Vaydia Bunnies

Verge Castlist & notes

Lt. Andrew Sharpe – Second in Command

Dr. Griffiths – Chief Xenobiologist

Dr. Chao – Xenolinguistics expert

Lt. Emelia Kyle – Head of Security – red hair, green eyes, scar on right cheek, short, curvy

Dr. Steele – Chief medical Officer

Engineer Thorn Desoto – Maintenance Tech

Alex Colt – Previous Captain DEAD

Second Lieutenant Briggs – command deck

Chief Engineer Lt Colt – command deck, Alex Colt’s brother

Coxswain Pile – steerman

Admiral Christov – Bossman

Val – Navigations Computer

Senator Amilee Kristoff – Charlotte’s mother

General Cates – “Crazy” Cates. the fleet Charlotte would have been on

Na’ta’liki – hearn alien

Kalliope – Tortuga gutterrat

Eden Toshaio – alien on tortuga, owns sex shop

Rechon – alien race

Gordon Sharpe – General that was the first and only human to surrender to an alien race. Andrew’s grandfather. was in command of most of what was left after the initial assault. Far from earth and running out of supplies he fought a guerrilla war of hit and run attack, trap laying, and scorched earth until numbers caught up with him and his forces were lured into a trap and surrounded. Seeing that continued fighting would lead to the deaths of his men he surrendered… just a week later the earth fleet arrived and turned the tide.

Islar – alien race

Eden Colony – human colony. The founders wanted to use the advanced technology of the time to build a paradise like none ever seen before. Working in harmony with nature while still having all the creature comforts. It was also the site of the first alien invasion of earth space.

Phoenix – another bigass ship

Vaydia Bunnies

Vaydia Character Color Codes!

/char Julia:EE3A8C:

/char Amy:009900:

/char Brett:7B3F00:

Vaydia Bunnies

Vaydia Upcoming Scene Lists


Priestess of Athazagorus: ???

ASTRA: ???

His Own Bearer Restart?

The Captain’s Wife: On the way to Nicholas’ home and get attack by space pirates. OR the arrival at his family home.

True Blood: Eleri assaulting the Paladin!


My Demon Roommate: ???

The Other Side: ???

Zerospace: Tre takes Phaedre on his idea of a date.

A Debt To Pay: Jessamine is brought back to Will the bastard. D:

Heartbreak and Romance: ???

Lucky In Love: ??

Soul Signature: ???

Three Behrs: ???

Demon Vexed: ?

The Trouble With Summons:


Tying Down Royalty: Deitrick and Lilei get caught at the park.

King of Fools: The Play Room!

Jaded: ???

Along Came You: ??

Katrinka’s: ???

Reunion: ???

Your Starr: ???


Executive Decision:


One Life Stand:

Witch’s Trick, Vampire’s Treat: ???

Genetic Bride: ??

Icarus: Predator attack on the ship.

Slave to Honor: ??

Snowbound Legacy: ??

Starcrossed: ??

Stolen Heart: ??

A Stranger Face: ??

Vaydia Bunnies

Misc Plot Bunnies


  • Descendants: Astra (Astra Teegan and the werewolf star captain and their terrible job of NOT getting in to trouble.)
  • Descendants: Eleri (Eleri hunts down the last living descendant, a paladin.)
  • Descendants: Denerys (last female descendant must battle own family member who has gone mad evil god. Meets a mountain god who has the amulet!)
  • Descendants: Bloodsport (Former couple finds themselves in a bloodsport battle match pit against each other and must survive!)
  • Descendants: Captured Emidio (An Emidio that has been a prisoner in a strange technomancy device is rescued by someone who has been artificially given emidio blood.)
  • Descendants: Dying to Live part II. Edgar and Sophie must rescue their kidnapped baby.
  • Descendants: Dying to Live Part III. Daughter of Edgar and Sophie is the next amulet bearer and she has no liking for the Descendants.
  • “Gods don’t bleed.”
  • “is it already time?” the voice was soft was a hand rested on the side of the sarcophagus, the bright eyes staring, barely comprehending the night sky above them. Where was the roof? The light? The priests, the attendants… The figure sat up, a face that a century ago would be recognized instantly, but now no one knew, the face of an Emidio. “You.” he said sighting the would be warrior. “Is it time?”


  • Ties: Hans and Yvaine married! (The rebellion and take over by Han’s Uncle.)
  • Ties: Yvaine’s Sister’s Adventure (Millian travels the world taking pictures and gets photos of things she shouldn’t be, and is helped by one of Hans’ guards as sent by Yvaine.)
  • Ties: The Betrothed (Maria and Kabriel’s daughter reunites with Hans’ and Yvaine’s son.)


  • Demon & Angelle’s Daughter: (Gwenaelle is convinced to leave Heaven and find her true place, be it Heaven or Hell. She stumbles over a half-formed demon.)
  • In Love With Death: (Totally adorable romantic comedy about Death falling in love with a mortal.)
  • Girl and Demon Friend: A girl wished for a friend when little and got a demon. Now she is all grown up and thinks that was just an imaginary friend.
  • Demon Daycare
  • Demon Cop and Angel Cop
  • Tre/Phae descendant with coop’s shapeshifting disguised as a guy to avoid being molesticated that avoided being collected by the cult and is discovered by weirdo investigator charmed in to being a cultist.


  • Metempsychosis (A woman who volunteered for fertility treatments is now the only preggo woman in the world.)
  • The Dark Carnival (Crazy grimdark spooky Carnival.)
  • Dark vs Light (Ultimate forces who always seem to obliterate each other and what’s around them, every time the collide.)
  • crazy vampire parents (Drusilla the totally normal, but secretly insane girl who saw her parents murdered. And the son whose parents are the turning vampires who did it.)
  • The Slave Warrior and the Lord (Slave Warrior forced to work in a Strip Joint, and the Lord also in captivity and their adventure in escaping!)
  • Grimdark Hero World:
  • Reverse Aladdin: (Badriya is out to break her own curse and discovers a Genie searching for his lost lamp.)
  • Thirty Seconds to Mars
  • My Real Dad is an Alien: Girl finds out her real dad is an Alien King, when the Captain of the Royal Guard comes to claim her and take her back after the man’s death. Royal blood is the only thing that can fuel and command their peaceship!
  • Baron and the Beauty: Meanieface Baron and the Beauty he Married.
  • Slave and Chieftan’s Daughter
  • High fantacy, who of the royal family on opotite sides of a war are make to sleep with eachither by a sorceror so now they have to get married! Only the families are against it but bth will be dishonored if they don’t and they also have to end the war which is wha the sorceror wanted
  • Minor noble daughter and nobleman’s son who HAS to going the army against his will in an aranged marriage having never seen eachother before the wedding.
  • i’m thinking she becamr one to save her best friend who she was crushing on but becoming one made everyone who knew her memember her dying so she coud embrace her new life… yeeaaaars later she runs into him again.
  • black witch trying to be evil because evil is coooooool. Summons angel and tries to trap him because that would be hella evil. He refuses to believe she’s evil but she’s all dina charaacty stubborn about it