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  • Elswen: Timeline

    Elswen: Timeline

    (Not exactly in order, just important events) Birth of all the girls (or whole cast for that matter) Blair leaves/gets married Aidan arrives in Elswen Kendal gets married Sasha opens Page Turner Niece born Sam and Blair deaths Halloween & Zombies —————————————————- – Blair is Born – Kendal is Born – Sasha is Born –…

  • Aidan and Sasha: The Unruined Date

    Aidan and Sasha: The Unruined Date

    FINISHED. Aidan and Sasha have a date that doesn’t get ruined by lunacy! (8:44:39 PM) Ocha: It was a week after New Years and Elswen was starting to finally look like it normally did. The holiday lights were being taken down in a dozen shops and the rains had returned. Sasha was trying to read…

  • 001 Meeting the Shadow

    001 Meeting the Shadow

    Sebastian Fox meets a very odd, very mysterious shadow woman who is in need of help.