Slave to Honor

Slave to Honor 003: The Assassin Suitor

[Sadia didn’t get in trouble for her day out! In fact… no on really seemed to notice at all!] -08:58 Jan 18
[Sendri Is being dressed in a stupidly rendered interpritation of his native fassion, the local idea of what his people dress like.] -08:59 Jan 18
Sadia: Sadia was amused with her new friend’s expression. He always remained silent when others were in the room, and his face impassive. But she was sure she could see his eyes narrow at some things, or that subtle exhale of breath when he was trying not to snarl. At least that is what she thought he was doing. As for herself, she was dressed in colorful silks. Light and airy and fun to swish in. That’s what she was doing for the moment as she waited to be summoned! "I can’t wait to tell everyone about our trip through the village! My father will be very interested. -09:04 Jan 18
Sendri: "I don’t know if your father knew you were out." it would be a simple trick, not tell the father and have him be angry when his daughter openly admits to defying him. He had a strange way of trating his offspring, neither trating them like people not leading them to greatness in thier own lives. "Your purpose tonight is to be paraded and sold, like a slave. Are you happy with that?" -09:08 Jan 18
[Sadia enters.] -09:12 Jan 18
Sadia: "Not a slave, a wife! That is what I am meant to be and my duty as a Princess." She made a pose similar to one of the bronze statues adorning the room. "I will be a statue at the table! …well, not literally! But it is polite to remain quiet until you are spoken to. How do you have meals with your people?" she dropped her arms and peered at him curiously. -09:16 Jan 18
Sendri: "So you’ll shut up and be pretty, and the man will want the power that is yours by rights and care nothing for you so long as you do what you’re told. You know what else do what they’re told without question and are bound to people not of thier own choosing? Slaves. Maybe you won’t have to do manual labor but it’s the same thing. A slave for nothing but title and sex. Does you father not want you to be a great ruler in your own right?" -09:19 Jan 18
Sadia: He was surly. Sadia frowned and rest her hands on her hips. "This is the way things have always been. The way it’s supposed to be? Maybe if I was a slave and people were mean to me, I would complain and be upset. But what right do I have to cause trouble, when I have everything I need?" She was happy with the way things were. …maybe a little curious about the world, but what sort of ungrateful brat would complain about being a princess. "Princesses don’t rule countries." -09:24 Jan 18
Sendri: "Queens do, and one day you’ll be one." he cut her off with a wave of her hand. "We are bound, and know. Anyone hurts you, hunband or not. They will not live long enough to regret thier mistake." he squared his shoulders as the doors opened and an attendant gestured to them. "One day you’ll see how much good you can do." one last sentence before he fell silent. -09:29 Jan 18
Sadia: The conversation wasn’t finished! And by the look on her face, she was definitely wanting to continue. However, responsibility came first. Sadia gave him a frustrated stare before she huffed and followed the attendant out the door. Now she was going to have to greet her potential future husband while she was all huffy! -09:32 Jan 18
[(Timeout) Sadia got too distracted for their own good…] -09:39 Jan 18
Sendri: Weapon concealed he followed her in silence, a pet to be admired by this suitor. But he would be there, and he would ‘fix’ this outfit before the next one to truly be something his people would wear, and would intimidate. Right now his place was to watch, and wait. -09:39 Jan 18
Sadia: By the time she entered the grand room her huffyness had faded, leaving her to give that well practiced smile. Unlike her birthday or running loose in the village, Sadia kept herself well contained. A graceful, demure little bird in silk. There were lots of new people she had never seen before, so when she took a seat beside her father it was hard not glance around curiously. -09:44 Jan 18
Sendri: He took position behind her seat and looked out over the guests. It was by his standards decadent, it would take the resources of five tribes to build a hall like this and a week to prepair this much food. But he wouldn’t be eating any of it. That’s how these things went. He, like her, was a statue. -09:47 Jan 18
Sadia: "Greet my only daughter, Sadia. Girl, Kasprus Melchior has traveled a long way to see my shining jewel. He is a handsome fox, as the wee girls say?" The king was very amused by this, nudging her gently as he gestured to the surprisingly tall man who took his seat next to Sadia. "You aren’t very old at all!" The phrase came out before she could think twice, leaving Sadia biting her lip. Both the king and the man erupted in to laughter. "As you can see, most suitors have been nearly as old as the grand vizier! This is a pleasant surprise!" -10:13 Jan 18
[(Timeout) Sendri was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -10:23 Jan 18

Dinner was a boisterous affair, at least for the men at the table, and the women that were… special guests! When the King found himself engaged in conversation with a very unhappy vizier, Kasprus Melchior was draping his arm around the back of Sadia’s chair and tugging gently at the silk over her shoulder. “You are quiet, small bird… Understandably. I am known for slaying hundreds of men with these hands. But I would be very gentle with you, little bird.” -Sadia

[Sendri ] -10:24 Jan 18
Sadia: Sadia was bored. She wanted to talk to Sendri, or to anyone really, but this was business. Not a day about her. So when she was addressed, she jumped on the opportunity to speak! "I don’t mean to be quiet. Have you really killed a lot of people? I admit I’ve never really heard your name before… But I also don’t hear of many people, so I hope that doesn’t offend you? Do you carry a weapon?" Sadia was already leaning towards him to see if he had one on his belt. -10:26 Jan 18
Sendri: He shifted uncomfortably but shaid nothing, his hands clasped in front of him as if bound. His eyes were narrores as he watched every movement the suitor made. Did he carry a weapon indeed… -10:28 Jan 18

“I do.” There was a quick motion of him pulling it out, pointing the curved blade under her chin with a smug look of satisfaction at her surprise. Then he was handing it to her. “A bird interested in weapons and tales of murder, that is a rare gem…” As she examined the knife he was glancing over her shoulder at the slave standing closeby. He might have even smirked. The weapon was taken out of her hands and placed back where it belonged. “Two hundred and twenty six men, Princess. Perhaps some from your slave’s tribe and that is why he eyes me like I am a prized piece of meat.” He grazed his fingers down her arm, giving Sadia a wide charming smile. “Join me for a walk, little bird? Away from prying ears. I would enjoy a private conversation with my could-be bride.” -Sadia

Sadia: The knife startled her a bit, if only because he moved so quick and she was a little worried that he would scare someone. The Vizier had seen, but didn’t alarm her father about it, so Sadia was content to examine the knife! She was sure she had spotted blood stains on it before it was pulled from her hands again. "That is a lot of people… and he is my friend, not my slave. A walk would be wonderful, though! I would love to talk and get fresh air." Escape a boring dinner and talk about adventures? That sounded like way more fun! It helped that when he smiled it made her smile too. A husband that wasn’t as old as her father would be rather nice. -10:39 Jan 18

“Your friend will not mind waiting behind, then.” He rose, taking Sadia’s hand to help her from her seat. Giving a pointed stare to the slave that it wasn’t a request. As he led Sadia away, he nodded subtly towards the vizier, who continued to hold the King’s attention in conversation. He whisked her away through an open set of doors, to a small enclosed garden area. Too small for any guards to worry about, and open enough for plenty of privacy. No one would see. -Sadia

Sadia: Poor Sendri, he was as likely as bored as she was. But she didn’t argue about leaving him behind, and played her role the way she was meant to! "Will you be visiting her for very long? What is your country like..? Why have you killed so many people, were you in a war?" Or maybe not completely the role she should. Sadia was still curious! -10:49 Jan 18

“I will not remain here for very long. My business is almost concluded.” Taking her hand, he led her farther in to the garden. As far away from the open doors or windows that he could. Where there were taller trees, thick garden bushes, and a small pond filled with fish. “They have called me the Assassin of the Sands, little bird. And I am a very good one…” -Sadia

Sadia: "You must be the very best if my Father thinks you would be a good King." Sadia smiled at him before she let go of his hand and tip toed over to the pond. She knelt down by the water, pulling out some of the bits of bread she pilfered from the table. It was meant to be a stolen snack for her and Sendri, but feeding fish was fun too. "And extra especially good because you don’t have any scars. Have you ever been caught before?" -10:54 Jan 18

“No, Princess. I have not.” Her back was turned to him, and there was not a single guard in sight. This was as simple as murdering a child. A blade would be too messy, so he pulled out a braided cord and wound it tight in his hands. He stepped forward silently pulling it taunt. -Sadia

Sendri: The tree above the stired and a pair of bare feet shot downwards to hook around the man’s neck and then with his hands wrapped around the branch Sendri pulled his upwards and away from the princess. "Four hundred and thirty eight." he whispered. "Assassinations and battle." In the branched he drew the man’s own blade and in an instant burried it in the man’s ribs, then stripping the cord fron his hands he pushed then assassin against the trunk of the tree and wrapped the cord around his thoat, tying him to the trunk with his full wieght on the cord digging into his windpipe. "Goodbye, second best." -11:02 Jan 18
Sadia: "That is lucky, then! Though, how would anyone know you have really killed so many people if no one has ever seen you do it?" Sadia emptied all her bread crumbs in to the pond, amused at the frenzy of fish. But when she turned… no one was there! She blinked at the empty space, turned and glanced around at the garden. "…I think I understand now!" she mumbled at the empty space. But still there wasn’t an answer! Did she say the wrong things? -11:07 Jan 18
Sendri: He jumped down in a silent crouch and put a hand on her shoulder. "We should go back." he said quietly before turning. "Enjoy the food, and the company. I’ll be right behind you if you need anything." He walked towards the doors and paused. "He wasn’t a real price." and then, still barefoot he moved off into the bushes to sneak back in. -11:15 Jan 18
Sadia: That was strange. …the entire thing was strange! Sadia waited a moment, just to see if her suitor would return. When he didn’t, she rose and made her way back to the hall. No one seemed to notice her arrival, just as they missed her departure. Except the vizier who was giving her a strange confused look. Sadia shrugged her shoulders, equally as confused! Assuming he too was wondering where the man had disappeared to. She slipped in to her seat beside her father, just in time for him to pat her on the head and chortle about another story. -11:24 Jan 18
Sadia: The rest of dinner was equally as unevenfull. The suitor never returned, which left her Father grumbling about great insults. The vizier was also disturbed, though he spent the evening mostly just scowling, and Sadia stayed silent and… confused! Once it was all done and she was free to go, Sadia was relieved to be somewhere quiet and out of sight. She immediately threw herself in to bed and pulled a blanket over her head. Somewhere she had done something wrong, but she had no idea what it was! -11:33 Jan 18
Sendri: He followed and immediatly tore the hidious garment from his body, the top part at least. He needed a wash and his knife but… "Sadia." he said "You should take the look off your face, it doesn’t suit you. You should bathe and get comfortable, I think there is a meal for me in my room… be happy, there are better men than that, and if you want storied of battle and murder, you always have me." -11:38 Jan 18
Sadia: "Am I so terrible to talk to that a few moments alone with me sends a man running as far away as possible?" she was sulking! Sadia was frustrated, and didn’t understand.. and of course HE didn’t understand either! That was the first suitor that didn’t havea grey beard! Sadia tossed away the blanket, and was in a huff as she tugged off silk and fabric and shiny bits of jewelry. "I will have a bath… but I won’t like it!" -11:43 Jan 18
Sendri: "He faked being a prince and he asked to see you alone, I don’t think he was a good man." he said frankly. "I’ll he here waiting for you and we can continue our talk, if you want." a distraction for her. "I think you had something to say." he had fetched a simple down a gruel from his room and was stiring it slowly, a far cry from the rich meal she had just eaten but enough for him. "Then I’ll tell you a story." -11:48 Jan 18
Sadia: "I don’t want to talk anymore." she mumbled, crossing the threshold in to the bath. Almost immediately she stomped back out again. "…but I would like to hear a story. Come in here and tell me?" Sadia was irritated, but it wasn’t fair to take her mood out on him. -11:55 Jan 18
Sendri: He entered and sat on a stool to spoon gruel into his mouth. "How about the story of a soldier hoping to win the heart of a maiden in the lands of the north?" he eyed her, it didn’t matter if she was getting undressed to him so long as she didn’t mind. "Or of a bird who thought it had everything." -12:01 Jan 19
Sadia: "Any story will be fine." A story and a hot bath, that would settle her thoughts down enough where she could think without having a tantrum. She was too old for tantrums. Sadia busied herself with making sure there was hot water for her bath and lots of sweet smelling bubbles. Getting undressed with him there didn’t phase her a bit and soon she was stepping in to the water and sinking under it with a sigh. -12:09 Jan 19
Sendri: He set the bowl aside and took a breath. "Once, in the north where there is always snow for half the year and rain for the rest there was a young soldier, and although he had taken lovers before he had never felt true love, until one spring the chieftan’s daughter caught his eye and they spoke, int he fields and in the vilage, and beneath the stars, but she could never be his. He was just a soldier, and she was a princess so he promised to become the greatest hero there ever was. And to he left, and for many years fought and watched men die, but he kept his promise and a moon before he would return home there was a terrible battle, and he knew there was no way he could win. But to his people running is worse than death. So he fought and.." he paused. "Do you think she would miss him?" -12:21 Jan 19
Sadia: Sadia had her arms resting over the edge, and behind her she’d occasionally kick her feet in the water. At his question she simply nodded. "I think so. If she cared about him too, she would miss him a lot. …Did he die in the battle?" Maybe she should have specified the type of story to tell… though this one already had her interest. -12:26 Jan 19
Sendri: "The morning before the fourth day of battle thos left alive looked to him for guidance. When he lookd into thier faces he saw that the all knew there was no chance they could fin. Thier generals were dead except for him, thousands of their friend lay on the ground with not eough hands tleft to burn all the boddies. He only said two words to them before he picked up his sword. ‘Follow me.’ and then all of them, all that were left, as the sun began to lighen the sky threw themselves into the drozen river to swim across to the enemy camp. They killed many while they were still asleep but it wasn’t long before the alarm was raised, the enemy grabbed weapons and they were outnumbered and surrounded and exhausted from thier swim. They didn’t last long, and the hero… he fought until he sank to his knees on the stained earth, every last drop of his strength spent and surrounded by his enemies. He didn’t die, no matter how much he wanted to." -12:35 Jan 19
Sadia: She was frowning, and it was fairly obvious she didn’t like the way this story was going. Sadia readjusted her position, now resting her chin on her arms and still frowning. "So he was captured? This is sad. What about his princess? She went to rescue him, didn’t she? That’s what I would do." -12:39 Jan 19
[Sadia enters.] -12:44 Jan 19
Sendri: He looked at her. "She is her people’s greatest warriour, but like yours her duty is to her people, and not jus one soldier who got captured." he said. "But that’s not the end of the story, the soldier met another princess, this one of the people who he killed. An innocent girl who wanted nothing more than happiness and to please her father. But there were men trying to kill this other princess too. And the soldier, with his skill he would protect her, even if she never knew about it. Because if he cannot go home, then he must make a new one?" -12:49 Jan 19
Sadia: Sadia shook her head at him. "That is not how a story is supposed to go. The soldier’s princess should come to rescue him, because he sacrificed everything for their people. Even if he didn’t win. And the other princess doesn’t have her own soldier or a prince? There should be more story." -12:55 Jan 19
Sendri: He shrugged. "That’s because life isn’t a story, not everything happens the way it doesn in books and the way it’s tols by men with beards around the campfire. The princess is too far away, doesn’t even know the soldier is alive, and they don’t think the same way you do." -01:01 Jan 19
Sadia: This story hadn’t helped her mood at all! It just added to the confusion and frustration. Which now had her scowling and eyeing the floor like it was to blame. "You make everything complicated. I don’t like the ending to that story, so I would like to change it. But I can’t change it because that is just the way it is. Is it supposed to be a moral, or a lesson? It gives mixed messages. What am I supposed to think." -01:09 Jan 19
[(Timeout) Sadia doesn’t post enough.] -01:13 Jan 19
Sendri: "You’re meant to make up your own mind." he said stnding slowly. "To think for yourself." he stretched and there was a click in his shoulder. "But if you want me to mke things simpler I will. The soldier, is me." he stooped to pick up the bowl and then stepped closer to the door to take it away. "Maybe you can help decide the end." he slipped out and placed the bowl on the tabel to servants to come and cart away. Soon she would emerge, and then he would take his turn to bathe. -01:13 Jan 19
Sadia: That didn’t help. That was worse! Now she was sinking lower in the tub, pondering her first impulses verses what made sense and… what it meant! When Sadia scrambled out of the tub and wrapped a fluffy towel around herself, she was still dripping wet when she stomped after him. "….well then… that soldier is stupid!" she nearly shouted at him. And made sure to point a finger at him just in case he wasn’t sure who she was talking about. "I am supposed to think for myself, yes? Why haven’t you! You can leave any time you want to leave, I have told you so. And you won’t because your culture says so? That isn’t thinking for yourself either! That’s being a hypocrite and it’s stupid and it’s not fair!" -01:19 Jan 19
Sendri: He half turned. "If my people see me they will kill me." he said. "I can’t go home because of a very practical reason. I would either be seen as a demon wearing the skin of the dead of as a defeated warriour whose death will restore the honor of my family. My own sister would kill me and I would not stop her. Going home accomplishes only my death, would you go home?" -01:23 Jan 19
Sadia: "Yes! Because someone there loved me and should know I am alive and I loved them too. That’s what love is supposed to be, isn’t it? Something that transcends rules and laws and beliefs? Unless that is just another story too." There was a realization she hadn’t want to come to. There was always duty and responsibility, for everyone everywhere, and not once was love a part of the equation. "…I shouldn’t have shouted. Nevermind it, I will go to sleep.." -01:30 Jan 19
Sendri: "I don’t believe she ever moved me, it was puppy love on my part." he said turning fully. "Not every time your first love is the one that’s meant to be. He holded his arms and looked at her. "Besides, I am a murderer, and do not hide what I am. I have killed over four hundred men in my life, and I have a place where I’m needed. Weather you know it or not. And I’ll be thre as ling as I am." -01:51 Jan 19
Sadia: "Now you are just trying to keep me from being upset. Which is a little too late to do, seeing as I am the princess people want to kill? If I believe you, then everything I think is wrong and people want to kill me too. What am I supposed to do with that?" Sadia wasn’t really looking for an answer this time. She moved away, dripping water every where as she walked. And stepped behind a screen to dry her hair and dress. "Everything you tell me is a contradiction." -01:58 Jan 19
Sendri: "Then untangle the mess." he said "You have a sharp mind, use it. I for one want to be clean." he grabbed a towel and moved towards her and the bathroom. "If you can’t untangle things then just go with what you see with your own eyes, it works for me." -02:06 Jan 19
Sadia: Sadia opened her mouth to complain that untangling things was not what she was taught to do! Or told to do. Or ever expected to do, ever! She quickly shut her mouth. Why was it that they were both fussing at each other to do the exact opposite of what they were taught to do? THAT was what made no sense! Once Sadia was dressed she was persuing him to the bathroom. "Then how do I look. What am I looking for? Do I stop doing what I always do?" -02:14 Jan 19
Sendri: "Do what you WANT to do." he said pushing his pants down and pulling them from his ankles. "I have nothing more to say. Telling you my story was a mistake. You can’t fix me, there is no magic button that will make everything better. I have accepted the way things are and I will make the most of what I DO have. I am content." -02:30 Jan 19
Sadia: "I accepted the way things were, and I was content. And you have been telling me this is wrong!" No he was nude. That disarmed her for a bit. Leaving her resting her hands on her hips and staring with her head tilted. "….and I don’t understand why everything I do is wrong, but it is perfectly acceptable for you to just… roll over and do nothing when I am sure you could do everything." -02:39 Jan 19
Sendri: "I am doing things." he said. "I just don’t let you see." he gave her a look. "I like you the way you are, but you beng nothing but a trophy wife would leave you open to potential abuse and I don’t want to see that happen." he sat down in the water and splashed it over his scared chest. "Did you know my people fight in the nude?" -02:48 Jan 19
Sadia: "You are not responsible for me Sendri. I am responsible for you." This was complicated… enough that her head was starting to hurt. Sadia sat on the edge of the tub, poking at the few left over bubbles. "Nude fighting couldn’t be a good idea… Isn’t that challenging with delicate parts exposed?" -02:53 Jan 19
Sendri: "I gave you my knife." he said "That means I gave myself to you. I look after you and you look after me, like family." he sighed and sunk deeper, closing his eyes. "And we do it to show no hear, to glide like water around the enemy’s attacks, to flow through thier guard and peirce their hearts. We wear no armor to show we do not fear them, we paint our bodies to show we do not fear death. Before every battle leaders hold mass funerals for all their men and we greet our ancestors who have died before us so that even before we join battle, our spirits are safely with them, the body no longer matters." -02:59 Jan 19
[Sadia enters.] -03:01 Jan 19
Sadia: "I think fear is good. If you fear for your life, you are more likely to fight for it? Otherwise you go to battle believing you will die no matter what, and then not fight as hard?" Her annoyance had faded and now she was back to being curious. Reaching under the water to grab one of his toes and lift his foot out of the water. "We’ll be a strange family. But I’ll take care of you. I would like to be less confused by you.." -03:07 Jan 19
Sendri: "Being tense is good, being angry is not, being afraid is not. Just… clarity of mind, no distractions, no fear, just crystal clear purpise and relaince on yout skill. I feel nothing when I kill in battle, it’s very different to killing out of battle. I hope you never see me in battle. I hope you never see me kill at all. You shouldn’t have to see death." he placed a wet hand on her cheek. "We have no women like you. Everyone in my tribe is a soldier. Everyone has killed." -03:24 Jan 19
[(Timeout) Sadia was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -03:29 Jan 19
Sadia: Why did that make her heart break? Thinking about people that knew nothing but killing? Her hand rest over his and she offered a small smile. Possibly the first genuine one from her all day. "Then maybe it IS better that you are here. You won’t have to fight or battle or go to war and I will keep you safe." -03:29 Jan 19
Sendri: "I will always fight." he said "It is what I was born to do and I do it well. That assassin today… we have tribesmen little more than children with more experience than him. We fight because we have to to survive, because people want to take what is ours, and because… yes we take what isn’t ours to have enough to survive the winters. Our biggest enemy are your people, is it selfish of me to think that if you take the throne for yourelf you can end all the fighting for my tribe?" -03:32 Jan 19
Sadia: Sadia pulled back and frowned. "Then you want me to rule, so you can control the choices that I make, instead of a man you do not know…" -03:38 Jan 19
Sendri: He narrowed his eyes and looked at her. "I do not manipulate people. I want you to rule so you can be happy without being the plaything of an arrogant degnak." the word of his native tongue was as harch as the winter cold, a racial slur. "But I know… or hope that you wouldn’t want to let the killing go on. And if I can explain to you enough to understand why me people act the way they do… before they all kill themselves instead of running." -03:41 Jan 19
Sadia: "I do not want there to be killing or wars. …and I do not like feeling as if you’re misdirecting me and confusing me and getting me in to trouble. I want to trust you…" He seemed to drag up things she had never experienced before. Confusion and frustration she could deal with, but doubt…? "I really want to trust you.." she mumbled. -03:47 Jan 19
Sendri: "You can stop them if you choose to rule. But if you really do not want to I will not mention it again." he sighed and by bending his legs submerged his head to wed and rub his face before coming back up. "By the customs of my people, and yours, my life is yours. I would die before betraying you." -03:58 Jan 19
Sadia: Sadia watched him in silence. Not once had she ever considered ruling the country herself. She wouldn’t know what to do or where to start… but if she could stop terrible things from happening, wouldn’t it be right to try? She was new chewing on her lip when she finally responded. "I won’t know what to do… but I can try. I would like to try and change things." -04:05 Jan 19
Sendri: "Then I suspect you have a lot of peaning to do, watch what your father does to rule and learn from that is one way to do it and not be noticed." he sighed. "The rest i can’t help you with, I don’t know enough about your people or ruling them, but I’ll help any way I can." he said wisking the rest of himself and standing. "For now you should rest, one day you will meet your prince, don’t worry about tonight." Saying this with with his dripping manhood drooping over her almost made him smile as he reached for a towel. "Anything you’d prefer for breakfast in case I go to the market before you wake up?" -04:11 Jan 19
Sadia: Shaking her head softly, she tore her eyes away from her staring to wander back towards bed. "I think I would like it better if you were still here when I wake up." -04:16 Jan 19
Slave to Honor

Slave to Honor 002: Sadia’s Day Out

[Sadia is sleeping in the bed she made for her new friend, instead of her own bed where she belongs! How did that happen?!] -08:28 Nov 14
[Sendri is keeping watch and had no idea humand had to sleep so long. Well he did which up until now only made them easier to kill.] -08:29 Nov 14

The Vizier waited until breakfast had long passed, when no summoning for a morning meal came from the little Princessa’s chambers. For anyone who saw him, they’d assume he was in good spirits from the party. And if they asked where he was going, he would say he was checking to see if the Princess enjoyed her presents. When he arrived at the door, he dismissed guards. Tapping on it lightly – too lightly to even really be considered a knock, and was sloooowly creeping the door open. He would find her body and pretend to be surprised. -Sadia

Sendri: As soon as the door started to open he was in the doorway pulling it open suddenly. No one with good intentions opened a door like that and he was surprised to see nit an armed assassin but the pompous fop who had given him away to the girl. Revenge flitted through his mind but he just stood there looking down at the man, keeping up the pretence of being a mute barbarian thug. -08:38 Nov 14

The Vizier looked surprised – but only for a split second. His face was then unreadable as he straightened, waving his hand to order the… slave… to move. “Stand aside. I am here for your owner.” He stepped forward in to the room, whether the trash wanted to allow him or not. The girl was not in her bed or in the main lounge. He tried not to let his growing hope show. “…and where is she, filth…?” -Sadia

Sendri: Ine grab, and a snap and the body would be out the window before anyone reacted. He blocked the man no matter which way he turnedand let an angry breath out of his nostrils. Who cares if it was suspicious behaviour. No one would disturb the princess while she was sleeping, especially not this man. -08:47 Nov 14

Delightfully suspicious. “Do you have something to hide, slave?” A hint of amusement managed to slip out in to his voice. Perhaps the fool was not such a great warrior to be captured alive like he was. He may not have figured out how to escape after killing the girl. “If there is a body here, you will die. You creatures understand that, don’t you?” -Sadia

Sendri: With that there were two hands around the mans thoat and with his feet firmly planted he lifted the man off of the ground. "Wait here." he said bringing the man’s fece close to his before dropping him and moving away towards the corridoor to knock on the door where the princess lay. -08:57 Nov 14

To his credit, he didn’t look startled. He almost had reached in to his robs to draw a knife but he was back on his feet. Now narrowing his eyes at the trash knocking on the door. -Sadia

Sadia: "Hum..?" Sadia rolled, giving a confused look when she was not in her own bed. …Oh yes! She made this one for her friend. He was no where to be seen. Something woke her though. Still weary and not quite awake, Sadia was yawning as she rolled off of the cushions and opened up the door. "There you are. You said you would sleep in your own bed, this isn’t ri- Oh! Good Morning Vizier!" In an instant she was awake, pouncing across the floor to give him a hug. "Thank you for my friend, he’s very interesting!" -09:05 Nov 14

Alive! And sunny as ever. He might have scowled were the beast not staring him down. The Vizier rest a hand on the girl’s head and offered her the best smile he could muster amidst his disappointment. “It is a pleasure to please you, Princess. Did you… sleep well?” He could see the tray that was brought in last night. Both glasses used. Surely the girl hadn’t grown immune to poisons! -Sadia

Sadia: Sadia nodded. "I fell asleep in the wrong bed, but I did yes. I fear I may have slept a little late…" She could see the sun from the windows. Poor Sendri, he was probably bored and hungry. "Would you mind asking breakfast to be sent? And um… Sendri said the drink tasted a bit strange, so I think I would like to try something else this morning! Maybe a coffee. Sendri do you like coffees?" -09:18 Nov 14
Sendri: He had no idea what that was but he nodded anyway while keeping his eyes on the man for his reaction even if he seemed good at hiding what he was feeling. Coming in here alone, silently the morning after someone tried to poison the princess. His suspisions were piched. -09:22 Nov 14

He narrowed his eyes at the slave. He couldn’t have recognized the poison… Protecting the girl made no sense. He was a warrior stripped of his life and this was his owner! Perhaps he was intelligent after all. Waiting for a smarter opportunity. “I will do that, Princess. Perhaps after you should take your new pet Sendri out of the palace. You are a woman now, you should be able to shop in the market on your own…” -Sadia

Sadia: "I can..?" The market! Sadia had never seen the market before, that would be a grand new thing to do! She could meet so many different kinds of new people. Sadia hugged the Vizier again before releasing him and skipping to gather her clothes. "That would be amazing, I will do that today! We’ll have so much fun, Sendri, I can show you what our people are like!" …and she would get to see too! -09:30 Nov 14

The slave wouldn’t possibly resist being so close to freedom. Even if he did not kill her, there would be plenty harm for a clueless girl set loose in the market. The Vizier was almost beaming now. “I will make sure the gates are opened for you, Princess.” He bowed, without taking his eyes off the beast. Then exited quickly to make sure all was prepared. -Sadia

Sendri: Public places, perfect palce for an ambush. He would wait and see. If they were attacked it would be another mark against the vizier. "I have been wanting to see this city for a long time. In flames." he grinned still watching the vizier. It was true, this city had been his enemy for a long time, seeing if would be interesting. -09:44 Nov 14
Sadia: "We won’t be setting any fires today. Maybe we should get clothes for you, so you do not have to go without a shirt?" Sadia waved to the Vizier until he was gone. Once her door was closed, she carried a wad of fabric behind a changing screen. There was a bit of humming and a few wisps of fabric. When she stepped back out she was wearing a very colorful, very conspicious garment. …And now tapping her cheek as she eyed him. "You may need something for wearing now… Do your people always look like this?" -09:49 Nov 14
Sendri: "If we did we would freeze to death." he said taking note that she knew absolutly nothing baout the north. "There are only two reasons to undress. Sex, and battle." he was watching her now. "There is snow for eight months of the year and the rest of the time is when humans like to other us. We wear bear and wolf furs. The greater the hunter, the better." -09:55 Nov 14
Sadia: "I have never seen snow before. Or bears. …or wolves! Snow is like sand, yes? Only it is made of water and fluffy?" Sadia could only imagine it, but she bet that was an amazing sight. …it still didn’t solve the current problem of something for him to wear. She disappeared behind her screen, and when she returned she had a long dark purple strip of gauzy fabric. "Here! We could make a sari, or a toga, or a dress or…. or maybe you are fine as you are." His expression didn’t change much, but she got the feeling he wasn’t all that impressed with purple. -10:01 Nov 14
Sendri: He raised an eyebrow. "I don’t know any of those." he briefly wondered what he would look like dressed like her and dismissed the idea. "I will go as I am. I am your slave, I should look like one. During the night he had taken back the bone knife and now had it hiden on his person, he didn’t want her to know he had it, because he ahd the feling he would need it. -10:08 Nov 14
Sadia: Sadia was going to have to fix this slave mistake. She wasn’t so ridiculous to think there weren’t slaves working in the palace, but he father specifically said he was her new friend. "You are very stubborn." A knock at the door paused any further comment. A tall older woman entering with a tray laden with food and a pitcher. She nearly dropped it when she spotted the slave, but whisked it over to the table quickly, gathering up the old setting. "Y-your breakfast, Princess! S-sent straight be the grand Vizier." She didn’t seemed to want to linger. Once she had the other tray, she was escaping the room as fast as her legs could carry her. Sadia looked a little baffled. "…see, that is why you may need a shirt…" -06:06 Nov 15
Sendri: "my marks show I am a wriiour." he said. "Or I used to be. She is right to run." he was at the tray in no time and tasting the food and the pitcher to make sure it was alright. "Maybe breakfast in the market would be more fun." he said. "Try something you have never had before." he was looking at her with his customary intence gaze. "You seem like you would enjoy the experience." -06:09 Nov 15
Sadia: "Do you believe so? That does sound fun!" Sadia wasn’t too hungry yet that she was starving, she could wait a bit to pick out something in the market. Taking that purple bit of fabric she had offered him before, she draped it over her head and around her shoulders like a shawl. "We go now, then. I didn’t mean to leave you alone all morning. You must be very hungry yourself!" -06:29 Nov 15
Sendri: "When I am hunrgy I get food." he said moving a cussion and taking out an apple aprpriated from the kitchens and tossed it at her to keep her going before he lead the way out the door, checking all around the door for anbushers and then waiting for her to take the lead. She knew the way. "Dp you never go anywhere by yourself?" -06:32 Nov 15
Sadia: Catching the apple, she took a bite from it before she shrugged her shoulders and cast him a grin. "There are always guards or the Vizier. But I am eighteen seasons now, perfectly old enough." Or so said the Vizier this morning. That was a pleasant surprise for Sadia! There wasn’t a guard in sight, so it must have been true. Sadia was beaming as she walked. -06:41 Nov 15
Sendri: "Eighteen?" he was turprised, she seemed younger. "A woman of your age and station on my tribe would have many lovers by now." he said following after her and keeping hsi eyes out. "No father would want to restrict such a beauty. But maybe your people are different. Maybe your standards for beauty are different." -06:43 Nov 15
Sadia: Sadia gave him another baffled look. Was it a compliment to her or an insult? She couldn’t quite figure it out! "…I suppose that must be a major difference. My only lover will be musy husband. Men are very fussy about their wives and do not want to share them. …is it the opposite in your country?" Maybe his people it was the women that had many husbands. That was a curious thought! -06:49 Nov 15
Sendri: "We believe love will be morn, and will die, until we find those we are meant to be with, then it will last. We do not marry." he looked at her. "We take lovers, sometimes more than one if they can agree but most of the time only one. Sometimes for one night, sometimes for many seasons. It is natural. I have won many victories and was hoping somone would agree to have me when I returned, but now I never will." -06:52 Nov 15
Sadia: "You can go home if you want to, Sendri. I won’t make you stay." How sad… Sadia didn’t want to keep him there if he missed his home and wanted to find a lover to live with! They were leaving the palace itself and strolling down the long pathway that led straight to one of the gates. Not a single guard in sight. "You can spend the day with me, and tonight you can go back home. Okay?" -06:56 Nov 15
Sendri: "I can never go back." he said. "I am a slave. I have been defeated but not killed. If I ho hme now it will be my sister’s duty to kill me so that my family may know peace. This is the only place for me. As a slave I am not an insult to my family, because I am no longer part of it, I am part of yours." he didn’t look at her in this entire exchange. It was easiest. -07:00 Nov 15
Sadia: "That seems silly. You aren’t truely defeated until you are dead, I think. If you can breathe and walk and fight, there is always a chance you can win and defeat enemies, yes?" It made her wonder, though. Did it mean she was his enemy because he said he was her slave? Sadia was staring at him rather curiously until they reached the main gate. There was only a single door keeper, and not the one the typically ordered her to go away. He let them pass through with a small nod. Were she not watching her friend, she might have been overjoyed! "…am I your enemy, Sendri?" -07:06 Nov 15
Sendri: He looked at her. "I was defeated, when all those besides me were dead I was subdued before I could join them. So now I have a new life." he was looking out over the town. "You are not my enemy, but your Vizier is, and everyone else with political influence that uses it to knowing hurt my family. That is my way. If I am not your slave, then you are not my family. You have no politocal influence, so you are not an enemy, but your father… he sends men to fight and burn. And we do the same." -07:13 Nov 15
Sadia: "If you didn’t believe you were my slave, you would hurt me?" Sadia was curious. She wasn’t going to pretend she understand why people warred or faugjt. It wasn’t her place to. But now that she had someone who was so openly telling her things, she found herself more than curious! "If I tell you that you are free to go, you would go to kill the Vizier and my father?" -07:18 Nov 15
Sendri: Ne looked at her. "Killing then wouldn’t help me, the only life I would take would be my own." he was back to looking at her. "I would have no family, no home, no reason to fight or to survive. I would redeam myself." he looked back out over the town, maybe he was hungry. "But first, in gratitude for your kindnes, I would kill the Vizier." -07:21 Nov 15
Sadia: Sadia thought he was over-reacting. He was alive. He could find a new home and a new family, if his truely didn’t want him back. …but it was a threat to kill the Vizier that had her most surprised. She crossed her arms as she examined him. "He is my friend! He has been my father’s advisor since before I was even born. That would not be a nice gift for me." -07:35 Nov 15
Sendri: "To judge a man’s character do not look at how he treats his masters, look at how he treats his servants." he said. "I will not speak of it again." he turned and started walking towards town. He was sure the vizier was the one trying to kill her. He would have proof before he acted though. -07:39 Nov 15
Sadia: Strange… Sadia had seen nothing but kindness from the Vizier. But apparently he did not agree! Because he was a captured warrior? She would have to figure it out. In the mean time, they were approaching the town that was happilly nestled around the palace walls, and all thoughts of bickering with him were completely forgotten. Sadia’s pace sped up as she skipped forward. This was amazing…! "There are so many people! All kinds of people." -07:45 Nov 15
Sendri: "But I am the only one of mine you will see." he said. "We do not come here, I wonder if they will know what I am." he was already seeing soldiers around own who way off, thier bright colors easily distinquisable. "Maybe we will find something you have never eaten before." would but they were still a long -07:47 Nov 15
Sadia: "You are very unique." From her perspective, he was the one that stood out the most. She certainly didn’t realize she drew just as much attention with the way she dressed. Sadia dashed over to an open market stall outside of a shop to peer at the pottery and fine glass. …but then she was resting her hands on her hips and frowning a bit. "I didn’t think to bring money. Maybe I have something for selling!" She raised a hand to count her bracelets… there were several, maybe they would work… She knew she needed something! -07:53 Nov 15
Sendri: He wasn’t looking at the stall, instead he watched out of the corner of his eye as a figure slipped away and wondered if he drew too much attention. "If you need money I can get." he said. "And if you want to sell those you should go to a man who knows thier value. I will know if he tries to cheat you." he placed a hand on her back and steered her deeper into the market. "We should have a look around before we think of what to buy." -07:58 Nov 15
Sadia: "We will need money or I won’t be able to feed you." Sadia grinned up at him. The thought of not being able to was a bit novel to her, especially when everything was so easy to get. "Looking around first is the smart way to do it, isn’t it. To make sure you get exactly what you want and not waste time or money?" Sadia was quick to learn, and that meant she would have to pay close attention to everything! -08:03 Nov 15
Sendri: They passed through a crowd of prople and into the part of the market where people were cooking and he stepped close to her to drop a purse into her hands with a fair wieght to it the cort cut and the owned unaware. "There." he said "They took many things from me when I became a slave, but some things you cannot take away. We will eat." he had been sure to take it from someon who looked like he could afford to loose it. "Now, when smells good to you?" he was wiery of this foriegn food, but maybe she knew what everything was. -08:06 Nov 15
[Sadia enters.] -08:11 Nov 15
Sadia: She looked at the purse in her hands with surprise. Sadia didn’t know where he had hidden it! But it solved their money problem. Which meant she could focus on food. "Everything does! What will we try…" There were plenty of things she didn’t recognize at all, though she could pick out familiar scents. And just as many places that were foreigners from other countries. Sadia was tempted to try something completely new…! But, maybe for breakfast Sendri would appreciate having something that she could promise would be good. "Um… here!" Sadia stopped at a stall where a man was shaving bits of lamb off a big rack and dipping them in to a sauce. She was very specific about what she requested, and she at least knew how to count her coins just fine. Soon she was handing him a little mix of things wrapped in pita, and was urging him to taste it. "Try this! We could try everything here today if we stay long enough." She was already taking a bite of her own, wiping a bit of the sauce from her face with her fingers and then licking them clean. -08:22 Nov 15
Sendri: He looked at the delicake wrap with suspition before trying a bite. Too much sauce but the meat was tender. He could stomach this. "I don’t think trying everything will be a good idea. We have to get back sometime and overeating is never good." he took another bite and started moving before he noticed people moving though the crowd glancing at her. "Why don’t you find a free table and order something, I will be right back." -08:26 Nov 15
Sadia: Sadia didn’t question where he was going, she just trusted he would return. He said he would, after all. She nodded, wandering off towards another booth to order them something special to drink before she found somewhere reasonable to sit. There really were so many people. Bustling back and forth down the streets so quickly, she didn’t think she saw the same face twice at all! -08:29 Nov 15
Sendri: He moved through the crowd and with the assassins intent on her her didn’t notice one of thier number getting their neck broken and the large barbarian moving up to slip a knife into a second’s ribs. The didn’t fall down, the cowd was too thick, there would be minuted before the screams started. The third on noticed him but too late to aboud getting his neck snapped and then he was slipping through the crowd to find her, put and hand on her shoulder and steer her towards a shaded sitting area. "I think I can see over the heads of the crown better than you can. I won’t leave your side again." -08:33 Nov 15
[(Timeout) Sadia was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -08:42 Nov 15
Sadia: "I won’t get lost Sendri, and I am sure I can spot you no matter how many people there are!" Even if he wasn’t so tall, he really did look so different. Sadia glanced at him a bit… was he tense and worried? It was hard to tell what he thought! Once they were under the shade of a tree, she slipped in to a chair and offered him the drink she purchased. "It’s a very strong coffee… I kind of like it, but it needs something sweet, I think. Did you find what you were looking for?" she asked curiously. -08:42 Nov 15
Sendri: Nice and secluded, good. "I did. We shouldn’t have to wory about me leaving your side for the rest of the day." he took and sip and actually smiled. It was bitter, he was wondering if everything in this country was sweet. "Did you fond what you were looking for?" he placed the knife on the table between them, now cleaned and the polished bone shining in the sun. "Are you enjoying a day of freedom? -08:46 Nov 15
Slave to Honor

Slave to Honor 001: A Gift for Sadia

[Sendri is about to be presented to his owner. And so starts a new life.] -07:14 Nov 02
[Sadia is getting a special present from the Vizier and her Father. Hurray!] -07:15 Nov 02

Sitting back on an exquisite throne was the High Chief of Bakhtiyar, surrounded by several of his favorite of people. Most especially his daughter sitting at his right side. The day’s celebrations for her birthday had been splendid and now was the last gift! “Vizier! What have you to present?” -Sadia

Sadia: It was her favorite day of the entire year. Who wouldn’t love a day in their honor? All of the attention and the presents! Well, aside from the sitting. And the drinking. And the long, long, long speaches people liked to give before presenting presents. But this was the last, and no matter how weary she was, Sadia loved gifts. -07:25 Nov 02

“Your grace, I have here something no other noble daughter has.” he bowed before gesturing to one of the guard who stelled forwards pulling on a chain roughly and a prisoner stumbled forwards, dressed in rags and eyes downcast. “A captured barbarian, they don’t like being captured and usually kill themselves before we have a chance to grab them. He will make an angreeable servant to see to her every wish.” he smile glacing a hand on the man’s cheek to lift his face and as the dark fair slid back to show his face it was clear he was not human. -Sendri

Sendri: He shook his head free of the hand and looked at the people before him. So he was a gift to the girl… He stood erect, proud, the shackles uncomfortable but unstraned around his wrists. He didn’t say a word, but -07:32 Nov 02
Sendri: He shook his head free of the hand and looked at the people before him. So he was a gift to the girl… He stood erect, proud, the shackles uncomfortable but unstraned around his wrists. He didn’t say a word, but eyed his new owner, a bone knife fressed against his palm, ready to do what any of his people would do to someone calling themselves thier owner after they were defeated in battle. -07:38 Nov 02

The Chief looked impressed. Very impressed! “Amazing! Captured live and in the flesh, what a monumental gift. Why, I haven’t seen one like this since I was a wee boy! Sadia, princess, do you like your new little friend? Don’t just stare at it, child, accept it with gratitude!” -Sadia

Sadia: A new friend? A person as a gift! What a silly thing for them to do. Sadia had never seen anything like him. A little bit wary she slipped out of her seat and crossed the floor. Stopping not farther than a foot away from her new present as she leaned forward to examine him. One very long, debating stare… Finally she straightened and smiled. "I am Sadia. I will take care of you. …thank you for the gift, Vizier!" -07:46 Nov 02

“Nothing is too lavish for the future queen.” he said stepping back and giving then space, ready to duck behind guards if needed, she was so close to him and the slave was armed, this should be over quickly. -Sendri

Sendri: He examined the face of his new ‘owner’ before his hand shot out and grabbed hers and his grey eyes locked onto hers. He stared at her as the knife slid from his palm into his hand and his fingers curled around it and he then placed it in her hand, closing her fingers around the handle with his hand. His blade was hers, this was the only rout left for him, he could never return home after a defeat. no not after a defeat, after surviving a defeat. -07:52 Nov 02

Several guards had suddenly moved to attack and even the Chief looked shocked and startled! But the girl was unharmed and the Chief let out a sudden boisterous laugh. “Fine choice, vizier, fine choice! I now announce these festivities to a close. My old beard cannot take any more excitement.” With that it was a bustle of activities as servants and slaves shimmied around to take other gifts to the girl’s rooms, and the Chief himself left with several of the gaurd. A few remained to make sure the princess would get to her destination. -Sadia

Sadia: Sadia was examining the bone blade curiously and nearly missed what he father said. fact, she hadn’t realized he was gone until she looked up and the room was emptying. Her present had given her a present, that was kind of funny! She grinned up at him, clutching it to her chest as she swayed happily on her feet. "I guess we must go too, then. What is your name? You’ll like my wing. I will get a bath for you and a nice bed to sleep in and you can tell me about where you came from!" -08:03 Nov 02
Sendri: "I lost my name." he said, the forst words she would ever hear from him. "And you do not have to act like I am anything other than what I am, I have suffered worse." he hadn’t expected the future queen to be anything other than a tyranical dictator in the making ready to kill her father and seize power. -08:08 Nov 02
Sadia: "How would someone lose a name." Sadia looked amused by this. But she could understand what he meant by ‘worse’ why on earth was he in chains? "You! Come unchain him, please." She beckoned towards one of the lingering guards. The man frowned. "Princess h-" "He shouldn’t be uncomfortable in his new home, take them off, please!" Sadia waited patiently until the very reluctant guard did as she asked. Then she was smiling again. "Come with me, I will show you where you live now!" -08:15 Nov 02
Sendri: Free of the chains he rubbed his wrists and followed. He was a birthday present to a spoiled princess but that didn’t stop him from looking around as they walked, taking note of everything he saw. "A name is a title of honor, I have no honor remaining, so I have no name." he said "It is my way. You can call me anything you wish." -08:18 Nov 02
Sadia: "I see. Then I will have to think very carefully on the right name to call you. Will you tell me your previous name?" Sadia was playing with that bone blade again. A swish here or a swipe there. It wasn’t like the weapons the guards carried. It was special! Not too far away the guards were lingering and following too, but it was unclear if they were following to watch after her or after her new gift. "You may call me Sadia since you are now my friend." -08:22 Nov 02
Sendri: "Friend?" that was a promise he normally wouldn’t believe. "I cannot speak the name I once had unless we are alone. No one here may know it from me. That is the way it has to be." he had his eyes on her now, she wasn’t what he had expected. "What do you plan for me?" -08:24 Nov 02
Sadia: Sadia tapped the blade against her chin as she thought over the evening’s plans. "I did not expect to have a new friend join me. After the festivities I planned to play with my presents and then have a bath and rest. But I believe you would appreciate a bath much more, so we shall give you a bath first. Then we will have something to eat and speak until a bed is made for you. Would you like that?" -08:28 Nov 02
Sendri: "I would…" he would suspect a stick but this owner didn’t seem the type. He looked at her, "Why?" -08:35 Nov 02
Sadia: She paused in the hall in front of a very large door, and looked a little confused. "Because you are dirty, half dressed, and look very tired?" she suddenly laughed, turning to pull open one of the doors with a sharp tug. It was almost too heavy for her. "You’re funny and strange! I can not wait to hear your stories! Come inside. Those guards are not allowed in here, these are my private rooms." Sadia stepped in the room, a lavish display of fabric, softness, and pretty colors. Once he passed inside, she was making the overly difficult fuss of pulling the door shut. -08:38 Nov 02
[Sendri enters.] -09:05 Nov 02
[(Timeout) Sendri has been fed to the plot bunnies for failure to participate.] -09:08 Nov 02
Sendri: He grabbed the door and pulled it closed easily. "It’s not every day you get woken up at sunrise and get told you will be given to the future queen to be her personal slave." he said looking around the room before he finally under,stood. He was going to be her concubine, and she didn’t want to test him out while he was dirty and in rags. "You have a very nice room, and I used to be called Sendri." -09:08 Nov 02
Sadia: "Sendri is a good name, I will call you that! But you are not my slave, you are my friend? The Chieftan said so, so it is true." Sadia never had a personal friend before, she would have to make sure he was happy here. She skipped off to the bathing chamber to fuss with things in there. Her voice was cheery! "You will feel so much better with a bath! I always do." -09:15 Nov 02
Sendri: He flinched when she said she would use his old name. "As you wish… Sadia." she was being nice to him, trying to get him to relax, but he was sure she would help himm wash and get her eyes on what she wanted while she did, but somehow that didn’t seem like her. "I am a slave, I was given to you to own. You can do whatever you want to me. I know what I am." he was standing just outside the bathroom. "What do you want with me?" -09:23 Nov 02
Sadia: "Company would be nice! I do not often have company, It will be fun to play games with someone and talk about things." The running water was a very special thing in the palace, but it was always so hard to get the temprature just right. Sadia also made sure to add lots of bubbles though. Who didn’t like bubbles and sweet smelling oils? "..and perhaps you were a slave before, but now you are my friend named Sendri. We will have a very nice time!" -09:33 Nov 02
Sendri: He looked unsure for a moment, the water was coming out of the wall and had foal on it, and what looked like pond scum? But it didn’t smell like swamp. "You want me to get into that?" he asked looking at the tub, then without hesitation he pulled off the sacking covering his upper body and the simple sandals they had made him wear, he prefered foing barefoot. Nore of his skin was exposed and it was an ashen grey, and he was lean but muscular in a way the human body didn’t allow, there were also black marks in patterns all across his skin, tatoos and scars, each one marking a victory. -09:51 Nov 02
[(Timeout) Sadia was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -12:08 Nov 03
[Sadia enters.] -12:44 Nov 03
Sadia: Sadia couldn’t help but stare. The closest she had ever seen to male flesh was shirtless guards working outside in the sun, and certainly not close up. This was unique and different. It also didn’t seem to occur to her that it might be rude to stare. "You have many markings! What are they all for? Or are they just for being pretty?" -12:51 Nov 03
Sendri: He looked at her was he pushed down the packing pants and stood upright alowing her the view she obviously wanted. "Every one of them is a battle, or duel I’ve won. Bt this one." he pointed to a stark white scar, unadorned with ink. "… is from the one I lost." he looked at her examiling her expression. "Do I please you?" -01:13 Nov 03
Sadia: Her face was probably crimson, not that she realized. And she probably looked like a deer, staring wide-eyed at a bear. That was a strange attachment! Who knew men looked so different from women? Sadia glanced back up at his face in confusion. "Are you trying to please me? I thought you were preparing for the bath…" -01:15 Nov 03
Sendri: Was that sass? "Of course." he said with a hint of a grin stepping into the tub and sitting down. It was a large tub and the warm water was pleasant. "Will you be joining me?" he pulled abck his hair revealing his pointed ears and another adorned scar on his cheek. "I could halp clean you." -01:18 Nov 03
Sadia: Pointy ears… that was strange too! And so many scars… he must have had so many good stories to tell her. All of the guards with lots of scars had great stories. She shook her head, shifting to get him things for his bath. Like a sponge, some soaps and some bath toys! Her favorites were the floating ships. "This is your bath, I will not take it from you. I can bath when you are refreshed. …will you tell me where your peoples are from?" Sadia sat on the edge of the tub, dropping a couple of the tiny boats in. There! -01:21 Nov 03
Sendri: He cupped his ahdns to splash water on his face and blinked it away raising an eyebrown at the tiny boats. "Armine, in the north. We hav fought for many years to remain free, we fight other Armine, we fight with the wild ones, and we fight with the Bakhtiyar. But that is not my place anymore. Here is." he picked up a ship and surned it over in his hands. "You have many finely crafted things. He have nothing like this in Armine, except what we take from the Bakhtiyar." -01:26 Nov 03
Sadia: "You can have these if you like! I can always get more." Sadia was very interested in watching him, but she was also easily distrated. She seemed to like boats and bubbles and pushed one around in the water. "I have never met an Armine before. Sometimes I see many other peoples when they come here, but never very often. They are rarely as different as you, though!" Sadia kind of wanted to poke at his ears, but she was controlling that impulse. When she touched people, that often made them stiff and uncomfortable, so she tried not to bother them with her curiosity. -01:29 Nov 03
Sendri: "We are not welcome here." he said. "Most of the time, since your people kill our people, and our people kill your people. I am only here because I am a slave." He placed the boat in the wated before he looked at her. "You are not what I was expecting either, you are gentle and you havn’t touched me yet. Are you saving me for later or still making up your mind to see if you want one of my kind for your needs?" -01:34 Nov 03
Sadia: People killing each other was making her frown. Were they are war? His question had her looking confused again. He was perplexing! "Am I allowed to touch you? I do not want to make you uncomfortable. I am not sure what I would be saving you for, but I am very happy to have a friend now! The servants and guards are kind to me, but they never want to play or chat for very long. They are too busy for me." -01:38 Nov 03
Sendri: "You are allowed to do anything you want to me." he said. "I am your slave after all." he was looking at her again, studying her face. "So me being Armine doesn’t bother you?" she was up to something, a game with her new toy? Testing him? "What do you want to do after you are cleaned?" -01:44 Nov 03
Sadia: "Friend, not slave. I do not have any slaves. He said you were my friend." He was getting that mixed up. What would she need with a slave? That was silly! Sadia was tapping her chin with the bone blade again, giving it some thought. "I would like to get to know you. I have not had a friend, so this is exciting! I should prepare a bed for you while you wash. That way there will not be time wasted!" Sadia was up and on her feet, sprinting away! -01:48 Nov 03
Sendri: SHe was gone before he sould ask why there were going to be seperate beds. So he placed the boats on the tide of the tub and started washing, getting all of the prison grime out of his hair and untagling the knots. It wou;d be good to be clean again. -01:56 Nov 03
Sadia: There were many extra rooms in her special wing. Rooms for clothes, rooms for toys, rooms for relaxing… but finding a room with an extra bed took a little searching! Finally she found a very large plush sofa that was perfectly bed sized. Sadia made sure to pile it with all the extra pillows and blankets she could confiscate from her chambers. After that she summoned someone to bring them some drinks for bed. Once those arrived, she was bouncing back to the bath looking very pleased with what she had accomplished. "I have a room just for you! I hope you will like it. I found every pillow that I could!" -02:03 Nov 03
Sendri: So he would be there for the using but no the snuggling. That was obvious. To be kept and pampered, but kept at arm’s length. This didn’t seem like this girl at all, but nobles often had more than one face. "Thank you." he said standing in the water and stepping out of the tub. But maybe it was time to cut to the chase, some girls liked it when thier consorts did that for them. "Are you going to use me tonight or are you waiting for me to be well rested to test my limits?" thre was also the possibility of her having a surprise and rough wake up for him in the middle of the night, but if she had that planned he wouldn’t ruin it for her. -02:08 Nov 03
Sadia: "I did want to speak for awhile. I have drinks for us!" Sadia grabbed a towel for him and held it out at arms length. He said she was allowed to touch, but she was a little uncomfortable with him being nude. "I will have to bathe first. You will not mind being alone for a few minutes?" -02:10 Nov 03
Sendri: "Not at all." Drinks and talking, she wanted to get to know him and for then to drink together. She was a slow burner, working the chemestry with her pets before going in for the score? She was confusing, but kind. -02:16 Nov 03
Sendri: "Not at all." Drinks and talking, she wanted to get to know him and for then to drink together. She was a slow burner, working the chemestry with her pets before going in for the score? She was confusing, but kind. As he left he wrapped the toweal around himself and dried just outside the door, this really was a richly furnished room. But would he be happy here? -02:17 Nov 03
Sadia: Sadia closed the door until only a crack was left open. Then she was making sure her water was fresh as she undressed and hopped in to the tub. Giggling as she messed with her ships for a moment before she actually was washing. "If you like you can have a drink or bite to eat! It is a fruit and honey mix… I think it is peach? But it is my favorite!" -02:22 Nov 03
Sendri: He stapped over to the table and sat down, the air cold after the bath and he shivered slightly as he poared a glass and examined it. Then he took a sip… and spat is out. There was a rusty taste and he knew it instantly. Poison. He picked up the empty glass and sniffled it, no sign of poison there. Then he took a sip from the jug and spat that out too. So her game was to kill him, that was how she gained her thrills. He should have killed her when he had the chance, or he still did. He sat back and relaxed. When she returned, she would die. -02:27 Nov 03
Sadia: He wasn’t responding to her, which really just made her rush to finish her bath as quickly as possible so she could resume getting to know him. He was very confusing, but she hadn’t barely scratched the surface yet! She hadn’t even washed her hair when she scrambled out of the bath. Taking only enough time to dry as quickly as she could before pulling on a silk robe. She would dress for bed later! Out she came bouncing, only back tracking a second when she forgot the bone blade. Then she was sliding in to her chair to smile at him. "It is good isn’t it? I love it! They always make it special for me, I almost never drink anything else." She poured herself a glass and was just tapping it at her lips before she plucked a piece of fruit off the plate. "What sort of drinks do you have in your tribes?" -02:33 Nov 03
Sendri: He was watching her and remaining silent, but as soon as the glass touched her lip he reache out and grabbed it pulling it away from her. "They always make it scecially for you?" he asked as his head spun. Get given a warriour slave from a tribe of known backstabbers, poisoned drink. Someone wanted this girl dead, baybe she was as oblivious as she seemed. "This is very bitter." he lied putting her glass down. "I don’t think they made it correctly this time." his mind was racing, whoever was doing this was going to try again… "We have water, and ale, and mead. that is about it. We are a simple people." -02:38 Nov 03
Sadia: There was that confused look again, it seemed she had it for him often. "We have those things too, but I am not fond of ale and mead. It makes me feel fuzzy. …are you sure you are just not accostomed to the taste? Peach can be bitter. I will taste and see…" She was reaching for her glass again. If he didn’t care for peach, she would just as for a different drink. -02:40 Nov 03
Sendri: He took her hand in his, interceptin it before it got to the glass. "We have peaches, but we eat them and not drink them. This is different." he looked at her with an intence gaze. "They might have been rotten when this was bake, you could get sick." -02:44 Nov 03
Sadia: "Do you think so? That is too bad! Thank you for sparing me. I did once have a very bad mix and I was sick in bed for days, I surely do not want to repeat that when I have a new friend!" She only briefly looked disappointed, as now he had initiated touch and had her hand. ..or rather now she had his hand! Pulling it closer in to both of hers so she could look. "Your hands are very big! Most men have big hands like this, yes? Many of the guards do." -02:48 Nov 03
Sendri: "Most do." he said watching her and relaxing his hand so that she could do what she wanted with it and all it’s calouses, one of then an exact fit for the handle of the bone knife. "There are travelers that believe you can tell a man’s future by the lines on thier hands." -02:52 Nov 03
Sadia: "Fortune tellers? I have not met one of those before! I think I would enjoy having my future told." Sadia examined his palm as if she could try to tell herself… but all that she could see was that he had been a very busy man. She placed the bone blade in his palm and closed it hand around it, testing to see how he had it hidden before. "Have you had your fortune told before? Did you think you would ever be in a place like this?" -02:55 Nov 03
Sendri: "I have alwyas tried to make my own future. Until now." he said. "Now my future does not belong to me. Have you ever touched a man before?" it was a honest question now because everything he thought he knew about her was in question. "Do you know about nayone who dislikes you, or your father." -02:59 Nov 03
Sadia: Sadia shook her head. "A guard will hold my hand or pick me up to take me somewhere I am not happy to be going. And the Vizier and my Father have held my hand or given me hugs! And I have been told to be wary of touches. But everyone is very nice to me and they all love my father very much." She let go of his hand quickly, as if she suddenly remembered a rule. Then she was nibbling on a piece of fruit and looking thoughtful. "I supposed the guards are occasionally vexed with me, but never for very long." -03:03 Nov 03
Sendri: He pulled his hand back slowly. "And you have never taken any lover?" he asked. "No man has claimed your bed? In Armine a woman in your position would have many lovers." he picked u a peice of fruit to sniff it to see if they too were poisoned. -03:06 Nov 03
Sadia: She shook her head again, this time more quickly and with a tinge of red to her face. "I am only to have my husband as a lover. And I have not met him yet. I am not sure my father has picked someone yet. Do you not have wives in Armine?" -03:10 Nov 03
Sendri: "None, none would take me now." he said holding the knife out back to her. "You are not allowed to choose you own. You pather will choose you a husband for political gain?" that was kind of sad. "You should choose your own, one you will be happy with." -03:15 Nov 03
Sadia: "I will be happy! I have always been taken care of, and he will pick someone that is good for me and for our tribe." Sadia was completely convinced by this. Why would she believe otherwise? Taking the knife, she was trying to hold it the way he had. But it didn’t quite fit right in her hand. She popped another piece of fruit in her mouth before she stood quickly. "Would you like to see the bed I made for you? I really did find all of the pillows I could. And I bet now that you have a nice home, you will be able to find a wife too. I will help you?" -03:20 Nov 03
Sendri: He shook his head. "No, you shouldn’t. I do not think the woman of this coty will find me very attractive and I am sure many of them have brothers, sone, and lovers that I have… met." standing his moved to follow her You should be in love with the man you marry, that is all I will say. And my life is yours as long as you will have it, a woman would be a distraction." especially if he was going to be keeping her alive. -03:23 Nov 03
Sadia: "Why wouldn’t they? I think you are handsome! Even if you have weird parts!" Sadia led the way through the room and an open hall. None of these extra rooms had doors and it was easy enough to peer inside each. Once she entered the chamber with his bed, she turned and held out her hands to present it. "Bed! You will not have to worry about me, new friend. I will be my husband’s first wife, so I am sure there will be lots of love." -03:27 Nov 03
Sendri: He self contiously put a hand to his ear and glared at her back for a second. "Thank you, I will sleep when I need it." he looked at her again. "See even you think I look strange. And I am an enemy, and a slave. I cannot take a wife. I belong to you." -03:31 Nov 03
Sadia: Sadia looked a little bit exasperated as she dropped her arms and plopped backwards in to the mess of pillows she made. "Friend, not slave…! You are very disagreeing! You will surely be much less sad about women when it is daylight." Now that she was laying down and off her feet, she was quickly realizing how tired she was. …and how comfy that spot was. Stealing his bed after she offered it to him would be so rude, though! Wearily she sat up. "I should sleep. Tomorrow we will be able to talk more about your country?" -03:35 Nov 03
Sendri: He saw an opotunity annd pushed her back down. "You can sleep here tonight, you seem to like it and it would be fun for you. I will have a look around before sleeping. And make sure the next time then send juice up it’s the right juice." he was already reacing and planning ahead. "If you need anything, I won’t be far." -03:38 Nov 03
Sadia: "I cannot take your bed, I made this one for you. Extra pillows and blankets." Why did he have to push her? He was like the guards too, in that respect! Sadia was too tired to put up a fight about it, though. When she turned to rise again, she just ended up curling around a pillow. "You will come back to this bed, yes? It belongs to you." -03:42 Nov 03
Sendri: "Yes, I will, I will come back to this bed when I have to sleep." he smiled at her. "You can trust me, it’s that what friends do?" -03:44 Nov 03