Verge Castlist & notes

Lt. Andrew Sharpe – Second in Command

Dr. Griffiths – Chief Xenobiologist

Dr. Chao – Xenolinguistics expert

Lt. Emelia Kyle – Head of Security – red hair, green eyes, scar on right cheek, short, curvy

Dr. Steele – Chief medical Officer

Engineer Thorn Desoto – Maintenance Tech

Alex Colt – Previous Captain DEAD

Second Lieutenant Briggs – command deck

Chief Engineer Lt Colt – command deck, Alex Colt’s brother

Coxswain Pile – steerman

Admiral Christov – Bossman

Val – Navigations Computer

Senator Amilee Kristoff – Charlotte’s mother

General Cates – “Crazy” Cates. the fleet Charlotte would have been on

Na’ta’liki – hearn alien

Kalliope – Tortuga gutterrat

Eden Toshaio – alien on tortuga, owns sex shop

Rechon – alien race

Gordon Sharpe – General that was the first and only human to surrender to an alien race. Andrew’s grandfather. was in command of most of what was left after the initial assault. Far from earth and running out of supplies he fought a guerrilla war of hit and run attack, trap laying, and scorched earth until numbers caught up with him and his forces were lured into a trap and surrounded. Seeing that continued fighting would lead to the deaths of his men he surrendered… just a week later the earth fleet arrived and turned the tide.

Islar – alien race

Eden Colony – human colony. The founders wanted to use the advanced technology of the time to build a paradise like none ever seen before. Working in harmony with nature while still having all the creature comforts. It was also the site of the first alien invasion of earth space.

Phoenix – another bigass ship

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