Oracle: Scene Wishlist & Plot Bunnies


“Any Time” Scenes?

  • Lily’s birthday/halloween.
  • Christmas party! Leon harasses Ciara with mistletoe. Karaoke!
  • Anthony has a captured Gabriel for some time and tries to force him to feed from (and in the process kill) Evangeline.
  • An evil sealed under a seemingly normal suburban home begins to leak out, spreading and corrupting the neighboring homes like a plague, affecting people and the laws of time and nature itself. We could also tweak it so it’s a force of light sealed and it’s doing the opposite to make it so it’s Dark’s problem.
  • This plot bunny could take place anywhere and it’s the basic plot for Once Upon a Time, a series that’s coming out soon. Where everyone in a town is a storybook character that an evil queen put a spell on and now they’re trapped. Hell, even a woman who just moved to Storybrooke (the town) is a character. It was trippy when, in the preview trailer, the boy (I’m assuming is her son) turns to her and says, “Even you’re a character. But you just don’t know it.”

Pre-Gate Scenes

  • Leon’s wolfy self is “triggered” by outside means, having him nearly kill Ciara!
  • To help ease Leon’s worries, Evangeline tells him about a spell that could force a wolf to his human form. She accidentally turns Brutus in to a boy!
  • Lily & Conrad & Co are invited to Eugene Jr’s for whatever. Lily mentions Evangeline, prompting Eugene Sr to finally get a “meeting” with the psychic. His revenge is foiled by Stephen Hawthorne!
  • Stephan Hawthorne gets a date with Evangeline! It’s going just fine until Evangeline accidentally does the frog spell and Hawthorne steals a kiss!
  • Cranky hunters make Evangeline cry, and she says “I’m just in the way here.” Ciara ‘lectures’ about why you don’t say mean things to Evangeline while Gabriel ‘punishes’.
  • Ciara’s parents come for a visit and make things awkward for everyone.
  • Vacation to France where Ciara has inherited a home that belonged to Monique and Sebastian. Gabriel’s secret connection to the Grey family!
  • Gabriel and Evangeline find Alicia.
  • BIG BAD GATE OF HELL! Anthony is gone and Gabriel is presumed dead!

Post-Gate Scenes

  • Evangeline gives everyone a good fright with weird behavior!
  • Vincent comes to town and makes nicey-nice with Ciara. The government is trying to retrieve Leon, and being more bold/forceful about it.
  • Lily’s real father shows up insisting he wants to “get to know his daughter”. He’s actually trying to extort money to pay off the mob. Mob kidnapping Lily to hold for ransom!

Mother Saga Scenes

  • The discovery of “Mother”.
  • Evangeline convinces Ciara in to letting her try and save Gabriel. It works but Gabriel disappears.
  • Evangeline’s search for Gabriel. She finds him without memory… then Michael nearly kills him. “Too Late”

Post-Mother/ Great King Saga Scenes

  • Leon and Ciara’s Wedding & Reception at the Lakehouse!
  • Leon and Ciara’s honeymoon of doom!
  • Lily and Conrad go on a roadtrip they may never come back from!

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