Slave to Honor 002: Sadia’s Day Out

[Sadia is sleeping in the bed she made for her new friend, instead of her own bed where she belongs! How did that happen?!] -08:28 Nov 14
[Sendri is keeping watch and had no idea humand had to sleep so long. Well he did which up until now only made them easier to kill.] -08:29 Nov 14

The Vizier waited until breakfast had long passed, when no summoning for a morning meal came from the little Princessa’s chambers. For anyone who saw him, they’d assume he was in good spirits from the party. And if they asked where he was going, he would say he was checking to see if the Princess enjoyed her presents. When he arrived at the door, he dismissed guards. Tapping on it lightly – too lightly to even really be considered a knock, and was sloooowly creeping the door open. He would find her body and pretend to be surprised. -Sadia

Sendri: As soon as the door started to open he was in the doorway pulling it open suddenly. No one with good intentions opened a door like that and he was surprised to see nit an armed assassin but the pompous fop who had given him away to the girl. Revenge flitted through his mind but he just stood there looking down at the man, keeping up the pretence of being a mute barbarian thug. -08:38 Nov 14

The Vizier looked surprised – but only for a split second. His face was then unreadable as he straightened, waving his hand to order the… slave… to move. “Stand aside. I am here for your owner.” He stepped forward in to the room, whether the trash wanted to allow him or not. The girl was not in her bed or in the main lounge. He tried not to let his growing hope show. “…and where is she, filth…?” -Sadia

Sendri: Ine grab, and a snap and the body would be out the window before anyone reacted. He blocked the man no matter which way he turnedand let an angry breath out of his nostrils. Who cares if it was suspicious behaviour. No one would disturb the princess while she was sleeping, especially not this man. -08:47 Nov 14

Delightfully suspicious. “Do you have something to hide, slave?” A hint of amusement managed to slip out in to his voice. Perhaps the fool was not such a great warrior to be captured alive like he was. He may not have figured out how to escape after killing the girl. “If there is a body here, you will die. You creatures understand that, don’t you?” -Sadia

Sendri: With that there were two hands around the mans thoat and with his feet firmly planted he lifted the man off of the ground. "Wait here." he said bringing the man’s fece close to his before dropping him and moving away towards the corridoor to knock on the door where the princess lay. -08:57 Nov 14

To his credit, he didn’t look startled. He almost had reached in to his robs to draw a knife but he was back on his feet. Now narrowing his eyes at the trash knocking on the door. -Sadia

Sadia: "Hum..?" Sadia rolled, giving a confused look when she was not in her own bed. …Oh yes! She made this one for her friend. He was no where to be seen. Something woke her though. Still weary and not quite awake, Sadia was yawning as she rolled off of the cushions and opened up the door. "There you are. You said you would sleep in your own bed, this isn’t ri- Oh! Good Morning Vizier!" In an instant she was awake, pouncing across the floor to give him a hug. "Thank you for my friend, he’s very interesting!" -09:05 Nov 14

Alive! And sunny as ever. He might have scowled were the beast not staring him down. The Vizier rest a hand on the girl’s head and offered her the best smile he could muster amidst his disappointment. “It is a pleasure to please you, Princess. Did you… sleep well?” He could see the tray that was brought in last night. Both glasses used. Surely the girl hadn’t grown immune to poisons! -Sadia

Sadia: Sadia nodded. "I fell asleep in the wrong bed, but I did yes. I fear I may have slept a little late…" She could see the sun from the windows. Poor Sendri, he was probably bored and hungry. "Would you mind asking breakfast to be sent? And um… Sendri said the drink tasted a bit strange, so I think I would like to try something else this morning! Maybe a coffee. Sendri do you like coffees?" -09:18 Nov 14
Sendri: He had no idea what that was but he nodded anyway while keeping his eyes on the man for his reaction even if he seemed good at hiding what he was feeling. Coming in here alone, silently the morning after someone tried to poison the princess. His suspisions were piched. -09:22 Nov 14

He narrowed his eyes at the slave. He couldn’t have recognized the poison… Protecting the girl made no sense. He was a warrior stripped of his life and this was his owner! Perhaps he was intelligent after all. Waiting for a smarter opportunity. “I will do that, Princess. Perhaps after you should take your new pet Sendri out of the palace. You are a woman now, you should be able to shop in the market on your own…” -Sadia

Sadia: "I can..?" The market! Sadia had never seen the market before, that would be a grand new thing to do! She could meet so many different kinds of new people. Sadia hugged the Vizier again before releasing him and skipping to gather her clothes. "That would be amazing, I will do that today! We’ll have so much fun, Sendri, I can show you what our people are like!" …and she would get to see too! -09:30 Nov 14

The slave wouldn’t possibly resist being so close to freedom. Even if he did not kill her, there would be plenty harm for a clueless girl set loose in the market. The Vizier was almost beaming now. “I will make sure the gates are opened for you, Princess.” He bowed, without taking his eyes off the beast. Then exited quickly to make sure all was prepared. -Sadia

Sendri: Public places, perfect palce for an ambush. He would wait and see. If they were attacked it would be another mark against the vizier. "I have been wanting to see this city for a long time. In flames." he grinned still watching the vizier. It was true, this city had been his enemy for a long time, seeing if would be interesting. -09:44 Nov 14
Sadia: "We won’t be setting any fires today. Maybe we should get clothes for you, so you do not have to go without a shirt?" Sadia waved to the Vizier until he was gone. Once her door was closed, she carried a wad of fabric behind a changing screen. There was a bit of humming and a few wisps of fabric. When she stepped back out she was wearing a very colorful, very conspicious garment. …And now tapping her cheek as she eyed him. "You may need something for wearing now… Do your people always look like this?" -09:49 Nov 14
Sendri: "If we did we would freeze to death." he said taking note that she knew absolutly nothing baout the north. "There are only two reasons to undress. Sex, and battle." he was watching her now. "There is snow for eight months of the year and the rest of the time is when humans like to other us. We wear bear and wolf furs. The greater the hunter, the better." -09:55 Nov 14
Sadia: "I have never seen snow before. Or bears. …or wolves! Snow is like sand, yes? Only it is made of water and fluffy?" Sadia could only imagine it, but she bet that was an amazing sight. …it still didn’t solve the current problem of something for him to wear. She disappeared behind her screen, and when she returned she had a long dark purple strip of gauzy fabric. "Here! We could make a sari, or a toga, or a dress or…. or maybe you are fine as you are." His expression didn’t change much, but she got the feeling he wasn’t all that impressed with purple. -10:01 Nov 14
Sendri: He raised an eyebrow. "I don’t know any of those." he briefly wondered what he would look like dressed like her and dismissed the idea. "I will go as I am. I am your slave, I should look like one. During the night he had taken back the bone knife and now had it hiden on his person, he didn’t want her to know he had it, because he ahd the feling he would need it. -10:08 Nov 14
Sadia: Sadia was going to have to fix this slave mistake. She wasn’t so ridiculous to think there weren’t slaves working in the palace, but he father specifically said he was her new friend. "You are very stubborn." A knock at the door paused any further comment. A tall older woman entering with a tray laden with food and a pitcher. She nearly dropped it when she spotted the slave, but whisked it over to the table quickly, gathering up the old setting. "Y-your breakfast, Princess! S-sent straight be the grand Vizier." She didn’t seemed to want to linger. Once she had the other tray, she was escaping the room as fast as her legs could carry her. Sadia looked a little baffled. "…see, that is why you may need a shirt…" -06:06 Nov 15
Sendri: "my marks show I am a wriiour." he said. "Or I used to be. She is right to run." he was at the tray in no time and tasting the food and the pitcher to make sure it was alright. "Maybe breakfast in the market would be more fun." he said. "Try something you have never had before." he was looking at her with his customary intence gaze. "You seem like you would enjoy the experience." -06:09 Nov 15
Sadia: "Do you believe so? That does sound fun!" Sadia wasn’t too hungry yet that she was starving, she could wait a bit to pick out something in the market. Taking that purple bit of fabric she had offered him before, she draped it over her head and around her shoulders like a shawl. "We go now, then. I didn’t mean to leave you alone all morning. You must be very hungry yourself!" -06:29 Nov 15
Sendri: "When I am hunrgy I get food." he said moving a cussion and taking out an apple aprpriated from the kitchens and tossed it at her to keep her going before he lead the way out the door, checking all around the door for anbushers and then waiting for her to take the lead. She knew the way. "Dp you never go anywhere by yourself?" -06:32 Nov 15
Sadia: Catching the apple, she took a bite from it before she shrugged her shoulders and cast him a grin. "There are always guards or the Vizier. But I am eighteen seasons now, perfectly old enough." Or so said the Vizier this morning. That was a pleasant surprise for Sadia! There wasn’t a guard in sight, so it must have been true. Sadia was beaming as she walked. -06:41 Nov 15
Sendri: "Eighteen?" he was turprised, she seemed younger. "A woman of your age and station on my tribe would have many lovers by now." he said following after her and keeping hsi eyes out. "No father would want to restrict such a beauty. But maybe your people are different. Maybe your standards for beauty are different." -06:43 Nov 15
Sadia: Sadia gave him another baffled look. Was it a compliment to her or an insult? She couldn’t quite figure it out! "…I suppose that must be a major difference. My only lover will be musy husband. Men are very fussy about their wives and do not want to share them. …is it the opposite in your country?" Maybe his people it was the women that had many husbands. That was a curious thought! -06:49 Nov 15
Sendri: "We believe love will be morn, and will die, until we find those we are meant to be with, then it will last. We do not marry." he looked at her. "We take lovers, sometimes more than one if they can agree but most of the time only one. Sometimes for one night, sometimes for many seasons. It is natural. I have won many victories and was hoping somone would agree to have me when I returned, but now I never will." -06:52 Nov 15
Sadia: "You can go home if you want to, Sendri. I won’t make you stay." How sad… Sadia didn’t want to keep him there if he missed his home and wanted to find a lover to live with! They were leaving the palace itself and strolling down the long pathway that led straight to one of the gates. Not a single guard in sight. "You can spend the day with me, and tonight you can go back home. Okay?" -06:56 Nov 15
Sendri: "I can never go back." he said. "I am a slave. I have been defeated but not killed. If I ho hme now it will be my sister’s duty to kill me so that my family may know peace. This is the only place for me. As a slave I am not an insult to my family, because I am no longer part of it, I am part of yours." he didn’t look at her in this entire exchange. It was easiest. -07:00 Nov 15
Sadia: "That seems silly. You aren’t truely defeated until you are dead, I think. If you can breathe and walk and fight, there is always a chance you can win and defeat enemies, yes?" It made her wonder, though. Did it mean she was his enemy because he said he was her slave? Sadia was staring at him rather curiously until they reached the main gate. There was only a single door keeper, and not the one the typically ordered her to go away. He let them pass through with a small nod. Were she not watching her friend, she might have been overjoyed! "…am I your enemy, Sendri?" -07:06 Nov 15
Sendri: He looked at her. "I was defeated, when all those besides me were dead I was subdued before I could join them. So now I have a new life." he was looking out over the town. "You are not my enemy, but your Vizier is, and everyone else with political influence that uses it to knowing hurt my family. That is my way. If I am not your slave, then you are not my family. You have no politocal influence, so you are not an enemy, but your father… he sends men to fight and burn. And we do the same." -07:13 Nov 15
Sadia: "If you didn’t believe you were my slave, you would hurt me?" Sadia was curious. She wasn’t going to pretend she understand why people warred or faugjt. It wasn’t her place to. But now that she had someone who was so openly telling her things, she found herself more than curious! "If I tell you that you are free to go, you would go to kill the Vizier and my father?" -07:18 Nov 15
Sendri: Ne looked at her. "Killing then wouldn’t help me, the only life I would take would be my own." he was back to looking at her. "I would have no family, no home, no reason to fight or to survive. I would redeam myself." he looked back out over the town, maybe he was hungry. "But first, in gratitude for your kindnes, I would kill the Vizier." -07:21 Nov 15
Sadia: Sadia thought he was over-reacting. He was alive. He could find a new home and a new family, if his truely didn’t want him back. …but it was a threat to kill the Vizier that had her most surprised. She crossed her arms as she examined him. "He is my friend! He has been my father’s advisor since before I was even born. That would not be a nice gift for me." -07:35 Nov 15
Sendri: "To judge a man’s character do not look at how he treats his masters, look at how he treats his servants." he said. "I will not speak of it again." he turned and started walking towards town. He was sure the vizier was the one trying to kill her. He would have proof before he acted though. -07:39 Nov 15
Sadia: Strange… Sadia had seen nothing but kindness from the Vizier. But apparently he did not agree! Because he was a captured warrior? She would have to figure it out. In the mean time, they were approaching the town that was happilly nestled around the palace walls, and all thoughts of bickering with him were completely forgotten. Sadia’s pace sped up as she skipped forward. This was amazing…! "There are so many people! All kinds of people." -07:45 Nov 15
Sendri: "But I am the only one of mine you will see." he said. "We do not come here, I wonder if they will know what I am." he was already seeing soldiers around own who way off, thier bright colors easily distinquisable. "Maybe we will find something you have never eaten before." would but they were still a long -07:47 Nov 15
Sadia: "You are very unique." From her perspective, he was the one that stood out the most. She certainly didn’t realize she drew just as much attention with the way she dressed. Sadia dashed over to an open market stall outside of a shop to peer at the pottery and fine glass. …but then she was resting her hands on her hips and frowning a bit. "I didn’t think to bring money. Maybe I have something for selling!" She raised a hand to count her bracelets… there were several, maybe they would work… She knew she needed something! -07:53 Nov 15
Sendri: He wasn’t looking at the stall, instead he watched out of the corner of his eye as a figure slipped away and wondered if he drew too much attention. "If you need money I can get." he said. "And if you want to sell those you should go to a man who knows thier value. I will know if he tries to cheat you." he placed a hand on her back and steered her deeper into the market. "We should have a look around before we think of what to buy." -07:58 Nov 15
Sadia: "We will need money or I won’t be able to feed you." Sadia grinned up at him. The thought of not being able to was a bit novel to her, especially when everything was so easy to get. "Looking around first is the smart way to do it, isn’t it. To make sure you get exactly what you want and not waste time or money?" Sadia was quick to learn, and that meant she would have to pay close attention to everything! -08:03 Nov 15
Sendri: They passed through a crowd of prople and into the part of the market where people were cooking and he stepped close to her to drop a purse into her hands with a fair wieght to it the cort cut and the owned unaware. "There." he said "They took many things from me when I became a slave, but some things you cannot take away. We will eat." he had been sure to take it from someon who looked like he could afford to loose it. "Now, when smells good to you?" he was wiery of this foriegn food, but maybe she knew what everything was. -08:06 Nov 15
[Sadia enters.] -08:11 Nov 15
Sadia: She looked at the purse in her hands with surprise. Sadia didn’t know where he had hidden it! But it solved their money problem. Which meant she could focus on food. "Everything does! What will we try…" There were plenty of things she didn’t recognize at all, though she could pick out familiar scents. And just as many places that were foreigners from other countries. Sadia was tempted to try something completely new…! But, maybe for breakfast Sendri would appreciate having something that she could promise would be good. "Um… here!" Sadia stopped at a stall where a man was shaving bits of lamb off a big rack and dipping them in to a sauce. She was very specific about what she requested, and she at least knew how to count her coins just fine. Soon she was handing him a little mix of things wrapped in pita, and was urging him to taste it. "Try this! We could try everything here today if we stay long enough." She was already taking a bite of her own, wiping a bit of the sauce from her face with her fingers and then licking them clean. -08:22 Nov 15
Sendri: He looked at the delicake wrap with suspition before trying a bite. Too much sauce but the meat was tender. He could stomach this. "I don’t think trying everything will be a good idea. We have to get back sometime and overeating is never good." he took another bite and started moving before he noticed people moving though the crowd glancing at her. "Why don’t you find a free table and order something, I will be right back." -08:26 Nov 15
Sadia: Sadia didn’t question where he was going, she just trusted he would return. He said he would, after all. She nodded, wandering off towards another booth to order them something special to drink before she found somewhere reasonable to sit. There really were so many people. Bustling back and forth down the streets so quickly, she didn’t think she saw the same face twice at all! -08:29 Nov 15
Sendri: He moved through the crowd and with the assassins intent on her her didn’t notice one of thier number getting their neck broken and the large barbarian moving up to slip a knife into a second’s ribs. The didn’t fall down, the cowd was too thick, there would be minuted before the screams started. The third on noticed him but too late to aboud getting his neck snapped and then he was slipping through the crowd to find her, put and hand on her shoulder and steer her towards a shaded sitting area. "I think I can see over the heads of the crown better than you can. I won’t leave your side again." -08:33 Nov 15
[(Timeout) Sadia was sacrificed to the gods of Roleplay by a vicious tribe of rampaging plot bunnies.] -08:42 Nov 15
Sadia: "I won’t get lost Sendri, and I am sure I can spot you no matter how many people there are!" Even if he wasn’t so tall, he really did look so different. Sadia glanced at him a bit… was he tense and worried? It was hard to tell what he thought! Once they were under the shade of a tree, she slipped in to a chair and offered him the drink she purchased. "It’s a very strong coffee… I kind of like it, but it needs something sweet, I think. Did you find what you were looking for?" she asked curiously. -08:42 Nov 15
Sendri: Nice and secluded, good. "I did. We shouldn’t have to wory about me leaving your side for the rest of the day." he took and sip and actually smiled. It was bitter, he was wondering if everything in this country was sweet. "Did you fond what you were looking for?" he placed the knife on the table between them, now cleaned and the polished bone shining in the sun. "Are you enjoying a day of freedom? -08:46 Nov 15

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