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Random Silent Pines Shit

Margrit – June 2, 1996 (Gemini)
Lexi – April 4, 1997 (Aries)
Angela – December 13, 1997 (Sagittarius)
Bianca – January 30, 1998 (Aquarius)
Julian – July 18, 1998 (Cancer)
Silvia – March 9, 1999 (Pisces)

Knucker: 6’5″
Caleb: 6’3″
Walter: 6’1″
Leo: 6’1″
Kendall: 6’1″
Lexi: 6’0″
Michael: 6’0″
Robbie: 5’11”
Angela: 5’10”
Owen: 5’10”
Paolo 5’8″
Margrit: 5’6″
Dylan: 5’6″
Bianca: 5’5″
Julian: 5’3″
Silvia: 5’1″

angela = SaucyTACO
julian = lordraymondbeantuft
margrit = westerosiqueen
silvia = PokemonTrainerSilvia
lexi = fobfan5ever97
bianca = cellothere
paolo = RomeoVibe

At the door where shadows run
blacken the soul to see a star undone
Bloodied seer who carries the sun
Grey sky reigns when the dark has won

strength will fall without the lion’s maw
relight the star to repair a shattered sun

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Divastar Bunnies

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PLOT BUNNIES and roleplays to do later that we’ve not started yet!


The Chronicles of Frith:
Garrick and Sofia
Whomever and Cordelia
Whomever and Elizabeth
Whomever and Josephine
Tatiana‘s sons and whomever


Teen Island: 2 Years Later (Ian and Marsela)
Teen Mercenaries (Tommy and Ruby, Preston and Raven)
That Night in Victoria (Justice, Felicity)
The Madcap Adventures of Uncle Pleasant (Uncle Pleasant, Felicity, Benedict)
Caim and Katt/Evan and whomever
Wolfram and Carmilla

Sirius Black and Leanora Lark
Farmer Girl in Space plotbunny
Arabian fantasy plotbunny (Siavash and whomever)
Godric and Selena
Jasper and whomever
Space gypsy and Joka
Whomever and Clarice
James and Evangeline
Darien and Priscilla
Werewolf cowboys (Clive, Dean, Sawyer, KT)
Tobias and whomever/Whomever and Tabby
Alistair and Caroline
Stirling and teacher from a magic school who took the wrong position
“Secret Circle” harem
“Teen Wolf” harem (Caleb, Knucker, Chase, Lexi, Silvia, Margrit)
Simon and Feline
Cursed teacher and new headmistress at the worst magical school ever
Malcolm and Gemma