Cecile LeBreaux

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Cecile Chantilly LeBreaux


Brother is Maximilian who is a vampire hunter.

A few years ago, Ceci was a normal highschool kid getting ready for graduation. She was doing great in school, popular with her friends, and planning to go to college. She wanted to study architecture and historical conservation.

Before the end of the school year, her older brother Max was getting married to his sweetheart and Ceci was one of the bridesmaids. His fiance was a really cool chick that was into witchy things, and Ceci liked her a lot. They planned a gorgeous midnight ceremony on a full moon evening, everything was beautifully decorated and atmospheric.

Right in the middle of the ceremony, the party was crashed by a gang of crazy violent thugs. Everything erupted into blood thirsty chaos. Max’s fiance was killed, the entire wedding party, both families and most of the guests. Even Ceci was so badly injured that she several weeks in the hospital.

Ceci has very little memory of what happened that night. Part of it is brain damage, but the majority is just blocked out of her mind. Sometimes she has nightmares and occasionally she gets triggered into a panic attack when something dredges up those memories.

As soon as Ceci was cleared from the hospital, Max took her on the road. She never felt the need to question why. Ceci didn’t want to live in their old house without the family, she didn’t feel safe in their town, and she could see how much Max needed to leave too.

These days Ceci is going through the motions and just trying to keep her and Max afloat. She’s not sure what he runs off to do everyday, and is pretty sure it’s illegal. She gets a job whenever they land in a new town so they have enough money to live, always in places close to their motel as she doesn’t have a vehicle of her own.

Ceci wants more for her life, but she’s scared that Max will end up in a bad way if she’s not there to take care of him. He’s all she has and she’ll do anything to keep them together.

Ceci always seems like that shy, unassuming background person. The quiet mousy type that’s awkward with people. But really, she just doesn’t want to get too close to people because she knows she’ll be gone within a few weeks. Lately she feels like she’s not a whole person anymore because all she does is work and sleep. She really misses having interests, and hobbies, and actual friends. 

When she’s with someone she’s comfortable around, she loves to laugh, tease and play. She likes people! Getting to go out and do things, see movies, have a fancy dinner, take a walk without being scared something is going to jump out of the shadows.


Max’s fiancee was a real actual witch of high standing and part of a local coven. The thugs that slaughtered the wedding party were from a group of rogue vampires that were starting to break local law and the coven was trying to stop. Killing her and the entire party of guests was to send a message. No one was meant to survive.

Max is trying to hunt down and kill all vampires, extra especially the ones that killed his fiancee and family. He doesn’t think Ceci can handle the truth about what happened and is trying to shield her from it. (The reality is that Ceci would be behind him 100% if she knew, and actually be able to help him.)


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