Elswen: Timeline

(Not exactly in order, just important events)

Birth of all the girls (or whole cast for that matter)
Blair leaves/gets married
Aidan arrives in Elswen
Kendal gets married
Sasha opens Page Turner
Niece born
Sam and Blair deaths
Halloween & Zombies


– Blair is Born
– Kendal is Born
– Sasha is Born
– Kendal meets Sam in Highschool.
– Blair runs away from home.
– A note from Blair saying she got married.
– Kendal Marries Sam in College.
– Sam Graduates and works for the Police. His partner is Dane.
– Kendal gets a job at the Chronicle.
– Sasha opens The Page Turner.
– Blair has a Daughter, but no one knows.
– Aidan moves in to town and joins the Morning Crew with Natalia.
– Sam Dies.
– Kendal tries to raise Sam from the death and summons a cemetery of zombies.
– Dane’s new partner is Lucas Davenport (Tali’s Brother)
– Girls receive news that Blair has died. Husband will not give Blair’s body or state where she’s buried.
– Kendal is promoted to Chronicle Editor.



1844 – [color=HOTPINK][b]REBECCA[/b][/color]
1920s – Shadow Laila & Sebastian
??? – Parents
??? – Blair, Kendal, Sasha
??? – Blair’s Daughter
??? – Apocalypse Gen: Sasha’s Son + Cassie’s Daughter, Kendal’s 3 Daughters
??? – Post Apoc SciFi


Aidan and Sasha: The Unruined Date

FINISHED. Aidan and Sasha have a date that doesn’t get ruined by lunacy!

(8:44:39 PM) Ocha: It was a week after New Years and Elswen was starting to finally look like it normally did. The holiday lights were being taken down in a dozen shops and the rains had returned. Sasha was trying to read a National Geographic article about an archiology dig in South America, but her mind kept on wandering back to New Years. She had been quite bold, but it seemed to have been the right thing to do.

(8:48:48 PM) Diana: Almost like clockwork, Aidan was seen walking towards the shop. Yet, this time instead of walking in, he passed right through the windows and door without entering. That was odd!
(8:50:38 PM) Ocha: Sasha found that more then a bit odd. Setting down her magazin after a moment of puzzlement, she went around the counter and opened the shop door to look down the street. Was he sick?
(8:55:13 PM) Diana: There was not an Aidan to be seen outside. However, there was a small cough in the shop behind her. There was Aidan standing with a bouquet of tiger lilies and grinning. “I snuck around back.”

(8:58:26 PM) Ocha: “Oh,” Sasha said as she smiled back at him. She walked over and glanced at the flowers and then at him. “You surprised me,” she finally said as she looked up at him. Sasha might not like surprises, but surprises like this were nice!
(9:10:28 PM) Diana: Aidan handed her the flowers, rubbing the back of his head. “After New Years went a little wild, I figured another try would do us good. Try, try again, they always say?” For Aidan, he’d be happy to try again for a lifetime!

(9:14:08 PM) Ocha: Smelling the flowers gave Sasha a way to hide the blush that was tinting her cheeks. She was glad Aidan was so good natured about the weirdness that happened, and in all honesty, even if it wasn’t her fault, well, her life never was normal, even by her family’s standards. “What did you have in mind?”

(10:15:25 PM) Diana: “I was thinking a walk through to park, street stand food and sitting down for the Movies in the Park event tonight?” In the summer time Movies in the Park was a popular event. People would grab picnic baskets and blankets to stretch out on the grass. But in the winter, almost no one showed up. They had a screen set up in a pavillion and it was ideally quiet. Aidan figured they could use some quiet.
(10:22:24 PM) Ocha: Sasha moved the flowers away from her face. “That sounds nice.” Also it sounded a bit chilly, but Sasha was sure that wouldn’t be too much trouble. “I’m going to put these in water.”

(10:23:45 PM) Diana: Aidan just smiled. Where normally it would be a very relaxed sort of expression, this time he looked similar to the Cheshire cat with a secret. His hands clasped behind his back and he rocked on his heels as he waited patiently.
(10:27:08 PM) Ocha: Pausing briefly to insure that her part time help didn’t need anything for the rest of the day, Sasha returned after finding a vase for the flowers. “They are beautiful flowers, thank you.”

(10:37:15 PM) Diana: Aidan offered his arm for her. “I figure you needed something green to cheer up the place with your employees being so… uncheerful.” Sasha’s current part timer was a goth girl who only sighed with great anguish. Aidan thought she was a nice enough girl, but never saw the sense or enjoyment of being a tormented soul.
(10:42:11 PM) Ocha: Sasha smirked. “Any bit of cheer is always welcomed.” Sasha took his arm. She glanced up at Aidan. “The show went well today,” giving more a hint then normal about how much she listened to the radio.

(10:48:10 PM) Diana: “Generally when Tali isn’t auctioning me off in some weird promotional event, it’s a good day.” He grinned, leading her out of the store and waiting long enough for her to lock up. Then it was leisurly strolling down the sidewalk towards the park. He was in no rush! “I enjoy the story about the hippo sighting, though. That had me laughing for a good hour.” Even now he was surpressing another chuckle about the man’s hippo harrows.

(10:51:07 PM) Ocha: “Though you would think if there was a hippo it would have been at the lake.” As they walked Sasha smiled up at the sky. They seemed to have gotten a lucky break in the weather. In fact the sky didn’t look as dark as it had earlier in the day.

(11:04:13 PM) Diana: “I don’t hippos have ever cared about following what us humans think makes more sense.” He shrugged with a laugh. The park was coming in to view. Very few people were out in the chilly air, but with the sun shining it didn’t feel near as cold as usual.
(11:14:47 PM) Ocha: “I suppose that as long as the hippo is happy it cares nothing at all for us.”. Though the trees were all but naked there was a beauty in the park. “It is still too early for the spring bulbs I suppose.”
(9:26:36 PM) Diana: “Aye, but we’re not here to see the flowers today.” Aidan was grinning again. In fact, he never stopped grinning. Having a congenial expression was a normal thing for him, but today it was just plain cheeky. Finally somewhere in the middle of the park he stopped and turned to Sasha. His expression looking very serious. “Before we go anywhere else, I need you to close your eyes.”
(9:31:27 PM) Ocha: Sasha, confident and self assured most the time had a mixture of emotions letting Aidan have free reign of planning their date. None of those feelings were bad, but it was different. She even surprised herself by closing her eyes before even expressing her curiosity. “Okay?” she asked while smiling and trying not to fidget.
(9:37:57 PM) Diana: Once her eyes were closed, Aidan took her hands and started leading her forward. Ever so often he’d give instructions to step over or around something. Guide her through a tricky spot, or simply have her pause for a second. Finally they stopped and he let go of her hands. “Keep them closed just a little bit longer.” There were sounds of him bustling around. The ksssh of a lighter, clink of glass. He cleared his throat. “Okay, open.” Aidan was standing in the center of a park gazeebo with hsi hands in his pockets. On one side was a setup of pillows and blankets next to a small coffee table with a light lunch picnic. On the other side was a projection screen where the opening credits were starting to roll for some old black and white musical.
(9:38:51 PM) Ocha: (it died!)
(9:39:20 PM) Diana: Once her eyes were closed, Aidan took her hands and started leading her forward. Ever so often he’d give instructions to step over or around something. Guide her through a tricky spot, or simply have her pause for a second. Finally they stopped and he let go of her hands. “Keep them closed just a little bit longer.” There were sounds of him bustling around. The ksssh of a lighter, clink of glass. He cleared his throat. “Okay, open.” Aidan was standing in the center of a park gazeebo with hsi hands in his pockets. On one side was a setup of pillows and blankets next to a small coffee table with a light lunch picnic. On the other side was a projection screen where the opening credits were starting to roll for some old black and white musical.
(9:40:23 PM) Ocha: (one more time then I’m dl AIM)
(9:40:53 PM) Diana: Once her eyes were closed, Aidan took her hands and started leading her forward. Ever so often he’d give instructions to step over or around something. Guide her through a tricky spot, or simply have her pause for a second. Finally they stopped and he let go of her hands. “Keep them closed just a little bit longer.” There were sounds of him bustling around. The ksssh of a lighter, clink of glass.
(9:40:59 PM) Diana: He cleared his throat. “Okay, open.” Aidan was standing in the center of a park gazeebo with hsi hands in his pockets. On one side was a setup of pillows and blankets next to a small coffee table with a light lunch picnic. On the other side was a projection screen where the opening credits were starting to roll for some old black and white musical.
(9:46:34 PM) Ocha: While she was of course tempted to open her eyes, not ones did she give it any serious consideration. It was only her curiosity after all. While a little odd, having Aidan guide her with her eyes closed wasn’t as awkward as she would have thought. When a man takes care of you as a 7 year old for a day and sleepwalking in an interdimential castle though, you learn to trust him. So when Sasha opened her eyes, despite everything around her the first thing she looked for was Aidan. Her delight obvious even before she started looking around. “when did you…?”
(9:53:09 PM) Diana: “We’ll just say I call in a favor or two.” He pulled his hands out of his pockets to beckon her up the steps, taking one of her hands to help her sit down on the small pallet of pillows. “Today for your dining experience, we have sandwiches, fruit, and…” he eyed a container filled with oddly shaped cookies. “Suspicious looking cookies, but we’ll tell my neighbor they were delicious.” Aidan gestured behind him at the screen. “I thought a movie in the park was a nice change of pace. What do you think?”
(9:56:20 PM) Ocha: “I think it’s wonderful,” Sasha told him still smiling. This was already more than she expected, and not even a cellphone had gone off yet. While anything could happen she did quickly dig for her phone and promptly shut it off. “This is very comfortable might I add.” Sasha patted one of the pillows.
(10:03:49 PM) Diana: “Stuffed with Elswen’s finest fluff.” Aidan plopped down next to Sasha in that awkward way long legged people tended to do. While the movie was starting up, he opened a thermas and poured a cup of hot cocoa to hand to her. “Mayan Chocolate. You could say I battled a rabi amazonian Tali to get it.”
(10:07:17 PM) Ocha: Sasha took a moment to smell the spiced chocolate goodness. “Very adventurous,” she said with teasing admiration. After taking a sip he handed it back to him. “You’re just full of surprises aren’t you.” Sasha was not just happy she was also relaxed too.
(10:11:34 PM) Diana: Aidan gave a sheepish shrug, but for the moment he was content with his surprise. With all of the times he had tried taking her out so she coulda have a nice day, today was the first time he felt confident that it was going to be a good one. He wasn’t really sure how. He just thought today would be a lucky one. “It’s no German Castle, but I got a smile. What more could a guy ask for?”
(10:18:17 PM) Ocha: “I don’t know,” Sasha felt like she could smile all day for him if that was what he wanted. “I think this is a lot better than Germany. Even with selective memories of it.” Which was something she’d been doing lately, thinking about all those little moments before something happened. The benefit dinner had been close, but this was, well exactly what she wanted, a real date with Aidan. Not just lunch, not any social obligation, a real…. date!
(10:24:09 PM) Diana: He leaned to the side, close as if he were about to reveal a big secret. “Have to say, if you keep smiling like that I’m going to be too daft to remember anything else.” Aidan grinned with a soft laugh. There was something about Sasha when she smiled, he just never could seem to put words to it!
(10:30:21 PM) Ocha: “I’m not sure if you’re trying to discourage me or the opposite,” she teased. Sasha decided then and there that old movies needed to be watched more often. Not that it had much to do with the movies themselves. “Have you had some yet?” Sasha held an apple slices before him.
(10:38:12 PM) Diana: “Can’t help myself. Something about pretty girls gets me bashful.” Aidan probably never was described as bashful. But then, no one ever saw Aidan going out or flirting with other ladies either. He plucked out one of the apple pieces, taking a thoughtful bite. His head gestured towards the movie screen. “I like the music in these old movies. Having theme songs for special moments always sounded like a really cool idea.”
(10:42:56 PM) Ocha: “There is something nice about theme songs.” Sasha looked over at the screen nibbling the piece of apple. “These movies always seem so hopeful. Like at the end if the day everything will be okay.” Sasha glanced back at Aidan, a twinkle in her eyes. “Or am I a sap for always wanting to see the happily ever after?”
(10:51:20 PM) Diana: “I like to think everybody gets a happy ever after. We’re just living the adventure before the ending.” He reached out, brushing her hair behind her ears and pulling away a small yellow leaf that had drifted it’s way on to her shoulder from outside. “My favorite part about them is probably the adventures. How everyday is something new and interesting, even the mundane daily tasks.”
(10:58:42 PM) Ocha: “Nothing is ever quite the same the second time around,” Sasha admitted, glancing at the leaf in his hand then back up to his eyes. She had a moment to wonder how fortunate she was. “I’d rather cherish each moment. Your adventurous and mundane ones. But as you said they can be both.”
(11:03:26 PM) Diana: His grin softened to a faint smile. The woman had no idea how much he cherished all the moments he managed to share with her. Without second guessing he leaned forward again, this time brushing a soft kiss at the corner of her mouth, and mumbling his thoughts outloud. “Every moment with you is a cherished one.” When he tilted back again, he almost looked embarassed.
(11:12:01 PM) Ocha: The delight Sasha felt danced in her stomach like a troop of butterflies. Nervous and glee in a mad dance. She had her eyes half closed as she found his hand, placing hers atop it. “I, um, I wouldn’t want that to change,” Sasha mentally kicked herself, why hadn’t she said she felt the same.
(11:19:01 PM) Diana: Where most guys might be discouraged or disappointed, Aidan simply laughed. He knew Sasha well enough now to know what she meant to say, or not say! So when he cupped her cheek to tilt her face towards his and pressed his mouth against hers, he was certain he wasn’t about to get the daylights swatted out of him.
(11:26:30 PM) Ocha: Sasha was a bit surprised, though not alarmed when Aidan laughed. It had been clumsy on her part, but it seemed he was giving her the chance to make up for it the next moment. Closing her eyes completely, Sasha wrapped her arms around Aidan, savoring this moment like none other.
(11:46:13 PM) Diana: He kissed her soft, not finding himself in any sort of rush to ravish or to break away. One arm slipped around her while a thumb brushed gently over her cheek. Years of knowing Sasha, getting an opportunity like this didn’t happen often, so Aidan savored it!
(11:57:23 PM) Ocha: Sasha was the one to pull back, or rather seemed to push away slightly so that she could look at him. She didn’t find any need to let go after all. “That was nice,” she finally said softly. There might have been other kisses, but this had all the feeling of a first. Each moment with Aidan was special, she might never find the way to say it, but maybe, just maybe, he already knew.
(12:04:39 AM) Diana: “I’d say something witty and poetic, but you’ve got a way of making me speachless.” he said with a lopsided grin. Aidan didn’t move away, but rather shifted so he could lean back against some of the pillows with his arm still wrapped around Sasha. Sitting like this was more than just comfortable, it was natural! Like they did it everyday!
(12:12:55 AM) Ocha: “I’m surprised you let me anywhere near your work then.” Though his words pleased her to no end. It was nice being there with him, alone. With little thought in her mind she traced his jaw line to his chin with her finger. Barely even noticing the cold breeze from outside.
(4:25:10 PM) Diana: “Work is usually done by the time you show up.” He grinned. There was that hint of stubble at his jaw, enough that now his own fingers rubbed against as chin as he realized he didn’t think to shave this morning. With the chill of the wind, her drew his arm more snug around her and tugged over one of the blankets to drap loose over their legs.
(4:31:16 PM) Ocha: “I suppose that’s true,” she admitted. Sasha had more and more found herself waiting at Aidan’s desk after the show, sometimes there wasn’t even anything dramatic going on. “I wonder though if having me show up hasn’t been inconient.” Fortunately the witch was grinning while she said this, it wasn’t likely she was going to stop showing up spontaneously when the need or desire was there, and the line between want and need blurred more and more.
(4:38:39 PM) Diana: Aidan tried to think of a moment Sasha had been inconvenient. He really thought! Not a single moment seemed to come to mind, and the sheepish grin on his face mirrored his thought. Sasha was always a welcomed surprise. “I’ll tell you what, if it ever becomes a problem you’ll be the first to know. But if you’re packing coffee, I think I can forgive you.”
(4:42:17 PM) Ocha: “I will have to keep that in mind, though as long as they keep serving that horrible mud on your floor I doubt it will be difficult.” Sasha glanced at the movie, and had no idea what had been going on in the plot.
(4:46:31 PM) Diana: Aidan didn’t seem to have his attention on the movie either. Rather, he had taken one of her hands to link her fingers with his. For a woman who could do such extraordinary things, they looked and even felt more delicate than one would imagine. His mouth turned up in to a smirk. “I figure it’s in the contract somewhere that they have to serve us bad coffee. Keeps us in line.”
(4:50:43 PM) Ocha: “Doesn’t seem to work so well,” she muttered, her attention once more drawn away from not only the movie but just about everything else besides Aidan. “So, I have a confession to make,” Sasha glanced down at their hands, and when she turned back up to look at Aidan, she looked embarrassed. Perhaps moreso then when she’d awken from her seven year old nap.
(4:56:58 PM) Diana: He released her hand only to lift her chin up with a finger. His eyebrow raised inquisively, but he didn’t say a word as he waited for her confession.
(5:00:12 PM) Ocha: “So I’ve been getting up early every weekday morning since you first go on the morning show.” Before they met, before he was even friends with Sam and Dane. “Every morning..,” Sasha even more than once confessed she hated mornings and prefered to sleep in.
(5:15:38 PM) Diana: Aidan grinned. He didn’t realize she listened -every- morning, though he was sure she listened often. He didn’t need to confess how often he dropped by just for the chance to see her. Since the day he met her, he had found one excuse after another to walk by her store, ask her to join him for lunch, or just find reasons to visit her home. “I’ve got a confession too.” He said gravely. “I play your favorite songs on purpose.”
(5:56:22 PM) Ocha: Sasha actually was surprised by that, though perhaps she shouldn’t have been. “Sneaky,” her grin more of a smirk and she seemed less self conscious once more. A little mischief, for the sake of good was after all appreated. “I wouldn’t tell anyone else that though if I were you.”
(6:00:23 PM) Diana: “Aye… Many upset fans would be demanding their songs and probably my blood to boot.” Aidan laughed softly. It was hard enough when some of the female fans caught wind that he had another woman on his mind! It made Natalia’s promotional stunts awkward on several occasions.
(6:05:28 PM) Ocha: Not to mention Sasha was never keen on the more fan driven stunts Tali attempted, especially of late. Sasha didn’t actually mind most the fans, but some of them, well she tried not to wish them to disappear after the last incident. “That wouldn’t be good for anyone. A few of them already think
(6:06:06 PM) Ocha: A few of them already think if they’re showy enough they’ll um… Win you over.”
(6:50:29 PM) Diana: Before long the movie was rolling it’s ending credits, lunch was nothing but a few crumbs. Aidan’s arm was resting comfortably around Sasha, ever so often twirling a strand of her hair around a finger.
(6:55:24 PM) Ocha: If Sasha was a cat she’d be purring by now. There seemed so few chances to just relax with Aidan, and this was well beyond what she imagined a proper date would look like with him. “You’ve spoiled me you know.” She smiled at him.
(7:09:14 PM) Diana: “I don’t think that’s so bad.” Aidan grinned, not moving an inch. Finally he leaned and brushed a kiss against her temple. To spoil Sasha everyday was exactly what Aidan intended to do. One day he might even make it his official duty.
(7:16:14 PM) Ocha: Sasha giggled. It wasn’t something she had been inclined to do for the last several years, but Aidan had been able to encourage them out of the witch more and more. “I’m sure somehow that’s wrong, but I don’t really mind.” Leaning up she kissed him back. “If this is the trend for the New Year, I won’t mind.” And be glad someone actually heard her New Years wish.
(7:24:00 PM) Diana: Aidan tilted his head to the side as a thought came to him. “What if we make it the official New Years trend? You me, and one hell of a good day?” Why not? One quiet, perfect day out of the year would be a piece of cake.
(7:33:29 PM) Ocha: Sasha opened her mouth to say something then closed it and looked thoughtful. Finally a sweet little smile formed. “One quietly perfect day with you sounds more than fair.” Because while quiet might be in short supply, Sasha figured perfect with Aidan might be possible, and besides…, “You know how I like observing traditions.”
(7:50:52 PM) Diana: “It’s a deal then. This day every January. Come hell or highwater!” Such a promise wasn’t made lightly or in just. Aidan was certain that one day they’d experience hell or highwaters, and any number of other adventures. It made life interesting. Clearing his throat, he shifted to stand and held out his hand for her. “It’s starting to get chilly out, so I better get you home.”
(7:52:40 PM) Ocha has signed on.
(7:54:17 PM) Ocha: While there was no lightning to punctuate Aidan’s declaration, Sasha felt the weight of the promise none the less. It was all in all a good thing. “Yes, your right.” Though it was almost a shame as Sasha took his hand to stand.
(8:14:34 PM) Diana: Aidan folded up the blanket and dropped it on top of the basket. The rest of the place he’d worry about cleaning up later. He offered his arm to Sasha and when she took it, he was leading the way down the steps and for the park path. On his face was quite possibly the largest grin he had ever given.
(8:26:25 PM) Ocha: The lamps in the park were lighting up as the early winter night defended upon them. Sasha might have been a bit chilled now that they were getting tugged at gently by the wind, but she wouldn’t quicken her pace back to her shop for anything.
(8:44:28 PM) Diana: Without saying a word, Aidan slipped off his jacket and draped it around her shoulders. Then he was pointing upwards at the sky where the brightest stars were just barely peeking through the blue of the sky. “What do ya think, one more wish?”
(8:48:24 PM) Ocha: The jacket even smelled like him. “Hm, starlight, starbright first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might have this wish I wish tonight.” There was of course a fine line between wishing rhymes and incantations. A line Sasha never quite investigated. Had she any curiosity she could likely have asked Kendal or even their father, but there was something magical beyond magic that was a wish, and Sasha wanted to keep it that way for them.
(8:54:35 PM) Diana: They reached Sasha’s store all too soon for Aidan. As they stopped in front of the doors, he turned to face her. A faint grin on his face. She said the rhyme so seriously, and Aidan might have done the same. But he already knew what he wished for, and it didn’t take a star to grant it. Leaning forward he brushed a soft kiss over her lips. One that turned deeper with each passing second. When he broke away, there was that grin again. “I love you, Sasha.”

(12:57:49 AM) Ocha: Aidan left her a bit breathless and the kiss didn’t help either. Sasha smiled at the DJ with just a bit if impishness to it. “I hope so,” she told him. She the placed a hand on his cheek. “I love you too.”
(1:01:34 AM) Diana: If men could fly without wings, this is what it felt like. If he smiled any wider his face might crack. Giving Sasha another quick kiss, this time he was reluctant to let go. His arms sliding around her and pulling her close as he moved his mouth against hers. Never taking more than she offered, and giving her all of the love he had wanted to share for far too long.
(1:08:54 AM) Ocha: All her hesitation, all her doubt, had melted away by this point. Sasha had no other thought right now then how happy she was to be in this man’s arms. She would have surprised the Sasha of old, who never gave Aidan more than an inch at a time. She did surprise herself with the tears that fell from her eyes as she finally gave herself completely.
(1:18:42 AM) Diana: When Aidan pulled away he rest his forehead against hers. A hand reaching up to brush a thumb against her cheek and wipe a tear away. He gave a soft amused chuckle. “Don’t go doin’ that now. You might get me tearin’ up too…”
(1:26:13 AM) Ocha: The snicker was perhaps self defecating, “It could be worse.” Sasha closed her eyes and placed a hand over the one he had by her face. After a moment she opened her eyes again, still smiling though not with as much giddiness. The smile was adoring though. “You have an early day tomorrow.”
(1:27:33 AM) Diana: He nodded, not pleased about it, but it was the truth. With a sigh he stepped back. Giving her that same careless smile he’d been giving her the past few years. “Catch you tomorrow.”
(1:32:24 AM) Ocha: Sasha nodded as she took a step backwards and placed a hand on the shop door. “Aidan, I…” she looked at him hoping that he’d understand how much this day meant to her, being able to be with him. Sasha doubted she’d have the right words for how she felt.
(1:33:43 AM) Diana: “You don’t have to say it.” He grinned, waving a hand as he backed down the sidewalk. She already told him she loved him. It was the best day of his life. She didn’t have to say anything more.
(1:36:54 AM) Ocha: Sasha grinned to herself as she opened the shop door and walked inside. Once inside and alone, as alone as one could be in a haunted building she spun in a circle and hugged herself. Today had been wonderful, great and if it wasn’t perfect she didn’t want to be told.

Boulevard of Broken Shadows

001 Meeting the Shadow

(9:20:43 PM) Midnight Lady: “Thank you again Mr. Fox,” his still upset client said after passing over the check and standing up. “You did a good job. If we need your services again…” With a last nod the man went out of the detectives offices and into the autumn night.
(9:22:55 PM) Sebastian: Sebastian Fox ran his hands over his face before he leaned back in his chair with a heavy sigh. One case down, one to go. Who knew this tiny, secluded little island would be filled with so much riff raff. Kicking off from his chair, it rolled to a corner where he poured himself a drink. Good old bourbon.
(9:25:32 PM) Midnight Lady: “Um, excuse me sir,” a hesitant sounding voice said softly behind him. Peculiarly he did not hear his door open, nor the sound of foot steps upon the wooden floor before the voice spoke.
(9:27:00 PM) Sebastian: He turned, wondering who had the soft step, but found no one to be there. A few glances this way and that, Sebastian shrugged. Tossing it up to a late night and a lack of liquor.
(9:29:08 PM) Midnight Lady: “You’re Sebastian Fox, the detective. Correct?” A flicker in the lights, perhaps even from outside, but it looked as though a shadow moved from the corner of his office.
(9:33:20 PM) Sebastian: “That’d be me.” Not a soul. He must have been living in this town for far too long. Instead of being baffled by a voice that didn’t have a source – he made sure the radio was flipped off – Sebastian was more vexxed about it talking after hours. Warily looking around still, he poured his bourbon and took a sip. “We’re closed, lady.” It was definitely a lady, that much her surmised.
(9:36:34 PM) Midnight Lady: “Time, oh, I don’t know,” there was a long pause and defiantly this time the shadow in the corner moved, coming closer to the desk. There was a vague human form, head and shoulders, and it reached the ground. That was it though. “I’m not sure when I got here, or how.”
(9:39:08 PM) Sebastian: Sebastian went ahead and drank down the entire glass of bourbon in one swallow before setting it down hard on his desk. He was gonna need it. Eyeing the shadow, more to make sure it was actually there, he leaned back in his chair. “Aw’right. We’ll start with the basics… You got here two minutes ago. Have a name?”
(9:42:05 PM) Midnight Lady: There was another silence. The shadow even seemed to shift, possibly shrink slightly. Before Sebastian could start getting frustrated she spoke up. “I’m sure I have one, but for now I haven’t one to give you.”
(9:45:15 PM) Sebastian: A clear look of annoyance was on his face as he ran his hand through his hair. “Lady, you’re telling me you just showed up here out of the blue and don’t have a clue who you are and where you came from? …Do you even know that you’re… uh.” He gestured a hand at the shadow. Not even sure if the shadow could see anything.
(9:48:56 PM) Midnight Lady: “What I am?” There was a mocking ting to her voice, but it was inwardly directed. “No detective, I don’t know what I am. I am afraid all I am sure of at the moment is that I need help, and you,” there might have been a sigh had the thing before him breathed. “You have a good reputation. And no, I don’t know how I know that either.”
(9:53:25 PM) Sebastian: “Nice to know I’m unforgetable.” Sebastian retorted with hint of humor and a smirk. It was short lived though. Here was this shadow, needing… something. And he didn’t have a damn clue where to start. Or if he’d even be payed. A man has bills to think of. “Don’t know what I can do about it without somewhere to start…” he confessed after a moment. “I’m not -that- good.”
(9:57:23 PM) Midnight Lady: The shadow shifted a bit, still a bit undefined in shape, but the nodding of the head was unmistakable. “That’s understandable. Thank you for not just out right saying no.” There was relief in the voice, and it was clear that there had been tension in the voice up until now.
(10:02:58 PM) Sebastian: He just accepted a job from a shadow, and he didn’t even know what the job was yet. Ah well, there was bound to be worse jobs in this town. “Sleep on it. …if you sleep. I’ll think of something in the mornin’.”
(10:07:21 PM) Midnight Lady: “I suppose we will find out if I sleep.” The shadowed moved over to the window. Was she looking out into the night street of the small island city? “Elswen?” Without facial features or even easy to recognize body movement it was difficult with just the voice alone to determine if she was curious, hopeful or confused by what she saw outside.
(10:09:08 PM) Sebastian: “You know something’ at least.” Sebastian was curious, but he was also tired. He leaned forward on his desk, sliding over some of his paperwork and the pictures from his current case. A couple gazes at the shadow, he shook his head. Naw… not the same girl. There was a height difference.
(10:11:24 PM) Midnight Lady: Silently, because whatever else she was she was a shadow, the mysterious female went over beside his chair. “Not for the man that just left here, right?”
(10:12:48 PM) Sebastian: “Nope. Just finished up his case.” Sebastian slid the papers to the side, never liking the idea of a snoop looking in on his casework, shadow or not. “Nothing to be concerning you, ‘less you suddenly remembered something useful.”
(10:16:50 PM) Midnight Lady: “No, I’m afraid at the moment I’m very much a blank canvas.” There was more she wanted to say, but it wasn’t anything that would help the detective figure out who she was. All it was was emotions, the anxiety, the frustration, the curiosity, and beyond all of that the fear. A fear she felt could swallow her up like a large shadow that she wouldn’t find herself out of again.
(10:23:45 PM) Sebastian: Sebastian stuffed his paperwork in to a folder and stashed it away in to his desk. He’d still cast a wary glance her way ever so often, but for the most part he stepped around the shadow as he put things away and snatched up his coat. “You’re not gonna be lurkin’ around here all the time are ya? Not gonna be easy workin’ with a shadow on my back.”
(10:27:34 PM) Midnight Lady: “Would you rather not know I was lurking?” After all she couldn’t just go home. She didn’t know where home was. Hell she wasn’t even sure where she had been before she came into this office. “Of course, who’s to say I’ll even be around in the morning.” That frightened her to the core. What if she became nothing after this. No! She wasn’t going to just disappear.
(10:29:46 PM) Sebastian: He hesitated. If only because it was all too easy to imagine what it’d be like to be so disconnected that you felt nonexistant. It gave him the heebie-jeebies. “Aw’right… I can get that. Just… stay out of my case files.”
(10:33:04 PM) Midnight Lady: “That’s fine,” while she was mildly curious, it wasn’t polite to snoop for snooping sake. “I suppose this is a bit odd for you.”
(10:34:02 PM) Sebastian: “It’s not every day some midnight lady walks in to my office askin’ for a favor, that’s for damn sure.”
(10:38:13 PM) Midnight Lady: “I know I can’t promise you payment, but I will do what I can to pay you back by whatever means I have, just as soon as we know what those are,” the last of her words trailing off to but a whisper as she followed the detective out of his office. It was very hard not to be depressed right now. She knew nothing, even the detective seemed unsure how he could help. The shadow tried to not focus too much inwardly. Instead she tried to study the surroundings.
(10:41:37 PM) Sebastian: “Don’t go getting all emotional. Last thing I need is some teary-eyed dame making my nights awkward.” It was walking down the sidewalk after locking up his office that he realized she shadow was still tagging along. He swallowed a groan.
(10:44:21 PM) Midnight Lady: “Of course,” she said softly, reasserting her opinion that she needed to try to keep her feelings to herself, which she had a hunch wasn’t something she liked doing around those she trusted. So she trusted the detective? That remained to be seen.