Elswen: Timeline

(Not exactly in order, just important events)

Birth of all the girls (or whole cast for that matter)
Blair leaves/gets married
Aidan arrives in Elswen
Kendal gets married
Sasha opens Page Turner
Niece born
Sam and Blair deaths
Halloween & Zombies


– Blair is Born
– Kendal is Born
– Sasha is Born
– Kendal meets Sam in Highschool.
– Blair runs away from home.
– A note from Blair saying she got married.
– Kendal Marries Sam in College.
– Sam Graduates and works for the Police. His partner is Dane.
– Kendal gets a job at the Chronicle.
– Sasha opens The Page Turner.
– Blair has a Daughter, but no one knows.
– Aidan moves in to town and joins the Morning Crew with Natalia.
– Sam Dies.
– Kendal tries to raise Sam from the death and summons a cemetery of zombies.
– Dane’s new partner is Lucas Davenport (Tali’s Brother)
– Girls receive news that Blair has died. Husband will not give Blair’s body or state where she’s buried.
– Kendal is promoted to Chronicle Editor.



1844 – [color=HOTPINK][b]REBECCA[/b][/color]
1920s – Shadow Laila & Sebastian
??? – Parents
??? – Blair, Kendal, Sasha
??? – Blair’s Daughter
??? – Apocalypse Gen: Sasha’s Son + Cassie’s Daughter, Kendal’s 3 Daughters
??? – Post Apoc SciFi

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