out, spreading and corrupting the neighboring homes like a plague, affecting people and the laws of time and nature itself. We could also tweak it so it’s a force of light sealed and it’s doing the opposite to make it so it’s Dark’s problem.
    • This plot bunny could take place anywhere and it’s the basic plot for Once Upon a Time, a series that’s coming out soon. Where everyone in a town is a storybook character that an evil queen put a spell on and now they’re trapped. Hell, even a woman who just moved to Storybrooke (the town) is a character. It was trippy when, in the preview trailer, the boy (I’m assuming is her son) turns to her and says, “Even you’re a character. But you just don’t know it.”

    Pre-Gate Scenes

    • Leon’s wolfy self is “triggered” by outside means, having him nearly kill Ciara!
    • To help ease Leon’s worries, Evangeline tells him about a spell that could force a wolf to his human form. She accidentally turns Brutus in to a boy!
    • Lily & Conrad & Co are invited to Eugene Jr’s for whatever. Lily mentions Evangeline, prompting Eugene Sr to finally get a “meeting” with the psychic. His revenge is foiled by Stephen Hawthorne!
    • Stephan Hawthorne gets a date with Evangeline! It’s going just fine until Evangeline accidentally does the frog spell and Hawthorne steals a kiss!
    • Cranky hunters make Evangeline cry, and she says “I’m just in the way here.” Ciara ‘lectures’ about why you don’t say mean things to Evangeline while Gabriel ‘punishes’.
    • Ciara’s parents come for a visit and make things awkward for everyone.
    • Vacation to France where Ciara has inherited a home that belonged to Monique and Sebastian. Gabriel’s secret connection to the Grey family!
    • Gabriel and Evangeline find Alicia.
    • BIG BAD GATE OF HELL! Anthony is gone and Gabriel is presumed dead!

    Post-Gate Scenes

    • Evangeline gives everyone a good fright with weird behavior!
    • Vincent comes to town and makes nicey-nice with Ciara. The government is trying to retrieve Leon, and being more bold/forceful about it.
    • Lily’s real father shows up insisting he wants to “get to know his daughter”. He’s actually trying to extort money to pay off the mob. Mob kidnapping Lily to hold for ransom!

    Mother Saga Scenes

    • The discovery of “Mother”.
    • Evangeline convinces Ciara in to letting her try and save Gabriel. It works but Gabriel disappears.
    • Evangeline’s search for Gabriel. She finds him without memory… then Michael nearly kills him. “Too Late”

    Post-Mother/ Great King Saga Scenes

    • Leon and Ciara’s Wedding & Reception at the Lakehouse!
    • Leon and Ciara’s honeymoon of doom!
    • Lily and Conrad go on a roadtrip they may never come back from!
    Diala Bunnies

    Oracle: Character Listings


  • Gabriel Carnatelli: The created son of Anthony Carnatelli and sworn enemy of every Carnatelli alive. Yet it is discovered he is actually The Great King and the true First Vampire.
  • Evangeline Clark: A psychic with a “bright soul”. Her visions led her to Gabriel where she never left!
  • Ciara Grey: Rich Heiress with ‘magical sight’ who lost her daughter to a vampire and spent several years tracking down masters and killing them in her own special way. She took over the New York branch of Oracle after Gabriel returned her daughter and she realized Oracle’s state of affairs was shitty at best.
  • Leon Santos: Childhood friend to Ciara, he disappeared when taken captive by a Government organization funded by Anthony Carnatelli because he had a wolf gene. He returned to Ciara after one of his many escapes and his been there since!
  • Lily Grey: Kidnapped by Michael Carnatelli when she was only a young teen, she spent several years as a captive doll. After being returned home, she is trying to live a “normal” life when her family is less-than-normal!
  • Conrad Wolfe: Driven to be a hunter for Oracle because a vampire drove his family to insanity and death. He is now the personal bodyguard to Lily Grey.
  • Caroline Andraste: A human turned demon after a bad deal with Malsuada, Caroline has a weakness for picking up stays. She made a deal with Gabriel to be responsible for Dark and later for Evangeline also.
  • Dark (Carnatelli): A direct clone of Gabriel, Dark had nearly been killed once and his memories wiped when Caroline found him. Evangeline convinced Gabriel to let him live, and now he studies under Caroline’s teaching.
  • Vlamerias: A little devil that enjoys meddling, she offered her help to Gabriel in exchange for becoming his new familiar! She is the sister of Valravn and the daughter to the Devil King.
  • Brutus: Super cute Werepup stolen away from a Romanian pack and adopted under the care of Evangeline! He spends a great deal of his time as Lily’s puppy-guard, or getting Wolfy training with Leon or other weres.
  • Anthony Carnatelli: Known as The Father of All Vampires, his ultimate objective is always unclear. What IS known is that he needs Gabriel under his thumb or dead. He enjoys playing games with his prey, going as far as to spend a lot of time and effort in to setting up plans.
  • Michael Carnatelli: A twisted creation of Anthony Carnatelli and considered as Gabriel’s Twin. All Michael has ever cared about was the suffering of his dear brother, and getting to play with his vast collection of pretty young Dolls. He has developed an obssession for taking back Lily, one of his favorites stolen by Gabriel!
  • Malsuada: An old, old devil that bounded Caroline by contract. She took a fancy to Evangeline’s bright soul and made an enemy of Gabriel. She seeks to get rid of him by helping Anthony Carnatelli so she can get her shiny soul back.
  • Elizabeth Bathory (Carmilla): A Master Vampire obsessed with youth and beauty. She steals the bodies of strong humans so that she can live on forever. She has stalked Conrad’s family for ages because he has a strong bloodline, and now he has lead her to Lily, someone with an ‘unbreakable soul’.


  • Valravn: Gabriel’s first familiar. A devil that preferred the form of a white raven. Evangeline always called him Fluffy!
  • Nicholas Wulfric: Leon’s father. Nicholas is the Alpha Were to the Pack of the Living Grave.
  • The White Queen (Octavia): A Romanian Alpha Female Wolf that wishes to take Leon or his Father as her mate and strengthen her pack.
  • Lucretia: A devil sealed in a painting. The familiar of The Great King who betrayed him!
  • Stephan Hawthorne: A professor at Lily’s College who is a wizard of some sort!
  • Hannah: A cheerful, bubbly redhead. Michael mistook her for Lily when he came to the college. Lily and Conrad saved her. Since then she has been Lily’s best friend and has had a brief crush on Conrad!
  • Eugene The Great: A terrible wizard with grand schemes. His plots are always foiled by Gabriel and Evangeline by pure accident. He seeks eventual revenge.
  • Eugene Jr.: Strangely enough, the son of Eugene Sr. Jr runs the Paranormal Club at Lily’s college and is always trying to talk her and Conrad in to joining.
  • Jay: One of the original hunter newbies! He is now a Lead Hunter! Jay’s team came with Evangeline when she was searching for Gabriel.
  • Frank: One of the original hunter newbies! He had a habit of passing out and was the scrollmaster. Was part of Jay’s team!
  • Clara: Evangeline’s childhood friend! She likes and makes Pony Toys.
  • Victor: Ciara and Leon’s childhood “friend”. He was always jealous of Leon and made a habit to make his life miserable. He dated Ciara for a short time in highschool. He now returns trying to recapture Leon for the Government and to take Leon’s place with Ciara.
  • Peter Macintyre: Lily’s real father.
  • Bradly: A hunter that went too far in complaining at Evangeline, and spent a few days being tortured by Gabriel!